Memory transfer has been at the heart of science fiction for decades, but it’s becoming more like science fact. A team successfully transplanted memories by transferring a form of genetic information called RNA from one snail into another.


Sprint Boat racing is a niche sport in which 1,000-horsepower engines propel tiny boats around what looks like a flooded go-kart track. If this sounds like a recipe for disaster, you’re right.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Zombies mode will uphold the series’ tradition: four-player co-op combat against waves of the undead, along with a weird sci-fi story underneath it all. The four playable characters are named Scarlet, Bruno, Diego and Shaw, and they’ll travel through time in an effort to secure an artifact so they can put a stop to the Illuminati-esque organization and its hordes of zombies.

Witness the power of experimental rockets as part of the Intercollegiate Rocket Competition. GoPros captured liftoffs, flights, and the occasional crash!

Join Formula E racer Nico Rosberg as he takes his new car for a test run on the streets of Berlin, and gets the tyres nice and warm with a quick burnout in the middle of the city!

According to police, the Animal Control officer saw the dog becoming aggressive with a local student walking to school before it was captured. St. George City’s legal department reviewed the case and concluded “After reviewing the evidence provided by the parties involved, a hearing examiner made a determination that the dog was vicious and should be euthanised.”

There’s something about Sugarfoot’s perfectly-constructed drum work on Smooth Criminal that’s both of its time and completely timeless—a key part of Michael Jackson’s sound.

Following online accusations that Tuff Street at Street Machine Summernats was becoming ‘Soft Street’, on 15 May the ’Nats team trialled a new skid lane between the Tuff Street car park and the cruise route with a dozen real-life Summernats entrants.

This video has so many beautiful camera angles, you just cant’e help but to be swept up in the story. This home owner didn’t hesitate to destroy his ute to stop the robbers leaving the scene.

Just when you thought you had seen every type of buddy cop film, here comes one you never could have expected: a puppet comedy noir. Melissa McCarthy plays a cop who snorts ecstasy at gunpoint and gets propositioned by puppet prostitutes, while trying to solve a string of puppet murders.

Police have released footage of a shooting spree that left one victim dead and ended with the shooter being gunned down by police. Authorities are still investigating the incident, in which Barry Freeman evaded police in Evansville, Indiana, for about an hour before finally being fatally wounded.

In the dry season, water and food can be a little tricker to come by. Fortune favours the brave, and this young leopard proved that with this successful hunt!

State of Decay 2 sometimes feels like a far-too-real representation of the mundane reality that comes with surviving a zombie apocalypse. Consistently being on the hunt for food, resources to craft ammunition, and survivors to bolster your ranks doesn’t always translate into a captivating gameplay loop, especially when you’re faced with horrors other than the countless undead that roam around you.

Phone video of an epic courtyard clash at the Park Houston Apartments on the city’s southeast side has gone viral. The video starts with a woman who got a little too inspired by the Astros World Series win and went all “batter up” on one dude’s head. But as the man begins to retaliate, a crowd of about several people jump in — men and women hurling punches in every direction.

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