Rozay and his Maybach Music Group took over Las Vegas for MTV’s Spring Break recently and started recording the Maybach Music Group Compilation. Titled ‘Self Made’ it will drop on May-bach 24th!

Epic Meal Time have already filmed their new episode but are holding off release until their Jay Leno appearance is done. That’s right, Epic Meal Time has made it all the way to the Jay Leno show, 17th March. Epic!

Since they didn’t want us to miss a new Tuesday video they put together this 2nd batch of unseen footage. To check out how far these dudes really have come, hit the jump to watch their very first video.

Check out this exclusive look at Batman: Arkham City and see the Dark Knight in action with this brand new gameplay trailer for the exciting sequel.

This game places Batman in a much larger playground than the previous game, allowing him to roam the city crossing into different gang territories. The cast of characters is as colorful as ever, with Two-Face, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and of course the Joker all making appearances.

Hit the jump to see a full breakdown of the trailer and catch all the minor details you may have missed like sneaky tattoos and other hidden Easter eggs.

BrianZuk recently recorded a group of supercars lurking in the night after an Autos on the Ave event. Cars such as the Mercedes SLR Mclaren, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Porsche 997.2 and 997 GT3 RS, Ferrari Testarossa, Nissan GTR, ZR1, BMW E92 M3 and many more. As the Beastie Boys would say, “check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out!”

The Hills star Audrina Patridge is recently single after splitting with Australian professional BMX dirt jumper Corey Bohan. I would make a move but I’m too busy making my new superhero outfit. I’m called Hump Lad. Basically I hump crime in the face, or whichever orifice is accessible. More Audrina after the jump.

“The role of “enforcer” on a hockey team is unofficial. Enforcers play regular shifts like other players, but their primary role is deterring opposing players from rough play. Coaches often send enforcers out when opposing enforcers are on the ice or any time when it is necessary to check excessively physical play by the opposing team. Enforcers, particularly those with questionable playing skills, can be colloquially referred to as goons.” -Wikipedia

So Basically, there job is to punch on. More after the jump. Ding ding!

Some dude hacked into a few video screens in Times Square. This cannot be legal. I like it.

This insane drop was measured at 189 ft. A few feet taller than they had previously thought. Tyler sustained minor injuries which included a sprained wrist and a massive hit. Tyler also has testicles the size and hardness of coconuts.

What can I say about Jessica White, the pictures speak for themselves and the fact that I haven’t blinked for the past 10 minutes explains how I feel about her. Dear Jessica, please allow me to procreate with your body. Hugs and kisses. Yabba dabba do!

McLovin and James Franco’s little brother play ‘You’re so hot’. If you have no idea what this game is, good, this video will teach you a lot and also be incredibly funny.

This video features extremely NSFW language, so turn your speakers up to 11 and tell your boss you have something important to show them regarding logic-based synergy.

Intelligent and adaptable, these dolphins have developed a unique technique for catching fish that ordinarily remain tantalizingly out of reach near Shark Bay in Australia.

Dolphins make everything a game because they can…they are bored with life. Evolution can’t keep up with them!

It’s no secret that Travis Pastrana’s passion and dedication knows no bounds. With each project that he encounters to every challenge that he faces, the mantra is consistent throughout; from commitment comes great achievement.

Last weekend’s achievements are a testament to the lengths that Travis will go to fulfill his desire for greatness. 24 Hours of Demolition with Travis Pastrana is a glimpse into the world that is Travis Pastrana.

Last month, the first twenty 911 GT2 RS customers had the opportunity to take delivery of their new cars at the El Toro Air Station in Irvine California.

Customers used the event to familiarize themselves with their new cars alongside Porsche Driving Instructors on the open airfield.

Is Reubyn the best British surfer? Trying to define him is pointless, all that matters is he is a world class surfer and is proof and inspiration to all other groms coming through that you can be this good. So ignore the cheap cover lines and concentrate solely on the fact that this dude bloody rips!

This is by far the best video I’ve seen covering the Tsunami so far. And when I say ‘best’ I mean worst, if you know what I mean.

Those people on the roof top at 2:05, would have surly been freaking the f**k out! I know I would have been.

Gangs of gangster monkeys run riot mugging market stall owners in the Indian city of Jaipur. Build a cage over your cart next time and stop losing your stock dang namit.

This rad little clip via Sorcery Sammy features the biggest vert drop in I’ve ever seen, followed by a cop giving Segway a bad name. There is also some entertaining skateboarding in there too. Enjoy.

You may remember Rachel Bilson from such things as TV. Well here she is again, this time on the interweb. Hit the jump to see Rachel in all sorts of skimpy outfits. Wam bam thank you ma’am.