On The Grand Tour this week, Richard Hammond is convinced he can create the perfect bug-out vehicle. Jeremy Clarkson and James May might have something to say about that. Afterwards, they fired a second round at a new location. Here’s the coordinates 51.518409°N 0.143691°W


Tuff Street at Summernats, it’s always a nutty place to check out on a Saturday afternoon, the rowdy crowd’s love a good burnout and you’re guaranteed to hear the iconic “White Top, White Top, White Top” chant when a member of the opposite sex is spotted lurking past. If you like horsepower, cheeky c*nts that don’t play by the rules, cold beer, sunburn, being engulfed by a fog of melted rubber and eye watering methanol, then this is your home. It doesn’t ever get better than Tuff Street. Check out some of the action that hit social media during Summernats 30. #nofucksgiven #fucksecurity


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These guys stock up on a sh*tload of fireworks and have their own nail biting recreation of trench warfare which was most famously used at the Western Front in World War I. The big difference is that this this like a hell of a lot of fun!


In the colder regions of the world, teams of men and women prepare for a battle against the elements, and each other. What is this form of frigid weather fighting, you ask? They call it Yukigassen. Get ready for a snowball fight unlike any you’ve seen before.


The whole time I was thinking to myself “Please look left. Please see the camera.” Ah Papa blesses and delivers! I also like how she calls a guy impotent, and then says she hopes his kids get cancer. Which is it lady, does he have kids or is he impotent? The drive away was the icing on the cake though.


Ubisoft obviously knows what to do to win the internet and put it into practice in its new trailer for the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands. It features a cute cat chasing a red dot, which is everything we could hope for in a trailer for an open world drug cartel game really.


“We took Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari-powered Toyota GT4586 out to Willow Springs International Raceway for it’s first track test day. Much drifting occurred, with some additional help from Chris Forsberg and his demo Nissan 370Z.” – Donut Media.


Declan Harp, a part-Irish, part-Native American outlaw, played by Momoa, fights and bludgeons his way through the 18th century Canadian fur trade. The six-episode season centers on the power struggle for wealth and influence in one of America’s first industries.


In the first episode of TAG Heuer’s big wave series “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” the world of high surf rescue is examined in depth. A WSL production.


At CES 2017 LG took the wraps off its new W7 “wallpaper” OLED television screen. This is not just a demo or a concept, but a product that will hit the market later this year. The 65-inch is 2.57mm or one-tenth of an inch thick. By comparison, that’s only a little thicker than your average house key.


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Honda’s new Riding Assist motorcycle model isn’t a shipping product yet, but it is an impressive technical demo. Speeds between 2 and 3 mph actually prove among the most challenging in terms of making sure a motorcycle stays upright, and this new bike will assist human riders in keeping them level at those low speeds.


This guy clearly hates his own life, so after a few drinks by himself in the park he decided to take it out on a poor family in the park. Filthy bastard!


Watch his reaction, study it from all conceivable angles, and listen to the commentators who sympathise with the man writhing on the ground but end up mocking him anyway (which, to be fair, is the appropriate response in this situation as long as your cojones aren’t the ones being uncomfortably compressed). Somehow, Cartwright didn’t die, and managed to return to the game.


As a Hollywood star, Golden-Globe winning, Emmy Award- nominated actor and producer Idris Elba has made a career of playing a tough guy. Now he’s about to find out if he really is one. He’s set himself an extraordinary personal challenge to become a pro kickboxer in just 12 months. But even with the help of the best trainers in the world can someone with no experience become a genuine contender in the bloodiest of sports?


A family captured video of a rabid bobcat attacking a Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission officer on their back porch. As the officer is trying to corral the animal out of the enclosed porch, the bobcat leaps onto the man, who fights back with a pole. The bobcat was removed and then euthanised. Officials said it tested positive for rabies. A rabies alert has been issued for Venice and North Port.


This crazy bastards risk getting brain damage to chase their dreams to get rich and famous for unarmed combat. It was a hell of a year for MMA in 2016