If there’s anything that will get the Seamen going its a busty woman in a wet white t-shirt and a navy hat. Amanda Mertz, I salute you.

This might be the easiest coffee table you will ever get to make. All you have to do is smash your Ferarri into bits (booze helps), compact it into a nice rectangle, build a custom wooden box with a glass top for it to fit in and then load it up with your junk.

DONE. Your smashed up Ferarri coffee table is now ready to accept cocktails, sub-machine guns, piles of cocaine and nudie magazines of all sorts.

You are about to watch big flips and major wrecks from various years of rally. You can rest easy though, no fatal crashes are included in this compilation. Buckle up…

Warning: This video may be to cray for regular-ass people.

When the most awesome people on the internet combine, I am Captain Planet. Woops, my bad, I only do kids parties on weekends. We actually end up with this video.

Check out this video mixing the very best time lapses and action sports…

Whoa, easy there turbo. Don’t scroll past this post unless you’ve got something better to do, like be the best man at a wedding or get the washing off the line before it rains. In which case, carry on.

For those of you that are left and haven’t had their daily fix of slow motion, here it is, served fresh on the form of some acrobatic break dancing on the beach.

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The Shift crew recently took a trip out to Glamis armed with video cameras and paddle tires.

Team riders Josh Hansen, Josh Hill, Myles Richmond and Jeff Emig didn’t disappoint either hitting huge doubles for the camera.

I remember when Crusty 1 came out, and everyone looked at the dunes in a whole new light. Such an epic place to ride, just don’t forget to pack your giant testicles.

Watch the boys go big after the jump…

This video by TheStreetsAreCalling.com features two different types of works of art, and I’m not talking about each individual butt cheek above.

The first one is Los Angeles based Filipino model Nikita Penalosa, and her incredible rack, filmed perfectly in time with Tyga’s new ‘Rack City‘.

The second is graffiti artist Bonkers doing a piece on the site of a truck.

Check it out, plus more after the jump…

Competition. Sometimes it seems that’s all anyone wants from skateboarding these days.

Not all contests have to be bad though, take this epic creation from the Brimley homies for example.

Who has the fastest kickflip, nollie flip, switch flip, and so on and so forth! Hit the jump to watch the madness…

Top Gear’s famous host Jeremy Clarkson is known for not easily warming up to BMW vehicles, but in his latest DVD dubbed “Powered Up”, the funny Brit praises not one, but two BMWs.

The 2011 BMW 535d Touring M Sport takes the crown as the 2011 Car of the Year, while the BMW 1M is labeled as the “Most Fun Car Of The Year”.

Clarkson places the 1M ahead of the McLaren, Ferrari FF and 458, Nissan Skyline and the Lamborghini Gallardo Performante. This is without a doubt one of the most selective companies the 1M can find itself within and it shows one more time that the 1M is all about raw handling, dynamics and pure driving joy…

Check out this single rail coaster in Austria. The rider takes a cable car to the top of the mountain and then rides a cart with a hand brake all the way to the bottom. The only difference is, this guys does it without brakes! Buckle up…

This redneck burnout is the stuff that legends are made of. What you are about to watch is a Dodge truck that possesses a blown 440 cubic inch mill that kicks out 680 screaming horses. It’s ugly and foul tempered, but at days end, has one very good redeeming quality – it can melt four tires simultaneously. Seriously…this thing is awesome!

Fred Kiekhaefer captures the beauty of the Florida Keys and excitement of Mercury Racing 1350 power in this video aboard John Rosatti’s 50 Cigarette Marauder.

A man who tried to steal an elderly woman’s purse was stripped naked and beaten by an angry crowd in a Chilean town, and one person filmed the incident with a mobile phone. The thief was pushed to the ground by a small group of people, who pulled off most articles of his clothing and threw them into the street. They then forced him to remove his shirt.

This is just a handful of the best entries in the 2011 National Geographic photo contest for 2011.

Entries for this year’s contest close on November 30, so if you fancy yourself as a shutterbug there is still time to submit your photos.

You can check out Boston.com to get more information for each photo.

Chest out all 54 photos after the jump…

This is the story of Kevin’s life from 2002 when his dad was hurt hunting, to now, making Sledge Team Canada in the 2010 – 2011 season.

TSN put this feature together for Kevin with all the footage he collected over the years before and after his crash, as well as some new stuff they filmed.

After the jump, you will find the condensed version, and Kevin swears one day he will write a book to tell even more.

His goal is to be finishing it up in four years by the time the Russian Paralympics come along in 2014.

Please visit Kevinrempel.com and check out his Facebook and Twitter!

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Because we only live once, my life plan is to fill my brain with as many images of lusty women as I can so my bank is full when I die. That’s where Shay Maria comes in.

Kaloopy Media dropped this awesome new stop-motion video of Shay enjoying the Californian sunshine, and I enjoyed her from the dark dungeon I call my work place.

Hit the jump to watch it. Over and out…

West Perrine, Florida is a suburban ghetto in Southwest Miami-Dade County. Over 73% of its residents are African-American and more than a third of them are unemployed. Violent crimes occur on a daily basis in this neighborhood of less than two square miles, where much of its adult male population winds up dead or in prison before their 30th birthday.

Dhafir “Dada 5000″ Harris grew up blocks away from Perrine’s MMA sensation, Kimbo Slice, and spent a year traveling the world as Kimbo’s bodyguard. When Kimbo’s manager buried video of Dada’s spectacular backyard fight debut, for fear of Dada overshadowing his rising superstar, Dada leaves Kimbo’s crew and makes a life-changing decision.

Dada builds a ring in his momma’s backyard and transforms himself into the Don King of illegal backyard fights in Perrine.

No doctors, no ambulance. Just two men in a 12′x12′ ring battling in a savage bare-knuckle fight to the finish. Dada’s gladiators give everything in the the backyard to feed their families and to try to fight their way out of hood. Meanwhile Dada returns to the ring, is discovered by professional scouts and gets his shot at turning pro in the octagon at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Film to drop in 2012, check out the trailer after the jump…

Berlin’s one and only 1UP crew are going to release their own DVD this December.

Titled 1UP Berlin – One United Power the DVD presents 4 hours of 1UP graffiti from within the past eight years, including dope writing actions, street-pieces, roof-top rollers, whole-cars, and a lot more mainly recorded in Berlin but also during their trips to Istanbul, Paris, Cuba, and other places around the globe.

I’m pretty sure, everyone who has ever visited Berlin, has seen a handful of 1UP graffiti whether they realise it or not.

Up on the roofs, down in the subway tunnels or on trains, cars or walls, 1UP is everywhere and for that reason they play a large part of Berlin’s street culture and graffiti scene.

Don’t miss the trailer after the jump, it gets pretty wild…