Watch as two gnarly London BASE jumpers complete a cloak and dagger stunt from a classy London rooftop bar. Their mission was to find an un-jumped exit within London city limits. Finding a tall building to BASE jump from wasn’t hard but finding one they could get access to… well, that was another story. Eventually they found a swanky rooftop bar near Canary Wharf which fit the bill perfectly. They did the proper reconnaissance, then they marched in and jumped out the window. Maybe not quite as peaceful and contemplative as opening a new exit in nature, but it makes for one helluva story!


Harrymainia 2 is finally here. Matty Lambert and Harry Main team up once again to blow your mind into tiny pieces. Harry’s riding gets more and more bonkers every time he drops an edit. Half the stuff in this footage just shouldn’t be possible. Watch it now!


When did you first learn to pizza to the bottom without spraining a wrist? At the age of 4 or 5? Ha, that’s nothing. Meet Ava Marie, 1 year old, born to shred. Perhaps barely nimble enough to walk on her own yet has enough balance to glide and stop on a snowboard. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if she has already inked a deal with Burton – can you sign with finger paint?


The final lap of the Women’s 4×400 relay at the European Athletics Championship today was one of the most exciting finishes in relay of all time.


David Martin, Ruben Pla, and friends set up a highline and rope swing off the coast of Alicante, Spain. Would you take the leap of faith?

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This mountain biker got a fright when he found himself speeding towards a little kid standing in the road behind a blind drop-off. Thankfully he was able to slow down enough not to cause any serious damage to the little rascal.


With less than two weeks to go until a tough season opener on the road at South Carolina, Texas A&M is right in the heart of its preseason camp. Two-a-days are in full swing, but on Thursday, coach Kevin Sumlin decided to give his team a break from the sweltering Texas heat. The team gathered around Sumlin, expecting instructions for practice, but the Aggies’ third-year head coach told his players they were taking a trip to the movies instead. Their reaction was awesome.


After watching Jake Donnelly’s new part you’ll see that it’s no surprise why they’ve given it the name Buffalo’s Finest.

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With plenty of big men on the field, rugby union delivers some massive charges, hits and tackles that you can almost feel at home. Enjoy!


Even casual fans of the ever popular Madden title from EA Sports are acutely aware of just how intense gameplay can be between friends. In the latest commercial for the upcoming August release for the game, they’ve assembled a star-studded cast – including Kevin Hart, Dave Franco, LeSean McCoy, Colin Kaepernick, Dez Bryant, Eddie Lacy, Richard Sherman and more – for an over-the-top presentation that keys on rivalries and just how out of hand they can become. Madden NFL 15 hits stores August 26.

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Check out this cool time collapse video of professional pool skater Cory Juneau. This video combines more than 60 takes of Cory skating, collapsed together in post-production to produce seven stunning scenes. The crazy part: there are zero CG elements in this video.

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World heavyweight boxer Robert Helenius (200cm/108kg), shows professional goalie Lassi Hurskainen how to punch a ball clear of the goal area!


Watch Byron Essert and his homie Alex Tongue buzz cyclists as they bomb a steep and windy pass in the French Alps. Kevin Reimer is the man behind the lens.


Nigel Sylvester puts his stamp on summer 2014 with the second installment of “Ridin’ With That Work.” A dynamic, high energy BMX video filmed on the streets of NYC, LA and Tel Aviv. Music mogul, and owner of Nigel’s bike sponsor Brooklyn Machine Works, Pharrell Williams makes an opening cameo with a few words to set it off.

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Iran’s Iman Sadeghikoukandeh executed quite the feat against Russia’s Rashidov Gadzhimurad in the semifinals of the FILA Junior World Championships. Gadzhimurad had Sadeghikoukandeh’s leg pinned while standing and was trying to cherry-pick him so he’d fall, but Sadeghikoukandeh kept his balance so he could do a damn flip over Gadzhimurad. The Russian wasn’t expecting it, and Sadeghikoukandeh took advantage of the element of surprise by earning points on a takedown!

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Las Leñas, Argentina, looks like an incredible place for snow sports. Here’s an epic POV from Adria Millan to get you excited for winter in the northern hemisphere!

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Former PGA Champion Padraig Harrington surprised the crowd when he performed a ‘Happy Gilmore’ drive off Valhalla’s 10th tee as part of the 96th PGA Championship ‘Longest Drive’ contest in Louisville, Kentucky.


Brisbane, Australia’s own Logan Martin is back blowing people’s f**ken minds with an incredible new web edit for Jetpilot. Is there anything he can’t do? So many gnarly combinations and bangers, this footage had me in awe.