Newly released body camera footage shows the violent altercation with a loud-mouthed teenager that led to an Illinois police officer being charged with a felony. Investigators released the video showing Springfield Police Officer Samuel Rosario, 32, arguing with and finally punching a 19-year-old male. Rosario, who is on unpaid administrative leave from the department, has been charged with two counts of battery and felony official misconduct.


A sucker punch like this is avoidable, and so was the argument that caused all the trouble in the first place. Check out this Active Self Protection​ lesson from this video before the attack, during, and after!


With hundreds of thousands of visitors over the past few weekends of Spring Break, the season has already surpassed expectations in terms of the amount of visitors. With that amount of drunken teens all gathering in one area, it’s only a matter of time before alcohol fuelled violence sparks, and this bloke is leading the pack!


This man gives some fighting kids an amazing insight into fake friends. He is able to stop them from throwing punches, and even gets them to shake hands by exposing their situation for what it really is!


Edson Barboza gives us a quick master class in how to figure out your opponent. If you try the same combo on him too many times, he will drag you to hell and skin you alive!


Authorities in Philadelphia are looking to arrest eight teenagers who were involved in a major subway station brawl. In the released video, the teens are seen attacking a defenceless man, kicking him and punching him as he lies on the ground. No arrests have been made, but police released photos of the teens involved in the violent attacks.


Moral of the story? Don’t go starting sh*t with chicks from Boston during Spring Break unless you’re ready to eat sand and have your bell rung. Everything about these two videos scream chaotic sh*t show. Gotta love the ending there when her friend, or more likely — some random beach combing vagrant — tries to rally her with a quick hit of nicotine. Pure madness.


The first idiot in the film is the cameraman shouting World Star then putting his phone down like a little bitch. The second idiot in the film is Rickey Rescue who witnesses a head injury and decides to roll him over onto his back thinking he’s the f**king chief of medicine. Recovery position people!


For months, UFC president Dana White shot down the idea that lightweight champion Conor McGregor would ever face Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. Well it appears White has changed his mind. During his interview, White said without hesitation that he believes a deal will get done to pit McGregor against Mayweather in one of the most lucrative super fights in combat sports history.


I think we might have the hero of the day right here. Beautiful jab KO on the chair thrower. Not much of a chin on him, as a jab usually shouldn’t be good night Irene, but well placed and unexpected are the recipe for a drunken idiot to take an early slumber. Also, looks to have hit his head quite hard on the floor (excellent) of this Chinese joint. Drunk a**hole #2 gets molly whopped and laid down for a nap twice next to a**hole #1. This video is easily a 9 out of 10. The only way it’s a 10 is if they had both burst into flames.


A match in Brazil between Gama and Brasiliense had to be halted after a fight broke out between both sets of players, with the violence spilling over into the stands. Referee Almir Camargo was forced to end the game and police had to intervene with pepper gas.


The Winnipeg Jets didn’t have much going for them versus the Calgary Flames. Down two goals and with less than two minutes remaining in the second period, Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba dropped the gloves with Sam Bennett in front of the Winnipeg net. Both players landed some heavy punches, still trying to throw them after the linesmen intervened. Easily visible following the fight was the blood from an apparent cut to Trouba’s forehead and a bleeding nose for Bennett.


The drum beats grow louder for a massive-money showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Mayweather announced in England, where he’s been on a publicity tour, that he’s “coming out of retirement just to fight Conor McGregor.” “I don’t want to hear no more excuses about the money, about the UFC,” Mayweather, 40, said in a video posted by “Sign the paper with the UFC so you can fight me in June. Simple and plain, let’s fight in June.

Mayor of Limerick John Gilligan announced that 26 year old bubbly children's TV Presenter Emma O'Driscoll is to lead Limericks Saint Patricks Day. The theme of the Saint Patricks Day parade is Go Green and festival organisers are hoping that a spectacle of colour and sound will fill the streets of Limerick. Picture Seán Curtin Press 22.Saint2

“Drunk boys will be drunk boys. Only one down, semi-unconscious, cheap shot at 0:31 seconds – 2nd cheap shot at 0:59 seconds, and it’s a real dirty one – Guy in tie dye winds and hits guy half passed out on ground. This street fight was in Wrigleyville, on Saint Patrick’s Day” – The1stMikeC.


Spring Break is where all the idiots unite. I would rather have a chilled, laid back night with a bonfire, weed, a couple of beers and my closets friends around me, than drinking my brains out and getting STD’s. This has got to be Florida: the overall ratchetness. Pure pandemonium. There is no DJ in sight, no stage, no bar, just a bunch of drunk college kids on a beach. It’s a cesspool of chaos. This kids, is why if you’re going to tank money into Spring Break, go to Cancun or the Bahamas or Cabo instead.


There was some unfinished business from the last time the Pittsburgh Penguins and Winnipeg Jets met, so they decided to get it dealt with early when Evgeni Malkin and Blake Wheeler tussled, and Tom Sestito took on Chris Thorburn.


“I’ll admit, you’ve got a heavy hand. But you’re trash though.” Maybe Jacob is a hemophiliac? A genetic disorder which effects his blood clotting. Or he’s someone who easily bleeds from the nose due to thin blood vessels and high blood pressure? Or, and I know this is a stretch. Getting punched and head butted in the nose made it bleed. And Juan landed more lucky wild haymakers than he did.


Lesson of the day: If you are on the receiving end of pepper spray. Cover one eye with the palm of your hand and either attack or retreat from the aggressor. If that doesn’t work, buy a gun and point that sh*t at his testicles. People don’t seem to enjoy hot lead exploding through their genitals and it will make them stop and think before pursuing the issue.