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This is pretty much the same thing that happens in every McDonald’s at 4am on a friday morning. This lad had way too much to drink and thought he was some kind of fighting god, but he was brought back down to earth by another guy who was fed up with his shenanigans.

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‘Calcico Storico’ aka Gladiator Football, is a football game with deep historical roots taking place every June In Florence, Italy. Two teams of 27 men fight to get a ball over a 4-foot high fence at either end of the pitch. Four teams represent the four districts of the city, and the winners take home a cow!

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Spectator drags seem like an awesome idea. Two miss matched cars going head-to-head on a short circle track. This was a finals race, so the stakes were high, and pride was on the line. It was always going to end in a bit of a scuffle!


A Denver sheriff’s deputy who provoked a fight with an inmate by using taekwondo kicks and punches has been suspended for 90 days. Deputy Roberto Roena received his suspension July 29 for the fight that occurred in April 2013, according to his disciplinary letter obtained by The Denver Post. Roena was punished for using excessive force and making inaccurate and misleading statements about the incident, the letter said. The 15 months it took to discipline Roena supports a common complaint that it takes too long for deputies to be punished after they break a department policy.

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From the ‘Fight Church’ documentary, watch as both these fighters get their balls sent to heaven by way of punch and knee.

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Watch the most casual selfie video ever made during a fight. Actually this might be the only ever selfie video made during a fight. While someone is getting kicked on the ground in the background, this dude is just chillin’!

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Not many people would have the balls to use this trick, mainly because it wouldn’t work and they would be the ones who end up looking dumb. But this guy wearing shitty underwear fighting attire is crafty as hell!


You know those stick figure martial arts fight animations? The Ninja Action series is just like that, but turned up to 11. Eleven billion that is. Russian artist Alexey Yurevich says he made the first episode over a 9-year period. Check it out!

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Watch as this woman loses her sh*t when she claims this driver cut her off. The man who filmed this said he saw the woman looking down at something, probably her phone, when he pulled in front of her. What a classy lady…


Three piece of sh*t Delaware teens were arrested in the beating of a mentally disabled boy after they showed up to police headquarters to complain about being harassed when their contact information was posted to social media, along with a video of the assault, authorities said. You know you’re a f**ken scumbag when you decide to beat the sh*t out of helpless mentally challenged person. Tell us how you think they should be punished in our comment section, the more creative, the better.

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a pepper spray fight breaks out in a crowded pizza shop. Watch as all the pizza lovers evacuate the shop as soon as they pepper spray floating in the atmosphere enters there lungs and eyes!

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This drunk dude was looking for trouble, and found it in this young skater, who backed himself up with some decent fighting skills. Not only did the own the so called taekwondo fighter, he also owned his friend who pulled the sneak attack!


At least three people were badly beaten by a group of teenagers Saturday night in the parking lot of a Kroger grocery store in Memphis. The violence was caught on video by a store employee. According to WREG, a 25-year-old white man said he was attacked by the group of black teens as he walked to his car. Two Kroger employees, ages 17 and 18, ran to help the man, but they were apparently repeatedly hit in the head and face. The Kroger employees claimed that pumpkins in excess of 20 pounds were thrown at their heads while they were on the ground. Both of the Kroger employees lost consciousness as a result of the attack, WREG reported. Eventually, a security guard stepped in.


Police are asking for help identifying a group of young males involved in an assault on a couple in Springfield, Missouri. The Springfield Police Department has released surveillance video of the brutal beating that occurred in downtown Springfield. The couple, Meredith Cole and her boyfriend Alex Vessey, were both treated at hospital for serious injuries after the ordeal.


This is the moment a great-grandfather came face-to-face with three armed raiders at his home – and fought them off. Smartly dressed after a night out, Andrew Adamson, 59, had just returned home with his wife Liz, 58, when he discovered their front door had been forced open. Moments later, one of the thugs emerged and battered him with a crowbar, swinging so hard ‘sparks were flying off it when he hit the wall’. Instead of backing down, the businessman tackled the gang head-on, eventually forcing them to retreat.


Without any explanation or hesitation, a Russian girl is caught on camera punching another driver multiple times. We have no idea why she flipped out so hard, but we can only assume vodka played apart. After all, she’s Russian. Either that, or it’s her cosmetic surgeon, and she is very unhappy with her new nose.

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These security guards kicked this crew of riders out of a mall because they weren’t allowed to have their bikes inside. Then they went to complain at the security office after being forced to leave before their food was ready. Once they got the information they wanted, they were escorted out and one security guard pushed a rider for no reason, and kept mouthing sentences so they couldn’t hear him. The last thing he mouthed was “I’m going to kill you”, which is when things turned bad!


The premise is as simple as it is stupid, walk around New York City stepping on peoples Jordans, and wait to see if anyone kills you. They didn’t die, but they did received multiple beat downs, and deservedly so. When you’re shelling out over $200 for a pair of kicks the last thing you want is some clown with a camera stepping on your feet. Check it out!