The fighting community was up in arms about this dangerous bought with a girl fighting a woman twice her age. Japan’s Momo Shimizu — not yet a teenager — took on 24-year-old opponent Momoko Yamasaki at Deep Jewels 16 overnight. While most people would be aghast at such a match-up taking place, they needn’t have worried. The 12-year-old won.


Can you imagine being forced to sit next to these two at a game. Parents really should teach their kids to be better sports, not little pieces of sh*t. Just a regular full grown douchebag raising little douchebags to continue the cycle of douchebaggery.


We’ve been graced with an abundance of quality footage from The Stomping Grounds at Corvatsch lately, and you can add this one to the expanding list. Torgeir Bergrem makes it look way too easy with this raw run through the park, backed up by incredible videography that’ll leave your jaw on the floor.


Meet Estaifan Shilaita—Chicago cab driver, loving father, and former boxing champion. From 1968 to 1976, Shilaita was the national boxing champion of Iraq before being forced to flee his home country because of his Christian faith. Although he left his boxing dreams behind, Shilaita eventually found greater happiness than he could have ever imagined.


Andre Dirrell won the bout by disqualification over Venezuelan Jose Uzcategui before things got heated in a disgraceful aftermath to the fight. Dirrell’s trainer/uncle Leon Lawson threw a big left hook which landed on the chin of an unprepared Uzcategui as he talked in his corner. The police are now looking for him!


Andy Samberg heads to HBO next month with his second mockumentary for the network. Following 2015’s tennis-themed 7 Days in Hell costarring Kit Harington, Samberg has written a new sports special with Murray Miller set in the world of professional cycling in the ‘80s called Tour de Pharmacy, and Maya Rudolph, Dolph Lundgren, Orlando Bloom, Jeff Goldblum, John Cena, and naturally, Lance Armstrong are just some of the stars who show up in the special.


Filming a street skating part on the gritty Brazilian surfaces is hard enough already, but Ruan Felipe doesn’t let that hold him back one bit. That part is fire!


LaBeouf is in need of some positive press following the poor reviews and box-office performance of his 2016 movie Man Down, though before that most critics praised his performance in American Honey. Of course, it’s hard to judge the quality of a film from a vague 60-second teaser trailer, but if the cinematography and hair are any indication, this should be good.


In the black of the night, Loic Bruni is spotted by a ghostly, glowing craft intent on following him. Follow Loic Bruni down some epic New Zealand single track as he charges down the trail, with a drone beaming light down on him from above!


Perfect tuning does not happen by chance, and conquering it forces a path of dedication that is necessarily rooted in obsession. The final result translates into authentic artistic moments, and that is why living without aiming for this harmony is a “spiritual suicide”. Filmed and produced by White Flag Productions.


From South Africa to Southern California, Japan, and Philly, Reed smashes the cuts with a unique outlook and a balance of speed, danger, creativity, and technicality.


Jonesboro policeman Jordan Fowler was up against Dylan Goforth as part of Pyramid Fights 2 at White County Fairgrounds. A 195-pound amateur catchweight bout, Fowler and Goforth had barely finished shaking hands when the latter was on the mat. While you wouldn’t know it from the result, it was Goforth’s first loss as an amateur. Pyramid called the four-second KO an Arkansas record.


These days, drone filmer @jaidenmaclean got the manic process down pat, and the edit above is visual proof. From Kirra to lesser crowded waves farther north, from the beach to the ski, be prepared to be piloted through a handful of brilliant sessions that epitomise the meaning of fun. And lucky for the pros, the contest ended up being pretty legendary, too.


Given Jessica Andrade’s first three wins at strawweight, it wasn’t a surprise that many believed that the Brazilian would be 115-pound champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s toughest test to date. But after a shutout victory over Andrade, Joanna Champion continued to be a step ahead of her peers.


A short wheelbase, high levels of grip and screaming naturally-aspirated engines means there’s a real art to extracting the best from them. And that’s in the dry. Add in some moisture, or in the case of the recent Symmons Plains Supercar round, a complete monsoon that even Noah would’ve found a bit much, and things become even more hairy.


Great style, keen trick selection, and fantastic editing. Alien Workshop made the right call adding this ripper to their team. Well worth the watch if keen to watch some hammers to cruisey tunes.


Scottish referee Craig Thompson shows that officials do have a sense of humour as he jokingly shows a red-card to his assistant after he was sick on the touchline during Dundee’s 1-0 win over Kilmarnock.


The plan was to knock the ice bucket over, sending drinks and ice flying everywhere. Instead, the worst possible headshot happened. This is grounds to ban trick shots from the internet.