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Jack Black travels to Uganda where he met Felix, an average 12-year-old boy forced to live on the streets, and pick through trash for money. To donate to the red nose foundation visit

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Calling all tattooed humans. Need more inspiration for your next piece?. Plenty more after the jump…

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You have to admire those individuals that take care of their bodies and the time and commitment they put into sculpting an epic physic. Here is a select few.


So I have no idea what events led up to this interaction, but it appears they drove into the biker’s lane so they would stop speeding by their house or something. Horrible situation to put everybody in and he got what was coming to him. He could have just flagged them down and asked them to chill. He’s worried about the kids in his truck, when not a damn thing would happen to them if he hit that bike.

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When is graffiti art, and when is it vandalism? Check out this epic gallery of street art from around the world and then leave your thoughts in our comment section…


As the trailer for Cop Car begins, a couple young boys have found an unattended police cruiser in the woods, and they make the poor decision to take it for a little joy ride. It’s a choice that’s sure to lead to some unfortunate consequences, but neither would imagine that it would lead to the crazed cop hunting them down with deadly intent. These were white kids, after all.

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There are one million divorces in the United States every year—that’s one every 36 seconds, nearly 2,400 per day, and 16,800 per week. It’s hardly surprising that the divorce industry is worth a whopping $50 billion annually!


This dude is left befuddled by a woman’s lacy thong after he tries to understand the logic behind wearing such tiny underwear. Robbie Sherrard shares his very limited understanding of women’s underwear in a hilarious new video. In the clip, Robbie compares a black G-string to everything from a lanyard to a prison weapon as he tries to make sense of the lingerie.

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Even though Jamie already had an untouchable skate legacy and was closing in on 40 years old, he still waged an epic battle for his Cold War ender, a trick that is gnarly by any standard.

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Take the first look at Supremacy, the third DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Supremacy includes four Multiplayer maps: Kremlin, Parliament, Compound, and Skyrise, a reimagining of the fan-favourite Highrise from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Also included is Exo Zombies Carrier, part three of the Exo Zombies co-op experience.


An American tourist was left holding on for dear life after an instructor failed to attach him to a zip line in Thailand. Captured on camera is the dramatic moment the man jumps from the platform with his friend before disappearing from view as the pair begin racing down the zip line.

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Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith decided to face off in ‘Mortal Kombat X’. If you have a thirst for blood, this game will have you drowning in it!

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This is either amazing skill or pure luck. I’m sure you have guessed by now that the car makes it, but it still seems unbelievable!


You have to believe those officers hate getting sand in their shoes. I love how the whistles only came out when someone used a chair, like the lifeguards are refereeing it from their perch. Green bikini girl just kept using up pussy passes until finally running out and going too far, whereas her male counterpart got clothesline and face planted WWE style instantly.


Jon Black landed what is likely the biggest goliath grouper ever caught from a kayak—an estimated 552 pounds — so it was certainly cause for celebration. But Black’s reaction when he sees the humungous fish for the first time is priceless, as is his reaction when the fish breaks his fishing rod in half. What a catch!

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This guy has a pretty incredible talent of making animal sounds. I wonder if this skill has something to do with the pencils. I will try it and get back you. Update: The pencils didn’t help, but they made me look as cool as this guy at least.


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