Noah Fischer’s reckless speeds down some of the steepest hills in California can only be matched by his precision control over the board. Growing up near the famous Malibu canyons he became known for conquering fast runs others wouldn’t and for his unique style, blending downhill racing with stylish free-riding.

When Brandon Semenuk throws his leg over a bike, you know there is able to be fire. They are lucking the whole forest didn’t burn down while they filmed this banger!

Apparently it was the cop who was challenged to the sparring match – he certainly didn’t back down to be fair to him. He showed some admirable skills too for an amateur. Doubt he would agree to do it unless he knew he wouldn’t get embarrassed. What a legend.

As the swell started to trickle in, it looked like it would rival the infamous Code Red swell that bombarded Fiji back in 2012, during the Volcom Fiji Pro. As photos and footage were exported from the channel and uploaded onto social media, it quickly became clear that this swell would go down in history as one of the best and biggest days ever at Cloudbreak. Photos via the talented @toddglaser.

If you thought Jamie might take a vacation and chill after last year’s rampage, you were dead wrong. The Foy fire continues to spread.

The forecast was enough for Kelly Slater, and dozens of other hard-charging hell men, to hop on a flight to Fiji for a shot at partaking in some very serious XXL glory. Need an example? Watch Ramon Navarro’s massive barrel now and stay tuned for more updates!

The Wedge at Newport in California is one of those waves where you get worked more times than you make it and when it’s on, draws spectators to the shore like a magnet. Crowds gather along the beach to gasp, laugh and wince as riders of all types of surfcraft, get smashed, pitched, drilled and pounded into the Southern Californian sand.

Skating with style and power, Austyn always selects the right tricks for the right spot. Watch this a few times to really let it all sink in.

A small scrap in the first period of the Capitals-Lightning Game 7 sent Tampa’s Braydon Coburn and Washington’s Tom Wilson to the box for two minutes each. When that time was up, Wilson wanted to escalate the violence, and Coburn foolishly decided to try and stand his ground in an old-fashioned hockey fight.

“We see a lot. But don’t remember much in this modern age of transitional technology. Everything is instantaneous in our world of visuals, things appear and disappear just as fast. This is our bookmark on a short moment in time. Featuring Nic Von Rupp, Miguel Blanco, Manuel Lezcano Cruz, Gines Diaz and Franito Saenz. In memory of Jean Da Silva and Oscar Moncada.” – @guy__mac.

This is all the action you don’t get while watching from home. Hearing how much the refs truly love the sport, and enjoy a quick chitchat with players is awesome.

A handful of lone draggers survived the Polyprocalypse. Hideously disfigured and battling chronic Drag induced psychosis, they roam the underground trenches of this dystopian soft purgatory. Gathering in secret. Exchanging core soft intel over the deep web. Dragging abandoned slabs to feed their addiction and recruiting those rejected by the mindless control of hard society into their flaccid underworld commune. Forever plotting. They lay awake in anguish ready to get strike, ready to RIP.

“Though often humorous, this particular anecdote is deadly serious! Aceves, Neen, Lay, Servold and Wimer put a hurting on the streets in this no-gimmick vid from Altamont. If it’s raw shredding you’re craving, dig in and get stuffed.” – @thrashermag.

Despite Nazaré’s nightmare-inducing surf, filmmaker Nuno Dias has cast the monster in a tranquil and hypnotic light. Dias has been embedded at Nazaré for the last two winters documenting the big wave scene while slowly compiling the reel of hellman-less waves seen after the jump.

The bout ended in a majority draw, with Stevenson retaining his WBC light heavyweight title. If only that punch on the ref could have counted, the outcome may have been different.

Filmed in Russia in the dead of winter, Gosha Konyshev’s Zima part has simply got to be viewed to believe. No more complaining about crappy weather ever! This part is so nuts.

LA Galaxy’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets sent off after slapping Montreal Impact defender Michael Petrasso in the head. This is Ibrahimovic’s first red card in MLS.

“Sneak peek of Action figures 2 is finally live. This has been one of the craziest projects and I can’t wait for you to watch. Premiering June 28th only on Sony Crackle.” – @travispastrana.