Most people take shelter in the event of extreme weather, but a tornado of this magnitude is bound to bring out even the bravest of storm chasers. One driver in Illinois witnessed a funneling tornado from his car at a dangerously close proximity, perhaps a few hundred feet away, and filmed the harrowing moments from his iPhone. “I don’t know what direction it’s going in, so I don’t know how to get away from it,” he said as he filmed. “But, it looks like it’s coming right towards me.”


Dramatic footage of cars, trucks and whole buildings being washed away in muddy water has emerged online after thunderstorms and abnormal rainfall in Chile’s desert Atacama region caused the Copiapo River to break its banks last week. At least 25 people were killed and 125 others are missing as the floods ravaged the area known as one of the driest places on Earth!

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What looked like a day in paradise changed in just seconds to a violent storm that damn near cleared the beach. Crazy how small a powerful that thing was!


The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore was reporting last night from the middle of the snowstorm pummeling New England when lightning struck 6 times (aka, “thundersnow”). Cantore was, to put it lightly, excited. I’d rather have half a billion dollars myself. Could probably make a pretty awesome thundersnow simulator for 100 million, with 400 million left for other zany sh*t.

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One side of Cheektowaga in New York State had accumulated 51 inches of snow, while just on the other side of town, only two inches. A mere 10 minute drive north into the city of Buffalo itself, the sun was peeking through the clouds, as spectators watched the wall of snow engulf their neighbors to the south.

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Filmed across several states of the US, ‘Stormscapes 2′ is a gorgeous time-lapse of severe weather events. Lightning strikes, rainbow formations, tornado activity, and rolling thunderstorms in a way you’ve never seen them before!

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Where this river would normally fall 80ft, extreme winds caused the water to go straight up into the air. You got owned waterfall!


“If we die, I love you” said one bather struck by bullet-like giant hail stones. Sunbathers in the Russian city of Novosibrisk were forced to run for cover when a sudden temperature drop from 41 to 22 degrees celsius caused a large golf ball sized hail at a beach in Novosibirsk, central Russia. Swimmers waded out of the water covering their heads. They shielded themselves under parasols and blow-up sun beds to stay clear of the giant hailstones. Some children were in tears, sheltering under trees, as the hail bombardment struck the beach vicinity. “It was like being hit by raining bullets from the sky” said one sunbather. “My husband was protecting my young daughter but his back was exposed to the hailstones and he has bruising all over it” said another woman.

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This is by far the most heavy metal fire you will see today. A 150 acre, prescribed burn near in Colorado grew out of control when a massive dust devil swept fire and tumble weeds in the firefighters direction. Although dangerous, it is a beautiful sight to see!

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People in Aalesund had trouble crossing the street when a violent storm caused extreme wind. Police had to assist people in moving around in this particular street, and many homes in the area lost power.

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Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara set the world record for biggest wave ever ridden back in November 2011, when he tamed a 78-foot monster. McNamara reportedly broke his own record by riding this 100-foot wave on Monday in Nazaré, Portugal:

A destructive tornado struck south Portugal’s Algarve region on Friday, tearing the roofs off homes and tossing around vehicles – some with people inside. Eleven people were injured. It’s stunning footage but we have to question the sanity of the person who stuck around to film it. What on earth were they thinking?

A man captured this crazy footage during Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of the United States. Three trees come down and a fire starts all in a matter of minutes. Crazy…

We’ve got a train taking on Mother F**ken Nature. I won’t spoil the outcome – but this a good one to stick around for.

The famous “Tri-state” tornado of March 18, 1925 is the deadliest tornado in the United States. It killed 695 people and traveled at 70 mph over a 219 mile long track across parts of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

Watch as huge chunks of ice fall from TV tower during an Oklahoma ice storm. Ice struck the building and a number of vehicles that were parked beneath the tower. Just like catching snowflakes on your tongue!

I wrote this from the basement because I smoked weed then saw these photos. I’m convinced that given the chance, mother nature is going to sting me with a lightning bolt to the brain and wipe my memories clean.

Wild storms are amazing to watch, but freak me out. If you’re a storm chaser at heart, this is the post for you.

A tonne more photos, plus video after the jump…

No more joking about Irene being a non-event people. The governor says the flooding in central and southern Vermont is the worst in over a century!

A dozen bridges have been washed away, tens of thousands are without power, and at least two are dead in the tiny New England state.

If you’d like to help Vermont and the many other victims of Irene, please make a donation to the Red Cross.

Next up we have the National Guard attempting to drive through the floods.

And failing miserably. They aren’t going to be much help to Manville floating around like that. You’ve got to give them full credit for the effort though…even if it was a gamble.

Also, this beast was found yesterday in Long Beach after Hurricane Irene hit New York.

What is this demonry? The chupacabra? Montauk monster? Whatever it is, I’m never going outside again.