The unidentified surfer was lucky to survive the horrifying experience, thanks to the rescue efforts of Jeff Patton, who tossed him a rope and helped him negotiate up a stairway that was getting pounded by the surf. “I thought he was a goner, but by a miracle he got back up and on his board, and gave it another go to get out of trouble,” Scott James told Fairfax Media New Zealand. “He was very weak by then, he couldn’t paddle.” Patton, a local surfer who keeps a rope in his car, has rescued several other people from the area in recent years. Witnesses said the surfer could have drowned or been seriously injured.


Our older readers should remember SkiFree, the awesome skiing game that came free on all Microsoft computers in the early 90’s. The object of the game was to avoid hurdles while heading down a slope. One hurdle standing in your way is the Abominable Snow Monster! Filmmaker Andrew McMurry imagines a real-life adaptation of the game. This short is 30-seconds of pure horror bliss.

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I can’t remember anyone putting this two sports together before, but they seems to work well, as long as no one does any sudden swerves causing a skater to drag his elbows across the tarmac!


The stylish surfing of Craig Anderson combined with the shooting/editing of Kai Neville. Welcome Elsewhere is a curation of his most recent time spent on the road, through Tahiti, deep Australia, Indonesia and more, exploring Craig’s love of being in the jungle or going mysto in the desert!

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Water park? You mean snowboard park? Imagine this: snow-covered water slides, high dives as jibs, no lines or entrance fees, and a group of your buds to shred. What more could you ask for? Snowboarders Toby Miller, Red Gerard, and his brother Brendan Gerard hopped the fence in the dead of winter, so that they could design and build their own Snowmusement park. Winching into custom features, ripping down funnel slides, hucking off cliffs directly into the food court — there’s nothing off limits for the boys inside Mountain Creek’s Action Park in north New Jersey.

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Beyond the fact that he can do extraordinary things on his board, the best part about Evan’s approach is that it’s 100% unique. His style, creativity, and talent are a blessing to the world of skateboarding.

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Weston Peick was disqualified when his emotions got the best of him after a fierce racing battle with Vince Friese.

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“I was invited to participate in the 2016 urban downhill MTB race in Manizales Colombia. An urban downhill race usually takes place in the streets, sidewalks, and stairs of cities. This is my GoPro video from the Manizales urban downhill MTB race, which was going great until a slippery wood berm. Not the way I wanted my first Urban race to go, but I still had a great time.” – Phil Kmetz


This newly-released outtake footage shows how some of the video’s famous intro shots were filmed using nothing but a flat-bed truck, a Vespa, and two monstrous quarter-pipes. No permits to film, no post-production effects; just speed and tenacity.


Incase you haven’t caught a viewing of Xavier De Le Rue‘s latest film Degrees North yet – here’s the Frenchman and his crew putting a whole new method of line scouting into practice! They’ve been accessing previously untouched terrain by paramotoring in to the top, then using a tilting bucket seat as a release mechanism, for a kind of running start/drop in – mental!


Facilities, conference affiliation, and uniform combinations are all among some of the things that recruits consider when picking a program. Another factor under consideration (as trivial as it may seem to some) is the gear that they’re going to be outfitted with once they get on campus. Clemson put together this quick 1-minute video to show off the gear that they give out to players, and it’s impressive. Smart move Clemson, this is a clever recruiting tactic.

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Adams Brayton went to Pila in Italy to test out the new Hope Pro 4 hubs. It’s safe to say the hubs work, and this man can ride with the best of them!


When it comes to making an impression, Ben Tameifuna is instantly recognisable, both for his sheer size and his distinctive style on the rugby field. The solid Chiefs prop has been the dominant power at scrum time and is a winner of two Super Rugby titles with the Chiefs. Watch some of his highlights now and revel in his frightening power.

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Brandon Biebel has been putting in some serious work at his practise park, so much so that the footage he collected is now a full 6 minute video part! The vid also features a bunch of heavy hitter guests.


Hewitt was trailing 4-5 in the first set of his Hopman Cup clash with the American when the chair umpire called the Aussie’s first serve out. Lleyton was happy to take his second serve before Sock called out “That was in if you want to challenge it”. Hewitt seemed stunned at such an amazing act of sportsmanship, while the crowd clapped and cheered the young US star. The retiring Aussie hero trusted his opponent and asked for the challenge, with Hawk Eye showing the ball had indeed caught the line and was in. Shout out to Cam Camaroon for the submission.


EA SPORTS™ UFC® 2 innovates with stunning character likeness and animation, adds an all new Knockout Physics System and authentic gameplay features, and invites all fighters to step back into the Octagon™ to experience the thrill of finishing the fight. From the walkout to the knockout, EA SPORTS UFC 2 delivers a deep, authentic, and exciting experience. Will you play it?

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Saskatchewan Rush attacker Zack Greer took a punch to the head from Calgary Roughnecks defender Scott Carnegie in Saturday’s game, and just as Greer’s helmet fell off, a lacrosse ball struck him in the face. Tough day for Zack.


Dylan Stark shuts down the streets of Riverside in this new raw edit filmed by Jourdan Barba.