I was wrong about the leg I thought he was gonna use like 3 times. We can only imagine he chose not to punch the machine for fear of accidentally demolishing the entire building. If I tried that I would probably slam my shin into something metal.

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A favourite of a lot of today’s MMA superstars, Fedor Emelianenko spent a great deal of his career undefeated and produced some insanely entertaining fights. Check out this highlight reel of brutal moments with Fedor in the ring!

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The first step to winning a street fight is making sure your pants are secured around your waist. This guy has no damn clue!

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MMA fighters don’t fight with the Ron Burgundy rules of no touching of the hair or face. Even if they win, they can still lose.


Miami Beach police said Mohammad Hussein, 58, was standing in the checkout line to pay for his groceries when another man stepped in front of him. Police said Hussein confronted the man about cutting in front of him when the man turned around and back handed Hussein so hard in the face he fell into a coma.

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This is the biggest collection groin shots, eye pokes and other illegal moves in mma. If getting your arse whooped legally in this sport wasn’t already bad enough…


Bravo, now this ladies and gentlemen is a real man. Not one of those squeaky idiots that cheer as someone gets the sh*t kicked out of them. This man should be judge and jury. It’s great to know there are still some rational people left in the world who will step up when intervention is required.


I enjoyed how fast the guy went from concerned observer to treating the bully’s face like a god damn whack a mole. Jordan the juicer from Jersey was approached by the train’s punch dispenser. After placing his order, he promptly received one dozen knuckle sandwiches. A satisfying transaction.


A stable camera and nobody screaming “You got knocked the f**k out!”. This doesn’t feel right. And this ladies and gentlemen is why you don’t slip jabs to the side of your opponents power hand.

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UFC President Dana White has recently said Anthony Pettis is in his opinion the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Anthony will be back in the octagon tomorrow fighting for the lightweight title against Gilbert Melendez.


Footage of a woman getting slammed on the floor and punched in face during a Live Russian TV gameshow has gone viral sparking a fierce debate about domestic abuse. A number of viewers who had seen the entire programme said he asked her on a number of occasions to stop her outrageous behaviour: hitting, spitting, swearing, and punching, condoning his sickening outburst. One person said: “You must be some kind of idiot to think you can escape while being the bully because you’re a female.” What do you think? Is that a worthy excuse? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


Footage has emerged of a wild brawl from Stereosonic music festival that left a man unconscious on the dance floor. The disturbing vision shows a group of about 20 men wildly swinging punches at each other at the festival’s Sydney event. Security guards can be seen attempting to stop the brawl from growing but the sheer size of the group and the actual size of the men involved proved difficult to get under control.


This is the environment that the public school system in Detroit has become. Violent, bullying and barbaric. Girls are not immune to this — in fact, it has become way too common for this sort of thing to happen. Some swaggering female bully looks to intimidate another girl and earn credit as being tough. Only this time, someone fought back. And holy sh*t, this girl can punch.


This is apparently what happens when you wander off the Las Vegas Strip to try your luck at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. Watch the pussy little sh*t in the black on the right set it off with a sucker punch and then jump back in behind his friend. It looks like he intended to run even further away but ran into his friend accidentally. He then stood there in the back the whole time. Most of them probably slipped out of there no problem. No better way to show you were involved than to rip your shirt off.


Buakaw Banchamek is a 32 year old superstar Thai boxer 32 years, and today he is showing us how he trains to be hit in the stomach. He contracts his abdominal muscles and receives several punches from a young boxer. Buakaw Banchamek began his career at the tender age of 8 years old, so the dude’s an O.G. A few inches lower and he’d be singing a different note though.


If violent kickboxing knockouts make you squeamish, please do not click play on the video of Jonathan Tuhu dropping his opponent like a sack of bricks via a spinning kick to the head. If you are a fan of head kick knockouts like I am. Watch Jonathan raise the f**ken bar. Not sure what the ref is doing letting him fall face first like that though, surely you’d try and catch him? Shout out to Kirik Jenness for the submission.


Holy sh*t, that kid knows how to throw a punch. Mad respect bruv. Unfortunately, as wonderful as that was, in that racist dick head’s mind, that punch probably only reinforced his views. Nothing likely changed.


I have never seen such a well deserved sucker punch in my life, and I hate people that sucker punch. Mario in the red shirt asked politely, and received permission to dance from Princess Peach, but Luigi is having none of it and starts getting physical. The perverted old bastard cock blocked the old man twice, and it ain’t even his bitch. Deserved or not? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!