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The fans in Chile are way more hyped than most countries, and David Grohl tells them this. They instantly break into a patriotic chant, which the Foo Fighters then turn into a song!


Taylor Robert plays a little follow the leader on a private track with his pals Toby Price and Noah Kepple.

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These older people from all over the world were asked to give young people some advice to help them through this crazy thing we call life. The answers were simple, but incredibly true.


“Yatala QLD: L Plater coming back from a fishing trip when this idiot does this, I switched the Cam off after hitting him to save the video, after that he overtook up the left and boxed us in with his friend, Where they then smashed our drivers window and punched me.”

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This crazy Russian cop had too many vodkas during his lunch break, so when he came across some tough motherf*ckers, he got beat up and his gun taken!


“On my way home today I met a few of my friends and they told me that there was a small dog stranded on one of Nišava’s river islands. So we went there to try to help but from our perspective there was little we could do without some gear and tools. We started calling various institutions and people but only Mr. Saša Pešić from “Dog shelter” came to the rescue. Faith in humanity restored!” – Zox Raymaker. Shout out to Alex Hax for the submission.

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“We’ve seen some sketchy cars in the past, but this one is definitely up there with the CRAZIEST! We’ve seen this Evo at KOTSXII in the past, but at this particular race, he decided he was in it to win it! The guys at KOTS definitely weren’t ready for this thing to put on a show!” – 1320video.


“Alright, boys, we have to do some damage control and clean up our image. Any ideas?” “I’ll lip sync Taylor Swift while driving around in my squad car.” “That is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, but it just might work.” – “While reviewing dashcam footage, we come across some interesting sights to say the least,” the police department explained on their Facebook page. “We decided we would share some with you … We hope you enjoy this…and Taylor Swift if you’re watching…we’re sorry.” Shake it off, sir. Shake it off.

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This driver nearly got crushed multiple times over when a massive wind storm hammered down on a small country highway in central Victoria. So much luck!

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Calling all tattooed humans. ‘LIKE’ this post and share the love with your homies. Plenty more after the jump…

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There’s nothing a man won’t try once he’s had nine XXXXs, so naturally when there is an industrial grade aircompressor around, something sciencey and fun will always happen.

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From delicious dollops of chocolate ice cream to fried eggs with sizzling bacon, we’re sure there’s something for everyone in this hand-picked selection, whatever your personal taste and appetite…

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Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.

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Marc Mero has achieved incredible success in sports and entertainment, reaching the top of the professional wrestling industry as a former WCW and WWE Champion. Today he defines success very different – if just one life is changed for the better each day, each week, or each year, he has surpassed any achievement he has ever set out to reach.

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A Christian mother in Tennessee is worried that occult influences are lurking in her town and showing their presence in the unlikeliest of places, the red tail lights of local school buses. Robyn Wilkins snapped a photo of the tail lights while she sat behind a bus in traffic. To her, the pattern of tiny light bulbs under each brake light’s red plastic lens looked like inverted five-pointed stars, which form the ancient symbol of the pentagram when enclosed by a circle. “Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged,” the worried mother said.

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The World No.1 makes his first ever professional hole in one on the 15th hole in the second round of the 2015 Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, using a 9-iron from 177 yards.