First full-length theatrical trailer for Let Me In — Matt Reeves’ English-language remake of Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In (which, in turn, is based on John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel of the same name).

The film, which stars Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chloë Moretz, and Richard Jenkins, is set to hit theaters October 1.

More than 90,000 people witnessed team Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies soar into victory and the record books when they flew 207 feet at Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities today. This historic flight smashed the previous Red Bull Flugtag world record of 195 feet, which had held strong for more than 10 years!

Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken is in development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, making history as fighters from these two bastions of the fighting genre come together for the very first time. Utilising the same technology that powered Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken characters such as Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams will make the transition into the Street Fighter universe.

Having been re-imagined using the much loved art style of these seminal SF titles, while retaining their unique characteristics and signature moves, the Tekken crew will go head to head with classic brawlers from the Street Fighter franchise in what promises to be the ultimate match up.

As in Street Fighter 4, game play will feature fully realised 3D character models battling for domination in both new and familiar highly detailed 2D environments that are brought to life with engaging animations. Street Fighter x Tekken will include Tag Team combat where players select two fighters to deliver knockout assist attacks and special combos.

Brian Bews, a 36 year old Captain of the Royal Canadian Air Force, attempted a low pass over an airfield yesterday when suddenly his CF-18 fighter jet stalled.

His lightning fast reaction time saved his life as he only got out moments before the £30million aircraft exploded. Captain Bews was taken to hospital after landing hard and getting dragged across the runway, but he is in good health.

Check out the video below!

What happens when you mix a six pack, a tool box and Hubba Girl, Marsha Howard?

Marsha uses all sorts of different tools to bust cans open for some good old fashioned shotgunning of course.

Hit the jump to see Marsha skateboarding.

The Blazeguard videos never disappoint and this one is no different.

Great filming, editing and riding!

Kid Cudi had another incident with a fan last night at the Ohio Homecoming Concert in Cleveland. A drunken fan rushed the stage during Cudi’s performance before quickly being taken off the stage. The incident was far from over however as Cudi then jumped off the stage to confront his stage crasher.

You may remember that it was just back in December during a concert stop in Vancouver where Kid Cudi jumped into the audience to confront another fan he obviously felt was being disrespectful.

Check out the latest incident below.

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides captures the fun, adventure and humor that ignited the hit franchise, this time in Disney Digital 3D. In this action packed tale of truth, betrayal, youth and demise, Captain Jack Sparrow crosses paths with a woman from his past (Penelope Cruz), and he’s not sure if it’s love, or if she’s a ruthless con artist who’s using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn’t know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past.

Rush reprises his role as the vengeful Captain Hector Barbossa, and Kevin R. McNally returns as Captain Jack’s longtime comrade Joshamee Gibbs. Claflin stars as a stalwart missionary, while Berges Frisbey is transformed into a mysterious mermaid.

I was just thinking to myself ”I wonder what Rosa Acosta’s been doing lately?”

Ok, ok so I wasn’t, but just be glad I decided to see if she had any new photos because I stumbled across these. I think I found some winners don’t you think?

With helicopters, Red cameras and some of the top free skiers in the world, Chaoz Productions goes all in.

From the beautiful Folgefonna (Norway), to the dark streets of Gothenburg (Sweden), Chaoz has captured some amazing shots and put together an epic movie for you to enjoy.

Featuring: Fridtjof Fredricsson, Gaute Silseth, Oskar Pedersen, Thomas Dølplads, Jens Gunhildrud, Lars Haakon Hafsal, Kim Boberg, PC Fosse, Maria Bagge, Espen Bergh, Elvis Eidsvold Harsheim, Klaus Finne, Audun Linnerud and friends.

Directed and produced by Eivind Aurstad.

Ryan Decenzo shares a day of his life with us, eating, skating, and chilling with fine women. He checks out the Volcom House, as well as the Globe Headquarters which both have epic mini ramps. Enjoy.

This had me laughing out loud.

“Someone was sitting next to me talking about shoes and pancakes.”

Is this the brand new David After Dentist video? Do you think its funnier? I think it could be!

Dave Mirra sits down and discusses the difference between BMX and Rally Car racing and what it takes!

Check out the video below.

It doesn’t happen too often, but this guy caught lighting on tape, and it was way too close for comfort. If I’m going to get struck it needs to just happen already, I can’t handle the anticipation.

Directed by Darek Sepiolo, this footage is simply amazing. 7 minutes of underwater Galapagos shot with a Sony EX1 with custom made housing. To many awesome animals in this to pick my favorite, how ever I do love watching giant schools of hammer head sharks! Crazy.

Nike Air Max 90 Infrared is being released really soon and Primitive Shoes wants to make sure we all know how sick they really are. The pics and video are of Justene Jaro, who can be seen wearing the shoes, and will also feature on a  collaborative t-shirt. Both the sneaker and the tee will release on July 24th.

Check the behind the scenes video and hit the jump for more photos of Justene.

Movement can give the illusion of progress. And they say that all the world is illusion. So what is the difference between exploring and being lost? In a winter that brought an exceptional amount of challenges to riders all over the world, Absinthe’s newest snowboard film reminds us how much our reality is affected by what we make of it. Whether you are lost … or exactly where you want to be … all depends on how you look at it.

NOW/HERE RIDERS INCLUDE: Dan Brisse, Jake Blauvelt, Gigi Rüf, Lucas Debari, Fredi Kalbermatten, Sylvain Bourbousson, Romain deMarchi, DCP, JP Solberg, Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Bjorn Leines, Taka Nakai, Tadashi Fuse, Jules Reymond, Cale Zima, Blair Habenicht, Terje Haakonsen, Bode Merrill, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Nicolas Müller.

Coming Sept 1st 2010.

These are before and after shots of 40-ton whale landing on a 33ft yacht just off the coast near Cape Town, South African. Ralph Mothes, 59, and Paloma Werner, 50, were helpless as the beast thrashed around on their vessel before slipping back into the water.

“We’d spotted it about 100 metres away and thought that was the end of it. Then suddenly it was right up beside us,” Paloma Werner said. “I assumed it would go underneath the boat but instead it sprang out of the sea. We were very lucky to get through it, as the sheer weight of the thing was huge.”

Unfortunately, there is no video to go with this, but I suggest you listen to this soundtrack while you look at the pictures.

Via: Telegraph