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You’ve all been granted one wish. Scroll through this entire post and pick the one car you wish to drive this Sunday.

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Horsepower numbers get thrown around a lot, but when you enter the go-kart game, everything is different. Considering that a tidy 15 hp kart can hum along at 90 kph/55 mph, gives you an understanding of how much of a death trap this is! The ‘500hp’ written on the side of the kart is the owners goal. What a nutter!


In this funny ad, Mr Bean is seen trying to keep up with some roof-jumping martial artists. They criticise him for being slow, and “weak as a jellyfish” because he’s hungry. So he eats a Snickers bar; suddenly his energy is restored, and his appearance is transformed. Check it out!

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This dog with living against the odds after suffering an injury to her eye, and looking after 3 puppies. It’s the dog rescuers like these guys that restore our faith in humanity!


So according to this educational video if you slam your head into a table, a drum kit and put pegs on your nipples and electrocute yourself, you’re pretty much nailing the dubstep drop. Legendary!


Like his idol Greg Plitt, Logan Franklin is ex-army with a physique honed during five years military service. Still only 23, Logan started attracting the attention of the fitness world immediately after leaving the US Army in the summer of 2014. His first photoshoot with Luis Rafael spread his image far and wide. At the Olympia Expo in September, Logan was in demand by dozens of fitness photographers, and was a huge hit with the public. With his first competition coming up this Autumn, surely this is the next superstar of the fitness world.


James and Malcolm Stewart went head-to-head all day during practice at day one of Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2014. Get a first-person view of the half-mile-long track in the video above, as JS7’s on-board GoPro records the action.

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This epic live-action trailer will blow the mind of any gamer, or history buff. Re-live the craziness of World War 2 from the perspective of the Russian Army!


American car culture has penetrated the Scandinavian countries. From modern-day muscle cars such as the Shelby GT500 to the original heroes like the Shelby Cobra, they’re all present in this movie. Don’t worry though, Europe has a place on the map too. Think Ford Sierra Cosworth, Porsche 911 GT3, Ferrari V8s, the BMW M3 and others. And while Japan’s presence is limited, it looks like a Toyota GT 86, for which “heavily modified” would be an understatement, has a central role in the motion picture. Børning brought its carbon fiber hoods and massive rear wings to Norwegian theaters on August 13 and was apparently a huge hit. Now SF-Film, the company behind the production, wants to take on the rest of the world, with an international release. Would you watch it?

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This streaker ran onto the pitch during a Newcastle vs. Northumbria university rugby match and tackled a winger on a run. Not quite sure if he is part of the team and forgot his uniform, or he’s just an incredibly athletic nudist. Awesome play though!

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Guy Fieri gets lip dubbed, transforming his food show from the wort thing on TV, to the best thing on the internet. Enjoy!


Magpul is only producing 47 Ronin bikes, one for each of the 47 Ronin Warriors from Japanese lore. Additionally, each bike will have one of the warriors’ names engraved on it, and on the bike’s toolkit. The bikes will be released in staggered series pricing out around the $40k USD mark. The earlier releases will be slightly less expensive, as the final five will each be a completely bespoke design. For more information head over to the bike’s official website.

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This video went viral, because I’m pretty sure the world has a fetish for lassoing pretty blonde girls. This happens every year at Oktoberfest in Munich, but is most entertaining after your 30th beer.


Kimmel sent one of his men to an L.A.-area medical marijuana shop to quiz customers on their way in. Each person was asked two questions — one on current events, another on cannabis culture. So “Who’s the pope right now?” would be followed up with “What’s Pizza Hut’s new crust stuffed with?” “How many electoral votes does California get?” would be followed up with “How many grams in an ounce?” “Who’s the Speaker of the House?” would be followed up with “Who’s the star of ‘Big Momma’s House’?” You get the picture.


When 17-year-old L.A. rapper Jamal Gutierrez (a.k.a. A-F-R-O) released a controversial freestyle on R.A. the Rugged Man’s YouTube channel last month, no one seemed to believe the kid’s multisyllabic rhymes were spontaneous. “This sh*t is not only written but very well rehearsed,” went the top YouTube comment. But whether his previous performance was off the top or not, A-F-R-O came back a week later to clear up any doubt that he can actually freestyle. How do you know it’s legit? Because the Rugged Man just starts throwing objects—and people—at the kid and watches him incorporate them into his lyrics.

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Texas Governor Rick Perry attempted to dismiss fears about a possible outbreak of the Ebola virus at a press conference, but it doesn’t help when The Walking Dead theme song is playing in the background. The patient is the first diagnosed case of Ebola in the United States.


A world first for trial street riding; watch what Danny MacAskill goes through when setting up and attempting the first-ever bump front flip during the filming of Epecuén.

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Who knew banjos could be so hardcore? Watch Rob Scallon crush heavy metal band Slayer’s song ‘Angel of Death’ on a banjo. Warning: This song may make you want to ride a bull and head bang simultaneously!