Casey Neistat got upgraded from business to first class on his recent flight from Dubai to New York City. The package comes with just about everything you’d expect to get in a overnight stay in a hotel, except with a much better view!


“Having no commitments over the winter months this year has certainly had its perks. I was lucky enough to have Tom Jennings, Isaac Jones and James Stricko capture some of the winter swells, and Todd Delfs for stitching all the footage together.” – Dave Delroy-Carr.


Ryan Szielenski Buitrago is a one arm motorcycle rider who rides better than most riders with two arms. Watch as he enjoys the curvy roads with everyone else!


“Perth guys and girls, we’re coming back! Have you got your ride ready for the 6th to 9th October? Powercruise returns to the Barbagallo track bigger and better than ever in 2016, and we’re getting in early to make sure everyone knows when it’s on, and that they have ample time to finish off their cars in time for everyone’s favourite cruising car show.” – Powercruise. For a full gallery please visit dragphotos.com.au


“We thought there would be just as much to discover on this remote island as there is on the deserted and exotic beaches you see on postcards. We were looking for thrills and wanted to reconnect with the feelings of our beginnings, feel that pure pleasure again that only kitesurfing can bring. Travelling far to the North, getting out of our comfort zone, and exploring new lands with a truck full of equipment seemed like the perfect ingredients for an adventure. We found a very different paradise.” – @manerawatermen. Shout out to Olivier Sautet for the submission.


Yesterday we saw this dude make a sweet knife out of a horse shoe, this time he is back at it again transforming a wrench into a kickass tomahawk!


XLrator Media has debuted the first official trailer for indie horror The Windmill, originally known as The Windmill Massacre, from The Netherlands. The film is about an Australian girl escaping her past visiting The Netherlands, where she ends up on a tourist bus taking people to all the famous windmills in the country. The bus breaks down near an infamous windmill where “legend has it, a Devil-worshiping miller once ground the bones of locals instead of grain” and people begin to disappear.


All manner of things have been reported on Pokémon Go players since the app’s release, from finding dead bodies, to robbers setting lures at Pokéstops to catch more than a few wily pokémon. Twitch streamer Rickeybot was recently the victim of an assault and robbery while playing Pokémon Go and the entire thing was captured on his live stream. The assailant fled into the park and eventually disabled the phone, cutting off the stream. The man hasn’t been apprehended yet, but after spending an hour with the police, Rickeybot was on his way to hospital to check out his jaw.


“Back in 2015 we headed down to Gainesville Florida for Slamfest 2015. This was the 3rd year in a row we have attended this event and as usual it did not disappoint. Hundreds of custom trucks and cars from all over the states came together to make this an event you would not want to miss.” – GrinderTV.


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What days 15 years of intensive ping pong practise get you? Skills baby! These guys throw out some insane trick shots, and best of all they don’t have tonnes of editing and fake celebrations!

jonny-brownleeITU Grand Final World Championship

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee were brothers in arms at a dramatic finale of the World Triathlon Series as double Olympic champion Alistair hauled an exhausted Jonny over the line in a desperate bid to help his younger brother secure the title. This effort from his brother helped top the overall standings and secure his first ITU world championship title!


Paul takes tricks you might expect to see on a small hubba or rail and brings them to obstacles much bigger and gnarlier. This part is full of jaw-droppers and rewind moments, including a totally mind-boggling ender.


Action Bronson enjoys himself in New Zealand in between doing his shows, taking in the beauty of the country and of course the incredible food.

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Whoever rolls with this monkey is so baller that his damn pet monkey is a baller too! So much style I can’t even begin. Where does he shop? Who does his hair? I’ll take it all!


You can build some cool stuff if you take laziness out of the room and open up a can on manliness. This guy didn’t only make a cool knife, he made a cool video too!