Based on a fictional novel of the same title, The Taqwacores is directed by Eyad Zahra, and made its official debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Yusef, a first-generation Pakistani engineering student, moves off-campus with a group of Muslim punks in Buffalo, New York. His new “un-orthodox” house mates soon introduce him to Taqwacore- a hardcore, Muslim punk rock scene.

The name Taqwacore is a blend of hardcore, and Arabic word Taqwa, which roughly translates to “being conscious of Allah.” Lookout for this one-of-a-kind film guaranteed to play at an artsy independent theater near you.

The second installment of Antwuan Dixon’s Epicly Later’d episodes features some rowdy times at a Motel in the Phoenix.

The motel owners don’t appreciate Antwuan’s behavior which leads to the police questioning why their motel room smells of marijuana.

Photos via: Epicly Later’d

Mexican officials celebrated this week over the destruction of the largest load of marijuana ever seized in the country, equaling 134 metric tons.

The marijuana was discovered after police intercepted a convoy of vehicles escorting a tractor-trailer. A shootout ensued and 11 people were arrested. Police and soldiers, acting on information from the suspects, raided a warehouse and two homes near the coast, where more marijuana was found.

The entire load was destined for the United State. The drugs had an estimated street value of 4.2 billion pesos, about $352 million US.

Check this video below of the soldiers piling the cubes of marijuana and dousing it in diesel before setting it alight.

Justin Darlington makes it look way to easy. Pretty sure he has high density springs instead of muscles.

There is no real story here other than the fact that Cody at Rogue Lifestyles sent us this crazy “murdered out” Bentley Continental GT and we fell in love with it.

Bentley’s signify plush, comfortable high-snobiety motoring in a fast paced, high luxury package. This, however, looks like it just killed something and is proud of it. What’s not to like?

Check out Dennis Durrant’s latest video part for Circa Shoes. This Aussie ripper hails from Brisbane and has skills spilling out of his ears.

Check it. Yew!

Today, we present the brand new Official Trailer from the shocking new experience for Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare.

Follow John Marston in this nightmarish adventure as he tries to find a cure for “a virulent plague turning people into flesh-eating crazies”.

Featuring a full new single-player story with all new gameplay and multiplayer modes — along with new weapons, zombie animals, mythical creatures and even a brand new secret location – the Undead Nightmare Pack will be available October 26th for download via PlayStation®Network ($9.99) and Xbox LIVE® (800 Microsoft Points).

Petra Silander is a Swedish fashion model residing in Paris who happens to be pretty damn hot. I sure would like to chew on that like a piece of bubble gum. More of you know what after the you know where.

Canadian Junior Football League players brawl with fans of a rival team at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario. Apparently the fight started when fans of the opposing team were hurling bottles and insults, setting the team off on a rampage.

Whats crazy about the incident is that because no one wanted to press charges, police are left with what, by default, they consider a consensual fight. Everyone goes home free!

Actor Will Ferrell and writer-director Adam McKay sit down for a hard-hitting interview about films, the film making process, the internet, how to drink water convincingly, and more in an original Funny or Die video. As Will and Adam have a history of working together, hit the jump to see another hilarious video interview of them together.

Featuring today is the astoundingly attractive Jessica Joy. She loves shopping, shoes, sushi, and sleeping in on a weekend. So, all you need is a fishing rod, cold hard cash, and a comfy bed. Done! More after the jump.

His new website is nearly ready for the world visit, so Ryan thought he’d release a little taste of the sick video it will feature.

There’s plenty more where this clip came from, so stay tuned to It goes live on October 30.

Enough to make any young lad want to tear off his scouts uniform and dance around a campfire lit by rubbing sticks together, 3130 pint size rockets were launched at the same time setting a new world record. This launch smashed the old record of 965 set in 2007. This footage is dope, Scout’s honor.

A 300-pound chimpanzee named Sue is back in custody after escaping from a south Kansas City home and going on a rampage, climaxing with the animal smashing out the windshield of a police car. As the police were preparing to shoot the chimp, the owner arrived and was able to get the rascal back into her cage.

Witnesses say Sue gave KCMO Animal Control officers the middle finger before she then pushed a trash can into a police car. I get the feeling that if we had a chance, Sue and I would be best friends.

Check out Dennis Durrant’s latest video part for Circa Shoes. This Aussie ripper hails from Brisbane and has skills spilling out of his ears.

Check it. Yew!

Graffiti artists Bam and Vogue turned Johnson Jeng’s Sharpie-covered Lexus IS 350 into an inspired ‘good vs. evil’ canvas using spray paint and a steady hand. Looks cool in the shop, but insane on the street!

Jennifer has appeared in more than ten reality TV shows, and was featured on the E! True Hollywood Stories: Football Wives episode because of her marriage to NFL safety Adam Archuleta. She’s also served as eye candy in a number of music videos from artists such as Justin Timberlake, Sterophonics and Marc Anthony. She now works full time appearing in my day dreams. More after the jump.

Shia LaBeouf was caught on video throwing a cup of coffee at a photographer in Washington DC the other day. Shia opted for the hit and run attack, nice choice. Right after it the Paparazzi would have been wondering if it was raining coffee or if a ninja just took a hot leak on his back. I hope to see more sneak attacks from the Transformers star in the future. Well played.