Gravel is one of the last things a long-boarder wants to see in front of them, bare a brick wall or a car’s front grill. Hit the jump to watch some bone snapping, skin grazing action.

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This kayaker got caught by a wave that threw her into the jagged rocks. Thinking she’s out of danger, she tried to catch a breather on one rock, but it wasn’t high enough to escape the next big wave!


He’s one of the world’s most prolific and ambitious pranksters. And today he set his sights on the ultimate stage – the World Cup final, watched by millions from every corner of the earth. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a Russian YouTube comic known for his viral hoaxes, ran on to the pitch half-naked with “Natural Born Prankster” scrawled down his torso. The brief performance was captured by basketball superstar Lebron James who was in the crowd and posted a video to his more than 6 million followers on Instagram. “Hahaha! We’re going streaking! Everyone’s doing it. Man that was hilarious. #WorldCupFinal #Brazil.”


“Tim Sjöholm tried to ice this rail and ended up with what I think I’m willing to call the worst shinner ever. The crash doesn’t look too bad but wait until you see the damage. Filmed in Stockholm, Sweden. 42 stitches, and a 50cm long scar.” – The Come Up

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With people still in a World Cup frenzy, kids are playing more backyard soccer than ever. This is what happened when the Racka Racka crew took on their 12-year-old neighbours in a not so friendly game.

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Sweet mother of god, this guy knows how to ride! Watch as he effortlessly laps people multiple times and tackles what would be impossible obstacles for most riders like he was born to do it. So impressive!

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Charlie Zelenoff is an infamous internet troll who has already been beat up by Deontay Wilder, who he harassed over the internet for years. It appears lightning does strike twice!


Brandon Loupos new web edit ‘The Drive’ is incredible. So much talent and style on show in this new one for 2014. Seriously, where do I start? His decades are on point, can bang out down-whips either normal or opposite with no problem and makes everything look buttery smooth. Look out for the last few tricks they’re total bangers!


A woman is in hospital after being struck by a Lamborghini pace car during the Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix in Vancouver. Organisers of the annual cycling criterium race told CTV News the victim was actually a Grand Prix official. The extent of her injuries is unclear but she was taken from the scene on a stretcher.


“Brad Domke called us up a couple of weeks ago psyching on some swell that was supposed to hit Puerto Escondido. He needed some help getting there to ride the beasts on a finless board like no one else on earth can. Given that Domke has been our boy for over a decade now and that he tends to deliver, we were happy to help him make the trip. Little did we know he would catch hands down the biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard!” – Exile Skimboards


When you manhandle a couple of San Francisco’s famous spots, people take notice. When you ravage the whole Bay Area, you get a feature video part for the whole world to see. Fardell is on a tear.

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Check out David Kalb’s ultimate backyard golf shot complete with watermelons, hotdogs, and fire!

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Most famously known as the Honey Badger, Nick Cummins played an absolute cracker of a game playing for the last time with the Western Force rugby union club. Of course he gave an interview after the game, and it was perfect. Nick has taken a deal with Japanese club the Coca Cola West Red Sparks worth at least double his present salary of close to $300,000, so he can better look after his family members dealing with health issues. What a f*cking good dude! Best of luck in Japan sweet prince.

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Plan B have dropped this cool trailer for ‘True’, the much anticipated video featuring their team of skateboarding heavyweights. Enjoy!


Watch as Aaron Chase stops by at MacDuff’s house for a rad riding session. This place is full of massive jumps, twisting wall rides and two open loop jumps, it’s insane!

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Argentina have made it through to the finals in the World Cup against Germany, and its safe to say from this video they seem pretty pleased about it!

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So I guess this is the new sport for people who are addicted to feeling like they are about to die. Greg Roe is one amongst a few people who can actually perform these kind of tricks from such huge heights into a freestyle airbag. Check it!

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Fabian Doerig can flip, manual and grind combos that would rack mad high scores on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. He is a master, a wizard, and his feet are likely the result of secret military weapons development. Shout out to Craig for this submission.