An awesome illustration that class V boating down waterfalls and dangerous rapids comes with consequences. Hopefully the new generation of play boaters will think twice before accepting challenges they aren’t sure about. This video is lacking any attempt to disguise unpleasantness, so strap on your helmet and enjoy. Shout out to Grant Savidge for the submission.


From the creator of Defy, the Danny Harf Project… comes the next level of wakeboarding including a massive movement to bring the sport and it’s riders to the top of the action sports world. Prime is filmed in the most epic locations around the world. Travel from insane blue lakes in Florida, adventure houseboat trips in Northern California, dead tree lakes in Southern Australia to the most insane wake park setups like Lake Ronix and Battle Falls. Prime is geared to be one of the most visually stunning films ever produced in wakeboarding. Shout out to Dieter Humpsch for the submission.


Volume 9 marks one of the most anticipated films in the history of the snowmobile industry. Featuring 25 of the industry’s top riders, Volume 9 is an epic journey across North America, Canada and even the far reaches of the most remote Russian territories. Filmed by two dedicated film crews, 509’s Volume 9 is an action packed thrill ride showcasing top snowmobile athletes. Strap in and hold on tight as you follow this majestic snowmobile journey around the globe! Shout out to Stephen Clark for the submission.


Think Switzerland and one of the last things that come to mind is surfing. Skiing, sure. But surfing? Considering the tiny country is landlocked, finding waves to ride would seem to be an impossible task. That is, unless there’s a lot of rain.

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A while back we posted a team fight between Poland vs. Sweden, and now we present another skull cracking brawl with Prague taking on Moscow! This fight is set up like a soccer hooligan brawl, where two sides get 5 fighters each, and that’s about all the rules there are. Fight!


I’ve seen a lot of mini golf holes-in-one (and made a few myself), but I’ve never seen one as incredible as this one. Even though the ball was in a stream for 98 percent of the time, it’s still ridiculous. Not only is it one of the best holes-in-one, but it’s one of the longest. Scratch that. It’s definitely the longest hole-in-one I’ve ever seen.


Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali might be the official winner of this year’s Tour de France, but the real winner — or at least the internet’s champion — is this random wheelie guy. Nobody knows where he came from or what his name is, only that he just trolled the biggest cycling event in the world on his back wheel.

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Jason has been an underground board control wizard for some time. He’s like the Harry Potter of skateboarding, and his skateboard is his wand. Check it!

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We can thank Rodney Mullen for just about all the flip tricks you do every day, but it doesn’t stop there. At 47-years-old, Rodney hasn’t slowed down, and this video proves it!


Such an incredibly banging trailer for probably the least publicised film release of the year. Until now. ‘The 8′, is coming in hot baby. Starring Jase Finlay, Ben Player, Sacha Specker, Tom Rigby, James Kates, Cade Sharp, Nick Gornall, Jeff Hubbard and more. Watch the mind blowing trailer now!

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After spending a few years riding in Orlando, Stephen Pierce decided to bring it all back home to Lake Norman, North Carolina. Steve continues to push the NC scene with one of the best attitudes around. This clip has it all with good vibes, fun times and a Lambo! Cheers to Rob for this awesome submission.

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If you’re going to show people no respect, you will eventually reap the consequences. In this case, the surfer who dropped in on someone else’s wave didn’t have to wait long before he was served with a steaming hot plate of revenge. Tackling people mid-wave could almost be a new sport!


“New to the team, KJ Nakanelua, shows us a ballsy island style version of skating a California Classic. From hand stands and shakas to speed wobbles and big slides, this video has it all. Don’t forget to ‘breathe in the air’ and enjoy!” – Arbor Skateboards


It’s hard work being a sumo wrestler. The amount of food alone is a daunting task. Meet world sumo champion Byamba Ulambayar – who consumes 10,000 calories a day to keep his 6-foot-1 360 pound frame. The video follows Byamba as he makes chankonabe – a stew with fish broth, meat, tofu, eggs and vegetables. The Mongolian born athlete, who moved to Japan as a child, explains that his enormous diet is still about nutrition. “If you want to be a sumo wrestler you have to be able to practice, you know? And then after that the body is going to be tired, right? And then it has to eat healthy and take a lot of portions,” he said.


“After filming in between injuries, competitions and travelling over the past year or so, Brock Horneman and I are stoked to release his new web edit!” – Jack Paton.

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A crew of master assassins play a real life 4-player co-op mission, hunting down evil guards during the French revolution. Everyone knows this game is incredible, but seeing it play out in real life is a whole other level of parkour madness!

Aussie2Venue - LifestyleRed Bull X-Fighters Munich - Day 2

Australia’s Josh Sheehan beat Taka Higashino of Japan in an action-packed Red Bull X-Fighters final in Munich on Saturday under brilliant blue skies and sizzling temperatures in front of 18,000 frenzied spectators on a first-of-its-kind freestyle motocross track built on a lake next to Olympic Stadium!

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These guys rip, plain and simple. Watch this impressive edit of the Majer Crew skateboarding, having fun and collecting classic footage of it all!