“Danger. High Voltage. Do Not Touch. Death or Serious Injury May Occur.” reads the side of the coilgun. It’s a real, functioning homemade coil-gun by Jason.

“It’s a gun that fires a projectile with magnetic force instead of gunpowder. The projectile from this gun won’t kill a person, but the electrical energy stored in the capacitors is 78 times the lethal amount for human beings so this is no toy.”

It took 2 years to complete, and packs a 12-volt high drain battery, four huge capacitor housings in the stock, and an old cellphone regulator board to keep it from overcharging. In other words: flip the charging switch, watch the capacitors charge up, and when the light switches from red to green, fire away!

Via: Hackedgadgets

Conan O’Brien has decided it would be a good idea to answer Facebook fan questions. I thought this was such a good idea I have devised a question myself. Dear Conan, I imagine you’re the prancing type. Do you have any tips on how I can prance like I’ve never pranced before? Thank you sir.

The Q&A below is all about sandwiches, and how to make his favorite one, dubbed ‘The Conan’. It’s chockablock full of chock hazard goodness! Enjoy my pretties.

Mark Webb is one of the best English riders out there. This is a bio from Relentless Energy which is called Transatlanticism, it looks pretty damn rad. Shout out to Angus at Firestorm Films. Check it out below.

Sorry to drag your attention away from that top photo. Let me introduce to you Marie Blanchard, also known as the Haitian Beauty. Not only does she look amazing in a bikini, she also looks good in lingerie, a small amount of clothing and I can only assume no clothing as well. I need to splash my face with cold water. Hit the jump for a lot more photos. :)

Don’t cry Freddie you will find another girl…can’t blame her though, I would also have my way with this spinning no scope man, he was dreamy.

Matt Rodgers is back at it with another awesome installment of the From the Dirt video series.
This time featuring Mike Mason, Adam Jones and Brian Foster. Showcasing the true love of the sport, the insane action packed riding and lifestyle that these athletes live all in glorious HD baby. Check it out!

With potential to be on the market soon, a Russian Scientist has developed an anti-aging pill. The key to this is meant to stem from the power of antioxidants. Test have been performed on animals with very encouraging results. I need to call my local butcher and tell them I’ll no longer be needing a space in their freezer, I can now just live until they invent a Megan Fox robot hooker. Sweet!

Ride along with Vaughn Gittin Jr. at the Battle By The Bay drift competition. Vaughn takes the win along with someones front bumper with him!

Candice Swanepoel is one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret babes, so these shots from the latest catalog really brighten up my day. What kind of person’s day is brightened up by random internet pictures I see you thinking? If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Stop poking me with your sword Leonardo I’m trying to blog in this stank arse sewer, touch me again and I’m telling Splinter. Where was I, oh yes…nobody can fill out lingerie like this South African blonde, so less reading and more looking. I wanna touch her cowabunga, baby.

Brent Oftedal changes his style more than his underwear. Featuring Joshua Parker and Brendon Drury.

Filming by Tim Bradley and Leland McNamara. Editing by Tim Bradley.

Via: Transworld

A Canadian man with some tiny pot plants called the cops after his best one was stolen. Doesn’t sound like that smartest thing to do right? Well luckily for him the law in Canada allows you to be caught with four marijuana plants without getting charged. The man growing the plants is still getting over his loss… Understandable.

National Geographic cameraman Bob Poole was filming elephants in Mali, West Africa, when something quite unusual happened: a giant dust storm rose up and swallowed all the light, turning day into pitch darkness. Naturally, he kept on filming!

While performing for the Swift Aerobatic Display Team at the Royal Air Forces Association airshow at Shoreham, West Sussex, Mike Newman crashed his high performance Swift S-1 gilder.

Rob Yuill, the man responsible for capturing the amazing photos of the crash reported:

“As he turned, I realised the glider was at the wrong angle as its nose went down. He had lost air speed and headed straight into the ground. It was not far off vertical when it hit the runway. The nose section just crumpled. It was an awful thing to see.”

The 35 year old former racing driver broke three vertebrae, but he is expected to make a full recovery. Hit the jump to see the astounding photo sequence.

I love video games, but I have had it all wrong. Playing with your mates is fun, but a babe in underwear playing video games turns vanilla ice cream into double choc.

I know video game time is a sacred time for a man to forget the stresses a women can cause, but watching Kieran Mansion play Mario in his undies just isn’t the same. More videos after the jump.

Melbourne-based installation artists ENESS bring a new perspective to action sports by fusing interactive art with skiers and snowboarders flying through the air. To achieve this spectacle a 21′ inflatable sphere hovered between hits as proprietary software mapped 3D visuals onto the snow and sphere. Riders were tracked via an infrared camera as they flew through the air.

Six months back and forth, and one month straight on. Cabin fever was bound to infect Dean, Dillon and Bruno from time to time. And of course we wanted to hear about it, along with all the photographers, filmers and journalists that jumped on board Quest 1.

The boys thought the questions would end out there on the boat, but little did they know that there was more waiting at home. In this episode are nuggets from their Tip 2 Tip exit interviews – which are also the most revealing. Agree or disagree, this is reality.

Great moments in Youtube history often occur unexpectedly. Here is a perfect example! I’m guessing Office Max wasn’t trying to sneak some guerrilla marketing into a random internet video, but their truck driver pulled it off. A language warning applies to this video.

Justin Brock leads his Real comrades through the good ‘ol South in this video feature filmed by master lens man Dan Wolfe. The song featured in the clip is ‘Beamer Benz or Bentley’ by Lloyd Banks.