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This compilation features the best snowboarding tricks from 2014, stacked with bangers and the best pros in the game. Turn up the volume and get stoked! Photo: Oli Gagnon


James and Malcom Stewart share an inside look at their relationship with each other when it comes to racing.

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Jaws has the uncanny ability to jump off the highest stuff ever skated, and ride away like it was a kerb. His legs must be made of a highly secret military grade metal. This video is pure insanity!


“He tells the 3rd umpire to go f**k himself ’cause he knows that’s out!” This is pure gold. We need Alex Williamson up in the commentary box to shut all the other c*nts up and put em in their place.

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You will struggle to find another skater with the same impossible technical skills on a ledge. Witness Manolo as he flips out of just about every ledge trick in the book.


There is no doubt that the human race isn’t scared of a bit of risk and adventure. The question is, how far can we push it? Check out these epic 2014 highlights from various actions sports around the world. Shout out to Dan Rice for the submission.


Greg is only 22 years old and has a long career and bright future ahead of him in the sport of Trampoline, where he hopes to break some world records, continue to travel to many different countries to compete and hopefully bring some medals back to Canada. He has begun his intense training for 2016 Rio Olympic Games in hopes of becoming a member of the Canadian Team.

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This guy rules at free kicks. If the EPL was more like the NFL, he would have a million dollar contract just take take these shots.


Sh*t can always happen while skating open roads, never fully trust walkie talkies, unexpected cars can always show up, communication can always fail. This guy was very lucky this time. Downhill skateboarding is not a game, always be extremely careful. Shout out to Farbod Pakravan for the submission.

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Get a short version of the insanity that went down during this year’s King Of The Road! Plenty of wild tricks and making out with chick. Enjoy!

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Using clips from 233 of the internet’s best videos, this compilation is pretty much all you need to watch. Enjoy…


With The Pipeline Masters put on hold lets just sit back and watch Bruce Irons as he travels to Indonesia to surf the country’s endless waves, scoring some insanely long barrels along the way.


UK charger Andrew Cotton here has been on most giant Nazare swells over the last couple years. “Today, it felt like the whole ocean was moving,” he said. “But now, it almost gets watered down. The first time it was giant I was really nervous, but now I’m more relaxed. It’s less of a big deal. But sometimes the photos and video don’t do the waves justice. There’s so much water out there; so much danger.” “It’s always shifty out there,” surfer Garrett McNamara said. “One set looks good and goes flat and another set does’t look like much and goes crazy. A lot of times the best waves look like they’re gonna close out, but they can be the best ones. Today was right up there with anything we’ve surfed. The waves were massive.”

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Dougie Lampkin brings the sport of Motorcycle Trials to the vast arctic landscape of Northern Finland, challenging himself on frozen obstacles and taking on a hotel made entirely of ice.

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Never underestimate your enemies, even if they are half your size. This BMX dude thinks he’s got it all worked out, until he gets punched in the face!


Just another day of hijynx at castle Bam. He is best described as Peter pan with a credit card. Yes he is little older now, but he seems like a happy mother f**ker doing whatever the f**k he pleases. Respect.

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This is the biggest collection groin shots, eye pokes and other illegal moves in mma. If getting your arse whooped legally in this sport wasn’t already bad enough…


Wingsuit expert Darren Burke takes us on a smooth, yet thrilling flight as he comes perilously close to the ground and treetops beneath him. I also like to live life dangerously, in my locked bedroom, behind my laptop, lying under the cozy covers on my bed.