When you slam that hard, all you can do it walk it off. That’s exactly what Mike Hoder did. You’d think speed wouldn’t be an issue when your getting towed in, but the momentum he had still wasn’t enough.

The Hawaii edition features Jeremy Flores, Connor O’Leary, Leo Fioravanti, Zeke Lau, Mikey Wright, Kanoa Igarashi, Koa Rothman, Jesse Mendes, Mikey February and more. And, yep, it’s guaranteed to make you want to go surfing.

When mountain bikes are life, you don’t go and pick up some skis because there’s snow on the ground, you keep riding! Join Matt Hunter, Matty Miles, and the rest of the gang as they shred the pow on two wheels.

Red Bull has released a video that recaps the 2017 Red Bull Hard Enduro season, recalling such events as the Red Bull Hare Scramble in Erzberg, Austria, and the Red Bull Romaniacs, among others.

Want more goofy shredding @reefheazlewood in your life? Make sure you go and follow him on Instagram. Filmed by @Dan Scott.

Mason Ho, Chas Chidester and Sheldon Paishon all share the common goal of finding some alone time on Oahu, even if that means playing cat and mouse with one of the sharpest sea floors on their island. And since it’s the holidays, Mason throws in a little extra Christmas spirit just for good measure.

The inaugural Monster Energy Freeride Series was held at Playa El Palmar in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. Thirty of the best Jetski Freeride athletes gathered to showcase their best flips and flairs for the first time in Mexican waters.

From his cozy living room decked out in marble, hallways filled with paintings showcasing his Turkish heritage, and a spacious PlayStation game room perfect for a boys night in, Özil’s pad is the perfect hangout spot. The midfielder even takes us on a tour of his dressing room stacked with an enviable amount of the hottest adidas sneakers including the rarest kicks from Pharrell’s Hu. NMD line, Kanye West’s YEEZY showings and more.

First off, If you’ve been searching for ‘Lingerie Football’ and have been unsuccessful, it’s because a while ago they changed to name to the “Legends Football League”. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Anyway, enjoy this footage of Atlanta Steam warming up before a game.

Filmer Tim Bonython does not miss a big swell in Australia, especially if that swell is heading for Oz’s remotest parts, and it’s gnarliest slabs. In this edit, Bonython heads to the notorious slab, The Right, and captures one of the best days of the 2017 season. Featuring: Jake Osman, Zak Haynes, Dan Corbett, and Jarryd Foster.

“The Ramp” finale…finally. Shot in the middle of 2016, various obstacles and periods of nothingness have let this video sleep dormant for far too long. Sit back, relax, and watch as Monster’s Alex Donnachie and Kevin Kalkoff put the final touches to this project. Photo via: @fyanrudger.

El Toro has been a monolithic benchmark since Heath’s lipslide in The End, and while skateboarding continues to progress at a mind-blowing pace, it’s still near impossible to wrap our heads around this front crook.

What do professional cliff divers do in their spare time? They do more cliff diving, and film themselves doing tricks off cliffs a regular person would be scared to get too close to the edge.

Jack Challis gets tubed like his life depends on it (which it probably sometimes does.) Check out his new edit filmed around the Margs area.

“We got a straight five days of just pumping surf.” Join Jamie and his buddies as they head for one of Jamie’s favourite – and low key – Mexican beachbreaks.

Winner of the 2017 Powder Magazine Video Awards for Best Powder. Featuring Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson and Chris Rubens this segment from Matchstick Productions “Drop Everything” is said to be the deepest powder day the cameraman had ever seen.

The shock of Kevin Robinson‘s passing is still reverberating throughout the BMX community this week, but XGames wasted no time in putting together this amazing tribute video for him. This does well to show what an amazing person, father and rider Kevin was and leaves no doubt that he is an absolute legend. Photo via: @justinkosman.

Growing up on the North Shore can be a blessing and a curse. Surfing is hard in the mecca–stiff competition and dangerous waves are the reason why so many incredible surfers come out of there, and Barron has proved his worth time and time again. Shout out to the man behind the lens @gabrielcaswall.