Brad Domke joins Mason Ho from Hawaii, Balaram Stack from New York City, and Nate Zoller from Laguna Beach at the Wedge, for what was an epic and very memorable morning of surfing. Check it out!


Watch in awe as Chris Russell attempts the biggest nose pick drop in we’ve ever seen. He gets so much speed, almost free-falling, then the flat of the earth comes up so fast the only way to stop himself drilling straight to hell was with his face slapping the ground!


Throw in some precision street tech, mix in a little of that new-new, add a dash of ’80s video-art and you got a new pro for enjoi.


Torstein Horgmo needs no introduction. But after a couple of nasty injuries and the shuttering of longtime moviemakers Standard Films – with whom Torstein had filmed the majority of his most memorable parts – the Horgmo hound dog steeze was mostly limited to some epic riding in the edits dropped by the Shred Bots collective and their online movies. Watch him turn it up to 11 on the streets and in the backcountry.


Scott Stevens and Phil Jacques take a jib pilgrimage in the fifth installment of our “STRONGER Sessions” series. While most snowboarders fantasize about slashing their way down a perfectly formed Alaskan spine or snorkelling through bottomless pow in Hokkaido, there are others whose shred dreams are of an entirely different nature — to slide down, up and around on man-made obstacles that were never intended to be slid upon. They are the jibbers.


When Clay Marzo releases a new edit, it’s best to take a break at the office and watch, especially when it features Ice Cube’s dope “You Know How We Do It”.


Nico Vuignier, the man behind some of the raddest videos on the internet including Torched (where he attached torches to his skis for a night shred), is back with another wild idea. The poor man’s selfie drone looks like he’s simply throwing his GoPro out in front of him and hoping that he stays in frame but upon further inspection, you can tell he has something along the lines of this Nerf football rigged up to his GoPro to keep it stable mid-flight. Love it.


Filmmaker Rupert Walker delivers a full-throttled Raw 100 featuring Matty Miles. The sound of tyres on mud and the speed in which he tackles each feature with is captivating!


The trilogy to Snapt 1 and 2. 100% independent surf movie starring: Bruce Irons, Mason Ho, Jack Robinson, Bobby Martinez, Asher Pacey, Josh Kerr, Ian Crane, Dustin Barca, Seth Moniz, Zeke Lau, Josh Moniz, Parker Coffin, Midget Magic, Cheeseburger, Kyle Garson, and Simon Rex aka Salmon Boy. By Logan “Chucky” Dulien. Photo via @peterkingphoto


His coach, John Hackleman recently said, “Just like when they first wanted him to quit and he wanted to keep fighting, everybody was thinking I was trying to push him to keep fighting, which isn’t true. But like I always said, it’s whatever is in his heart. 3 million bucks? Who is gonna tell someone, ‘No. I’m not gonna allow you to make $3 million, which is more than most people make in three lifetimes.’


Floyd Mayweather is widely considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, but he’s still not discounting the possibility that Conor McGregor could pull off a massive upset if they ever step into the ring together.


Ready for some straight gnar? Rick Rossi is a runaway train for power moves and high-speed trickery. Enjoy his new video part!


“This why aliens will never want to be friends with us.” Truer words have never been spoken. Some of these are fine though – like the woman who put a photo on Instagram. The kid there was never even close – didn’t even have his glove extended. Likewise I’m totally fine with the kid at the end snagging the ball before it reached the blonde girl. If you catch it before someone else, great, fair play.


“GoPro BMX through Cape Town South Africa with local BMX rider Murray Loubser! I spent the day filming with Murray hitting all the iconic spots around Cape Town as he got creative on his whip. Nothing like shredding in the world’s most beautiful city!” – @chrisrogersza.


The biggest fight of 2017 lived up to its billing as Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko produced an instant classic at Wembley Stadium. Anthony Joshua looked gone for all money midway through this fight but fought back in stunning fashion in the 11th round. Joshua, 27, already has his next opponent in mind, calling out compatriot Tyson Fury, the man who ended Klitschko’s long reign at the top of the division in 2015.


A French rugby league player is facing a life-time ban from the sport after punching a referee in response to being shown a yellow card, knocking him unconscious and leaving him with cheekbone and jaw injuries.


Russell Westbrook has had a historic 2016-2017 season, almost single handedly carrying his team to the playoffs. Even though his teamed suffered a first round elimination from the playoffs, he is still in high contention for the MVP. Check out these incredible highlights to see why!


C3 Project rider Tom van Steenbergen finds inspiration at the crossroads of slopestyle and big mountain riding. Watch as he shows off his signature slopestyle moves in the arid mountains of southern Utah. Photos via: @eyeroam