Thanks to their close connection to with pro skateboarder Chris Cole the Cult crew was able to hook up a session at The Berrics. They were the first BMX riders to get to session the famous skate spot, so it was a pretty big deal. Dakota Roche, Chase Dehart, Robbie Morales, Russ Barone, Cody Levesque, and even some Chris Cole BMX footy…

Check out the street acrobats below performing in Union Square, New York City. Jumping over bystanders, break dancing, flipping, head stands, and then the lead man (the human pretzel) flips over 7 women from the audience. Epic.

Her name says it all. Its been far too long since I’ve looked at saucy Megan Fox photos. Last time was, umm, last night. See what I mean? Way too long. Here are some recent pics of Megan posing, while raising the climate and melting the ice caps at the same time with the radiating heat from her cleavage. The Polar Bears are not pleased, but I sure am.

Tasmanian local Tyler Hollmer Cross slips into a chunky one at Shipstern Bluff. The video clip was taken by Andrew Chisholm.

This is an entry for the Ride of the Year category of the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.

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Bonus video after the jump…first ever kick flip on a surfboard? You decide!

About 1,000 black birds fell from the sky over Beebe, Arkansas on new years eve. Around 11:30pm, the commission began receiving phone calls about the birds, most of which were dead and fell over a 1-mile span. Commission ornithologist Karen Rowe said the flock could have been hit by lightning or high-altitude hail, or the birds could have died from stress if disturbed from their roost by fireworks celebrating the New Year.

At times like this, all I can do is be glad I have 2000 cans of baked beans stashed under my house, ready for Armageddon. In the military, Parakeets are used as early warning system to detect chemical attacks. If this isn’t a sign that there is a huge change happening in the world, then I’m going to be hustling baked beans for $2 a can.

A female police officer has been shot dead and another wounded after a dramatic trailer park gun battle in Ohio.

Mother-of-two Suzanne Waughtel Hopper, 40, had driven to the trailer park after reports came in of shots being fired in the Enon Beach area late Saturday morning.

As she examined the area and took photos, the door of a nearby silver trailer opened and a man fired a single shot from a shotgun. Deputy Hopper was killed instantly by the blast.

The officer who had accompanied there desperately tried to reach her body as a gun battle then ensued at the trailer park just southwest of Springfield and about 50 miles west of Columbus.

Sergeant Dustin White had been interviewing a family whose trailer had been shot at when he heard his partner scream.

Enon Beach resident Angelina Inman said: ‘He was itching to get her. He kept radioing in, can he please get her, and he was told no because it wasn’t secure. You could see him crying – he wanted to get her, he wanted to get her bad.’

The as-yet unidentified man fired again on police who responded to the ‘officer down’ call, sparking a furious gun battle as officers returned fire with handguns and automatic weapons. It was during this firefight that Patrolman Jeremy Blum, 32, was also wounded.

In graphic video footage of the shootout, Patrolman Blum can be seen screaming in pain, throwing his weapon in front of him and crawling away from his advanced position at the scene.

Officer Hopper’s body, lying in front of the trailer on her back, has been blurred in the footage.

The Analog Team featuring Dylan, Arto, Stefan, Sammy and Gypo went on a tour around Berlin. As a result we have this rad edit highlighting the trip. The vid features lots of rad Stefan Janoski footage (pictured above).

The production version of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept was spotted during a photoshoot in Abu Dhabi. A member of Teamspeed paid a visit at the Abu Dhabi F1 race track and came across this gem. The 1,450 kg sports car runs from 0-62 mph in only 4.8 seconds, performance that brings it at the same level as the current M3.

The car will charge from a conventional power socket in just 2.5 hours, and BMW indicated its fuel efficiency will approach 90 miles per gallon. The car will have an electric-only driving range of about 31 miles, while diesel power extends the total range of the vehicle to up to 435 miles.

The car is rumored to have a $200,000 price tag.

Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine and others celebrated the New Year’s at Adrianna’s Club Ballroom in Chicago and it looked like it was one hell of a party!

About half way through the video you can watch something called “Lil Wayne Olympics”.

I like the Lil Wayne Olympics.

Pro Surfers Kai Barger, Tanner Hendrickson, Dusty Payne & Granger Larsen come to the assistance of shark attack victim Vaughn Stover. Vaughn was boogie boarding with his friend Joe Mannoia who initially helped Vaughn reach the surfers so they could paddle him in to shore to get medical assistance. The boy suffered lacerations to his lower left leg, calf, foot and ankle area after being bitten twice.

When Washington capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin stopped by the ESPN campus recently, they decided to test his shooting accuracy. They asked him to fire hockey pucks at Russian nesting dolls filled with Russian dressing. The results, as you might expect are equal parts messy and amazing. Enjoy.

This is Bob Soven’s segment of the wakeboard movie, Not Just Clockwise. Check out Bob’s twitter @therealbobsoven.

You can watch the full length movie here!

Stunt highlights from Steven Ho’s guest appearances on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. “Don’t you worry baby!” may be the best line I’ve ever heard. Well played sir, well played.

Swedish model Johanna Lundback is a sexy brunette that looks good in anything, but she’s looking especially hot modeling lingerie. Don’t be surprised if your computer screen fogs up after the jump. OOWEE!

Andrew Allen took lots of big hits that didn’t make his Prevent This Tragedy part, so here is a remix edit of his part including some of the unseen slams that Andrew took. Ouchie mumma.

Check out this cool new edit from Banshee Bungee and Eddie Grams. Filled with shots from this years “In Color”, “Right brain Left brain”, “The Arena”, “The Leak”, and ” Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow”. Check it out below.

Oh happy days, it’s 2011, lets kick things off with a bang in the form of bombshell Victoria Silvstedt. Her amazing body has been around for a while (she was discovered by Hugh Hefner in 1996) and she doesn’t mind flaunting it. The Swedish born model/television personality actually poked me on Facebook the other day but I ignored her. Girls want what they cant have right? Wait, I’ve just been informed that it was a fake profile and probably wasn’t her. Damn you Mark Zuckerberg *shakes fist in air*.

Federal Bikes compiled a bunch of Mark Love’s best clips into this edit. Iconic spots and great riding are included!

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