After a recent chair-throwing brawl that saw the City Island restaurant Seafood City turn into an ECW battle royal, one community board member is demanding the State Liquor Authority investigate the brawl and possibly rescind the restaurant’s liquor license. The brawl at the City Island seafood spot went down on Thursday night, and footage of it was captured on video spread around social media the way only crazy chair throwing brawl footage can.


Soccer is known worldwide for its passionate fans, and every soccer-mad country has its hooligans who get sloppy and start brawls. But in Russia, these hooligans are trained, organised, and brutally violent.


That chick was f**king out of there. The biker says 1 line to the idiots in the van, rides 15 feet, and she’s nowhere in sight. Good for her. If this is actually real and not fake, it’s a damn shame what people have to go through sometimes.


Damn that scrappy white girl kicked some ass. I saw her and thought, “she’s not the one I’m putting my money on.” I would have lost my money. She took that pepper spray to the face like it was no problem at all! Next time film even closer, maybe at microscopic level.


Waffle House: The Official Restaurant of The Jerry Springer Show. Reports are unclear and suggest the fight could have taken place in either Oklahoma or Kansas.


Fighter: “I got knocked out?!? How, what was I doing?” Coach: “You were popping and locking.” English MMA fighter Joe Harding performed Muhammad Ali’s famous shuffle… only to be knocked out with a savage kick to the head seconds later. Harding busted out the party piece during his interim featherweight title fight against Johan Segas at the British Challenge Mixed Martial Events show recently. But it all came crashing to an embarrassing end in the third courtesy of a bit too much hubris – and Segas’ left foot.


Sucks that the dude dad is a drunk piece of sh*t. Sometimes, you just got to stand up to your old man. Does that mean you need to knock him out on concrete? Not necessarily, but you can’t just keep running away either.


This is the moment a shocking mass brawl broke out between more than 100 revellers at a Wetherspoon pub in England, leaving one man bleeding from his head. Dozens of men were filmed beating up each other on Saturday night as music played in the background. An onlooker was left needing hospital treatment after he was glassed in the head and a police officer was allegedly struck in the face but avoided serious injury.


There is some evidence to suggest that hitting back may prevent further bullying. Several studies of school-aged kids have found that being submissive to peers and not retaliating increases their risk of ongoing bullying. But the story is not that simple. Of kids who are bullied, those who hit back are more likely to be bullied six months later than others who don’t retaliate.


Shout out to the dudes trying to bring back The Jerry Springer Show like it’s 1998. There’s nothing like showing the crowd of onlookers a quick flash of your asshole while you punch a bitch in the face. If that aint white trash, I don’t know what is. What a fun crowd. What a fantastic night.


Jesus christ that kid was huge. To be fair, that’s a weight issue. Not a lot you can do when the dude you’re trying to tackle is strong enough to flip you like a coin.


When that viral fame hits, it’s hard to stay out of the spotlight, especially when you’re a lit teenager who’s known for popping off at the mouth on national television. Danielle Bregoli was recorded getting into it with a passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight out of Los Angeles last night. Check it out.


Well that was satisfying. I hate that awkward part before a fight where people stand around waiting for that first punch to be thrown. It’s usually a cheap shot when the one person isn’t expecting it. It seems like you’re way better off getting into stance. Obviously if you don’t want to fight, it’s only going to make the situation even more heated. But still, you don’t want to give away any free shots to the jaw.


It starts with a girl tackling a young man to the floor before swooping to show two screaming louts squaring up to each other. A punch is landed before the video switches to show the yobs in the kitchen. They begin violently scrapping just inches away from dangerous fryers and grills. Equipment goes flying through the air before one thug wearing a camouflage jacket swings a broom at a girl’s head, cracking her in the face.


This truck cut off the scooter rider, then proceeded to get crazy by pulling out a pipe and threatening the scooter rider. That all went wrong when he stupidly threw his pipe away!


Footage has emerged of the astonishing moment a man in a red suit punched a Newark bishop right in the face during mass before being tackled to the floor. Auxiliary Bishop of the Newark Archdiocese, Manuel A Cruz was attacked by a churchgoer as he was absolving the congregation of sins. Are altar boys supposed to be like the secret service for priests?


Most of the combatants are completely plastered and have muffin tops, so this isn’t exactly Muhammad Ali versus smokin’ Joe Frazier, but entertaining none-the-less.


A champion fighter has been charged after allegedly knocking a man unconscious and assaulting his daughter in a road-rage attack in Surfers Paradise. Police alleged two cars were involved in an incident at the corner of Surfers Paradise. The accused is said to have got out of the car and approached the other car and launched an attack on the man and his daughter. Check it out.