Eben Etzebeth can bench over 175kg and he’s also had special dumbbells made for him that weigh 35kg each as the standard ones just weren’t heavy enough for him. He can also run 40m in 5.11 seconds, reaching a top speed of 17.4 miles per hour. To put that into context once again, Usain Bolt can run 40m in 4.64 seconds. In simple terms, he is a freak of nature!


Lance Cpl. Tyler Starlings from Annapolis, Maryland, shows us around the field accommodations at South Korea during Korea Marine Exercise Program 17-1. Starlings is a rifleman assigned to 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment which is forward deployed from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to 3rd Marine Division, based in Okinawa, Japan.


“Bromdog ventures to the tropics to surf one of the heaviest waves in Indonesia. They’re chasing a phantom bombie, which was created during the 2004 earth quake. Directed by Andrew Kaineder.” – Matthew Bromley.


“I caught a fish. When I started to clean the fish, I found thirty-two baby turtles in his belly. Unfortunately, all but one of them were dead.” This is why turtles lay so many eggs, about 100+ a nest. Most of them don’t make it. I think the average is 2-3 turtles per nest survive.


Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out this amazing selection that we think are super rad. What do you think?


After he kicked a decade-long heavy drinking habit while on tour overseas, Esoterik is the birth of a clear vision, an animal-like drive. The energy which he once burned elsewhere is now funneled into a positive outlet for a man with a lot to say.


The Porsche 911 GT3 is powered by a six-cylinder engine which belts out 500hp. For the purists, it comes with an option of a 6-speed manual transmission while a seven-speed PDK automatic gearbox is also on offer. From a standstill, the Porsche propels to 100kph in less than four seconds while the top speed is rated at 318kph for the automatic variant, while it goes up to 320kph with the manual shifter.


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Simon Lawrence and Blair Fitzgerald say they were fishing for crabs off the Coast of Coffin Bay when they saw one of the crab pots on the move. Determine to get it back, they launched a drone and followed the shark, a five minute battle then ensued. The shark was filmed nudging the fisherman’s seven-metre boat and chewing on the motors and attacking GPS equipment. The blokes say they’ve never encountered such an aggressive shark in their careers.


This Russian car manufacturer put a hidden easter egg in the dashboard. If you follow along with the instructions you can play Tetris while you wait for your next road rage incident.


“The harder you drive it, the more it responds like a racecar,” explains Chris Harris. The Ford GT’s inception, of course, was exactly that: the racecar was then turned into a road-going supercar. And it’s quite the supercar – 3.5-litre V6, a horsepower figure starting with a six, stupendous active aero and – as it turns out – quite a nice bit of noise.


Really scary sh*t. I’m glad they are ok. They handled the situation well and in a calm manner. Honestly if you live anywhere near this thing I would be very aware that you may not get warning. Lots of reports of people waking up in the middle of the night with their house on fire.


The climax of 1985’s Police Story has one of Jackie Chan’s most insane stunts. Hear the behind the scenes story that led to the big jump and stay till the end to hear a bonus story from Project A!


Watching someone listen to ‘Killing In The Name Of’ for the first time is f**king magical, especially when they are this enthusiastic. That song was one of my first forays into both rap and metal. It really helped open up my music world and I feel like you can see it slowly happening with this guy too. That was very amusing to watch.


After some needed personal health time in Estonia, Bam embarks on an extended skate trip to Spain. Joined by new friends and old he rediscovers the very thing he had been separated from for the past few years.


“This feature we travel to Greystanes, NSW to check out Tim’s amazing ’93 Holden VP Commodore ‘ENIOL8‘. Details include: 640hp. Solid cammed 383 billet crank. Custom full billet tunnel ram. Custom 80l drop tank. 5k stall converter. B&M pro ratchet shifter. Genuine Recaro seats 4x. Shale leather trim. Custom auto metre dash. Simmons FR19 wheels. Borg Warner VL Diff and much more!” – @inside_garage