Jaws is not a break to be taken lightly. Some of the worlds few big waves surfers gather in Hawaii to try their hand at taming the beast.

If you have a printer/scanner and a bottle of Coke, you can make one of the most epic cheat sheets of all time. This method looks harder than studying…but also a bit more fun ;)

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The USA-component of Nike’s True Colors World Cup 2010 campaign involved the enlisted design expertise of none other then Mister Cartoon. Mister Cartoon and Nike have a celebrated sneaker history, and with this most recent collaboration, the American team will no doubt have a unique coming into the World Cup this year being held in South Africa.

The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari has clearly had some experience handling guns. I’d be interested in seeing her pumping technique.

Rob Dyrdek is a visionary and he doesn’t stop at an over the top office or a sick house. Check out his newest whip which he has named GHOST! This puts his Storm-trooper Tahoe and Bentley to shame! So rad :)

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David Gallo shows jaw dropping footage of amazing sea creatures, including a color-shifting cuttlefish, a perfectly camouflaged octopus and a Times Square’s worth of neon light displays from fish who live in the blackest depths of the ocean

Check out this epic Olsson Super Session footage below. Damn these dudes go big.

Andreas Håtveit
Aleksander Aurdal
Sigbjørn Tveit

Kristoffer Fahlgren
Andreas Johannessen

Still a long way from graduating school, Lil Sean Ricany has already achieved top grades and completed a achieved honors in throwing down on his BMX. Check the video below.

A clever idea to engage the music lovers, sports fans and anyone who is into pop culture.

At the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini unveiled a new version of the Murciélago, the LP 670-4 SuperVeloce. The SV moniker had previously appeared on the 1995–99 Diablo SV, a highly tuned version of the car that appeared close to the end of the model’s production run.

The SuperVeloce’s V12 produces 661 hp at 8000 rpm thanks to improved valve timing and intake system modifications. The car’s weight was reduced by 100 kg by swapping several interior parts and exterior panels out for carbon fiber replacements, along with the installation of a new, lighter exhaust system. The LP670-4 SV comes standard with the LP640’s optional six-piston caliper, 15-inch carbon-ceramic disc brakes, slowing black 18-inch wheels.

In its June 2009 issue, Car and Driver magazine predicted that the LP 670-4 SV was capable of reaching 100 km/h from a standing start in just 3.2 seconds. Lamborghini claims the car can reach 342 km/h with an optional smaller spoiler, or 337 km/h with the standard Aeropack wing.

Rhianna sure knows how to put on a show. Book me a ticket, front row, give me a camera with zoom and some loosely fitted pants.

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Chris Shaw, a gas clerk at a convenience store, is the Powerball Missouri winner of Wednesday’s $258 million jackpot. The 29 year old bought the ticket from the convenience store Marshall, where he works. His winning numbers were 11-34-41-49-55. He also chose the right Powerball of 20. Chris Shaw winning the Missouri Powerball is headlines everywhere because this is the largest Missouri Jackpot ever.

He reportedly said that he bought the tickets because he thought somebody is going to win; there are too many people buying tickets.

Chris Shaw was previously a truck driver and he started working at the convenience store of late to be closer to his family. His luck has now allowed him to spend plenty of time with his family.

Chris Shaw stated that he had only $30 in his bank account and with this money he received, he plans to pay off debts and wants to take his family to the Disney world. I suppose his life itself is a story of the Disney world fantasies.

He also claimed that this win is not going to change him and he remembers all those who were his friends when he had only $28. He said that they will remain his friends afterwards too. He has not yet decided if he would keep his job at the convenience store or not but it is sure that his life will be changed from now on.

The Celtek Gloves crew celebrate the first ever Shorts and Shades day in Park City. If you don’t catch a sun burn, you’re not having fun. Classic video footage below :)

VBS’s creative director Spike Jonze spends Saturday in London with Sri Lanka’s most famous emigrant, M.I.A.

Olivia Munn recently swung by the AOL offices in New York for a photo shoot. When Asylum intern Kyle Moffatt heard that his biggest celebrity crush would be in the same building, the same floor, maybe even the same room he began to panic. He ran home to his apartment to put on nicer clothes and freshen up a bit for the Queen of Geek Hotness.

His behavior prompted Olivia and the Asylum editors to conspire against him. Kyle would get to meet Olivia. Kyle would be totally messed with. The following was captured for the world to see.

Check out the highlights from the 2010 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards presented by Monster Energy. The Awards were held April 23rd at the Grove Theater in Anaheim.

A 23 year old Alaskan was in his workshop when a heater unexpectedly ignited some chemicals, and the building suddenly burst into flames.  For help, he turned to his dog Buddy:

“I just told him, ‘We need to get help,’ and then that’s the last time I seen him,” Heinrichs told the News-Tribune. “I didn’t train him or nothing. He just took off and went and did what he did. … He was just being a good dog.”

It’s a good thing Buddy sprung into action because trooper Terrence Shanigan, who was responding to the call about a fire, was having trouble with his vehicle’s global positioning system, which wasn’t working properly, reports the News-Tribune. “Shanigan, who almost took the long way around the neighborhood, came across Buddy on Caswell Loop Road,” reports the News-Tribune. “The dog took off, and acting on a hunch, Shanigan followed the dog down a side road.”

The budding young chemist received minor flash burns.  Buddy will be receiving a silver-plated dog bowl.

Treadmill stunts are my favorite type of stunts. This is because 90% of the time they end badly, every time. Poor yourself a beverage, it’s that time of the day where we sit back and find enjoyment in people making bad life decisions. More videos after the jump.