Ron’s in jail, and we are sorry, but there are no visitations. Despite what we heard, it’s not for nonpayment of child support. We heard that numerous babies mothers were after him, but I guess our info was incorrect. That god darn 2 stroke is just way too loud for Officer Bacon. Shout out to Dayton Daft for the submission.

Kyle Baldock - ActionPat Casey - Action

A completely unique set of jumps is constructed for the landmark event that not only challenge the competitors but also inspire them to push their riding to another level. They only have a few days to ride it, so they pour everything they have into getting the most out of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The 12 Red Bull Dreamline finalists completely went off during their two-hour jam session on Saturday, testing out what was possible in the technical upper section and over the three gigantic jumps at the end of the 1,690-foot course. Dirt-jumping legend Ryan Nyquist was awarded the top spot, but everyone who had a chance to ride came out a winner.


Spirit Dojo’s Veronica Macedo got the job done in less than 30 seconds thanks to a stunning head kick knockout at ‘Say Uncle Fight Night 2′. This was their second show at The Octagon in Sheffield, a venue that has seen some memorable UK MMA nights over the years. Holy sh*t, her legs are bigger than mine. Brb, doing squats.

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Never waste time putting the ball down. Fiji’s Semi Kunatani had plenty of time to score a try but Scotland’s Lee Jones had other ideas.


The Utah Jazz recently announced they were signing JP Gibson to a contract. The significance of this is Gibson is a five-year old boy with leukemia and the Jazz were giving him a one-day contract. As nice as this was, the Jazz went above and beyond the gesture and brought Gibson off the bench in the third quarter of a team scrimmage played in front of Jazz fans. Gibson checked into the game, received the inbound pass, blew past Dante Exum and Steve Novak before flying through the air and dunking on Rudy Gobert. It was almost like he catapulted himself off of Gobert before throwing the two-handed dunk down. It was a pretty cool moment for Gibson and the Jazz. Gibson is only 36,372 points away from tying Karl Malone for the franchise scoring record.


Base jumper John Van Horne, along with his buddies‎‏ ‏‎Matt Frohlich‎‏ and ‏‎Andy Lewis,‎‏ are always looking for exciting new jump sites. They ended their latest dive off the famous 1,099 feet (335 meters) Tower in Kuala Lumpur with a splash, as they took aim for the pool party at the top of the adjacent hotel. I would have hit the side of the building screaming Bond, James Bond and fallen to my death. Who am I kidding? I would have walked in the door an hour later after I chickened out and had to walk back to the hotel. Ok, I’ll stop lying, I never would have been invited to the party in the first place.

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Ben Flower earned himself a place in rugby league infamy as the first man to be sent off in a Super League Grand Final after punching the helpless St Helens stand-off Lance Hohaia when he was lying on the ground in the third minute of the game. Flower left his team one man short, and they ultimately lost the game.

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Kyle Frederick is a many of great talent on a skateboard. He does some insane tricks that will make you question your life. What a ripper!


You don’t have to play football to be inspired by this pregame speech. You could sell insurance and still want to bust through your cubicle. Yeah, Georgia Tech chaplain Derrick Moore is that good. This isn’t just a pep talk. This is an address. By the way, Georgia Tech won that game, 28-17. Could it have gone any other way?


Bam Margera invited some of the world’s best skaters/homies from Baker, Deathwish, Supra, Emerica, Happy Hour Shades and Primitive Apparel to come shred the new skate barn at Castle Bam. Featuring: Bryan Herman, Neen Williams, Terrell Robinson, Braydon Szafranski, Dustin Bell, Pat Rumney, Nick Barba, with guest appearances by the usual crew. Part 2 will be up this month featuring shreddin by Ishod Wair, Nick Merlino, Kyle Nicholson, and some other surprise guests so stayed tuned.


What do NASCAR lead foot Kyle “Rowdy” Busch and new Toyota/JGR Yamaha supercross rider Justin Barcia have in common? Absolutely nothing. Well, wait a minute. They’ve both put in time behind the wheel of the No. 54 JGR Monster Energy Toyota Camry. Yep. While Kyle Busch has seven races in the 3,450-pound beast thus far in the 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Series, Barcia, as sort of a welcome to the team present, recently climbed into the machine, lit the 360-cubic inch Toyota TRD cast iron V8 engine and took it for a joy ride around the dirt badlands surrounding the JGR campus. Shout out to Bryan Moore for the submission.


The terrifying moment was captured by instructors as the novice skydiver forgot his training and began to whirl uncontrollably in midair – despite the good conditions in Romania. Eugene S. panicked as he began to spin – and gained momentum when he flipped onto his back. Check it out!

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Retired U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Brian Keaton throws the ceremonial first pitch, belly crawling before tossing it like a grenade.


America believes they rule when it comes to freedom and liberty but Russia has its own interpretation of what that’s all about. As in you are free to hold 2 on 2 fights in Siberia if you so choose. And so they do, and it is … glorious? At least in this exact moment it doesn’t seem like the worst idea, because it resulted in this amazing video where one fighter manages to knock out both his opponents from the other ‘team’ in a matter of three seconds. Check it out!

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This stop-motion video shows BMX and Mountain Bike riders ripping it up, except the riders are actually just little plastic toys! So well done!


This isn’t Mario Kart Or GTA San Andreas. You can’t just ride across the top of bridges on your dirt bike, on or top of the rails like it’s Mushroom Bridge. But this stuntman doesn’t give a f**k. It would certainly appear that I have a boring life after watching this.

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Riff Raff brings out his Wimbledon winning skill with tennis trickery that makes Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer look amateur. I guess rap isn’t his only racket!


The victors of this year’s Red Bull Rampage have already been crowned and are bathing in their glory, but we think Tom Van Steenbergen deserves just as much respect for his insanely ballsy attempt at pulling off a front flip over the massive 72ft canyon gap. There are only a handful of riders in the world that would think about even just trying to clear that jump, yet alone pull any kind of trick over it.