Damn, just a couple inches and he would’ve broke his neck or landed on his feet. That guy behind him has a mind blowing reaction speed.


Witness the unification of 2 Elite Off Road Worlds to create #TheDoonies. Watch the madness on their savage voyage through the Glamis Sand Dunes.

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PBA bowler Ronnie Russell throws a 300 in the semi-final of the PBA Chameleon Championship. Only 23 people have done this on TV before him, and this is about as buck wild as bowling gets!


Red Bull Air Force member Miles Daisher, along with JT Holmes and Andy Lewis, heads to the sky-piercing spires of Fisher Towers near Moab, Utah for a little BASE jumping. The amazingly scenic location provides the backdrop for some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring BASE jumping ever captured on film, but also forces the trio to confront dangerous winds and minuscule landing spots.

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This cyclist pack was heading down a road in Sydney, when out of nowhere, a huge branch fell off a gum tree and landed on top of a few riders.


Just outside of Steamboat, Colorado a group of friends, The Crew, go snowmobiling in the backcountry

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Shock Mansion teamed up with filmmaker Jackson O’Brien for this epic wrap up video of his wild trip to the gorgeous islands of Hawaii. Nothing but babes, the best surfers on the planet and the incredible scenery of these islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!


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Sit back and enjoy some scenery and the talent of these amazing surfers as they take on water mountains rolling through mavericks!


This epic second video is full of amazing BMX highlights from various countries around the globe. If you love riding, you don’t wanna miss this one. It’s probably the single largest and most well-rounded display of impressive riding that you’re going to see for a while.

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No one is safe from getting RKO’d, especially not the high flying maniac Tony Hawk. This might be the most epic, out of nowhere, mid air RKO ever!


Travis Rice enters the soft white embrace of endless deep powder on a mystic mountain in Japan.

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Road Bike Party 3 heads to the USA with Sam Pilgrim taking the reins to show what a carbon Ridley Noah can do on the dirt. Kitted out with Vision Metron 81 wheels, Full Speed Ahead K Force brakes, cranks, bar and stem, Prologo saddle and bar tape along with Shimano shifting, this is probably the blingest bike ever to get down and dirty in San Diego!


“The season is just kicking off in Whistler. The snow is falling, and the parks are shaping up nicely. This is a solo edit of our boy Ryan Manning.” – FYVE Snowboards.

New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks Wild Card playoff action in Seattle

What? How? These are the only words we can muster following Marshawn Lynch’s astounding touchdown run against the Arizona Cardinals. Let’s try to articulate this a little better. How did he stay in bounds? How did the entire defence bounce off him? How did Marshawn do this while having a stomach ache and puking on the sideline? This is all incredible.


The infamous Ronnie Mac goes racing with Travis Pastrana and special guest Trevor Piranha in this classic MotoSport feature video. Shout out to Dayton Daft for the submission.

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This film is stacked full of stunts that look like they walk the line between best fun ever, and instant death. Put a helmet first before hitting the play button!


BASE jumper Erik Roner lives a pretty epic life. For his latest trick, he gathered 50 tanks of helium to inflate 100 massive balloons, tied them to a lawn chair, and ascended 8,000 feet into the air. Oh, and he brought a shotgun, too, which he used to shoot the balloons in an assist back down. He eventually parachutes to safety, but who hasn’t wanted to skydive with a shotgun?