This guy eyes spots most of us wouldn’t even notice, and he won’t stop ’til he’s riding away. Keep barging, dude.


Take a look at this amazing performance by the Iranian female rock climber Farnaz Ismaelzade in Spain, when she climbed the wall in 9.4 seconds. Beast mode!


Eight of the greatest fighters on earth will stop at nothing to be victorious at the biggest event in MMA history, UFC 200. Heavyweight superstar Brock Lesnar returns to the Octagon to face knockout artist Mark Hunt. Go inside their gyms, lives and minds as the clock ticks down to this momentous night.


Iceland have been afforded a hero’s welcome upon their return from Euro 2016, with supporters lining the streets of Reykjavik to celebrate their side’s success.
The Nordic side went to France as the smallest nation, with a population of only 332,529, to ever compete at a European Championship. Very few gave them a chance of progressing to the quarter-final, but a draw with England put them there, where they were finally kicked out by France.


‘I’ve never been much of a fighter… apologies for what you’re about to see.’ So confessed Davos Seaworth in the Trailer for Game Of Thrones season 6 – but it looks like he is making amends. Liam Cunningham, who plays the Onion Knight in the HBO epic series, has become the latest GOT actor to train under Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh. The UFC trainer tweeted: ‘Off to teach Davos Seaworth unarmed combat in case he loses his sword. Seriously.’


Number 14’s Taku Ngwenya and Leonardo Sarto collided in the opening minutes of last month’s match in San José, California. The impact saw the match stopped for six minutes with both players eventually leaving the field. For the USA Eagles the loss of Ngwenya was a blow as the San Diego Breakers flier remains one of their best finishers.


Award-winning director Johnny DeCesare presents the most progressive stand up paddle movie ever made. Follow Kai Lenny and the best stand up paddlers as they travel the globe chasing the world´s most perfect waves and pushing their sport forward. You can watch it right now on Red Bull TV by clicking HERE.


World Cup sensation Stevie Smith passed away after suffering a brain injury from an enduro motorcycle accident in his hometown of Nanaimo, British Columbia. Smith, 26, was a highly respected professional downhill mountain bike racer, winning multiple national titles, as well as the sport’s biggest prize: the overall World Cup championship title. Shout out to the digital media boss Jay Vaillancourt for the hook ups.


“Thanks to my pals Piranha and TP199 for getting me out of the slammer for the day to burn the friggin dirt up!” – @uncleronnie69.


Tony Hawk set up a loop in the parking lot of Birdhouse headquarters so Aaron “Jaws” Homoki could go for it. He made it look too easy!


During Jon Jones’ UFC debut against André Gusmão, Mike Goldberg was letting the public at home which fighter was which as the round kicks off. Joe Rogan however keeps it real, has his own way of introducing the fighters.

Louie_Lopez_Photo2_750px (1)

Louie had so much epic footy stacked up this thing could have been half an hour long. Here’s some of his best clips from the “Holy Stokes” part, mixed in within some never-before-seen gems.


“Hello Jbay I’m back! Didn’t know how my first surf was going to go back here but after the first wave all is good again, love this place!” – Mick Fanning.

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Join Chris Davenport as he takes us to one of the best lines in the world. Nestled in the Chilean Andes is Ski Portillo, an old mining town turned world-renowned ski resort home to some of South America’s best terrain. Just outside the ski area boundary is a couloir called the Super C. It’s a huge climb from the ski area, but it all pays off with a 1,706-meter (5,600 ft.) descent.


“Walmart mountain bikes are not made for downhill MTB trails. Curiosity got the best of me so picked up a Huffy Carnage at my local Walmart. Will a Walmart Huffy survive a downhill MTB trail?” – Phil Kmetz.


Billabong’s expansive and talented team go bananas in a compilation of footage shot over the course of the year so far. Edited by Parker Siglin. Music by Meatbodies. And a special thanks go out to Dan Rhoades and Faraz Mozafarian. What are you waiting for? Check it out!


If you’re a loyal Shock Mansion visitor, you’ve most likely heard the name Ryan Walters before. An American beast behind the lens, his name reaches far and wide throughout the action sports industry. And when you pump out content like this, are you even surprised? Strap in for a high octane, fast paced ride through some of Ryan’s epic high definition projects. Follow him on Instagram @ryanwaltersfilms and keep an eye out for our next collaboration together, it’s going to be a banger!


17 years to the day after making the first 900, Tony Hawk pushes himself to the breaking point and battles through this personal goal. Tony says this might be his last 900 ever. His determination and drive are just as admirable as making the trick.