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Niklas Ajo pulled off a contender for ‘Save of the Season’ when he lost control of his bike in the Moto3 race approaching the finish line. Instead of hitting the asphalt or the wall, he managed to cross the finish line on his knees!


If you always wanted Nintendo to make a 3D Mario game using some of the best technology in the games industry, you’re going to want to watch this video. YouTube user Aryoksini has uploaded footage of the iconic plumber running on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, and the results are spectacular.

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Add freestyle rapper to the list of skills owned by Shia LaBeouf. This video of LaBeouf rapping surfaced online after it was uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. Should he stick to acting?


Matt Meola, Albee Layer, Kai Barger and friends launch a mini-series you don’t want to miss. At the end of this first episode, there’s only one question: how will their knees be in ten years? The above the lip work you’re about to watch is some of the best in the world, not to mention their ability to needle through tubes and put it on rail like a boss. Check it out!


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The aliens can no longer hide is space when civilians have this much zoom at their fingertips. I have a feeling people’s privacy is about to get all sorts of invaded!


Is it true black girls have the bigger booty? All Def Digital tackle some of the biggest racial stereotypes head on. Watch Teddy Ray and DoBoy put on a blindfold and see if they can guess the booty with a quick grab. This is something you don’t want to miss.


At least 510 people were injured — 183 of them hospitalised in intensive care units — after flammable coloured powder suddenly ignited in midair at a recreational water park in Taiwan. It is believed that 1,000 people were inside the amusement park when the powder was sprayed on the crowd as part of a colour party – a festival of dance and music where people cover themselves in bright paint and powder.

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Bas van Steenbergen is all you need if you if you are in the mood to watch some epic downhill MTB. This track is nothing short of perfection! Cheers to Joshua for this awesome submission.


Jed Mildon and James Foster risk life and limb in a race to be the first person to land the BMX quadruple backflip. It all goes down on NBC Sunday, July 12.

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When is graffiti art, and when is it vandalism? Check out this epic gallery of street art from around the world and then leave your thoughts in our comment section…

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Each Monday we bring you a random selection of tunes to help you start the week off right. Make a music selection by leaving a comment below and we will add it to next week’s selection. Hope everyone enjoys the tunes.


Steve Matai’s monster hit David Tyrrell was hard enough to spark nuclear fission. Matai has developed a reputation throughout his career as one of the most punishing defenders in the game, and it’s easy to see why with hits like this one.


We cannot stress this point enough, always prepare and survey the area before hucking yourself off a stupidly high cliff. Serious injuries can occur; even when you are prepared so bring a bunch of homies with you just in case.


Trust me when I say nothing good ever comes from road rage. You’ll probably never even see that person again, so what’s the point? Too bad he didn’t have his iFlown in airplane mode.

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You could be one step closer to becoming a real race car driver if you quick your job, sold a kidney and got one of these to practice on all day. As your life coach, I strongly suggest you take action!