Alex Olson, Rick Howard, Kenny Anderson, Brandon Biebel and Eric Koston  and the rest of the Girl and Chocolate crew session the Hollenbeck skate park in L.A. Thrasher put together this video of the day.

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I wasn’t aware until just now that BMW fit ejection seats in their cars, but this passenger, not wearing a seat belt and somehow had his door open, was asking for the boot. This dude was lucky he didn’t end his day with smoking rubber on his face.

Another dangerously funny video has dropped from the creative mastermind Rémi Gaillard!

The Times has an interesting interview with Banksy.

“There’s a problem with being in the public eye — you have to become very tough, to grow a thick skin and ignore other people’s opinions. It’s unfortunate because those are the traits you actually least want in your public figures or artists. ‘He who goes to bed in a suit of armour doesn’t get much sleep’ is an old Chinese proverb. People might ask — how can you demand anonymity while doing a six-page spread in The Sunday Times Magazine?” he continues. “But the answer to that is simple — you just have to be a massive hypocrite.”

Read the whole interview here.

Shot using a 1000-frames-per-second Phantom camera, this ad captures dogs emotional waves when enticed with a flying treat. Throw me a bite size treat, not because I will jump and catch it in my mouth, but because I need to distract you while my trained monkey steals your wallet.

Shock Mansion has appeared in the latest “Fast Life Book – Volume II” along side the likes of Snoop Dogg, Mark Hoppus, Yelawolf and more.

To view the entire book online click HERE!

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He-Man isn’t the most powerful man in the universe, this man, Mr Heeman takes the crown!

New Zealander Rudy Heeman has been showing off his latest garage invention, a hovercraft which takes off at 70kmh. This looks like way to much fun :)

To celebrate the partnership between MetroPCS and legendary artist Mister Cartoon, Snoop Dogg has contributed two new, unreleased tracks to the new Sanctioned by Mister Cartoon mobile phone.

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Sparks fly as this tree branch land perfectly across two power lines. Moral of this story, look up before you go swing a golf club, or risk becoming a burnt stick.

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Check out this recent burnout by Steve Loader in UCSMOKE. Rear wheels go up in flames and he kept the boot in until the track caught fire too! I like the cut of your jib Steve :)

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Boon Johnson has officially been promoted to the Bones Wheel amateur team. With skills like this I’m sure he is gonna go far! Props dude.

The fastest speedboat in the world, the Phenomenon, made its debut at the Miami Boat Show this month.

This 56-foot watercraft can accelerate to more than 220.5 mph (the current world record). Its four turbine engines give it a whopping 12,000 horsepower.

Engineers from NASA and Boeing as well as former US Naval architects and professional powerboat builders collaborated on designing the Phenomenon.

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Here’s the curvaceous Doutzen Kroes in lingerie photos from the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog, which happens to be my most favourite catalog on planet earth. Enjoy!

The Nitro Circus crew hit the mega ramp for some serious training for their life show. Of course, the tools for the job aren’t the typical vehicles you would see on a mega ramp.

Watch as residents take advantage of rare conditions. Filmed from the Dupont Hotel’s Level Nine balcony. Why isn’t this an Olympic sport? Good times :)

Two dudes make a snowboard using two Apple PowerBooks, and then try and shred the slopes with it. Check out the video below!

Massive Roof Avalanche. Yes, this is how they pass the time in Romania. I wonder if anyone is crazy enough to try and ride that thing down to the ground? Maybe we should call these guys?