Introducing Burton Presents, a nine part web series showcasing Burton’s top riders. Watch Mikey Rencz riding with Jussi Oksanen, Jeremy Jones alongside Mikkel Bang, Mark Sollors with Alek Oestreng, Kelly Clark with Enni Rukajärvi and Chloe Kim, and Zak Hale trading hits with Ethan Deiss. Mark McMorris and Kimmy Fasani will be featured in individual parts, and the series will also include an exclusive look into Danny Davis’ Peace Park. Dropping every two weeks starting September 16, 2014.


It seems like the entire globe has had the best week of swell since that one day that your dad always reminisces about. And this latest footage from The Mad Hueys? This is the best clip we’ve seen to come out of it so far. Enjoy, because you might not see quality like this at Kirra for quite some time.


Kalani Chapman scores an Indonesian double barrel and takes home $1000, a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, and a year subscription to Surfline.


The Hawaiian daredevil can’t stop for a minute. His innovative bag of tricks usually involves inflatable toys, beginner surfboards, boogie boards and winch machines. But what’s harder that getting barrelled at The Wedge? What about a board transfer stunt in the iconic drainer. With a fantastic swell hitting the Californian shores, Jamie O’Brien decides to raise the level. For his next trick, Jamie will carry Poopies into a closeout and drown him.


Some four years ago, the legendary Andrew Reynolds famously listed Wes Kremer as one of his top three personal picks for burgeoning amateurs. Surely that moment was a hefty accolade for the young Californian, yet Kremer has worn it well over the past few years. With an irreverence for trendy tricks or outfits and taking full advantage of his home state’s chill substance laws, Kremer ended up with a contender for ‘Part of the Year’ lists with “Crusty by Nature.” Presented by Thrasher and DC Shoes, the clip is a five-minute hammer marathon.


Owning the ocean is all in a day’s work for Laird Hamilton. The surfing legend put on a death-defying show for Malibu beachgoers by riding a massive wave through the posts of a pier at breakneck speed – and made it look easy.

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Roger Federer hit a between-the-legs return straight into the back of retreating opponent Marinko Matosevic as NBA great Michael Jordan watched on from the stands. Jordan sat in Federer’s box and Federer wore new shoes that are a brand collaboration with Jordan. Boss moves everywhere!


The intensity and animosity built throughout the Eastern Conference Championship game between the Atlanta Steam and Jacksonville Breeze. Emotions boiled over at the end of the game as teams initially lined up for the traditional end of game handshakes.

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Pro skater Eli Reed teamed up with Playboy for “Lost Paradise,” a short film featuring Reed skating throughout the Playboy Mansion. The girls in bikinis act as human obstacles as he pushes his way around the mansion grounds.

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Do you like adventures? Well your in luck, because you get to experience an awesome jet ski adventure at Lake Powell right now, minus the hassle of leaving the couch. Looks like fun!


While the MMA world’s attention was focused on the UFC’s doubleheader this past weekend, what was perhaps the flashiest knockout occurred in a small show in California. At “Xplode Fight Series: Tidal Wave,” which took place Saturday in Valley Center, Calif., Christine Stanley (3-1) unloaded a vicious spinning heel kick that landed remarkably flush. Although it was apparently recorded as a five-second knockout, Stanley connected on the kick just 2.3 seconds after the bell, opponent Katie Anita Runyan hit the mat after 3.5 seconds, and the ref waved it off just under the 5-second mark.

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This insane wingsuit flyer Bobby Scott, glides down a mountainside in the Alps, brushing the tree tops and sometimes even flying below the tree line!


Hard nosed shredder from the Gold Coast Scotty Davis has seen some serious sh*t in his 21 years. After a near death bail that landed him in a coma for over a month to hard drugs and a prison stint one thing has remained true, skateboarding. Shout out to Joey Bailey for the submission.


Hats off – that was bold running through almost 8 Gold Coast players 25 metres out from their goals and it paid off. I love it when players take risks – that’s how you win a game of footy.


Cam Zink admitted to being scared before his big jump. For months. “Just so much nerves and suppressing them,” he said. “Like putting them in a bottle.” The professional mountain biker turned those jitters into a world record executing a 100-foot dirt-to-dirt back-flip at Mammoth Mountain. “This is like a dream,” he said. “It was the smoothest landing I’ve ever had.” Racing down the mountainside, Zink hit 46 mph as he launched himself off a 15-foot-high incline, flipped slowly through the air and landed on a 25-foot-high landing ramp. His official distance was 100 feet, 3 inches.


Tobi Wrobel’s raw run, complete with a backflip and wall ride, from Suzuki Nine Kinghts 2014 on Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno, Italy.


The fourth and final chapter of The Ripple Effect, is the story of the meteoric rise of one of the biggest surf brands in the world and a testament to the reality of the American dream.


The Winter Project is a true story documentary about backcountry snowmachining in Alaska. The story will stick to the roots of its origin as it will be as rigid as the backcountry it is being filmed in – featuring world class athletes, world class riding locations, created by a team of award winning filmmakers. Check out the trailer now!