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Josh Neer (pictured above) has been getting hassled by internet troll Patrick Martin since January, and he recently challenged Neer to a fight. Neer finally decided that he had had enough and accepted the guy’s challenge. What followed was a brutal beat down!


Following a confrontation in the store, things escalate to a point where the two petrol station employees take to using baseball bats from behind the counter. It’s not long before tempers flare, and the attendants step outside to continue proceedings. Unfortunately, the man wrestled control of the bats from the attendants, and gave them a beating.


Meanwhile in London. “I could smash your face in now, but I won’t.” said the polite Englishman who ends up beating on the guy anyway with a barrage of slaps. Always a classy move to give a blindside push to the ground from behind.

Cock2Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Cock Fighting Ritual

In the Philippines, the 6,000 year-old sport of cockfighting has been transformed into a fully-legal, billion dollar industry. Known locally as Sabong, it takes place in 2,500 dedicated stadiums across the country and kills an estimated 30 million roosters each year. A few months back, VICE Australia hit the cockpits and hatcheries of Manila. There we met the breeders, trainers, and philosophers who help make Sabong the Philippines’s national obsession.


What is it with people when they hear “don’t touch me!” several times that they need to do the complete opposite? They inevitably get taught a life lesson.


The fight against racism in Brazil was a main theme at Rio de Janeiro’s carnival, as parades entered their second day of over-the-top festivities. However not everyone was celebrating. Some people choose to stomp on unconcious people’s heads and dump garbage over their defenceless bodies. If you ever fight yourself in a street fight in Brazil, you had better be trained a little in Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu so you don’t get blindsided by a kick to the face.


Afroman was arrested for punching a female fan during his set. The “Because I Got High” rapper was performing when a woman got on stage and approached him. As a video shows, Afroman was playing guitar and without warning he turned and socked her right in the head. “I was gonna slap a bitch, but then I got high”. I guess he stopped smoking, good for him.


Ever wondered what happens when Wogs and Aussies get married? Well Superwog has the answer. Have you got a horror marriage story that the world needs to know about? Tell us in the comment section now.


“The 22 year old punk had confronted me after I was told to remove him from the building. He began to threaten me telling me “I kill pigs like you in chicago” and “I’ll stab you”. At that point he began to tell me that he wants to fight. After telling him several times to back off he continued to get in my face. He was arrested afterwards for outstanding warrants for armed robbery. The police, as well as my boss watched this video and all laughed.” – Cody Dye.

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A fight broke out on Thursday in the Ukrainian parliament between two lawmakers who argued over a bill on land restitution to local communities. After punching one another in the face, Ivchenko’s nose was broken and Sobolev had his lip split.

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This junkie looking woman threw out a cheeky head butt at the opportune moments when the Walmart worker was getting in her face about calling her a bitch. Yikes!

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MMA is brutal at the best of times, but we hold a special place in our hearts for slam knockouts. They are hard to pull off, but when they do, people around the world get sympathy headaches. Watch this massive compilation!


That was a perfectly executed choke. If he held that any longer there probably would have been some significant brain damage though. Little dude ran in once sh*t popped off, threw a guy twice his size to the ground, and landed such a deep choke not even the police were gonna stop him. He was on a mission, put the guy out and disappear.


I have absolutely no idea what this old guy was thinking, he was wildly outclassed. Bottle courage can steer your down some dangerous paths. Tough bastard for getting back up after taking some big hits, but the poor fella never stood a chance. Nothing quiet like a broken jaw to go with your head pounding hangover.


Great fight, dude in the all black has some really crisp boxing skills. Excellent jabs and some really nice body shots which you don’t see too often in a street fight. Mad respect to the other guy though, solid chin, a few of those shots would have knocked most people out. I hope they squashed whatever beef they once had and became homies.

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At a WuTang show in Texas, a dude was giving Ghostface Killah the finger and talking shit. Ghostface stopped the show and called him out, then fans got him and started beating him down!


When you’re facing off against a man who has multiple face tattoos and a Spurs shirt in a brutal face-slapping match, and you have the opportunity to strike first, do not do what this guy did and hold back on the power. You will get demolished. Knocked out even.


Who the hell was that angry drunk white knight at the end? Coming in all aggressive to everyone, acting like a hero, trying to play peace keeper. I bet at the end of the day those shorts stunk like rotten tuna and butt hole.