Every couple of weeks we are going to pick our favourite photo and send the winner some fresh new SM threads for their efforts. Our first winner goes to @yosoycarlospalomera for his awesome scuba diving photo titled “This party has a dress code.” Send your epic new images to our email at contact@shockmansion.com or tag them #shockmansion on instagram. Good luck!


“Sebastian Smith and Wesley Hark teamed up and made a decision to make a different kind of video. In this video they show how they can ride Woodward West with great tricks but also some one of a kind lines. Check this video out and enjoy what they came up with. We got this done in just 2 days of filming and it shouldn’t let you down.”

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Nick Gornall throws down in this amazing highlight reel filmed all over the world as he chased some incredible waves. Enjoy!


Taylor Robert plays a little follow the leader on a private track with his pals Toby Price and Noah Kepple.

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The World No.1 makes his first ever professional hole in one on the 15th hole in the second round of the 2015 Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, using a 9-iron from 177 yards.


“Gabriel In The Dreamscape” is a short skate video created by filmmaker Eric Lerner that combines animation with live action, with the titular oblong cartoon character performing in a real-world skate park. Lerner is asking fans of the unique film to help support future endeavors by downloading the video’s soundtrack from Bandcamp.

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Chris Van Dine attempts to conquer a backflip with the crowd cheering him on at the Taxco downhill course in Mexico.

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In 2000, Williams fought Mark Potter for the Commonwealth title and the vacant British title. In the dramatic fight, Williams suffered a bad dislocated right arm, yet very bravely fought on with one arm and knocked Potter out with a left uppercut!

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After a year of filming and many injuries, Slovenian freerunner Dominik Sky presents this amazing footage of him jumping through different types of windows!

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One of the most satisfying parts of riding forrest trails is the tyre pattering over roots, rocks and puddles. Unfortunately this sound is often lost in most videos, overtaken by the music. This video brings these sounds to the front and centre!

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Candide Thovex is back with the second incredible instalment of ‘One of those days’, filmed at his home resort in Val Blanc, France. Watch as he sends is down the mountain, hitting every jump he can find!

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This guy likes to launch himself. Here’s a full part consisting of Bo’s wicked snap and his tendency to jump up, over, and down everything in his path. Enjoy!


Justin Mayers and a crew of backcountry riders ventured out into Wyoming’s uncharted mountains in seek for fun untouched lines.


Let this be a lesson: if ever you are kicked out of a hockey game, try not to overreact, because you may just end up giving yourself a WWE-style clothesline. This clip comes from a Sunday night game in the Midwest Junior Hockey League, where Alpena Flyers forward Mitchell Skiba was ejected for a spear late in a 7-3 loss to the MC Monarchs. When Skiba goes to leave the ice, he slams his stick on the glass. Problem is, the stick gets stuck and puts him flat on his back.


While trying to base jump off a building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this dude misses a step and is hurled hundreds of feet below. He recovered and is ok.


At first glance, this new trick looks a bit like a California Roll, except the rider rolls forwards over the bike, instead of backwards, meaning that to bring his legs back around, Pinyol has to bring his left leg back around over the bars, like a Saran wrap. However it works, it’s got to be said the Inside Roll looks nuts! Big props to the young Spaniard for inventing such a gnarly and technical trick.


We already know how to climb to the top of a tower, but BASE jumpers JT Holmes and Mark Broderick know the fast way down. Watch as Mark does nine flips on the way down, then opens his chute perilously close to the bottom.


Future fitness tech from Activetainment is an exercise bike designed for VR and competitive gamification. I would love to strap on a Rift, get totally immersed, and get an insane workout at the same time. Sign me up.