Brock Lesnar lost his Championship Belt during Wrestlemania due to some shenanigans, but there was memorable moment from that night that the internet has gone ham on. Lesnar was hitting suplex after suplex after suplex on Roman Reigns in that matchup. Suplex on suplex on suplex. During the plethora of suplexes that were delivered, Lesnar turned to Reigns and said “Suplex City B*tch!” That is all the internet needed and a phenomenal rap song was born.


“He’s like the hot bitch on the train that I make occasion eye contact with, I dunno who the f**k you are, but I love ya!” – Bogan Aussie’s back commentating in 2015 and he’s as f**ked as ever.


The Mossy Oak Camo Camera Crew has traveled America’s countryside for years to bring us some of the greatest hunting videos ever produced. Here’s a mash up of some of their favourite bow kills. If you’re a hunter and this doesn’t get your blood pumping, you may need to check your pulse!

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World number one Rory McIlroy recently told the incredible story about a nine-year-old McIlroy writing a letter to his hero, Tiger Woods. McIlroy wrote that he was “coming to get” Tiger, and 16 years later, McIlroy will walk the fairways of Augusta National in the same Masters field as Woods. Nike released an incredible ad called Ripple, starring a young McIlroy watching Woods dominate the world of golf.

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Skateboarder Chris Chann went for his personal best longest manual, and holy guacamole can this dude hold a manual for a long time!


You might be able to call yourself King of the Mountain on your local turf, but The Red Baron is truly the one man who deserves the title. Eric Barone recently dropped into a high alpine glacier at Vars Ski Resort in the French Alps, and set the new world mountain bike speed record of 223.30 km/h, or 138.75 mph.

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When the snow isn’t good enough, Kalle “KJ” Johansson from Slednecks takes his ride to the rivers! Watch as he rides upstream in a river, then blasts his was up a serious rapid!


He may not paddle Jaws or Shipsterns but that’s not to say Dion Agius doesn’t have a decent swing. He joined many at the Wedge in California recently and threw himself across some nasty lips for some floats he didn’t have a hope of making, but we love him for trying. This is some fun viewing.

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Luke Page has been gathering a lot of attention with his style of playing footy. He is poised to make his professional NRL debut in 2015 for the Canberra Raiders after taking out the Queensland Cup Player of the Year Award last year. Watch this video to see why he is so exciting to watch!


From X Games medals to some of the BMX worlds most ground breaking video parts, Dak has it covered and this section from ‘Above Below’ is a true testament to this US BMX legend!


It’s not snowmobiling, and it’s definitely not motocross. It’s called snow biking, and it might be one of the coolest up-and-coming sports out there. The concept is fairly simple: take a regular motocross bike, slap on a snow mobile track and a front ski instead of wheels, and voilá…you’ve got a snow bike. To check out this new sport, pro freestyle motocross rider Ronnie Renner set out to test out the bike himself in some fresh BC powder. Needless to say, we think they’re definitely onto the next big thing.

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This long boarder lost his balance and careered head on into an oncoming car while hurtling down a hill. Lucky for him the quick thinking driver and come to a complete stop before they collided. This cat only has 8 lives left.


Check in with Travis Pastrana and Josh Sheehan at Pastranaland. The Nitro Circus crew are full steam ahead pushing the boundaries of moto-x, and what Josh has in store for everyone this year looks jaw dropping. Living the dream!


Justin Hill shows us what an average mid-week day consists of during Supercross season.


On Episode 10 of UFC 189 World Championship Tour Embedded, it’s a triumphant homecoming for top featherweight contender Conor McGregor as the trip makes its final stop in Dublin, Ireland. With tensions at their ten-day peak, McGregor takes the belt from reigning champion Jose Aldo — at least momentarily — at a raucous press conference.

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No riders were seriously hurt in any of these clips. Just a lot of bruised egos. This video is all the GoPro crash footage this crew collected from three years of riding!

Antoine Albeau - Billabong XXL Entry - photo Eric BellandeSkim2

Each year the surfing community recognizes the biggest maniacs of all: the best of the best of big wave surfers. These are the ones that are truly unhinged and put everything (including their lives) on the line. The XXL Big Wave Awards are their night, and it’s a time when we must pause and recognise how incredibly spectacular this surfing is.

England v Ireland - International FriendlyGoal

England keepers Joe Hart, Rob Green and Jack Butland show some fine skills in their training session at St. George’s Park.