You can take my life, but I will never let you take that new Godzilla dvd. Almost getting stabbed to death for a minimum wage job, to save a billionaire’s family 5 dollars, good times.


Police are investigating a brawl which erupted on the top deck of a busy bus. The violence – caught on camera by a fellow passenger – broke out on the No.94, which runs from Chelmsley Wood to Birmingham. The near two-minute footage, uploaded to Facebook, showed two men wrestling on top of seats. Punches were thrown before another passenger forced the pair apart and manhandled one of them to the bus floor. They should make a sport out of this. Each city’s most athletic pissheads wrestling on a night bus, everyone would watch it!


F**k any woman that uses their kids as cover to steal things from hard working people. This is why the hood can’t have nice things.

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This policeman shows great calmness after this man punches him in an attempt to flee. The body-camera shows what happened out of view of the dash-cam on the police car.


While the MMA world’s attention was focused on the UFC’s doubleheader this past weekend, what was perhaps the flashiest knockout occurred in a small show in California. At “Xplode Fight Series: Tidal Wave,” which took place Saturday in Valley Center, Calif., Christine Stanley (3-1) unloaded a vicious spinning heel kick that landed remarkably flush. Although it was apparently recorded as a five-second knockout, Stanley connected on the kick just 2.3 seconds after the bell, opponent Katie Anita Runyan hit the mat after 3.5 seconds, and the ref waved it off just under the 5-second mark.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.47.42 amFight2

If you’re gonna throw the first punch, you have a sizeable advantage, and you better capitalise. This bully, does not. How the hell do you get a 200 punch head start on your opponent who is still sitting down and still get your silly ass beat? He should expel himself from school immediately.

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Australian women are some of the most attractive in the world, most of the time. Check out these two lasses have a good old fist fight, because that’s what train stations were built for.

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A park ranger tried to make a group of skaters leave Love Park, when one of the skaters got angry and started to fight the ranger. Did he take it too far?


Hood Prank videos vary in style and subject matter, but their structure is fairly uniform. A group of white dudes—usually in a pack of two to four—venture into a predominantly black (or Latino) neighbourhood and do something to purposefully antagonise a group of strangers. These strangers, of course, live in an urban nightmare hellscape of violence, drug abuse, and constant fear. Hood Pranks is one of the most popular video genres on YouTube, and the creators rack up millions of views by exploiting the simple premise that poor black people are funny to take advantage of. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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This man nearly hit this Alaskan woman’s car accidently, then he went to her car to apologise. He quickly learned that the woman was not stable and recorded here as she went off on an insane racist tirade!


Watch as Rob Kahn teaches his students the secrets of his shoulder pressure system at Jungle Gym Martial Arts HQ in the Bronx. Guy appears to be seizing, class of people laugh hysterically. Zero f**ks given.

SlamUFC 166 - Cormier v Nelson

While the initial reaction for most fans was likely one of disappointment when news broke that Alexander Gustafsson was out of his highly anticipated title rematch against Jon Jones, the long-time champion and injury replacement Daniel Cormier have certainly done their part to get fans pumped for UFC 178. While last year’s initial Jones-Gustafsson clash at UFC 165 may have been one of the best light heavyweight title fights of all time, Jones vs. Cormier has easily become the promotion’s most anticipated fight of the year. Lets stop for a moment and take a look at Daniel Cormier’s highlight reel for the year so far!


Whoa. Six days after UFC fighters, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, engaged in a brawl at UFC 178 media day, a new video was leaked from their ESPN interview showing the fighters are still enemies off the air. In the footage, Jon and Daniel exchange brutal words and even a death threat. Watch it now!


In what will go down as arguably the biggest pre-fight scuffle in UFC history, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and upcoming challenger Daniel Cormier got into it in a big way. Following an “Ultimate Media Day” at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for UFC 178, Jones and Cormier met on stage in a traditional faceoff. Things got ugly in a hurry.


An Under-20 game between Northern Ireland and Mexico had to be ended early after one of the Mexicans kicked an Irish player in the head as he lay on the ground. Three Mexico and one Northern Ireland player were sent off after the Milk Cup Elite game in Coleraine descended into violence towards the end of the second half. The Northern Ireland manager, Stephen Craigan, told the BBC that he had been left “disgusted” by the scenes and competition organisers are certain to launch an investigation. “I have to be careful what I say, but I would like to think Mexico will not be back at the Milk Cup,” said Craigan.

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A while back we posted a team fight between Poland vs. Sweden, and now we present another skull cracking brawl with Prague taking on Moscow! This fight is set up like a soccer hooligan brawl, where two sides get 5 fighters each, and that’s about all the rules there are. Fight!

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This passenger sitting next to the driver jumps in to assist the driver when a man with a knife tries to rob him. The driver seems to actually disarm the robber, then the passenger joins in and hands out a serious beating!


“This clerk was helping me 1 second and then tackling a shoplifter the next. He busted his mouth up and then body slammed him. I caught the second round. I would have helped but he had everything under control so I ended my convo and started recording.”