Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine and others celebrated the New Year’s at Adrianna’s Club Ballroom in Chicago and it looked like it was one hell of a party!

About half way through the video you can watch something called “Lil Wayne Olympics”.

I like the Lil Wayne Olympics.

Pro Surfers Kai Barger, Tanner Hendrickson, Dusty Payne & Granger Larsen come to the assistance of shark attack victim Vaughn Stover. Vaughn was boogie boarding with his friend Joe Mannoia who initially helped Vaughn reach the surfers so they could paddle him in to shore to get medical assistance. The boy suffered lacerations to his lower left leg, calf, foot and ankle area after being bitten twice.

When Washington capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin stopped by the ESPN campus recently, they decided to test his shooting accuracy. They asked him to fire hockey pucks at Russian nesting dolls filled with Russian dressing. The results, as you might expect are equal parts messy and amazing. Enjoy.

This is Bob Soven’s segment of the wakeboard movie, Not Just Clockwise. Check out Bob’s twitter @therealbobsoven.

You can watch the full length movie here!

Stunt highlights from Steven Ho’s guest appearances on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. “Don’t you worry baby!” may be the best line I’ve ever heard. Well played sir, well played.

Swedish model Johanna Lundback is a sexy brunette that looks good in anything, but she’s looking especially hot modeling lingerie. Don’t be surprised if your computer screen fogs up after the jump. OOWEE!

Andrew Allen took lots of big hits that didn’t make his Prevent This Tragedy part, so here is a remix edit of his part including some of the unseen slams that Andrew took. Ouchie mumma.

Check out this cool new edit from Banshee Bungee and Eddie Grams. Filled with shots from this years “In Color”, “Right brain Left brain”, “The Arena”, “The Leak”, and ” Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow”. Check it out below.

Oh happy days, it’s 2011, lets kick things off with a bang in the form of bombshell Victoria Silvstedt. Her amazing body has been around for a while (she was discovered by Hugh Hefner in 1996) and she doesn’t mind flaunting it. The Swedish born model/television personality actually poked me on Facebook the other day but I ignored her. Girls want what they cant have right? Wait, I’ve just been informed that it was a fake profile and probably wasn’t her. Damn you Mark Zuckerberg *shakes fist in air*.

Federal Bikes compiled a bunch of Mark Love’s best clips into this edit. Iconic spots and great riding are included!

Via: Vitalbmx

Today, I introduce you to Ewelina Olczak. If you are allergic to dairy products, look away now. Ewelina is mostly noted for her ability to fill out bathing suits and bras, and has been called the Polish version of Denise Milani. Which do you prefer? I can’t decide, I like all four of them!

Inspired by the 90 million plus views video series inspired by Ken Block, DiRT 3 Gymkhana Mode lets you unleash your inner hooligan as you perform stunts and jumps in purpose built arenas.

Express yourself in freestyle sessions or complete courses by performing spectacular stunts, racking up combos and chaining style points. You can also play or compete in online multiplayer and become a gymkhana stars by uploading your most spectacular runs direct to YouTube.

It wasn’t all misery in 2010. Turns out lots of great things happened on YouTube, somebody decided to put together some of the more successful feats from the past year. Apart from Tony Hawk’s 900, that happened over 10 years ago. I have no idea why that is in the mix. Must be a Hawk fan, slipping that one in for good measure.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception features the return of famed fortune hunter Nathan Drake and follows him through a gripping, action-packed storyline that will take you all over the world.

In his search for the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands,” Nathan Drake and longtime friend and mentor Victor Sullivan set off on a daring trek into the heart of the Arabian Desert. But when terrible secrets of this lost city are uncovered, their journey becomes a desperate bid for survival that will force him to confront his deepest fears.

Throughout Uncharted 3, you’ll be taken to spectacular new locations around the globe that will showcase all of the work we’ve taken on to take our physics, particle and visual effects to a new level.

Twelve year old Jordan McCabe is already a basketball super star, oh and he can jump rope like a motherf**ker too!

Watch as he shows off his dribbling and shooting skills with the local Seattle news. High school coaches would be freaking over this kid.

“He does things with two balls that most of us couldn’t do with one, and then he does it backwards just to rub it in!” Incredible reporting, I must say.

As long as women keep getting their photo taken in lingerie, we will keep showing them to you. And, if they are at the high standard of Irina Shiek, I will continue to spit my coffee on my computer screen in amazement and continue needing to wear loose fitting trousers. I’ve got my internet perving skills down to a fine science.

It’s that time again for Epic Meal Time to put together one of the most amazing meals of all time. This round they tackle the final frontier, dessert.

As always, creativity is key and you know these dudes deliver the goods straight to your mouth. I hope you like cinnamon twists.

2 girls 1 crepe. Bon appetit!

Join Adriana Lima backstage where pouting, powder and posing rules baby. Always wanted to be a fly on the wall at a Victoria’s Secret parade? You’re in the right place. Step right this way. You’re welcome.