DC‘s all am video campaign has finished with the highly anticipated finale part from Wes Kremer. If this is an accurate example of what an amateur skater is capable of, then we are entering a new era. Check out the video below.

Justin “Figgy” Figueroa drops a Hell on Wheels Thrasher video in case you forgot how good at skateboarding he is. No rail is too gnarly.

Ghostbusters actor Dan Aykroyd says aliens want nothing to do with us, especially since what happened on 9/11.

He believes there are over 20 alien species that have visited Earth and even mentioned the Travis Walton abduction case. Dan says they are breaking the law but they aren’t a mass threat.

Speaking of things that are out of this world, can you spot the hidden character in our new top banner ;)

Prahlad Jani from India has been fasting for 70 years. He claims he is “sustained by a goddess who pours an ‘elixir’ through a hole in his palate.” Scientist are currently testing his fasting ability, and so far, Mr Prahlad appears to be standing up to scrutiny. He has not eaten or drunk any fluids in six days and remains fit and healthy.

The dudes at Treyarch are stoked to finally to reveal their latest development – Call of Duty: Black Ops! Be sure to head over to CallOfDuty.com/blackops as more details begin to unfold.

Check out the teaser below.

“What? Something is slightly askew? The kid is crying?” This cat doesn’t hesitate to hand out a scratch sandwich to anyone who messes with that kid. The action starts 30 seconds in.

This particular type of crash testing has never been done before. A team of collision reconstructionists, automotive engineers and other specialists have gathered in Terrace, BC to conduct controlled crash testing, and analyze the data. So we get to watch cars roll, and it’s all to make us safer in the long run. Well played.

A surfing senior citizen who was attacked by a shark off the coast of Hawaii proceeded to grab its fin, straddle the beast, and then rode on its back!

Jim Rawlinson had been enjoying the waves in Hanalei Bay when he felt his surfboard shake. He looked down and was shocked to see that a huge shark had taken a bite out of it.

As the shark continued its brief assault, Jim grabbed the shark’s fin and pulled himself onto its back so that he was straddling the monster, then held on tightly and rode the ocean predator.

“I was on the shark’s back for anywhere from about five to 10 seconds,” said Jim. “It was so strange that everything was so slow and yet again so fast.”

Globe’s United By Fate film series has become one of the most watched skate video projects of all time. Check out these sweet bangers below!

Capturing a trade that is equal parts artistic precision and grueling labor, the film presents a painting tradition pre-dating modern advertising. A craft that today finds itself dangling precariously on the brink of extinction.

Check out some of Damien’s new training footage from 2010. This dude is incredible!

Somebody recently uploaded this video to You-tube with this description. “I saw this dude being interviewed before a Laker’s game. I think this guy is the biggest and weirdest Kobe Bryant fan ever. I edited together the best parts.” I pissed myself laughing.

Portland’s Kamp Grizzly developed a steam-punk style pneumatic cupcake cannon and set the stage for eating frosty delights at 120psi. The blasting buffet was documented in at 700fps coming off the Phantom HD Gold. Cupcake enthusiasts stepped in front of the cannon and camera. Some shaking in their boots, others perched in zen-like states, ALL were covered in delicious frosting, spongy cake, and showered in a mist of sprinkles!

Having a delightfully awkward break, Mike Tyson took the time to sit down with The Daily Line’s Reese Waters for some tea and cannolis. During the interview, Mike discussed his hatred for cannolis, as well as his thoughts regarding the proper etiquette for wedding gift.

Who knew it was so complicated? Apart from the different techniques of the maneuver itself, there are a variety of social connotations and implications. This video explains the details.

It has been officially announced that Aziz Ansari will be the host of the MTV Movie Awards. Personally, I couldn’t be happier. Check the inspiring promo vid below.

Cam Sinclair has successfully landed the very trick that almost cost him his life nine months ago; the double backflip.

Whilst competing in Madrid, Spain last July, Sinclair under rotated a double backflip suffering multiple broken bones, head and internal injuries.

Doctors believed at best, Sinclair could return to riding a full year following his accident; however this only fueled the 26 year olds’ desire to make a full recovery.

“Its just such a huge relief to land the double backflip again and leave Darwin in one piece. I’ve been working so hard to prove to myself that this was possible.

This is a feeling I will never forget.” Cam Sinclair said. Now, with the huge weight of landing his 27th double backflip off his shoulders Sinclair feels ready to focus on his ultimate dream, of obtaining an X Games medal. “The ultimate goal for me is to take the double flip to the X Games in LA this July. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, I know if I can stay healthy and keep improving I can win a medal.” Sinclair said.

Via: MetalMulisha

Although the speedo tops out at 140MPH, the engine seems to have a little more in it. Watch as this German dude takes this 1970 Dodge Charger for a session on the Autobahn!