It took just a few seconds for almost half the field to wipe out in one corner at the Moto3 French GP, with the riders piling into the gravel trap one after the other. The bizarre crash seems to have been caused by an oil leak, making things particularly slippery at that exact turn.


This woman was hired for her services in Las Vegas, and she can be seen going to a client’s hotel room and she looks like she is having fun. On her way out, however, she doesn’t seem to be in such a good mood. I hope she got paid a heap.


We’ve been graced with an abundance of quality footage from The Stomping Grounds at Corvatsch lately, and you can add this one to the expanding list. Torgeir Bergrem makes it look way too easy with this raw run through the park, backed up by incredible videography that’ll leave your jaw on the floor.


Meet Estaifan Shilaita—Chicago cab driver, loving father, and former boxing champion. From 1968 to 1976, Shilaita was the national boxing champion of Iraq before being forced to flee his home country because of his Christian faith. Although he left his boxing dreams behind, Shilaita eventually found greater happiness than he could have ever imagined.


Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are amazing, funny and random, what do you think? #randomradness.


“Ever been broke? Bored as f**k, but still wanted to do something? Say No More Fam! I spent absolutely nothing and had a great time watching the “Fate of The Furious” and as and extra to treat my self I also watched the new “Guardians Of The Galaxy” – @paulwhisky


Astounding new footage shows a sea lion grabbing a little girl off a dock and pulling her underwater. The kid was feeding the male sea mammal bread crumbs near the water near Vancouver, Canada, but when she sat down on the edge of the jetty, the huge creature tried to make a meal out of her — grabbing her dress in its jaws and dragging her into the water.


Andre Dirrell won the bout by disqualification over Venezuelan Jose Uzcategui before things got heated in a disgraceful aftermath to the fight. Dirrell’s trainer/uncle Leon Lawson threw a big left hook which landed on the chin of an unprepared Uzcategui as he talked in his corner. The police are now looking for him!


“Two Camaro nearly collide down at Cash Days on the street! Street racing on public roads can lead to some very tricky situations when it comes to applying high horsepower to a concrete or asphalt road. Tires spin, cars get sideways and accidents happen. On this particular night, Monza from Street Outlaws lines up with the Godfather in one badass nitrous battle, but things don’t end quite like these racers were expecting.” – @1320video


Bike thieves in London will do anything for a quick grab and run, even it if means running after a car in traffic, looking like the sketchiest bastard in front of a heap of witnesses!


A seven-minute teaser for the TV series Wyrmwood: Chronicles of the Dead has been released. Filled with gore and bucket of blood, the trailer is seemingly a perfect follow-up to the hit 2015 film Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead. As the trailer ends, we get a close look at Brooke controlling a handful of zombies to do her bidding, and Barry unloading a high-powered weapon. Produced by Guerilla Films, Wyrmwood is the brainchild of Australian film makers, Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner.


Malaysia looks like a bit of fun! This crew of give-zero-f*cks street racers met up to turn a public street into their personal racetrack. The white Evo is particularly fun to watch!



Just when you thought the robot was dead, a middle-aged white man in Scottsdale brings it back. Fox 10 Phoenix was live on the scene after a car crashed into a building in Scottsdale, Arizona. But while the chopper was grabbing some aerial shots, they panned to a man who took full advantage of his 35 seconds in the limelight.


A huge Lebanese wedding has shut down a Sydney street with a procession of drummers even bringing a police car to a standstill as it attempted to drive through. Footage shows dozens of wedding guests spilling out on to the road in the city’s west to celebrate the marriage of Merrylands couple, Albert and Zina Khouri. Lamborghinis and Harley Davidsons lined the street and the percussionists danced around the police car, with guests later saying: ‘What to do when police arrive? Just keep partying!’ You gotta love it! Shout out to @queenstcustoms, @5starbikes and @Ausbikes.


That moment when your opponent bluffs and you can read their soul. Or that moment when you try to bluff, but it is so obvious so your opponent will re-raise you all-in with Ace high.


Andy Samberg heads to HBO next month with his second mockumentary for the network. Following 2015’s tennis-themed 7 Days in Hell costarring Kit Harington, Samberg has written a new sports special with Murray Miller set in the world of professional cycling in the ‘80s called Tour de Pharmacy, and Maya Rudolph, Dolph Lundgren, Orlando Bloom, Jeff Goldblum, John Cena, and naturally, Lance Armstrong are just some of the stars who show up in the special.

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Unfortunately for us, the cameraman takes off immediately so we don’t get to see the rest of the action, which was a shame. But I guess he just wasn’t in the mood to catch a stray bullet in his teeth.