“Stevie Churchill, Michal Smelko, Joe Jarvis, Carlo Hoffmann, Mirco Andreani, Jordan Aleppoo, and new addition to the crew Jakub Juza road the city streets of Prague and Brno and this is what they came back with. Relax and hit play. Filmed and edited by Richard Forne.” – Federal Bikes.


Sam Pilgrim breaks away from the Peloton to discover a new kind of route to the finish line at this year’s Tour de France. Really impressive what he can manage to do with a road bike!

Jamie OBrienJamie OBrien

Waimea is “The X-Factor of Fun” because anything can happen there: from pulling into the shore break to getting weird with the winch and water skis. Check it out!


Meet Taylor Clark, the young man from Encinitas, one of San Diego’s brightest talents shredding waves to death around his home break along with a few clips from Bali. Edited by Blake Michel.


Whistler Bike Park is where it’s at for the warmer months for downhill. But beware of the punters, especially if you are one yourself!


Just think what we would all save on board costs, not to mention the extra space in the van! Here is a crew of surfers trying to make boardless surfing a new sport!


Bas van Steenbergen is one of the world’s best bike-handlers, and uses “slalom” riding to sharpen his ability to change direction, both vertically over jumps and horizontally between creative berms, with his newly-created “Dream Slalom” track in British Columbia’s interior.


Catch the premiere on July 28th, 2016 at Volcom Headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA. This movie will be released online free to the public in early August. Starring Noa Deane, Creed Mactaggart, Ford Archbold, Alex Knost, Colin Moran, Ozzie Wright, Andrew Doheny, Metal Jimmy, and Christian Fletcher. Filmed and edited by Matt Tromberg.


Every once in awhile a rider comes along who continues to push the never ending progression of BMX. Meet Justin Gautreau aka LIL JUICE. Watch as he handles his biz against the infamous El Toro 20-stair and let nothing get in his way, not even a pissed off women in a golf cart!


You might not immediately recognise the name Bali Strickland, but if you spent time in the early noughties watching the Billabong and Rip Curl teams in action, then chances are you’ve seen his incredible work. Taj Burrow, Jamie O’Brien, Bruno Santos and Wade Goodall are a few of the names standing tall in Pacific caves or leaving their names on Indian Ocean faces.



Psychedelically charged and completely in a world of his own, nobody skates like Winkowski. His ‘Right Side Up’ part is so gnarly it will make you consider mushrooms before you next shred!


One of our prospects, the infamous and extremely controversial Julz “The Jackal” Wallace has come back from the dead. After the world famous social media proclaimed “bully” went viral after promoting his title defence in a what some may find a disrespectful approach, Julz has come back to the bantamweight division yet again with a savage second round leg kick stoppage last November at XFC 25 in Australia. he is set to fight the best bantamweight in the country Gustavo Fialcioroli at XFC 27 in August, to reclaim his crown as the number 1 bantamweight in Australia. The Jackal has Joined the toughest featherweights and bantamweights at Team Alpha Male in California USA, in which he is preparing for battle along side 10 of the UFC’s finest athletes. Julz “The Jackal” Wallace has shocked this nation with how far he has come back from what some would never get through. Julz is facing the chance to perform for Australia on a world stage and we want to see him on the Aussie UFC card this year! Don’t miss his climb. This man is ready and destined to represent! Keep doing what you do Julz. Hate him or love him he is still the number 1 Bantamweight in Australia. In all areas of the fight game, no one can hold it down better than Mr.Wallace!


If you liked Gareth Edwards’ take on Godzilla, then you’re going to love Legendary’s new King Kong movie. The first full trailer for Kong: Skull Island dropped during the Warner Bros. panel in Hall H, and it’s a lot of smokey battle scenes and thunderous music to underline that man cannot contend with ancient, powerful beasts. Will you watch it?


This guy has a mutation in his legs that allows videogame level manual balance, racking up crazy combos, clearly taking inspiration from the skateboards greats Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. Tech god!


Cricket matches are ridiculously long. Some matches last up to five days, with eight hour sessions each day. So you can forgive someone for dozing off during a match. This poor guy at the England-Pakistan match did not get that courtesy. Instead of just letting the guy catch some z’s, the fans around him decided to stack as much trash as possible on his head.


“We went out a few weeks ago in search of all the rain runs. She dried up halfway through filming so here is what we got!” – Daniel Holdsworth.


“Who is JOB”, continues to stick to the proven formula: surfing, travel, girls, stunts and torturing Jamie’s sidekick “Poopies”. All in a days work for Jamie O’Brien.


John John Florence is arguably the best surfer in the world right now. With an epic win at The Eddie earlier this year and a couple Top 10 finishes, the first of 7 videos documents his journey as he travels the world in search of his first world title. Through contest ups and downs, the film in an introspective into the life of the popular surfer.