Stefanovic introduced the segment looking at new technology that has allowed cameramen for the Discovery Channel to get closer than ever while filming great whites. Their new underwater vessels include a mobile cage called the W.A.S.P (Water Armour Shark Protection) that enables divers to walk along the ocean floor while filming sharks, although being that close to the predators does not look to be a comfortable experience. I am with you Karl. Never again.

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A couple of thugs on a motorcycle get some instant karma when the man they are trying to rob pulls out his 9 milli and starts shooting. That will teach them!


Officers with the Salt Spring Island RCMP were conducting an impaired driving checkpoint when a man driving a Chevrolet Blazer attempted to avoid the checkpoint, nearly striking an officer who was on foot. A police car, stationary on the roadway at the time, was then rammed head-on by the suspect vehicle. Officers approached the man, smashing out the driver’s side window in an attempt to gain control of the suspect. Despite their attempts to stop the man from driving away, he managed to manoeuvre his vehicle out from between the two police cars, and flee. Shout out to Jordan Griffith for the submission.

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Turn your physics off, because this talented dame is about to blow your mind with her bike gymnastics that will make you believe she made a deal with the devil.



Need some inspo for your next session? Look no further.


The 1997 Ford EL Falcon is powered by the last of the single cam Ford 4L’s complete will forged internals. Boost comes from a moderately sized Garrett GT3582 turbo running Haltech EFI making around 500hp to the wheels on pump unleaded fuel. Pat has also adapted a Nissan V6 6spd manual gearbox, Tilton clutch and Shockworks suspension.


Vine star Logan Paul has done a lot of weird and wonderful things in his time, but we think he may have just topped the lot. His latest video shows him randomly dropping into the splits around New York. It’s the perfect combination of embarrassing, painful and downright weird, and we can’t stop watching it.

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18-year-old Pasha Bumchik takes us on an adventure as he stealthily makes his way while being pursued by security, to the roof of a subway car. Who knew risking your life could be so much fun!


We present to you this sexy collection of hand picked babes from all around the internet. Enjoy!


Each Monday we bring you a random selection of tunes to help you start the week off right. Make a music selection by leaving a comment below and we will add it to next week’s selection. Hope everyone enjoys the tunes.


If there was a colour for sex it would be BLACK! The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.


When a zookeeper tossed a fish into a crocodile enclosure, one croc decided he didn’t want to have a fish for lunch, but rather he wanted a taste of his own kind instead. He then took a massive bite out of another crocodile’s leg, ripped it off by quickly rolling in the dirt, then ate the leg whole.

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Because real human contact is such a drag, the world of virtual reality sex is taking leaps into the future. Here is just a taste of how creepy life is going to be.


It’s amazing how normal everyone else acts. There is a inbred-psycho (and his sister-girlfriend) with an axe and a gun attacking another driver, yet everyone casually passes by and even the guy in the car is pretty chill about it. Can’t say I would react the same in a situation like this. Was waiting for “Stop a Douchebag” to come and put a sticker on his window for blocking traffic with his car.

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These two guys got into a scuffle in Philadelphia at 10:50 PM August 27th. The fight escalated quickly, then out of nowhere went in a completely unexpected direction!


An advance guard of Hibs fans were sent to the pub where the Rangers and Hearts fans were drinking – to act as bait and lure them to a CCTV blind spot. Witnesses said that a number of Rangers and Hearts hooligans had been drinking in The Mitre Bar on the Royal Mile, including some notorious “faces” from the Glasgow casual scene. Some of the Hibs hooligans “lured” the Rangers and Hearts fans out of the pub by shouting at them from the street, challenging them to a fight. Then all hell broke loose.

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Using a crazy mirror effect, this film maker captured skating in a way we haven’t seen before. We still can’t figure out how they did it.