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All that evolution of technology has ended up with the Face swap app, and now we get to enjoy weird videos like this. Goddamn technology is a solid bro sometimes!


During the early 80’s, BMW released the classic E30 and this proved an interesting liberation to the market. Especially when compared to the earlier 320i model from the late 70’s, with the main deviation being a drastically lower price at a figure of around $26,000 AUD. BWM’s engineers were well aware that Mercedes were working on a competitor in the smaller luxury car market, so the E30 team focused their strengths and efforts on predominant Mercedes ideals, build quality and reliability. The results were epic.

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When Steve-O decided he hated his tattoo, he used his own way of removal to get rid of it. Not a bad idea if you don’t mind burning yourself and leaving a big scar!


Do a human next! This just shows me how advanced this school system is compared to that in other countries. I never got anywhere near doing an experiment like this. That thing had a damn heartbeat!


The boy are back with number 3, bigger and better than ever. They have created a demon child made from dirt, where a slam hits your body harder than a car crash. A new guest rider, a new course but still that same Pure Darkness we all love. We’ve been waiting for this video for a while now, and sweet mother of god it didn’t disappoint. Big shout out to @samreynolds26. Now off to hospital I go to get my jaw put back into place.

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Kimbo Slice became an internet sensation back in 2003 for his backyard fighting videos, destroying several opponents in unsanctioned street fights. He later signed a deal to fight in the UFC. Kimbo was rushed to hospital in Florida, but the reason for his lapse in health is currently unknown, however reports indicate a possible heart attack. Rest in peace.


Watch this hilarious footage of a poor bloke attempting to drink his beer in the middle of construction work. Now I know why so many Austrians are toothless, and here I thought it was from fighting at beer festivals wearing Lederhose.

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I wonder if these guys went through each room to steal 100 mini shampoo and conditioner bottles.


My heart rate just spiked. In the middle of what looks to be a presentation at Cine Gear Expo, disaster struck. While testing out a powerful and pricey stabilizing rig, a $70K camera smashed to the ground.

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With a complete disregard to the mental health of these poor women, this Brazilian show takes their pranks as far as they can with inspiration from ‘The Conjuring 2’ film. How would you react?


A Frenchman with an arsenal of weapons and a grudge against his government’s immigration policies was detained as he tried to leave Ukraine and launch an assault on the European Championship, Ukrainian officials said, describing it as a thwarted plot for a “series of 15 terrorist attacks.” Damn, when this guy sits down with his lawyer and sees how much surveillance they had on him he’s going to cry. That was some top notch hidden camera footage.

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This lion committed to catching a meal, but he forgot about that mysterious invisible force field that separates him from all the food that walks passed all day!


Warner Bros. will try to keep the Harry Potter franchise alive on the big screen later this year with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, directed by fantasy franchise helmer David Yates. But before that, the studio is taking a chance on the director’s adaptation of the classic Edgar Rice Burrough’s character Tarzan.

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James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond and busy getting ready for their new show ‘The Grand Tour’, but not too busy to have some fun as well. This video of Jezza assembling a box is going more viral and has better reviews from the fans than the new Top Gear!


“The Nightmare Nova is giving its opponents the creeps by showing that an all motor car is a force to be reckon with! Packed with a 540 cubic inch Chevy big block, it puts down 880hp on pump gas! Under powered and without any power adders, the nova is GAPPING twin turbo and nitrous cars on the street! Birka cup out of Sweden brings you some of the baddest big tire street action in the WORLD!” – 1320video.


What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Max Wrist is a complete lunatic, but there is no denying his videos are entertaining as hell. Are you ready for 5 minutes of motorcycle mayhem? Hold on for your life as he pops wheelies up every straight while going toe to toe with a Yamaha R1. Hectic.

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Daniel Kabeya is one of the few people in this world who probably has a legit 50 inch max vertical jump. The ease in which he gets his head to a basketball rim is ridiculous!