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The energetic bird was spotted travelling southbound on the M1 near Coomera, reaching speeds of about 90km/h. The plucky little bird appears aware of the road rules, switching from the middle lane to the left-hand lane to allow faster-moving cars to pass. After keeping up the grueling pace for at least 40 seconds, the feathered road warrior appeared to have had enough, veering off the highway to take the Ormeau exit like a boss.


Watch some of the UK’s very best acrobatic and circus performing talent from Circulus in an explosive shoot in an unused Victorian Sail factory in the heart of London’s east end. With tricking, hand-to-hand, free running, dancing, juggling, tumbling, aerial hoop, cyr wheel, banquine, breakdancing, hand balancing, trampoline and more they transformed this desolate yet decadent space into a thriving hub of movement and creativity. Shout out to Remy Archer for the submission.

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This video will shock you in more ways than one. This monologue was written and performed by Andrew Bailey, exploring the internal damage that male rape can cause.

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Daniel Hashimoto is a Dreamworks Animation After Effects artist and he really knows how to make some cool home videos, using slick effects to turn his son into a Jedi, magician, astronaut and, of course, Batman.


A group of high school students document the events and aftermath of a devastating tornado. Because every generation deserves their own “Twister.” Will you watch it?

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Jumpy the Australian Shepherd is already famous for being an extremely well trained dog. Watch as Jumpy tries to do the trick that ‘Skidboot the Amazing Dog‘ did to earn the title of world’s smartest dog!

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After 40 years of silence, Joanne has her implants turned on and she hears for the first time! It’s going to be insane what science can do in another 50 years if we can already make fake ears!


A Romanian man who happened to be in the right place at the right time has rescued a puppy that became stuck in a dam in the Somes Mic river. Footage of the rescue shows the dog desperately trying to claw its way up the concrete walls but it’s simply too high. No doubt hearing the dog’s cries for help, a fisherman braves the icy-cold water and coaxes the dog to an outstretched concrete platform and carries him to safety.

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What would happen if you combined “Transformers” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” into a moody, Michael-Bay-produced action flick? Now we know. Oh, and yeah, Megan Fox is in this and she looks smoking hot. Will you watch it?

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If seeing Mike Tyson punch someone in the face wasn’t already brutal enough, the blows with added sound effects make them that more much devastating. Some genius out there in the internet world decided to put Street Fighter sound effects to a Mike Tyson compilation. Enjoy!


The career of Knights backrower Alex McKinnon appears to be over after he was told by doctors he faces up to two years of rehabilitation following what was described as a “devastating” spinal injury. As they continue to deal with the shock of Alex McKinnon’s career-ending neck injury, Newcastle Knights captain Kurt Gidley said players have dedicated the rest of the NRL season to their teammate who remains in a critical but stable condition in a Melbourne hospital. Everyone here at Shock Mansion wishing him a speedy and full recovery from this terrible accident.

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This man was tailgating for a few minutes before the woman decided to start filming him. When the man realised he was being filmed he became even more of an a**hole. What happened next was amazing!

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Remember the ‘Bullet Proof Guard Edition‘ 1993 Mercedes S600 we posted the other day? Well Matt and Rob Ferretti are back in Arizona, home of lax gun laws, in order to find out if the big body was resistant to gunfire from some slightly more powerful weapons. Turns out, it isn’t.

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Valentine Green has a very special relationship with lioness Sirga, who he raised himself. If anyone else were to try and come this close to a lion, they wouldn’t live to tell the tale.

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Calling all tattooed humans. LIKE this post and share the love with your homies. Plenty more after the jump…

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Not many motorbikes offer this kind of maneuverability. And by that I mean you can’t carry many motorbikes in the boot of your car, then drag it up a rock face too easily. Not sure how long those tyres would last since they look like inner tubes, but this looks fun all the same!

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“Other than the semi-discreet Front Mount on this 900hp Twin Turbo Vette, there’s not much to give you a hint that you’re about to have your ass handed to you. From a stock non-wide body exterior, to the Trans Am take-off wheels, this Vette is a decent sleeper, as sleeper Vettes may come. Take a ride in the Vette as it matches up against plenty of other cars on the Texas streets.” – 1320Video