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Travis reveals who his role model is in “On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter”. Watch Travis Pastrana ride with Doug Henry, 3x motocross champion & paraplegic, who has a never-say-die attitude that is truly inspirational.


More than 1,000 former NFL players are addicted to painkillers. Many are without health insurance, or any semblance of a support system. In this VICE Sports Sitdown, Keith McCants reflects on losing control as mental and physical pain took over his life.


Brandon Mikesell gracefully navigates his wingsuit through the vibrant mountains in Walenstadt, Switzerland.


No athlete in action sports wants to train into a robot, risk their lives on the daily and not enjoy it. This isn’t about the fake interviews or one of those played out Hollywood style flicks. This is about the fun of action sports and simply life away from competition. Shout out to the man behind it all, Ryan Walters.

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None of this years dunk contest entrants could stand a chance against 19-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine’s homage to a classic big-screen sports moment. Stepping onto the court in a #23 Michael Jordan Tune Squad jersey from the movie ‘Space Jam,’ LaVine proceeded to blow away the competition by recreating the film’s seminal slam dunk.


The previous record was 246.5 metres, which was set by Norway’s Johan Remen Evensen on the same track in 2011. He looked as if he could have kept going had there been more slope available. The fact they do that stuff in the dark and with sh*t weather and sub-optimal visibility astounds me.


Devon Smillie is one of the best street riders on Earth right now. When fellow top pros are at the same skatepark as him, they shut up and watch when Devon takes a run. Lucky for us, Devon has been putting in work with Francis Castro for the past few months and the result is this bafflingly technical 2 song monster.

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David Gravette never disappoints and has come through with another gnarly video part, featuring some rails so big they would make you pray for death rather than skate them. Enjoy!


“Rock, Scissors, Paper. It’s how we determine the order for who’s going boatie, it’s the beginning of every underwater adventure we set upon. Once that’s sorted, follow us into the blue. We go hunting for Big Red Emperors, but that’s not all we come across.” – Youngbloods Spearfishing


Finnish poker players have garnered an international reputation for aggression, and it seems that tendency applies even to their beauty pageant winners. Sara Chafak represented Finland in the Miss Universe pageant, but turned out to be just as aggressive as she is congenial. The former Miss Finland took part in the Shark Cage poker TV show, which pits celebrities and poker pros against each other battling for a $1 million first place prize.

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Allison Stokke is the single reason why Pole Vault is now my favourite sport, and now it will be yours too. Watch as Allison catches some sweet air, and looks damn good doing it!

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Odell Beckham Jr. was drafted by the Giants in 2014 and plays as the wide receiver. During his rookie year, he finished with 91 catches for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns. What a talent!


Meet Sergeant Stubs (or Ian Parkinson, as his mother calls him). He’s a double lower-leg amputee, not to mention an absolute f**ken inspiration. He’s been re-learning how to skateboard since losing his legs. It’s believed that showing recent amputees that they can still partake in everyday activities can be an incredibly important part of their recovery, so what Sergeant Stubbs is doing is awesome on so many levels.


Arian Foster almost didn’t make it. Many times the dream he has held since he was a child—the dream of playing in the National Football League (NFL)—was nearly lost. Arian Foster’s words have now been immortalised on film. Director Todd Martin said his team first came across the poem “Where We Dwell” last year on Foster’s website. “We were deeply inspired by his words and thought they would serve as a powerful backbone for a potential short film,” Martin said. After devising a treatment for the film, they pitched the vision to Foster’s team who gave their blessing.

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MMA is brutal at the best of times, but we hold a special place in our hearts for slam knockouts. They are hard to pull off, but when they do, people around the world get sympathy headaches. Watch this massive compilation!


A Siberian lake skier had a lucky escape after falling through thin ice, with his embarrassing moment, and rescue, captured for posterity on camera.


Jason Watts really went in on this one. He took on a bunch of the biggest bowls in Australia and came out on top. He’s got the height, the style and the tricks. Such a pleasure to have a unique guy like Jason on Haro. Filmed entirely in Australia between the city’s of Brisbane and Sydney.” – Haro Bikes. Shout out to Stephen Morrisey for the submission.


Whistler Blackcomb parks are on fire right now. FYVE Snowboards rider and Canadian ripper, Ryan Manning just released a dope new solo edit full of shredding to get you stoked. Check it out!