Part one of Paul Langland’s series ‘The Hills’. The journey of this shovel-built, natural terrain set of BMX jumps will not only push Langers limits but step him into the next frontier of BMX dirt. A budget of $0 and no earth moving machinery. It’s just one guy, a big dream, a shovel, hundreds of man hours and a 20-inch BMX, getting it done.


It’s not often that Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s best soccer player, can stand in the middle of a busy street in Madrid and go unnoticed by dozens of people as he does kick-ups and tricks. But the Real Madrid superstar managed just that last week, with the aid of a fat suit, some sunglasses and a dodgy fake beard. After revealing himself the public quickly cottoned on and swarmed the superstar, looking for photos and autographs.

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His part on Toy Machines’ ‘Re-Education’ was a face-melter, and now it’s time to dive into it all over again with no music, no slo-mo, just wheels on the concrete. Enjoy!


The Mothership Space Net envisioned by Andy Lewis (and built with the help of about 50 people) is an incredible creation hand-woven last week high above the Utah desert. But what was it used for? Watch as Sketchy Andy throws a stuffed Gorilla equipped with it’s own personal parachute off it and then jumps out and amazingly catches it!


A fishing enthusiast has captured the moment he reeled in a huge 10 foot bronze whaler shark after a two hour stand-off on a beach. Before the shark comes into view, the fisherman is seen clinging onto his rod as a crowd gathers around him in anticipation on a beach in South Australia. After hours of back and forth, the 200kg shark emerges into the shallow water after being ‘caught on a chunk of eagle ray as bait’. ‘It took several long powerful runs and led me up and down the beach,’ Jacobs said. He had been trying to catch the fish for ‘several years’ and used a custom made shark rod.

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This awesome trick penalty shot taken by Russian player Gusev is majestic and erotic. What a heart throb this gy must be in Mother Russia. I bet he has 22 kids with 22 different women.

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Max Domi of the London Knights scored what might end up as the goal of the year. Domi somehow flipped the puck over and sidestep the sprawling goalie, then followed the puck and from mid-air redirected it into the net!

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Klay Thompson set the record of 37 points in a single quarter, destroying the record of 33 held by George Gervin and Carmelo Anthony. And Klay didn’t start firing until after the ten-minute mark. He didn’t even really get going until mid-way through the quarter!

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Torey’s supernatural consistently took him to more than one Street League podium. In fact, he placed 3rd overall for the 2014 SLS season. Add in a full Supernova part for DVS, a new pro shoe, a full line of gear from Grizzly, and tons of tour footy to round it out for good measure. And as if that weren’t enough, he slid for blocks, grinded shoulder height, and flipped in and out straight into the last part in 2014’s heaviest video, Plan B’s TRUE. And yes, that is his girlfriend pictured above.


At Missouri’s Shamrock FC: Shock, The Hard Hittin’ Hillbilly Kevin Croom gutted out a brutal arm bar attempt by Jacob Akin and came back to win. Note: the spike was not prohibited by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, as the body of the spikee was not under the control of the spiker – he could have let go, so what happens when he didn’t is his responsibility. Shout out to Kirik Jenness for the submission.


In 2014 he built his own skatepark, harnessed his skills even further, and shut down every major contest this year. He won Tampa Pro, took X Games Street gold in Austin, and then there’s Street League. Can you say, “flawless victory”? Yup, that’s what an undefeated season looks like. In the streets, he shut down seriously gnarly rails and gaps like nothin’, which his Thrasher King of the Road awards for Best Handrail Trick and Gnarliest Handrail will attest to. Taking a close look at his Bangin’ on The Berrics earlier this year, with the new menu of tricks he was working on, it’s no surprise that he dominated. He made his cake and ate it, too.


Mullaghmore has quickly become Ireland’s most famous big wave spot. It’s cold as you can believe (snow-capped mountains are visible), it needs big storm swells to break so it’s always dark and gloomy, and the overall vibe of the place couldn’t be more intimidating.


Ride along with Marcelo Gutierrez, the Colombian downhill MTB racer as he takes to the streets of Manizales for a high speed decent through some sketchy street-side obstacles. Gutierrez took top spot on the podium with this run, so hold on to your keyboard and experience what it looks like to race like a champion from this urban downhill mountain bike POV in Colombia.


Mark McMorris learning the backcountry ropes from Jake Blauvelt, Terje Håkonsen and Nicolas Müller in Revelstoke, British Columbia. An excerpt from “Snowboarding: For Me.” Buy the full movie on iTunes.


When shit hits the fan, P-Stone is there to capture the action with beer in hand. This is a heavy edit. Buckle up.


If this doesn’t make you want to quit your job, pack your bags, and move to Hawaii to chase babes and barrels, then nothing will. Shout out to our loyal supporter Jay Alvarrez for this epic short video of his life. Hit the jump and press play. You won’t regret it.


Every couple of weeks we are going to pick our favourite photo and send the winner some fresh new SM threads for their efforts. Our first winner goes to @yosoycarlospalomera for his awesome scuba diving photo titled “This party has a dress code.” Send your epic new images to our email at or tag them #shockmansion on instagram. Good luck!


“Sebastian Smith and Wesley Hark teamed up and made a decision to make a different kind of video. In this video they show how they can ride Woodward West with great tricks but also some one of a kind lines. Check this video out and enjoy what they came up with. We got this done in just 2 days of filming and it shouldn’t let you down.”