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Detroit Red Wings’ player Jordin Tootoo makes a young fan‘s day by giving him his hockey stick. Watch the little dudes’s priceless reaction!


Buriram City is located in the eponymous northeast province of Thailand. While the local residents look forward to the New Year’s festival (held in the middle of April) as a chance to cool down during the hottest month of the year, one local politician was fed up by the inevitable destruction caused by young gang members year after year. So he gave them an ultimatum: at the opening ceremony of the event, he declared, “This time, whoever disrupts the festival will be forced to fight three rounds with a pro Muay Thai fighter.”

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This rugby player didn’t get the penalty he was hoping for, but maybe he will settle for a Golden Globe? The referee gives zero f*cks!


This is the moment a pair of daredevil skydivers set a new base jump world record by leaping 2,717 feet off the tallest building in the world. Veteran base jumpers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet prepared for their record breaking leap from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower by spending time up a Swiss mountain to acclimatise to the altitude. The men are not the first to base jump from the top of the tower – which is roughly twice the height of New York’s Empire State Building – but they had a special platform built to add an extra 500 feet, enabling them to break the world record!

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Neymar Jr. and a crew of football freestylers take on Gymkhana king Ken Block in his rally car for a shootout. This is all just an excuse for Ken Block to do some 4 wheel burnouts. Enjoy!


South Georgia Peanuts manager Wally Backman is ejected during a game in Anderson, SC.The events that led to Backman’s ejection: Outfielder Doc Brooks questions the location of a called strike. Later in the same at bat, the umpire calls a ball. Brooks asks the umpire the location of the pitch, words are exchanged. Brooks is ejected, Backman emerges from the dugout. Backman asks why his player was ejected, but the umpire refuses to answer him, saying “You can read it in my report.”


As a kid that skated for many years of my life, I never understood why a lot of us think it was alright to f**k with security guards. They’re just dudes on an hourly wage. As a kid I’d get pissed but I get it now. I would always ask to stay a bit longer, but if I got the boot, I would leave politely. Sometimes the security guards come in with a bitter attitude because they where expecting it from us, which I get now. Back then it just made me think they were a**holes who couldn’t get a job as a cop. I just wish there was more respect from both sides around. “Sounds like a winner to me” is my new response to everything.

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This fighter knocked himself out cold going for a massive high kick. Anything can happen in the ring!

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These Arsenal fans tell us how they really feel, while maintaining the manners of an English gentleman!

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You get what you pay for, and if you pay for a $20 skateboard you won’t get much. Check out pro skater Curren Caples and friends, putting these cheap board through the paces of real skateboarding.


“With winter winding down in the Northern hemisphere, the crew took to Boreal for a couple days before they close and re-open for Woodward Tahoe summer camps. There was still good snow and plenty of features left up for the closing week and the boys had a blast, we can’t wait till next time.” – FYVE Snowboards

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This speedflyer doesn’t give a single f*ck about the resort rules. No one can catch him anyway. Watch him ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ grind a chair lift cable like a boss! This looks like so much fun!


Alex and Koa Smith just released a rad new edit from a crazy surf trip they had in Micronesia. They captured some pretty amazing Gopro footage in this one so make sure you check it out.


Check out these amazing heaves from half court and beyond from the 2013-2014 season as players beat the buzzer with these long range three pointers!


Hold on to your handlebars as Claudio Caluori takes us on a high speed ride through an intense downhill MTB trail in South Africa. The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup track in Pietermaritzburg features big gaps and aggressive terrain, sending racers flying down the track at mind blowing speeds.


A Freeriding motocross movie featuring Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Josh Hansen, Tyler Bereman, Andy Bakken, Darryn Durham, Doug Parsons & many more of the world’s best freeriders! Filmed over the last 2 winters, Chasing The Storm is bringing moto vids back to the glory days of punk rock & riding in the hills with your buddies! Stay tuned for more information & the release date.


Snow conditions were anything but rad – thus Mike Basich and Nicholas Wolken teamed up with Christoph Thoresen in order to collect some footage worth watching. In a close future your GoPro might be able to fly automatically behind and all around you, but for now this needs some good old manual piloting skills. Enjoy!


Spain’s Pablo Larrazabal ran into a swarm of hornets during Friday’s second round at the Malaysian Open and was stung 20 times before diving into a water hazard while fully clothed to escape. After receiving treatment, Larrazabal put on new clothes, stuck his approach shot to within 20 feet and drained his birdie putt.