Most people take shelter in the event of extreme weather, but a tornado of this magnitude is bound to bring out even the bravest of storm chasers. One driver in Illinois witnessed a funneling tornado from his car at a dangerously close proximity, perhaps a few hundred feet away, and filmed the harrowing moments from his iPhone. “I don’t know what direction it’s going in, so I don’t know how to get away from it,” he said as he filmed. “But, it looks like it’s coming right towards me.”


Dramatic footage of cars, trucks and whole buildings being washed away in muddy water has emerged online after thunderstorms and abnormal rainfall in Chile’s desert Atacama region caused the Copiapo River to break its banks last week. At least 25 people were killed and 125 others are missing as the floods ravaged the area known as one of the driest places on Earth!

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What looked like a day in paradise changed in just seconds to a violent storm that damn near cleared the beach. Crazy how small a powerful that thing was!