Plenty of Mcgregor fans had their year made when this guy started taking selfies with everyone. Islam Badurgov nailed the look perfectly. Now that this is going so viral, I’m sure many will realise they’ve been duped!

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Brodie Pawson might have the stickiest hands and feet on earth with his powerful parkour abilities. Some of this stuff literally defies physics!


The plan being to hold a drag race. But the driver of the Longtail didn’t quite seem to grasp the concept of using the horn to kick off a race. As such, the closest the two supercars got to a fair fight comes from the action you’ll find at the 2:43 point of the clip, with the action, nevertheless seeing the mid-engined delights getting close to 200 mph.


Red imported fire ants (solenopsis invicta) are native to South America and an invasive species in the United States. One of the adaptations that make them so hardy is that they can build large structures by linking their bodies together. This is how they form rafts that can float during floods. When they’re aggregated together, fire ants can be seen as a material and the Hu lab at Georgia Tech has been testing that material for years.


As you’re scrolling through Instagram, you happen upon something. OK, you happen upon someone. She’s hot — no, she’s damn sexy AF — you can’t stop scrolling her profile. That’s exactly what’s about to happen with Brisbane beauty Nicole Thorne.


1939 Flathead cam gear, found in the Mexican desert. 1947 Knucklehead shaft nuts, found in Chile. 1962 Panhead rocker arm, found in South Korea. Drinkers who fear a metallic taste needn’t worry as Ehinger says all the components are specially cleansed and then sealed in a “tin alloy to make it safe for them to be utilised in a drink.” The parts are then soldered onto a steel structure and encased in a handcrafted bottle.


The MyDx App is one of the most advanced medical cannabis information applications in the world. It is the only app geared towards utilising real-time scientific measurements in order to help users find a strain that works for them. The app can even tell you how you will feel when you smoke!



Newly released footage shows the moment that police killed 27-year-old Antoquan T. Watson during a dramatic shootout. Watson had led police on a dangerous chase that ended with him leaving his vehicle and pointing a gun at responding officers. He was shot 45 times, and the officers were found not guilty of any wrongdoing.


This is actually a tv show, and here’s the real kicker, it has seven seasons! I guess when you have no reference of what is normal, you have to decide who you want to be by doing research on a dial up modem.

The Late Show with Stephen ColbertThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Tyler, The Creator was on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night to promote his just-dropped fourth studio album called Scum Fuck Flower Boy (or Flower Boy for the purposes of work emails), and perform the song “911.” Tyler wore two outfits from his own Golf Wang clothing brand and the whole appearance ended up being a commercial for his apparel line (to be fair, he wears it all the time).

A smart gun by Armatix is pictured at the Armatix headquarters in MunichHackHAck3

Smart guns are solutions nobody wanted to problems nobody has. In military, police, or self defence uses, nobody trusts the reliability issues with electronically-locked weapons, and three-level security holsters used by police work just fine for daily carry. The only realistic use scenario for “smart guns” is as purely recreational range toys for non-traditional gun owners. They would appreciate the peace of mind created by a potentially unreliable gun security system. Unfortunately, this mindset also makes for a dangerous gun owner, as they rely on technology to feel safe instead of drilling into themselves basic gun safety rules and common sense.


Usually, the hunting is done by a whole pack of lionesses, but when this male finds himself hungry without a pride, he just goes full gangster and takes down a buffalo with legitimate ease!


A day at the salon results in an accidental headbutt for featherweight title contender Cris Cyborg. Halfway across the country in Houston, her opponent Tonya Evinger evaluates the fear factor of her next assignment. In Long Island, welterweight champion Tyron Woodley flaunts his Bollywood credentials.


I’m not really surprised by Chris’ moves, since I’ve always felt like the guy had a lot of talent and potential. We all know he’s just like Peter in many ways and the latter is a master martial artist as his numerous fights versus the chicken have shown, so really it only makes sense that Chris can kick some serious ass. Anyone else think the kill with the hoodie was the most brutal?


Watch Chloe and Nadine explore the Western Ghats in this gameplay trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, a new game from acclaimed developer Naughty Dog coming August 22 to the PlayStation 4. In order to find an ancient Indian artifact, Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross must venture deep into the Western Ghats mountains, discover the lost cities of the Hoysala Empire, and face a ruthless warmonger, Asav.


Craig Ferguson stepped down from his role as host on The Late Late Show back in 2014, but his legacy will live forever. Watch this compilation of lady guests shamelessly trying to get into the pants of Craig Ferguson or vice versa.