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A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.

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The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

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Some of these pics i just had to stop and scratch my head.

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It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are… than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.

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If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed.

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Wild storms are amazing to watch, but freak me out. If you’re a storm chaser at heart, this is the post for you.

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The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

Monument Valley, Utah

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Marsaxlokk, Malta

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A caracara finds what he thinks is an easy meal, a spy egg-cam, and takes flight with the camera in its claws, capturing the first ever aerial footage of a rockhopper penguin colony shot by a flying bird!

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This video gives you the perspective of the astronauts who live on the ISS. We get to see the station itself and even one of the humans aboard it.

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This awesome video was taken in the blue waters of Maui where a few guys were spear fishing at a ship wreck 96ft/29m below the surface. They got a surprise visit from a submarine looking at the shipwreck, and filmed the whole adventure!


Believe it or not, this is a frog. The Namaqua rain frog of South Africa. It inflates its body as a defense against predators, how in the world that would deter anyone is beyond me, since it’s so damn cute! Plus those little squeaks!

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Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara set the world record for biggest wave ever ridden back in November 2011, when he tamed a 78-foot monster. McNamara reportedly broke his own record by riding this 100-foot wave on Monday in Nazaré, Portugal:

This is a video of a massive 7.4 cubic km (~1.75 cubic mile) chunk of ice breaking off the Ilulissat glacier in Greenland. It was captured by James Balog as part of his documentary ‘Chasing Ice’, in an attempt to raise awareness about climate change. I’m not sure how the hell James had the patience to sit around waiting for the thing to start cracking, but my guess it took years of training watching grass grow.

No matter how advanced our cities and technology is, eventually we get tired of all the noise, stress and crowd of the city and want to be in nature. Humans have transformed Earth, but luckily not everything is lost. Beautiful mountains, blue water lakes, magnificent oceans with incredible islands – our planet has many breathtaking places just waiting for you to discover them.

In her final days as Commander of the International Space Station, Sunita Williams of NASA recorded an extensive tour of the International Space Station. Get an inside look at what it is really like to live in space!

This dude was spearfishing at Police Beach when the grey ninja bully showed up…. Pretty sure I’d have turned into the poo ninja after this close encounter. Cheers to Ryan Hartford for the heads up.

Ever wonder how super wave photographer, Clark Little gets his shots? This awesome clip gives us a glimpse at what it’s like to be the man behind the lens…