There’s a whole lot going on in this new video from Ronnie Street Stunts. BMX and Parkour battle it out head-to-head to see who will be the ultimate Street Boss. According to the production company, there were a ton of injuries over the course of the three week, 100-hour shoot. One of them was hospitalised for “concussion, and fractured his back.” There was “lots of blood coming from the head, and his back was bent like a scorpion.” Mitch was unconscious for a total of three minutes where he began foaming from the mouth and having full body spasms. Gnarly stuff.

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New Zealand defeated Argentina 28-9 in a Rugby Championship game in New Zealand. Except everyone forgot about the game when a naked woman ran onto the field. The security didn’t go soft on her because she was a woman either!

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The idea was pretty straightforward; let Jed Mildon and his mates build the biggest dirt jumps ever and film/shoot whatever happened next. The reality was a lot more difficult to get to grips with, however. When it comes to building jumps this size, time, weather and physics can conspire against you. If they could build them and if they could ride them, however, Jed and Gypsy could write their names into the history books. Stay tuned next week for the thrilling first episode of Dirt Dogs.


During a game of soccer, players like to pretend they’re hurt. During a game of Aussie Rules Football, players like to pretend they’re not hurt. Watch as Tiger Nathan Foley comes off second best in a third-quarter collision.


The Youngbloods are a small spearfishing crew from the beautiful coast of north west Australia. Join them on their recent fishing adventure where they explore the ocean on jet skis, spear some massive fish and generally live the Aussie dream.

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13-year-old Gohan, who was diagnosed with cancer, had a dream to play for Spanish football club Villarreal CF. That dream came true. This video is in spanish, but this speaks the universal language of feels!

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These security guards kicked this crew of riders out of a mall because they weren’t allowed to have their bikes inside. Then they went to complain at the security office after being forced to leave before their food was ready. Once they got the information they wanted, they were escorted out and one security guard pushed a rider for no reason, and kept mouthing sentences so they couldn’t hear him. The last thing he mouthed was “I’m going to kill you”, which is when things turned bad!


The Bryan Bros, George and Wesley Bryan, have developed their own method of driving golf balls from the tee box.


NBA San Antonio Spurs superstar Tony Parker took on well-known French football trickster Remi Gaillard in a series of on-court basketball stunts, and let’s just call it a tie. Whether it’s some kind of camera trickery or skill-based sorcery, we’ll leave it up to you to decide. Either way, it’s mightily impressive. Shout out to Adam Raw for the submission.


This Arizona Wildcats fan needs to seriously lighten the f**k up. Oh man, that kid in the green t-shirt. Poor little dude just had a serious realisation about the fact that there are bad people in the world. He even turns to his dad and is like…what the f**k? And his dad has no words of wisdom to ease the pain. My heart also breaks for the old guy wearing the grey Arizona shirt. I’ve never seen a grown man so sad.


Introducing Burton Presents, a nine part web series showcasing Burton’s top riders. Watch Mikey Rencz riding with Jussi Oksanen, Jeremy Jones alongside Mikkel Bang, Mark Sollors with Alek Oestreng, Kelly Clark with Enni Rukajärvi and Chloe Kim, and Zak Hale trading hits with Ethan Deiss. Mark McMorris and Kimmy Fasani will be featured in individual parts, and the series will also include an exclusive look into Danny Davis’ Peace Park. Dropping every two weeks starting September 16, 2014.


It seems like the entire globe has had the best week of swell since that one day that your dad always reminisces about. And this latest footage from The Mad Hueys? This is the best clip we’ve seen to come out of it so far. Enjoy, because you might not see quality like this at Kirra for quite some time.


The past weekend we were invited by Alpinestars Australia to the final round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals in Coolum Queensland Australia. It was an epic day had by all. The question i have though is how do those riders carry their exceptionally large balls around with them when pinned around the track? Crazy! A really special thanks to Jy Morgan for being an exceptional host and to Matt Moss being crowned back-to-back MX1 Title champion. See you all next year. All Images by Gian Luca Wright.


Kalani Chapman scores an Indonesian double barrel and takes home $1000, a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, and a year subscription to Surfline.


The Hawaiian daredevil can’t stop for a minute. His innovative bag of tricks usually involves inflatable toys, beginner surfboards, boogie boards and winch machines. But what’s harder that getting barrelled at The Wedge? What about a board transfer stunt in the iconic drainer. With a fantastic swell hitting the Californian shores, Jamie O’Brien decides to raise the level. For his next trick, Jamie will carry Poopies into a closeout and drown him.


Some four years ago, the legendary Andrew Reynolds famously listed Wes Kremer as one of his top three personal picks for burgeoning amateurs. Surely that moment was a hefty accolade for the young Californian, yet Kremer has worn it well over the past few years. With an irreverence for trendy tricks or outfits and taking full advantage of his home state’s chill substance laws, Kremer ended up with a contender for ‘Part of the Year’ lists with “Crusty by Nature.” Presented by Thrasher and DC Shoes, the clip is a five-minute hammer marathon.


Owning the ocean is all in a day’s work for Laird Hamilton. The surfing legend put on a death-defying show for Malibu beachgoers by riding a massive wave through the posts of a pier at breakneck speed – and made it look easy.

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Roger Federer hit a between-the-legs return straight into the back of retreating opponent Marinko Matosevic as NBA great Michael Jordan watched on from the stands. Jordan sat in Federer’s box and Federer wore new shoes that are a brand collaboration with Jordan. Boss moves everywhere!