“Where has Double D been all SX season? We loaded up in the van and went off the grid to find him still on two wheels. He’s went missing… but still in action. He takes us on a trip to a place where cell phones don’t work, and motorcycles do the talking.” – @theviewing.


Brandon Semenuk can probably rip on anything with two wheels. Mix his skill in with some awesome locations and filmography and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat!


A rain break and a switched-up course format did little to wrong-foot Nyjah Huston’s campaign of radness in the pro-skateboarding contest circuit as it touched down in Hart Plaza, Detroit this weekend.


When a cop is called on a bunch of skaters, only two things can happen. They politely ask the skaters to leave who graciously follow their instruction, or a bunch of tickets get handed out. However, there is a very rare third option that the cops fans out on the skaters and wants to take their picture.

2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1Tom2

There aren’t many things in life Tom Brady hasn’t done. Get drafted in the sixth round and become a legend? Check. Win the most Super Bowls for a quarterback? Check. Make millions? Check. Marry a supermodel? Check. Develop your own $250 cookbook? Check. End up on the cover of the EA Sports ‘Madden’ video game? No check! Until now.


Daniel Cormier went after Jon Jones at UFC Summer Kickoff press conference after Jon said something about DC’s kids. Shortly after that, Kevin Lee and Michael Chiesa came to blows when Kevin mentioned Michael’s mum. Leave the families out of it gentlemen!


“Smelly Socks 3.1 is the one and only Smelly Socks webisode this year. Simply for two reasons: We have zero budget for this and Daniel hurt his knee. But this doesn’t mean Smelly Socks are done! We tried hard and made at least one this year. And we will try even harder to bring you more Smelly Socks edits in upcoming season, so don´t be sad and stay tuned!” – @marbernard.


When the footy season starts, it’s time to toughen up and put a hit on anything that dares stand in front of you. Shed and fence builders are about to get a tidal wave of new work.


This guy clearly has a powerful drive. I’m not sure whether to congratulate or console him. The duck was attempting to fly across the fairway as the ball hit it at a vicious speed, leaving it hurtling into the pond. RIP little guy.


Fish instinctively roam in schools because there’s safety in numbers. If a predator moves in, you’re much less likely to get eaten if you have a couple thousand buddies with you, each of whom looks equally tasty to the hungry diner. The same is true for people when we abandon our trophic position on dry land and enter the domain of large, toothy predators. Surfer David Woodward almost discovered that the hard way.


From the looks of it, this is a lot more than route developer Pedro Pons bargained for when he cleaned a loose block from a new crag in Chulilla, Spain. The video serves as a good reminder that sometimes the rocks we climb are more precarious than they appear. Shout out to the people lower down who appear completely unfazed by the nearby carnage.


Philippe Coutinho and Gini Wijnaldum took on a side containing no fewer than 30 of the club’s pre-Academy squad at the same time, including two goalkeepers at once. The Reds duo were bolstered by the loan signing of stopper Daniel Moore from the youth side, but how would the senior stars cope with the unusual task of keeping almost three teams’ worth of players at bay?


Bust or Bail went to Atlanta’s infamous 5 block, and as any event held by Thrasher, destruction and carnage ensued. Watch these guys put their fears aside and throw themselves off this monster.


“We got bored on the way to the Las Vegas SX so I rode a wheelie from California to Nevada haha! Shot on GoPro Hero5 in 4K by Dave Dawes.” – @twitchthis8.


The scariest thing about falling into a crevasse is if you know how they kill people. They’re generally wider at the top and taper down so falling in doesn’t kill you most of the time. You get wedged in when it’s not wide enough for you anymore and your body heat slowly melts the ice and you slip millimetre by millimetre deeper into the gap. Every breath let’s you slip a little further until you can’t expand your lungs enough to breathe and you suffocate. Whole process takes hours and hours.


Brad Domke joins Mason Ho from Hawaii, Balaram Stack from New York City, and Nate Zoller from Laguna Beach at the Wedge, for what was an epic and very memorable morning of surfing. Check it out!


Watch in awe as Chris Russell attempts the biggest nose pick drop in we’ve ever seen. He gets so much speed, almost free-falling, then the flat of the earth comes up so fast the only way to stop himself drilling straight to hell was with his face slapping the ground!


Throw in some precision street tech, mix in a little of that new-new, add a dash of ’80s video-art and you got a new pro for enjoi.