It was built up as a promising match featuring heavy hitting bantamweights, but John Lineker and Francisco Rivera blew any and all of those expectations away. In what was probably the craziest brawl ever in the lighter weights, both men just kept on throwing fast bombs at each other. Check it out!


“I recently partnered up with Chilli surfboards. So stoked. I knew there would be a bit of a transition changing shapers and all, so i thought it would be cool to film this change in my life. I got six boards, all the same, but with different tweaks that the naked eye can’t see. I went through board after board. Breaking them from mistiming till I found one that I was quite familiar with. The one. 4 days, 5 broken boards, 1 edit. Please Enjoy, we certainly did. Big thanks to the Chilli team for the film time and surfboards.” – Lee Wilson.

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A motorcyclist who was supposed to ride ahead of the field stalled his bike. This happened at one of the tightest spots on the course and near the start, so the group of riders were still tightly bunched. The first few cyclists managed to dodge the motorbike, but the rest were not so lucky as they ploughed into one another.


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Tyson Fury ripped off his shirt and told Wladimir Klitschko that a fat man beat him during a fiery press conference ahead of the pair’s world heavyweight championship fight this summer. Fury, who will defend the WBA and WBO belts he won from Klitschko in Dusseldorf when the two boxers meet at the Manchester Arena on July 9, pulled off his black T-shirt, mocked his own physique and told his opponent he should be ashamed not to have won their original encounter in November.

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Chase Webb rips in a big way, like a strong man on a phonebook. There are so many jaw dropping moments in this part you’ll be become bored with regular life after watching it.


On Episode 1, a major press conference tees up big things to come, including an interim featherweight title bout between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar and a women’s bantamweight title fight between champion Miesha Tate and challenger Amanda Nunes. A day later, former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones wins the interim title, positioning him to face champion Daniel Cormier once “DC” has recovered from injury. As more stars land in the Big Apple, Jones reflects on his homecoming, Cormier gets psyched up, Nunes plays tourist and Tate introduces her canine traveling companion.


“Beyond the Race” will provide new insights and behind-the-scenes footage around the preparations for Tour de France and will uncover the most intriguing stories from the world of cycling. In addition, take a closer look into the team behind the athletes; from expert mechanics to director sportifs, cooks to soigneurs.

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Here it is a highlight video following Mark Webb for his FISE Montpellier experience last year. Take a look inside the life of a BMX legend, and catch him there yourself this year on the 4-8 of May!


I heard a joke once that best describes the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire. A millionaire goes to Vegas, and he walks into the high stakes area and says “Give me the most expensive chips you got! I’ve got 65 million dollars!” One of the billionaires sitting at the table turns to him and asks, “Do you want to go double or nothing?”

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In a ground-breaking move, the current owners of this island resort have chosen to offer full transfer of title via an authorised raffle (similar to the popular prize-home draws), giving anyone the chance to win the ultimate slice of paradise. See all info on how to enter HERE. Shout out to Adam Beitz for the submission.

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San Fransico is the hill bomb Mecca, but Los Angeles has some serious slopes as well. Nuge was challenged to bomb the fifth steepest hill in the United States. Never bet against Nuge.


“Part 4 of the GoPro POV Bike riding in NYC series. Featuring BMX riders Anthony Panza and myself (Billy Perry.) Weaving through heavy traffic, skitching cabs, dodging cops and a scenic tour of NYC are a few things in this video. Please do not ride like this.”

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Zane Timpson has put together the kind of video part that will make you want to lace those shoes up and go collect some daily sickness for yourself!

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It took 2 visits but Diego Najera got what he wanted. Have a behind the scenes look at his nollie tre flip down the Santa Monica triple set.

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Football and Ping Pong goes head-to-head in this epic battle. Many trick shots were made, and plenty is skill was flexed!

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Bam is finally skateboarding again, and has released new footage to accompany the first song from his new band ‘Evesdroppers’. Hopefully this is the start of lots more new footage!

Baylor v KansasHuge

At Baylor University in Waco, Texas, head football coach Art Briles does things differently with his high-octane spread offence. Baylor has been an elite football program in the Big 12 the last five years, so it’s no surprise that Briles used a 400-pound tight end named LaQuan McGowan to decimate opponents in the spread.