This is probably one of the heaviest wipeouts ever at Jaws as Tom Dosland was forced to free fall multiple stories before being gobbled up by the wave and taken over the falls. This will surely be one of the wipeouts talked about at the XXL awards this year and for many Hawaiian winters to come. Fortunately he didn’t suffer any injuries and will live to ride another day. Photo via: @bastienbonnarme


Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson would not be drawn on whether he thought Mitchell Pearce should be sacked for his drunken Australia Day antics, but said his behaviour was completely “unacceptable”. The footage depicted the Chooks’ co-captain making advances on a woman, simulating a sex act with a dog as well as allegedly urinating on himself and a couch. Not so long ago, your jaw would be nailed to the floor after reading that title. Now we just yawn. An incident with a dog? Been there, done that, I’m pretending to f**k a dog while I write this blog post. There are claims of urination, but Pearce has denied this and said it was a spilt glass of water. Storm in a tea cup? You decide!


Shane Burn, Dylan Kowalski, and Evan Barton make the journey North to the Outer Banks, a barrier island off of North Carolina. After stumbling across an abandoned peak along the stretch of Highway 12, the men suited up for the frigid session. As Winter Storm Jonas rolled through the East Coast, the men traded off on sets packing barrel for barrel. Filmed and edited by Jacob Laham of Brown Bear Visuals.


Mike Boyd wanted to find a way to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy UK, so he teamed up with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk to create a new video. Hawk challenged Boyd, who taught himself how to land a kickflip in five hours and 47 minutes in an amazing video, to flip the board the other direction and learn how to stomp a heelflip. It was much harder than Boyd expected.

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Few things on this planet rival the beauty of a well executed frontside Ollie. Watch as Greyson Fletcher floats one across a natural channel in South Africa.

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Tropical Cyclone Victor lit up the Gold Coast last weekend. The point breaks drew their usual crowds of hundreds, but there were plenty of waves to go around. Skip to 0:54 to watch Mick Fanning catch the longest barrel you will see this week!


New Zealand’s Mitchell McClenaghan is to undergo surgery for a fractured eye socket after suffering a nasty blow to the face in Monday’s one-day international victory against Pakistan. The tailender was left prone on the ground for a few seconds before getting up to cheers from the crowd and making his way off the field with blood and bruising around the eye. He was taken to hospital for the wound to be stitched and later tweeted he had suffered “a few broken bones”.


Skateboarding goes through economic ups and downs, and when it starts to look bleak, it’s the people who actually care about skateboarding, who will do anything to make it work, that will survive. Eugene Kang is one of these people, running Terminal skateshop out of his tiny living room in NYC, making a living selling skateboards. There are no store hours or restrictions: If he picks up the phone and he’s awake, he’s open for business. Via: Jenkem Magazine.


Two of the biggest names in combat sports have continued their simmering verbal rivalry after Floyd Mayweather Jr. responded to Conor McGregor, who recently declared himself unhappy with Money for citing his name to argue racism remains a factor in the fight game.


When Florida police officer Bobby White played street basketball with a group of neighbourhood kids this month, he promised he’d return for a rematch. Well he showed up, this time with a full-court press. It included fellow officers and one especially large backup: 7-foot-1 Shaquille O’Neal of NBA fame. Respect!


“When I shot the first “Chromatic” back in 2012 with Powell-Peralta skateboards, we had barely 2 hours to film and were limited to just one angle of shooting. This time around I wanted to do it properly, so we took a full week to really knock this one out of the park! Jason Bastian, Jonathan Bastian, and Ryan Thompson were the skateboarders behind the craziness!” – Beyond Slow Motion.

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Welcome to Pe’ahi, she was awakened this past weekend by one of the largest swells to hit jaws in about a decade or so. With wave heights and periods that haven’t been seen in quite a long time as well. The wave itself seemed to have weeded the crowd out pretty thin, separating the men from the boys. but if you watch this you’ll see that many were also ready to stare this monster of a wave straight in the eye. Kai Lenny, Aaron Gold, Ian Walsh, Shane Dorian, & Albee Layer are just a few names that took on mother natures scariest and most beautiful marvel called Jaws. Please enjoy this video of waves we thought were un-surfable, being surfed. – Marc Chambers


Daria Gavrilova had a classic slip of the tongue while discussing her comeback win on Friday night, leaving the Australian Open crowd roaring with laughter. But it was her follow up tweet that gave a nation of red blooded Australians erections. One winky face = I can’t believe I said that. Two winky faces = I want you to think I’m actually good from behind but I’m just trying to be cute. Three winky faces = I’m actually good from behind, you have no idea. Sends an sexual chill through your entire body, does it not? Do you, girl. Do you. That’s exactly how you put yourself on the map.


Just a week after Wisconsin high school athletic officials discussed banning fans from chanting “Air Ball” at opponents due to their “unsporting behaviour,” Ohio high school students proved they don’t give a f**k. Air Ball chants? Yawn. How about a mock in-game child birth to distract the other team’s free-throw shooter? We don’t know much about the academic standards at Sheridan High School in Thornville, Ohio, but it appears they’re raising a bunch of geniuses over there.


Officer Bobby White of the Gainesville Police Department in Florida has gained some recognition for being a strong enforcer—of fun! When dispatched to answer a noise-complaint call, he found that the reported problem was, in fact, just some kids playing basketball in the street. He dealt with the situation in the only reasonable manner. By joining them!


To say skateboarding in India was difficult is an understatement. Rough pavement, crowded streets, minimal features…so why go? Well, India’s draw is in it’s challenges, to skate where few skateboards have ever gone before…including the Holi Festival of Colour in India! So sit back, and let Patrik Wallner and Co. take you through a colourful journey of gritty street skating in one of the most bustling places in the world.


Angel Collinson was skiing in a dark couloir in Alaska last spring when the snow suddenly took a turn for the worse and flipped her onto her back and straight into a steep, massive tumble. Being the badass that she is, Angel came out unscathed but the footage will leave you wondering how she escaped without injury.

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Exhausted after a long day of jumping off buildings, Jaws had to sit down and take a quick break during this boardslide.