Check out REBEL 8’s latest spring hat collection. They have blasted their classic logo for three of the caps, and delivered us lucky chaps three other choices to boot. They use an interesting combination of colour and materials adding variety to this season. Check out more after the jump.

Set for selected cinema release on April 30, Harry Brown is the new British film staring Michael Caine and it looks amazing. This red band trailer delivers an intense preview of a man previously a Marine, who attempts to take revenge on the murder of a friend.

This would freak the freaking pants off me for freaks sake! Passenger footage shows the chaos on board a Mediterranean cruise ship moments after a huge wave struck. Gnarly stuff. We need a nappy change in isle 9 please.

These guys are playing around in a frozen dam in Iceland.This second dude doesn’t go shy and hits the super steep hill climb on the right, way hairier than anything I’d try on a snowmobile that’s for sure. Hat’s off to that dude.

DJ Ruth Flowers just wants the kids to have fun. Flowers is a 69 year old Disk Jockey who spins at the most prestigious nightclubs in Paris. I love it :)

The Hundreds has dropped this video plus lookbook featuring key creatives involved in the process of the The Hundreds x Supermax collaboration. Danny Boy O’Connor, DJ Muggs, Paulo Tocha, Joey Castillo, Everlast, Polo, and Scott Caan, each offering commentary on the significance of Supermax and the brand’s past influences on L.A. culture. Hit the jump for a look at the clothes.

The masked gang burst into the Grand Hyatt hotel in central Berlin on Saturday, where the tournament was taking place, threatening security staff and prompting panic, police spokeswoman Heidi Vogt told AFP.

The attackers, armed with AK 47’s and grenades, ordered staff to hand over the money.

“Seven people were slightly hurt” in the panic caused by the raid, said a later police statement.

Among them was a security guard who tried to tackle one of the robbers but was set upon by the other raiders, it added.

Police did not say how much the robbers got away with, but an earlier report on the website of Berlin’s Tageszeitung newspaper said the raiders had got away with 800,000 euros ($A1.21 million).

Four of the attackers entered the hotel from Potsdamer Platz, one of the German capital’s most important and popular squares, while two others kept watch, the Tageszeitung reported.

Sounds like a professional robbery right? Look at this footage below, these two dudes must have been the look out guys as the others stormed the poker room with weapons, because they look like bunch of amateurs. Having said that…it still worked out for them. Crazy!

DVS has dropped a clip of Daewon Song “dorking around” at the DVS skatepark. Ladies and gentlemen, class is now in session, watch and well…try and learn. I’m pretty certain Daewon can slow down time, Matrix style in order to catch those triple flips. That was so good I wasn’t sure if it was a video game or not ;)

This guy should got got himself a set of wheelie-bars instead of using his tail-bone. Yikes!

With 10.Deep‘s current focus on skateboarding, their skate team have been on the grind and collected some really decent footage for this ‘Up North Trip’ video. The riders featured are Jamal Smith, Rodrigo Lima, Nate Fantasia, Daniel Kim and German Nieves. 10.Deep gives their team a distinctively style through creative street wear. Enjoy :)

Check out Lucas Debari’s latest footage below, from blown out tires, destroyed snow mobiles to rad mountain shredding. It’s a bloody good watch mate.

Via: Dragon

An incredible weather transformation in mere minutes. This is epic!

An artist named ‘Monomauve’ designed this impressive piece of The Simpsons nuclear power plant owner Mr Burns. If you speak computer graphics talk, it was done with Zbrush and rendered in 3ds max. Pretty gnarly effort!

For more monomauve work click HERE.

If you wish you had a free Porsche, this video may hurt you a little. Used as a promo for a radio station, listeners got to vote whether to drop this car or not. Strangely enough, the car seems to be missing an engine, which clearly says to me that this is some kind of conspiracy that only I will be able to solve. Has anyone seems my dusting kit? … I don’t own a dusting kit? Never mind, just hand me the rolling pin. I’m going to crack this case wide open, old school.

December 12. 2008

This post seriously cracks me up. I had a big stupid grin the entire time I put this together :) There has been lots of riots and protests from both anarchists and workers in Athens, Greece specially the past few years. The best part about all of this? There is this one dog that attends every riot, year after year! Hit the jump for loads more photos. WOOF!

March 4. 2009

A wakeboard trip with 13 riders, 2 photographers and 1 cinematographer can create magical things. Filmed in Astor, Florida on the St. Johns River at Astor Bridge Marina, this video features some spectacular scenery along with some world class wakeboarding.

Via: Alliance Wake

I think the sexiest thing about this is the little eyebrow tease before she does the demon witch tongue move! I’m not sure if I love this or if it freaks me the hell out. Probably both ;)

If it was my job to thrash Government cars, I’d be stoked too :)