Matt 'Nadeshot' Haag - Portrait

Imagine if you could make enough money playing Call of Duty to quit work and live off your killstreaks. An elite band of players do just that, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Meet the highest earning player, Matthew Haag, more commonly known as NaDeSHoT, to find out how he does it. Prepare to be jealous…


Do kids these days deserve this kind of treatment? Many are fixated on PC games, Xbox and Playstation that they forget about life and future careers. Whose side are you on, the mother or the kid?

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I can’t explain why, but watching these guys dance to Rasputin put me in a trance. I wish I could dance, but I’m just too damn white!

GTA (2)GTA (1)

“I am the Merman queen, listen to my demands.” This kind of mod has potential for something really awesome. Having to find a boat and explore the wreckage. Maybe exploring the building rooftops and finding access into the skyscrapers that are above water for resources. What do you guys think, would you play it?

Shadow (2)Shadow (1)Shadow (3)

Monolith Production’s latest game might be a little loose when it comes to remaining true to Tolkien lore, but the pre-alpha gameplay for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is certainly something to keep an eye on. While there have been several video games set in Middle-earth, most of them are not great. Outside of the games that follow along with the movies, there’s been very little creativity despite being set within in a truly massive set of stories. The latest entry into this world looks like an entirely different animal, with an impressive physics engine and promises of wholly unique gameplay experiences. If they can pull it off, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor looks like it could be the shining example of single player gameplay in the future.

Cod (2)Cod (1)

If you didn’t know already, Activision and Infinity Ward have dumped zombies in the ‘last season’ pile. For Ghosts the zombies mode was replaced with the Extinction game, where players attempt to out-gun a vicious pack of aliens. And right on cue, as in previous years, this mode is getting some DLC to expand the story. The first of four episodes, Nightfall, is on its way, and promises to blow open the secrets behind the extra-terrestrial threat.

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Do you ever dream of an escape, a quick getaway from the everyday grind to just let loose and play a little Call of Duty? Well you’re in luck. Because you’re about to get CODnapped.

Myers (2)Myers (1)

When Call of Duty: Ghosts’ first downloadable content, Onslaught, is released Jan. 28, it will bring four new maps, a new weapon and Halloween’s Michael Myers to the first-person shooter. One of the maps called Fog is set on alongside a lake and designed as “an homage to classic horror films” filled with an eerie campsite, flickering TVs and more. By completing a certain Field Order, players can become Michael Myers, the masked slasher from the Halloween series of horror films. Other players will learn of the transformation when the Halloween theme music begins to play. F**ken awesome. Will you play it?

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This animation explains why GTA V has so many mini games aside from all the killing and looting. Gotta go get my tan on!

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This cheeky devil found a way to make other online gamers on the Xbox One to sign out. Trollolololol!


The Farm 51 company has announced that it is currently working on new video game project – Get Even. Get Even will look different to other first person shooter games that are currently on the market. Farm51 wants to achieve a true photo-realism. “Get Even” graphics is based on 3d scans of real locations and characters. This is the first time this kind of technology will be used so extensively in a video game. Game launch is planned in 2015. Teaser is not available online yet, but we have technology demo. And it looks f**ken awesome!


This is why I don’t visit Liverpool anymore. Sick and tired of hot women in lingerie dragging me out of my car, shooting me, then repeatedly running me over until my cash falls out of my pocket.

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Star Citizen will either be one of the most phenomenal games ever created, or it’ll crater massively under the wait of insatiable expectation. Until the game is released and the verdict passed, there’s little for us to do but enjoy the constant flow of development videos. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


The Nomad Union crew are back with another banger. This awesome stunt montage features epic jumps and tricks using almost all the vehicles available in GTA V. No cheats or mods were used. Enjoy!

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Nintendo have dropped a new trailer for ‘Mario Kart 8′ where all your favourite characters, along with a few new ones, are ripping around airport and cloud-top courses with a new buggy. Can’t wait to relive my childhood! Oh wait, I haven’t actually left it yet.


Slow, apathetic, and easily visible, the infected are not much of a threat in daylight. But this relatively safe state of affairs is turned upside down as the sun sets. At night, it is you who is at a disadvantage. Without daylight, the senses of the infected become more acute while their thirst for human flesh skyrockets. They run, jump, and climb, so there is really no place where you are safe anymore.


Who knew Major League Gaming was such an intense battlefield? This warrior shows off his battle cry to scare the enemy. Shout out to Ryan Toomes for the submission.

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Do you wish you lived in the future? This high concept game allows you to become a space explorer! Any planet or star you can see if the sky, you can visit, and along the way you will get into gun battles and aerial dogfights with other explorers. Crazy!