A pod of dolphins decided to show surfers at Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, how it was done a few days ago. It’s hard to think people hunt and kill these awesome creatures.

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Sean Penn joins the recent tradition of Hollywood actors becoming bad-ass action stars late in their careers with his newest film, The Gunman, in which he plays an ex-international operative with a killer instinct and a guilty conscience because he “did some bad things.” Will you watch it?


A 16-year-old boy says he feared he would die when he made an emergency call to report he’d been shot, but wasn’t believed by the operator. The teenager, who hasn’t been named by Swedish media, says he was seriously injured in the shooting and managed to crawl to a bus stop before calling Sweden’s emergency services. He dialled the emergency number 112 several times but was cut off. After then trying the general number for police in Sweden, 114 14, he says the operator did not believe his story. “I was frustrated and yelled that I was dying. Yet she did not believe me,” he said. The boy survived.


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Adobe celebrates their 25th anniversary of their flagship product ‘Photoshop’ with this awesome 1 minute film set to Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’. Artists from all over the world contributed their working files for the epic visuals!

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That loss prevention guy ain’t f**king around. “Why did you take her money?” Well I’m taking her money or I’m taking the clothes back, that’s how it works. That dude is in trouble when her boyfriend gets out of jail.

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Will Smith went on Late Show with David Letterman to talk about his new movie Focus, but when the band played “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” as the actor’s entrance music, Will was inspired to revisit his rap career. So he picked up a mic and spit a verse of the classic summer jam!


From the mean streets of Wiley Park, Sydney, Australia comes 1BUCK80’s debut single “Driftin’ in my Capella”; A parody of the Rihanna hit “Umbrella”. It’s f**ken hectic bruh. Check it.

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Like that nightmare where you realise you are at school without any pants on, these people wake up to find out they are on live tv, except this is no nightmare!


I’d be angry too if I had to count to 10 into an orange dildo. Police in Australia are apparently exempt from the mobile phone laws. They can be on their phone all they want whilst driving, as long as it’s work related. “Sorry I hit those pedestrians, I was having an important text conversation, work related of course.”


One of the sh*ttiest things about snowboarding are flats. These are the bit of the mountain where the slope isn’t steep enough to actually move. As if that’s not bad enough, one of the only ways of getting around them is accepting a tow off a smug looking skier. Presumably, sick of this all-too-regular occurrence, these guys tried to add a little less gravity-based propulsion to their boards. The strapped a pair of rockets to the back of their twin-tip and let rip.


“After a chill night of blazing and mobbing the streets of Palm Desert, I begin to ponder on a figure in the sky which seemed unusual.” – Eden Slagd. Seriously though, any ideas on what it might be? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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CT Fletcher’s arms are so big, the sidewalk cracks underneath him. Watch as he and his crew do a brutal arm workout, prison style!


It was no doubt intended to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, but the Islamic State’s latest video appears far more playground than battleground. ISIS today released footage from its training camps, showing recruits disguised as bushes and performing clumsy roly-polies. The video bears all the hallmarks of the slickly edited propaganda material regularly pumped out by the terror group’s media arm to dramatic effect. From this evidence, however, their next generation of ‘special forces’ are far from being a well-oiled machine.

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A Lebanese fishermen caught a fish with an insane set of chompers, strong enough to slice through a pepsi can with ease!


Play along with the Bryan Bros, George and Wesley, as they get resourceful at the local driving range!