What do you get when you combine an average yellow school bus and the GE engine of a F4 Phantom fighter jet? You get a top speed of 376mph (605 kph). Students from two states over won’t even be late in this thing.

Driver, you made me spill my juice box.

A massive unmanned locomotive, nicknamed “The Beast” and loaded with toxic cargo, roars through the countryside, vaporizing anything put in front of it. A veteran engineer (Denzel Washington) and a young conductor (Chris Pine), aboard another train in the runaway’s path, devise an incredible plan to try and stop it and prevent certain disaster in a heavily populated area!

Cant get enough of Nigel Sylvester’s riding and steeze? Welcome to Part 2, check it out below.

The Sarcastic Fringehead is a ferocious fish which has a large mouth and aggressive territorial behavior.

When two fringeheads have a territorial battle, they wrestle by pressing their huge mouths against each other, as if they were kissing. This allows them to determine which is the larger fish and so dominance is established.

Red Bull brings together it’s top athletes for the Snowboarding Performance Camp in Wanaka, New Zealand where the name of the game is progression.

Check out the video below.

The Brazilian pygmy gecko is so small, it runs away from massive insects and escapes the notice of many predators.

But the most fascinating thing is that it can walk on water. Cool trick, but can it moon walk on water?

Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the crew are back, and this time they’re taking their antics into a whole new dimension. This just might be the best use of 3D technology yet, I cannot wait for this one!

Evan Sellers from The Legendary Shots throws a ball from the top of the Vulcan monument in Birmingham, Alabama. To our knowledge, this is the farthest shot (direct distance from shooter to goal) ever made. Whether it’s also the longest (horizontal distance) is debatable (Dude Perfect’s at Kyle Field is about the same length).

The distance from the shooter’s hand to the hoop is about 205-228 feet.

The three SoCal based shredders get down on the dirt, ramps, and new street course at Woodward West.

Aussie model and actress Sophie Turner took her insane rear to the beach in Santa Monica recently and put on an awesome show for the spying photographers. I’m in no doubt that she knew they were clicking away and was in full ‘tease’ mode…god I love her full tease mode. I think I just pulled my imagination muscle…ouchie mumma!

BrianZuk goes for a ride in a Heffner built Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo. The video includes in car accelerations including a huge pull onto the freeway and some flybys from outside.

Incredibly powerful car, puts out just under 1100hp on 100 octane, and 853hp on pump gas which was used in this video.

If skateboarding at high speeds wasn’t sketchy enough, skitching (skating + hitching) has the be the most awesomely bad idea. These dudes fail to become roadkill, but earn top grades in making me chuckle.

While much of REBEL8’s fame seems to come from Mike Giant’s loved tattoo style designs, Hypebeast turn our focus to Joshy D, the CEO of the brand. Joshy D talks about how the brand came up, what happens day to day and where they plan on taking the brand.

Via: Hypebeast

Here’s a sneek peek of the intro to Hallelujah featuring Tyler Bledsoe, Taylor Bingaman, Pete Eldridge, Ryan Decenzo, and Torey Pudwill.

The full-length DVD with tons of bonus footage (and includes a one-year subscription to TransWorld) is on sale now. Pick one up here.

With this clever way to promote a new song, Riot !n Paris have made their new film clip an interactive series of YouTube videos. The first video tells a short story, then let’s you decide what you want to happen next. This is an awesome 2010 version of those choose your own adventure books I read as a young buck. Watch the video below and try it out for yourself.

Shock Mansion: We wanted to start off by talking about a passion that we both share…fast cars! You have your foot on all sorts of pedals these days can you fill us in on some of the driving you currently do?

Tanner Foust: I’m competing in the US Formula DRIFT series in a NASCAR-V8 powered Scion TC that puts out about 650 hp. I’m also competing in the European Rallycross series, at X Games and the US Rallycross series driving a 600 hp Ford Fiesta that’s one of the most high-strung cars I’ve ever been in.

For the TV show Battle of the Supercars, I’m behind the wheel of something new every week. Among other things this year, I’ve been in a 500 hp Porsche GT3 RS, a 1000 hp Shelby GT 500 Mustang. I’m not allowed to talk much about Top Gear USA, which we’re filming right now, but as you can imagine on that show I’ll be in everything from a Ferrari to a tricycle.

And then there’s the stunt work which is play time in random everything… it’s not a bad gig!

Shock Mansion: Have you ever been to Australia? If you haven’t, is there a possibility you might come and check out the scene here?

Tanner Foust: I have yet to venture down there but have wanted to visit since I saw my first V-8 Super cars race on TV. Between that, jet boat racing and rally I know it would be hard to leave!

Watch Tanner win gold at X-Games 16 below:

This is pretty awesome, kind of strange and pretty sickening, but you have to watch it anyway. Somehow this guy can throw up water like a fire hose, with precise aim. He also isn’t afraid to use the regurgitated water for hygiene upkeep.

I got sent this link this morning and I must admit, I found myself messing around with tattoo ideas and placements for ages. Such a fun idea and so addictive!

You can check it out by clicking HERE or clicking the images on this post.