In this episode Maestro stops into Boston via Los Angeles and visits his friend Johnny Cupcakes. Tune in to see some of your favorite arcade games and witness firsthand the amazing Johnny Cupcakes legacy!

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March 22nd is recognized by the United Nations Water Group as “World Water Day”, this year’s theme being “Clean Water for a Healthy World”. Although we live on a water-covered planet, only 1% of the world’s water is available for human use, the rest locked away in oceans, ice, and the atmosphere.

The National Geographic Society feels so strongly about the issues around fresh water that they are distributing an interactive version of their April, 2010 magazine for download – free until April 2nd – and will be exhibiting images from the series at the Annenberg Space for photography. National Geographic was also kind enough to share some of their images.

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As part of Goodwood Festival of Speed, the world champion trails rider, Dougie Lampkin, finds his way around the Goodwood House the best way he knows how, on his bike. This video is seriously classic! Check the awesome bike antics in the video below, and for more Dougie footage, hit the jump.

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Last week, a UW-Milwaukee student was arrested during a class after she refused to leave the class room and would not stop arguing with the teacher and annoying everybody. In typical fashion, when something goes down, there is always one genius who pulls out their camera. God bless video phones, every last one of them.

Ok…so he didn’t shatter his hand as the x-ray above might suggest. But I’m pretty sure mine would snap like uncooked spaghetti if I tried this. The secret is that the concrete is made from chalk. Just kidding Mr Punch’a’lot, don’t take my clever wit seriously, it’s a disease that I cannot control.

ABSOLUT Vodka presents this new 15-minute short film featuring Jay-Z. The documentary, titled NY-Z, was directed by Danny Clinch and paints a rare portrait of the global hip-hop icon. With unprecedented access to Jay-Z the days and moments leading up to, and after, his legendary September 11th benefit concert at Madison Square Garden, Danny Clinch gives us an intimate glimpse into Jay-Z: his childhood, his motivation as an artist, his passion for music, and his muse, New York.


Now I haven’t been to a water park in a little while, but one thing is for sure, I don’t remember the water slides being similar to B.A.S.E. jumps! The dude below actually looks like his back isn’t even touching the slide, he’s just straight free falling son. Parachutes not included.

From the 19 Years Young video, Lurk Hard just dropped their 9 minute part for all to see, which includes some bangin footage and classic lifestyle clips. The full length DVD drops at skate shops and in April.

Do I bother trying to tell you the purpose of this post? I’m guessing that 99% of you are already too distracted by Marisa to even read this. If you are reading this, well you probably know what is after the jump. If you don’t, well you can treat this as a formal dare from me to you to check it out. If your girlfriend is the jealous type, wait until there is an ad on TV for ironing or cooking so she gets distracted and doesn’t notice what you are looking at ;)

Watch this kid freak out as he tries to answer trivia questions while riding a roller coaster :)

Manufactured by jet pack maker, Tecaeromex, this helicopter doesn’t use a conventional motor on the body of the chopper, but instead uses rockets on the tips of the propeller blades. The helicopter’s non-burning hydrogen peroxide thrusters help power the craft to stay aloft for 50 minutes at the speed of 40mph. Seems a little sketchy to me, but hey, I’m never the one to try and stop people risking their lives to entertain Shock Mansion viewers.

On July 2nd, 2009, four thousand US Marines of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade launched a major helicopter assault into a Taliban stronghold in the Helmand River Valley in southern Afghanistan in order to break a military stalemate with the insurgent group.

Independent filmmaker Danfung Dennis was embedded with Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Company, as they were dropped 18 km behind enemy lines to seize a key bridge. Within a few hours of landing, fierce fighting erupted and continued for the next three days, during which Lance Corporal Charles Sharp, from Adairsville, Georgia was shot and killed by a Taliban fighter.

After the initial fighting, the Marines searched for the insurgents who had killed Lance Corporal Sharp. Frustration set in as the Marines tried to fight the elusive enemy whose IED’s cut off their supply lines. The Marines’ objective was to secure and protect the population, but the Afghan villagers complained that the fighting has driven them into the desert, and the bombing destroyed their homes. Can the Marines balance their contradictory roles as warriors and statesmen, as they struggle to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people?

Thanks to Josh at Firestorm Films for the hookups. This looks amazing.

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Check out this rad video from the ARF Trail Jam held at Heath Pinter’s trails recently.

Check out the video below:


A mixture of Ice Hockey and Down Hill Skiing, Crushed Ice is one of the nuttiest winter sports gaining mass interests right now, particularity from the Red Bull event which takes skaters down some of the most difficult tracks in urban surroundings. A second video is after the jump!

Run for the hills people! The infection is spreading!

Ok, ok, so I heard that this is just an advertisement for the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Clever stuff ;)

This clip takes you from rehearsal to their back to back sold out shows at the Roxy featuring guest performances by Lil’ Jon, Kid Cudi, and Kid Sister. Awesome stuff!

Kaindy Lake is a unique place in Kazakhstan very famous among divers for its hidden underwater forest.

Here is a story told via photos of five crazy dudes that set off to find and then dive the secret area! This is so rad.

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