Big diamonds that is. And that’s exactly what she got when Orlando Bloom recently popped the question. It’s all good though, I can deal with just being her ‘thing on the side’.

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Spend some time with Danny Cerezini as he tears up the streets.

Meet the world’s most fearless animal, the Honey Badger. Yes it looks small and has a delicious name, but don’t be fooled. The video below features some awesome match-ups; Badger vs. Cheetah, Badger vs. Bees and the main event, Badger vs. King Cobra.

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Brock Lesnar rallied from a horrific first round beating to stop Shane Carwin with a choke in the second round, defending his heavyweight title at UFC 116 on Saturday night.

Lesnar (5-1), the intimidating former pro wrestler and the UFC’s biggest pay-per-view star, won his first fight in nearly a year despite taking a pounding in the opening minutes from Carwin, the previously undefeated interim champion.

Lesnar took down Carwin in the second round and got Carwin in an arm triangle choke, forcing Carwin to tap out at the MGM Grand Garden.

“I knew he was getting tired,” Lesnar said. “Each shot was less dramatic than the other. … I stand before you a humble champion, and I’m still the toughest SOB around.”

Daniel Dhers laying down a couple of rad moves at the Nike 6.0 BMX Pro. Gotta love the ‘Cash Roll’, just watching it makes me dizzy.

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Katy showed off her well manicured hand bra recently inside Esquire Magazine. Apparently, going shirtless is normal behavior for the pop star, who claims she sends her hubby Russell Brand photo messages of her boobs via mobile phone. Now enjoy the rest of your day mulling that image over in your head while I dedicate the rest of my life to stealing Russell’s phone. I bid you fair well!

Chris Forsberg (born April 6, 1982), is an American self taught drifting driver from Doylestown, Pennsylvania who currently competes in the Formula Drift series in his Nissan 350Z for NOS Energy Drink and Maxxis Tires.

Check out his official website here:

This is a video of the spitting cobra from the BBC’s Life in Cold Blood documentary series. Our planet is such a crazy place, be warned!

Hello and welcome, please have a seat. On today’s menu we have Aussie Model Sophie Turner getting all stretchy and warm before her run in Santa Monica. I’m not entirely sure what it is she does, but I couldn’t be happier that she’s doing it.

After recent weight exemption approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, Terrafugia’s flying car has taken one step closer to production. At 1430-pounds, it is designed for trips of up to about 450 miles and can travel about 100 miles per hour in the air and 70 miles per hour on road. Well, it’s not what i saw in The Jetsons but I’ll take what I can get.

As Big Ben struck 6am, Mark Webber showed he’s made a full recovery after last Sunday’s crash in Valencia by roaring up to the gates of the Houses of Parliament in London in his Red Bull Racing F1 car, where the Red Bull pit crew were waiting to practice a full Formula One pit stop.

With a week to go until the British Grand Prix rolls into Silverstone, Webber and the full Red Bull pit team stunned onlookers and commuters on Parliament Square as they warmed up for next week’s championship showdown with a 3.2 second pit stop.

Webber, who last weekend in Valencia walked away unscathed from one of the most horrific crashes in recent years, thanks to the strength of his Red Bull Racing F1 car, jumped at the chance to show off his driving skills to the unsuspecting British public.

An excited Webber said of the pit stop: “Obviously, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity – it’s not every day you get to see the sights of London from an F1 car. This year has once again thrown up some interesting rule changes so any practice the team can get is going to make a difference, no matter where it is.”

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This was a little something put together by Nick Wnorowski of a day skating from Brooklyn to Manhattan with Daniel Kim, Jamal Smith and German Nieves. Nothing too crazy just killing time in the city.

Kim Kardashian was honored (and I use that word in the loosest possible sense) earlier today in New York with a wax sculpture at Madame Tussauds, and you’re gonna find this hard to believe but that’s it on the right.

What’s the best way to tell the real Kim from the Kim wax replica unveiled today at Madame Tussauds? Crank the heat up of course, if her boobs melt, it’s Kim. No wait, what? Now I’m confused.

Longtime veterans of the game, FODT and MFM have teamed up once again to bring you another classic chart topper to add to your collection. Installment number ten in the FODT library, “The Arena” brings you to a place where riders put it all on the line for the thrill of victory and sometimes the agony of defeat.

With an all-star list of the most influential and stylish riders such as MFM, Lucas Magoon, Johnnie Paxson, Dylan Thompson, Travis Kennedy, Jonah Owen, Jake Devine, Derek Dennison and several other guest appearances, you can expect hammers from beginning to end. From home turf SLC all the way to Warsaw, Poland, witness the crew handle everything in their path and leave people talking for years to come. Take your chance and step into “The Arena”.

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Lizard tosses up his option of living the party life or going sober like some of the OG Baker/Deathwish dudes. Rest assured, we are yet to see the end of Lizard’s heyday.

Mazda Australia have produced a video of Rocky Rehayem discussing what happens during a run of the Pac Performance 20B powered Super Compact (BB/SC) Mazda6.

“We’ve had an association with Pac Performance for a long time. The video is an extension of our commitment to all types of motor sport from amateur motor sport all the way to the professionalism of Pac,” Allan said.

“To the general public drag racing is a bit of a mystery and we have shown in the video just how complicated and demanding running the quarter mile is.”

Check out this behind the scenes look at the latest tests for the Red Bull Stratos mission. The testing took place at the  Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, where renowned athlete Felix Baumgartner began testing his exit stragety when leaving the capsule, and practiced balancing himself in a free fall. To complete this mission, Felix will have to climb at least 120,000 feet above the earth, to the very edge of Space, where he will attempt a stratospheric free fall jump – the longest in the history of man – and hopefully will become the first human to break the speed of sound with his own body.

Check out Gigi and friends in the latest film documenting Gigi and his travels from Veeco Productions.

Looks pretty damn epic.