Mikhail Koklyaev makes easy work of this heavy squat without using his hands. Most people would struggle to put 290kg up using all of their limbs. I’m pretty sure I blew my knee out just watching this.


All of the guys featured are competitors in Men’s Fitness, Muscle Model or Men’s Physique categories, and/or magazine cover models. The final ranking was based on competition placings, combined with views, likes and comments on the Fit Media Channel. They chose not to feature bodybuilders on the list, only because it’s not fair to compare a bodybuilder to a fitness model.

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This video will have you asking yourself, why does this exist? What could cause such a drama? Did the big guy skip breakfast?


The race for the Best Song of 2014 begins today, as bodybuilding rapper Constantine, AKA Big Con, kicks down the doors with his new music video titled ‘Get Swole.’ Featuring Kyndra Kennedy, the song is all about fighting back against your personal demons and the sweaty-armpit bullies of the world by using those problems to inspire you in the gym. Watch it now!


The Dude Perfect guys are back with their first video of the New Year and it is spot on. They’ve started a new series called Stereotypes. This one is about the gym, the perfect time for a video like this following so many New Year’s Resolutions. It covers everything and everyone you come across in the gym.

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Ben Noy is a British fitness cover model, known as ‘The Blueprint’, who gets paid to flex his abs on magazine covers. Looks like I’ll be trading in pizza for a salad for lunch today. Who am I kidding, I already ate 4 pop-tarts for breakfast.

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This is the moment this guy’s dad and stepmum see him for the first time in person after he’d spent a year working hard to lose weight. Congrats dude!

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Bodybuilding champion Ty O-g decided to test himself and learn some gymnastic moves. First he gets some practice on the low rings, then takes it to the big leagues on the Olympic high rings where he sees if his weight training helps him in doing a muscle up.


When is too young to lift twice your weight? It’s not everyday bystanders and pediatricians are struck with that kind of conundrum. Then again, there is nothing normal about 13-year-old Jake Schellenschlager. His parents say “You want to make sure they are doing proper form and not lifting too heavy. I know it’s bad on the joints with him still growing. Some don’t believe it is good to have kids weightlifting too early. But Jake never complains about pain or hurting, and he gets regular check-ups.” What do you think?

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When this video started, I thought this guy was a clueless idiot. Then he started doing trick reps and then I realised that I’m actually the clueless idiot. Bow down to the master.

Workout (2)Workout (1)

“I put it out there to anybody who wants to come test me (for steroids), that’s fine. When I pass, you have to donate 2 thousand dollars to a charity that I want.” – Dan Bailey. I love how the dogs all chill as f**k while Dan pushes the limits.

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This is how they prove their strength in the Ukraine. This strongman put on an epic display of masculinity by lifting an adult donkey on his shoulders, then having another guy climb up and ride the donkey. Every woman in that village was pregnant with minutes after this happened.

Kali (1)Kali (2)

I’m sure nearly all of you are aware who Kali Muscle is by now. Kali came bursting onto the YouTube fitness scene with his insane muscle size and unique workout techniques and diet as a result of time spent in prison. Check him out hitting some 275lb/125kg barbell curls and showing the haters he is stacked with functional muscle!


Some of you may think that you lift, but bro, do you really? Thankfully, the ‘Brofessor‘ is here to punch us in the face with bro science and his world changing lift chart!

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Ukrainian girls aren’t afraid of a street workout! This video is taken at a water park in Kiev where everyone wears a small amount of clothes and shows off doing pull ups. I think I’ve found my new home.

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Some of you may have heard of Crossfit, but no one really knows exactly what it is. Thankfully, the brofessor is here to punch us in the face with bro science!

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For those that don’t know, synthol is an oil which people inject directly into their muscles causing them to balloon up and look bigger. Obviously it doesn’t make you any stronger, it just makes you look like you have a serious medical condition.

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Frank Medrano is beyond a master of bodyweight exercise. Check out this epic video of  Frank displaying an awesome amount of strength with some help from CT Fletcher!