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If you could have any car to drive for this coming weekend what would it be? Comment below. Tag us in to your car pics on instagram #shockmansion


You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen rapidly ageing teens Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta singing about their mutual attraction in the classic Grease number “You’re the One That I Want.” But Andy Rehfeldt has just recorded a revamp with a sound that’s sure to make ears bleed, and ’50s and ’70s sentimentalists weep. Check it out!

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Ball State football hosts the most hyped leg day on earth. It’s not just about lifting anywhere from 400 to 600 lbs, it’s about making it enjoyable. This has made me so hyped up for squats I just did a double leg kick through the wall.

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If disc golf players were like race car drivers, this guy would be ploughing new babes every night with moves like this. Alas, he only throws a frisbee, and will no doubt fall asleep crying into his pillow like every other night.


Does Veronika Black look familiar to you? Well, you’re not alone. This 27-year-old Canadian has been turning heads for her resemblance to none other than the gorgeous Angelina Jolie for her striking blue eyes, full pout and dark tresses. It all started in 2011 when Black began getting lip fillers. Veronika says “Only creeps will try and chat me up, and they’ll be really rude and aggressive when I say I’m not interested. No normal, respectable guys are ever keen, but I’m too shy to approach men myself.”

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You may wish to be able to bust this style out in the club, but watching these dudes dance is probably more fun anyway!

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When a dog bites a crawling baby or excited toddler, whose fault is it? Dog owners are quick to say it wasn’t the dog’s fault. And they are right. It wasn’t the dog’s fault. The dog was being a dog, and the toddler was being a toddler. Was it the owner’s fault for not controlling their dog, or the parent’s fault for not supervising the child? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now.


“So you probably saw my Russian Swing video where I took a leap over my house, now here’s something a little different. I wanted to try something that’s never been done before, I will let the bungee jump video explain the rest. Leave a comment below to tell me what you think.” – Damien Walters

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This short film/music video cleverly uses an animated duo on top of real life footage taken of a remote control jeep cruising the streets.

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After sustaining a life changing injury in 2013, Martyn Ashton, a mountain bike and ‘Road Bike Party’ legend, got back onto his bike with the help of a special seat and some good friends.


For car fans, a trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed is the automotive equivalent of a child being barricaded overnight in a sweet shop. Part hill climb, part school sports day, part car show, part parade of every racing driver and rider that you’ve ever looked up to – it’s the perfect way for any petrol head to enjoy the English summer. Goodwood added a dedicated drifting category at this year’s Festival of Speed, and New Zealand drift god Mad Mike Whiddett was there to put on a show. “This was my 1st lap, as you can see no rubber down, and I needed to feel out the MADBUL, as I am now use to that crazy little MX5 RADBUL which is so different to drive.” Bloody good effort for a virgin lap if you ask me.


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Watch Grado make perhaps the greatest entrance to a pro wrestling event ever. It all makes perfect sense why this Glasgow event was sold out. Shine one Grado, you beautiful man.


Ford brought examples from its new field of performance vehicles to the hill, including the riotous Focus RS. But this is the one you want to see and hear in action: The absolutely evil-sounding Mustang Shelby GT350R, with 526 horses and a chassis that’s ready to race. No, this is not a timed lap. Yes, all that slithering oversteer is showboating. Yes, that’s Ben Collins, formerly known as The Stig on BBC’s Top Gear, at the wheel. Yes, you will love it.

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When the fish you are trying to catch is bigger than your boat and more teeth you can count on your fingers and toes, you know you are a real man. I don’t know how he didn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean with balls that big!

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From a young age, the New Jersey native has proved that BMX has always been a constant in his life. Like many riders, Scotty Cranmer started his career in BMX racing. He knew then that BMX was going to be more than just a hobby. Anyone who has ever seen him ride knows he has the ability to ride anything with ease and confidence. Scotty proves year after year that he was made for this and his passion and dedication to the sport has not only made his riding career successful, but has earned him the respect of everyone around him.