James Doerfling is making a huge name for himself right now, and this video will show you why.

He has incredible big mountain skills, style for miles, comes up with unique lines and makes massive drops look smooth.

For those into big mountain riding you’re probably already aware of what Unit Clothing’s James Doerfling is capable of. And if you’re not, then wrap your eyeballs around this…

A coordinated attack by several youths against an Asian teen in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood did not appear to be racially motivated, according to police.

Six teenagers were brought in for questioning today over the altercation, which took place in an alley behind an elementary school. In footage of the assault initially posted to YouTube, the 17-year-old victim can be heard pleading with his masked assailants to stop. One of the attackers tells the boy he had “f*cked up.”

According to the official police report, the gang robbed the kid of $180 and left him bloodied and bruised. He was treated at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center for multiple cuts and other injuries. It’s become a big deal because of the video,” police News Affairs Officer Daniel O’Brien is quoted as saying. Charges have yet to be filed.

The reason why we decided to post this is because we believe karma is a bitch, and these guys need a tonne of it, help spread the word…

Wesley Wu – Wearing a grey hoodie, was the main kid attacking the boy.
Easley Wu – Wearing a big puffy jackey with fur hood, blue striped Adidas pants.
Raymond Palomino – The stupid white kid with no mask on (see photo above).
Todd Ramos – Wearing a grey and black hoodie.
Johnny Li – Wearing a blue hoodie and blue snap back hat.
Danny Hui – Dressed in all black.

From the producers of MTV’s hit series, Nitro Circus, comes a new season of Thrillbillies; an unscripted all-action series that follows a wild crew of athletes and stuntmen who test the laws of physics and logic through “don’t try this at home” antics.

Each episode is pure, chaotic fun as Cam, Crum, Derek, Pat, Gavin and the rest of the Thrillbillies live out their inner Evel Knievel.

Watch the rather epic looking trailer after the jump…

A horrifying video has hit the internet of a mouse trapped inside a packet of McDondald’s Big Mac buns. Former employee Karruim Demaio says he captured the footage on his mobile phone camera to expose his former restaurant in Philadelphia, in the US.

The manager of the store then ordered her employees to “Take it over, dump the mice droppings into the trash, take the buns that have been eaten off of, and use the rest”.

I’m never eating fast food again. If you can stomach it, there is a video after the jump…

Apocalypse Later, Surf Now is a handheld surf video with a twist. The sky is filled with mysterious vessels in the midst of a pitched battle. YouTuber keef70 shot the video on a GoPro camera and created the video effects on his iMac. The video is set to the song The Whales by The Mermen, from their 1989 album Krill Slippin’.

Dad: “Hmmm…I don’t remember the steering being so loose, and I think the wheel alignment might be out? Very strange indeed.”

“We thought we were F**** hallucinating!”, says this old fella after trying some new marijuana with his girlfriend and hearing a loud car stereo from his house a few hundred meters away.

A big group of exotic cars weaving down the highway may look cool, but it doesn’t always end well. See what happens when two Lamborghini’s swerve into the same lane…

In case you didn’t know, the UFC is gigantic in Brazil. So is Paparazzo magazine, which has continuously pumped out amazing pieces of work for us men. This time the magazine commissioned Octagon Girls Arianny Celeste and Chandella Powell for some promotional work for UFC 142 which was over the weekend.

Who would you like to wake up with in the morning? Leave your thoughts in the comment section…

Kris Fox, a former pro racer and now SE Bikes team manager has been riding hard through the winter.

This edit sees Kris shredding at Da Compound in Perris, CA, Chino, Jurupa, Team Soil box jumps and a backyard race track. Kris’ background in racing is evident with his smooth flowing style at super high speeds.

For any BMX fan, this video is a must see…

“All things are possible until they are proved impossible. Even the impossible may only be so, as of now.” – Pearl S. Buck

More inspiration after the jump…

I know what you are thinking. Yes, this is a little different to our typical tattoo posts. Synyster Ink in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is responsible for these original pieces. His tattoo designs have been flooding the internet.

Please note, this is not a joke, you can see more on his Facebook and the official Synyster Ink website.

There has been so many requests made on his website that he is unable to take any new clients for the next few months… Seriously.

So what do you think? Would you get a tattoo from this guy? ‘LIKE’ this post if you hate this post…

We are back with a new video showing the combination sexy girl plus an aggressive car. It is definitely not the first, but also not the last time we are showing you these kind of videos.

This time you get to watch Jenni take a ride in an Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Superleggera.

You can clearly see it was her first time ‘feeling’ the 1250whp…

Jeb Corliss was being filmed by US network HBO and was performing his second jump from the Cape Town landmark when the accident happened at 10am on Monday.

A spokesman for Table Mountain, Merle Collins, said Mr Corliss was “lucky to be alive” after he fell more than 200 feet from the 3,500 foot mountain before landing on a sloped side known as Africa Face.

“He managed to release his emergency chute and we believe he would have died without it,” she said.

It looked to me like his foot or legs hit the rocks. He skipped off the ledge and was thrown into a series of violent flips…

Let’s say you’re a hot Australian model. You’ve already worked all over the world and walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and you’re only 24. Now what? Obviously, you take your love of surfing and beaches, and work with O’Neill to make a line of swimsuits. At least, you do if you’re Elyse Taylor.

Since becoming the face of the brand last year, she became a guest designer for them too. Check out her designs, and of course her modeling below…

This has got to be some sort of world record right? That would look amazing on your resume.

A fish eagle hunts for flamingos in Lake Bogoria, Africa. Using a tonne of epic camera angles, we get to experience the birds view point as is swoops over a huge flock of flamingos.

To kick off 2012, this “Smart Window” technology by Samsung reminds us that we actually live in the future. The Smart Window in a fully functional touch screen one-way window which can be used for all the things your typical portable touch screen devices will do, and can even be made black to block the sunlight. I’ll be getting one as soon as my 9 year old neighbor stops sending baseballs through my windows.