You’re probably familiar with the pre-roll ads on YouTube videos that let you skip them after 5 seconds. In Geico’s new “unskippable” pre-roll ad there’s no need to skip it because it only lasts 5 seconds, but this extended version reveals the hilarity that happens after the ad ends. That dog has better comedic timing than 90% of the stand up comedians I’ve ever seen.

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You’ve all been granted one wish. Scroll through this entire post and pick the one car you wish to drive this coming weekend.

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This massive truck looks like it could take on any terrain, but this hole turned out to be deeper and slipperier that first thought. Man, this looks like fun!


Shocking footage of school children taunting a Sikh student for his headdress is going viral. A student named Harsukh Singh records kids yelling “Terrorist! Terrorist!” while riding the bus. He is a Chattahoochee Elementary School student in Duluth, Georgia. Sikhism is the fifth largest organised religion in the world. It was founded in the 15th century in what is now modern day India. Male followers are often recognised by their turbans.

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Someone made this video of the queen having an affair because internet. Thanks internet, let’s always be friends!


LAPD officers confronted a pair of civilians in Los Angeles’ Skid Row in an altercation that left a man dead on the sidewalk. A bystander recorded the incident on a phone, and within 12 hours, that video has been watched over four million times. Aside from footage shot by bystanders, investigators will study footage from a body camera worn by one officer, and they hope to secure surveillance videos from nearby buildings for further investigation.

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From the first to the last trick, Australian legend Shane O’Neill creates perfection. He has just released yet another full-length part with Thrasher for board sponsor Skate Mental, a four minute masterpiece!

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As one-third of hip-hop powerhouse Bliss N Eso, Max MacKinnon (aka Eso) has become one of the most recognisable voices and loved personalities in Australian music. After ten years in the spotlight with his two partners in crime, Eso has delivered his first solo material. Sunny Days is the first single from what is going to be a super exciting record and you can hear it on Shock Mansion now!


Cynthia Almonte Lira, 19, from Formosa, northern Argentina, was arguing with 63-year-old pensioner Celma Prado Bustos after she built a new fence between their homes. The neighbours can be seen shouting at each other before Ms Bustos, seen standing in her doorway, throws boiling water over the pregnant woman. Screaming in agony, the woman, who is six-months pregnant, tries to run away but falls over clutching her stomach. The 19-year-old tears off her soaked shirt as she gets to her feet and dashes to safety, but can still be heard howling in pain. The footage is being analysed by Argentinian police.


“This is my mother when she was viciously attacked by a pit bull during the ALS ice bucket challenge. She lived to tell the tale and didn’t want this released until she was ready. This should serve as a warning to all pet owners. Unless you are going to take the time to make an animal a pet then it will remain an animal. This was my sister’s dog who she only kept to stud out for breeding purposes. she took no time to train him or make him listen. He was a wild dog and she should be ashamed for keeping him out of selfishness and not love.”


The boundaries of FMX just got pushed again by the French ace of Red Bull X-Fighters. Thomas Pagès is well into his prep for the 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters season. He is the pioneer of freestyle motocross right now. His bag of tricks is studded with moves that are his and only his. Even Travis Pastrana does not have the range of freestyle tricks that Pages boasts.

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What looked like a day in paradise changed in just seconds to a violent storm that damn near cleared the beach. Crazy how small a powerful that thing was!


Men look at pretty women. That goes for men who are married, men who are dating, and men who are single. That’s their nature. But is this built-in attraction with the female body a threat to their spouse, girlfriend, or partner?

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Fishing is usually a time when dudes can get out of the house and away from the family for some time to relax, but any man in their right mind would take the misses along if she looked like this from behind a caught a shark while she was at it!


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Contested on possibly the biggest and most dangerous BMX Dirt jumps in the world, Dew Tour Champion Cam White has created a truly spectacular action sports event on his outback Australian property. The Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam is a private contest for riders and friends, designed to progress the sport and show fans where BMX Dirt came from, and where it is headed. As we fast approach the 8th annual Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam, let’s look back through 7 years of incredible BMX Dirt history. Video directed by Allan Hardy.

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This guy pretended to be an Oscar winner and walked around Hollywood to see how people would treat him, and find out what other perks he could get. Turns out, Oscar winners are living the good life!