In this season of Sheckler Sessions, they’re going road tripping! But these aren’t your average road trips. Ryan and the boys start in California and end up in places like Australia, New Mexico and Detroit for the Red Bull Hart Lines skate contest. Watch as they find new skate spots, meet interesting people in new places, all while trying to film a video part. Welcome to Sheckler Sessions Season Four! Join in the mayhem starting August 13th.


And here we have it, Dan Lacey’s epic 7 minute ender from Above Below! Let Dan blow your mind with full speed, balls out street riding consisting of some of the gnarliest grind combos and biggest 360’s in the game!

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Drought? What drought? Every spot Josh Hawkins ends up at is flooded out. Watch as he destroys many boards and bearings to get watery tricks!

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Pro skier Léo Taillefer won himself a $20,000 with this epic live in the GoPro Line of the Winter contest. His run features a couple gigantic airs and a fun-looking run through a canyon at his home mountain of Val d’Isere, France.


After a month of speculation, Lexus has finally shown off its real, live, working hover board. It may not be Back to the Future, but it’s still a mighty satisfying ride. As it turns out, the future is hard; professional skateboarder Ross McGouran has plenty of spills on the way to mastering even basic moves. That’s perhaps not surprising, given that riding the Lexus hover board is basically like straddling a maglev train. Coming soon to a store near you: Hyper-conductive Woodgrain Board – FREE. Liquid Nitrogen – $5 dollar a litre. Special S-K-A-T-E Park with permanent magnets that create an awesome track that you will never get tired of – $5 Million Dollars. Order yours today!


Kaden Stone‘s new video just hit our radar and we were blown away by the talent this kid possesses. Kaden might be only be 11 years old, but his bag of tricks is deeper than most. Check out this new edit filled with flips, tailwhips, barspins and no-hander combos galore!


Just another day in the office for top downhill skier Aksel Lund Svindal, and World Rally Championship (WRC) driver Andreas Mikkelsen. The two champions met up in the Southwest of Norway for a race to the bottom of the mountain, burning rubber and jumping over road gaps to catch a departing ferry.


After blowing our minds with his one shot appearance in the film UnReal, Brandon Semenuk is back with his second teaser for “Revel In The Chaos”. It’s available right now through iTunes. Purchase the film by clicking HERE!


The Triple Crown of Slopestyle kicked off in France with the second stop of Crankworx in Les Deux Alpes. Big air, big crashes, and some of the most progressive riding ever seen on two wheels went down, but it’d be Brett Rheeder who’d lay down a near-flawless run to claim the overall win. Take a look back at all the most dramatic moments of the event captured in super slow motion.


“We’ve got a special video this time. My filmer Scott Pattenden stitched together a little behind the scenes video from one of the main clips in my most recent edit. In this video I give you a little insight into the day leading up to the clip were I land a bunnyhop backflip into a 30ft abandoned water reservoir.” – Ryan Taylor.


John John Florence hasn’t released a movie in three years. You know what else hasn’t happened in three years? A blue moon. Watch Florence pushing the boundaries of his sport in his brand new feature film, A View From a Blue Moon.


60 Minutes secured an exclusive interview with Fanning following his attack, due to air this Sunday. Reporter Peter Stefanovic followed Fanning on his return to the water at Hastings Point on the Tweed Coast – a move that would take nerves of steel at the best of times.


Not too long ago, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling came to the defense of Serena Williams on Twitter after somebody said she was “built like a man.” Now, if you dare try to say something like that about Ronda Rousey, we’ll say a prayer for you because athletes, like LeBron James and fellow MMA fighter Conor McGregor, wouldn’t dare step into the Octagon with Rousey, so what makes you so special? But just in case you want to call Rousey’s body “masculine,” she has a message for you.

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Clive Dixon’s video part was savage, but we only saw a small fraction of what went down. This footage shows what actually went into getting some of his hammers!


Back at it again is superstar stunt rider Vittorio Brumotti from Road Bike Party fame. His skills and style never cease to amaze us. In this latest video, Brumotti performs stunt after stunt while out road riding, working out in a gym and even riding the downhill runs at the Mottolino Livigno Bike Park. Who says road bikes can’t huck?


Deep inside some top secret sports blog laboratory within the internet’s most secluded mountain bunker, a mad scientist stood silently, staring at his work. “She’s perfect,” he remarked about the human woman who was floating inside a large glass cylinder. “Perfect swing, powerful striking ability, effortless follow through,” he said to his assistant. “But sir, why did you make her so hot?” the assistant asked. “Clicks, Kevin,” the scientist said. “Mad clicks.” This is how we imagine former San Diego State University golfer Paige Spiranac was created, because holy sh*t — that is one good looking athlete.

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Spanish skateboarder Manolo Robles took a skateboard from 40 years ago into the future with this incredible edit featuring new age tricks that you would have thought only possible on a larger board. Enjoy!