TransWorld Motocross assembled an all-star cast of motocross heroes, paired them with fine-tuned two-strokes, and turned them loose for a high definition flashback to the bygone era of mixing gas and hauling ass for Premix 2, the sequel to the best-selling 2015 original. The bikes are better, the speeds are higher, and the sound is even sweeter the second time around and if you are a motocross diehard, this is a movie not to be missed.

Senior Terrell Jones played his heart out for Eufala in the Alabama State Championship, but in the end his team fell just short — losing by one point. It was a disappointing end to a high school career, but the real story came in the post-game press conference when Jones delivered an inspirational speech like it was something out of a movie.

Patrick “Bengel” Rasche left his comfort zone in search for a place where he could be a pioneer again. A wild place, where no bike tire has touched the ground before. The east is calling. The Wild Wild East. Welcome to the wilderness of Kamchatka, Russia.

You have heard, of course, about man-made waves. They’re all the rage right now, which means two things: all the rage or causing rage. Love them or hate them, however, they’re here and they’re here to stay. Take City Wave, for example. It’s a wave that can be created pretty much anywhere. Similar to a river wave, City Waves are already in place all over Europe and Germany just stuck one in the middle of a shopping centre!

You know Russell Bierke from winning Red Bull Cape Fear and from the numerous terrifying video parts he released in the aftermath of that breakthrough performance. The son of American shaper and surfer Kirk Bierke, Russell was born in Hawaii, but the family moved to the South Coast of New South Wales when he was five and it was here that he first found his passion for abhorrent waves.

“I skated down Mt Victoria Pass. The crew I was with asked if I wanted to skate something gnarly and I was keen.” – Harry Clarke.

We have an early nominee for World Rugby try of the year. Mark down USA Rugby Sevens player Perry Baker as a favourite for the award after a 100m effort in the semifinals of the Las Vegas Sevens against Fiji.

Both players threw haymakers and landed several as if their very survival depended on it. You could set your watch to those punches. NBA: Both players fined and suspended multiple games. NHL: Go sit in that penalty box for 5 minutes please. You gotta love it.

“A couple weeks ago the Shift crew made a trip over to Southern France to shoot Hunter Lawrence in our 3LUE Label Navy/Yellow collection. We spent a few days with the 114 Motorsports team and took in the surf vibe of the Hossegor area as the boys were full hammer down with just a few weeks of prep to go before Round 1 in Argentina.” – @shiftmx.

“Parker Heath has been venturing out and going on street missions around Los Angeles, finding spots and documenting it all with filmer and editor Fernando Gomarin Olaiz for his new Demolition video. Parker busted his ass on this one and definitely shows.” – @demolitionparts.

This is what Nascar should of been. F1 also needs jumps or it will not survive as a sport. Losing it like that on the last corner is absolute hell. I would have smashed my PS4 controller.

This intimate portrait of a Thai boxer, from New York-based filmmaker Josh Hayward, reveals the rituals and pressures experienced in Bangkok’s boxing culture—an environment of gruelling physical and psychological tension. Directed by Josh Hayward.

“Shaun White in a Mario like game on his last run in the olympics! This took me around 36 hours to edit, spread it around so Shaun White can see!” – @dylan_tate

4X World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw takes us through a full day of cooking and eating at his place as he trains for the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio. In doing this, he talks about the difficulty in putting down as many calories as he does!

“As with everything we do here at Flybikes, we look to our team for inspiration and direction. Courage Adams has gotten a lot of people’s attention over the past few years with his amazing talent, and it was clear that it was time for him to have his own signature line that was designed to his exact specifications.” – Flybikes.

Since 1980, there has been some unforgettable moments, a multitude of controversy and spectacular brawls, all of which has caused Rugby to be one of the most popular sports in the country. The players and the fans love to hate each other during this time of the year, and the hype and mentality surrounding various teams has led to some unforgettable brawls.

Nick Pescetto teams up with Villa Saba 10 for his latest visual adventure. Villa Saba 10 is a five bedroom villa located in Bali’s Umalas district, a hidden gem just a few minutes away from Seminyak’s sweeping beaches, vibrant night scene, world-class restaurants and chic boutiques. Sign me up!

The Rockets are riding an incredible 13-game winning streak and their marquee man, James Harden, is charging towards his first ever MVP trophy. They’ve looked near on unstoppable throughout the season, but Harden isn’t happy with just winning, he’s moved on to disrespecting opponents.