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These are the type of women that will cuddle you gently at night, and break the arm of the guy who took you parking space in the morning. Welcome to the LFL!


We The People Bike Co presents a new mixtape that is scheduled to drop on December 7th titled, “LIT.” Heavy music, proper street moves, and a reputable list of riders…this is going to be good.


Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka The Mountain in Game of Thrones, is nearly 400 pounds of muscle. This beer keg weighs 33 pounds. In the video, The Mountain throws that 15kg (33lbs) 23 feet into the air, beating the world record, a world record that was previously held by him, The Mountain. A legend and a gentleman.

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Living legend Mick Fanning doesn’t see any need for violence. If you drop in on his wave, he just sees you as an obstacle to work into his line.


Clemens is absolutely ripping Stubai Zoo apart right now. The park is still firing and he is crushing every feature in sight. Kicking things off with a monster back 10 nose, this guy’s bag of tricks is deep. Then just when you think it’s all over, the jib line gets the same treatment with an extra dose of style. Check the whole edit to see Clemens throwing down.


Traveling the world for perfect waves doesn’t come without a few speed bumps along that road less taken. Just ask Gabriel Medina. Rip Curl has reignited “The Search” with a video series charting the adventures (and mishaps) of the team riders as they search the globe for uncrowded lineups and unknown waves. And the latest view into the series shows the other side to galavanting, the disasters.


Midway through the third quarter with the Kings leading 62-61, Thornton made a drive to the basket before he fell over from contact inside the paint and went sliding into the advertising boards at the back of the court. The 22-year-old former Boston Celtics draft pick was lying on the ground crunched into the signage complaining about a foul call when the spectator tipped his beer over the signage and onto Thornton’s head.


The images alone are enough to make your stomach drop. But for this base jumper, who is a police officer by trade, it’s all about the thrill. The man from Los Angeles, California, said: “The whole experience was transcending – to go from the big city to the countryside and smaller towns only to arrive beneath this massive structure slung across the valley.


Holy sh*t! More whips than a runaway slave. Brandon Semenuk can execute some of the cleanest and most technically demanding slope style contest runs, flow through a trail like no other, and inspire legions of young pretenders. Brandon has been connected with the Chromag family for many years now. They have collaborated to produce a range of signature products under the title of ‘Liaison’. This latest edit promotes them in the only way he knows how, with jaw dropping riding skills. Shout out to the man himself @brandonsemenuk for holding Shock Mansion down, and @rupskywalker for capturing and editing the quality footage.


After years of constant globetrotting, Swiss ripper Mario Kaeppeli decided to kick it in Europe for a season. Coming Home presented by Creative Visuals, besides being spectacularly scenic, narrates the personal history of Mario Kaeppeli, his development from being a contest-driven snowboarder to one whose ambitions are based in the backcountry. The full movie, also featuring Mario Wanger and Tom Klocker, will be online in December.

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Luan Oliveira makes it all look too easy. He works his board like a magician as he spins it around his feet. This whole part was filmed at unforgiving street spots around Brazil!


With crazy point of view footage from Susuki Nine Knights and huge hits in the Laax pipe, Sven Thorgren knows how to tweak a grab and might just have the best cab 12 double shifty in the game. Presented by Burn Energy and Oakley.


From boosting way overhead out of groomed pipe walls to riding away from knee-shattering drops, to spewing both technical ridiculousness and actual vomit in cities around the world, the result of a season’s worth of Stax is an explosive array of the kind of snowboarding worth playing on repeat, or at least until Sam drops his 2016 part.


Mtn Dew Green Label Films and Burton Snowboards have teamed up once again with professional snowboarder Danny Davis to create the newest instalment of PEACE PARK. Now in its fourth instalment, this year’s PEACE PARK offers elite riders a massive snowboard playground with endless new transitions and jumps.


It’s pretty rare for a World Title race to come down to Pipe, with this many players in the mix. Extremely rare. The pressure is on for a lot of people, from a lot of sides. So when Mick Fanning sits down and tells us that this may be one of the most exciting contests ever? We agree. Listen out for who he reckons is the biggest threat to his Title… the answer might have you trading out your fantasy teams. – Surfing Life.

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In association with Brain Farm Cinema, watch this peek into iconic snowboarder Travis Rice’s highly-anticipated return in “The Fourth Phase.” The film’s teaser marks the first glimpse into the project, which began production in 2013 and has been kept tightly under wraps until now.


At 23 years old John John Florence is one of the top surfers ever, dominating competitions around the world. But lately he’s been putting his energies towards something else: the first ever surf film shot entirely in 4k. In this episode of SITDOWNS, John John shows us some exclusive footage from the film, VIEW FROM A BLUE MOON, and tells us what it’s like to shoot the most expensive surf film ever.


“The Aloha Project is a collection I believe showcases the beauty of Hawaii and the people that inhabit these majestic islands. To some it’s a playground, to others it’s a proving ground. For me it has brought me peace and clarity and a place where I developed and honed my skills as a cinematographer and film maker.” – Ryan Moss.