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The modder community have done it again, and we have this moving launch ramp to them for! Watch as cars go flying into the stratosphere when they get hit by the jump truck!


Earlier today, Treyarch released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III showing off the Cybercore: Chaos abilities. Cybercore abilities are a new addition to the franchises campaign mode, allowing players to turn the tide of battle in a variety of unique and sometimes violent ways.


Microsoft took time during today’s Windows 10 Devices event to give the audience a more in-depth look at what its new HoloLens AR system is capable of. Minds were blown, jaws were dropped and more than a few digital robots were blown to smithereens!

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Who would of thought we needed a ‘caveman’ game to see something fresh for once. Prepare yourself to enter the Stone Age, a time of extreme danger and limitless adventure, when giant mammoths and saber-toothed tigers ruled the Earth, and humanity was at the bottom of the food chain!


This reminds me of how depressing mankind can be. Can you imagine what could have been accomplished if they didn’t kill each other? I felt my manliness slip away as a tear slid down my cheek, but then I remembered I’m a man, so using the powers of manliness I sucked the tear back into my eye.


Battlefield 4™ Community Operations includes Operation Outbreak, a map developed alongside the community as Battlefield 4 players provided feedback, suggestions, and voted in polls to shape its final form. The result is a dense infantry focused jungle map called Operation Outbreak. Battlefield 4 Community Operations is a free DLC pack coming for all Battlefield 4 players in Fall 2015.


Black Ops III engrosses players in a dark and gritty future, where a new breed of Black Ops soldier has emerged, and the lines between humanity and military technology have been blurred. You must navigate the hot spots of a new Cold War to find your missing brothers. While much has changed, one thing remains the same: everything you know may be wrong. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go to uncover the disturbing truth?

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Gamers are having terrible bouts of thumb twitches leading up to the release of ‘Halo 5: Guardians’, and live action commercials like these are helping!


This dad finds out that his son’s been stealing. So, understandably, he’s angry as sh*t. That’s not how he raised his kid. The boy needs punishing. So the belt comes off, but he doesn’t want to use it. The kid needs to learn though. So the dad comes up with an alternative plan. What’s his son’s most prized possession? Bye bye Xbox.


Tony Hawk sinks into sidewalks, flies through half pipes, and contorts in inhuman ways. Granted, the glitches are amazingly comical – but a game shouldn’t be so broken at release. My childhood memories, ruined in one 2 minute video.


Take a car from stock to stock plus awesome in a blink of an eye. Built from the ground up, the Need for Speed wrap editor will re-define how you personalise your ride, and we can’t wait to see what you do.


“It took me 5 hours to make this level, it took me 9 hours to beat this level. Here is the hardest Super Mario Maker level ever made and completed.” Right now, there’s a course titled “Pit of Panga: P-Break” floating around in Super Mario Maker. Thousands of people have tried this level. Not a single person has beaten it yet. The creator is calling it the “hardest ever made,” and when you see how gruelling it is, you’ll understand why. Too bad 95% of these custom levels so far are either pixel-precision hard, or “look here’s 2000 Koopa Troopas, good luck.”

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Conan takes on Lil Wayne and Tony Hawk in “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5,” and reveals that Weezy is one of the new characters featured in the game.


Lara Croft’s latest adventure takes her to literal new highs and lows as the tomb raiding explorer finds herself on a new, dangerous adventure in Rise of the Tomb Raider. After unveiling an extended look at the game earlier this summer during E3, EW can exclusively reveal the newest look at the upcoming sequel’s gameplay in the “Descent into Legend” trailer.

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“Well, now we know who would win if Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey fought. I got bored and decided to play around with some texture files in my PC installation of Street Fighter IV. The result is this mayweather vs. rousey mod, lol. To eliminate bias, i simulated the Mayweather v. Rousey fight with both fighters controlled by the CPU.” – Richie Branson


The tense stealth action and bizarre quirks of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain are coming to a full multiplayer mode with Metal Gear Online on October 6 (except for PC, which is getting it next year). Konami has finally pulled back the camouflage netting to reveal a full gameplay session for MGO, showing off a match of the Team Deathmatch-styled Bounty Hunter mode. Will you play it?


The game is being hyped like no other soccer game before it, and now we have the official commercial that is sure to blitz our TV screens over the next few months. It is a star-studded affair, with Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Alex Morgan, Pele and even NBA superstar Kobe Bryant all making appearances. We want the game right now, but, like everyone else, we have to wait until Sept. 24.


A Jack the Ripper campaign is coming to Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Ubisoft announced alongside details about the Syndicate season pass. The new campaign takes place 20 years after the events of the main game and has players joining forces with Frederick Abberline of Scotland Yard as he tries to hunt down Jack the Ripper. The Ripper stalked London during 1888’s Autumn of Terror in Whitechapel. Will you play it?