Yesterday, UFC fighter Connor McGregor made headlines when he said that he would “Kill Floyd Mayweather in 30 seconds”. Today, UFC President Dana White said not only did he agree that McGregor could beat Mayweather’s ass, but that any UFC fighter would be able beat Mayweather, including female UFC fighter Paige Van Zandt. Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


“Four of you guys?”. No, it was one guy you decided to sucker punch and run away from. Don’t flatter yourself acting like it takes at least 4 men to beat you. I don’t care what stared the fight, this is a prime example of how to not handle your alcohol, simple as that.


“The man driving the car cut off the semi, making the driver hit him, then pulls the innocent old man out and starts assaulting him. We intervened, the a**hole took a nap. Gary, the semi driver works for a company “Upstaging”. He was hauling sound equipment for Bob Dylan’s concert. This was filmed in Baltimore, Maryland.” – Tommy Solace.


Position before submission. Everyone’s heard that phrase before and it’s a wonderfully apt reference to the core of most grappling arts. Striking, unfortunately, lacks the same type of concise and universally understood slogan. Listen closely as Jack Slack examines the striker’s stance.


“You n*ggas are County n*ggas b. Do something!” Just another dude who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and eventually had somebody do it for him, in our old fashioned school fight of the day.


You gotta have respect for these dudes, thats how street fights should go down. You got beef, you settle it, and afterwards you walk away with no grudge. Props to the shirtless lad for holding back after head kick. Clarity of mind.


CCTV footage shows 18-year old minimum security inmate, housed in the psychiatric ward, walking in an unauthorized area of the housing pod. Police officers approached the inmate and told him to return to his cell, when the inmate began striking the officers.

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A wise man in this pizza shop says, “If he wants to go to sleep, that’s his problem!”. When words escalate to head butts and a rear naked choke, one dude is getting taken out of this pizza shop without his double cheese supreme.

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This guy with big muscles should have spent more time working on athleticism, rather than focusing only on size. All that bulk just slowed him down and made him tire easily.


Nobody expects the gut shot, that sh*t can f**k you up quickly if you’re not ready. You have to give the guy credit for not kicking him when he’s laying down on the ground too. The other dude was defeated the second he got rocked in the face.


That boxer must be at least 15kg heavier, and younger than the master. That was straight out of an 1980’s Van Damme movie. Dodgy referee, cocky fighter throwing dodgy dance moves, head busting kicks, and a large American opponent. Classic stuff.


Are these the most effective and vicious haymakers you’ve ever seen? Probably not. These dudes have absolutely no clue how to fight, and it’s entertaining as hell to watch.


On Episode 10 of UFC 189 World Championship Tour Embedded, it’s a triumphant homecoming for top featherweight contender Conor McGregor as the trip makes its final stop in Dublin, Ireland. With tensions at their ten-day peak, McGregor takes the belt from reigning champion Jose Aldo — at least momentarily — at a raucous press conference.

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The UFC’s World Championship Tour has ended on a wild note at the final press conference in Dublin. Conor McGregor decided he wasn’t waiting until July to get a hold of Jose Aldo’s belt. McGregor lunge in and snatch Aldo’s belt from in front of him, and Dana White stepped in to separate the two men. Who do you think will win this fight?


The cheap and cheerful grid of streets lined with red lanterns and restaurants between Leicester Square and Soho have been popular with late-night revellers and tourists since the 1950s. But when drunken lads are on the roam, sh*t can quickly hit the fan.


How’s the bloke in the white shirt that takes on a dude already being fought by #35 and his teammates. That’s bravery for you. Throwing haymakers to the back of the head of somebody not expecting it, seriously? Sort it out fellas.

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Some skaters at a tennis court upset a retired FBI special agent, who then got extra man when he realised he was being filmed. Would you really wanna “F” with him?

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Rousimar Palhares is a Brazilian 5’8 tank, with a tendency of breaking people’s legs with his jiu-jitsu skill. 14 of his 16 wins have come by way of submission, 11 of which have come from leg locks. He was a feared man in the UFC, until he was ultimately cut after he continued cranking a heel hook on his opponent after the referee stepped in to end the fight.