Somewhere in the green forest of Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada, lives this awesome mountain bike trail full of wooden path features, kickers and even a log feature. So relaxing to watch!

EdEd3UFC Fight Night: McGregor v Siver

The UFC needs to seriously consider hiring Bratt Mamley to put together these epic hype videos professionally. Great usage of Joey Diaz’s epic live reaction during Rogan’s fight companion podcast. I cannot wait for this fight. Who you got? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


By now you’re familiar with the classic groundswells that rake Indonesian shores at this time of year, well, they weren’t always that well behaved. These swells are created in the Southern Ocean, and before they turn into Indonesian emerald green perfection they’re slightly rougher around the edges, as they barge their way into the Indian Ocean and up the West Australian coastline. Mick Corbett, Paul ‘Antman’ Paterson, Jarryd Foster and Zac Haynes are a few of the maniacs keen to let go of the rope and take on the deep water bombie, located a long way offshore of a small fishing town, with not a hospital for miles.


The world’s favourite dirt bike film series returns in 2016 with MOTO 8. Once again bringing the greatest riders in the game to the most epic locations, MOTO 8 gives viewers the most badass visual moto experience ever seen. It’s the roots of motocross, portrayed in the modern era: wide open throttles and massive jumps combined with helicopters and 4K cameras!


Leo Fioravanti is no stranger to the surf world. And the surf world is certainly no stranger to him. The little charmer has had a spotlight shining on him since before he even hit his teens. And why not? He had eerily good form, a myriad of airs, a fearless approach to fearsome waves and a carve as big as his smile. The world was his, and the hype was inevitable. But those days are over. Leo’s 18 now. No more calling him a kid. From here on out, Leo’s just going to let his surfing do the talking. Rest assured, we’ll be listening.


As America’s and Europe’s top golfers teed off against one another for the Ryder Cup in Minneapolis, spectators booed, jeered and heckled their way through the tournament. The sport’s best athletes had to contend with behavior better suited for a frat party. If the fans seemed like something straight out of Caddyshack, maybe it was the presence of one of the film’s stars, Bill Murray. The former Ghostbuster was spotted among Ryder Cup spectators, and even led a rousing “America” chant.


Brooks Koepka hit a beautiful tee shot that went left and bounced up near the gallery. Standing inside the ropes with a backpack on was Thomas Pieter’s father, Koepka’s opponent, and Koepka’s drive just so happened to land on top of his bag and settle between the bag and his back!


“Last winter, we had a lots of trouble with temperature. Rain in the middle of winter, not enough snow for boarding in December, and other technical issues. We managed to produce another movie this year, even if we had to go through this confused winter. Enjoy.” – The Headstones.


Kain Daly and the younger generation on Maui have a tough act to follow. With a deep list of talent in front of them its not easy to stand out. Kain is set to do so by mixing fundamentally sound surfing with lofty airs. Although he looks about thirty this twenty one year old has a bright future bridging the gap to the new wave of super groms.” – Take Shelter Productions.


Forever is over. Dust off the trophy cabinet. Turn on the porch lights. Finally, Cronulla have done it. After 49 years of misery, misfortune and missed opportunities, the Sharks have managed what no team to wear the sky blue before them had done. They’ve ended rugby league’s longest drought, taking the premiership trophy to unchartered waters after a 14-12 victory against the Melbourne Storm at ANZ Stadium on Sunday night.


“Earlier this year I went on a trip with Red Bull to direct and film an episode of their Chasing the Shot series. This short film is more or less a directors cut of some of my favourite images and moments from that trip featuring Cam Richards and Noah Wegrich. While the primary focus of the trip was surfing, it was hard not to get wrapped up in the beautiful scenery, landscapes and eventually the sense of time standing still. Welcome to the void, I hope you enjoy.” – Matt Kleiner.


Canadian freerider Anthony Messere teams up with cinematographer Rupert Walker to capture Messere’s private jumps which are located near his home in British Columbia. Sit back and enjoy the effortless flow and amplitude that Messere is known for.


Aussie motorcycle legend and insane stuntman Robbie Maddison takes a new 2017 KTM 250 SX for an unexpected ride. Guest Appearances by Grant Langston, Jimmy Fitzpatrick and Ronnie Faisst.


The surf this past year has been a dream come true in Puerto Rico. Local Revivalist, Cristian Rivera, has been scoring his on home waters like never before in this abundant time. Watch as he and his filmmaking brother, Jorgito, share their Artifacts of Adventure!


If you missed it when it first dropped, here’s your chance to see the Decenzos, Papa, McEntire and the whole RDS crew in “Enter the Red Dragon.” You’re gonna need a couple of cold ones cos this things full-length and full throttle.


From a Bloodlines kid chucking himself into massive Chopes to a QS hopeful chasing barrels around the world, Jack Robinson and his surfing have matured and left us all with no doubt that the sky is the limit for his future.


After a slam this vicious, most would never want to skate the spot again. Dave wanted it in a major way though, and went back for the make.


Choi Hong-Man and Mighty Mo met for the third time in their respective careers in a tie-breaker bout. A right to the temple sat Choi on the ground with just a minute left in the first round. Mighty Mo was crowned the first ROAD FC Openweight Champion.