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Do you brush daily? you might even be so posh as to floss and visit the dentist every 12 months. This Aussie hasn’t seen a dentist since 1984, so when a tooth starts hurting he just uses a pair of pliers, a wooden bat, and some cardboard to take them out!


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Looking for a sign that you should leave the car in the ol’ garage this weekend? Then look no further than the new trailer for Southbound, horror anthology movie opening in theatres, Feb. 5, and will be available to watch on VOD and via iTunes, Feb. 9. Made by some of folks responsible for the V/H/S franchise, the film’s interlocked terror tales are set around a stretch of desert highway and rarely end well for anyone involved.

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Stupid arse humans think they can keep this dog down, but they forgot Australian Shepherds are basically the Einstein of the dog world. A simple screw off lid ain’t sh*t!


“When you think you’ve seen it all… The owner of this car decided to transform this 1990 Miata into the ultimate scrape-mobile! I will admit, yes, it is extremely different and most will hate it. But, I had an absolute blast while driving it and isn’t that all that matters?” – TJ Hunt.


Bryan Lewis Saunders made a whole collection of self-portraits while tripping on drugs, ranging from anti-depressants, to salvia, to prison wine. Within weeks of starting this project, he “became lethargic and suffered mild brain damage”. Let’s start off with the painting above, created while on G-13 marijuana.


“You know, I’ve had so many horrendous wipeouts in my career, and normally I’ve walked away from them without a scratch. In fact, I’ve kind of enjoyed them,” the 48-year-old McNamara told GrindTV. “The one thing I’ve always said is that when you get hurt, that’s when a wipeout is not much fun. So yeah, that one wasn’t much fun.” “This wave got me good. When I hit the water the first time, I hit it with so much force that humerus my (arm) bone snapped clear off at my shoulder socket. Then when they brought the jet skis out to rescue me, I couldn’t pull myself up onto it. It was such an odd feeling having my arm be completely useless; I felt like I had this foreign object attached to my body.” For sale: One wet-suit, slightly soiled.


A 1.7 kilogram meteorite has been retrieved by a team of Perth researchers in the South Australian outback using a new 32-camera network, a light plane, quad bikes and a drone. Planetary geologist Phil Bland from Curtin University hand-dug the meteorite from a 42cm-deep hole on New Year’s Eve in a remote part of the lake bed hours before rain would have wiped away all trace of it. “We got there by the skin of our teeth,” he said.

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We suggest you wear a helmet for everything, even just to get the mail, otherwise you will probably get filmed getting owned and wind up on the internet.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has captured the imagination of fans around the world, as it shatters box office records throughout its first month in theatres. Now we have this Star Wars fan film entitled Rebel Scum, which follows a Rebel Alliance pilot who was abandoned during their retreat from Hoth. All of the visual effects were created without CGI, and the film was shot in location in Alberta, Canada, in temperatures as low as negative 22 degrees.


It may look more like a souped-up go-cart than a record breaking racer, but this small electric car has just become the world’s fastest accelerating vehicle. The GreenTeam Formula Student electric racing car E0711-5 accelerated from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 1.779 seconds, smashing the previous record by 0.006 seconds. This makes the vehicle, developed by engineers at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, faster than a Formula One racing car or the world’s fastest road car the Bugatti Veryon.

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This is the work of students at the Transportation Design School at Istituto Europeo di Design. Besides being a hybrid supercar from the future, the Syrma is also focused on driver safety. In theory, because the car isn’t exactly drivable yet, this concept car packs a total of 900 horsepower, which is about the same as the McLaren P1.


Apart from the fact that it’s likely dementia that dug up the sentiment from deep in her memories, this is the first time I’ve actually seen somebody who isn’t in a movie or a documentary say, “Heil Hitler” and mean it. The look on her face when they’re laughing. It’s like she’s thinking, “Don’t cry to me when the SS comes for you.” I have no doubt she has some incredible WW2 stories.

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Check out this video of propane bursting into flames in slow motion, after being shot with the NEMO Arms OMEN Watchman 2.0 300win mag rifle. Get some!


A surprise trailer for a sequel to Cloverfield has launched, causing frenzied speculation online. 10 Cloverfield Lane, directed by Dan Trachtenberg, was previously known as both Valencia and The Cellar and thought to be a short film. But to the surprise of audiences, a trailer revealed yesterday attached to prints of Michael Bay’s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi – was shown to be linked to the 2008 monster movie Cloverfield. It looks awesome, I’m excited for this one.


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Doug Stanhope was very prepared for a cruise with his custom booze suit, holding more liquor then you would need, because you can never really have enough!


Overweight mother: “I’m unf**kable and these women are a reminder to all the men in town of greener pastures.” Grumpy old bastard: “These beautiful women wouldn’t have sex with me 40 years ago and they certainly wouldn’t have sex with me now. I want to shut them down out of spite.” When that barista puts the lid on a cup and the white cream shoots out suggestively…that has to be intentionally left in by the video editor, it’s genius. I am assuming the mother of four refuses to take her children to the beach too.