Many expected Donald Cerrone to be too much, too soon for Darren Till, but the British welterweight prospect shocked the world with a first-round TKO at UFC Fight Night 118. “One hell of a job @darrentill2 safe to say you broke the f**k out my nose! I don’t make excuses nor will I ever. You had a great game plan and executed it perfectly. I did not over look nor take you lightly. So again congratulations.” – @cowboycerrone.

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In the summer of 2016, four generations of mountain bikers headed north for the trip of a lifetime. The trip saw them raft the Tatshenshini River through British Columbia, the Yukon and into Alaska in search of some of the most remote and rugged big mountain biking on the planet. This is one of Darren Berrecloth‘s best lines of the trip.


Chris Joslin’s ‘Ode To London’ is a celebration of his daughter having her first birthday this year. This casually destroys so many spots that Thrasher should just give him the Skate of The Year trophy right now.


Jamie O’Brien lives the dream. A champion pro surfer from the North Shore of Hawaii, he travels the world with a crew of friends that are down for whatever in a show that captures the craziness of his every day life. Who is JOB? Watch and find out.


As the last line of defence for both club and country, Chrysander Botha has made many impressive tackles in his career, none more so than his brutal encounter with bulldozing Springbok Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira in the 2011 Rugby World Cup! Botha stopped South Africa’s battering-ram in his tracks with one of the most courageous tackles you’ll ever see!


Weckingball is the self-proclaimed most jacked skater, and we aren’t about to say he isn’t. The dude takes his meal prep serious, and the most impressive part is that he can actually skate!


Natxo made a potentially mind-blowing discovery – a seemingly perfect right, perhaps the mirror image of Skeleton Bay, at an undisclosed desert location. Photos via: @jonbakio


Learn the history of snowboarding, from humble origins to the spectacular adrenaline fuelled present that so many can’t live without. To get some nice big air shots, you have to film in the backcountry, where you’re free and have enough space for spectacular tricks. How intense was your latest big air? Photo via: @teemuheljo


Petr Cech proved his days between the sticks for Arsenal are far from dwindling with this video showing an interesting training game with ping pong balls.


During filming of the sequel to Travis Pastrana’s “Action Figures,” the awesome folks at Polaris sponsored an epic few days of competition at Pastranaland. The bag jump competition saw many video game tricks, including a huge MTB jump from Travis himself, plus the high air competition was enormous. Look for appearances by Ryan Williams, Dusty Wygle, Jed Mildon, Ethen Roberts, Beaver Fleming, Brandon Schmidt, and more on this one!


This guy went viral, known as #FakeKlay when people spotted him sitting right behind the players at a Golden State Warriors game. Turns out, he has many people fooled and even got VIP parking when security thought he was the real deal!


Andy Samberg makes a guest appearance in the opening skit before Aaron Homoki gets naked and ollies el toro. This is just another bananas part in the books for jaws, who seems to have an endless supply of roofs to leap from!


Give Bobby Brown an empty mountain in Alaska, a deep snowpack, the helping hands of an entire local ski community and a dozen lenses pointed in his direction, and you know he won’t disappoint. Presenting Roots Lead To Water, Brown’s anticipated new film.


Hayward, who signed a four-year, $128 million free agent contract this summer, went up for an alley-oop pass and collided with LeBron James midway through the first quarter. He got his leg twisted underneath him as came back to the floor. Hayward collapsed under the basket and looked in horror as his left foot was pointing outward.


Lauren approached Braekhus, stared deeply into her eyes and planted a kiss on her lips. At first, Braekhus reacted in horror and half slapped, half pushed Laurén away. But Braekhus soon started laughing.


Ariel Helwani managed to out-Dana White Dana White in some fantastic promo-work for next month’s UFC 217. 2017 has been a pretty mixed year for mixed martial arts and the UFC, in particular. With the absence of the sport’s biggest star Conor McGregor has come some admittedly embarrassing pay-per-view numbers at the worst of times, a clear sign that the UFC’s usually rich pool of star-power is running low but with UFC 217 just around the corner, all signs point towards them finishing the year on a high.


In an ongoing quest for personal evolution, pro snowboarder John Jackson unites with top athletes across the action sports world to examine the steps of progression. Egos are destroyed, new levels of sport are reached, and enlightenment is the goal.


From failed drops to barrels to close-outs, this is one seriously high-energy edit. Featuring Angelo Lozano, Gary Linden, Nahuel Amalfitano, Takeo Alexandre, Jose Ramirez, Michaela Fregonese, Nic Lamb, Tom Lowe, Ueliton Simoes, Jorge Sangachi, Peter Mel and no doubt a sh*t load of broken boards. Photo via: @cacaneves