Donald Glover almost broke the Internet when he dropped the video for his new song ‘This is America.’ It has quickly been hailed as a masterpiece and – considering the important issues that it tackles in such a bold and uncompromising way – there were hopes that it wouldn’t be turned into another senseless meme. Sadly it is 2018 and anything that is remotely popular, regardless of quality or content, will become a meme.

Everything in their household has probably been pretty good since this cop played the ‘scared straight’ tactic, but since this video has gone viral it has probably all kicked off again!

That is the most dramatic live music for a fire I’ve ever seen. It’s like a real life video game boss fight. They even had to wait for it to get down low to attack. I can already hear the sound of lawsuits piling up for smoke intoxication.

Cara Nicoletti treats comedians Caroline Goldfarb, Stavros Halkias, and Brandon Wardell to the hangover cure of a lifetime, complete with queso, avocado toast pizza, and a gigantic ice cream sundae.

Flatbush Zombies walk through the world looking like rock stars. Not necessarily in the old-fashioned “guys who play guitars” sense of the term—though they do all have incredible hair. Rather, together, Erick “The Architect” Elliott (Arc for short), Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice look like people who you should recognise, like larger-than-life icons. For more please visit

Sik2jz wanted to put a smile on some people’s faces and take them for a quick ride in his car. So for the low cost of $20, lucky passersby could go for a ride. He had boost turned down to about 800hp, but even at that power level it’s f**king fast!

“I never imagined being able to skate into my adult life, or that anyone would still care if I did. To celebrate, I did 50 tricks that I’ve created (and/or pioneered on vert). Thanks to all of you that made this dream possible. It’s been an unreal ride, but I’m not done yet.” – Tony Hawk

Well a girl’s gotta eat right, especially after a big night on the town. I’m sure she woke up the next morning and was hit with a big bill to pay, karma strikes back. It’s a shame this video cut off before we could see her arguing with the police come to take her away.

Only eight metres off the white sand shores off Long Island in the Bahamas is the deepest blue hole in the world: Dean’s Blue Hole. This spectacular underwater feature has been wowing freedivers and nature lovers for a long time now, but (unless you’re an elite freediver) chances are you’ve never seen this unique aspect from inside.

Mason Silva has been relentlessly cranking out top-notch footage and the onslaught won’t be stalling out anytime soon. He skates hard and fast, making every trick just that more gnarly.

Time to have some Dual Wielding fun with the Magnum Research Desert Eagles cambered in 50AE. The slow motion footage captured is goddamn spectacular!

Nicolette Gray is quite possibly one of the most spoiled teens you’ll meet – and she’ll quite happily admit to it. She insists she was forced to live like a peasant because her mum Nina cut her monthly allowance from $5,000 to $1,000, but just what is she spending her money on? And is Nina to blame for creating such a spoiled child?

A remote field is flooded and turned in to a giant mud pit for people to test their grit. What started out as a gathering of friends 20 years ago has now become one of the most anticipated days of the year for many. Routinely drawing 1,500+ people to attend, this event has become the ultimate playground for a group of diehards who just love to play in the mud.

Italo Ferriera going absolutely ham at Fernando de Noronha-an archipelago about 350 kilometres off Brazil’s northeast coast and the country’s finest swell magnet. Sitting at the top of the rankings (tied with Mr. Julian Wilson) and with the Oi Rio Pro officially underway, Ferriera will be looking to bring a little bit of the spice you see above to the shores of Saquarema this week.

Jesper Tjäder returns to his hometown of Åre, Sweden, to build out, with the help of friends, a new hand made track through his local forest. Come watch Jesper return to his forest for one last run for the winter shooting through some trees on his skis!

The film is about a Californian sorority of a different kind, following Christine Meeusen, a corporate exec-turned-cannabis-farmer who found her calling in medicinal marijuana. It tells how Meeusen, betrayed by a husband after 17 years, fled penniless with her three young children and discovered the lucrative business of cannabis farming. She adopted the persona of a nun called Sister Kate and founded Sisters of the Valley, a business that makes and sells medicinal cannabis products.