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Oakley Battle Clips is a national video competition designed to elevate the best young talent in Australian surfing and reward the unsung heroes behind the lens. Vote for our homie @asherwales in the @oakleysurfing @mysurftv battle clips now! Epic edit by the man @jacksonobrien_.


Here we have one of the most complex things explained in just 5 short and very easy steps. I was actually expecting a bad picture, but this. This is beautiful!

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Twitch, Axell Hodges & Josh Hill got a little bored, so they got creative in the backyard and then went over to Robbie Maddison’s for some more fun.


Trespass Against Us is set across three generations of the Cutler family who live as outlaws in their own anarchic corner of Britain’s richest countryside. Chad Cutler (Michael Fassbender) is heir apparent to his bruising criminal father, Colby (Brendan Gleeson) and has been groomed to spend his life hunting, thieving and tormenting the police. But with his own son, Tyson (Georgie Smith) coming of age, Chad soon finds himself locked in a battle with his father for the future of his young family.


Judges will now select the 10 best edits from each month. The Pinkbike audience will vote on these 10, and the edit with the most votes takes home the first prize of $1,200. Second place will receive $800, and third wins a sweet GoPro Hero4 Black Edition. At the end of the five months, all top three monthly edits will go into a bracket challenge and an overall winner will be selected. Whoever makes it through to the end will take home $15,000 in cold hard cash. Will it be you?


“The event took place at an Arizona State University house party in Tempe. I took a bet with a friend that I could chug a full bottle of Ciroc for 5 bucks and there was no way I was backing down. I immediately began chugging water to flush my system and later that night it came down to it and I successfully chugged the bottle in one drink and made my 5 bucks. I didn’t throw up or black out. Would I do it again? Of course cause I had a blast that night!”


Ironically, the worst kiss in the history of Reality TV happened on the television show “Love At First Kiss” on TLC. I love how he asked her if he could kiss her when that is the entire premise of the show. Like dude, you are both there for that one specific action. I am sure she is cool with it.


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The crew takes a trip to California for some surfing, skating, and shenanigans. Their jam-packed trip has everything from shore break flotillas to loading dock tow-ins, as well as a surf and skate session with Ryan Sheckler and Zion Wright.


Love it or hate it, we think the all rust wrap on this Cape Horn is dope AF! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Yelawolf has a new album coming out later this year titled Trial By Fire via Shady Records/Interscope and finally we get the first taste off it. His new song ‘Daylight’ sounds hella Yela so be assured it won’t disappoint.


Meet the Letron – a real life transformer that converts from a BMW into an epic, giant robot complete with a creepy cyborg face. Unveiled by Turkish company, Letvision. No doubt futuristic cars just got a shake up.


The problem is so massive that the Saudi government is implementing extra hard punishments for drifting on public streets. But there are alternatives. Professional drives have started academies and in doing so are trying to make drifting a professional sport which guys like this can do on the track instead of the streets.


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Like a lot of red-blooded American kids, the Payne brothers like to spend their summers hucking themselves off rooftops and into a swimming pool. And god damn they are good at it. In Jack’s own words, live everyday like it’s your last, because one day you’ll be right!

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You’ve all been granted one wish. Scroll through this entire post and pick the one car you wish to drive this week.


“Flying is my passion. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning. It is what I dream of and what my entire life revolves around. What I feel comfortable doing and what others feel comfortable doing, is very different. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t let anyone destroy what you love.” – Graham Dickinson.