LosBum is a movie about precision in urban snowboarding, about a group of friends who’ve always prioritised snowboarding every day no matter the conditions. It’s about showing the world their raw passion and creativity for snowboarding, and doing it with just as much intensity as those on top. This movie is Brothers Factory’s first 100% street movie; no park, no backcountry. They focused on what they do best: bumming in the streets.

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When we think Baseball, we think of America, but if China keeps it up they might change that. This is how the people of China are treated when they go to see a baseball game. Under-boob makes everything better!


Thanks to cycling Phil Jones has gone from a 152kg taxi driver to a 82kg, fit cycling outreach officer. Phil landed his dream job with a recycling bike project and can now ride more than 100 miles at a time – and it’s all thanks to being inspired by watching Sir Chris Hoy at the London Olympics. Check it out!

Clemens Kaudela - Action

Professional BMX and MTB athletes came out to Red Bull Wild Ride to meet up with the top up-and-coming amateur riders for a progressive pro-am contest. The pros gave out some tips, while all the competitors dug deep into into their repertoire of tricks to put on an air show for the local Slovenian crowd.

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God I love woman’s sports sometimes. Luckily I was sitting down when I watched this, cause I went weak at the knees and stiff in the… neck.

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This drone was filming a shark as it cruised along the coastline near a bunch of paddle boarders. Then one of them catches a wave and runs right on the top of the shark. Hopefully that shark doesn’t grow massive and want revenge on humans!


Rich Forne is a master of producing BMX videos and Mutiny Bikes asked him to compile a short video of the best clips they have filmed over the last two years. Check it out.

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Check out former alpine ski racer and renowned fashion designer Willy Bogner riding some glassy smooth waves in Hawaii! Bogner gets some sweet tow-in rides, and carves the waves like they were the slide of a snowy mountain!


Leave it to Ronnie Mac to celebrate the Fourth of July the only way he knows how: two-strokes, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and big jumps. Never mind the fact that CR was made by the Japanese, those cut fenders and flag make it as American as anything Detroit pushed off their assembly lines.


Watch complete madman James Kingston decide he wants a better view at Barclaycard presents BST Hyde Park. I feel sorry for his poor mother, think of the stress she must go through!


A Freeriding MX movie featuring Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Josh Hansen, Tyler Bereman, Andy Bakken, Darryn Durham, Doug Parsons & many more of the world’s best freeriders. Filmed over the last 2 winters, “Chasing The Storm” is bringing Moto vids back to the glory days of punk rock music & riding in the hills with your buddies. Available on iTunes July 15th, 2014.

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Nijee A.K.A. “The Future” is only 5 and already has the style of a world champion as he’s hitting the pads. I feel sorry for the first kid who tries to take his lunch money.


After a three year hiatus, Capita is back with their highly anticipated movie Defenders of Awesome 2 – Stay Bad Ass. With a team line-up of Scott Stevens, Kazu Kokubo, Jess Kimura, Dan Brisse, Phil Jacques, Cale Zima, Brandon Cocard and Dustin Craven, as well as up and comers Mike Rav, Johnny O’Connor, Dylan Gamache and Brendan Gerard; this movie is guaranteed to blow your f**ken mind.


Watch Danny Josa kill it with stylish moves and huge hits at Woodward West and Nasty’s amazing house setup.


Not long ago, Benji Brand’s Namibian entry into Surfline’s GoPro of the World competition left us all slack-jawed. Now it’s Anthony Walsh’s turn to blow your mind with his Indo perspective.

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Another day, another young impressive skaters turns pro. This time we’ve got Davis Torgerson turning pro for Real Skateboards, and its accompanied with this delightful video part. Enjoy!


“Dub have been premiering all the sections from their DVD, “Homegrown” the past couple weeks and today we’re happy to help present the banger section from the one and only Dan Lacey. Dan killed himself for a period of many years for this video part and even the oldest clips stand the test of time.” – The Come Up


The Cubs fan did absolutely nothing to dispel the notion that, to Wrigley Field bleacher creatures, beer takes precedent over all else. During Saturday night’s rain delay, old mate went swimming in the bleachers after presumably swimming in a few several Budweisers prior to. Freestyle, back stroke, this dude has it all. Thank goodness he didn’t pack his Speedo.