Surf films have become boring. For the most part, they’re all the same. The same camera angles, the same overlays, the same everything. There’s no story, just clip after clip of big turns and big aerials. It works for our media consumption these days, but it didn’t used to be like that. I blame Instagram and our exceedingly short attention spans. Enter John John Florence. View From a Blue Moon was one of the best surf films ever made. He, along with Brain Farm, did far more than go on a few boat trips, shoot a few waves, and then tack them all together. This is incredible.


Stefan Janoski cruises around town to Kenny Rogers’ song “Just Dropped In.” He’s wearing Nike Janoski Hyperfeel sneakers and appears to be in search of the perfect spot to lay down some tricks. Using his imagination, he alters reality, removing brackets from concrete, grinding down shadows, moving brick walls and creating a ramp out of garbage bins.

FBO CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers 20160707

Now if your desire for football — any football, really — gets to the point that you venture over to ESPN2 on Thursday nights, you’ll be greeted to high-octane action from the CFL. The CFL is a wonderful league, and players are catching touchdowns unintentionally. That in itself is impressive.


Deep in California’s barren Mohave desert, known for it’s incredibly harsh environment and scorching heart, Metal Mulisha rider Jimmy Fitzpatrick poached an airfield at an undisclosed location, along with a team of death defying thrill seekers including aviation stunt pilot Melissa Andrzejeswki and stuntman Andy Lewis, to pull of a one of kind project.


Inspired by the GQ article of the same name, Last Chance U follows the stories of elite athletes in tough life circumstances who struggle to find their redemption on a champion community college football team and hopefully realise their dreams of competing at the next level in this six-part documentary series.


No matter what type of skating you’re into, Cody’s “Skate For Life” part has something for you. From kickflip backlips in the street, to NBDs at Burnside, Cody proves he is way more than just a transition skater.


If Cristiano Ronaldo has taught us nothing else, it’s that you can’t score if you don’t shoot. One brave young man has reason to celebrate after scoring the selfie of the year with Ronaldo just minutes before Portugal’s Euro 2016 semifinal victory over Wales. After anonymously participating in the pregame ceremony, the youngster lingered on the field long enough to take a selfie with Ronaldo. But that wasn’t enough. He crashed Portugal’s team photo, drawing laughs from Ronaldo, his teammates and the soccer-loving section of the Internet.


On Episode 3 of UFC 200 Embedded, heavyweight Mark Hunt reveals the intricate game plan for his upcoming bout. Bantamweight champion Miesha Tate visits a hypnotherapist to prepare her mind for Saturday’s title fight. Light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier stays perfect in the gym despite an out-of-training nugget incident, while interim champion Jon Jones spends his Fourth of July doing three workouts.


“One of the most incredible feelings I’ve ever felt in surfing is when you can paddle for one wave but ride two! Hydrofoil Surfing has opened my world to new experiences and surfed spots I would have never looked twice at.” – Kai Lenny.


Back in the early days of hang gliding, many of the fatal accidents involved very experienced pilots. Some people called it the Young God Syndrome. As the pilots became more skilled, they took bigger risks until one day they made an unrecoverable mistake.


A Barcelona court has found Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, and his father, Jorge Horacio Messi, guilty of three counts of tax fraud. However, because this was the first time the Barcelona forward had committed an offence and his sentence was less than two years, the 29-year-old Messi won’t serve jail time as long as he doesn’t break the law again. His legal representatives argued their client had no knowledge of his tax affairs, and that he has already paid back the money he owes.


This kid is an all-terrain animal, comfortable at any spot you put in front of him. Cheers to five minutes of raw destruction.


Following the release of the Supreme “PUSSY GANGSTER” video a few months back, William Strobeck has compiled some throwaway clips that didn’t make the original cut. Set behind the soulful tune of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Heaven Help Us All’, the video shows a more laid back account of the crew’s trip to Paris.


Common Crew started as a group of friends, but over the past 6 years it has morphed into an entity that spits out professional level riders, still in their teens. Don’t get it twisted though, popularity and glory aside they still remain just as tight of friends to this day. What started out as a 1 month project (internet mix-tape) in 2011 has turned into a 5 year full blow DVD! Full sections from Jacob Cable, Ethan Corriere, Julian Arteaga, Denim Cox, and Alec Siemon – plus a buddy section.


SHIFT MX kicks off their MX17 season with two all new product collections as well as a new website and video featuring Jeff Emig, Josh Hansen, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg and Andy Bakken.


Featuring Albee Layer, John John Florence, Shane Dorian, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, Billy Kemper, Matty Schweitzer, Ian Walsh, Greg Long, Tom Lowe, Tommy Dosland, Torry Meister, Franisco Porcella, Aaron Gold, Tyler Larronde, Mark Healey and more. Filmed and edited by the one and only Guy Mac.


Watch the athletes enjoy the holiday weekend before fight week begins. Miesha Tate hits the lake with friends, her challenger Amanda Nunes hikes Red Rock and Mark Hunt plays basketball and video games. But the event’s headliners are all business, as Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones work with their respective coaches in their gyms. Frankie Edgar attends a Brazilian barbecue with Chris Weidman and Ricardo Almeida, where an Edgar vs. Weidman wrestling match begins before a backyard firework extravaganza.


Robin Black is back to break down the return of “The Beast” Brock Lesnar when he takes on Mark Hunt in the co-main event at UFC 200 in Las Vegas live on Pay-Per-View.