Klimenta was losing the fight to Serbian Andrej Pesic, and tried a series of fouls to harm his opponent. Finally Klimenta went animal, and tried to bite off a piece of Pesic. Pesic was left bleeding, and the referee stopped the contest and disqualified the Zombie wannabe Klimenta.


As arguably two of the most barbaric and wild-throwing strikers in UFC history, Diego Sanchez and Clay Guida’s lightweight matchup at The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Finale was supposed to deliver. Fortunately for fight fans around the world eager to see bloody faces and unfiltered aggression, “The Nightmare” and “The Carpenter” put forth one of the grittiest wars in division history.


Michael Bisping gets a chance to avenge a loss to Luke Rockhold while Rockhold defends his middleweight belt for the first time. In the co-main Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber have a rubber match for the bantamweight title.


While attempting to control protestors, Brussels police Chief Commissioner Pierre Vandersmissen was blindsided by a protestor and knocked unconscious. Police were attempting to regain control over the approximately 60,000 demonstrators when a man in a red shirt punched Vandersmissen in the head. According to Politico, the protesters did not agree with the abolition of the 38-hour work week and a law that allows politicians to retire at age 55.


Holy sh*t this is glorious. First he punched the bully in the face, head kicked him, did some ground and pound, and finished with an arm bar. Luckily for the bully, this kid didn’t break his arm. What a perfect example of self defence.


Ice cream sure is a hell of a drug. That big dude was punching, power slamming, snatching bats away from pussies trying to use weapons, and he had the brains, honour and control not to turn around and use the bat on them. Plus, he didn’t kick anybody in the head while they were on the ground, even though there were opportunities to do so. What a legend.

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I don’t think a scene like this would happen everywhere else in the world. This angry guy was not deterred by having a gun pointed in his face, he just kept right on smashing until the car was in a terrible state!


MMA enthusiast and video editor Bratt Mamley just realised an incredible Ruthless Robbie Lawler tribute. It’s the kind of video that if you weren’t already, instantly makes you a fan of the fighter. I can’t wait to see Robbie in the cage again.

France Police Protest

A police car has been torched in central Paris after an angry crowd surrounded the vehicle. The incident took place as a police demo against “public hatred” was confronted with a counter-rally. Several protesters surrounded the car and attempted to break its windows. The anti-police activists were heard shouting: “Police everywhere, justice nowhere,” and “Cops, murderers.” Police officers escaped from the car when a smoke bomb or Molotov cocktail set it on fire. Check it out!


It was an ultimate battle between a NYC cab driver and a truck driver. The two men can be seen punching each other multiple times on the side of the road. However, police were randomly standing nearby, and one officer can be seen running over to break up the fight. As another officer appears, they both push the combatants against a wall and handcuff them.


That girl is the worst. Continually jawing a car full of dudes when even her husband went back to the truck. She finally says the magic words to get a dome shot with a big gulp. Boyfriend does a chop kick on the car and runs away. Now sh*t gets real and everyones getting f**ked up because of her. Looks like some folks will be ending up in jail. Classy.


Troopers from New Hampshire and Massachusetts have been relieved of duty following their involvement in the beating of a driver after a high-speed chase from Massachusetts into southern New Hampshire. That one cop looked like he was stabbing with a shank. Remember guys, it’ just a few “bad apples”. Just a few bad apples every day. Just a few more bad apples today than yesterday. Just a few more bad apples tomorrow.


Headlining the fight night, Overeem needed less than two rounds to emerge victorious, dropping his opponent to the canvas with a devastating jump kick followed by a booming left hand. Fly kicks are spectacular when they connect in any division, but it’s so rare to see them in a heavyweight bout by a man who weighs 120kg. MMA reporter Jonathan Shrager said Overeem’s effort was a display of “ridiculous athleticism”.

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People have been calling this fight bullsh*t until Floyd Mayweather came out to say “It’s possible…it was a name that was shot at me…the rumors that y’all been hearing is the rumors that I started…it may not be a rumor…keep y’all fingers crossed…it may be a boxer versus an MMA fighter.” This really might happen!


I don’t think the guy in cuffs was expecting a wallop back. He looked pretty startled. Hilarious how he immediately tries to come up and threaten the reporter before backing out when the guard rocks up. Real tough guy here.

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Fighting at bantamweight against Julio Calcina in Shinobi War 7, Sheldon Reid landed a show-stopping front kick to the face of his opponent, knocking him out cold long before Calcina had hit the canvas.


Some young thug punches a big boy in the face 5 times during recess but that just pisses him off. So he picks him up and slams him to the concrete. You know it’s a sh*tty school when the teachers carry two-way radios.


It was built up as a promising match featuring heavy hitting bantamweights, but John Lineker and Francisco Rivera blew any and all of those expectations away. In what was probably the craziest brawl ever in the lighter weights, both men just kept on throwing fast bombs at each other. Check it out!