Monster Energy was kind enough to invite us to the final round of Super X recently held in Brisbane.

The track, one of the most technical tracks of the series, was made even more difficult by the relentless rain before and during the race, causing the entire track to transform from a perfectly groomed masterpiece into a muddy swimming pool of hell.

Time after time we witnessed one mistake costing riders a huge loss of position due to the extreme conditions. It was a tough night out for the riders, that’s for sure.

In the end Josh Hansen took out the 2010 Monster Energy Super X Championship with Matt Moss claiming the overall Lites Championship after a very close battle with PJ Larsen.

Hello World!

Shock Mansion just opened it’s gates to Inked Australia/New Zealand.

It is on sale now, make sure you all grab a copy and check it out or you can subscribe below:


Big thank you to Vanessa Morgan, much love.

Some people get hand tattoos…others like to glove up!

Last night Jake took things to the next level and when I say next level, I mean to his finger nails.

I officially live with a real life Avatar haha. James Cameron get at us when you start filming the sequel.

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It’s a poorly kept secret that celebrities head over to Japan to hawk products in return for big bucks. And who can blame them? Easy money for not a lot of work.

Following in the footsteps of Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis and Leonardo DiCaprio, @SeanMansion has recently done an Axe Deodorant commercial for Japan!

Where the hell did his full sleeve of tattoos go you ask? They lasered them all off just for this advert! I’m kidding, that would be bloody intense. They covered them all up with tons of makeup. Apparently having heaps of tattoos doesn’t fly well with certain areas of the Japanese market.

So if anyone in Japan spot’s Sean Mansion on a giant billboard, snap a photo and forward it to us!

Moral of the story? There is no moral, besides get that money people. You now know that Sean is an actor behind the scenes of Shock Mansion. Next stop? Hollywood baby.

Click the image below to watch it…classic :)

Click HERE to check out how many other actors have followed this path.

We randomly stumbled upon this article for the first time over at our mate’s website Famous Stars and Straps and were pretty surprised, in a good way of course :) We’ve been so busy it’s been difficult to keep up with everything that’s happening. Thanks for taking some photos guys, much appreciated!

Anyway, lets get back to it shall we? Bound By Ink is a tattoo lifestyle magazine from the creative team that brought you the always rad, Heavy Hitters Magazine.

The paper quality and oversize format will make this magazine look more like a coffee table book rather than a magazine in your home or place of business.

Make sure you grab a copy, it’s on news stands as we speak! We’d like to thank everyone behind Bound By Ink magazine, it looks bloody awesome mates.

The front cover you need to search for is below :)

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Shock Mansion.

Shock Mansion has appeared in the latest “Fast Life Book – Volume II” along side the likes of Snoop Dogg, Mark Hoppus, Yelawolf and more.

To view the entire book online click HERE!

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