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A 6-year-old boy survived after being run over by a careless driver in Jining City, China. The boy was playing at the side of a driveway and a red SUV drove over him. Unbelievably, the boy popped out from under the car and ran to the side of the street. Do you think this was on purpose?


After a nasty flood in Chicago, WGN news anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten spoke with Lou Manfredini about flood cleanup. As they were talking, a chopper was panning over effected areas of Chicago such as this on in Oak Lawn. Soon, they panned over an interesting lawn that featured a life-sized Hulk sculpture. A man living in the house seemed to notice the chopper filming — so he came out and gave his best impression of the Hulk’s signature pose. That man is a legend.

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Ken Worrall is a 48-year-old quadriplegic dependant on a ventilator to breath. He has been paralysed from the neck down for 20 years. His life changed when he was given a device called a ‘jouse’, which functions as a mouse controlled by the mouth.


For five friends, it was a chance for a summer getaway, a weekend of camping in the Texas Big Thicket. But visions of a carefree vacation are shattered with an accident on a dark and desolate country road. In the wake of the accident, a bloodcurdling force of nature is unleashed—something not exactly human, but not completely animal— an urban legend come to terrifying life…and seeking murderous revenge. Will you watch it?

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We present to you this sexy collection of some of the hottest tattooed babes from around the internet. Enjoy!

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When is graffiti art, and when is it vandalism? Check out this epic gallery of street art from around the world and then leave your thoughts in our comment section…


A teenager shoved a puppy face down into a bucket of freezing water in a mimic of the ‘ice bucket challenge’ fundraising craze. In a clip posted online, the dog could be seen desperately trying to wriggle free, yelping as her owner thrust her into the water. The footage, which has since been taken down by the teenager, was shared more than 1,000 times on the social media site and was posted to YouTube, prompting outrage from internet users!

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This insane wingsuit flyer Bobby Scott, glides down a mountainside in the Alps, brushing the tree tops and sometimes even flying below the tree line!

Each Monday we bring you a random selection of tunes to help you start the week off right. If you have any music suggestions you feel the world needs to listen to, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will try to showcase as much as we can. Hope everyone enjoys the tunes. Cheers guys.


This footage from Saturday’s V8 Supercars race at the Sydney Motorsport Park, Australia, shows just how boisterous the cars are in the wet!

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This guy built a legit hovercraft, perfect for one small human to ride on. This is what an epic childhood looks like!

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In this slow-mo worthy moment, this chick copped a mouth full of grass as she slide her face half way down a hill during a cheese rolling competition. There are no winners at these events.


Hard nosed shredder from the Gold Coast Scotty Davis has seen some serious sh*t in his 21 years. After a near death bail that landed him in a coma for over a month to hard drugs and a prison stint one thing has remained true, skateboarding. Shout out to Joey Bailey for the submission.

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I’ve never wanted to eat honey so much in my life. This bee keeper has a very satisfying job of cutting up the honeycomb and putting it into little containers. So good.

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Less than an hour after racing began, tragedy struck the 2014 Shootout when a Outerlimits catamaran driven by Joel Begin and throttled by Mike Fiore crashed at the finish line. After launching 60 feet in the air, the boat landed on the throttleman’s side of the canopy and came to rest right side up. Joel Begin is ok, while Mike Fiore was airlifted to the trauma centre and remains in a serious but stable condition. His condition was previously listed as critical.

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This awesome private jet concept features flexible floor-to-ceiling screens that give passengers mind-blowing panoramic views of whatever the plane’s wing-mounted, solar-powered 360-degree cameras are taking outside. Now all we need is a billionaire to fund this project and then take turns joy riding it over nudist beaches with those cameras on max zoom.

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Serena Williams has a powerful right arm, and accuracy to boot. Watch as she blows out a massive front window on a deli in New York!