Right now hundreds of thousands of college students are prepping for and taking final exams, and the school year is coming to a close for millions of students around the world. So in an effort to pay homage to the hard working youth of this world, the L.A. BEAST decided to see if the human body is capable of consuming the very same school supplies that students utilise during the school year!


Ryan McHenry, the filmmaker who invented the “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” meme, has died after a two-year battle against bone cancer. In his honor, Ryan Gosling has finally eaten a spoonful of cereal. The actor uploaded a video showing him pouring himself a bowl of cereal, before raising a spoon to McHenry’s memory and chowing down on his Corn Flakes.


Sid is an adorable little beagle who has recently taken the Internet by storm thanks to his penchant for patiently holding food in his mouth. From enormous slices of pizza to frozen waffles, Sid is happy to sit and chill with any variety of foodstuffs between his teeth. Sid even has his own Instagram, where you can follow his food-scapades and documented cuteness.


In the latest How-To, Matty Matheson shows us how to make a Garfield-approved, guaranteed-to-get-you-laid beef lasagna. This recipe is so good, Matty thinks it should be adapted as the standard lasagna recipe for Italians worldwide. (Shots fired!) Don’t waste your time with goopy tomato sauce—instead, focus on making the perfect meat sludge to layer between the noodles and massive amounts of mozzarella cheese. Add in a surprise parsley layer for some variety and some Parmesan on top, and in 30 minutes, you’ll have a perfect ten-pound grease pie. Bon appétit, trolls!


A cyclist named Jamie was riding in Buffalo, NY when he spotted a cop car blocking the bike lane. “You know you’re parked in a bike lane, double parked?” Jamie says to the cop. The po po explains, “I also have my hazards on and I’m also an emergency vehicle.” “Pizza is an emergency now?” responds Jamie. Dude has clearly never eaten pizza before.


“I told my friends that I got a sponsorship by a ‘Halal Turkey Bacon’ company and asked them to review the product for the sponsored video. But once they start munching on the food I break the news to them that its real bacon!” – Qias Omar.

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When someone claims to have a sweet tooth we all know they aren’t referring to an actual physical tooth that’s sweet. Do You Have A Sweet Tooth?

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After taking on a 90 day body transformation, this guy allowed himself a monster of a cheat day, consuming just under 13,000 calories. I feel sick just watching him!

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Sushi trains are far from a new thing, but this one is a little different. The latest technology ensures food can be cooked to order and delivered to you by conveyor belt with your bill being calculated as you dispose of your used plates down a chute to be washed.

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This is a fan made ad for Biscoff Spread, which is apparently like peanut butter, except it’s made out of f**king cookies! I need to find this stuff!

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This hilarious drunk dude was on his way home when he was asked to show off his pizza. T’was a fine looking pizza.