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‘Envoy’ follows a young boy who discovers a deadly alien creature, and winds up entangled in a top secret government operation. This Science fiction, action adventure, short film is a proof of concept for a larger full-length feature film. Would you watch it?


Kaiserslautern striker Philipp Hofmann produced most of the most spectacular misses of recent times against fellow Bundesliga 2 side Union Berlin on Wednesday night. The 21-year-old had the goal at his mercy from just two yards out but somehow contrived to lift the ball agonisingly over the bar. Luckily for Hofmann his side were still able to secure maximum points from the encounter with a 1-0 win, otherwise he could have well been in hot water with his manager Kosta Runjaic.


Japan’s Mt. Ontake erupted late Saturday morning, sending plumes of ash into the surrounding area. Several people were reported injured from smoke coming out of the volcano that rests between Nagano and Gifu prefectures. Hikers caught this amazing and scary footage of their experience near the belly of the beast.

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Get ready for a sweaty palms moment as this daredevil climbs a construction crane at the crack of dawn in Munich!


Thursday’s practice session at Red Bull Rampage 2014 marked the last opportunity for riders with the canyon gap incorporated into their run to overcome their fears and launch the 72-foot-long expanse. Tom van Steenbergen was the first to go, inspiring five more riders to take their shot at it including Kelly McGarry, who overshot it and catapulted himself over 100ft. He walked away from the crash, a little worse for wear, but with all parts moving and most importantly with his sense of humour still intact. Nuts! Shout out to Ben Brakenridge for the submission.

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Forget your AWD’s with 1000hp under the bonnet, this respectable Skoda rally car can make a gymkhana video just as well. Thankfully he made it through the course without causing any damage to his car, otherwise he would have been up for repairs costing tens of dollars.


For all I know, the entire premise was just as fake as the sh*t used — but even if that’s the case, this guy still had to deal with the Taser prongs lodged inside his body. That’s good enough for me. What do you think?


If you’re one of those who find the sound of other people eating to be the most rage-inducing thing in the world, count yourself lucky you weren’t victim to this prank.

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Thug Kitchen Cookbook is like no other cookbook you have seen before. If you want to quick eating fast food and start giving a damn, this cookbook might be the perfect place to start. Get yours here!


A wild pit bull that was tasered by a Flagler County sheriff’s deputy and later euthanised “chewed its way through the door” of a bedroom and bit a total of three people before animal control officers could contain the dog, according to a sheriff’s report. Watch the footage now!


This building, located somewhere in Poland, is so short that the only thing Andy had time to do after jumping was deploy his chute. Even many of the best BASE jumpers have a 100 meter rule – as in, they won’t jump anything lower than 100 meters – so you can probably imagine how much precision, timing, and confidence a jump like this requires.

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In Russia, bears aren’t considered to be dangerous wild animals, its the Russians that are the dangerous ones. This bear was just brave enough to approach such them!


Warner Bros. dropped a new trailer for blockbuster Jupiter Ascending, providing a deeper look at its intergalactic plot. Jupiter Ascending is now set to hit theaters on Feb. 7, 2015. Will you watch it?


Filmer Jacob Herzog rides along with drifter Julian Dumay as he tears up the Mayhem Course at Sonoma Drift with Donovan Brockway and Joe Tardiff. Being out on the course with your buddies slaying tires is what it’s all about.

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Kick back and enjoy this behind-the-scenes journey, featuring slams, outtakes, and never before seen footage. Wes kills it.

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If you haven’t had the best week, be thankful you aren’t one of these people. Check out some of the funniest fails this week had to offer!


We all make mistakes, even when they are staring us the face. Footage shows the moment the motorist pauses briefly in front of traffic lights at a crossroad before driving through a red light. Almost instantly, a police officer to her left activates their blue lights and chases after her. It is not clear whether the driver intended to ignore the rules or not, but it couldn’t have been worse timing.


Remember Kit Cloudkicker? Scores of millennials grew up watching TaleSpin, dreaming of carving through the sky like Kit on his airfoil. With the WingBoard, surfing the clouds is finally a reality. Whether it’s wakeboarding, gliding, skydiving, wing walking, or flying with a wingsuit, adventure enthusiasts continue to push the envelope. The WingBoard takes the thrill of these adventure sports to another dimension, combining the exhilaration of prolonged flight with the rush that comes when you’re in control. Would you try it?