In the heat of battle in Omaha, Game MVP Shalynn Durham celebrated with a cold one. What followed was absolute mayhem with a bench-clearing brawl.


I don’t know if you have ever tried punching a speed bag, but let me just say it’s not as easy as this guy makes it look. What do you think? Does having crazy speed bag skills like this guy translate to anything in the ring? Or is the speed bag not that important of a training tool?


Tanner Hall looks back on the previous season as we follow him through the battles of being in the Alaska Backcountry. From avalanches, spine lines, massive cliff drops, and rag dolls; see what skiers and snowboarders alike go through being is some of the gnarliest terrain in the world.


Albee set two goals this year, one was to stay healthy through a Jaws year and the other was to land a backside 540. Not sure if either goal went the way it was planned. Regardless it was a winter to remember, and this edit proves that Jaws wasn’t the only thing worth surfing on the Valley Isle.” – Take Shelter Productions.


UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor will not fight Nate Diaz at UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas. Whether he fights again period remains a question. Dana White announced on SportsCenter that the promotion has pulled McGregor from the main event at UFC 200, due to the Irishman’s unwillingness to fly to Las Vegas and participate in mandatory promotional activities. The news came hours after McGregor set the MMA world into chaos by tweeting that he has retired!


Do you have an awesome photo or video of yourself that you think is worthy for Shock Mansion’s Instagram account? Then make sure you hashtag #shockmansion so we can shine our spotlight on you and show the world. Shout out to professional surfer and Australian model @elliejeancoffey for this fire of the day.

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Shane Watson took a great catch as the ball dropped over his shoulder and as he stumbled towards the rope, he had the presence of mind to flick the ball back to David Wiese who dived forward to claim the catch inches inside the boundary.


As you know, the UFC is what most people think about when someone mentions mixed martial arts to them. But there are other dudes in the game too. Like the XFC, the Extreme Fighting Championship. And you’re about to see a killer knockout from one of the XFC’s top fighters. When you see it – you’ll realise why he’s so respected. This is XFCi 3 and Luis “Sapo” Santos (who went into the fight with a record that read 60-9-1) extended his excellent winning streak with a killer knockout front kick blow to his opponent, Alfredo Morales. This is a thing of beauty.

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Stefan Martin got absolutely flattened by a bump from Gold Coast defender Steven May on the weekend. Stefan had a lie down after being stretchered off, but recovered quickly. Now let’s see what a similarly devastating hit happens in soccer!

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Follow along with these three top snowboarders for a wild ride down Mammoth Mountain. These guys make it look like too much fun, hitting massive kickers, rails and anything else in sight!

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Nordic downhill monster Kula Jensen slaying on his home turf for the EAT SHIT dvd. Enjoy watching his flowing locks get whipped in the air by his scarily fast speed!


They came flying into the final corner of the 90-minute race with riders perfectly positioned to fight for the win, but when Kris Dahl clipped a pedal and went down hard, the resulting pile-up provided KHS-Maxxis rider Ulises Castillo with an uncontested romp to the line. Reflectors and dots should probably be removed from racing lines.


Come take a ride with Ronnie Renner as he shows us how to take the stoke factor to the max while ripping up the Idaho Dunes.

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This footage is pretty spectacular. The skaters hit the streets while it was raining for set their boards on fire!


Snowboarding is all about being outside with your friends and the feeling of absolute freedom. Boom! is the feeling you get when you or your friends land an insane or stylish trick, the feeling of getting on the first chair in the morning, the feeling of a pow slash, the feeling of connecting turns, the feeling of landing your first backflip, the feeling of strapping in for your first run – Boom! is the feeling of snowboarding.


“We don’t know everything, nor do we pretend to. We’re not film geniuses, we’re just creative dreamers and damn good problem solvers. We’re still learning, still growing, and ignoring the idea of impossible.” – Goldstein Productions.


For racing fans around the country, nothing satisfies their urge for speed and raw horsepower like the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series. This now united sport allows more than 900 teams to run for one national championship, each national event spotlights several pro classes highlighted by the Top Fuel Hydro class. It’s all about 8,000 horsepower nestled in sleek composite vessels — a form of motorsport that’s as visceral as it is captivating.

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Some of you may remember when pro skater Garrett Hill took a slam while holding fresh coffee back in 2014. Well, someone remade it, and it’s pretty hilarious!