“So much blood, sweat and tears went into this video, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how many hours I have spent trying to land these tricks but this video makes it all worth it. I included both Scooter and BMX tricks in Web Edit 3 because I want to relieve the tension between action sports and help everyone realise we are all doing it for the same reason, to have fun. My biggest wish is to grant everyone the ability to go have fun riding whatever they like without being ridiculed by others for their chosen sport.” – @rwillyofficial


“I got sent over to Hawaii to shoot. That was my first all-expenses-paid trip. I was frothing out! It was such a good experience. I’d just get up and go shoot, come in, eat good food, go surf and then drink beers watching the sunset. Doesn’t everyone want to do that forever? I just donʼt want to be one of those blokes that dreads going to work on a Monday. I want to be looking forward to it on the Sunday… you know?” – @jesselittlephoto


Odd Folks is proud to present our second full movie Foreign Affair. After last years antics they decided to head back in to foreign territory for the Northern winter. Follow the boys through the streets and back country of Japan, Finland, Whistler, Quebec to drink a couple of beers and see the sights. Shout out to Marcus Skin for the quality submission. Cheers brother, looks rad!


Could this be the flick pass of the century? Stormers Winger Dillyn Leyds pulls off one of the most insane passes ever to set up the incredible Stormers Try against The Chiefs. You beauty!


Conor McGregor was left shocked and surprised at the huge mural of him landing a punch on Floyd Mayweather, that has been painted on a wall of his new gym. Unbeknown to the Dubliner, who walked into his gym and was immediately suspicious of a mysterious cameraman. His team, including trainer, John Kavanagh assure him that the cameraman is there for good reason and McGregor then turns the corner to see the striking mural of him landing a left hook on the chin of Floyd Mayweather. He responds with a few shocked expletives, clearly delighted!


The hardest working dude in the business refuses to slow down. Manramp helps you go up AND brings you back down when you’re done. Check out his part from The Worble’s “New Driveway” video. Solid!


Progression and tricks. Tricks and progression. The Nitro World Games is back for the second year and the formula is the same: do some wild sh*t that no one else has done before. And we got the highlights right here for ya.

MMA: Bellator NYC-Emelianenko vs MitrioneMMA: Bellator NYC-Emelianenko vs Mitrione

Fedor Emelianenko, arguably the greatest heavyweight in mixed martial arts history, was finished in 74 seconds. Matt Mitrione, the ex-New York Giants’ lineman who finished him, cursed out the NBA champion Golden State Warriors for refusing to go to the White House and said he’d accept an invitation from President Donald Trump.


Three world class mountain bikers, James Doerfling, Tom van Steenbergen, and Kyle Norbraten follow the Fraser River north through Canada, building and riding features along the way. Their trek takes them past their hometowns, towards unridden territory and an unknown destination that holds a secret. Needless to say, the boys shred f**king HARD. Feast your eyes on some of the banger moments from the film, and be sure to watch the full thing on Red Bull TV!


Boxing is a sport that is far away from scandal. To see someone try to get an advantage purely by immoral means is disturbing, to say the least. Especially in boxing, a sport where you could be hurt, permanently. This is a wild story of revenge!


The Swans have pulled off one of the comebacks of the year, rallying from 19 points down with less than five minutes left to snatch victory.


Pumping waves attracted dozens of jet ski tow-in surfers to breaks across the Gold Coast to make the most of conditions. And although a Maritime Safety Queensland code of conduct states a jet ski operator “must not” operate jet skis faster than six knots within 200m of paddle surfers some users appeared to flout the rules without consequence. Following this close call Gold Coast water police Senior Sargent Kim Hill said a patrol was sent to the area following media inquiries but the culprits had vanished.


Speedflying, a combination of paragliding and parachuting, offers one of the craziest ways to get from the top of a mountain to the bottom. Ride along with speed flyer Joseph Innes skimming the narrow mountain passes of Romania.


Change yourself. Change the game. Last Chance U is back on July 21, follows the stories of elite athletes in tough life circumstances who struggle to find their redemption on a champion junior College Football team. Season 2 follows the next group of young men at East Mississippi Community College, along with Coach Buddy Stephens and Academic Advisor Brittany Wagner, as they aim to realise their dreams of competing at the next level and become the future stars of the NFL.


Whether you like the idea of this fight happening or not, the editing in this clip is so goddamn professional they need to cut the guy who made it a cheque and play it on ESPN! Poster via Fincher7.


Annelise Temple is a god damn thrill seeker of the highest variety. Footage of the smoke show athlete jumping off a cliff naked is going viral on Instagram today. It’s a real thing and it’s somewhat NSFW if you’re sitting in an office. Check it out!


They should have installed heavy duty shocks on that cart because that landing was just like the area around the fairway. “What? Rough?” Exactly. What a f**ken maniac. I love it.


“When it’s good, the Gold Coast is famous for its perfect, ruler-edged right pointbreaks. When a giant swell hits, however, things get a little more serious. Below-sea level mutant pits. Sweeping currents. Many surfers resort to skis in conditions like this, and it becomes a step-off bonanza.” – Surfline.