The story of the fake meat on a mission to change the world with one part soy plant, one part genetically engineered yeast. Ingredients include wheat protein, to give the burger that firmness and chew. And potato protein, which allows the burger to hold water and transition from a softer state to a more solid state during cooking.


I think I just got diabetes from watching this. Binging with Babish is a great channel that gets straight to the point, and the point of this video is creating a pretzel that could kill an elephant.


“Would you like flies with that?” could well be the question from the staff at a Sydney pub which has admitted it presented a customer with a steak served with a side of blowfly larvae. Stella Kim said she still feels ill recalling the incident; an anniversary dinner which turned into a maggot-infested meal. The Ranch Hotel, on Sydney’s north shore, is now in panic control.


Chocolate chip cookies are hard to screw up. But when a French pastry master and chocolatier gets his hands on the treat, the result is an elevated take on an all-American classic. Made with cake flour and cocoa butter-packed chocolate, Jacques Torres’ infamous cookies are a perfect blend of salty and sweet—crisp on the outside, and warm and gooey in the center.


In the second installment of From Paris with Love, Action Bronson and Clovis are back sampling more of what Paris has to offer. The duo starts their visit at Les Arlots – where Thomas Brachet’s cooking sets the tone for the perfect day. Afterwards, chef Betrand Grebaut invites Bronson to cook up a huge turbot topped with lardo and a fresh pea caviar beur blanc. The day rounds out with oysters, some charcuterie, and a next level dinner at Septime.


At Don Antonio, one of Manhattan’s most authentic pizzerias, chef Roberto Caporuscio is slowly converting the masses to a Neapolitan classic. The dough is fried then put in the oven where it quickly cooks off its oil and grease, leaving a flaky crust and perfectly layered pizza!


Action Bronson visits KITH Treats in Brooklyn, NY to debut his new cookbook and to share his fluffy creamy marshmallow treat, The Marshmallow Man. Toasty charred marshmallows, chocolate covered graham crackers, and creamy vanilla ice cream all mixed together to create a beautiful mixture of smokey smooth soft served ice cream. Topped with a chocolate graham cracker dipped in toasted marshmallow and a sprinkle of Maldon salt.


Reunited with Hot Ones hall-of-famer Action Bronson, Sean Evans enters the culinary cage match of his career: a sandwich throw down judged by OG celebrity chef Mario Batali. In one corner, Bam Bam Baklava tosses a thick cut of bacon chicharrón between two slices of white bread. In the other corner, the Chicken Wing King drizzles maple syrup over French fries, smoked turkey, and salami.


After many tries, Kent Rollins perfected how to make the perfect hash browns at home that have all the crunchiness you could ever ask for. I could eat about 40 of these right now!


Even though you maybe have just eaten recently, you are about to get so hungry you will consider getting on a plane right now to Italy, and taking a fistful of Ambien so you don’t have to wake up until this sandwich is placed into your greedy hands.


The Ulti-Meatum is the burger seen in The Best Burger in the World. It is heard that it only comes out every century. It is served from the Grill ‘Em Up Truck by its head chef, Ajay Maldonaldo. Only one per customer is allowed. It is made by stuffing a cheeseburger inside a cheeseburger and using two deep fried cheeseburgers as buns. Then the special Himalayan Ketchup is added.

AirInside Burger King And Subway As McDonald's Faces Growing Challenge From Rivals

Imagine you’re working on your farm in North Dakota. The area is mostly flat farm land, humid in the summer, and when lunch time hits, you’re probably starving from the morning’s work and most likely facing a hike back to your air conditioned kitchen. A farmer in Langdon found himself in this precise situation, but thankfully he had a friend with a pilot’s license to bail him out.


Smoking pot is starting to seem old-school. Vaporising is on the rise, but the real competition for smoked buds is marijuana edibles. These aren’t your father’s edibles either. Back in the day, edibles basically meant creating marijuana butter and using it in your recipes, and your pot cookies tasted like weed. Now edibles come in all sorts of alluring forms, from fudge, candy bars and lollipops to cannabis coffees and teas. The only limit appears to be the entrepreneurial imagination.


Action Bronson blesses us with something necessary that should be in everyone’s arsenal: a chicken parm recipe. Follow closely and you can too make this magnificent dish with oozy cheese, a simple red sauce, and golden brown chicken that will make you shed one small tear at first bite.


Two years ago, Action Bronson was approached backstage at his Paris concert by a fan who just happened to be Clovis Ochin, the top natural wine distributor in Paris. Although Bronson has been back to Paris several times since their first encounter those two nights in September, this was the first time that cameras were present to capture the magic.


During the interview with @seanseaevans, the legendary talk show host dished on his Lord of the Rings obsession, talked Catholicism, and detailed what hell might be like. He of course tried his best to keep his cool, but at a certain point, the hot sauces were just a bit too much and we even got a few four letter bleeps on the show. Radical art via: @badnewsmikehughes


If any of our international viewers were wondering what a typical weekend in Australia looks like, this pretty much sums it up. Basically, paradise mixed with fresh food and a touch of larrikin behavior!


Mark Rosati, culinary director of Shake Shack, show us how to make Shake Shack’s cheese and fudge sauces, homemade French fries, and their signature black and white milkshake.