I don’t think the guy in cuffs was expecting a wallop back. He looked pretty startled. Hilarious how he immediately tries to come up and threaten the reporter before backing out when the guard rocks up. Real tough guy here.

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Fighting at bantamweight against Julio Calcina in Shinobi War 7, Sheldon Reid landed a show-stopping front kick to the face of his opponent, knocking him out cold long before Calcina had hit the canvas.


Some young thug punches a big boy in the face 5 times during recess but that just pisses him off. So he picks him up and slams him to the concrete. You know it’s a sh*tty school when the teachers carry two-way radios.


It was built up as a promising match featuring heavy hitting bantamweights, but John Lineker and Francisco Rivera blew any and all of those expectations away. In what was probably the craziest brawl ever in the lighter weights, both men just kept on throwing fast bombs at each other. Check it out!

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Ukrainian Olympic champion Vyacheslav Oliynyk won gold at the 1996 Olympics in the Greco-Roman light heavyweight division at 90 kilograms. He was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. He questioned police officers as to why he was stopped and then proceeded to shove one of the officers that pepper sprayed his face.


The legendary Ray Mac has struck again while lurking the streets of Downtown Austin and capturing Hollywood quality videos. Man you gotta be careful with those pavement slapping knockouts. That dude looked dead.


Yikes. A video that shows a father disciplining his 17-year-old son for missing school with a living room boxing match has gone viral. Tell us what you think in the comments: Tough love or too much?


Four Thai men have been arrested and charged with the brutal assault of an elderly British couple and their middle-aged son who were punched and kicked unconscious. Shocking CCTV footage has emerged on social media capturing the attack in the Thai resort town of Hua Hin during recent Buddhist new year celebrations. The British tourists were named by the Bangkok Post as Lewis Owen, 68, his wife Rosemary, 65, and their son , also named Lewis, 43. Shout out to Benny Borg for the submission.


Holy sh*t this is classic. All three of those dudes throw punches like 70-year-old ladies with severe arthritis. And the blonde babe, well she’s just dumb for getting involved, trying to kick him in the testicles and then going and crying about it. The police arresting the wrong guy at the end is the icing on the cake.


God damn that place looks depressing. Remember kids, don’t ever hit someone on the head with a baseball bat unless you’re willing to kill them and do a long stint in the big house.


“This is my homie Mikey Ramos he was just trying to skate this spot but this a**hole was being a douche so he f**ked him up haha. It was self defence. Make sure to follow him on Instagram: @mikeyramos_. Filmed by @HdBrian.”


He fumbles with the gun for a few second while attempting to chamber a round, then he keeps arguing and throwing punches, while carelessly waving the gun around, and then he walks away giving them his back while he sticks the gun back in his waistband. Drawing the gun was appropriate self-defence. Everything after that was pure stupidity.

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Poker players Olivier Busquet and JC Alvarado agreed to have a MMA fight after Busquet put out a challenge on Twitter. After six months of training, Busquet was coming in as the bigger man, agreeing to a fight weight of 187.5, while Alvarado had to make 165. Nonetheless, according to the terms of the scrap, Alvarado was coming in as the favorite as he put up $150,000 against Busquet’s $120,000. Busquet was a novice with no formal training, while Alvarado had been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a key discipline of MMA, off and on since 2011.

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Watch as Master Wong demonstrate what to do if you ever get in a situation when you are about to get choked from behind.


UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor will not fight Nate Diaz at UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas. Whether he fights again period remains a question. Dana White announced on SportsCenter that the promotion has pulled McGregor from the main event at UFC 200, due to the Irishman’s unwillingness to fly to Las Vegas and participate in mandatory promotional activities. The news came hours after McGregor set the MMA world into chaos by tweeting that he has retired!


Sh*t went from hype to sauntering in 2.5 seconds. 100 to 0 real quick. I love the end of the video where that one kid can be heard saying “Glad I ain’t got a daddy!” They’ve probably been waiting years for the perfect moment to say that. That is a father that cares. Good man.


As you know, the UFC is what most people think about when someone mentions mixed martial arts to them. But there are other dudes in the game too. Like the XFC, the Extreme Fighting Championship. And you’re about to see a killer knockout from one of the XFC’s top fighters. When you see it – you’ll realise why he’s so respected. This is XFCi 3 and Luis “Sapo” Santos (who went into the fight with a record that read 60-9-1) extended his excellent winning streak with a killer knockout front kick blow to his opponent, Alfredo Morales. This is a thing of beauty.


All Gary Stephenson wanted to do was take his grandson into the QuikTrip across from Owasso High School for a snack. He says a crowd formed and fights started in the parking lot and inside the store. The retired Tulsa Police officer stepped in to break them up. What happened next was caught on video, shared hundreds of times on Facebook and led to an Owasso police investigation.