“Thank god it went through. It was the only good kick I did all night. I am so proud of the boys, they fought it out. It has been a tough few weeks.” Get the glue out tiger supporters, glue those memberships back together. In a fitting conclusion to a pulsating match at the MCG, Lloyd’s 45-metre punt never looked like missing as it sealed a one-point win for the Tigers and sent the crowd into delirium.


Gabriel Medina earned a perfect score of “10” for his effort on the second day of the Oi Rio Pro on Saturday, and it’s not hard to see why. Medina landed a backflip for the first time ever in competition.


Raven rolls-in shoeless (and shirtless), Birdhouse meets up with Mark Hubbard and Billy loses his lemonade. Check it out.

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Human flight artist Uli Emanuele has brought to life another one of his sensational dreams, to fly through a ring of fire. With the help of some friends they cart the heavy metal contraption high into the Italian Alps. With a little improvisation the support crew get everything ready just as the wind slows allowing Uli to soar through the flaming circle.


The snowbike: a seemingly normal motocross bike modified with a front ski and a 10 inch wide track in the back, making for one of the most innovative and versatile snow machines we’ve ever seen. Professional Snowbike riders Brock Hoyer & Reagan Seig take to the Idaho backcountry with freerider Ronnie Renner to lay first tracks on some backcountry bowls and steep chutes – taking the sport, and the timbersled, to places previously unridden.


Stephen Curry officially won his second MVP award on Tuesday, and he did so unanimously. To celebrate the Golden State Warriors guard, we recommend that you watch this eight-and-a-half-minute mixtape that the NBA released.


“Be in harmony with the ocean, not your social network. Stay out of the ocean Samsung.” “Just shows how out of touch the execs at Samsung are. What an absolute pile of sh*t.” “Was hoping to see 1 april joke, wtf is this sh*t? The reason you go out in the first place is to disconnect from social media and everything that evolves around it.” What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


Jacko, the 2-times XGames gold medalist is know for pushing the limits and shattering your concept of what’s possible on a dirt bike. Well he’s at it again, and spent the past 2 years filming with Russel Bros. Take a behind the scenes look at Jackson “JackO” Strong’s Head Strong Movie and what it took to build and ride the infamous 12 pack!


Headlining the fight night, Overeem needed less than two rounds to emerge victorious, dropping his opponent to the canvas with a devastating jump kick followed by a booming left hand. Fly kicks are spectacular when they connect in any division, but it’s so rare to see them in a heavyweight bout by a man who weighs 120kg. MMA reporter Jonathan Shrager said Overeem’s effort was a display of “ridiculous athleticism”.


This ain’t your average double set, and the triple is straight up colossal. Bust or Bail was beyond heavy. Skate and Destroy forever.

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Mike Hoder hits the streets of Barcelona with a Go Pro strapped to his chest for Animal Bikes. It’s insane how many spots this city has!


“It’s not everyday you get to shoot one of the best Freestyle riders in the world, especially one as cool and down to earth as Taka. It was a pleasure shooting whilst out in Cali, definitely a highlight of the trip!” – Bret Trigg.

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The teams convene at Marginal Way for some head-to-head action before cracking the books. Raybourn takes a death drop and Raven raises the roof!


“After a week on a road trip up and down mountains, we stop by Øvre Årdal to check out some of the hills around amazing western Norway. We were lucky as hell! We hit over 100km/h in the middle of the night. Øvre Årdal is a village in the municipality of Årdal in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The road Tindevegen goes from Øvre Årdal, through the Fardalen valley to Turtagrø in Luster municipality. It’s one of the highest elevation roads in Norway and great for high speed runs.” – Kim Anderssen.


This was the first freestyle show on the beach of Rosarito Mexico. Freestyle Riders Cal Vallone, Rich Kearns, Jeff Griffin and Axell Hodges were going huge hitting the Monster Energy Mega Ramp. Shout out to Ryan Walters Films for this banger.


Conspiracy theorists will never know for sure whether the moon landing was faked in a Burbank studio, but this morning Carissa Moore, Nat Young and Kanoa Igarashi made damn sure that the surfing world knows the Kelly Slater Wave Co. pool is for real. They just dropped a series of epic clips without warning.

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One slip up and your fun day out riding becomes the worst day of your life. These guy’s live on the edge, literally. Try not to lean to the right as you watch them ride this sketchy trail.


Sound like fun? Because that’s exactly what Red Gerard, Marko Grilc and Tim-Kevin Ravnjak did. Sit back, and witness the action from the boys’ session at the abandoned ski resort.