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Zion lost his hands and lower legs at the age of 2 as a result of a life-threatening infection. He also went into kidney failure as a result of the infection. He had a kidney transplant at age 4, with his mother as the donor. Zion takes immunosuppressant drugs because of the kidney transplant. This made him an ideal candidate for hand transplant. After more than 18 months of evaluation and preparation, Zion was listed for donor hands.


University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was indicted on charges of murder after shooting and killing Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop. In this bodycam footage from the incident, we see Tensing stop DuBose and briefly talk with him before discharging his weapon. I see why they didn’t want to release this video.


This Irish girl isn’t the first person to pass out on a slingshot ride, and she won’t be the last. So she can take comfort in that. Clodagh Fagan posted this video of herself and Fionnuala Doyle on a slingshot ride while on holiday in Magaluf – Clodagh (on the left), clearly dying with nerves, wants no part in it. And the situation only worsens on the ride, when she literally passes out with fright.

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I’ve never seen a pair of jeans go up in flames faster. This guy just wanted to warm his vodka soaked body, only to be blasted by fire and ruin his favourite outfit.


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Back at it again is superstar stunt rider Vittorio Brumotti from Road Bike Party fame. His skills and style never cease to amaze us. In this latest video, Brumotti performs stunt after stunt while out road riding, working out in a gym and even riding the downhill runs at the Mottolino Livigno Bike Park. Who says road bikes can’t huck?


He’s usually known for his cutting wit, but talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has choked up on air as he condemned the death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. The comedian was on the brink of tears as he discussed on his late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, how US dentist Walter Palmer had killed the animal on a hunting trip. R.I.P Cecil the Lion.

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This man having a bad day tried to stab a police officer with eight inch knife outside his house in Northamptonshire back in 2014. This incredible footage was just released, showing the brave police detain the man without putting a bullet in his head!


Those dreadlocks of his must contain super powers, because the last time I tried something like this I broke my femur playing hopscotch. Shout out to Lewis Scandrett for the dope hook ups, go follow him on Instagram, get yourself motivated, get active, and go hit the gym.

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The Google Translate team tests their new app in 27 languages, by translating “La Bamba”. You can get this on the app store now, and make your world travels a whole lot easier!

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You know the drill soldier. This dude armed with a sniper pellet gun and and bunch of GoPros takes shots from a far while playing war games in the Austrian countryside.


Sweet baby Jesus. K-Pop seems to be 0% about the music and 100% about staring at hot girls shaking their non existent bootys, and I ain’t mad at that.

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We present to you this sexy collection of hand picked inked babes from all around the internet. Enjoy!


Deep inside some top secret sports blog laboratory within the internet’s most secluded mountain bunker, a mad scientist stood silently, staring at his work. “She’s perfect,” he remarked about the human woman who was floating inside a large glass cylinder. “Perfect swing, powerful striking ability, effortless follow through,” he said to his assistant. “But sir, why did you make her so hot?” the assistant asked. “Clicks, Kevin,” the scientist said. “Mad clicks.” This is how we imagine former San Diego State University golfer Paige Spiranac was created, because holy sh*t — that is one good looking athlete.

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This is dedicated to those that like to stay stylish and fresh in the streets.

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Danny Davidson, a 32-year-old personal trainer from Essex, drinks 100ml of human breast milk several times a week. He believes the milk helps to build muscle as it contains growth hormones. THe risks infection from hepatitis and HIV at every sip as he buys his milk from strangers around the world on a website dedicated to the unusual fad.

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