Filmed in Golden Ears Provincial Park in Beautiful British Columbia Canada, you’re watching former NHL Draft Pick Brett Draney, and NHL Skating Coach Derek Popke, on some of the nicest ice ever. The lake is a small, unnamed lake close to the larger Thomas Lake. The rare conditions of very cold and no snow presented themselves for a short window of fun. Shout out to Ryan Stewart for the submission.

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Only New York skaters will film an entire video on the gritty sidewalks and streets, skating spots made of road barriers and trucks that will disappear the next day. This is as raw as it gets.


It’s a real barnburner. A man at the top of his professional prowess, his mountain bike a natural extension of him, one of the best riders the sport has ever seen. But like all great heroes, adversity comes a knocking. For Graham Agassiz, a relatively benign descent—one he’s done a hundred times before—decided to reach out with its wicked limb and smack him down. Shove a fat slice of humble pie in his face. With his neck broken and a career in jeopardy, the road back to the top comes with dangers and demons along the way. Shout out to William Biname for the submission.

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Nick Boserio will get you psyched up to skate, even if you have never stepped foot on a board before. Like watching an MMA fight and thinking you are ready for a title shot cos one time you punched a kid in the back and made him cry in the third grade.


There’s a new sport that may interest those of you who enjoy stuff like paintball and airsoft. It’s called Archery Tag and it’s exactly what it sounds like. You and friends can split into teams of 6 and shoot foam tipped arrows at one another in a last-man-standing-style match. Think dodgeball with bows and arrows. Would you give it a go?


We’ve all heard the catchy titles. All the click bait ways to describe what happened during the Indian Ocean’s swell of the century. But legendary filmer Tim Bonython says the wave at 02:52 in this video is “the biggest wave surfed there”… ever. And holy sh*t, I believe him.

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New Zealand’s Jed Mildon has made history by landing the first ever quad backflip! That’s four full backflips off a specially made ramp and landing. James Foster was another guy gunning to be the first to make the trick, but had to give up due to injury.


Don’t you wish your travels looked like this? Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Rene love nothing more than travelling the world… and then snapping impossibly glamorous footage at each location. The pair share their stunning and carefree images on Instagram, where Jay has 1.8 million followers and Alexis an impressive 2.4 million.


Warriors hooker Nathan Friend has pulled off what Andrew Voss is calling the “greatest piece of gymnastics rugby league has ever seen.” We’re not out of line here saying it could be the try of the season. Watch the video to see Friend’s leap and Johnson’s flick-pass.


It’s not every day that a new event is introduced to what you might call competitive skateboarding. There was the Mega Ramp at the X Games in 2004. And at some point, someone (Rob Dyrdek, I guess) realized that traditional street contests didn’t showcase actual street skating, thus putting us on the path to Street League. And now Andy Macdonald wants to bring a new discipline to skate contests: Skatercross. You can donate to the Skatercross Kickstarter by clicking HERE.


On this episode of Who is JOB 5.0 it’s a Waimea Bay theme as Jamie O’Brien and friends open up the overflowing Waimea Bay river and creates the best river surfing waves of the year. Plus, Poopies learns freestyle snow skiing at Pipeline and flips his way into the Waimea marsh!


The film features pro surfers Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Sally Fitzgibbons and Malia Manuel, along with a combination of individuals, who define what surfing is and will be. No individualism here, no ego, no celebration of one hero. In surf, as in technology, one cannot reach the next level alone.


There have been a few videos of people riding bikes down the bobsled track on Mount Trebević, the site of the Sarajevo Winter Olympics in 1984. The track has been long abandoned by bobsledders, but it has been recently discovered by mountain bikers. This is the first video we’ve seen that riders actually ride the course at a high speed — in this case nearly 40 miles per hour.

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This is by far one of the heaviest crash sections you are ever going to see! The crew took a beating for MARKIT ZERO. Get ready for over seven minutes of raw, savage falls for your viewing pleasure.

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Check out this experimental skate film featuring wolves, bears, flying cameras and thermo vision. SKateboarder Marek Kocack is shot riding down freeways, around city squares, and through a mysterious dark forest.


This month’s compilation video from the viral video hit factory “People are Awesome” is a summer special, a feel good compilation of people making the most of the sun, sea and sand. Who knew there were so many different ways to fling your body into the ocean? Shout out to Dan Rice for the submission.


Snowboarding history was just made by Nitro team rider, Basti Rittig, who greased an 84 meter (275.5 feet) rail on the Dachstein Glacier in Austria, smashing the previous 2011 world record of 79 meters (259 feet). “I cleared it!” Rittig said after accomplishing the feat, which he did within four hours of attempting it.

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Jordan Grace danced with death when he tried to boardslide this triple kinked rail. He was leaning too far forward and lost his balance, landing neck first on the end of the rail. The fact that he is still walking is amazing!