Dunkin' Donuts Santa Monica Grand OpeningCop

Hi. My name is Customer. I randomly go through drive-thrus while recording myself. I certainly wasn’t pestering this employee for what was likely at least five minutes until they got completely fed up with me, at which point I found it convenient to then start recording and ask the same question again in hopes for a rise so that I can get said employee fired. Why would I do that? I have a life.

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Nixie is developing the first wearable drone camera, which can be worn around your wrist. The quadcopter will fly off your wrist, take a photo or film you, then fly back!

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This tiny kittens just assassinated my heart. They need to make a cat a playable character in this game for sure!


The supremely talented Piano Guys have combined the look, sound, and feel from three eras of Batman films to create “Batman Evolution,” a rousing mashup of classical composition that unifies nearly half a century of musical and cinematic history. Check it out!


Krister Ralles is the gnarliest dude you might have never heard of. Think of if Dan Brisse and Bjorn Leines combined to form one gnarly dude, that’s Krister. Check out his full part now!


A Westfield High School student has been charged with attacking a public servant after he punched a substitute teacher. Students filmed the assault from their phones and uploaded it to Vine. Witnesses to the attack say the student tired to leave the classroom, then got in an argument with the teacher, who blocked the student from leaving. That’s when they student threw a punch, hitting the teaching in the face. Spring ISD police were called in and subdued the boy, who was arrested. The teacher didn’t sustain any serious injuries.


Three people have been killed after a monster truck ploughed into the crowd at a Dutch car show, with fears that the death toll could rise further. Eighteen people were also injured in the disaster in the eastern city of Haaksbergen, with six seriously hurt, and the driver of the monster truck has reportedly been arrested. Normally there are high walls around a monster truck event just in case a pedal gets stuck due to the truck jostling around the driver so that the truck will just flip over and not harm the crowd. The barriers at this event were not designed to stop a truck. This was truly a horrible and preventable incident.

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Usually dogs are doing something smart to get the internets attention. This dog wants to come inside so badly, but is trapped behind the damn fake glass door!

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Phillies fans imitated Craig Kimbrel’s wind-up from behind home plate as Philly plays the Atlanta Braves. I think their tactic worked well!


“I trained my roommates dog to respond to a certain set of words of which some people find hilarious.”

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The father of fitness YouTuber Matty Fusaro is the ultimate example of it never being too take to get into shape. Hard work pays off!

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The original ‘On Any Sunday’ from 1971 received an Academy Award nomination. Now we can gladly say the sequel is almost here! ‘On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter’ is an exploration into the pursuit of excitement, passion and life in the world of motorcycle riding. The film will be in theaters nationwide on November 7.


We love Motor Trend’s annual World’s Greatest Drag Race video. Now back for its fourth appearance, the idea of lining some of the world’s fastest cars up for a ten-wide, straight-line, full-throttle run is, well, it’s pretty f**ken awesome. Check it out!


Don’t let him into his zone. Watch some of the greatest clips of Kanye West going off on camera.

Marines, coalition receive MRI machine in Helmand provinceScan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging “sees” inside the body by mapping the position of water molecules, which exist at different densities in different types of tissue. Watch the video for a sample of some impressive MRI images of the human body in action.

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This guy did everything possible to make his scam look real, but it was all caught on camera. I give him credit for his commitment though!


The Matrix obviously features a computer simulated world that was created at some indeterminate point in the 21st century. Thankfully, the technology was clearly advanced enough to create a high definition one-to-one remake of the entire globe, but imagine if the machines had taken over in 1991 instead. If that was the case, their simulated world might have ended up looking a bit like Cinefix’s 8-Bit The Matrix video. In it we see Neo battle the machines in strict two-dimensional side-scrolling action. Check it out!


From the maniacal cackling to the gleeful manner with which he lords his team’s victory over his fellow bystanders, everything about this man’s actions is a case study in antisocial behaviour. Balls of absolute steel or just plain f**king mental? You decide. They found him dead later than night floating face down in Lake Erie with a Browns helmet shoved up his a**. Police have narrowed their search down to about 30,000 suspects.