Ryan Taylor is one of the UK’s top park riders and is constantly travelling. He is always pushing the limits of what is possible on the bike and has developed a huge fan base across the world because of it. Big shout out to @ryantaylorbmx for showing us some love. Like what Ryan is wearing? Limited numbers and sizes available so get in there fast. Click HERE to go shopping and check out our latest collection of hoodies, eyewear, T-shirts, singlets, beanies, fresh snapback hats and more!

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Scott Stevens is one creative athlete. His talent and creativity on a snowboard is world renowned. Check out what he’s been filming during the summer!


Apollos Hester plays for the East View (Texas) Patriots, and after a 42-41 victory over Vandegrift Friday night, he was pumped as hell for his postgame interview with TWC News Austin. The conversation got deep pretty quickly. You’ll feel like you can do anything after listening to Hester. Halfway through watching the video, I realised that I was doing push-ups.


The Radinn is an electrically powered wakeboard that gives riders the ability to fly across water without the rope and rail bar of traditional wakeboarding. The board’s innovative jet-propulsion system is piloted by a hand-held remote which lets the driver control the speed. The board houses low mass lithium batteries within a lightweight carbon fibre construction which adds to the aerodynamics of the board. Would you buy one?


A fan at the Tour of Britain captured Tao Geoghegan Hart’s dramatic crash in to the barriers in Brighton. Geoghegan Hart had sprinted to the front of the yellow jersey group just before the bend and went in to it with too much speed. Slamming his brakes on he went over the bars as he hit, and broke, the barrier. Thankfully both Geoghegan Hart and the spectator he knocked over were soon both up on their feet .


“What a day, an Australian first jumping over #paulbennet in his stunt plane at a private location. A lot of planning went into making this happen and a huge thanks to everyone that helped out.” – Joel Brown. Shout out to Ash Will for the submission.


What does it mean to fly down 4,900 vertical feet of terrain, passing through flowing descents of alpine wildflowers, or the mystique of earthy, tangled roots that rise alongside berms, or the blinkered light that flashes through the deep forests before opening into the energy of the valley below? More importantly, how does it feel? “In The Zone” stems from a three-part online video campaign produced by Goldstein Productions that personifies the character of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park’s three riding zones and captures the journey through each.


This is probably one of the most well-rounded parts we’ve seen all year. Cam hits some of the gnarliest street spots ever while still managing to throw down over massive road gaps and on backcountry kickers. Really impressive part and a definite must watch.


Travis gets his friends (and a sheriff with a radar gun) out to test the biggest ramps ever conceived and constructed at Pastranaland. Featuring Tyler Roberts, James Foster, Steve Mccann and Jolene Van Vugt.

Mike 'Hucker' Clarke winning Highest Air and Rider of the weekMike 'Hucker' Clarke winning Highest Air

It took over a 1000 tonnes of earth and months of man hours to build Sebastian Keep’s giant dirt quarter pipes. Boosting off a jump the height of two double decker buses, 12 of the best BMXers on the planet were invited to take part in an event that saw riders going higher than they’ve ever been before. From no handers to getting some serious air, watch all the spills and thrills from Quarter Master 2014 in this all-action edit.


The Sunshine Coast contingent came together for this one filmed by Nic Genovese. This family album features Brendan Howey, Kyle Norbraten, Dylan Dunkerton, Curtis Robinson, Logan Peat and Brandon Semenuk riding the buttery trails at the Coast Gravity Park, fresh loamy routes out of Brandon’s back yard, and some signature Coastal Crew builds.


Sam Ruttiman was competing in the ‘Toyota One Hit Wonder’ event in Thredbo, Australia, wearing only his skis and a helmet. As a male, skiing doesn’t usually rank too high on the list of activities you want to be doing in the nude. Apart from the risk of snow burns on the tenderest part of the male anatomy, there’s a grave reality of shrinkage if you wear your birthday suit in the snow. Sam Ruttiman however, gives zero f**ks about all that as you will soon see.


Watch team Super Tramp celebrate the opening of the new Banzai skatepark by filling the bowls full of 5001 balloons and skating it with his mates!

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Ever wanted to be a video game hero? The world-renowned freerunner grew up on a diet of Prince of Persia and dreamed of defeating Jaffar and releasing his princess. Soon he was leaping scenery just like a real video game character might as a full-fledged parkour athlete, but he never actually became the 2D hero of his dreams – at least not until now!

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‘Calcico Storico’ aka Gladiator Football, is a football game with deep historical roots taking place every June In Florence, Italy. Two teams of 27 men fight to get a ball over a 4-foot high fence at either end of the pitch. Four teams represent the four districts of the city, and the winners take home a cow!

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Aaron Chase and Yannick Granieri take us on a follow-the-leader ride down the slopestyle course at Red Bull District Ride. Massive step downs, huge kickers, and a half loop are just some of the crazy obstacles they face while sending it!

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Do you usually try to avoid puddles when you’re skating? Do you tuck your board underneath your shirt when it starts to rain? Well, Phil Zwijsen takes a different approach. He attacks the rain, beating it into submission by ollieing into 36-foot powerslides!


Gamers looking forward to the launch of the new FIFA 15 game later this month on September 23rd in North America, September 25th in Europe and September 26th in the UK are sure to enjoy this new official commercial which has now been made available over on the YouTube website. FIFA 15 will be available to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC as well as the older generation Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and other platforms. Will you play it?