Although fans catching foul balls in Chicago have historically been much maligned, things went a bit differently for Keith Hartley. Hartley, who caught a foul ball one-handed during a Chicago Cubs–Los Angeles Dodgers game on Tuesday night, is being celebrated largely because of what he had in his other hand — his 7-month-old son. Hartley caught the ball because he was afraid it might ricochet off the railing and hit his son.


It must be exhausting being everybody’s only radical black guy friend. “Now do a handshake for me! Me me, I’m next”. What’s up with the cuddle session in the background? Maybe they are the freshly murdered corpses of their enemies, and they were celebrating with incredible handshakes.


The shark had been circling the surfer for a couple of terrifying minutes before he decided to record it with his gopro camera. As you can see in the footage the surfer tries to make his way around the shark back to more shallow water before it disappears. The best thing he did was to remain calm while he watched the sharks movements in case it attacked him. There’s nothing quiet like a large killing machine with a mouthful of daggers swimming around underneath you. You can sense the fear in his breathing.


Jackson “Jacko” Strong was unable to compete in X Games, but his determination wouldn’t let that stop him from doing the trick he has been working on for months. This is Jacko Strong’s Quarterpipe Double Drop!


The 21-year-old is considered one of the quickest men in league and he showed his blistering pace to put himself in position to pull off the remarkable play early in the second half in the Knights’ clash with Cronulla. But it wasn’t his speed that got the commentators gushing and lifted the fans off their seats, with that down to his amazing Superman dive over the dead ball line to keep the ball alive just as it was about to roll into the back fence.

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Nyjah Huston and other amazing professional skateboarders joined the one and only Steve-O in skating the hell out of his car! Its safe to say it’s time for a new one!


Despite holding Kimbo Slice in a rear naked choke for 45 seconds, Ken Shamrock lost his catch-weight Bellator bout tonight after Slice escaped and leveled the former UFC and WWF champion with a crushing right hand.

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During a downhill event in the city of Bratislava, chaos erupted involving neo nazis wearing hoods and masks. One of them was pissed that they were caught on camera, and had a go at the poor guy who was just there to film the riders.


Nobody flies the Shock Mansion flag harder than iconic BMX rider Mark Webb, and we are forever thankful. Follow @thewebbieshow on instagram, you won’t be disappointed. Click HERE to go shopping and check out our latest collection of street threads.

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Shot over four months during the harsh winter of Slovenia, skater Luka Bizjak is captured in Signature as he makes his way through the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

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Jack Kelly does just about everything there is to do on handrails. In this video he demonstrates a wide variety of skills but he spends the majority of it digging deep into his bag of handrail tricks and he manages to innovate more than one crank arm variation that I’ve never seen before. Australia, your boy has officially arrived.


Alex Hiam got surgery about a year ago and has been on the mend ever since. As soon as he healed up and started riding again (giving him just enough time to film this ridiculous video) he fell riding trails and had to get his spleen removed. Despite those setbacks this video is unbelievable and will surely offer a reminder of just how incredible Alex is on a bike.


This is the “Deliverance” of road races. The Franklin Half-Marathon took place in Tennessee and some banjo-playing rednecks decided to park next to the side of the road and cause a little trouble. As the people passed by, the men who call themselves the “Bailey Road Pickers” spewed a bunch of cliched hillbilly phrases like “you got a pretty mouth” and played the well-known banjo riff from the 1972 thriller that made you never want to go into the woods ever again.

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I wonder if he could see his own house from up there? Nick Gornall enters the bodyboard history books with the first ever 720 air reverse, and I hope someone bought him a beer or two!


Fans of the Tony Hawk’s franchise couldn’t wait to see Pro Skater 5 gameplay, well until they noticed disappointing graphics for what should release on PS4 and Xbox One. After seeing the live gameplay footage at E3 2015, gamers went online to voice their disappointment in regard to the graphics showcased. What do you think? Will you still play it?


Over the past five years as Jilted has evolved so have the complexity of their designs, with Summer ‘15 seeing the debut of their first two-tiered collection. PRIME stems from their fundamental roots, ‘the foundations that bred leaders’. It’s a respectful nod back to their past, and not so innocent, way of life. CASTE is their mature menswear line where tailored, runway inspired garments meet the new era of Jilted, ‘the lineage of privileged and elite’. Take a look at the video for a little more insight into the Jilted mindset, and a little teaser of Throw The Towelling hood & shorts, a piece from their Summer collection released June 28th.

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Mike Hoppe bombs down the iconic Lombard street in San Francisco, weaving in and out of cars and putting on quite the show for the visiting tourists.

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This part has so many heavy moments it’s hard to realise what just happened until the final curtain, when Clive stomps out one of the world’s gnarliest Euro gaps. Oh, the horror!