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Kristian Krasimirov lands a one in a million trick, popping a perfect tre flip on one board, and rolling away on two.


Labor Day weekend hurricane swells were very kind to many of the beaches around Orange County – especially Newport. Extremely warm water, sunshine, light offshore winds, and great waves made this weekend one for the books. Footage is from Sunday and Monday early mornings (9/6 and 9/7). Shout out to Andy J for the submission.


“My best and most crazy line from this summer in Argentina. MESTRE this line is for you! Thanks to Adria Millan and Txema Trull.” – Aymar Navarro.


Forget being stuck at a tourist trap or eating dodgy holiday food, this couple is showing travellers how they should be spending their holidays. Young Californian duo Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren have created another magical video that highlights their never-ending exploration of the world, and may look like a fairy tale to the average traveller.


A cinematic capturing of Chippa Wilson surfing on salty liquid motion. A timeless edit from the world’s best aerialist if you will. Chippa footage is a rare sight so you may need to watch this one twice!

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Conan takes on Lil Wayne and Tony Hawk in “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5,” and reveals that Weezy is one of the new characters featured in the game.


“She’s a girl, it’s all about this emotional stuff. I will fight any woman on this Earth for free. I will! You can’t be a tranny … you gotta be a female, born a female. I won’t even train. If I win, which is going to happen — and you’re going to get bashed up good — you have to make me a sandwich. If you win, I’ll give you $100,000.” Rousey has previously said she believes she could “beat anyone on this planet” in a “no rules fight.” However, she doesn’t think it would wise for her to fight a man, mainly because of the message it would send. Who do you think would win? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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Let’s face it, we all love watching the world’s best mtb riders send it at Red Bull Rampage. Backflips over canyons, massive drops, and sketchy lines at insanely high speeds make for quite the show. But there is always a chance things could go wrong…


It’s not every spring that the Goldy lights up like this, and as you can see, it was fully taken advantage of by freelance film and photographic legend @jacksonobrien_. Check it out!


“So I tried to shake off my friend Dario with some aggressive flying but the skill of this man is compared to none. He has no trouble keeping you in frame, dodging trees and turbulence. Thank you Dario for your magnifico filming skills.” – Graham Dickinson.


Well, sort of. He endorses the brand with a surprisingly girly voice, with the help of comedian Andree Vermeulen, who recites the script in the background as Mr. Lynch lip synchs. In a nod to his “Beast Mode” nickname, the spot finishes with Lynch saying “Speech Mode.” The ad was quietly posted on Pepsi’s YouTube page last weekend and has since garnered some media attention, and more than 740,000 views!


Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski just played the game of his life. If you were playing FIFA, you would be perfectly in your rights to leave the game and toss your controller into the wall. Unreal.

Adam Raga and Alfredo Gomez - ActionScrap2

As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and trials rider Adam Raga and hard enduro star Alfredo Gomez found themselves some trials riding gold in the scrapyard – perfect terrain for an all-out offroad adventure. Not every dirt track is open to the public, so when Adam and Alfredo’s semi-legal freeride came to an abrupt halt, they had to make a break for freedom through the scrapyard and to the outskirts of town.


Free-surfers Alex and Koa Smith from LastNameFirst.TV have done it again. ‘SPICEiSLAND’ will saturate your senses with perfect island barrels — the water, the waves, the scenery, and the surfing. “This is about following a calling into the unknown, to a place we thought only existed in our dreams.” Check it out!

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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that according to Joe Rogan, is complete bullsh*t. One guest of Joe’s podcast was an Akido advocate, so naturally he got his belief system checked!

Red Bull NZ Performance Camp

Often labeled as a ‘contest kid’, McMorris smashes the mold with the film In Motion, as he pushes his riding beyond the confines of the competitive arena and into the fresh powder and big lines of the backcountry. Between the contest podiums and champagne showers, he makes detours to explore the freedom of big mountain riding and learn first-hand from some the sport’s best.


Action Figures is the directorial debut of Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus founder and 17-time X Game medalist, a film he wrote, directed, and produced alongside his best friends from the world of action sports and in association with Nitro Circus. It is a first of a kind film by these modern day action heroes in which each athlete contributed to filming and editing their section of the film. Action Figures is an energy packed, high octane, wild ride of a film that is both an ode to the old school action sports videos and a bold step forward in filmmaking and extreme human performance.

Red Bull UnleashedBilly Stairmand

Over the weekend, something happened that’s never happened before. The very first stadium-style surfing event went down at Surf Snowdonia, and Albee Layer won it in convincing fashion. Over 2,000 people showed u in North Wales as the final eight faced off for the Red Bull Unleashed event. The event put spectators in front row seats, something that hasn’t exactly been done in a surfing contest before. Check it out!