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During Thursday night’s men’s basketball game between Arizona State and Oregon State, Michael Phelps became the latest diversion to pop out from behind the Sun Devils’ legendary “Curtain of Distraction.” The 18-time Olympic gold medalist stripped down to a tiny pair of yellow swim trunks and danced as OSU’s Stephen Thompson Jr. missed both of his foul shots.

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To celebrate Guillermo’s 45th birthday, The Jimmy Kimmel Show built a 432 foot long tequila funnel. Guillermo was challenged to pour tequila and margarita mix into the funnel and try to race the liquid to see which would reach the end first.


Bob Blackwell’s limited mini tractor puller is powered by twin 13B extend port Mazda rotary engines with power driven through a Jatco gearbox and Ford 9in rear end. Bob has been involved in tractor pulling for over 25 years. Full Boost take a closer look at this unique machine at the Tooradin Tractor Pull and Truck Show.


A priest yanks hard on children’s hair and kicks one up the backside as he tries to avoid him in this astonishing video filmed inside a Brazilian church. The images have caused controversy throughout south America where the footage is going viral. The youngsters are said to have been preparing for their First Communion and the unnamed holy man was reported to have been giving them an unorthodox blessing. “This is still better than what the last priest did to us” – The kids.

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Sarah White was walking along a footpath close to a beach known as Rock Piles, when she was knocked over by a freak wave along with her 22-month-old son Van. It was at that moment, that 11-time world surf champion Kelly Slater came to the rescue. He grabbed the pram, pulled it upright, and helped Sarah who was underwater.


Join Szymon and Dawid Godziek as they take you through their hometown in the south of Poland and into their backyard where their MTB Freeride and BMX careers all began.


Police footage of a shirtless man recounting the events of a ‘nudie run’ through a wedding and being chased by women with sticks after a two day drinking bender has gone viral. Philip Graham McColloch was filmed in a police video in November 2009 hilariously describing the events that took place in The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast. The footage resurfaced this week after being posted on Facebook on Australia Day and has since been shared a sh*tload of times.

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Kite surfing feels so year 2000 after seeing this. Drone surfing is the future! We just need to up the power of that drone so you can go triple the speed and we’ll be in business!


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At last year’s Ulster Grand Prix, young motorbike star Andy Lawson killed in a devastating crash. The 24-year-old, from Arbroath in Scotland, raced for Team Moto-Design and was tipped to be a future star of the sport. Rest in peace.

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This guy was most likely on bath salts, or as he said it, “snorted a f*ck-tonne of pink up my a**hole”. Whatever he took, his mind had been shot into space and there is going to be a whole lot of “what happened?” moments when he comes down!


It’s generally believed that some kids are born with certain talents, music and sport for example, while other kids aren’t so lucky. This little bastard however was born to be a legend. You can see the fearless confidence ooze out of his eyes. He ain’t scared homie. The moment he gets sick of his Playstation, and starts lapping the suburbs on a 2-stroke full time, is the moment you can kiss your wives and girlfriends goodbye.


Baker Kylie Mangles spent 70-80 hours by her estimate, crafting multiple layers of “Tasty Tatooine Tangerine Cake” and a lot of fondant into an edible sculpture of Homer Simpson as an Imperial Stormtrooper. She based the design on a graffiti artist’s painting, and then had to take on the difficult task of translating the 2D image into a 3D cake.

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Caution: This video contains graphic images of a severely wounded dog and his amazing recovery. Kalu was found inside of a hole at a construction site where he had gone to die. His face was severely wounded and infested with maggots. His recovery is truly one of the most awe-inspiring and miraculous recoveries we have ever seen.


This is probably one of the heaviest wipeouts ever at Jaws as Tom Dosland was forced to free fall multiple stories before being gobbled up by the wave and taken over the falls. This will surely be one of the wipeouts talked about at the XXL awards this year and for many Hawaiian winters to come. Fortunately he didn’t suffer any injuries and will live to ride another day. Photo via: @bastienbonnarme

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DJ Khaled is known for many things, such as his music and his sneaker collection, but mostly he is known for his delusional/weird personality, which may actually be intentional for the purposes of promoting himself. If it really is deliberate, the man is a genius. This is just the tip of the iceberg on why he is such a man of interest.


You probably know Icelandic strongman Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson as “the huge guy from Game of Thrones who exploded that other dude’s skull with his hands.” It was one of the most shocking scenes in 2015 television, complete with over-the-top HBO-financed gore. And when you look at the real-life 6’9” man they call The Mountain, you think: He probably could crush another man’s skull with his bare hands. The guy comes from hardy Nordic stock (his grandfather was a farmer for 40-plus years), he hasn’t missed a workout in six years, and he can deadlift 990 pounds.

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Before Vin Diesel made it big with The Fast and the Furious, he was taking work wherever he could, just like any actor dreaming of bigger things. This clip was dug up from 1994, as vin does a good job selling Street Sharks action figures at a 1990’s toy fair!