With the 16 best riders from 9 different countries lining up for three runs each, the final on Saturday night was an international spectacle. With two runs counting towards the final result, the riders had room to send it, but needed to be consistent. Congratulations to last year’s winner JB Peytavit, who pulled three solid runs for the win again this year.


Russell Bierke guides us through his experience of being mentored by one of the world’s best big wave surfers, Mark Mathews, as he takes on a secret left hand slab wave in Western Australia.


An advance guard of Hibs fans were sent to the pub where the Rangers and Hearts fans were drinking – to act as bait and lure them to a CCTV blind spot. Witnesses said that a number of Rangers and Hearts hooligans had been drinking in The Mitre Bar on the Royal Mile, including some notorious “faces” from the Glasgow casual scene. Some of the Hibs hooligans “lured” the Rangers and Hearts fans out of the pub by shouting at them from the street, challenging them to a fight. Then all hell broke loose.

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Using a crazy mirror effect, this film maker captured skating in a way we haven’t seen before. We still can’t figure out how they did it.

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This grom looks like he is definitely getting the hang of surfing. I’d say he’s ready for 12ft swell considering how comfortable he looks riding the roof of his house.


B*tch was trying to send her head into orbit, she should never be allowed to compete again, and should face criminal charges for assault. I like how her homegirl didn’t hesitate for a second. Saw her teammate get kicked, came in swingin.


Watch World Champion Daniel Martin, lands his first double back flip on a stand-up from a man powered wave. This made possible by two of Tigé’s 2016 anniversary edition Z3’s.


Majestic as f**k. That dad has fought on ice many times before, so comfortable, so graceful. Ah stupid drunk people, let me just fight this guy wearing knives on his feet. He could have easily started stomping on their hands and kicking at their heads when they fell. Never bring shoes to an ice fight.

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We all know what Marshawn Lynch does best. Just give him the ball and enjoy the show. This is an awesome compilation, set to some upbeat yet soothing music to make the whole experience of Beast Mode that much more enjoyable!


For elite Jamaican runner Usain Bolt, Thursday’s 200-meter sprint was like many other races he’s won — until a mobile cameraman lost control of his Segway and took the world’s fastest man down from behind. Bolt, who had been waving to the crowd, collapsed in a heap. He had been walking barefoot on the track.


At a golf tournament, a golfer prepares to make a shot over the water. Just before he goes to swing, a kraken emerges from the water and grabs the golfer and his caddy, swinging them around with its tentacles. While all this is happening, the golf commentators continue quietly narrating the event. 9 Iron? That may not be enough club. Well he’s definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole.


“Can you remember your first time? …the first moment you knew you were hooked…the moment you knew you would find a way to make it happen again…no matter what. Our adventures are fueled by that unstoppable passion to find that unforgettable feeling.” This is the mantra behind Absinthe Films newest feature, Eversince.

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There is no more off-season for snowmobilers anymore since it doesn’t matter if the water is frozen or not. David Burman did something no one else has ever done, a backflip on open water!

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Each individual shipping container stands at roughly 2.63m. When stacked four-high, that’s 10.52m above ground, which is roughly the same size as a four-storey building. Now, imagine backflipping your bike off a four-storey building, and you’ve begun to get an idea of the goal behind Drew Bezanson’s ‘Uncontainable’.


Pedra Branca has been known for years as a tow-in spot for only the most fearless surfers, and unpredictable winds have kept windsurfers ashore…until now. Watch as Alastair McLeod becomes the first windsurfer to ride the ultra-remote slab Pedra Branca, a wave that makes even the most seasoned big wave chargers shake in their wetsuit.


Watch Dylan Lewis destroy concrete and dirt throughout Australia for Mutiny Bikes. Dylan rides fast and goes massive, all while keeping it buttery smooth. Hit play and prepare for some jaw dropping antics!


Jye Kearney’s full part from the 2014/2015 season brought him up from the Southern Hemi to a few more Northern locales such as New York City, Boston and Montreal. With the unusual amounts of snowfall in the Northeast, Jye managed to track down some unique spots, and drop hammers at each and every one. Give his full part a watch now!


Luigi attempts to beat Mario’s time while dodging koopa shells and Bullet Bills on an electric longboard in this live-action/animated parody of the classic Mario Kart Nintendo game by visual effects artists Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer of Corridor Digital.