This guy was one of 89 people to win a pair 2016 Nike Mags. After buying just $50 worth of tickets, he is already getting massive offers for the shoes!


The third explosive chapter of the blockbuster franchise that redefined the spy thriller finds extreme athlete turned government operative Xander Cage coming out of self-imposed exile and on a collision course with deadly alpha warrior Xiang and his team in a race to recover a sinister and seemingly unstoppable weapon known as Pandora’s Box.


One may hypothesise that in a life-or-death situation, she would have been killed in an instant. That could have left a hole in her squad’s defence, killing even more of her squad-mates around her. She froze from fear, thinking about what she may lose. No room for that kind of emotion. You know the guy is going to have to go all out in this situation. If he loses, he will never live it down. He’d probably have to drop out of the Marines from the embarrassment.


Netflix seems to be making good on the promise to provide some justice for Barb. In this Stranger Things promotional video, an ‘80s-era newscaster finally acknowledges the fan favorite’s mysterious disappearance, something the series never made much effort to do.


A 30-year old truck driver has been sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment after being convicted of causing the deaths of a mother and three children in a crash while he was using his mobile phone.


“This is a remix. We didn’t shoot any of this. We just ripped the footage from the internet and have humbly reinterpreted the brilliant original edit(s).” – Never Better.


The UFC superstar sat down with Ellen for her first interview since announcing her return to the ring. Ronda Rousey dropped the bombshell that her retirement from the UFC is not too far away!


When building houses gets boring, there is always fun to be had on a construction site, and this guy is your man when you need to someone to bring the ruckus!


Check out this awesome Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG tuned by PP-Performance. The car is now able to produce around 750hp and 1000 Nm of torque. It has been fitted with a loud Frequency Intelligent exhaust too!


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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his BFF Franco Columbu met 51 years ago, and have been rolling deep ever since!


Braydon Szafranski disappeared for a little while from the skate scene, but at this rate he will be back doing his thing in no time!


This rapper had the last laugh after his ex-girlfriend did him so wrong. She would never have guessed the story of her deceitfulness would go viral!


Ryan Tuerck tests out his awesome Ferrari powered Toyota with some smokey donuts around a 458. This engine transplant is the most badass thing that’s been done in a while!


A talented workman showcased his skill behind the controls of a digger by using the bucket to slide down a steep hill in an incredibly controlled manner. The video, which is believed to have been captured in Sabah, Malaysia, shows the orange Hitachi at the very top of a small cliff when the driver hatches a plan. Check it out.


Actor Idris Elba has won his first professional kickboxing fight after months of training around the world for a new documentary. The 44-year-old actor has been filming and travelling in the UK as he attempts to become a professional kickboxer for Idris Elba: Fighter. On Friday night, he was in York Hall in London, taking on a kickboxer in a no holds barred fight for the last part of the show. He was cheered on by friend Madonna, who appeared to have front row seats. Check it out!


Due to a massive drought and over-fishing in Zimbabwe, crocs like this one are venturing away from the rivers in search of food. That could be to blame in this case, as you can see a croc attack a woman in a pool. The woman managed to clamber out and gets to her feet despite having suffered several bites.


Aston Martin’s going through a pretty pivotal phase of its life. New boss, new relationship with Mercedes, new turbo engines, and above all, the new DB11. Oh, and the small matter of a new SUV that will be built in Wales. In all of this, though, the British sports car maker has found time to dally with the world of marine transport. Meet the exceedingly opulent AM37, a wooden decked powerboat that’s likely designed to slot right into Monaco or Venice.