Sorin Radu, an experienced snow sports instructor and Mountain Rescue Volunteer was just taking another normal run down what looks like a pretty awesome slope at Papusa Mountain in Gorj, Romania when his worst nightmare happened. Luckily he had on his GoPro so we can checkout this epic first person view of what it’s like to be caught in an avalanche, and live.

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Ride along on Tomas Slavik’s winning run in this crazy shopping mall MTB track, sending riders through a tight maze between hundreds of fans to the finish line 5 stories below!


Two young filmmakers invited 11 individuals to join an adventure to find something we all seem to be searching for. They crossed Europe, Turkey and Greece without a budget but dedicated to go all the way. This film tells their unscripted story carried by an original soundtrack performed by a live orchestra. Shout out to Serhan Meewisse for the submission.


Aleksander and Mikhael are two Russian daredevils who certainly know just how hard it is to look good while plummeting toward the Earth. These two synchronised skydivers have pretty much transformed free falling into a mesmerising art form that appears almost effortless. Recently, the two took a trip to Dubai, where they captured an incredible GoPro video showcasing their epic skydiving skills.


Aussie golfer Richard Green just scored an unbelievable hole in one albatross during the Oates Vic Open Pro-Am. Green took his driver off the Par 4 15th tee at Thirteenth Beach Golf Links located near Barwon Heads in Victoria. The ball looked to be heading towards a bunker before popping out and rolling into the hole.

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Fans are still wondering why Seahawks coach Pete Carroll chose a risky, no-read passing play with the Lombardi Trophy on the line and Marshawn Lynch waiting in the backfield. This fan showed his frustration by going Beast Mode on his TV!


Emile Bouwman is a f**ken lunatic. Prepare to see some huge tricks pulled down stair sets. Seriously, this dude must have wrists and ankles made of steel!

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The greatest show on turf heads to Arizona this year, being played at the 72,000-seat University of Phoenix Stadium, for a clash between two titans of the NFL. The Seahawks come into the game as the current “world” champions, while Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots are looking to hoist the Lombardi for the fourth time since 2002. Who will win?


Italian golfer Francesco Molinari nailed a lovely hole-in-one on the par-3 16th hole in the third round of the Phoenix Open, and the spectators celebrated by tossing beers everywhere. Shout out to Gabe Negron for the submission.


Internationally renowned ice climber Will Gadd takes ice climbing to the next level by scaling the frozen sections of the world’s largest flowing waterfall, Niagara Falls. Gadd, a world-renowned ice climber and paraglider from Alberta, Canada, has traveled to the ends of the earth to find the world’s most challenging climbs, but Niagara Falls, one of his home country‘s most iconic landmarks, is a lifelong mission that he previously thought impossible…until now.


Join Lexus the Dirt Bike Dog and James Stott for an epic ride across the dunes of Little Sahara, Utah.


At Nemesis Fighting Alliance: A Warriors Welcome in Arnold, Missouri, Nikko Glasper versus Tommi Sthair was a short-but-sweet affair. Twenty seconds after the bell, Glasper shot across the cage like the runner of the title, and lands a massive KO on Tommi’s jaw. Awesome knock-out!

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Follow Albee Layer, a Maui local, prepping his gear and getting ready for possibly the most perfect conditions at Jaws in his lifetime.


A great demonstration of BJJ self defence. A poor demonstration of conflict resolution. That was some bullsh*t though. Why does the aggressor get all the help? Ladies and gentleman, the buddy system in full effect.

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“We have so much to learn from each person we experience. Martial Arts is such a great teacher. I decided to play a prank on my class. I brought in Black Belt Alex Vamos, put a white belt on him and let him do my BJJ class just like any new student. The class learned a lot of valuable lessons from this prank, never underestimate your opponent, never get to complaisant with your training. Most of all, in order to get through life we must have have a sense of humour. If you can’t laugh at life, you’ll lose it. Enjoy!” – Alan Belcher


Part one of Paul Langland’s series ‘The Hills’. The journey of this shovel-built, natural terrain set of BMX jumps will not only push Langers limits but step him into the next frontier of BMX dirt. A budget of $0 and no earth moving machinery. It’s just one guy, a big dream, a shovel, hundreds of man hours and a 20-inch BMX, getting it done.


It’s not often that Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s best soccer player, can stand in the middle of a busy street in Madrid and go unnoticed by dozens of people as he does kick-ups and tricks. But the Real Madrid superstar managed just that last week, with the aid of a fat suit, some sunglasses and a dodgy fake beard. After revealing himself the public quickly cottoned on and swarmed the superstar, looking for photos and autographs.

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His part on Toy Machines’ ‘Re-Education’ was a face-melter, and now it’s time to dive into it all over again with no music, no slo-mo, just wheels on the concrete. Enjoy!