The hotly anticipated heavyweight clash between Billy ‘Bang Bang’ Hawthorn and Nathen JDogg certainly didn’t disappoint. These two have history having fought twice before with JDogg winning both fights, but this was with gloves on. Will ‘Bang Bang’ settle the score when the gloves were off? You’re damn right he will.

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Professional BMX rider Mike “Hucker” Clark attempts to set the world record for the fastest “Hang-5” down an infamously steep hill in southern California. His fastest speed was a massive 42.8mph/68.8kph!


It’s that time of the year when Fifa experts select the 10 finest goals scored around the world between 27 September 2014 and 23 September 2015. Last year James Rodriguez picked up the Puskas Award for his stunning World Cup volley but who will triumph this time around? A shortlist of three will be announced on November 30 before the winner is announced next January.


“Here is our short film piece and collaboration with Mark Bam Bam Flanagan. Please show support by sharing the video with your friends and family. Also don’t forget Bam Bam returns to the ring December 5th in Townsville supporting charities Headspace Townsville and Beyond Blue. For event info and tickets click HERE. Filmed and edited by Liam Underwood.” – Box Cult Promotions.


You need to watch this amazing one-shot GoPro vid from Fabio Wibmer. This is the Limetless Trail. GoPro and Pinkbike have teamed up to bring you a POV video contest like no other. Think you have the gnarliest line and can capture it in a unique way? Bust out your GoPro and start submitting those POV clips HERE to get yourself into contention for the $20,000 and all the glory that goes with winning the raddest POV contest ever!


This is what a world record looks like. Andy Stumpf is a former Navy SEAL with an affinity for jumping from planes. As the newest member to the Skullcandy Family had a goal to raise funds and awareness for the families of fallen Navy SEALs by doing what he does best: jump from planes. He set out to break the world record of distance travelled in a wing suit, and Man on a Mission was underway.


MMA is a pretty intense sport that’s garnered fans from all over the world, and rightly so! But even though the fighting is intense and the fighters are great, some of us wish there was a little bit more zing to MMA. Thankfully, Luis Nogueira has just unleashed that zing in full force by borrowing a move from WWE’s the Rock.

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Carlos Ribeiro sets the bar high for the rest of the LRG team, with this plaza skater dropping serious tech hammers! Download “1947” from the iTunes here.


Can you imagine Lewis Hamilton being asked: ‘Any response to comments about your figure?’ Nope, because that would be ridiculous, right? Well that’s the kind of stuff female athletes have to deal with – instead of you know their sporting ability. This video – released by Cover The Athlete – highlights exactly the kind of queries put to women in sport – by using the gaping-mouthed responses of their male counterparts.


Follow Thomas Bridges on Instagram for more madness, and stay tuned for his brother Luke’s edit dropping soon. Don’t sleep on these brothers, they are on fire right now. Filmed by Allan Hardy.

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MMA fighter Chad George showed great sportsmanship when he choked out opponent Mark Vorgeas, and refused to fight anymore even with the ref telling him the fight was not over!


The world’s most famous surfers travelled to Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal last week to catch the first waves of the winter season as part of the World Surf League’s Big Wave Awards. Two-time champion, Sebastian Steudtner, entered the category “ride of the year”; and the video above shows that he is already an early contender to take the crown. The German was towed into the biggest wave of the day which he managed to ride perfectly. Legend.


Champion skydiver and instructor Brianne Thompson, decided to heat things up on her latest dive by shooting—and burning—her parachute with a flare gun. Even for an experienced athlete, this is one stunt where a multitude of things could go very, very wrong.


Snowboardermag just released a radical uncut edit of Ethan Deiss, aka @lostfurby, check it out, and then go straight to iTunes and download the whole movie. Filmed By John Cavan, Jon Ray, Trent Ludwig, Derek Weimer, Jon Stark, Naoki Utsumi, and Justin Eels. Music By Jason Bayne.

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This is what happens when you ask Nyjah Huston if he has any footage laying around. You get over 4 minutes of insanity, that would have never been seen otherwise!


Miami gave up a 24-12 fourth-quarter lead to Duke for what appeared to be a heartbreaking loss — only to win 30-27 in the most amazing fashion imaginable. The Hurricanes received a Blue Devils kickoff on the final play of regulation and proceeded to lateral the ball eight times — criss-crossing the field on several occasions — before Corn Elder broke into the clear to score a 75-yard touchdown that will be replayed for as long as replays exist.


This may just be some sparring, but it’s definitely entertaining to watch. UFC fighter Conor McGregor recently found himself an interesting sparring partner—Hafthor Bjornsson, aka “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones. To perfectly describe the matchup, it was a 5’9″, 65kg fighter up against a 6’9″, 190kg Strongman. The Mountain seems like a class act too. Just having fun and not taking it seriously, no ego involved. Im pretty sure he could snap Conor in two if he felt like it. Imagine if this guy was a BJJ black belt and had world class striking. We’d all be f**ked, no question.

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Eight performers from the international sensation STOMP took to an outdoor basketball court in New York City’s Greenwich Village with four stars from the world famous Harlem Globetrotters to celebrate the team’s 90th year.