Spain’s Pablo Larrazabal ran into a swarm of hornets during Friday’s second round at the Malaysian Open and was stung 20 times before diving into a water hazard while fully clothed to escape. After receiving treatment, Larrazabal put on new clothes, stuck his approach shot to within 20 feet and drained his birdie putt.

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Unsurprisingly the Blue Jays fan favourite, Munenori Kawasaki is still learning english, but has an undoubtedly funny personality shining through whether he speaks fluently or not!


After weaving a homemade bungee cord, Jamie O’Brien convinces Poopies to jump off the Wahiawa Bridge. JOB and the boys then build a giant kicker ramp and use it at Waimea, Haleiwa and Pipeline. Giant flips and lots of fun lead to what may be the world’s best best slip and slide!

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This awesome little piece of nature was shot using a GoPro Hero 3 black edition, making for some ultra clear underwater footage. Check it!

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Nico Calabria was born with one leg, but has defied the odds by becoming an athlete and a skilful soccer player. Not only that, but he plays against other people without disabilities. What a legend!


Growing up as the only child who is deaf in his family, Daniel Michel has always dreamed of rising as a superstar. He was born on May 6 and became involved with various sports throughout his childhood, including football, basketball, track, and so on. He was introduced to wrestling upon his entrance to high school as a freshmen and his excellence on the mat has proven that he can take his skills to a whole new level. He joined a world-class training facility known as American Top Team in Coconut Creek, FL, and began training. While learning all types of fighting styles, he has been striving to inspire a wide audience of people with the demonstration that hard work can pay off while maintain with both positive attitude and patience. He is determined to continue training until his dream becomes a reality: MMA Professional Fighter. Shout out to Trey Wilson for the submission.

Brandon Semenuk - Action

Brandon handpicked the crew of riders for this film who drive and inspire him in each discipline, ultimately creating some of the highest level of riding ever caught on camera. The film features an eclectic soundtrack that flows like your favourite mix tape, while seamlessly meshing all disciplines of mountain biking. NWD Films and Red Bull Media House have teamed up with some of the top cinematographers and digital effects artists to create an innovative style, while keeping true to the “all killer no filler” style of the New World Disorder.

SurfScreen Shot 2014-04-17 at 2.11.55 pm

Living between Bali and Australia, Rick Rifici, one of surfing’s great cinematographers, shows how his work shines best when shooting 16mm from the water. Featured here are quick flashes of Steph Gilmore, Jay Davies, Kolohe Andino and Dane Reynolds. But the real star in this edit is the Indian Ocean, where Rick does his best work.


British snowboarder Jamie Barrow uses handheld electric thrusters from Dream Science Propulsion to reach great speeds while zooming across a frozen lake in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The thrusters function in much the same way as jet engines by rotating fans at around 30,000 RPM to produce a narrow column of air that propels it.


Luckily for Eric Hjorleifson, the avalanche that he started by going down a big mountain pillow line doesn’t fully consume him, leaving him relatively unscathed. He just “tweaked his knee a bit.” You can hear the fear in his heavy breathing after the incident, though. I don’t blame him, scary stuff.


This video reveals a few amazing things. Catfish can get f**king massive, and Italy has rednecks! This guy hooks a monster, and pulls his prize onto his boat. They then celebrated the catch with a bowl of spaghetti and some chewing tobacco. Remind me to never swim in that river.

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You might know how to make a mountain bike film but do you know how to make a sick edit? This is a step by step guide that will assure you success and get you mad comments. Sick bro!

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Seb Toots took to the streets of Montreal for 2 weeks of urban shredding. The result, this epic edit! Cheers to Fred for this submission.


John Scott is one of the toughest fighters in the NHL, based on his incredible size (6-foot-8, 265 pounds, 120 Kilograms) and overwhelming reach. Despite all that, New York Islanders forward Justin Johnson dropped his gloves with Scott for a first-period fight in Sunday’s regular-season finale. After the Buffalo Sabres enforcer landed a few solid jabs, Johnson connected with a powerful left-handed punch that sent Scott to the ice. Scott laughed it off as he got up and skated to the penalty box. He was just as surprised as everyone else at what happened.

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After spending 10 years in the big leagues, Jeff Francoeur finds himself playing for San Diego’s Triple A affiliate in El Paso. The entire team convinced Jeff that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf. The trainers, players and coaches were all in on the month-long hoax, and they pulled it off to perfection.


Sweaty palms activate! I was going to question why he’s not wearing a helmet, but at 77 mph I doubt that it would offer much protection. One pothole and he’s probably dead, but f**k me what a ride!

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Jean-Claude Van Damme might have a kid that he doesn’t know about yet. Watch as this super young dude puts in some work on the pads. Impressive!


Xavier de la Rue rappels down a rocky cliff with his board and balls of steel to access an awesome powder run. I got nervous just watching this.