Robin Black is here to breakdown the welterweight main event rematch at UFC 202 between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. First up let’s look and this epic rumble from the perspective of Nate Diaz, after that, the pride of Ireland Conor McGregor.


In Norway, the end may not always be in sight, but Felix Lorentzen figured it was down there somewhere. Jumping from a platform high up in the clouds, Felix and his crew BASE jump into clouds that turn out to be a bit thicker than they thought.


“I’ve been so unsure with what to do with all my footage over the last year or two I decided to just get out out there. I commissioned good friend and one of the best film makers I know to edit it, Blake Myers. I hope you like what he created.” – Jordy Smith.


Mick Fanning and Mason Ho find cold waves and clarity in the frozen north. After a roller coaster 2015, Mick figured he had met his drama limit for the decade and opted out of full-time WSL competition in 2016. His goal, to Search with friends. With Mason in tow, here’s Mick’s foray into the icy wilderness. For more visit Rip Curl’s The Search.


South American BMX legend Daniel Dhers has ridden some unusual ramp spots in his career, but none more so than his latest location in Bolivia. The Venezuelan took to high altitude of Uyuni in Bolivia to build and ride the world’s first BMX salt park – 3,600m above sea level.


“Part 5 of the GoPro NYC BMX Series featuring Anthony Panza, Austin Augie and myself (Billy Perry). Riding spot, weaving through traffic, sketching cars, and jumping on trailers all over Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan.” – Billy Perry.


Watch the action packed highlight reel now and get ready as the boys pass the torch from Makken, to Kurt Sorges for HoffFEST in a couple of weeks. Big shout out to @makkedonia and @andreulacondeguy for the quality hookups!


Els made perfect connection with a seven-iron at the 176-yard 16th hole, and his ball pitched to the right of the pin before taking the break and rolling gently into the cup for what he believes is his 13th ace in competition.


Michael Rodrigues is one of the most talented surfers in Brazil. Keep an eye out for him 2016 WSL’s Men’s Qualifying Series. You’ll no doubt be seeing much more of him in the future.


According to Dutch press, Annemiek van Vleuten has suffered a concussion and three small fractures in her spine. She has been taken to intensive care but is in stable condition.

HeadUFC 196: McGregor v Diaz

So you think you’re ready for the rematch at UFC 202? It’s coming up shortly, but first, take a look back at UFC 196, where Nate Diaz came in on short notice and wrecked the Conor McGregor hype train.


Perhaps the most fascinating thing about James Duncan O’Brien is the contradiction between his indisputably serious surfing talent and his determined unwillingness to take surfing — or anything else, for that matter — seriously.


From standing atop the podium hoisting a championship trophy, to laying on a hospital bed questioning your future and everything you’ve worked for — this sport can flip your world upside down in the blink of an eye. Red Bull KTM’s Dean Wilson is all too familiar with said scenario. Promising to come back stronger for outdoors, Dean is on a mission to set an example for folks with unfortunate luck to prove that they too can fight back and continue being successful. Shout out to producer @ryanwaltersfilms for the hook ups.


By definition, “unlimited” means: being or seeming to be without limits. Its synonyms include: boundless, indefinite, unfathomable, infinite. At Nike “unlimited” also means endless possibility, when it comes to its athletes and when it comes to its designs. In turn, each pushes the other past perceived boundaries towards a sub-two-hour marathon or a first marathon, a world record or a personal best. Unlimited declares that there is no “happily ever after” and there’s no “too far.” There’s only “What’s next?”


Cody McEntire is is the king of consistency. Check out this clip of him warming up at The Berrics, just casually putting down lines that most skaters could only wish for!


While most of us would likely eat $h!t at the first turn, the risk of going down a gnarly stretch of asphalt like ‘Bear’s Guts’ in Osilica, Slovenia, didn’t discourage the 72 riders from taking part in Red Bull No Paws Down.


The lads from Real Skifi are back with another banging internet edit, sending it hard in the middle of summer. No one can top their creativity!


Danny Griffiths suited up in the near freezing conditions and headed out on skis and boats to Shipstern Bluff. It’s one of the world’s most mutinous slab surfing locations. Mostly, you’ll watch people drop in and stumble on one or more of the many liquid steps that draw up on themselves to form smaller-big-waves. They form just a couple of feet above a rock slab and boulders. It’s hard to make it out the channel but when you do and look back, it’s all worth it – they say. Photos via: Andy Chiza.