Since bursting onto the scene a couple of years ago, Chris Joslin seems to have effortlessly shut down just about every well-known spot in existence. It’s certainly not without effort, though, as this video clearly shows. This is 10 minutes worth of Chris throwing himself at a few of his heaviest tricks, including a monster bigspin flip and one of the heaviest nollie kickflips ever done. If you ever needed proof that Chris is a freak of nature, this video is it.


Norwegian skateboarders Jørund Bratset and Lars Mikalsen took their talents to a new level recently, a mountain pass. While their friend followed them capturing the action, Jørund and Lars did a free run down the mountain pass of Trollstigen in western Norway, picking up a lot of speed along the way. While Lars takes off into the distance, Jørund opts to take in the beauty of the landscape around him.


How many of us had switch back 900s down on lock before our first kiss? Didn’t think there were many. This is Judd Henkes, yet another scarily good child snowboarder rising out of the States – basically the future of spinnyboarding. Fourteen-year-old Judd Henkes isn’t even five feet tall, but his short stature isn’t stopping him from stomping hammers.


‘Light Therapy’ – 2015 REDirect surf film festival selection. Filmed on location in New Zealand and Australia, ‘Light Therapy’ was shot by Riley Blakeway with the intention of utilising only available light within the hours of dawn and dusk, over a month spent with surfers Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius and Nate Tyler.


Conor McGregor made worldwide headlines during an interview with The Guardian when he mentioned how easily he would ‘dismantle’ Floyd “Money” Mayweather. It caused a lot of controversy on social media, with a number of boxing fans claiming that nobody could’ve defeated the aggressive power punching boxers such as Mike Tyson or George Forman in there prime. Whilst this footage isn’t serious, the sparing was light and it was all for a bit of fun, there can be no denying that you can see aspects of Conor’s opinion ringing true. For anyone interested, the professional boxer in the video is 27-1 Irish featherweight Patrick Hyland (who we commend for showing a ton of respect – and being humble enough to agree to be filmed).


Williams, 24, who had a kidney removed after a shock Papillary Type 2 cancer diagnosis back in May, made an extraordinary recovery recently to take the field in a pre-season game against the Denver Broncos in Seattle. Williams didn’t just inspire — he looked damn good on his first outing too. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was almost struck dumb by Williams’ achievement. “What a story,” he said. “What a story.” Show Jesse ‘ThaMonstar’ Williams some love and support on his Instagram because the dude is an absolute inspiration to anyone going through hard times. Huge respect brother.

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The Illegal Civilization guys crew packed their bags for London, making for a classic tour video. Olan Prenatt, Jordan Norwood, and Nico Hiraga alongside notorious young videographer Mikey Alfred hit the streets of London to cause a ruckus.


An arm wrestler with 19 inch (49cm) forearms has earned himself the nickname Popeye from fans as he travels America competing to become the world champion. Jeff Dabe’s monster forearms measure 19 inches (49cm) in circumference. Having looked for signs of gigantism and elephantiasis, the University of Minnesota concluded that there were no signs of the disease or abnormalities. Jeff’s wife, Gina, said he was simply born that way.


No snow? No problem. With a creative idea and the help of his friends, Daniel Freed Schwartz claims a first descent like none other; by skiing down a series of escalators.

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Watch Mac “Stop Sign” Telle psych out his opponents and get the crowed hyped up with his wild antics. This is the character arm wrestling needs to hit primetime ESPN!

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Young Oskar Roner is destined to be an action sports star if he can live long enough to see his 10th birthday, without dying during one of his intense stunts!


Real Moto is an all-video FMX contest in which five riders are competing for X Games gold — and your hearts. Tune in to ABC’s “World of X Games” on Saturday, Aug. 22, for an in-depth look at the making of Real Moto, and to find out who was awarded X Games gold. To decide who will get the Fan Favourite award, you need to vote for the one you think is the best. We voted for Jeremy Stenberg by clicking HERE. Who will you vote for?

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Enjoy the very best of ‘Heckler’s Corner’ at the 2015 Enduro World Series Round 1 at Crankworx Rotorua, New Zealand. This is what makes New Zealand spectators great!

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‘The Wild’ featuring young surf talent Noah Beschen, is not only a celebration of surfing, but it is also an ode to nature and its magnificent poetic landscapes.


So it turns out people were pretty damn awesome last month. The latest supercut compilation of epic skills, tricks and stunts featuring everything from skiing with no snow, acrobatic skating, back flips on horse back, to a brilliant swimming cap trick that you have to see to believe.


What do you want to do in your life? What makes you tick? What makes you feel awe? Don’t be misled into thinking that you’re supposed to do anything. You are supposed to do only what you chose to do. The world is vast and full of possibilities. Follow your bliss. Get out of your comfort zone. Stop looking for reasons why you can’t and look for reasons why you can.


Dustin McCaslin flew his drone above Grover Beach in San Luis Obispo County, California, and found a shark swimming within feet of unsuspecting surfers. “McCaslin said he took the footage to a lifeguard, who confirmed it looked “very sharky” and was likely around 10 feet long. The lifeguard followed protocol and went out to investigate, McCaslin said.” This has been your friendly reminder of the day to never go in a body of water unless you’re forced by gun point, not even a bath tub.


On August 2nd, 2o15, Spencer Seabrooke successfully walked ‘The Itus’, a 64 metre long, 290 metre high line atop The Chief in Squamish BC without any safety equipment, breaking the previous world record high line free solo set by Andy Lewis. “This had to have been one of the most gut wrenching things I’ve experienced in my whole life, between operating the drone and watching him walk 290 meters above the earths floor, it was definitely something I have never experienced.” – Zachary Moxley.