Ron’s in jail, and we are sorry, but there are no visitations. Despite what we heard, it’s not for nonpayment of child support. We heard that numerous babies mothers were after him, but I guess our info was incorrect. That god darn 2 stroke is just way too loud for Officer Bacon. Shout out to Dayton Daft for the submission.


This footage was taken from the infamous Valley Nights ride in Los Angeles. LAPD Helicopters and patrol cars chasing you, that’s a certified GTA 3 star rating and this Ohio man on his Kawasaki couldn’t give less of a f**k if he tried. Shout out to the one and only GuruStunts for the always quality footage.

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If anyone tells you to back off from the drinking, just show them this video. If anything, we need to step it up!

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What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

Kyle Baldock - ActionPat Casey - Action

A completely unique set of jumps is constructed for the landmark event that not only challenge the competitors but also inspire them to push their riding to another level. They only have a few days to ride it, so they pour everything they have into getting the most out of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The 12 Red Bull Dreamline finalists completely went off during their two-hour jam session on Saturday, testing out what was possible in the technical upper section and over the three gigantic jumps at the end of the 1,690-foot course. Dirt-jumping legend Ryan Nyquist was awarded the top spot, but everyone who had a chance to ride came out a winner.

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The problem with texting is misunderstanding the tone of each other’s text messages. Texting is dangerous. You might end up getting attacked a spiked bat by your best friend!


Actor Will Smith once said: “I’ve always had a horrible fear of not achieving. All it takes is just one person telling me I can’t do it, and I’ll use the fear of failure as fuel.” Doubt and fear of failure motivate him. The secret, Smith says, is to “flip that negative energy around and make it a challenge. I’ve learned that self-doubt is the key to success.”

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Turn your living room into a Mario Kart-like racing game using Romo and projection mapping. Not only can you race robots against each other on courses automatically generated to fit your room, you can fire missiles and bananas all over the room.

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Showcasing a selection of the freshest threads on the market. This is dedicated to all who like to look fresh on the streets. SHOP SHOCK MANSION ONLINE STORE NOW!

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The McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder are two of the hottest hypercars on offer at the moment, but how well will they fare in a straight line against the fastest Ducati on sale? It’s two wheels versus four as the cars go against a 1199 Superleggera!

Vid: Kidnapped Bride Video Sparks OutrageVid: Kidnapped Bride Video Sparks Outrage

The scene depicted in the video has all the makings of a traditional marriage ceremony — Kazakh music, a special bridal carpet and loads of confetti being thrown in celebration. However, instead of a blushing bride-to-be enjoying her big day, the shocking footage shows a frightened girl being seized from her home and forced into marrying someone against her will. The bride is anything but cooperative. In fact, she can be seen kicking, screaming, crying and attempting to flee her captors. However, the “wedding” continues as if the girl is not making a scene. Sadly, this is not uncommon in Kazakhstan.

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This guy just cruises through life, casual as f*ck, winning at every turn. Watch what happens when he a motorbike nearly crashes into him!


When you’re a stand-up comic, getting heckled during your set is just one of the hazards of doing business. But what if your verbal assailant is an on-duty officer of the law?


A mid-flight showdown between a hawk and a drone was caught on camera in Massachusetts. The drone’s owner, Christopher Schmidt, noticed the red-tailed hawk circling his drone, so he lowered the quadcopter, but the hawk attacked anyway. To avoid harming the bird, Schmidt shutoff the motor and the drone crashed. The footage has gone viral. Check it out.

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Thought you had a good costume idea? Sorry to say but Ed Bassmaster has probably already won this halloween with his zombie disguised as a scarecrow outfit. Check out people’s hilarious reactions!


This is how I narrate my sexual interactions. Checking the valley, looks clear. Weather looks good. Waiting on lead. Clearance from tower to proceed…denied. Quick check to see if I am equipped with condoms. Condoms detected, asking tower for clearance again…denied. Obstruction detected, checking monthly date. Reroute requested, oh baby here we go, holding for reroute. Reroute rejected. F**k it, laptop power on. Searching fastest route to Porn Hub.