Pumping waves attracted dozens of jet ski tow-in surfers to breaks across the Gold Coast to make the most of conditions. And although a Maritime Safety Queensland code of conduct states a jet ski operator “must not” operate jet skis faster than six knots within 200m of paddle surfers some users appeared to flout the rules without consequence. Following this close call Gold Coast water police Senior Sargent Kim Hill said a patrol was sent to the area following media inquiries but the culprits had vanished.


Speedflying, a combination of paragliding and parachuting, offers one of the craziest ways to get from the top of a mountain to the bottom. Ride along with speed flyer Joseph Innes skimming the narrow mountain passes of Romania.


Change yourself. Change the game. Last Chance U is back on July 21, follows the stories of elite athletes in tough life circumstances who struggle to find their redemption on a champion junior College Football team. Season 2 follows the next group of young men at East Mississippi Community College, along with Coach Buddy Stephens and Academic Advisor Brittany Wagner, as they aim to realise their dreams of competing at the next level and become the future stars of the NFL.


Whether you like the idea of this fight happening or not, the editing in this clip is so goddamn professional they need to cut the guy who made it a cheque and play it on ESPN! Poster via Fincher7.


Annelise Temple is a god damn thrill seeker of the highest variety. Footage of the smoke show athlete jumping off a cliff naked is going viral on Instagram today. It’s a real thing and it’s somewhat NSFW if you’re sitting in an office. Check it out!


They should have installed heavy duty shocks on that cart because that landing was just like the area around the fairway. “What? Rough?” Exactly. What a f**ken maniac. I love it.


“When it’s good, the Gold Coast is famous for its perfect, ruler-edged right pointbreaks. When a giant swell hits, however, things get a little more serious. Below-sea level mutant pits. Sweeping currents. Many surfers resort to skis in conditions like this, and it becomes a step-off bonanza.” – Surfline.


Conor McGregor has had a vast mural painted on the wall of his Dublin gym depicting a knockout victory over Floyd Mayweather. Conor has a puncher’s chance in a boxing match, but Floyd fighting MMA would last 30 seconds, and that’s if Conor wanted to give him an ear beating for 28 seconds, according to Joe Rogan!


It’s been a tough 12 months for Brett Rheeder, who’s been recovering from injury, but after the display he put on in Les Gets, concluded with a Corked 720 Barspin, it’s obvious that he’s back on the hunt and ready for the rest of the 2017 campaign.


Curren’s childhood dream has come true, and he is still riding the wave. For the filming of his PUSH part, Curren pursued unexpected clips, seeing his part as the perfect opportunity to surprise everyone; he expanded his repertoire and effectively flipped the script.


Tom Wadsworth earns his crust as a tradie on the job site. He builds things. And although that’s his vocation on paper, if you asked him where his heart truly lay, Tom would tell you he dreams of nothing but big blue desert tubes.


Not too many people are giving UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor a chance against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in their recently announced Aug. 26 fight. But Mcgregor has built a career on shocking people with the odds going against him. Does he have a chance to knock out Floyd, or will every punch he throws miss?


Chris Hemsworth contains multitudes. Sure, he’s best known these days for playing Thor in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but the actor is also a surprisingly versatile comedian, a husband, a dad, and a conservationist. If that weren’t enough, the Australian is also a bloody decent shredder in the surf.


“I made this video from a collection of clips I took from the Mentawai Islands over the last two years. I’m a traveling free surfer enjoying the simple life. No social media, just a love for taking videos and showing the world what it looks like through my eyes. Enjoy!” – Connor Jensen.


KSW, the leading MMA organization in Poland, put on its massive stadium show “KSW 39: Colosseum” and the heavyweight title fight between Marcin Rozalski and Fernando Rodrigues Jr. ended in spectacular fashion. With the 16-second knockout, Rozalski (7-4) becomes the new KSW heavyweight champion, while Rodriguez (11-3) has his two-fight win streak snapped.


You want violence back in football? I’ll give you violence back in football right here. Of course, it’s coming to you from the Legends Football League because no sports league knows how to give the people what they want more than the LFL.


Three world-class mountain bikers, James Doerfling, Tom van Steenbergen, and Kyle Norbraten trek past their hometowns, towards unridden territory and an unknown destination that holds a secret.


Tim Coleman is a sage in the world of trials and enduro, boasting an impressive 15+ years of experience. And he doesn’t stop at that. He still actively participates in trials competitions and enduro races around the world and constantly refines his art of two wheeling in the most gnarly and technical terrains one can possibly ride in. He also coaches students around the world and does motorcycle stunt shows!