I can’t even wrap my head around why someone would do something like this to such an innocent dog. It’s strange how humans can be so compassionate, yet so cruel at the same time.

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A lot of things Steve-O has been doing lately have some people questioning his sobriety. To see the insane antics first hand, follow him on Snapchat: steveosdick.


When not in combat, the average soldier is put under immense pressure to cope with boredom. This of course results in an endless stream of hijinks, shenanigans, and all around ridiculousness.


He teased Mission Impossible fans in November 2014 when he was seen hanging from the side of a plane. But Tom Cruise slips into action man mode again in a suitably thrilling new trailer to whet the appetite for the fifth instalment – entitled Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. A shirtless Tom, 52, displays his physical fearlessness with an impressive physique and his even more impressive athleticism as he reprises the role of Ethan Hunt. Will you watch it?

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Kron Gracie is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and a member of the famous Gracie family. He is the youngest son of Rickson Gracie. Continuing on in the family tradition, Kron is competing in Jiu-Jitsu and dominating! Check out this awesome highlights video.


Here is a good example of one of the better races we’ve seen on the streets – at speeds of over 200+mph. The Switzer Goliath X package GTR gives this Underground Racing Lambo a run for it’s money in this head to head battle. Watch the video and see how it goes down on the mean streets of Texas!


While the brutal east coast winter was still in full swing Nigel Sylvester had to escape from New York for some much needed fun in the sun. So he hopped on a plane to Miami, where he caught some session time on his bike and enjoyed some of the finer things in life—while capturing it all on his Sony Action Cam 4K.

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Matt Diaz has worked extremely hard to lose 270 pounds over the past six years, but now he is left with excess skin which exercise won’t fix. To afford the surgery needed, he set up a GoFundMe account, and through the love of people on the internet has already raised a lot of money. You can donate here!


They say “almost” only counts in horseshoes, but for this stunt, there was no almost about it. The number the horseshoe landed on represented the precise amount the contestants had to drink…of donkey semen and urine. Yes, you read that right. The best thing about this is that they’re drinking donkey cum for the opportunity to win $50k. Hearing Joe talk about this on his podcast was hilarious, from what I can remember he was pretty happy about it getting cancelled. He knew it had gone too far and still got paid.


Taunting is a beautiful thing when done correctly, and by correctly I mean you shouldn’t get knocked out a few seconds after doing it. Check out these guys who were too confident and paid the price…


It’s now spring in the midwest so Sitdown Steve and friends decided to breakout the street bikes and light the tires up. Watch as this daredevil goes across all 4 lanes of traffic surrounded by cars and completely smokes out the highway with a massive burnout.

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Danny Jolles gets technical when it comes to what makes a woman a wh*re, and it turns out it’s usually the women who dish the title to others that are! Perfect logic!

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England lock Courtney Lawes made this huge hit on France outhalf Jules Plisson just as he passed the ball. The hit was so massive the how crowd reacted, and the medics were on the field in seconds!


Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. We just want to say thankyou for everyone that supports us and this gallery is just a small tribute to those who show us love. #muchlove Find more and follow us on Instagram and #shockmansion to show your support. NEW STYLES AVAILABLE NOW!

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When this guy found out his girlfriend cheated, he didn’t hold back when he went to her place to pick up his stuff. After breaking her laptop, he put her stuff in the shower and poured liquor all over he bed. Too far, or did she deserve it?


A man has been arrested after a dramatic high speed police chase in northern California that topped 100 miles per hour. It began near the town of Vacaville when officers tried to stop a Nissan estate with a suspect number plate. The driver refused to pull over and sped off with the police in hot pursuit. The chase finally ended near Los Altos Hills after the car got a puncture, skidded into a wall and flipped over.


Ned Luke, 56, is an actor who, as his Wikipedia entry notes, “is best known for his role as Michael De Santa in the 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V.” That might sound like feint praise. But that video game has sold more than 45 million copies and generated $2 billion worldwide since 2013. The game’s content is so violent and graphic that Kmart and Target yanked it from stores in Australia. Now, Luke has a new starring role: He’s a gun store manager in a clever new ad from States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

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The Canary Islands off the coast of Africa were a unique travel choice for SOTY 2014 Wes Kremer. This absolutely ripping edit shows these guys had non-stop fun the whole time. Featuring Torey Pudwill, Marius Syvanen, Madars Apse, T-Funk, Tyler Surrey, and many more.