Calisthenics athlete and German champion Matthias challenges Powerbuilder Koray, who represents a mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding. Strength Wars #5 is the following: Deadlift 120kg 20reps – Pull Ups +20kg 20reps – Squat Clean 50kg 15reps. So here we go! Who do you think will win? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now.


Rene Campbell’s relentless pursuit of an ever-bigger body gives her self-esteem. But as she prepares for a competition in the United States, her body starts to show signs of major strain.

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At nearly 50 years old, see how this inspiring woman has held her beauty from way back in 1997 to now. A new standard has been set, and no one can use age as an excuse for letting themselves go!


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Strength Wars 2k15 is back with the fourth episode from Berlin Strength. Natural bodybuilder Mischa Janiec from Switzerland up against Powerlifter Tommy Sins. So here we go! Who do you think will win? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now.

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This Jamaican kid has gone viral as his passion for training has caught the attention of people in need of some workout motivation. Get this kid in the gym with CT Fletcher god dammit!

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This dude is pulling himself up a rock climbing wall while the rest of you are struggling to pull yourself out of bed each morning. What a beast!

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Another synthol freak has surfaced on the internet, and this one trying to be the next aesthetics bodybuilding legend like Lazar Angelov. We could all cook spring rolls for weeks with the amount of oil in his shoulders!


Strength Wars 2k15 is back with the third episode from Berlin Strength. Bodybuilder Patrick Reiser, ProBro Athlete from Switzerland called out Powerlifter Romano Rengel for a battle after seeing Romano’s challenge against Bertrand. So here we go! Who do you think will win? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now.


What causes a guy to inject Synthol? Insecurity? Body dysmorphia? Do they actually think it looks good? Do they think people can’t tell? This dude took it way too far. He’s basically got a pair of big, round tits on his chest now and big, swollen, useless arms.

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A trio of Paralympic athletes have astounded gym goers with their sporting prowess in a Brazilian training centre. Powerlifter Luicano Santas, amputee sprinter Vincius Rodriguez, and blind jodoka Lucia Teixeira strolled into the gym, filmed by hidden cameras. This footage shows the amazed looks that began to form on the faces of nearby gym-goers as the Paralympians start dominating.

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This should get you fired up to pull your personal best. The red Power Ranger reminds his enemies why they always lose and deadlifts 675lbs/306kgs, and looks damn good while he’s doing it.


If there’s one sacred rule in the gym, it’s definitely, “Don’t mess with someone who’s working out.” Clearly, Jeremy Lin was breaking that rule in this new spot for Adidas with Vanness Wu. If this isn’t completely staged, it’s pretty entertaining.


Strength Wars 2k15 is back with the second episode from Berlin Strength. Patrik Baboumian, a 128kg vegan Strongman goes head to head with a 105kg Powerlifter named Jiří Tkadlčík in a challenge that includes dead lifts, prowler and brutal keg lifts! Who do you think will win? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now.


Prepare yourself for some serious secondhand rage. This video shows a group known as Critical Mass, riding into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road in San Francisco. One cyclist slowing inches his way toward a woman’s car and practically throws himself on the bumper. “You f**king hit my bike!” he shouts, as other cyclists surround the car and yell at the driver. The driver, obviously threatened, pulls away and tries to escape before the cyclist hits the car multiple times with a U-lock.

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Check out Bradley Martyn testing the durability of the new hands-free Segway hoverboard, with a set of heavy squats. Got balance lord?


Bike users have a lot to contend with on the city’s congested and often dangerous roads but angry incidents involving cyclists and pedestrians are generally rare. Police in London released footage of a pedestrian attacking a woman because she asked him not to cross the road until she had cycled past. The man shouted at the woman before chasing her down a road and knocking her off her bike into the way of passing traffic. The Metropolitan Police made an appeal on Facebook looking for information about the man who is believed to be in his 40s.


Aaron Polites recently had a day-long outing with XFC MMA fighter Julian ‘The Jackal’ Rabaud. After a bit of tongue-in-cheek banter, the two decided to step into each others shoes and see if they had what it takes, which one of these athletic endeavours are more difficult than the other? Could a bodybuilder handle MMA training? Could a MMA athlete take on the training regiment of a season bodybuilder? Watch and find out!