Tensions escalated as police tried to make an arrest in Brooklyn and it was all caught on camera. One police officer even fired a shot. It was a dangerous situation in Brownsville and it quickly got way out of control. People were gathered on the street watching what was happening, and when a dog suddenly got out, an officer fired his gun. Now residents in Brooklyn are asking why did the officer fire with so many people around?


The man who police say confessed to killing a Wayne Community College employee said he feels no remorse and that he fatally shot Ron Lane because he allegedly made sexual advances toward Stancil’s 16-year-old brother through messages on Facebook. During a phone interview Stancil said he is a neo-Nazi committed to the preservation of the white race and hates gay people “with a passion.” Stancil said the sexual advances toward his brother led him to plan the killing several days in advance. “I don’t take remorse for nothing. I did what I did and I got to live with it. If I get life (in prison), I get life,” he said. “I’m a f**ken murderer. What the f**k do I gotta care? I don’t give a damn if I go back to society.”

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This depressed dog lays with its head in the way of an automatic doggy door. The door repeatedly tries to close on the dog, and we suddenly all know exactly how those monday feels can bring anyone down.


Patrick Jones heads out to cover the new anti-catcalling signs popping up around New York. He finds a man who believes cat calling is a sure-fire way to pick up women.


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This is twisted and sadistic! How can someone do this to a defenceless animal? I almost vomited up my Big Mac watching this for f**ks sake. Seriously though, only 15 minutes to completely break down an entire cow? This man really knows his craft. Colour me impressed. This must be like porn for surgeons.


Between the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens preview and the extended Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser, it’s been a huge week for blockbuster trailers. That trend continued with the arrival of the latest Fantastic Four clip. Will you watch it?

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Next time someone says, “it’s okay, the safety is on”, show them this video then give them a slap. This guy’s brand new gun has a safety flaw, that in the wrong hands could end tragically!


it never ceases to amaze me the amount of onlookers that think getting knocked out in the street isn’t a big deal for your health, and it’s something to be photographed and laughed at. Put the dude in the recovery position before you take selfies with the body. Some say, he’s still lying there to this day. R.I.P

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If you’ve ever lost a bag on the beach, this could be what happened! Learns some tricks of the trade from these bag thieves who can make thousands of dollars per day!


A rookie Ohio cop is being praised for “great restraint and maturity” after he held off using deadly force against a double murder suspect who charged at him, his police chief said. In a confrontation with a man accused of killing his fiancee and his best friend, New Richmond Police Officer Jesse Kidder is heard on his body-camera video yelling, “No man, I’m not going to do it!” and ordering the suspect to get down on the ground.


Yea Dugan is a pro. Between his access to rare and amazing different firearms, gratuitous use of binary explosive, plus that hollywood quality production value, CarniK Con is killing the game. YouTubers are basically powerless to the lure of subscribing. Anti-gunners even create secret accounts just to subscribe. Which LMG would you pick?

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Brooklyn Beckham hit a big milestone in the world of celebrity by getting 1 million subscribers on his Instagram. His dad was there to make sure he wasn’t getting too full of himself though!


Yesterday, UFC fighter Connor McGregor made headlines when he said that he would “Kill Floyd Mayweather in 30 seconds”. Today, UFC President Dana White said not only did he agree that McGregor could beat Mayweather’s ass, but that any UFC fighter would be able beat Mayweather, including female UFC fighter Paige Van Zandt. Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


The roads of Russia are certainly an insane place, as evidenced by all of the nutty dash cam footage that comes out of the country daily. However, Chechnya seems like an equally crazy place, that is if you consider crazy to be stopping traffic on a busy road to do donuts and shoot guns. The guys behind the wheel and behind the barrel are apparently mobsters who were part of a wedding party that hit the road.

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Enduro is an unforgiving sport, from simple lay-downs to getting smacked in the face with the front wheel as man and machine roll down the hill, this video shows exactly what riders go through out in the mountains. Enjoy!


Black the Ripper is a well respected rapper slash activist from from North London who has been doing his thing on the UK Hip Hop and Grime scene for many years now. The 28-year-old, real name Dean West, has never been one to shy away from any topic involving or surrounding weed. Recently, he posted a video online of him smoking it in the McDonald’s restaurant on Tottenham Court Road, Central London.


Nothing worse than a security guard who wants to be a hero. After getting bumped midair, Paul waits for the rent-a-cop to slump back at his stupid desk before getting redemption.