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Mike “Hucker” Clark pulled off this crazy line through Woodward West, riding up and down banks while standing on his hangers!


Between his quad corks, insane butter skills, and flatground abilities, Marcus Kleveland certainly had himself one hell of a season. Some call him an anomaly. A ball of atoms put together in the form of a young Norwegian snowboarder that was seemingly born to contort in ways that operate in stark contrast to the laws of physics.


Trundling along at 80 kilometres per hour is a yawn if you’re seated in the comfortable confines of your car, with a seat belt across your chest, and doors and bodywork shielding you from the elements and other road users. But what if the only thing that separates you from the tarmac is a plank of wood on four polyurethane wheels?


Jamie O’Brien, friends, the Wedge, some sort of inflatable device…you know the drill by now. There are lids, and stand ups, yet it’s the skim boarders who steal the show in this radical Wedge clip by Mike Lucas.


Professional BASE jumper, Jeb Corliss, suffered a life threatening crash while proximity flying during a routine BASE jump. This is the story of his long road to recovery, his first jump back and the valuable life lesson learned along the way.


“Winter is now over, the surf season in the Maldives is just beginning. I want to go back. How can you not love this place! So lucky to be able to spend time here surfing and diving on such an epic boat. Thank you Ocean Divine for such an amazing experience.” – Micah Lester.

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This first part from the RDS video is incredible. TJ Rogers is in complete control, ledge, rail, gap, whatever you want. Switch 360 down Wallenberg is bonkers!


How can you express everything that you want to somebody you love, knowing that if you don’t, that might be the last opportunity that you have? That is a reality that we all face, but for BASE jumpers, the risk of death sometimes results in something amazing and unexpected – love.

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Mix several gallons of pop, power, and style into a boiling pot and you get a man who skates spots that for most of us are too hot to handle.


Shot entirely in 4K ultra high-definition and directed by skate-film auteur Russell Houghten, Holy Stokes! marks the first full-length skate film from Veeco Productions since 2007’s Let’s Live. Shot in dozens of locations spanning every corner of the globe, it builds on more than 20 years and 30 influential films from the world of Volcom.


“We all know Matt Ray has had the skills to be Pro for a longtime now, but like anyone else, you’ve got to put time in with the team and family at Subrosa to make sure the fit is right. We are stoked to welcome Matt Ray to our Pro team and we are excited to see what the future holds. Believe me, my man is just getting started.” – Ryan Sher.


Matt Meola’s highlight real is required viewing, especially when it’s re-done as a Prince tribute. Featuring basically an entire segment worth of part-ending clips. So good.


MMA enthusiast and video editor Bratt Mamley just realised an incredible Ruthless Robbie Lawler tribute. It’s the kind of video that if you weren’t already, instantly makes you a fan of the fighter. I can’t wait to see Robbie in the cage again.

Canadiens Penguins HockeyReff2

Listen to more busy officials, this time from the second round, as they make sure players know why calls were made, how to avoid getting in the box, and ensuring a game flows smoothly.


If you haven’t see the ‘Pure Darkness 3‘ trailer, you need to stop what you’re doing and watch it immediately. Let us know what you think, biggest jumps you’ve ever seen?


If he hadn’t gone for the celebratory kick flip, I think he might have caught the oncoming car in his periphery. Lucky dude. Thankfully Cody lived, and is here with us today to post footage of the incident on Instagram, along with a caption expressing his sincere thanks to whatever celestial forces kept him from getting totally f**ked up by that car!


The Vans BMX Team is a group of creative individuals who express themselves by constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done on two wheels. In doing so, each rider illustrates their own artistic approach and style on the many canvases of concrete, dirt, and wood. Even after they are done riding their marks can still be seen in what has been left behind; from the tire tracks in the dirt to the marks on the walls, rails and ledges. Illustrated, a Vans BMX video available June 7th.


Vacation Club’s “Whatever Beach” teaser just dropped, and it features some epic surfing from Griffin Colapinto, Bobby Martinez, Parker Coffin and Eithan Osbourne. Stay tuned, Episode One drops May 24th.