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This is one of the few times we are more stoked with the dude not riding the bike. This shirtless lord put his body on the line, and my god did it ever pay off!


“So I bought a GoPro a couple hours before this happened and this was the first and only take I did. I was wearing the GoPro headstrap without a helmet (like an idiot) and put my right foot out to stop. Ended up with a dislocated/fractured ankle. 1 plate. 3 screws. 1 idiot.”

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Pipeline from above, isn’t it just the greatest angle ever? Eric Sterman lives just a stone’s through from Pipeline and has made it his mission to capture the best aerial footage of the place for us to enjoy. If mind surfing is what you’re looking for than this is pure porn.


“I play real sports. I’m not trying to be the best at exercising.” – Kenny Powers. There is a longstanding, endless and circular argument that surrounds CrossFit when it comes to injuries. It usually starts with someone outside the CrossFit community making a claim that “CrossFit causes rhabdo” or “Kipping pull-ups are bad for the shoulders.” What do you think? Do you enjoy CrossFit, or do you think it’s a waste of time.

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Naturally these parents freak out and cover their children’s eyes when they think a crazy pervert is flashing their children. What would you do?


Usain Bolt charmed the Glasgow crowd with a gold medal-winning show this morning before delivering a massive blow to the organisers of Gold Coast ​2018 Commonwealth Games soon after. The world’s fastest man plans to retire in 2017. “I have always said that after Rio I wanted to retire but they keep saying I should go onto 2017 (world championship in London), so I think I might just do that, so that will be my last championship,” Bolt said.

Posted on Shock Mansion has a new ad campaign featuring everyones favourite bodybuilder/movie star/politician, Arnold Schwazenegger, who confuses Australia and his homeland Austria. Arnie can make even the cheesiest ideas awesome!


Ok, so you want to look rad next time your out there riding your dirt bike with your mates at the track. Well, nothing seems to say ‘I got skills bro’ more than popping a perfectly controlled wheelie on your dirt bike. The lads will love it, and the girls will want to sleep with you. Be sure to wear the appropriate gear though, because a few get off’s are going to be part of the learning curve. Get inspired by watching Trenton Daigles ride a super long wheelie on his bike. Now get our there and start practising.

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Need a little inspiration to hit your local park and rip out a few pull ups? All you need is some dedication and you will be as ripped as this guy!

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These two lads are excited for their first day in Los Angeles, and one of them buys some clothes in an attempt to blend in with the locals. Can’t wait to see the next video from their trip!

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Andrew Reynolds shows everyone why he’s still the boss with this awesome ‘Battle Commander’ video part presented by The Berrics!


In a battle of wills, I think the man who doesn’t pull his hands out of his pockets when his neighbour sprays him with a hose, wins.

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This insane police chase happened in Belarus after this truck, which was fully loaded with cars for transport, was spotted hitting a car and fleeing the scene. The police shot a reported 90 times at the trucks tyres and fuel tank to stop him! Turns out the driver was drunk as a skunk!


Shredbots The Movie‘ is made to get you hyped on snowboarding, with some of the best riders on the planet on a mission to have the best time possible. Riders include Torstein Horgmo, Andreas Wiig, Craig McMorris, Anto Chamberland, Stale Sandbech and many more!

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The Indiana Pacers All Star forward Paul George suffered a horrific leg injury while playing in a Team USA practice game at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. The 24-year-old landed awkwardly on his right leg after contesting a layup attempt by James Harden of the Houston Rockets early in the fourth quarter. Sadly, George’s 2014-15 season is more than likely lost.


Watch as the suspect easily breaks free and escapes arrest as two female police officers try to detain him in New York City.


“Just back to my old trolling ways – this one was quite enjoyable. I love how this Jesus worshiping white knight goes up to the girls who I state ‘I’d give my all to rather than Jesus’ and tells them I am disrespecting them. F**ken goober.” – Joey Boots