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Watch as England’s top goalkeepers get missiles fired at them from close range and bat them away like a fly on a summers day. A strong training session featuring some outstanding saves from all three senior goalkeepers.

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Gilbert is able to ollie over bins and grind rails so high you will think he has springs rigged into his board.

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Ryan Tarbell got absolutely worked when he ran into the side of a Nissan, but the car might have come out of it worse! Riding at street spots can be dangerous kids.


If you missed the NHL’s first ever official 3-on-3 overtime between the Philadelphia Flyers and Tampa Bay Lightning, oh boy, did you ever miss something. Good thing this is the Internet and people have recording capabilities and YouTube, because you can watch it right now. The future is pretty cool.

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One of the rising stars of American college football Nick Chubb’s playing future is uncertain after suffering a horrific knee injury. Chubb is rated one of the best rushers in college football. He was tackled during the first quarter of Georgia’s clash with Tennessee. Hopefully he can recover from this and play again.


A filming collaboration between Tom Jennings and James Strickland, featuring Lewy Finnegan enjoying the many fruits that Western Australia has to offer. Sit down and prepare your eyes, sh*t’s about to get wild. Shout out to Lindsay Wildermuth for the submission.


Queenslander Ryan Williams has made history, landing the first ever triple front flip on a BMX at Travis Pastrana’s infamous “Pastranaland” in the US. Showing buckets of courage, Williams took a pounding with a series of failed attempts and heavy landings as he launched at least six metres into the air to pull the amazing stunt. After each crash, he picked himself up and fearlessly hit the 3m-high ramp before finally stomping the dizzying triple rotation.


Hot on the heels of Stefan Janoski’s offcuts from the Chronicles Vol.1, Nike has dropped Grant Taylor’s extras – which, as you can imagine, are absolutely insane. Proper next level business from GT awaits.


Young Japanese ripper Keita Inamura, seems to have stocked up on some decent balls whilst in New Zealand, and got the stomach to give a switch backside 1620 a whirl at Cardrona’s infamous mega booter. Of course this will always bring up the age old argument of style vs rotations, but progression is one thing you can’t stop no matter how hard you try. What do you think will go down next? Only time will tell.


Since most of us uncoordinated plebeians will never be able to even stand up on a surfboard, this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to the unbelievable beauty that is scoring ourselves an insane Fijian barrel.


The big one hit and all that’s left is one man, one motorcycle, and a lot of time to ride. GEICO EnduroCross and offroad shredder Cody Webb is a god damn star on 2 wheels. Check it out!

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1320 Video saw first hand how these crazy street racers in Sweden deal with the cops. They ignore them and race anyway! Watch this Evo advance to round 2 of the Stockholm Open by taking out the big block powered Volvo.


James Stewart gears up for his much anticipated return to Monster Energy Supercross for the 2016 season. Ride along with him as he shows us the type of speed to expect this year, while he reminds us all to never write him off.

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Using Big L and Tupac for your video part is always going to set the tone for a thugged out street part. Alexis Ramirez provides just that!

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Watch as rugby player Sean Lamont casually puts his dislocated shoulder back in its socket after a big hit. They build them tough out there in Scotland!


What isn’t to love about Josh Kerr? Not only is he a webcast drawcard, but he also wake surfs like a boss. Following the Rio Pro, Kerrzy stuck around in Brazil with fellow Rusty teamer Noa Deane, and did time on a friend’s yacht. The benefit of a heavier boat? A much bigger wake. Really, it isn’t too far from a wavepool when done right. “This thing was different to the wake boats I usually surf behind,” says Kerrzy. “It’s a 30-foot, three-bedroom yacht. It’s naturally weighted almost perfect.”


Mokai Gravity Canyon boasts 3 world-class adventure activities. Ride the extreme Flying Fox, experience our mighty 80m Bungy or feel the thrill of a 50m freefall on our giant Bridge Swing.


There is no doubt that the human race isn’t scared of a bit of risk and adventure. The question is, how far can we push it? Check out this epic highlights footage from various actions sports around the world!