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Catching fish isn’t that hard. Once they are on dry land it is a matter of time before they are in your belly. What this fisherman didn’t realise, is that he caught a fish who never gives up in its fight for freedom!

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Mt Ruapehu is New Zealand’s largest active volcano, the most recent eruption was in 1975. The road was closed so these longboarders could get ride like the wind, so that’s exactly what they did!


This Cowboys fan turns into a one-man home demolition crew after the Redskins upset his beloved team. He trashes a TV, flips a table, destroys a guitar, rips out a light. Hell, he does everything short of levelling the f**ken house. Credit to this dude’s friends for being pretty chill during the chaos. Give that man some meds.


Johan Berg, a Norwegian freestyle skier just pulled a gnarly high-five with his friend skier Aleksander Aurdal. Johan Berg stomped this great achievement at the ​​Prime Park Sessions located on the Stubai Glacier in Austria. Gnarly dude.

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Skaters and cops are like cats and dogs, they were always enemies and always will be. These kids go off at this bicycle cop, who appears pretty much powerless after they filmed him slam one of their friends.


For two days in October 2014 some of the best skateboarders from East and West were connected to share their passion on the top of the world at Helsinki Airport. This first-ever skate session was hosted by Arto Saari and his world-class crew. See the amazing footage of when these skaters got access to totally unique skate spots to test the limits of the gateway between East and West.


The fans definitely don’t react to sports with this much passion in Australia very often. Especially not basketball games, that’s for damn sure.


In Fightlands first episode of Moving Portraits: Title Shots, they explore Venice Beach with Irish UFC featherweight Conor McGregor to learn how his obsession with movement has shaped his fighting style.

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We recently posted this incredible ski film ‘Afterglow‘, and now GoPro have released the helmet-cam footage captured by the skiers involved. So awesome!


BASE Jumping with Nitro Circus can lead to somebody’s first or somebody’s last. Travis Pastrana, Wheelz, Roner, Dusty and Brandon Lillard find that out the hard way in the latest from Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures.


Randy Orton is everywhere at all times. He was there that time you went ice-skating and nailed yourself. He dropped the hammer the first time you set foot on a skateboard. What scientists won’t tell you is that “gravity” is just the invisible hands of Orton, always waiting at the ready to rock-shock-kaboom you into the Earth’s mantle with a signature “RKO” knockout!


GoPro and Pinkbike have teamed up to bring you a POV video contest like no other. Think you have the gnarliest line and can capture it in a unique way? Bust out your GoPro and start submitting those POV clips to get yourself into contention for the $20,000 and all the glory that goes with winning the raddest POV contest ever!

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It happens every year like clockwork. Winter brings bigger waves, and surfers count down the days of summer in anticipation for it. Check out for more.


We’ve seen plenty of cyclists ride through mountains, forests, snow, and other epic places, but this seems a bit like trying to make a speed run through a labyrinth. Filip Polc was 2nd on the day but would take the overall title in the 2014 City Downhill World Tour. Check out this bone rattling footage!


Flip pro and former ‘Skater of the year’ David Gonzalez has an insane magnified video thanks to the guys over at Thrasher Magazine. Watch the skin burning battle David had to fight in order to land clean and roll away. These magnified videos are frying my brain. That rollaway sounded like a f**ken jet plane. I honestly wouldn’t be mad if he won skater of the year again.

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Not much actually happens in this fight, just sniper-like precision. Guillaume Coudé is did the punching and Dylan Garrioch is did the falling.

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“I can honestly say that I haven’t worked on a skate video this hard since The End. I never want to do some of these tricks again, but I am proud to have completed them and hope that you enjoy the outcome. And thanks to Z-Trip for resurrecting two classic songs from THPS… I love my job.” -Tony Hawk


After releasing the original edit of Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX Shredfest, the team had some amazing Bonus Heli Footage that they could not let go to waste.