All Parkour/Free-running stunts were performed by the French FreeRun Family and Aleksandra Shevchenko. And then there’s me, still struggling to do a summersault.

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Some people just have it, and Austyn is a member of that elite group. Speed, power, and pop are all in great supply. Cheers to another awesome offering from Mr. Gillette.


This father believes tough love is the best medicine, forcing his son to spar a few rounds with a pro boxer. The kid definitely got a chance to feel what it’s like to be the one being bullied. Good parenting or not? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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Follow GoPro athletes as they pitch camp 1,000 feet above the valley floor, rappel down an active waterfall, approach 200 mph in a supercar and cut tracks through a bottomless Canadian cloud. From Vancouver Island to Zion National Park, Sumatra to Tahiti, Panama to Spirit Falls, the best sessions happen anytime you’re doing what you love.


“During our Philadelphia stay we got to meet a bunch of awesome people including Seth Stellfox. He was a Philadelphia Police officer as well as a BMX rider who made sure we were safe while we were riding in some fairly dangerous neighbourhoods. I just received the news that Seth has passed away, because he was so vital in the making of this video we wanted to dedicate it to him. Rest In Peace Seth.” – Mutiny Bikes.


The folks at Jenkem Magazine have done the unthinkable. Not only did they go skateboarding in the new and coveted Yeezy Boost 350 from Kanye and adidas, but they absolutely destroyed the sneaker in the process — even throwing them under a moving bus and tossing them in the trashcan. The above video highlights a boarder shredding throughout the city while rocking the Yeezy 350s, and he isn’t exactly delicate with the wear. For shoes that are now going for over a grand on eBay, this is pretty eye-catching.


Spanish comedy show El Hormiguero recently got Danny Leon to dress up as an old man to prank the locals at Legazpi skatepark in Madrid, the reactions are pretty priceless.


We are still very unsure as to which way Nathan Williams grinds and spins, this is in no way helped by his ground breaking ABOVE Section! You need to check this out now for a master class in BMX street riding.


When James Stewart hopped on the pro scene in 2002 at a ripe 16, he brought with him enough youthful exuberance to shame a Justin Bieber concert. What’s more, it showed in his riding.

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If disc golf players were like race car drivers, this guy would be ploughing new babes every night with moves like this. Alas, he only throws a frisbee, and will no doubt fall asleep crying into his pillow like every other night.

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After sustaining a life changing injury in 2013, Martyn Ashton, a mountain bike and ‘Road Bike Party’ legend, got back onto his bike with the help of a special seat and some good friends.


From a young age, the New Jersey native has proved that BMX has always been a constant in his life. Like many riders, Scotty Cranmer started his career in BMX racing. He knew then that BMX was going to be more than just a hobby. Anyone who has ever seen him ride knows he has the ability to ride anything with ease and confidence. Scotty proves year after year that he was made for this and his passion and dedication to the sport has not only made his riding career successful, but has earned him the respect of everyone around him.

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Watch Troy Brosnan relinquish his speed and smooth style down this wild whistler track. Enjoy! Cheers to @chumbaross for this sub.


Uli Emanuele pilots what is possibly the most technical and difficult BASE jump ever. For the past 3 years Uli has been dreaming about and preparing for what could be a world record jump. With just his wingsuit and hiking poles, he climbs to his exit point and realizes there is no turning back.


At some point, the only way for year-round skiers to get their turns in is heading to a glacier or flying to the Southern Hemisphere…or take a drive to the nearest dunes. Despite being the middle of winter, some Peruvian locals choose the latter, shredding sand and proving it’s truly summer.

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GoPro teamed up with Pinkbike for this incredible 2015 highlights video with all sorts of epic mountain bike moments, and a few BMX tricks throw in for good measure.


“This was my first legit ride back since having surgery on my wrist. I broke my wrist riding about 12 weeks ago and my doc finally gave me the green light to start riding again. Feels so good to finally be back on my bike again!” – Harry Main.

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Martyn Ashon’s Road Bike Party inspired Brumotti to change his trials riding to using a road bike and take it to a whole new level, showing off his incredible riding skills. From the Tinkoff Saxo team bus, to Italian quarries via the Californian sunshine, Road Bike Freestyle 2 showcases Vittorio’s incredible riding skill.