He really is surfing the pow on this board that has no bindings. You just strap on a leash and step on the board to go.

Forecasters for the Mavericks Challenge surf contest are watching the swell closely as they try to decide on the ideal day for the big-wave event. The window for the contest runs until February 28 and surfers are notified up to 72 hours in advance to give them time to travel.

I just made a punch measuring device using a pillow, duct tape, and a digital weight scale. If somebody wants to come punch it, the first person will have the world record. For a while at least. Anytime after 7pm is cool. See ya then.

Miles Silvas has the consistency of a Navy SEAL Sniper, and the style of a relaxed leopard that’s sure it could kill any spot that comes its way. This 5 minute clip was taken in one go, and shows off Miles’ incredible skill.

Current diving can be exhilarating and safe if you stay vigilant and practice good judgment. Learn to recognize different types of currents, and be prepared. If you’re diving in an area known to have currents, always carry a DSMB, or safety sausage, in case you get separated from your group and must surface alone. As with any dive, if you feel uncomfortable or find the currents too challenging, better to abort your dive and move to a site with more favourable conditions.

“Too many surfers just show up expecting to get free help from whoever is running water safety skis. But they certainly don’t want to pay for the ski if the driver loses his ski trying to save the surfer, and lots of times their board, too. If the photogs can line up a ski, why can’t the surfers. Surfers should have a pocket full of $100 bills to pay for pick ups if they don’t have their own safety ski.” – @tomservaisjr.

The prank, which Zhu boasted about on his social media as “the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life”, angered the crowd and Krygios who glared directly at the prankster as he continued screaming for more than 30 seconds while filming himself. The video has divided his followers, with most people describing it as a “very disrespectful” and “pathetic” attempt to garner fame off the back of Kyrgios.

Filmer Tim Bonython does not miss a big swell, especially if it’s heading to one of remote Australia’s slabs. Following his edit from The Right, Bonython heads to The Depot, another terrifying slab — this one a left. Featuring: Russell Bierke, Nathan Bartlett, and Lachie Rombouts. Photo via the talented @timmmytoes.

“Well… I broke my arm in the first! I was able to finish the fight but as you can see, had a hard recovering and throwing my right. I’ll be back better and stronger than ever! It’s all apart of the fight game. God had other plans for me. Darn spinning back fist.” – @PaigeVanZant.

Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer hardly broke a sweat in his first-round win at the Australian Open, dispatching Slovenian Aljaz Bedene in straight sets. Following the match, Federer prepared for an on-court interview with former world No.1 John McEnroe before the script was switched around. McEnroe introduced Hollywood actor Will Ferrell as a “special guest” to ask Federer a few questions.

Meet the UNIT Surf Pool. It’s sort of modelled after the Munich wave (and other standing, in-river features) and can be placed in any body of water deep enough–like a lake or deep part of a river in winter. The wave is powerful and looks really, really fun. All of the water is returned to the body of water that’s being utilised, too. UNIT Parktech, which is developing the device, is based out of Germany.

F**k no! It ain’t safe on da block. Jaws handing out some humble pie. I love that there are humans who look at walls of water like this and see opportunity and challenge, where most see imminent death. Footage via @guy__mac and photos via the super talented @fred_pompermayer.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about Gigi Rüf that hasn’t been said. But let’s just let his riding do the talking instead. Watch his full part, As The Crow Flies, and be in awe.

Many belts changed hands and many more dreams were shattered. 2017 was a mega year in the cage, where new superstars raised through the ranks, creating spectacular moments along the way.

Dan Atherton has been putting in exhausting work into this incredible bike trail in Wales for three years. Now he gets to enjoy his hard work, and tackles the challenging course with everything he’s got.

In its second year, the Triple Challenge has gained incredible notoriety as one of the most progressive events in BMX. This three-stop dirt series takes place during select Monster Energy Supercross events and runs much the same as its Supercross counterpart. Here are the highlights from stop number one!

“Been wanting to Acid Drop off this stupid pier thingy for almost a year now. It finally happened today before the cops shut it down.” – @oliverkurtz.

“Today went from the worst, to one of the best days of my life. I fell on my first two runs for finals, and ended up landing my 3rd and final run! Not only did I win the competition, I ended up getting a perfect 100 and securing my spot on the US Olympic Team! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and stood by my side. We’re going to Korea!” – @shaunwhite. Photo via the talented @ryanwach.