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Just as the sun was setting, longboarder Jared Henry bombed this hill somewhere in the Ozarks, when a deer ran out in front of him and got blasted!

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Keeper Lukas Kruse’s side lost 3-0 at home, and he got wiped out by the opposing striker’s thunderous effort. It wasn’t a great afternoon for him, but he at least made this on spectacular save!


In response to graffiti artist Banksy’s ‘Make this the Year You Discover a New Destination’ Gaza tourist video, the territory’s parkour team show us what real life is like there and their dreams beyond the border. To the sounds of Palestine’s biggest female hip-hop artist, Shadia Mansour, join Abdallah AlQassab and the rest of the free-running team as they flip, somersault and leap their way round the ruined city.


In case you haven’t wrung out those tear ducts of yours this week, Duncan Keith recently spent some time with a fan born with disabilities to accompany her on the first skate of her young life. The Blackhawks defenseman joined a fan named Cammy for the franchise’s latest instalment of its #WhatsYourGoal campaign. Cammy, who was born without the ability to walk or speak, wanted to skate the ice and score a goal. Simply put, all sorts of priceless moments occurred in this segment, starting with Keith exhibiting his pride in being this young fan’s favourite hockey player.

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Watch the raw footage from Chris Haslam’s Pro Spotlight video, featuring some of the outtakes, slams, and multiple tries that went into landing some of these creative and groundbreaking tricks.

Competitor- ActionCompetitor - Action

Once again, the hills of Valparaiso tested the gnarliest urban DH mountain bikers with an insanely technical DH course through Chilean streets. Take a point-of-view look at what it’s like to charge through one of the sketchiest urban MTB courses in the world.


There are certain things you don’t say during interviews the whole world will see. Andy Murray apparently didn’t get the message. After Britain’s Davis Cup match Sunday, Murray told the Eurosport TV reporter teammate Dom Inglot had a side girlfriend in Scotland. Problem is, Inglot said he already had a girlfriend and she was likely watching the interview on television at home.


Such was the delight at the prospect of a trip to Wembley next months, fans jumped the gun and ran onto the pitch before the final whistle. The majority of the crowd in attendance at Villa Park condemned the actions, perhaps fearing that it could put the 2-0 victory at risk if the game had to be halted or abandoned. But the stewards succeeded in clearing the pitch long enough for the game to be completed. And thousands more took the pitch to express their satisfaction when the final whistle did eventually blow.

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When you have 15 enders to choose from you know you have an incredible edit on your hands. Kelvin lands every trick bolts and is just a straight-up gnarly skater.


Benny the Bull may have one of the best jobs in the world. Whether its spilling popcorn on fans, dancing with the referees, or draining half court shots, Benny is always putting on a show. And who knew who how good he was at making signs?! In all seriousness, Benny has got some moves, this guy can dance, spin, twirl, and everything else in between. Who’s your favorite mascot in all of sports? Let us know in the comments now!


Booooooom‘s Jeff Hamada & Flexfit have teamed up with Zenga Bros to present “Skate Heads”, a new art/skate film produced as part of a collaborative effort to give emerging creatives an opportunity to turn a dream project into reality. Featuring an impressive cast of skaters, the film offers a unique perspective into maintaining a sense of ‘foolishness, exploration & wonder.’

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These two adrenalin junkies were looking to make their BASE jumping adventures more exciting, so they has a race to the top of an abandoned building in south Africa to see who can jump first!


Pat Casey moved into his dream home in 2013, building his backyard ramp to perfection just six months later. The trails, his newest collaboration with Monster Energy were designed and built by one of the most prolific trail builders in the world, Adam Aloise. In this new edit, Pat christens his amazing new features with an onslaught of stylish tricks mixed with straight up bangers. No one in BMX rides like Pat, and Dream Yard 2 is a testament to that fact!


“We passed by this skatepark one morning while on a filming trip in Northern California for Squash It. Chad casually pulled up next to the van at a nearby traffic light and said something about wanting to loop the full pipe we had just passed. The skaters at the park weren’t stoked that we were there, that is until they figured out what Chad wanted to try. A few run ups later and Chad charged it, the craziest thing we’ve ever seen. He actually loses contact with the pipe at around 11 o’clock, only to be miraculously caught and saved. Wild.” – Kink BMX

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Follow the Supreme team on some skateboarding adventures in this short film ‘The Red Devil’ by William Strobeck. Enjoy!


Mark Webb visits the Base skatepark, the place he calls his new local with fellow Total BMX teammates and friends for an action packed video session that turned out so well it reminded him of the old props scene videos. Watch Mark Webb, James Jones, Jack Hobson, Matt Sheppard, Troy Hayward, and more destroy this new skatepark in Bognor Regis.


There is no doubt that the human race isn’t scared of a bit of risk and adventure. The question is, how far can we push it? The footage includes the worlds greatest, fastest, highest and wackiest feats including the highest shallow dive, most walnuts cracked with the head, most underwater bench presses, fastest 100m hurdles in flippers, fastest one handed ladder climb and many, many more. Some of the records you won’t believe until you have seen them.

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From the first to the last trick, Australian legend Shane O’Neill creates perfection. He has just released yet another full-length part with Thrasher for board sponsor Skate Mental, a four minute masterpiece!