Yesterday, UFC fighter Connor McGregor made headlines when he said that he would “Kill Floyd Mayweather in 30 seconds”. Today, UFC President Dana White said not only did he agree that McGregor could beat Mayweather’s ass, but that any UFC fighter would be able beat Mayweather, including female UFC fighter Paige Van Zandt. Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


Nothing worse than a security guard who wants to be a hero. After getting bumped midair, Paul waits for the rent-a-cop to slump back at his stupid desk before getting redemption.


“A few years back a fan posted a picture of Balls Pyramid on my Facebook page and asked if it could be jumped. When I saw the picture I couldn’t believe the place was real. I thought it had been photoshopped. I then started doing a little research on google and found out the place was very real and next to an amazing island called Lord Howe. I sent the picture to my very good friend Luigi Cani and asked him if he thought this would make a good location for a project. He said absolutely and he started putting everything together to go there and fly wing-suits next to this amazing and beautiful location. It may be the single most beautiful place I have ever been. It really did feel like an alien landscape from another planet.” – Jeb Corliss


Bob set a new personal long range record on an antelope at 1,380 yards. It was the last day of his hunt, spotting a group with a nice antelope buck in it from a far, he closed the distance. Final setup yardage was 1,380. Dialling 36 minutes of elevation and 3 minutes for the wind, Bob settled in for the shot. Two fatal shots at 1,380 yards, Bob was ecstatic to say the least.


Position before submission. Everyone’s heard that phrase before and it’s a wonderfully apt reference to the core of most grappling arts. Striking, unfortunately, lacks the same type of concise and universally understood slogan. Listen closely as Jack Slack examines the striker’s stance.

Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. – Steve Jobs


Would you like to cry today? Fourteen-year-old Jonathan Pitre from Russell, Ontario is an avid hockey fan. He loves his hometown Ottawa Senators and dreamed about playing the game. But he never had the chance. TSN’s James Duthie tells Jonathan’s painful, and inspiring story. This kid is already 100x the man I will ever become. Life has given him a bowl of sh*t to eat everyday, but he somehow looks past it and keeps on keeping on. Want to help? Donate to Butterfly Ambassador Jonathan Pitre’s page HERE.

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Pro skimboarder Austin Keen has power moves like Donald Trump on his board, making magic happen from shore to wake. Watch this awesome hijacking!


Claudio Caluori is back for a new year of World Cup course previews. A new track awaits the world’s fastest as they make their way to Lourdes, France, for the opening round of the UCI MTB World Cup. Join Claudio with special guest, Loïc Bruni, as they take to the French hillside for the first course preview of 2015.


Two base-jumpers who broke their backs after a horrific 500ft fall have made a remarkable recovery – and started jumping again. Austin Carey, 23, and Jay Rawe, 25, plummeted onto a riverbank when their parachutes tangled at the Perrine Bridge, Idaho. They had been attempting a risky ‘totem pole waterfall’ manoeuvre when Jay lost his balance and pulled out his friend’s parachute and landed inside of it. Stunned spectators – who recorded the near-fatal fall – could only gasp in horror as they spiralled onto the beach below.

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Skateboarding fails, snowboarding fails, surfing fails and everything in between is all right here. There are even a few diving board and karate board fails. Enjoy!

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This guy broke the first rule of sports, you’ve gotta finish strong! you can see the moment of realisation when he gets passed and comes in second. What a letdown!

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Seb Toutant is back with another incredible video part, and the whole thing was filmed in just 18 days. Man, can this dude ride!


Jesper Tjäder shows us a unique and creative line at the Suzuki Nine Knights castle. He nails his “Dream Line” starting off with a sideways transfer of the jump into a technical alley-oop double flatspin, moving on to a silky smooth double backflip over the axe, and finally polishing off the run with a 450 on the down rail.


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Fabio Wibmer’s videos never fail to deliver when it comes to amazing skills and stunning scenery, but you may have to look a little harder for the stunning views in this edit, because his skills come in abundance from the start. 2 completely different bikes in one line? Check this out.


Why would you even ride a bike on the highway? That sounds like a free ticket to the f**ken grave. It’s insane to me that 3 people all decided this wasn’t completely retarded. Let me make sure my bike is okay before helping the guy in stuck in the road. Classic.


Iconic BMX rider Mark Webb is blazing down the comeback trail, and getting stronger by the day. By the look of things, he isn’t f**king around. Major shout out to @thewebbieshow for showing Shock Mansion so much love, follow him on instagram, you won’t be disappointed. Like what Webby is wearing? Limited numbers and sizes available so get in there fast. Click HERE to go shopping and check out our latest collection of street threads.