During the second stop of the ASP World Tour, 11 time world champion Kelly Slater catches a GoPro Challenge free surf with local dolphins at The Box in Western Australia.


“Everywhere I go, people want to take pictures, talk to me, shake my hand, but I’m getting used to it now.” Meet Tacko “Taco” Fall. He’s somewhere between 7-foot-4 and 7-5, wears a size 22 shoe and has an 8-foot wingspan. And he’s believed to be the tallest prep basketball player in the U.S., if not the world.

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Aaron “Jaws” Homoki is clearly in a league of his own. He’s so gnarly he makes grabs down stairs and gaps look good. This undeniably mind bending, knee aching part for ‘A Happy Medium 3′ will blow your mind over and over.


In an eerie bit of foreshadowing, WWE legend The Ultimate Warrior spoke extensively about death in his final public appearance on Monday, just hours before he collapsed and died in Arizona Tuesday night. Rest in peace.


Zach Anner is a comedian with cerebral palsy who has built a substantial YouTube following thanks to some incredible work out videos that mix humor with actual inspiration, among other things (plus a boost from Oprah). Put it this way: If this guy can work out, so can you. Here’s his 100th video, the 12th edition of Work Out Wednesday.


Join Will Martin as he scores some epic powder runs in one of the best overall ski resorts in Japan, Niesko.


All five nominees for the 2014 Wipeout of the Year Award are presented for your review. Featuring Shawn Dollar, Alex Martins, Jamie MItchell, Alain Riou and Koa Rothman. A category in the 2014 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards, coming May 2. Who do you think should win? leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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There is no doubt that these thrill seekers aren’t scared of a bit of risk and adventure. The question is, how far will they push it? This epic video is full of amazing GoPro helmet cam highlights from various countries around the globe. Check it out!

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He knew he was filming a video part, but he didn’t know it was to celebrate his ascension to the pro ranks. Enjoy a few minutes from the man with one of the best flicks in the biz.

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This is Noah Beschen’s most captivating growth spurt to date. Shot at P-Pass, the Gold Coast and Noah’s Hawaiian home front — If this is what the kid surfs like when he’s at “Play”, we can’t wait to see what happens when he actually goes to work.


If slashing innocent bystanders on the slopes was akin to terrorism, Minority would be the ‘Taliban of Tignes’ – just with a happier background music and far better dress sense.

Storm (2)Storm (1)

“Peak wind speed reached 52knots (about 95km/hr) at 2miles (3-4km) from shore, lasting approximately 6-7min. The peculiar and startling feature of this storm was the sharp crescendo build-up of the wind toward its maximum speed.” Imagine if the strong wind ripped the paddle from his hands, he’d literally be up sh*t creek without a paddle.


At 13, Jagger has already mastered the art of skating. So why give him even more advantages, like video game-like powers and magnetized shoes? For your viewing pleasure, of course. Good luck trying to beat this kid in a game of S-K-A-T-E. Shout out to Jayke Smith for the submission.

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Enjoy this insane behind-the-scenes raw footage of Collin Provost filming his video part for Emerica’s ‘MADE Chapter One’ video.


Nick Cannon was booed while shooting an “America’s Got Talent” segment at a game between New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets at Madison Square Garden recently. Before Cannon appeared during the halftime of the game, producers asked the crowd to cheer. What the crowd did, however, was the exact opposite. Trying to take the boos positively, Cannon asked the crowd to boo louder and get it out of their system. Still, it did not work so Cannon tried to impress the crowd. Indeed, Cannon got what he asked; the crowd booed even louder.


In this episode, Jamie O’Brien rides an iconic Lightning Bolt board shaped by Gerry Lopez and gets some advice from the master himself. Then the boys ride the best string of Pipe swells seen in years.


The Suzuki Nine Knights presented by GoPro is an event renowned for innovation and progression. The castle was designed with many options and Jesper Tjäder (SWE) was the man who took the biggest most dangerous option. A 55 metre transfer over a Halfpipe! Shout out to Will Jones and Grant Savidge for the submission.

Skate (1)Skate (2)

Freestyle skateboarding documentarian Brett Novak has crafted another polished, cinematic skate film featuring some absolutely mind-blowing technical trickery. Earlier this year, Novak spent a couple of intensive weeks armed with his Panasonic HVX-200 filming the insanely talented Jason Park. The backdrop was the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The result is a stunning showcase of creativity entitled “Jason Park: Forever My Home.”