“This looks extremely abnormal.” This is why I don’t skate. Or ride bikes. Or play football. Or, well… go outside at all. He went from nearly crying to laughing. That is the power of friends.


Brendan Schaub reflects on his UFC 128 bout against Mirko Cro Cop; the moment he decided if he was a true fighter or not, plus more in this episode of Retrospective.


Off Course is a film project by Jake Blauvelt inspired by riding powder in BC. Featuring the cat-like skills of Jake Blauvelt himself along with Shane Pospisil and Jake Welch. Filmed by BC local and snowboarding legend Gabe Langlois.


“The Mayhem boys are back in action – this time in Europe with 18y/o Californian Brock Crouch as they shred the Saas-Fee Glacier in Switzerland, and around Stubai in Austria. @thestompinggroundspark and @primeparksessions both did an incredible job keeping their parks maintained and we can’t thank them enough for all they create for us to ride!” – @mayhemonthegram.


With the prevalence of social media, miniature cameras attached to everyone’s thigh pocket, notifications constantly beeping through, and ’likes’ as a new form of internal fulfilment, it’s become increasingly difficult to slip under the radar. Especially when the circus has descended on the North Shore. But occasionally, ever so rarely, someone can pull it off. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lucas Godfrey. Photo via: @zaknoyle


“Really can’t believe @rich.forne and myself took the win for the final @sosh_fr #soshurbanmotion. Thank you to everybody out there for making it happen and congrats to all of the other riders and filmers for killing it. You guys are amazing” – @tylerfernengel.


X Games Gold Medalist Colby Raha evades police to jump train gap and Kyle Katsandris jumps train gap with a horrific life threatening crash as seen in the movie On the Pipe 7 “The Last Hit”. When it comes to moto-themed film franchises, it’s hard to top the On the Pipe series.


Looking for a new young snowboard crush? Well he’s here and goes by name the ‘Fridge’ because his real name – Fridtjof Sæther Tischendorf – is a little tough on the tongue. His style is not as polished as those landing triple cork mutes on every jump, thank god. Fridge rides loose and fast, with a backpack often and is the most unpredictable rider in years. Love it!


The last five years have produced some of the most memorable moments in big wave surfing, and many of them went down on the peaks of Praia do Norte. Watch the best bits above. Would you throw yourself into these waves?


After Noa Deane and the well received film “Pulp”, Fletcher focuses his lens on the promising Kai Hing in “Splashing”. Hing’s surfing is fast and loose and throughout all the technical airs he keeps it stylish and fun. Check it out!


Matt Jones visualises tricks and pushes MTB freestyle skills to the very limit, providing a fresh view into how elite athletes use sports psychology to compete at the highest level.


“Clips from a winter on the North Shore of Oahu featuring John John Florence, Koa Rothman, Damien Hobgood, Mason Ho, Jamie O’Brien, Nathan Florence and more. I’m a better photographer than videographer so don’t be too harsh” – Dan Lemaitre.


After the race Ronnie Mac explained why he lost the race, claiming that he’s still the best rider in the world, and the only reason he lost was due to the Australian tyres they put on his bike, saying he’ll be ready to go next year again!


“This dude is a true inspiration; losing his legs at age 6 didn’t stop Felipe Nunes from skating…and ripping.” – Tony Hawk.


Right when you think MMA might be getting a little boring, an event like this comes along that pushes you back in your seat and brings up intense experiences of being a gladiator in a past life. Check out these highlights.


Adrian Broner was undefeated coming into this fight and talked so much sh*t. He thought he was invincible and did that hump thinking he could f**k with Maidana. The next round Maidana caught Broner and knocked him down. It caught everyone by surprise. The next few rounds was the biggest ass beating Broner could have gotten. In the 11th, Maidana got his revenge and humped him back. Classic stuff.


Jay Davies and Lee Wilson live in West Oz and Bali respectively, two of the most wave-rich coastlines in the world, filled with all kinds of perfection. Sometimes, apparently, perfection gets boring and there’s a need to get creative with it all.


Conor McGregor was involved in some sort of altercation with referee Marc Goddard at Bellator 187 in Dublin, Ireland. After Charlie Ward finished John Redmond in the first round, McGregor jumped the cage fence immediately to celebrate with his teammate. Goddard asked McGregor to leave the cage, as he wasn’t a designated cornerman. McGregor ran after Goddard and pushed him.