In this incredible video Australian skier, James Mort, and two friends were descending an off-piste run in Swiss ski resort, Les Crosets, when the slope cracked and carried James straight into a deep terrain trap where he was buried under more than 1.5 metres of snow. Thanks to the quick response of his ski partners – who for whatever reason were not carrying a beacon but were carrying a probe and shovel – James was rescued in less than five minutes.

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These hockey players put on a great show for the fans, but what we miss out on is all the trash talk down on the ice. This compilations shows some of the best moments caught on players wearing mics!


Pursuing an obsession isn’t unique to professional athletes, it binds everyone who shares a driving passion to turn their ideas into reality. Oakley’s new One Obsession campaign invites and inspires people to join the brand’s global network of renowned athlete ambassadors in living out their passions. The multi-channel brand campaign spans 22 countries and includes digital, social, advertising, outdoor, retail activations, live events and an enhanced digital experience on


#LiveYours hosts and ignites conversations around “where does your obsessions take you?” The global social movement encourages fans to join over 450 Oakley athletes in sharing and celebrating their physical places of obsession around the world – from a remote mountain peak, backyard trail, secret surf spot or suburban garage. Oakley will reward #LiveYours contributions and those who are living out their obsessions with surprise experiences and access to athletes who inspire them.


Learn more at and join the conversation using #LiveYours. Twitter: @OakleyAUS_NZ Instagram: @OakleyAUS_NZ and

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The Real Skifi crew is a bunch of Finnish adolescents getting wild in the snowy streets of Finland, collecting awesome creative ski footage. Check out this their dope video!

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This is a collection of some of the most brutal falls and mistakes in mens gymnastics over the last couple of years.


Rope jumping is like rope swinging on steroids. You freefall most of the way down before the safety rope catches you. Here’s team Dream Walker showing off this insane sport from a 660ft cliff overlooking Navagio Beach in Greece.

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Rider Michal Kollbek must have had an extra bowl of Weet-Bix that morning, because he rode the track known as the White Line in Sedona, AZ. Gnarly!


Every now and then, a magical video comes along that makes you say, before you even see the title, “Oh. This isn’t going to end well.” Everyone, meet Drunk Guy Riding a Skateboard. Drunk Guy, meet the Internet. Let’s have some fun.

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The Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney appears to get knocked out during a boxing match in this footage circulating the internet. The other man in the video is Phil Bardsley, who has been Rooney’s close friend since they played for United together. Rooney then celebrated a goal by making fun of himself!


Go behind the scenes with the GoPro production team in this recap of Mavericks. See GoPro athletes Jamie Sterling, Mark Healey and Shane Dorian, along with the world’s best big wave surfers, conquer and survive the elements of mother nature.

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Australian cyclist Loren Rowney, was part of an eight-woman breakaway and in a sprint to the finish line when a man in the crowd reaches over the barrier, bumped her handlebars and sent her flying off her bike. Rowney will be flown to Germany for surgery after suffering a suspected broken collarbone.

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Kilian Zehnder joined the LRG skate team with this smooth and stylish video part. This dude is really Kilian it!


“Maybe we should go play with those ribbons instead.” I assume the coach knew she had a lot of trouble for that part of the move, hence why he stood at that spot and not in front. You can see he is getting “ready” on both occasions a second before she fails. Doctor: So sir… how did you break your nose? Coach: Umm… I walked into a door.


Stepping away from the typical BMX Dirt contest scene, the Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam is a private contest for riders and friends, designed to progress the sport and show fans where BMX dirt came from, and where it is headed. 2015 saw the return of former King Of The Hill, Mike “Hucker” Clarke from the USA, riding alongside with some of the Southern Hemisphere’s best dirt jump riders including Luke Parslow, Cam White, ‘Kiwi’ Paul Langlands, Chris Harti, Tom Bridges, Daniel Chiarelli and more. Big shout out to Director Allan Hardy for the quality video and Cam Pianta for the dope photos!

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It only took a month amidst the epic architecture of Spain for Taylor McClung to collect enough footage to make this video. Impressive!


Federer accepted a challenge from the stands during an exhibition match. What he didn’t realize was that the kid challenging him was the time-traveling child version of Pete Sampras.

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Stacy Kohut rips on his 4-wheeled bike just as hard as any two wheeled rider! It looks so damn fun that I want one for myself! To see more from this filmmaker check out @chrisriccivideo.


Yuki Kadono got the winning run at the 2015 Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships, with a score of 90.05 in his third and final run. He made history when he landed a backside triple cork 1620 mute, to a switch backside triple cork 1620 melon, a first-ever combination of back-to-back 1620s in competition.