Meanwhile at the Arc bar, in Headingley, Leeds, in the early hours of the morning…The bartender looks like he’s dealt with this a few times before. He just stands there for the most part watching. I like the woman in the back with her arms crossed. She just steps away and watches, like this sh*t happens every Tuesday.

There are many attributes that can make someone a good coach but what makes a truly great one? In the age of social media coaches have come from out of the shadows of the gym and into the limelight. Guys like Greg Jackson, John Kavanagh and Mark Dellagrotte are gaining followings of their own and the wisdom they are imparting to their athletes is appreciated by many more than just their direct students. Photos via the super talented Esther Lin aka @allelbows.

Unbelievable, the way security handled it is shocking, kicking people on the ground, even a crew member in white is sinking the boot in, I’ve been on some cruises and they were all amazing, I guess the wrong combination of people turns them into a nightmare on the seas.

At any given moment in a mixed martial arts fight, the odds can change with a sudden strike that catches an opponent off guard and stuns them, drastically changing the momentum of the match. That’s especially true when it’s a match of the Muay Thai variety.

Israel Adesanya announced himself onto the global MMA scene at the recent UFC 221 and after watching his highlight reel, you’d be hard-pressed not to jump aboard his hype-train.

Nothing worse than girls like this, walking around with in pack with their fists up, pepper spraying people out of nowhere. They seem to think that because they are female they can do it and stay untouched. Disgusting.

It’s one thing to decisively clobber your opponent in the third round of a major fight. And as Yoel Romero knows after UFC 221, it’s another thing to not even get a belt out of the deal. Romero’s thundering power with either hand was on display in his bout against Luke Rockhold. But unfortunately for him, his two-pound weight overage at weigh-in ensured no belt was on the line.

Yoel Romero has to learn from his losses, even though there haven’t been many of them. The Cuban colossus has had just one defeat in his UFC career, to Australia’s Robert Whittaker, and victory over Luke Rockhold in the main event of UFC 221 in Perth will give him a crack at vengeance. Photo via the super talented @allelbows.

“Look you had a crack at me first,” the younger man says. “This is not how I intended my night to go. I’m trying to get home, I have work in the morning. If you don’t mean it, I don’t mean it.” The world would be a better place if people would just hug it out after fighting. This is how all fights should go: one on one, best man wins. Then a hug follows. This is how world peace is achieved.

All things considered, this was the most vicious slam I have ever seen. More brutal than anything The Undertaker, Kane, or The Big Show have ever unleashed.

No. 12 never leaves the bed of the truck after throwing that bottle. The random girls doing the sh*t dancing at the end if my favourite bit. There is absolutely no reason to bring a gun to a tailgate party, let alone having it on your waist when you know you’re there to get wasted. Everyone in that parking lot wearing green are suppose to be your brothers for the day, Jesus.

“This unprovoked attacked that happened to me tonight is a reminder of why these comedy clubs should have well equipped professional security to protect us entertainers who bring their club so much money. I thank God for looking out for me and giving my old ass the ability to Bob and weave because this could have ended in horrible way.” – @comicstevebrown.

We expected epic. And we got it. After all, this was Rory MacDonald, who has signed his life away to cage wars. MacDonald, that overly-quiet man who piques our curiosity, upright, tight and incredibly polite, but like a coiled spring when he unleashes his alter-ego, came through an horrific-looking leg injury, showing an incredible depth of will, to claim the Bellator welterweight title here in Inglewood.

A teenager who laid a devastating coward’s punch during Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast has laughed and snapped selfies after avoiding jail for the brutal attack. Caleb Maraku, 19, escaped with a 12-month probation. His victim will receive $365 in compensation. But Maraku showed little remorse, posing for selfies with reporters in the background as he left the court.

I just made a punch measuring device using a pillow, duct tape, and a digital weight scale. If somebody wants to come punch it, the first person will have the world record. For a while at least. Anytime after 7pm is cool. See ya then.

“Well… I broke my arm in the first! I was able to finish the fight but as you can see, had a hard recovering and throwing my right. I’ll be back better and stronger than ever! It’s all apart of the fight game. God had other plans for me. Darn spinning back fist.” – @PaigeVanZant.

Holly Holm kept coming forward. That’s something that fans will never forget, despite her loss to featherweight champion Cris Cyborg in Sunday’s brutal UFC 219 main event. Despite eating punches from her legendary opponent throughout the fight, Holm has nothing but respect from the UFC community for going five rounds with Cyborg and tagging the women’s UFC phenom on several occasions. Awesome photos via the talented: @allelbows

This is the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen. How long did she just lay there like that? Who let that middle schooler in the classroom with those guns. He tossed her like a sack’a’potatoes. In all the of the UFC’s history, there’s only been 2 knockouts via slam, so this is pretty impressive.