Not only are the White Sox in the early stages of a complete rebuild, but fan etiquette apparently doesn’t exist. During the second game of the Twins-Sox doubleheader, a foul ball was hit down the left-field line and landed in the stands. There was the expected scramble by fans to get the ball, only this had one twist. A woman who was late getting there just decided to take the souvenir from the guy who got there first.


Mountainboarder Dylan Warren has been pounding the pavement on his summer snowboard for years, and this video part shows it. This is goddamn impressive!


Neen Williams spent years partying through his nights and sleeping through his days, finding less time to skate. Now, the pro has gone completely sober, eating healthy and working out to make sure he remains one of the best skaters in the business.


Since the dawn of time, everything that has lived and breathed on this planet has been subject to the whims of Mother Nature. The nature of an adventurer is inherently rogue; typically wild in character, subject to the fancy of their imagination. We are unequivocally drawn to nature’s rawest fury and deepest mysteries. These are the irreverent souls who pursue the edge.


“After a season of non-stop riding in 2015 I had a bit of a mis-step, I came up short on the the first double during Logan Peats Backwoods Jam and broke my Femur. I was about 2-1/2 months into rehab when I received a call from Leigh Ramsdell asking me to ride for Mongoose Bikes, which I appreciated heavily because it was some light at the end of the tunnel considering I could barely walk at that point! I worked hard at rehab and was able to make a full recovery, so after a season with a new sponsor and some titanium leg hardware this is my first video back.” – @paulgenovese. Photos via: @tobycowley.


In hilarious footage from day three of the first Test between England and the West Indies at Edgbaston, dozens of observers gathered on the boundary to urge the steward who’d confiscated the ball to give it back. The Mexicans, the bananas, the pig, and the Hulk Hogans all came together that day and got the ball back. This is Earth at its best.


After earning a decision victory over her opponent, Katherine Roy commended her opponent for allowing her an opportunity during the match to “fix her sports bra.” Roy explained how she was close to a wardrobe malfunction inside the cage, however, her opponent provided an opportunity to correct it.


The Mac Life is back, giving you unrivaled access to Conor McGregor and Team McGregor in the build up to the biggest fight in combat sports history.


Resurface is a documentary about military veterans who use surf therapy to cope with PTSD and transform their lives. It is the next documentary from the award-winning filmmaking team that made Slomo, a NY Times Op-Doc and winner of a dozen jury and audience awards, including SXSW, AFI Docs, and Sheffield Doc Festival.


Learning how to whip a dirt bike is something many motocross riders aim for, and Jarryd McNeil may just be the perfect teacher for the subject. Press play on this video produced by his sponsor Grip Clean, and remember to be safe out there. Photo via: @emeryphoto


Floyd Mayweather is one of the biggest pay-per-view attractions of all time and one of a very elite group of athletes to see their career earnings nose above the $1bn mark. A shrewd businessman and the greatest boxer of his generation — if not all time — Mayweather has been listed as the highest paid athlete in the world four times by the American business magazine Forbes. Mayweather is so rich that he even changed his boxing identity to reflect his staggering wealth.


Swells hit the Puerto Escondido sandbars at Zicatela Beach in such a way that the waves jack up in size, which is often emphasised by a backwash. Magazine photos of this place are misleading – the waves close-out often and the paddle-out can be severe. Usually the rights break best. The wave is fickle, and will often be blown out by 11am. There’s large numbers of skilled surfers in the water hoping for the bomb that stays open long enough to escape. Despite all this, it’s still a year-round Mecca for big barrel hunters!


The fifth instalment in the Real Series 2017 schedule, Real Moto, launches today with five never-before-seen FMX video parts. Vote for your favourite video at RealMoto, then tune in to ABC’s “World of X Games” on August 27 for a one-hour special on the competition.


Gophers football coach P. J. Fleck didn’t just casually tell senior backup kicker Justin Juenemann that he’d earned a scholarship. Instead, he delivered the message with an air cannon. Fleck released a video of the announcement on Twitter. By that evening, the unique delivery had flooded the internet and was shared by ESPN’s Sports Center and other national outlets. Check it out.


“Water Over Sand. The most simplistic description of a surfers playing field. True to simplicity, this motion piece focuses on Asher Pacey and his affinity for a pure and uncomplicated journey amongst Australia’s coastline. It depicts an adventure we all pine for…escaping the rat race, bee-lining for a remote stretch of coast off the well-worn path, equipped with little more than a swag, surfboard, fishing rod, beers, fun waves, no phone reception and a couple of good buddies to share it all with. True to his style, this piece was captured, directed and edited beautifully by the talented Matt Kleiner.” – Rhythmlivin


An old boxing adage states that punchers are born, not made. That was certainly the case with Julian Jackson, one of the hardest hitters in modern boxing history. During his outstanding career, Jackson won world titles at junior middleweight and middleweight, first holding the WBA 154-pound belt before stepping up to 160 pounds were the Virgin Islander’s power was every bit as devastating. He held the WBC middleweight crown on two occasions.


You thought you saw everything Odell Beckham Jr. could do with one hand and a football, didn’t you? Then, he pulled out some wizardry at training camp. This just isn’t even remotely fair. OBJ wasn’t working against some green rookie or a camp body either, he made this over Pro Bowler Janoris Jenkins. Beckham Jr. is unstoppable and he wants a new deal. Giants, if you’re reading this: Just pay the man his money. Nobody else in football is going to give you this kind of stuff.


The Mac Life is back, giving you unrivaled access to Conor McGregor and Team McGregor in the build up to the biggest fight in combat sports history. Take a look behind the scenes at Conor McGregor’s Media Workout at the UFC Performance Institute, Las Vegas Nevada.