During the UFC 187 post-fight press conference, Cormier was talking trash about Bader when Bader came to the front of the room to confront him. Cormier and Bader had been going back and forth on social media and in interviews for about a week and things nearly came to a head in the MGM Grand ballroom.


You have to believe those officers hate getting sand in their shoes. I love how the whistles only came out when someone used a chair, like the lifeguards are refereeing it from their perch. Green bikini girl just kept using up pussy passes until finally running out and going too far, whereas her male counterpart got clothesline and face planted WWE style instantly.


Holy sh*t these bouncers are loose. They must get paid to jump anyone who acts out of order, creating as many lawsuits as possible for the bar. Towards the end of the video one of them tells the cameraman to put the phone down. He clearly knew they were in the wrong. Are bouncers legally allowed to attack people like this? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


When it comes to online shooters, there are only two ways to go. If you’re into your sci-fi then Halo is the game for you, but if you prefer something a little more realistic, then look no further than Call of Duty. Millions of gamers play both Halo and Call of Duty on a daily basis and it’s not hard to see why. With their addictive levelling systems and unlocks, both these games have us coming back for more. It’s clear that these two titans don’t have much competition, but what would happen if the two games were forced to battle it out to the death?


Lessons for the white kid: Size does not matter in a fight. When you confront someone, you put them in fight or flight mode and have one, maybe two punches to end it before their adrenaline kicks in. Don’t bully someone if you strike like a little bitch. The Sikh community in London is remarkable. They give extensively, work hard to integrate while retaining their own identity and beliefs. Always doing soup kitchens and supporting those in need. Sikh’s are f**king sound. I’m glad fatty got his a** handed to him.

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Karma is never far away when you act like an a-hole. This dude got way too confident and suffered the consequence of his disrespect!


Dude fell like Woody when Andy comes running into the room. Kinda ironic that his name is Alfredo and his legs turned into noodles don’t you think? I would let Ronda Rousey do that to me so I can feel her soft feminine feet on my face.

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Axl Rose has a reputation of being a bit of an a-hole, but that just makes him more entertaining. Enjoy the 12 most weird moments of Axl Rose on stage!

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This female Muay Thai champion pretended to be a nerdy girl who wanted to have her first Muay Thai lesson. After a quick round of showing no skill, she flipped the scripted and went 100% on them!


A security guard in Sacramento, CA, was caught punching a man in handcuffs at a concert recently. The events were captured on a bystander’s phone. According to a report, the man being taken away had thrown the first punch. Veteran criminal defense attorney Mark Reichel said private security guards have no more police power than an average citizen. “This is excessive,” Reichel said after reviewing the video. “If he was law enforcement, there’s a chance he might be charged with a crime.” Reichel said both the security guard and his employer could be held liable if the man decides to sue.


Chairs thrown across the room, tables tumbled, people punched, what a chaotic scene. That’s one lucky Hungry Jacks manager at the end who nearly gets f**ked up by a food tray. That kid hurling those trays needs to be arrested on attempted murder. That hard object hitting that guy in the head or neck at that speed could easily kill him. He has no idea what he just tried to do.


Getting into a fist fight against a man wearing reinforced motorcycle gloves isn’t the smartest idea. This was a gentleman’s duel. And like a flash it was over just as fast as it started.


Artists swinging easels and tripods clashed with skaters using their boards as clubs in a full-blown melee captured on video in Justin Herman Plaza. A hurled hammer apparently triggered the violence, which reportedly resulted in four injuries with two people being taken away by ambulance. A witness caught the ruckus on video and uploaded it to YouTube.

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Here is some more team fighting action as the Barbarians of Russia take on HFA of Poland. How would you are your mates fair in a fight like this?

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The Muscles From Brussels can still kick butt and shake his booty like a boss. Check out Jean-Claude as he celebrates the announcement of Kickboxer 2 by recreating the iconic dance scene from the first movie!


C’mon dudes, at least fight on some grass. You go to all that effort to wear gloves. People die all the time from cracking their skulls on pavement. They should have called it after the first knockdown. There was no way he wasn’t going right back down again.


“She’s got a 9mm in her hand, bro!” That quick thinking guy was right to get the gun out of the situation. He might have even saved her a murder charge and a jail time. Somebody has watched Spring Breakers too many times.


At the end of the day, the jokes on them. They’ll never build the character of man who’s faced the fire alone. They’ll live life as uninitiated half men who will look to others when the going gets rough. Rest assured; that kid in blue will run sh*t in his life.