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This is what having riding experience does for you. He didn’t slam on the breaks and slide out, he reacted calmly and swerved in time avoid getting mixed up in all the trouble. Well played.


Moviegoers who see Disneynature’s new True Life Adventure film Born in China during its opening week in 2017 will benefit World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Based on opening-week attendance, Disneynature, via the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, will make a contribution to WWF to help protect wild pandas and snow leopards in China. Check out a new Born in China trailer featuring breathtaking footage from the film now.


Are you in dire need of some motivation to work out? Have you been putting off your workouts because you’re just too busy, you’re just not ready yet, or you’re just not feeling up to it? Well, Marcus Bondi and Barstarzz are going to fix that problem right now. So if you want some motivation, stick around. If not, click away from this post IMMEDIATELY and go read something safe and un-motivating.

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Football and Ping Pong goes head-to-head in this epic battle. Many trick shots were made, and plenty is skill was flexed!


“Somebody phoned the police on me! After climbing down from the top of this fun crane in Southampton. I was greeted by a cool construction worker who let me know that the police had been called and that I should probably disappear pretty fast. I then left the site and carried on with my day!” – James Kingston.

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Take this show on the road kid! Everyone knows that nut shots are a crowd pleaser, but this kid really took it to a new place. Well played!


A hood and a windshield is probably the cheaper accident you can have with this car. If you can’t afford to throw multiple thousands around here and there, then you probably shouldn’t buy a Ferrari.

The Breakfast Club, Angela Yee, Charlamagne The God, DJ EnvyBird

Birdman came ready for war when he walked into a radio interview…then dropped a bunch of threats on “The Breakfast Club” hosts before storming out of their studio. It was a bizarre scene — the Cash Money CEO strolled in with at least 6 or 7 dudes, and immediately blurted out, “Stop playing with my f**king name!” He went on to tell Charlamagne tha God he was gonna handle their beef in the streets, but decided to do it face-to-face instead. Check it out.

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The brand new series of Top Gear is weeks away, and here’s one of the films we have to look forward to. However the video itself is being overshadowed by the struggle between people who are excited for the show, and an even higher amount of people who are still angry that Clarkson, Hammond and May are gone. Will you watch it?

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Bam is finally skateboarding again, and has released new footage to accompany the first song from his new band ‘Evesdroppers’. Hopefully this is the start of lots more new footage!

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Poker players Olivier Busquet and JC Alvarado agreed to have a MMA fight after Busquet put out a challenge on Twitter. After six months of training, Busquet was coming in as the bigger man, agreeing to a fight weight of 187.5, while Alvarado had to make 165. Nonetheless, according to the terms of the scrap, Alvarado was coming in as the favorite as he put up $150,000 against Busquet’s $120,000. Busquet was a novice with no formal training, while Alvarado had been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a key discipline of MMA, off and on since 2011.


Stadium Super Trucks driver Pat O’Keefe walked away from a pretty nasty crash during his race in Long Beach, California. As you can see in the video, O’Keefe hit a ramp and had a hard landing which made him loose control of the vehicle. Things only got worse from there as the truck was approaching another ramp but this time going sideways. O’Keefe had little choice but to go forward with the second jump which sent him flying into a fence and “violently” rolling over a handful of times.

Baylor v KansasHuge

At Baylor University in Waco, Texas, head football coach Art Briles does things differently with his high-octane spread offence. Baylor has been an elite football program in the Big 12 the last five years, so it’s no surprise that Briles used a 400-pound tight end named LaQuan McGowan to decimate opponents in the spread.


Colombian Jungle Commandos released footage of them capturing the wanted Úsuga Narco leader Édgar Gutierrez Arenas, also known as “Thomas” during a jungle raid after a intense firefight with his followers. Édgar Gutierrez Arenas had a 115 million pesos ($40,000 USD) reward on his head and was one of the the top 20 most wanted men in Colombia.

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Before there was all these guys wearing massive pants while jumping over garden beds in your local town, Jackie Chan was literally jumping off buildings!


Many skiers hang up their gear when springtime emerges. But U.S. skier Tom Wallisch took out the Guinness Book of World Records and set a goal — break the record for the world’s longest rail grind on skis. The previous record was 241 feet. Wallisch and his crew built a 440-foot rail. For the sake of comparison, a football field is 360 feet long.