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If you’re going to show people no respect, you will eventually reap the consequences. In this case, the surfer who dropped in on someone else’s wave didn’t have to wait long before he was served with a steaming hot plate of revenge. Tackling people mid-wave could almost be a new sport!


“He aimed the rifle at me and said drop the f**king phone. Drop the f**king phone. And I slammed the back door and ran away. I don’t think I had time to be afraid.” Watch this raw helicopter footage of a pair of carjackers being pursued by Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies around Lookout Mountain. The two suspects were ultimately captured after a short-lived, but brazen crime spree. The Jefferson County Sherriff’s office said the man was firing shots during wild ‘Grand Theft Auto’ style rampage. Thankfully there were no immediate reports of any injuries to police, the suspects or bystanders.


Don’t worry you’re fine. Your legs are straight. Oh wait it’s gashed. Actually, I can see your tendon. I think we can all agree his mate filming the incident isn’t a doctor and shouldn’t be the first person you want by your side in an emergency. Not many people can say they survived getting hit by a car going 100mph.

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This guy has his ape impersonations down to a fine art. The resemblance is uncanny! Credit where credit is due, this guy is seriously talented.

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This fisherman doesn’t live on the edge, he fell off the edge years ago and still doesn’t give a flying f*ck. Watch as a bass nails his jib just 2 feet away from him. I would do anything to be more like this man!

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These guys went to a great deal of trouble putting together a decapitated head prank to trick a hotel housekeeper. Unfortunately when the maid came and discovered what she thought was a human head, she didn’t find it funny!


Supermotards are basically purpose-built for fun and on-the-edge riding. You could say they are ultimate machine for performing unsocial things. So it’s always a pleasure to watch a talented bunch of riders who aren’t afraid to wheelie through abandoned warehouses, or cook their rear tires for a laugh. Check it out.

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Ever wonder what shooting a Benelli M2 using a SilencerCo “Salvo” 12 gauge suppressor sounds like? I’m sure you’re curious now. Watch as this dude does a full speed dump causing a minimal amount of noise!


This driver seems to ignore the rules of the road and simply drives wherever he wants. He turns left and completely ignores this motorcyclist who is apparently ‘invisible’ and crashes right into him. Was this accident caused by an A-Pillar blind spot, or was it something more sinister? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


Footage has emerged online of a confrontation between a driver and a police officer, which quickly escalated from a simple traffic stop into the driver being ripped out of his vehicle, thrown to the ground and arrested. What do you think of the situation? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


Assassin’s Creed Unity Creative Director Alex Amancio walks us through the features of the all new Anvil engine and highlights some of the technology he and the rest of the development team used to make Assassin’s Creed Unity a true next gen experience. You’ll learn about everything from character movement to lighting to the AI and animations that make the massive crowds possible in the streets of Paris. Will you play it?


A cyclist was hit by a car in Romford, slammed into the windscreen and miraculously landed on his feet – and caught the whole thing on his helmet cam. “The second time I rode into London in an effort to gain some fitness, rather than take the train, ended like this. After a very uncomfortable trip to the hospital in a neck brace and spinal board and various x-rays I escaped with just bruising. So I consider myself lucky.” – Cycle Jack.


“Don’t put this on YouTube, please.” Unless you live under a rock, you probably have some idea of the power produced by a modern American muscle car. This guy invited his next door neighbour to go for a ride in his Shelby GT500, and his reaction was epic. The neighbour will probably never forget this day for the rest of his life.


“New to the team, KJ Nakanelua, shows us a ballsy island style version of skating a California Classic. From hand stands and shakas to speed wobbles and big slides, this video has it all. Don’t forget to ‘breathe in the air’ and enjoy!” – Arbor Skateboards


If you haven’t already seen it, you really should watch the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness’ new video series, branded #RethinkHomelessness. It’s called “Cardboard Stories,” and it features images of homeless people from around Orlando who were asked to write a message on a piece of cardboard to share with the world. The things they reveal about themselves are breathtaking.

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Jason Williams immediately made a mark in the NBA with his flashy style of play. This is the count down of the top 10 most spectacular plays of his career!

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Dennis Roady and Roman Atwood went to Beverly Hills to prank some millionaires. Watch as these people think their pride and joy has been damaged!


It’s hard work being a sumo wrestler. The amount of food alone is a daunting task. Meet world sumo champion Byamba Ulambayar – who consumes 10,000 calories a day to keep his 6-foot-1 360 pound frame. The video follows Byamba as he makes chankonabe – a stew with fish broth, meat, tofu, eggs and vegetables. The Mongolian born athlete, who moved to Japan as a child, explains that his enormous diet is still about nutrition. “If you want to be a sumo wrestler you have to be able to practice, you know? And then after that the body is going to be tired, right? And then it has to eat healthy and take a lot of portions,” he said.