As part of Goodwood Festival of Speed, the world champion trails rider, Dougie Lampkin, finds his way around the Goodwood House the best way he knows how, on his bike. This video is seriously classic! Check the awesome bike antics in the video below, and for more Dougie footage, hit the jump.

Last week, a UW-Milwaukee student was arrested during a class after she refused to leave the class room and would not stop arguing with the teacher and annoying everybody. In typical fashion, when something goes down, there is always one genius who pulls out their camera. God bless video phones, every last one of them.

Ok…so he didn’t shatter his hand as the x-ray above might suggest. But I’m pretty sure mine would snap like uncooked spaghetti if I tried this. The secret is that the concrete is made from chalk. Just kidding Mr Punch’a’lot, don’t take my clever wit seriously, it’s a disease that I cannot control.

Watch this kid freak out as he tries to answer trivia questions while riding a roller coaster :)

Manufactured by jet pack maker, Tecaeromex, this helicopter doesn’t use a conventional motor on the body of the chopper, but instead uses rockets on the tips of the propeller blades. The helicopter’s non-burning hydrogen peroxide thrusters help power the craft to stay aloft for 50 minutes at the speed of 40mph. Seems a little sketchy to me, but hey, I’m never the one to try and stop people risking their lives to entertain Shock Mansion viewers.

Run for the hills people! The infection is spreading!

Ok, ok, so I heard that this is just an advertisement for the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Clever stuff ;)

A Peruvian dog trainer and surfer, Domingo Pianezzi, has taught his pet alpaca how to ride the waves. No, we don’t know why either, but this is definitely one way to get some strange looks at the beach. This idea apparently came from Domingo seeing Australians surf with Kangaroos. Tell me one of you have video of a kangaroo surfing! Anyone?

I laughed out loud when I saw this! Yet another dangerously funny video created and produced by Rémi Gaillard. I love your work good sir :)

A South African scuba diver set out to break the world record for the longest time spent living underwater. Breaking the previous record, and the 10 day mark, he did it in a giant tank in a public place. When he finally left the tank, he left with a Guinness World Record, a smile, and some very wrinkly fingers.

Don’t get in this trucky’s way because he is driving with his eyes closed. Of course, there is the other possibility that this is just a case of road rage turned real life horror movie where the truck driver terrorizes a motorist before killing him for no good reason. Either way, this dude is just going to keep on truckin’.

Hoppity hop. It’s official, I’m getting a lamb just so i can do the same thing. Except I will train mine to hop into the oven. Chomp.

Amidst all the disgraceful shenanigans on ChatRoulette, one man has brought something truly hilarious to the table. Improvised piano takes the ChatRoulette crown in my kingdom.

Ever wonder what ‘Willy Wonker’ would be like with different actors? Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken perhaps? This guy wondered, then used his seemingly hilarious impersonation ability to put the thought into a Youtube video :)

Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World will be the largest indoor theme park in the world when it opens in Abu Dhabi during the second half of 2010. In front of the giant Ferrari roller coaster Phil Blizzard talks to Claus Frimand, GM, Ferrari World, about the progress of the debut Ferrari World and the experience visitors can expect. Hit the jump for the video.

Carving stuff like laptops, iPhone cases…etc from solid blocks of aluminum may be nothing new, but here’s something you don’t see everyday, a dirt bike helmet! Get your shine on.

Whoa…I had to watch this a few times just to take in what happened! This shot is going to be so tough to beat in a game of horse :)

Julian Casablancas made a cameo on SNL with Andy Samberg for a digital short/music video of the Lonely Island hit, “Boombox”. As per usual, this is hilarious.

At an antique show, this lady was simply getting some heirlooms evaluated. Turns out here collection of Chinese jade items are worth a little more than she thought. Damn!