Nicola Formichetti, the man credited with creating Lady Gaga’s look, has a new gig. That of creative director of the Thierry Mugler brand.

Recently, his first menswear collection was shown on the Paris runway.

Was it shockingly tame? Elegant? Restrained. No, not really.

“It’s fashion without borders — it’s new, it’s me, it’s youth, it’s global, it’s digital,” said Formicetti.

Pretty sure your either going to love or hate this. Either way you stopped to look. High end fashion like this seems to be leaning towards art rather than conventional functional clothing. Check it out below.

First Strike contains 5 incredibly diverse maps spanning the globe; featuring 4 multi player maps and a new Zombie experience. Including Berlin Wall, allowing combat on both sides of the imposing wall. Discovery, a desolate, frozen German outpost in the Arctic. Kowloon, battle in the rain along the rooftops of a towering Chinese sprawl. Stadium, an intense locale with a pro hockey arena backdrop. And Ascension, where you fight zombies in a Soviet launch facility.

Bonus video after the jump. Ultra realistic Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in the making!

In the competitive world of lingerie modeling, Danica has to take some kind of first prize for her bangin’ body. As long as George Clooney isn’t considered, god he is dreamy. If size does matter, all that money Danica spent on size F bras has paid off. More after the jump.

In episode #3 the Cons team starts off in Minneapolis attempting to cross off a ‘triples’ challenge at the Hiawatha Bowl. Then the head to Denver park for more action.

Pictured above is Sammy Baca’s Thrasher tattoo on his neck. I’m guessing that will be in episodes to come.

Heavy urban part from Quebec. Front 1 switch tail switch back 3? DFD front lip to front board? Hold up a second. Who the hell is this kid? Dude rips, check it out below.

The opening shots of this little video sure did put a smile on my dial. Shot with a GoPro camera, Marshall Miller throws himself off a huge cliff with skis attached to his feet and a parachute strapped to his back.

This gamer made a slight modification to GTA 4 so that all cars acted like drunk pterodactyls. The creator of this video was nice enough to share his wealth of knowledge.

Due to excessive complaining from viewers, the way you do this is to find your handling.dat file in your GTA4 folder, edit “wbias” to be around -9 for each car.

Wow, this dude is a next level nerd genius, and I like it. Back to you at the studio.

It’s time again for everyone’s favorite internet feast, Epic Meal Time. This time, salad gets the epic treatment.

Carrots are for ugly people! Oh, you didn’t know?

Check out this footage using a tiny camera mounted on an arrow shot 145m (475ft) at a Korean archery range. So this must be what it’s like to be shot out of a canon.

This is Raica. She is a babe. Compare her to random girls you meet and you may never date another girl again. Unless you randomly meet Raica, aslong as I don’t meet her first (with the help of my friend roofie).

This is the forth DVD release for Videograss. Hitting shelves August 2011 is a snowboard film, ‘Retrospect’. The film features a whole crowd of riders and is presented by Monster Energy. Check it!

It has been a good week for rap music this week. All bases have been covered with plenty of money, cars, marijuana and women uploaded to Youtube. Let’s start off with the modern day Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa with there new song ‘That Good’.

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Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans test the Lumix GH2 DSLR camera for Panasonic. Although this video is compressed for internet viewing, the imagine is still great and the camera work is of course first class. This video features the worlds best skaters, too many to name. Enjoy.

So this happened, January Jones and her epic cleavage. I just want to make a banana split and eat it right between those boobs, making a perfect dessert canoe. This was at the Golden Globes, which I’m guessing is some kind of award ceremony for having nice boobs. Awesome.

The video below shows lots of different exotic cars roaming the streets of London. There are more Bugatti Veyron’s there than you can poke a stick at. Speaking of which, where did I put my stick? I’ve got some serious poking to do. If you could choose one of these cars, which one would it be?

If you’re ever in the unfortunate situations of being in a -30C environment, tossing boiling water into the air will keep you occupied for hours. Like me in the porta-potty. Occupied. For hours. Knocking louder only ruins my concentration.

Dean has walked the longest highlines, often without a safety leash, though he has dedicated over a decade of engineering and testing to create the safest highline systems currently used.

Most recently, he has combined BASE jumping skill with highlining and free soloing, using a specially engineered ultralight BASE rig as his backup system.

Jessica Jane Clement makes me happy, so happy in fact I can’t describe publicly at risk of going on some kind of official list for sickos. I could go on typing about how much I am loving Jessica Jane, but my hands are needed elsewhere. More after the jump.