Here goes nothing. That is what we would assume Primož Ravnik would be thinking before dropping the dam. This is part of the GoPro of the World series, which is a collaborative contest between GoPro and Pinkbike calling for the gnarliest POV clips, dangling a big ol’ $20,000 cheque out to get everyone pumped on the idea. And the dam line is exactly what we would expect would come from such a competition. For more info and behind the scenes action on this insane idea please visit: pusnejc.com


Two dudes surfing the same barrel just wasn’t enough for the JOB crew, so Jamie O’brien, Shane Dorian, Ryan Hipwood, and of course Poopies take the Supsquatch to where no Supsquatch has gone before…deep into some perfect Mexican barrels. Plus Poopies attempts a hot sauce challenge, Bruce Irons gets shacked, and there’s all the surfing you can handle from the best South swell in more than a decade.


I need to start watching more LFL football. Every week, it seems we’re seeing awesome highlights from these badass women crushing each other. From a coach who constantly loses his mind on the field to players chugging victory beers, the Legends Football League continues to impress. Today we’ve got some serious hitting from Seattle Mist‘s Danika Brace, who drills her opponents and then lets them hear about it.

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Arbor Skateboards presents “Burn It Down” featuring James Kelly. The mind-blowing short film sees the skateboarder go down hill in high speed. Other than the skateboarding skills needed to arrive alive at the bottom of the hill, the general aesthetics of the film are also beautiful. The calm landscapes, mixed with the speed and the skateboarding, results in a fantastic video, that is certainly worth watching.


In the future, everyone will snowboard, and ThirtyTwo is inviting every snowboarder on the planet to the 2032 Winter Kick Off, featuring the world premiere of its first-ever team movie, “2032,” at its headquarters. For a sneak peek, watch the newly released “2032” trailer right now.


There are a number of impressive riding facilities in the Southeast portion of the United States, and Justin Barcia’s spot is one of the very best, with enough massive hits for the wild rider and his Yamaha machine. Justin Barcia’s always been close with the Dirt Shark posse, but now that he’s an official Monster Energy athlete, the group can really let loose.


Monster Energy shredder Sam Reynolds (GBR) crushing the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015 line on Mottolino Fun Mountain, in Livigno, Italy. Catch the views of this stunning drone shot from Suzuki Nine Knights MTB one week super session shot from anviFILMS.

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We Are Blood is a modern day skate epic featuring Paul Rodriguez and other top skateboarders as they travel the globe pushing the limits of what’s possible on a board while celebrating the universal bond created by the simple act of skateboarding. From the creators of The Art Of Flight and Pretty Sweet, We Are Blood is filmed using state-of-the-art cameras and mixed in the latest Dolby Atmos audio technology to create the most progressive skateboarding film experience to date.


In a new clip by Surfing Magazine titled “Teahupo’o, Du Ciel,” we are treated to an incredible aerial compilation of the infamous French Polynesia surf destination renowned for its break and glass-like waves. Calling on a drone to carry out the majority of the filming, the clip shows surfers and boats scaling the massive waves in and around a truly picturesque setting that gives some perspective to the power of such sporting destinations.

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Sit back and enjoy Tom Karangelov as he rips his way up walls, and puts together a beautifully filmed part.

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Somethings you have to learn the hard way, and skills on a bike don’t usually come easy. Watch these hilarious, and sometimes tragic dirt bike crashes.

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The trauma from football on the body is a hot topic, and if you were wondering how bad it is, this video shows just how violent and brutal the sport can be. Some of these are massive!


With the 16 best riders from 9 different countries lining up for three runs each, the final on Saturday night was an international spectacle. With two runs counting towards the final result, the riders had room to send it, but needed to be consistent. Congratulations to last year’s winner JB Peytavit, who pulled three solid runs for the win again this year.


Russell Bierke guides us through his experience of being mentored by one of the world’s best big wave surfers, Mark Mathews, as he takes on a secret left hand slab wave in Western Australia.


An advance guard of Hibs fans were sent to the pub where the Rangers and Hearts fans were drinking – to act as bait and lure them to a CCTV blind spot. Witnesses said that a number of Rangers and Hearts hooligans had been drinking in The Mitre Bar on the Royal Mile, including some notorious “faces” from the Glasgow casual scene. Some of the Hibs hooligans “lured” the Rangers and Hearts fans out of the pub by shouting at them from the street, challenging them to a fight. Then all hell broke loose.

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Using a crazy mirror effect, this film maker captured skating in a way we haven’t seen before. We still can’t figure out how they did it.

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This grom looks like he is definitely getting the hang of surfing. I’d say he’s ready for 12ft swell considering how comfortable he looks riding the roof of his house.


B*tch was trying to send her head into orbit, she should never be allowed to compete again, and should face criminal charges for assault. I like how her homegirl didn’t hesitate for a second. Saw her teammate get kicked, came in swingin.