The brainchild of Corey Bohan, Bicycle Motocross comes after a lifetime of religious viewing of the original film which saw Nicole Kidman grace the silverscreen for the first time, two years of planning and a hectic two weeks of filming across Sydney to create something that truly paid tribute to the original, with Corey’s unique twist. To get your hands on a copy of the original BMX Bandits film, click HERE. Shout out to director Allan Hardy for the quality work!

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US soldiers have freed 70 hostages in the ‎Kurdish region of North ‎Iraq. A spokesman says at least 20 ISIS militants were killed in the raid. One US soldier also died. It was the first American combat death since the US’ withdrawal from Iraq in 2011.


“During a solid string of south swells in Southern California Jamie O’Brien taps into the source and drives his 6′ Catch Surf Odysea Skipper through some meaty caves at the Wedge.” – Catch Surf.


Singer and dancer Lexy Panterra knows how to move in all the right ways. So naturally during her shoot for Playboy she kept it moving the entire time. We love a girl with energy.

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Hundreds of Shia Muslim men self-flagellated to commemorate the Shia Muslim festival of Ashura, in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, Saturday.


Comparable to the meticulous artistry behind tattoos, animators Oskar and Gaspar don’t shy away from the smallest details as they make these folks’ tattoos come to life. The creative pair are claiming that this is “the first live event of Tattoo Video Mapping. No post-production was used.” Check it out!

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If you’ve ever ordered a Happy Meal and found yourself wishing it contained approximately 300% more heavy metal. then this is the tribute band you’ve been longing for.

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Build the body of your dreams using just the weight of your body. These guys live and breath calisthenics, and their bodies are ripped to absolute shreds!


Click HERE to snap up something fresh from the new range. Don’t forget to check out our latest collection of T-shirts, muscle tees, snapback hats, buckets, eyewear and more.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has used the knuckle ball to successfully make his shots on goal unpredictable. This guy has the kick down perfectly!


For those that don’t keep up with the Gordon Ramsey channel, this is the audio from Hells Kitchen dubbed over the video of Masterchef Junior, and it’s f**ken genius.

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St. Maarten is known for its warm turquoise water, and being able to watch screaming jets fly just above your head from this little beach at the end of the runway. Watch this MD-80 just clear the fence.


Infinity: Battlescape is a multiplayer space sim involving hundreds of players split across three competing corporations of the Starfold Confederacy fighting for control of a procedurally generated, true to scale solar system filled with planets, moons, asteroid belts, and other celestial phenomenon. Seamless planetary transitions will bring combat from deep space to the surface of alien worlds. For more check out their Kickstarter.

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The control strength and explosion this guy has in intense. Being Russian, we can all assume he got his power from calisthenics and his speed from running for wild packs of dogs.

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If there is one thing I know about trains, it’s that their brakes suck. One step to the left or right and all these people would have got straight murked!


Footage of the scuffle shows two security guards trying to kick a student out of the arena, some say the guard tried to place the student in a chokehold and swung the first punch. We aren’t exactly sure what sparked the violent confrontation, but it looks like the security guards could have handled the situation a little better. In most places security does not have free reign to put their hands on people. Whose side are you on?

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Sportscaster Ernie Johnson pulled out his hood pass when Shaq started talking to him using hood lingo. Good to see Ernie holding it down.


UFC contender Miesha Tate has been busy since being snubbed by the UFC for another shot at Ronda Rousey. She has been trying to make a life outside of MMA with acting and other appearances. This time she takes on the 4 members of the Australian Youtube Comedy Sensations “The Janoskians” in a game of 2 minute warning. How many times can she tap them within a 2 minute time limit? This seems like an elaborate ruse to get Miesha to rub all over you for a couple minutes, and then you get to tap her on the ass. Lucky bastards.