Shooting a liquid nitrogen cooled “Worlds Largest” gummy bear with a 12 gauge shotgun. We should cover our soldiers in thick gummy gelatin. Ants would gather on them and form a natural camouflage.


Filming his crimes. Nobel prize winner right there. Coming up next on Shock Mansion. “Black man throws coffee at police, gets shot in return, causes riots in Chicago.”


Ohio State and Alabama played a legendary New Year’s Day game, in which OSU trounced Alabama in a 42-35 upset, carrying the Buckeyes to the championships or whatever. That’s terrific news for OSU fans—except, perhaps, this woman, whose presence was caught on television and who may have just been caught creepin’ on national television. Sugar Bowl, indeed!

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If you never watched MacGyver, try not to gasp at the sheer beauty of his mullet. This is the MacGyver intro, with the music stropped out and sound effect put in. Enjoy!


Its like meeting one of your neanderthal ancestors and staring at them, after a deep throat grunt and that brow ridge you quickly realise that this isn’t such a good idea. Wolf: Problem? Doberman: No I was just looking at that tree behind you, anyway you take care, sorry, bye.


Take a look through our good mate Brodie’s mask as the Youngbloods Spearfishing Crew take you back through their amazing and adventurous 2014.

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If you haven’t had the best week, be thankful you aren’t one of these people. Check out some of the funniest fails this week had to offer!


A year in review of Surfline’s series Greatest Wipeouts. From big wave total carnage to near-death experiences.

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The new year has just begun and we’ve already got a father of the year candidate. This dad isn’t scared any any 900 Block gang bangers, and he’s going to make damn sure his own son doesn’t become one!

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Envied Cycles is based in North Richland Hills, TX and specializes in metric and domestic bobbers… Can provide a turnkey bike or bring yours for a treatment. Follow the guys HERE


With only a minute left in the Cotton Bowl, Baylor University’s kicker Chris Callahan had his field goal attempt blocked by Michigan State. And then things got so much worse…

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Lil Amok and Bboy Snoop pulled some firework powermoves to ring in the new year. Fireworks make everything that much better! Photo by NYP Photography.


If you thought the explosive conclusion to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” was an elaborate physical stunt involving Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and three life-size hellicarriers crashing into Washington D.C. buildings, think again! I mean it looked good, but c’mon, Marvel isn’t going to build a billion dollar flying aircraft carrier and drive it into a skyscraper. You’re crazy.

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Calling all tattooed humans. LIKE this post and share the love with your homies. Plenty more after the jump…


Belarusian police have come up with an original proposal for tackling football hooliganism, offering to become the organiser of boxing competitions for the fans eager to fight. “It’s no secret that in different cities of Belarus there are groups of aggressive young men who learn martial arts and have a very good physical shape. They are not that into football. Their main target is to start a brawl,” said Vitaly Sinyakov from the Belarus Internal Ministry.

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Six-time X Games gold medalist Nyjah Huston debuted a brand new, never-before-seen video part, with typically epic Nyjah style flow and precision!

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This Buick could literally jump over a person, and maybe one day it will, but for now it’s sticking to a strict training regime like a boxer of skipping for at least 8 seconds a day!

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