I’d like to imagine this is exactly what Rampages’ internal voice is like when he’s losing in a fight. Someone thought it would be entertaining to watch Rampage Jackson play the EA UFC game on Twitch, and of course Rampage would play with himself, who else would he play with, Jon Jones? I’ll admit, watching Rampage play is entertaining. Funnier than 90% of the people on Twitch.


Holy sh*t, this is f**king heaps better than watching Home and Away. New drinking game: Every time one of these “ladies” say “c*nt” take a shot. You’ll be maggot before the video is over.

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Dude in the blue shirt gets attacked from all sides, and cuts loose throwing haymakers, flying kicks and using anything he can get his hands on as a weapon! Ah Russia, you always offer something great!


We head to “Ruckus in the Cage” in West Virginia for a fight between heavyweights Daniel Cooper and Travis Wolford. Cooper was beating up Wolford with hammerfists before setting up a guillotine choke, to which Wolford tapped immediately. What happened next will probably gross you out, as Wolford’s sh*t lay strewn across the mat, much to the horrified reaction of the crowd. You can hear a woman in the video say “I think I’m going to throw up.” I guess you could say he beat the sh*t out of him.


On Nov. 15, Ronda Rousey will take on Holly Holm at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia. To get everyone pumped up for the fight, the UFC released a promotional video that takes a look at the life of Rousey, from the early years when she was first exposed to the sport to where she is today. Along the way, we see young Ronda, played by her little sister Julia, beating up boys and developing her now deadly armbar. Check it out!

MMA: UFC 192-Trevino vs NorthcuttSageSage3

Former child actor Sage Northcutt didn’t take long to make his mark in the UFC, needing just 57 seconds to defeat Francisco Trevino in his debut. Entering the bout as the third youngest debutant in UFC history, Northcutt was dominant at UFC 192, aggressively dropping Trevino to the mat, not giving him any breathing room. “I think it was a plan. He slipped and I took advantage of it, I took him down and finished with elbows,” Northcutt said. “I want to fight again as soon as I possibly can. I know there’s a card in Australia and South Korea — either of those would be great. I can’t wait for the next one.”


When Dana White took over the UFC in 2001, one of the new UFC President’s first tasks was to scour the MMA backwaters searching for undiscovered talent to sign to the UFC. White hasn’t scouted talent in person for over a decade – but with childhood friend Nick “The Tooth” and the irrepressible Matt Serra in tow – Dana hits the road once again in search of potential UFC superstars. This is the pilot episode “Dana White: Looking for a Fight.”


Without a doubt one of the reasons why people put effort into building big and muscular physiques is to look intimidating and be able to protect themselves from unwanted attacks. Big muscles look crazy and can keep a lot of potential attackers away from you. But can bodybuilders fight? While it’s obvious bodybuilders would lose to trained fighters regardless of size things. Truth be told if you are jacked as f**k, you are unlikely to meet many regular looking dudes willing to challenge you.


Oh man, that drunken buffoon couldn’t land a single punch, except for the one that nearly knocked his own friend out. The saddest part is it should be the Russian Police enforcing this, not vigilantes. I loved this new episode, from the heart!


He threw that f**ken dog like that bitch threw that tortoise into the pond. Shaggy and Scooby Doo are a lot wilder than I remember. If that was my dog he would be eating prime steak for a month, that’s whats up.


“I ain’t making fun of him now.” While attending a MMA event in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Dana White discovered lightweight talent Sage Northcutt. The UFC President initially dismissed the 19-year-old as a wannabe – but – after witnessing Northcutt’s blistering performance in the cage, offered him a fight on the UFC 192 FIGHT PASS Prelims.


I’ll never understand how someone who has absolutely no idea how to fight, can be so confident in their ability to fight. And in comes ‘white top’ with the most half-assed sucker punch ever caught on camera. It looked like one of those feminine hammer punches. “My jeans are skinnier!” “No my jeans are skinnier!” Fight ensues. There are no winners here.


Like a lion chasing a gazelle on Animal Planet. Nice fetal position too. Minimal damage and still able to follow commands. She’s telling him to “Beat his ass”, knowing damn well, that she’ll probably be the one tending to his wounds later on. Good look for the brother though. You always look out for your sister.

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This MMA fighter gets his tibia snapped when he kicks his opponent’s knee! Full credit to the dude for being so chill after the injury though. Brutal!


How low do you have to be to fight a blind kid? And who the hell records a blind kid getting punched? “You okay Austin?” “I’m f**king good Cody.” God damn, Cody is about to become a viral legend. Cody for president 2016. Somebody buy that dude some cocaine and a hooker!

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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that according to Joe Rogan, is complete bullsh*t. One guest of Joe’s podcast was an Akido advocate, so naturally he got his belief system checked!


“If you don’t stop you’re gonna get a bleeding.” This is one of the greatest fights you will ever see. These two kids were duelling it out after school, probably over some video games, and it’s still better than a Mayweather fight.


The honeymoon ended early for this trashy Rhode Island couple.”YO DAWG…. you got knocked the F**K out!” Anyone else notice that he ended up in the classic chalk outline position? After watching this, your day wasn’t so bad after all.