A search is underway for the men involved in a “disgraceful” brawl that erupted inside a Melbourne train carriage over the controversial bicycle share scheme oBike. Footage of the incident shows a middle-aged, bald man verbally abusing the yellow bike users, telling them to get off the train due to safety risks posed by the bicycles. Whose side are you on?


Brendan Schaub reflects on his UFC 128 bout against Mirko Cro Cop; the moment he decided if he was a true fighter or not, plus more in this episode of Retrospective.


A fracas broke out in the stands at Sports Authority Field amid the Broncos’ loss to the Patriots on Sunday night. Caught on video was a Broncos fan getting sucker-punched by another fan during the game, evidently for not allowing the handicapped assailant to move through the aisle.


Adrian Broner was undefeated coming into this fight and talked so much sh*t. He thought he was invincible and did that hump thinking he could f**k with Maidana. The next round Maidana caught Broner and knocked him down. It caught everyone by surprise. The next few rounds was the biggest ass beating Broner could have gotten. In the 11th, Maidana got his revenge and humped him back. Classic stuff.


The story of Conor McGregor is the what-if scenario of when the drunken clichéd yahoo at the Dublin Tavern, who knows how to throw-down in the alley after a few pints, becomes a global mega-superstar of Ultimate Fighting. The larrikin who’s as quick with verbal jabs as he is a left, right, uppercut – Notorious gives us the method behind the madness.


The average human head weighs about 5kg and the skull is structured to be very solid, as it must protect the brain. The head butt is illegal in boxing, MMA, kickboxing, and any other form of martial arts, because it is such a devastating attack. Any technique that is banned from a combat sport is a great equaliser in a street fight. Be sure to put the head butt into your arsenal if you’re ever getting bullied.


Being sober in a bar fight is the closest you’ll ever be to becoming Neo. It’s like watching life in slow motion. Dude in orange was squaring up on that guy that had 2 guys already on him, lol. One even seems to be trying to squeeze his testicles. Deserved to get knocked out, no doubt about it.


“I see nothing wrong. It was heat of the moment and all he saw was someone running up for a cheap shot. He reacted and it just so happened to be a girl. Don’t run up on someone and expect nothing back.” – Omaratwork.


Tywan Claxton’s (1-0) professional MMA debut was one to remember. Just short of 90 seconds into his Bellator 186 fight with featherweight Jonathan Bonilla-Bowman (1-1), “Speedy” rushed in, leaped in the air, reached for Bonilla-Bowman’s head for a Thai plum, and threw a massive flying left knee – all at the same time.


The event took place at the Portland Recreation Centre, with 12 gangs putting fighters into the ring in an effort to sort out their differences in that way rather than committing violence on the streets. Patched members of the Mongrel Mob, Black Power, Headhunters and Stormtroopers all sat in the same room eating crayfish and oysters while the 20 scheduled fights took place.


If GSP didn’t smile so much and didn’t have such an accent, he’d actually look quite intimidating. As someone currently enjoying a cup of tea, I feel personally attacked on several levels.


If you want to see a sh*t show of epic proportions, go watch a local live racing event in the South. I suggest anything on a dirt oval on a Saturday night for maximum effect.

Calgary Flames v New York RangersHock

Fighting has been an officially accepted part of the hockey at the professional level for almost a century. In 1922, the National Hockey League incorporated Rule 56 into its official rule book, which governed what it then called “Fisticuffs” as an official part of the game.


Harris, the aptly nicknamed “King of the Slam” has retired with a fantastic, 24-5 overall record. Over the course of his career, he’s competed in promotions like the UFC, IFC World Series of Fighting, Legacy Fighting Championships, and Tachi Palace Fights.


A shocking brawl at a city supermarket has been caught on camera, just minutes after two men started fighting in the shop’s meat section. The terrifying fight caused chaos at the Pak’n Save supermarket in Mangere in Auckland’s south. Dozens of shoppers stopped collecting their groceries to watch the fight unfold, capturing it on video. Check it out!


That dude in the grey on the left is clearly in shape and can break it up at any time but instead sits back and enjoys the show. He’s got snacks and a front row seat. He ain’t doin’ sh*t.


Showtime Boxing analyst and Hall of Famer Steve Farhood takes a look into the boxing career of Unified Heavyweight World Champion Anthony Joshua. Joshua faces his IBF mandatory challenger Carlos Takam on October 28.


Many expected Donald Cerrone to be too much, too soon for Darren Till, but the British welterweight prospect shocked the world with a first-round TKO at UFC Fight Night 118. “One hell of a job @darrentill2 safe to say you broke the f**k out my nose! I don’t make excuses nor will I ever. You had a great game plan and executed it perfectly. I did not over look nor take you lightly. So again congratulations.” – @cowboycerrone.