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From a back and forth heavyweight title fight that ended up with a knockout delivered by the champion Stipe Miocic to a kick thrown by former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum on his opponent’s coach after the fight was over. If you’re of the opinion that MMA is at its best when it is at least a little bit weird, then, wow, was UFC 203 ever the event for you. It had a bit of everything. It was wild and definitely entertaining.


The Suzuki Nine Knights contest day was absolute madness! What a perfect way to close out a week of progressive riding, incredible photo and film shoots, and good times with the buds. Shout out to Justine Mulliez for the submission.


These raw moments reveal a sneak peak at what’s to come in The Fourth Phase as well as an original GoPro series dropping in October 2016. The film premieres globally October 2 on Red Bull TV and is now available for pre-order HERE.


All the mums watching are having a great time until they see their kid get thrown to the ground like a ragdoll by this kid on a mission. If this kid doesn’t become a pro player, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


From the heavenly spots to the all-star cast of skaters, this video might just have you booking a one-way ticket to Spain before the last trick. Enjoy!


LSU’s Tre’Davious White took an unconventional path on his way to a 60-yard punt return TD against Jacksonville State Saturday night. White went more than 20 yards in the wrong direction before finally turning up field and taking it to the house. The touchdown broke the game open and helped the Tigers come away with their first win of the season, 34-13.


Regarded by many as a western pioneer in the muay Thai world, Dekkers began his training as a teenager in 1986 and would go on to post a career record of 186-33-2 before hanging up his gloves for good in 2006. Known as “The Diamond” and “The Turbine from Hell,” Dekkers distinguished himself with an aggressive, boxing-heavy attack and retired with 95 knockouts to his credit. Legendary stuff.


“How this can happen I do not know, but I hope this video will raise awareness to how important it is to pay attention to detail when base jumping. So many new jumpers come into this sport thinking it is all about go pro’s and social media and they forget the fundamentals of how serious and dangerous this sport can be if respect is not given to every aspect of it. I am glad i saved some ones life, but each jumper must have the ability to save their own on each and every jump.” – Chris “Douggs” McDougall.


With so many doubters, WWE star CM Punk chased his dream of transitioning from professional wrestling to mixed martial arts, and had his first fight against a young up-and-comer Mickey Gall. Even though he lost, he was just stoked to be there and threw out some inspiration to the crowd.


The Dunking Devils philosophy is built around one magical sentence: There’s one true direction. Up! This latest video is a true testament to what can be done when one disregards the norm and goes out to set new boundaries. “To be able to dunk on a speeding train was as a dream not long ago. I would never have thought it would be possible to do amazing dunks and freestyle basketball moves on a speeding train 150 feet off the ground!”


The more propellers and motors you add to a drone, the more weight it can lift. Freefly Systems’ Alta 8, is designed to carry heavy video equipment, and has eight rotors making it strong enough to tow a dude on a wakeboard. Say hello to the new sport of dronesurfing where waves aren’t necessary.


What a masterpiece. The monster has been let out of it’s cage. Fiend presents Ty Morrow in “NO BICYCLES”. Filmed in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Albuquerque, and Berlin. Check it out!


Join Tom Pagès as he puts his life on the line learning a new ground-breaking FMX trick in France. Explore an abandoned mental hospital in Spain with Alfredo Gomez, then chase Ryan Dungey as he battles with Marvin Musquin in Florida USA after heading to the hills in California with Cody Webb. Jump on board with Jake Nicholls while he bangs bars with Ben and Nathan Watson in one of the UK’s most insane private tracks. Throw down some whips in the sand tracks with Justin Barcia, Weston Peick, Cooper Webb and the Martin Brothers across central America.


This being JOB, though, the boys get into some shenanigans before the swell. “We had a blast in Ireland. Freezing cold surf and perfect off shore sand dunes.”


Watch as Toby chases a helicopter at high speeds through the Australian Outback and comes across camels being herded by helicopters, on the set of “MOTO 8 the Movie.”


Chucky Covey was trying so hard to bring this trick around he crashed multiple times and even banged his head on the kicker. But it paid off and he is now a god among men!


On August 29th, 2016, Kyle Wester set out to break the Guinness Fastest Skateboard Speed Downhill record. The previous record was held at 81.17mph/130.63 kph. With the hill conditions just right, Kyle switched out his wheels one last time before making history.