Wimbledon is known for its grass courts, high quality of play, and its strict dress code. The highlight of the day came from the Ladies’ Invitational Doubles Tournament, where Kim Clijsters was having a bit of fun in her match asking the crowd how she should serve. A man in the crowd suggested “BODY,” speaking of body serve in which a player attempts the serve right at their opponent in an effort to jam them. Clijsters laughed in reply, “You said body? Why don’t you go there?!” inviting him to the court.


“This Spring we took the team out to Ocotillo Wells, CA to catch them riding in our all new MX18 line. Josh Hansen, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg and Arik Swan put our 3LACK and WHIT3 Label gearsets to the ultimate test and had some fun in the process.” – @shiftmx


Mason Silva has turned pro for Element Skateboards, and it is pretty obvious why the people are hyped on him right now. A pleasure to watch!


Floyd Mayweather directed a homophobic slur at Conor McGregor after accusing him of making racist comments. “He called black people ‘monkeys’,” said the American, 40, during a news conference. Then, once the pair entered a boxing ring at the event for the official promotion, Mayweather addressed McGregor as: “You punk. You faggot. You ho.” Check it out. Photos via: The legendary Esther Lin, aka @allelbows


Does he ever touch the ground? Watch the master Chaz Otiz doing what he does best, just casually putting down lines that most skaters could only wish for!


Things got a bit crazy at the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor press conference in New York, but of course we wouldn’t expect it any other way. Unlike in Toronto where most people agree Conor got the best of Floyd on most of the verbal exchanges, this time Mayweather had the upper hand. It helps that he brought an entourage of giants along with him instead of a backpack this time.


Injury prevented Johnathan Thurston from playing in the Origin decider, but his presence was felt throughout Suncorp Stadium. The veteran Maroons playmaker has announced his retirement from representative footy, and the NRL has released a moving video to remember him. The three minute clip features Origin highlights from Thurston’s career. “Some of my best moments of my Origin career have Johnathan Thurston in it,” says Cronk. Moving stuff.


Footage showing a San Francisco police officer bumping into a skateboarder who was speeding down a street by Dolores Park, sending the young man crashing into a squad car, has raised questions about the officer’s intentions. Police officials said the department is investigating the incident, resulting in confrontations between police and a large group of skaters and onlookers.


The first Australian to ever hold a UFC title, Robert Whittaker defeated Yoel Romero to claim the middleweight strap at UFC 213. The Sydney-based fighter won the interim middleweight title in a five-round war against athletic freak Romero despite suffering a leg injury in the first few minutes.


Not all the pros had made the treck to the South Pacific when a perfect, pumping swell came pouring across Cloudbreak, but Mick Fanning and Leo Fioravanti had, and they were quick to put on a show for the crowd in the line up. Luckily for us, filmers Jacob Vanderwork and Pat Stacy were there too, teaming up to document all the action.


Matchstick Productions is proud to introduce the funniest, most action-packed ski movie of 2017: DROP EVERYTHING, presented by Under Armour. Following an artful, narrative-driven 2016 film release, the team at Matchstick took a decidedly more lighthearted approach that returns the focus to the featured athletes and world-class action.


A few times a year a flurry of mind-bending footage emerges out of that mystical wave on the Namibian coast called Skeleton Bay and suddenly we’re all left with our jaws on the floor and our hearts racing, asking ourselves the meaning of life. Today’s insane footage is curtesy of @anthony_walsh_


This man has the most incredible sports voice that sounds like everything on TV and it’s stunning that he doesn’t already have a broadcasting job somewhere. It’s not just the voice either, he has the patter and cadence down perfectly. Opportunities may be knocking on this guy’s door in the future.


Most experts reckon the match will be one-sided and boring, but we still have the press conferences to savour. The first one just kicked off at the Staples Center in LA. If you missed the live faceoff, here’s the conference in full – along with the juiciest insults!


The Dirt Shark crew just released a video that has us all waiting anxiously for the 2017 X Games in Minneapolis, as freestyle motocross riders get ready to lay it all on the line for a shot at a medal in various disciplines. Via: Transworld Motocross.


In what could be the UFC’s finest video editing work yet, they dropped the official trailer for Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones 2. Titled ‘tame your demons’, the cinematic UFC 214 trailer focuses on Jones’ checkered past and frequent run-ins with the Albuquerque police department, amongst other things, such as failed drug tests for cocaine and alcohol abuse.


“Don’t know if you’d call it unlucky or lucky.. but I walked away from this accident with only a few broken teeth, a sprained neck, and a really bad headache. I’m not mad at this guy, he was around 60 years old and having a great time watching the boys get barrelled. It just so happened that this wave swung a little wider than the rest of the sets, and caught him inside. I just think this could be a good lesson for people to really reconsider paddling out to a wave they do not feel comfortable at. You’re not only endangering yourself, but everyone around you. Aloha!” – @koarothman


Saenchai is a classic showman in the ring. He fights with flair and panache. He’ll throw out a spectacular technique and then revel in the crowd’s reaction.