Snowboarder Shaun White is ready for redemption after failing to medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi — and his determination is evident throughout his epic new Super Bowl commercial.

Storror is a collective of seven elite athletes with big individual characters who were drawn together by a shared innate passion for movement and love of adventure. After growing up together and developing their skills for over a decade, the boys have built the most iconic brand in parkour with an enthusiastic following to match. Photo via the talented @benjcave.

“The day before Australia day, myself, and my brother decided to film a video to celebrate. There’s been a lot of controversies so we decided to have our take on the whole invasion day or Australia day debate. I’m a professional downhill skateboarder and have raced down this hill many times.”

Vasyl Lomachenko, who is considered by many as the top pound-for-pound boxer today, is currently trying to get a match up with lightweight champion Jorge Linares. In just 11 professional bouts, he’s already won titles in two divisions and is moving up five more pounds to try and take a third championship.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is one of the most interesting tournaments of the PGA Tour season. If you’re new to golf, you won’t understand, but if you’ve watched this event before, you know that the crowds get rowdy, especially on the par-3 16th hole.

“I have wanted to return to Norway since I last visited 6 years ago. It was a beautiful as I remembered. Although I feel a strong sense of control, if I am honest with myself I know that this style of flying is finite, and now I am ready for new learning and new adventures with another ‘craft’. So much more to learn and explore.”

Alicia Keys may want to rethink her music video for “Girl on Fire.” Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn’s new Super Bowl commercial manages to tell some of her powerful story, all set to the track, and it’s enough to give anyone with a heart for athletic tales of setbacks and comebacks a few chills.

Xavier de le Rue takes you on a tour of discovery. Find out what it means to shred a straight line on a snowboard like a pro.

The wooden cricket bats break like a twig under the pressure of a world class fast bowler. This is rare until you collect all the times it has happened over the last decade and smash them together in a cricket compilation!.

Find out what goes into a repair and refurbishment processes of a heavily used cricket bat. The bat looked like it was ready for the bin, but after these guys got their hands on it, it looked too good to use!

We’ve seen it time and time again, but something about Mason Ho’s masterful weave through this perilous little North Shore nook littered with rocks keeps us clawing back with eager eyes.

Worst case scenario on Bear Mountain’s knobbed flat down bar. Keoni Kaimuloa gets devastatingly clipped and rocks his dome into oblivion. Filmed by Kyle Schafer.

In the middle of Tiger Woods’ backstroke at the par-5 13th Sunday at Torrey Pines, one fan couldn’t help himself, screaming and branding himself an idiot, which turned Woods’ gallery into a real-life scene from Happy Gilmore.

“Bringing you the biggest hit of 2017 from a new era of Rusty team riders. Starring in order of appearance, Kevin Schulz, Noah Schweizer, Letty Mortensen, James Mckean, Jonas Tawharu, Jake Edwards, Nick Muntz, Lucas Silveira, Pama Davies and Harry Bryant. Edited by Tyler Bell” – @rusty_australia

There were tears, but that was to be expected from Roger Federer at the Australian Open. In the end, the most remarkable part of his 20th Grand Slam singles title was that it came as no surprise. Not even at age 36 in a sport where the spoils have generally been reserved for a much younger crowd. Federer, like Serena Williams, has redefined the limits.

David Wise will be defending his Olympic gold medal in halfpipe skiing in a few weeks, and he has proved he’s ready to go with a win in Superpipe at the X Games in Aspen, Colorado. Wise’s four doubles in four different directions on his last run improved on the run that already led the competition, and earned him his fourth X Games gold medal.

“Villager Goods is proud to present our newest film featuring co-owner Jack Freestone. This film highlights his surfing from trips to Portugal, France and Africa. Enjoy!” – @villagergoods.

The lightfooted Maui native thrives on blustery conditions, which help him land above-the-lip antics like the Spindle Flip or the ones featured in the edit after the jump. Press play and wonder at the kid’s unparalleled technical footwork.