During a car chase scene  on the set of the Transformers 3 movie, a police SUV collided with yellow Chevy Camaro known in the movie as Bumblebee. The accident was caused by people involved using different radio stations. Transformers 3 isn’t set for release until July 1, 2011, so this real life action scene will have to tide you over until then.

Chicks in skimpy lingerie laying vicious hits on one another as they toss around the pigskin. Does it get any better than that? Apparently it does. Just look what happens when they score a touchdown. OOWWW!

Calligraffiti artist  Niels Meulman teamed up with Mercedes Benz to write the names of women on a white Mercedes-Benz B-Class to commemorate the women that The Pink Ribbon foundation support. The car ended up looking fresh as a daisy. Check out the video displaying the skill of writing on the car freehand.

Hello beautiful world. Welcome to the good life.

NERD recently spent a weekend in Miami hanging out at the American Apparel headquarters. Damn what a life to live. Hit the jump and follow them around like the creepy celebrity stalkers we are.

The battle of the best bottom is never ending. Sophie Turner, who was the winner of Australia’s Search For A Supermodel in 2001 and secured a $250,000 modeling contract with the prestigious Ford Models, started the ‘beef’ after being stopped as she entered a nightclub.

Turner, who calls herself the Saucy Aussie, was complimented on her backside and how it put Kim Kardashian’s well endowed rump to shame.

Turner replied: “Mine’s real! It’s pure Aussie goodness.”

What do you guy’s think…Is it better?

Insight team rider Jamie Thomas, a.k.a. “The Chief,” proves exactly why he earned that moniker in the latest Insight video, OVERKILL. He shreds a ghetto abandoned warehouse with legitimate ease. Brace yourself, fool.

Check out this video of Travis Barker somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with his drum kit, banging out some toe tappin’ magic. You’re not a baller until you are putting in work in the middle of the ocean. Holla!

Wiz Khalifa makes his major label debut with “Black and Yellow,” the first offering from his 2011 Rostrum Records/Atlantic Records release.

The Pittsburgh-based MC made a name for himself on the indie circuit, but has been receiving lots of shine in recent months. Drake even offered him an opening spot on his tour, to which he politely declined. Instead, you can catch him on his own 50-city trek, which kicked off mid September in Philadelphia.

The 22 year old puts his Pittsburgh Pirates pride on display on “Black and Yellow” below. Oh, and if your wondering where all the weeds at? This vid’s obviously for mainstream TV, so it’s hidden for the moment.

This lucky son-of-a-gun got to go for a thrash with Ken Block at a driving demo in France. I love how DC just incorporates in a flipping dirt bike halfway through the course for s**ts and giggles.

In the Blue corner we have Steve MacIntyre.
Position: D
Birthdate: Aug 08, 1980
From: Brock, SK; Canada
Height: 6′ 6″
Weight: 265lbs

In the White/Red Corner, we have Raitis Ivanans.
Position: LW
Birthdate: Jan 03, 1979
From: Riga; Latvia
Height: 6′ 4″
Weight: 250lbs

Gentlemen please touch paws, I want a good clean fight, nothing below the belt, lets get it on!


I have a thing for Lucy Pinder, how could you not with all this talent spilling out of her bathing suits. These shots are from her upcoming calender which I will be ordering 200 copies of, in case I forget the day a lot. More after the jump.

The amazing footage below was shot from places all over the world such as Italy, Canada, Sweden and Spain.

After watching this I want to frolic in the  powder mountains of Spain so badly my testicles ache. Definitely adding this to my ‘To Do List’. Oh would you look at that, it’s the first non-human mission on my list. Radical.

The Knockout Fit girls have kindly taken the time to demonstrate some techniques used in Mixed Martial Arts. If you want to be sure to make your next opponent taps out, these videos are for you. On the flip side, if you enjoy woman’s breasts, this video is also for you.

More videos after the jump.

This is one insane little toy. I was waiting for the sonic boom. Pretty sure this orange rocket would snap you off at the ankles if it hit you.

You could probably strap ‘things’ to it and pin it over the border crossing, nobody would know, let alone catch the thing. Just sayin.

It hits 204Kph in the video below, check it out!

Following up his last video with 20 million views and counting, trials bike sensation Danny MacAskill has entered a new project – “Way Back Home”.

In the film, Danny showcases what he’s been up to since his last project: “This is something I have been working on with Red Bull along my two friends Dave Sowerby and Mark Huskisson for the last few months. We travel from Edinburgh all the way back to my home village Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye riding all the most amazing spots I could find along the way!”

Relentless Energy’s Short Stories competition beings with ‘The Dark Side Of The Lens’, a short film from renowned surf photographer Mickey Smith.

“Originally I planned for the film to be more anonymous, rather than biographical, an all encompassing piece, to represent the photographers keeping the surfing machine afloat,” explains Smith.

“Something that offers insight into what it takes to grind out a living as a water-based photographer in the surfing industry: a short experimental glimpse at a life lived in the shadow of obsessive photographic pursuits.”

“It also gave me the chance to ask myself a few questions, like, if you’re always observing and documenting what you see and experience, are you ever truly present? Questions like that where I could step back think and then see what the answers were,” Smith says.

From the director of Run, Bitch, Run!, Joseph Guzman brings you this mother of a film, Nude Nuns With Big Guns. The film has gain massive popularity in film Festivals world wide, including the Cannes Film Festival. The film now has distribution for Australia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. North American distribution and other territories are being negotiated.

Nude Nuns with Big Guns follows the revenge of Sister Sarah after she is raped, drugged, and abused by a sinister clergy sect and a rogue motorcycle gang. She unleashes her own unique brand of forgiveness as she shows them that hell hath no fury like a Nude Nun with a Big Gun!

Video is NSFW.

Check out the official trailer below for the 2010 GoldRush Rally.

Looks pretty epic, definitely something I want to do before I kick the old bucket so to speak.

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines.