A London bouncer will face criminal charges from London Police, following a dramatic knockout of a man reportedly being ejected from Molly Bloom’s on Richmond Row. Police have charged a 23-year-old Southwold, Ontario man with aggravated assault after a review of the case.

Walking up to a crazy man with a bat, it’s a bold move cotton. The guy with the bat is pretty bold too. Once he started smashing sh*t and threatening injury with his bat he put himself at a strategic disadvantage because he opened the lethal force can of worms and now he could get shot, legally.

Dustin Poirier doesn’t want much. Just to make a bunch of money, win the title, go to sleep with the belt around his waist (unclear if he means this literally or figuratively), and show his wife that all the years of work and sacrifice were worth it. I for one hope he pulls it off. Awesome photos via the talented Mark J. Rebilas.

The terrifying clip shows a man dressed in black brandishing the huge blade just yards from Birmingham’s Villa Park football stadium, as a shocked crowd gather and film the incident. In the video the man can be seen slashing at victims who run and cower before the violence spills out from the pavement onto the road.

Incoherent jabbering with a nice mixture of attempted vehicular manslaughter. For people that got bored from the first 30 seconds of the video, I strongly encourage that you keep watching. I originally skipped ahead and was like…wait what, let’s go back.

If someone asked me what the “wrong neighbourhood” is, Hollywood would probably be my last guess. People online are calling it a criminal cesspool though. So there ya go, you live and you learn.

Police have charged a motorist accused of pulling a chainsaw out of his car and revving it while approaching screaming bystanders in Sydney’s west. The incident on The Horsley Drive in Fairfield was captured on video.

Tensions had been brewing between the two teams as the Padres’ center fielder Manuel Margot was hit in the ribs in Tuesday’s game. On Wednesday, Perdomo’s wild pitch behind Arenado seemed to cross the line. Arenado charged the mound as Perdomo threw his glove at him. Though the two never seemed to make actual contact with each other, both dugouts cleared and a melee ensued.

Zabit Magomedsharipov had made quite an impression already with his “Fight of the Night” barnburner opposite a game Kyle Bochniak, but his third straight UFC win looks even more impressive when you get some background info on it. “In the first round, I hit my right hand really hard, and I believe it’s broken,” Magomedsharipov said. Photos by the super talented Dennis Schneidler.

In the video you can see a man approach a large table of people and he’s seen arguing with another man when things turn violent. He apparently puts his hands around the other man’s neck. Punches are thrown and then one of the men sitting against the wall comes flying in like a bat outta hell.

The scoreline on Khabib Nurmagomedov’s victory over Al Iaquinta in Saturday night’s UFC 223 main event read 50-44, 50-43, and 50-43. And some people weren’t impressed. The victory improved the Dagestani standout’s record to 26-0, 10-0 inside the Octagon, and made him the UFC lightweight champion. And some were underwhelmed.

There are many attributes that can make someone a good coach but what makes a truly great one? In the age of social media coaches have come from out of the shadows of the gym and into the limelight. Guys like Greg Jackson, John Kavanagh and Mark Dellagrotte are gaining followings of their own and the wisdom they are imparting to their athletes is appreciated by many more than just their direct students. Photo via the talented @mitchviquez.

Davey Price and Gareth Walker fought for the British Heavyweight Title at the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing 4 Promotion held at The Bowlers Exhibition Centre Manchester. The hands were tapped and the chests were hairy!

The 52 Hoover Gangster Crips also known as 5-Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips are an active street gang located on the West Side of South Los Angeles, California. They originated around 52nd Street and Hoover Street, betweenVermont Ave and Figueroa Ave in the 1970s.

People are mother f**king insane. Thank goodness for recording devices on phones. People used to have to recount this event verbally and it just isn’t the same. This video keeps getting better and better.

Winning your first ever MMA fight is a fantastic cause for celebration. Unfortunately Drew Chatman’s choice in celebration ended up costing him the victory he’d just achieved. In some of the most bizarre scenes you’re ever likely to see inside the cage, Chatman won his first bout after opponent Irvins Ayala knocked himself out. After the referee waved off the fight, he stood on the back of his passed out opponent and attempted a front flip.

A tense scene erupted in downtown Orlando on St. Patrick’s Day after a man on the street kicked a guy’s bike as he was stopped at an intersection. The guy on the bike naturally didn’t take well to his property being kicked, so he hopped off and knocked the first aggressor out, and then a second guy who tried to jump in on the action.

With UFC London now firmly in the rear view, the eyes of the MMA world turn to next month’s UFC 223 and the lightweight title fight between interim champion Tony Ferguson and undefeated contender Khabib Nurmagomedov. Who ya got?