The man who refers to himself in third person put Virgin, Utah, on the map long before it became known as a freeride mecca. With trademark “huck and hope” mentality, hockey shoulder pads and a bizarre Karpiel 12-inch travel bike, Bender blazed a path through the earliest days of freeriding, eventually putting out a segment in the New World Disorder video series that stands as one of the most influential of all time. He could snipe tricky landings, ride crazy fast, and he built many of the original Rampage-winning features that other riders used on their way to the podium.


If you’re one of the many MMA fans who are still stoked that Michael Bisping defeated Dan Henderson by way of unanimous decision in the UFC 204 main event inside Manchester Arena in Manchester, then you’ll probably enjoy watching “The Count” in super slow motion.


Scotty Cranmer reflects on the insane roof to roof tail whip that almost sent him falling 2 stories in the July 2013 Issue of RideBMX Magazine, and was featured in his “Welcome to Hyper” edit later that year. 2-times the charm! We’re just glad Scotty made it away from that sketchy attempt unscathed.


Ronnie Mac gets the green light to compete in the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. Jimmy McGarth Jr and Ron go straight to work by training, drinking, and catching big air in recuperation to go head to head with the best Supercross athletes in the sport. Shout out to Dayton Daft for the hookups.


Pro BMX rider Austin Augie offers a quick tutorial in Skitching: “Cruising is the essence of Skitching, the craft that makes this activity so enjoyable, almost like wakeboarding, but instead of hitting the water safely, you hit concrete and could possibly die.” Who doesn’t want to get in on that action!


Keyl Skills is an 8-year-old with a promising career in soccer, due to his insanely advanced ball control skills. Lads everywhere are watching this and realising their dreams of playing for Manchester are dead.


It’s not as uncommon as it probably should be for a fighter to drop his/her hands and offer an opponent a free punch at his/her head. Sometimes, surprisingly, it turns out pretty well (as well as the wilful sacrifice of brain cells can turn out at least) and fans are provided with an iconic moment of iron-chinned awesomeness. Other times, it doesn’t go according to plan. Photo via: Daniel Schälander @spiderpigmma.


Travis and fellow rider Eric Jackson take us to the top of powder-packed peaks and chutes across Alaska. Travis also goes on a search for the infamous “Alaska Crack.” Not only does he slay that line, he goes on a binge, finding a ton of cracks across this zone – and he takes us along for the ride.

DannyDanny MacAskill Gap to railway track

YouTube sensation Danny MacAskill has once again proved why his riding edits are so quick to rack up the views. His brand new film, Wee Day Out, sees Danny return to his mountain bike to tackle rugged Scottish terrain and lay down some of the most innovative tricks ever to be seen in the sport.


A place where adventure and surfing collide. A place of huge risk, but also great reward. Feast your eyes on this mind blowing surf film. A display of the thrills that come with stepping off the ledge of hesitation and the joys grabbing life by horns. Enjoy their underground guild of chasing adventure, enjoy their Society Unseen.


It’s like Gymkhana Moto Edition. Heater is for the kid in the sandbox where imagination is limitless. With a blank canvas and endless possibilities, Colton Haaker gives this all out heater blending every genre of moto into one incredible lap.


Kyle Walker has been on an unstoppable tear, adding countless notches in his Oklahoman belt. This time around, he brought his friends along too.


John John Florence and Filipe Toledo took to the air in their non-elimination Round Four heat. The Jeep Leader and the Brazilian went blow-for-blow on the peaky ramps at Les Culs Nus. The battle hit a boiling point when John John went for broke with a massive full rotation backside air, scoring a 9.4. Not to be outdone by the Jeep leader, Toledo took off on a near identical wave, and went even bigger, tweaking his body and fins beyond vertical. There was nowhere for the judges to go but perfection. Filipe’s freakish 10-point ride launched him into the Quarter finals.


This ain’t a clip where you need to skate to be entertaining. Just look at the screen grab above. Man is laying on his back. You need to find out what the hell is going on. Watch the trailer for this film here.


Miles Daisher talks through one of his closest calls ever. His wingsuit gets hung up on the exit step of the plane, and he must keep his wits about him to prevent a disaster that could put everyone on board in grave danger.


Raphael Brunis was once at the forefront of French skateboarding. When making a living from skateboarding got tricky, his belated passion for poker took over and allowed him to keep advancing in life without feeling trapped, another way of avoiding a monotonous daily routine and a 9-to-5 grind. He now lives in the jungles of Costa Rica making a living as a professional poker player.

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After redefining the limits of action sports filmmaking in The Art of FLIGHT, Travis Rice embarks on a journey to the North Pacific’s most dreamlike landscapes. Featured Athletes: Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Jeremy Jones, Cam Fitzpatrick, Mikkel Bang, Bode Merrill, Shin Biyajima, Ben Ferguson & Victor De Le Rue. Available to watch on iTunes NOW.