If you’re afraid of heights, this probably isn’t the activity for you. Matthew Barrientos decided to make his hot air balloon ride, way more intense but putting on a wing suit and leaping face first into the ruthless law of gravity. Check it out!


He’s known for his unique and creative approach to skating spots but sometimes Lizard just goes buck and takes the drop. This one is heartbreaking.

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Since the Scots invented golf, they are naturally good at it, and often do things to make it harder for themselves. This dude putting for birdie does exactly that! Is this real, or just another internet sham?


The Assignment Inc. is proud to bring you yet another epic chapter in the “MOTO The Movie” film saga. “MOTO 6” travels the globe in pursuit of the most talented and elusive riders, those that truly live their lives by the twist of the throttle. With the most diverse soundtrack and an extraordinary cast of dirt bike mega-rippers, “MOTO 6” showcases a complete spectrum of top tier motocross and freeriding. The athletes push the boundaries of both themselves and their sport on a daily basis, making their living by truly living.


Jack Mook, a detective and boxing instructor in Pittsburgh, got curious when two of his students stopped showing up. He went searching for them and found them at an abusive foster home. Then he took matters into his own hands. This is a classic tale of a by-the-books detective with a soft heart.


New Zealand rugby league bosses have criticised Australia’s “disrespectful” response to the traditional haka pre-match challenge after it almost sparked an all-in brawl at a junior international in Auckland. The Junior Kangaroos linked arms and advanced as their New Zealand counterparts performed the ritual ahead of the match on Sunday, resulting in what appeared to be a particularly aggressive haka. The under-20s players were literally nose-to-nose and shoving each other as officials scrambled to defuse the situation.

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This super flukey shot was made during a Serbian basketball game. The player just gets the ball off in time to beat the shot clock, and sinks it from behind the backboard!

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Get ready for 7 minutes of extra gnarliness from Chris Joslin in this insane welcome to Etnies part. Stop reading this now and press play. You won’t regret it.


They fight to establish the dominance – a sign of courage and might. For us it’s a good show. These two men refuse to go down. It’s like watching two grizzly bears try to kill each other.


The Downey Christian School varsity basketball team bursts from the locker room in single file, led by a boy 14 inches shorter than the next smallest player, four years younger than the next youngest. His jersey straps are twisted and bound with plastic ties to prevent them from slipping down his bony 4-foot-5 frame. At road games, the boy, point guard Julian Newman, is asked, “Are you on the team?” You’re god damn right he’s on the team.

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From the depth of the creative visuals to the groundbreaking, never-been-done-before scale of the shoot, Afterglow is being hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski movies ever made. All filmed at night with massive lights, custom made LED suits, and a national governments worth of logistics, planning, and civil engineering.

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Watch Kelly Slater land a 540 while surfing in Portugal. Thanks to some high winds, he whipped it around and landed backwards, surprised that he was still on his board. Is this the first 720 ever?

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Toy Machine have stamped their statement of intent all over the web today with a good 8 minutes of sick new footage from their team and upcomer Jeremy Leabres. Check it!


Follow along from Ben Hemingway’s point of view as he goes head-to-head with Andreas Lettenbichler for the city portion of Extreme XL de Lagares, the hard enduro race through the city of Portugal.


Watch as the Hungarian Hooligans (mostly from Ferencváros TC) attack the Romanian Petards. About 30 men attacked the security guards and several Romanian supporter as they were falling back to their sector. After the first clash of kicks and punches, the Hungarians also backed off to their own sector, preventing a full blown police attack, or a counter attack of the Romanian horde. Shout out to Zoltan Kohan for the submission.

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The Mad Hueys held their first ever ASP world qualifying event in Indonesia, complete with babes, waves and shoeys! See if you can spot one particularly good looking bloke wearing some Shock Mansion sunnies.


Admit it: You wish you had as little shame as this chubby fellow. Nothing’s going to stop him from cheering on his home team in the most obscene way ever. Cameras picked up the moment he whipped off his top – surprisingly fast – and twerked to Turn Down for What. The round ice hockey fan guzzles two cans of beer before grinding up against a bear mascot which proceeds to spank him. It’s weird. But everyone loves it. Obviously. Especially the spectator at the bottom.


What happens when you take two of the best in their respective board sports and put them together on a fresh backyard miniramp? And awesome skate edit happens. Join Shaun White christening his brand new backyard miniramp with a BBQ and skate session with Ryan Sheckler. And in case you forgot, Shaun can skate pretty damn well.