Join Klemen Premrl and a crew of incredible climbers as they explore Iceland’s most unique and beautiful ice structures from a totally new perspective. See photos and read more about Klemen’s amazing adventure at


The American road trip gets kicked in the nuts with Thrasher Magazine’s annual scavenger hunt. Three teams of the world’s best skaters go on the adventure of a lifetime, putting their life, limb, and dignity in increasingly-ridiculous peril.


Ernie Els was 2 feet from a par to start the Masters. Twenty-four measly inches. Then, the unimaginable happened. One miss. And another. And another. And another. And another. Finally, on his sixth putt — a one-handed swat that showed his total disgust — Els finished off a quintuple-bogey 9 that essentially ruined any hope of contending for a green jacket on the very first hole. Absolutely brutal.

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There’s no bowl to steep, no transition too crunchy, and no feature too big for Jaime Mateu. He is the true definition of a shredder!


It’s been over a year since The Hills: Part 1 was released, but Paul Langlands is back baby. More ‘trial and error’ has taken place in the process of learning to progress this style of riding to where it will lead. Check it out.


Sweet mother of god Kristen is thirsty. Shout out to Urijah Faber for being the p4p best wingman ever. “The only reason anybody got laid, anywhere, is because Luke Rockhold wasn’t there at the time” – Joe Rogan.

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Nigel gives us a true, up close and personal experience of what riding his bike is really like. Last leaving us in New York City, Nigel has finally landed in Los Angeles and fun continues.


“A recent hard drive raid has gifted us a glimpse into the world of Noa Deane, Gold Coaster, fabulous straight air junkie. Inspired by skate parts so full of bangers that re-watching is an absolute must, Pulp is the new Rusty short by Noa and filmmaker Shane Fletcher, a greyscale assault of deep (and often thick) tubes, wonderfully unpolished rail surfing, and the boned straight airs that Noa has made his signature.” – Rusty.


Professional skimboarder Tim Fulton from South Laguna Beach is a water sliding wizard. Puts his body on the line and charges into the unknown with one goal in mind, to progress the sport to spectacular levels. Check it out!


John John Florence in Western Australia. It just feels so right. This footage is part of a Brazilian TV series dedicated solely to the life and times of John John. There are f**k off punts aplenty, but watching him surf “Rabbit Hill” is a singularly intoxicating viewing experience.


Olympic freeskier David Wise claimed the world record for the highest air on a hip by flying 14.2 meters. “It wasn’t a goal, but I decided to go as high as I possibly can, record or not. In the end, to take that title home is definitely an experience of a lifetime”, he said, adding “the jump is just so well built. From the first time I hit it to the last, I was having fun.” Shout out to Kazmira Krawchuk for the submission.


Raufeon Stots did not take long to take care of business against William Joplin at the Victory FC 49 event in Omaha’s Baxter Arena at the weekend. Stots improved his professional record to a pristine 5-0 with an absolutely devastating head kick knockout that rendered the Armadillo unconscious just 79 seconds into their fight. Check it out!

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Whether you’re kickboxing, into Muay Thai or MMA, a Karate or Taekwondo fighter, you probably want to kick harder. Here is a drill that will instantly improve your kicking power, by simply adding a small detail before throwing the kick.

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Everyone will own one of these, but not for another 10 years when the price comes down from ridiculous to affordable. I can’t wait for the day. Watch how much fun this guy is having, just cruising around and working on his wheelies.


Sweet mother of god. Chris Childs goes bonkers for the third instalment of this ongoing series brought to you by Monster Energy. Less trickery, less perfection, more rawness, more sketchiness, a little uncertainty, and most importantly, absolutely no f**king rules.

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Cory Kennedy is the man throwing down some of the most insanely tech tricks on a skateboard, with a smile always on his face!


The biggest fight of 2016 thus far is now slated to be the biggest rematch of the year as well, as the UFC announced that Nate Diaz will once again face Conor McGregor in a five-round welterweight bout that will headline UFC 200 on July 9. The fact that Edgar vs. Aldo II wasn’t announced as the official co-main event leaves the door open for an actual title fight to be placed on this card, which means we could see at least 3 main card bouts scheduled for 5 rounds. Are you excited?


Enjoying life is often thought to be a mindset, the result of reflection, action and gratitude. And while most of us lack sufficient free time and cash money to go on an insane overseas holiday filled with cocaine and hookers, the best way to find happiness is to make practical, everyday changes. Jump that fence and sniff your neighbours panties that you’re always fantasising about, rent can go to hell too, spend that money on ordering the fleshlight you crave. Small changes to your life soon add up to greater enjoyment in life.