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I wonder if he could see his own house from up there? Nick Gornall enters the bodyboard history books with the first ever 720 air reverse, and I hope someone bought him a beer or two!


Fans of the Tony Hawk’s franchise couldn’t wait to see Pro Skater 5 gameplay, well until they noticed disappointing graphics for what should release on PS4 and Xbox One. After seeing the live gameplay footage at E3 2015, gamers went online to voice their disappointment in regard to the graphics showcased. What do you think? Will you still play it?


Over the past five years as Jilted has evolved so have the complexity of their designs, with Summer ‘15 seeing the debut of their first two-tiered collection. PRIME stems from their fundamental roots, ‘the foundations that bred leaders’. It’s a respectful nod back to their past, and not so innocent, way of life. CASTE is their mature menswear line where tailored, runway inspired garments meet the new era of Jilted, ‘the lineage of privileged and elite’. Take a look at the video for a little more insight into the Jilted mindset, and a little teaser of Throw The Towelling hood & shorts, a piece from their Summer collection released June 28th.

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Mike Hoppe bombs down the iconic Lombard street in San Francisco, weaving in and out of cars and putting on quite the show for the visiting tourists.

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This part has so many heavy moments it’s hard to realise what just happened until the final curtain, when Clive stomps out one of the world’s gnarliest Euro gaps. Oh, the horror!

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This was the scene of the greatest World Cup Downhill race victory of all-time. There’s been big winning margins and wild riding but never have we seen a rider snap a chain at the start of their run only to go on and take the victory. Aaron Gwin is a wizard!

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Camp4 Collective along with riders Tyson Swasey and Joey Schusler and BASE jumpers Ian Flanders and Matt Blank, created one hell of a chase video out in the rugged mountains. This video really does have it all!


Watching Brad Domke plane down the face of an Aussie bomb never gets old. You ever think about how many beatings this guy has taken? This is nightmare fuel. Mad respect!


Gordon Dam is 126.5m tall. The How Ridiculous Crew went to the top and put a basketball hoop at the bottom. The rest is history (and a new world record)! Shout out to Derek Herron for the submission.


“The good guys land on their back wheels, the less experienced on the front. Taking the pictures is scary because you are only four feet away from the bikes. But not as scary as when two go past at once as the wind blast is incredible and you can feel the exhaust heat and you get hit with grit and dust.” – Photographer Steven Davison.


Revel In The Chaos is a darkly cinematic reinvention of the typical mountain bike movie, and it looks all kinds of incredible. Featuring some mind-blowing riding – the concept was created by Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker and we can’t wait to see it. Check out the trailer now!


Brother from another mother @gurustunts from the St. Louis based motorcycle stunt team @streetfighterz is back showing us how to drop prices on our popular ‘Shroom’ tee. Follow both his instagram pages now for wild antics. Click HERE to snap up a bargain on our online store before they sell out.

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Consisting solely of tricks never been done before, Chris Cole’s latest video project #ColeNBD is a part like no other before it. All the tricks you are about to see have never been done!


“I saw ‘P9’ on my pitboard so I kept going as I didn’t think that was a bad position and after the pit stop, it was like I was on a different bike. It felt completely different so I don’t know if the tyre pressures were off, or if it was bad rear tyre, but with a new rear in, I never had any handling issues again. It got my confidence back and I re-passed William Dunlop and I got back into the race.” – Michael Rutter.


Hey, you know that mixed martial arts reporter who likes to serve as cannon fodder for past and present Ultimate Fighting Championship stars? He’s back, and this time he’s throwing himself on the mercy of the Brazilian court.


Salute Filipino divers John David Pahoyo and John Elmerson Fabriga, because even with no experience and little support, the two athletes still competed in this year’s Southeast Asian Games. Sure, they were awful, but…well, I don’t know where I’m going with this. If those were 0.0, then what the hell would I end up scoring? Can you get into the negatives?


Ivan Malakhov performed the jump at a height of 12.5 metres onto the 1.7km incline of the vent. Mutnovsky is a 2,322-meter-high active volcano which emits hot gas and steam. “The main fear I felt was the fear of the unknown. But despite all the difficulties the jump was high and the landing was clear. That is exactly what I tried to do,” the daredevil athlete said. Malakhov jumped from a Mi-8 helicopter.


This is the shocking moment a former NRL player broke his arm live on television during an arm wrestle. As part of a weekly segment on Channel Nine’s The Footy Show, former NRL star Ben Ross was up against former winger Wendell Sailor in a battle of strength. Footage shows the pair braced to battle it out in the arm wrestle to see which former great still has the greatest strength, before Ross’ arm snaps backwards at the hands of Sailor.