We are now only two months away from its release (May 20th), and to tide us over we have a second preview showing all the hilarious and witty Johnny Depp we could hope for.

Although we have lost Keira Knightley in this installment, we have gained the gorgeous Penelope Cruz, along with Geoffrey Rush returning as Captain Barbossa, Keith Richards is back as Jack Sparrows father and Ian McShane (Deadwood) has stepped in to play the villain, Blackbeard.

When Penelope was hired to be in the movie, it was well known she was pregnant, although she began to show her baby bump a lot sooner then expected. Her sister Monica Cruz, was then hired to be Penelope’s body double in scenes where her pregnancy would show. Hit the jump to see photos of Monica Cruz. They have one seriously hot family.

Here’s another rad full part from Forum and Special Blend’s sick team video, F’ It. This time it’s Stevie Bell and Cameron Piece who are throwing down.

Cameron’s intro is freaky as hell, while Stevie’s an all American hero, but you know when it cuts to the action it’s a shred fest. Check it out below.

Nine Network’s A Current Affair sat down with bullying victim Casey Heynes, who became a hero to many after standing up to his tormentor in dramatic fashion.

While Nine Network’s A Current Affair was airing the first televised interview with Casey, it’s Seven Network rival Today Tonight was countervailing with an exclusive sit down with bully Ritchard Gale, who claims Casey was actually the one doing the bullying.

So, who’s side are you on?

Watch as the Russian Army shoots into snow covered mountains in North Ossetia to create a controlled avalanche.

However, the huge avalanche crashes down on them! Fortunately, it resulted in a good humored response and no injuries. Watch for the electricity zapping away at the end as the snow passes over it.

Elk cows like to graze on the lawns of Estes Park, Colorado. Bulls follow them into town for some lovin’. The scenes in this video from Human Planet are surreal, particularly the golf courses crowded with both humans and elk. Also, very stupid tourists.

Someone get me a towel, stat! This babe needs a wipe down, but don’t ask for the towel back, I’m going to need it afterward. Hit the jump to see more sweat, under boob and maybe even a hair-bra.

Damn you Xbox and your red rings of death. This also happened to mine and many of my friend’s consoles. Step your game up, or get blasted on!

Here is the latest internet edit from Mutiny Bikes. The video features footage shot over a four day trip to Denton and Fort Worth, TX featuring the talents of Randy Taylor, Brandon Hoerres, George Boyd and Mikey Luplow. The quality of this video alone makes it worth watching, with a mix of high speed and real time footage. Enjoy.

More behind the scenes has arrived on our doorstep from Pro’s Alive Till I’m Dead Tour. This time around he’s in Portsmouth and London. Nothing worse than having your new tattoos scratched by screaming girls, nothing.

Check out this awesome new Super Speedway trailer. I don’t have much information about it, other than the fact that it’s epic as hell. It’s a damn miracle that more drivers haven’t lost their lives in these races!

A Military Fighter Jet plummeted from the skies over Benghazi, Libya, after rebels shot it using anti-aircraft guns.

The situation in Libya has worsened with the entire country a ‘no-fly zone’ and American, French and British military forces all firing on Libyan air and missile defense targets in western portions of the country, after Gaddafi refused to comply with a ceasefire against rebels.

Watch the video below.

You probably know Kim Kardashian from any number of things like her perfume, her tv show, or maybe just her butt. If butt was the answer you came up with, you will enjoy this. Sorry ladies, no amount of lunges will give you such a hiney. Hit the jump for more.

Last week, everyone’s favorite primate Jeff Tremaine was featured on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly. If you missed out, well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got the clip in our grubby little mitts. So watch and learn how this 800-pound gorilla came to life in Hollywood with a motley group of prank happy oddballs.

Check out some new footage from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This movie is going to be amazing. I cannot wait.

Fresh from Ry Craike and Dino Adrian is this 14-minute super clip featuring the Cyclone Bianca swell and a 20-hour road trip deep into uncharted territory that leads to perfect surf.

Via: Transworldsurf

Extraordinary footage of a driver’s narrow escape from the Japanese tsunami.

A merchant in Nashville Tennessee defends his honor and livelihood against two thugs. I cannot believe nobody got tagged in this video, and why doesn’t anyone ever aim through the food stands instead of over them? Rookies.

Epic Meal Time have entered a new realm of epic-ness by appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They made an epic deep-fried shepherd’s pie that included mac and cheese, pastrami, Velveeta cheese, and of course tons of bacon. As a tribute to Jay, they made it look like a car!

Rainn Wilson makes a special appearance dressed as a leprechaun and helps out with the most important bit, the eating. Part 2 after the jump.