Not long ago, Benji Brand’s Namibian entry into Surfline’s GoPro of the World competition left us all slack-jawed. Now it’s Anthony Walsh’s turn to blow your mind with his Indo perspective.

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Another day, another young impressive skaters turns pro. This time we’ve got Davis Torgerson turning pro for Real Skateboards, and its accompanied with this delightful video part. Enjoy!


“Dub have been premiering all the sections from their DVD, “Homegrown” the past couple weeks and today we’re happy to help present the banger section from the one and only Dan Lacey. Dan killed himself for a period of many years for this video part and even the oldest clips stand the test of time.” – The Come Up


The Cubs fan did absolutely nothing to dispel the notion that, to Wrigley Field bleacher creatures, beer takes precedent over all else. During Saturday night’s rain delay, old mate went swimming in the bleachers after presumably swimming in a few several Budweisers prior to. Freestyle, back stroke, this dude has it all. Thank goodness he didn’t pack his Speedo.

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Cameo Wilson blazed a path through Las Vegas, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen to bring you this official pro debut video part. Watch him destroy some of the gnarliest rails ever grinded!


Jesper Tjäder sends a line that wasn’t intended to be hit, a massive gap from one jump to another at the Nine Knights competition wanting to prove to everyone that it’s possible.

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Signal Snowboards teamed up with the Unknown Industries Harley stunt biking crew to collaborate on custom snowboard motorcycle racks and snowboards. The Unknown crew take their new boards on a wild ride to Bear Mountain!


Directed by Joe G and featuring Globe surf team riders Dion Agius, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, Yadin Nicol, Damien Hobgood, Creed McTaggert, CJ Hobgood, Alex Smith, Noa Deane, Brendon Gibbens and more – Strange Rumblings in Shangri La documents a worldwide journey from the frigid shores of Iceland to the sultry coastline of Mozambique. From well-known spots in Europe to exotic islands off the coast of Brazil, and into the deepest of Indonesia, this is one of those great adventures that you’ll never forget. And if our predictions are correct, it’ll soon be your new favourite surf movie.


So this is the new thing that’s hot in the internet. Get on live TV, get interviewed and yell “F**k her right in the pu**y!” and make the reporter super uncomfortable. You can tell his friends can’t believe he actually did but he saw the golden opportunity and made the most of it. He’ll have this memory forever and that’s what it’s really all about. Awesome stuff.

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This is the shameful moment an England football fan had his ear lobe bitten off by a racist thug at the World Cup. The stunned supporter tells the camera: “He bit my ear off and called me a black ****!”

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Freestyle motocross rider Tom Pagès has won Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2014 and dazzled the thousands of spectators in the process with a world first. The defending X-Fighters champ became the first ever to land a ‘bikeflip’. Check it out!


This Fiji GoPro clip stars Gabriel Medina and Filipe Toledo on the same wave. Gabriel films. Filipe takes off in front of him and lands a backside air reverse. They cross swords and Gabriel hands the camera off to Filipe to film. Then, a grand finale: Gabriel lands an air reverse. Love it lads.


Say what you want about The Rock as a wrestler or actor but there is no denying he’s a stand-up guy and would have made that phone call even if the cameras weren’t rolling. The emotions of the moment and what the phone call meant to The Rock and Alex McKinnon are written all over the face of the superstar wrestler. This story, along with this video, will provide further evidence The Rock is a genuinely good dude. He truly earned the title of “people’s champ.”


He goes by the name of Ball Handles and he takes you through the tries and tribulations of a wannabe basketball star who never gives up on his dream. Well, sort of. No matter what your preferred sport is in life, or even if you don’t play sports, we all know a guy like Ball Handles.


His screaming run through tight corridors, over massive jumps, and through crowds of people makes this incredibly enthralling to watch. Absolutely insane mountain bike race, even better run.

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Watch as Martin Söderström and Linus Sjöholm rip up the Nine Knights Free ride/Slope Style MTB course and bring us along for the ride!

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Astounded golfers came across these two 11-foot gators fighting at The Eagles Golf Course in Tampa, Florida. The two beasts where locked in an intense fight after one of the gators changed his score card!


The Green Bay Police Department has a brand new patrol division. For now, there is just one member but he is making a big impact. Known as “Skateboard Cop”, he is earning superhero status in the community. “When I am out on the trails patrolling people, I get a lot of selfies with people and things like that” he says with a laugh. The specially designed board has wider trucks, bigger wheels, and red and blue LED lights. A ten year veteran of the force, Skateboard Cop is happy to be out of the patrol car. “It gets us more exercise, and it also helps us talk to people because the squad is kind of a barrier for us” Officer Zwicky explains.