From lake surfing to cliff jumping on mountain bikes with Darren Berrecloth, they are never short of ways to get weird on their northern excursion.


Perhaps it was the frustration of the moment that led Dallas’ Victoria Thomas to attack Seattle’s Bryn Renda. What was most scary, was that Renda was pulled by her hair for nearly 10 yards.


Eric Sterman saw the very early cinematic potential of drone photography. Fast forward to today, and Eric’s work is all over the world – and despite the playing field now being crowded with competitors, his work still stands out for its crispness, control, and especially its creativity.


Two things that stand out right now, the classic no handed photo from scooter rider, and clipping his feet back in after passing. Skilled rider, crazy stuff. Sailing through the air horizontally while gripping your handlebars for dear life is the new most efficient way downhill.


In 2005, a young rider from Germany came to America to race the USA’s top minicycle racers. Very few people stateside at the time had heard the name Ken Roczen. Little did they know, they were getting just a glimpse of a rider who would become one of the sport’s most dominant in the world and the American championship series!


Jerry takes tricks from different skate eras, adds some rockin’ music, and puts it all in a blender. The result is one hell of a good time and a killer edit.


NBA legend Gary Payton and freaks out when an unknown dunker, Jordan Kilganon, steps onto the court and shut the dunk show down!


Alex Gray surfs a lot of good waves. He’s a tube hunter, a barrel searching maniac, a purveyor of stoke. He’s a lot of things really. Like everyone else, he likes his waves a certain way: empty and perfect. But because he’s Alex Gray, and he’s truly earned his way, so to speak, when someone tells him about one, he’s able to drop everything and go.


The Maldives has a great array of left and right reef breaks suiting most intermediate to advanced surfers. The Maldivian waves aren’t generally as intense as Indo, the Mentawai’s or Tahiti surf but like anywhere, any break over 6′ and over reef deserves your respect!


The trailer teases some of the authentic aspects of the NBA experience that have been added to 2K17, including cheerleaders and mascots firing T-shirts into the stands, Dunk Teams entertaining fans during timeouts and improved crowd reactions.


“These are some of my favourite roof drops, fence gaps, and tricks off ledges.” – Dakota Bratt.


Technology has enhanced viewers experience as well as become helpful for fighters to analyse their drawbacks and powers. With matches at UFC 202 featuring Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, it clearly shows how epic and dangerous any form of action can be.


When a recent low pressure cranked out the season’s first serious swell our man Talon Clemow was there to record all of the insane action in this Sessions edit. Local lads Mikey Brennan and Mikey Brennanwere standouts as per any Shipstern session, while Brazilian wildman Sylvio Mancusi made one hell of a cameo performance as the most famous step in surfing showed its teeth.


If you want a benchmark for some of the best surfing in the world right now look no further than Julian F**ken Wilson. The ferocity and clinical nature of Jules’ approach on display is incredible and very easy to watch. Are you not entertained? I bloody am.


Colin Cowherd weighs in on the show Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor put on at UFC 202. He takes the stance that the impact of the McGregor vs Diaz series is bigger than just a fight.


Watch Tendai “Beast” Mtawarira hold up 2.04m, 123kg Eben Etzebeth as he mistimed a jump for the ball in the Rugby Championship match against Argentina. The Beast also pulled off something similar a few years ago with Anton Bresler. I’m equally impressed by the strength of the fabric in those shorts!


There’s not too many surfers who can get away with including jersey time in their clips, but Filipe Toledo does so without a single f**k given. His comp surfing is every bit as unleashed as his free surfing.


There are sports fans and then there are UFC fans. The latter are in a league all their own. They not only cheer on their favourite athletes, they follow their every move on social media and aren’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty to show their loyalty. From fan art to Instagram memes, UFC fans show their senses of humour in unexpected ways, and all of the Internet gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor. One fan has taken his passion for the sport to a new medium…clay!