Did you notice how nobody, staff or student, stops it when it’s him getting hit? They only step in after he’s touched her? That ladies and gentlemen is f**ked up. She copped a free trip to Suplex City via Karma Airlines and I ain’t mad about it.


Though there have been dozens upon dozens of sensational KOs courtesy of foot- or shin-to-skull contact, many of them are burned into the collective consciousness of MMA fans across the globe. Some fighters have made a career out of the head kick — Mirko Filipovic comes to mind — while others not known for their striking prowess have sprung this fantastically violent gift upon the fight world out of nowhere. Regardless of who unleashes it, the head kick consistently leaves mouths ajar and highlight reels well-stocked.


If you laughed at this, there’s a special place in hell for you. This isn’t a problem with race this is a problem in the home. The parents are not teaching these kids respect, and the kids have no fear because there won’t be any repercussions. My dad would have beaten the living sh*t out of me if I was caught doing something like that. Damn sad.


Shane Carwin’s devastating knockout power hasn’t diminished in the slightest. Carwin, who retired from mixed martial arts due to a series of injuries in 2013, made his return at EllisMania 13. Carwin took on Jason Ellis in an exhibition boxing match, where the former UFC interim heavyweight champion agreed to duct tape his right arm to his side. That didn’t stop the 41-year-old from brutally KO’ing Ellis with a lead left hook in the second round, earning his first knockout in six years.


It’s rare for an amateur boxer to find himself thrust into the collective forefront of the sporting world’s mind. But after throwing down one of the most brutal knockouts of the year, that’s exactly what happened to amateur contender Ahmad Jones. The 91kg fighter, who claims to have only been boxing for a year, has gone 3-0 in his short but promising career – and his latest knockout is the one that has everyone in awe.


Your battle face doesn’t matter. You practiced it a thousand times half-naked in the bathroom mirror, along with your upper cut, haymaker, and maybe even some karate moves from that class you took as a kid. None of it matters when you’re staring into the bloodshot eyes of a beef-necked steroid monster at the bar who’s convinced you’re picturing his girlfriend naked. Combat is imminent. So what do you do? Try not to fight like these guys. Let’s start with that.


It’s written in the Health and safety book every vendor gets. Section 3A; If someone spits food onto grill deliver controlled and appropriate violence as necessary. Straight to the forehead and it looked like it took a couple of seconds for it to register.


“I’m in slow moving traffic and I notice a young boy being held from behind in a choke hold. I first wonder if they are just messing around. However, the 3 lads looked older and then the tall one sucker punches the young lad. I decide to get out. I offer to take the victim to the nearest police station afterward but as it turns out one of his mates had ran off to get help and so a female family friend arrived soon after and took him to safety.” – Goose McSwan.


It’s not as uncommon as it probably should be for a fighter to drop his/her hands and offer an opponent a free punch at his/her head. Sometimes, surprisingly, it turns out pretty well (as well as the wilful sacrifice of brain cells can turn out at least) and fans are provided with an iconic moment of iron-chinned awesomeness. Other times, it doesn’t go according to plan. Photo via: Daniel Schälander @spiderpigmma.


Michael Bisping is still champion of the world, Dan Henderson is still a hero, and between the two of them they delivered a fight of quite staggering brilliance. Dan Henderson confirmed his retirement, and will no doubt be inducted into the hall of fame!


“When I hit Bigfoot, I already knew I knocked him out with my first punch, and then I got him one more time. In my head, it was like so slow-mo,” said Nelson during the event’s post-fight press conference. “I’m friends with Bigfoot, and he has a family. I don’t need to keep punching him in his face.” Nelson says that he didn’t kick McCarthy and characterised it as a “push.” “It was a push. It was more like, dude, come on,” Nelson explained.


Shoulder roll followed by right uppercut. Beautiful counter. Was one of Mayweather’s signature moves. The bouncer must have a bit of a boxing background. Not to mention some MMA training as well. He caught him in a crucifix there at the end like he was lying in bed chilling drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper. Drunk had no chance.


“Bruh hopped in the Mosh pit just to beat up white people. He probably don’t even like rock music lol.” I think that Tweeter’s caption might be bang on the money. This guy doesn’t care about rock music, he’s just there to inflict pain on anyone unfortunate enough to be standing near him. Otherwise he might’ve at least apologised to that girl for smashing her eye socket into a million pieces.


R.I.P to the dude still sleeping at the bottom of the pool. This past weekend, just a of couple days into school, there was already an off-campus pool party brawl at Texas State University. The brawl happened at Trapstone, a free party at the Village at Telluride houses. We’re not sure exactly how things started jumping off, but it’s pretty clear that party was lit as f**k.


From a back and forth heavyweight title fight that ended up with a knockout delivered by the champion Stipe Miocic to a kick thrown by former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum on his opponent’s coach after the fight was over. If you’re of the opinion that MMA is at its best when it is at least a little bit weird, then, wow, was UFC 203 ever the event for you. It had a bit of everything. It was wild and definitely entertaining.


What looked like a civilised argument between a driver and motorcyclist quickly turned into road rage. The dashcam video shows a motorcyclist arguing with the driver of a Nissan Sentra. Midway through the video, it seems like the two have settled their grievances, but as the motorcyclist turns around and eyes the car’s rear windshield, all hell breaks loose!


Regarded by many as a western pioneer in the muay Thai world, Dekkers began his training as a teenager in 1986 and would go on to post a career record of 186-33-2 before hanging up his gloves for good in 2006. Known as “The Diamond” and “The Turbine from Hell,” Dekkers distinguished himself with an aggressive, boxing-heavy attack and retired with 95 knockouts to his credit. Legendary stuff.


Having a bullsh*t filled week? Need a good laugh before the weekend hits to forget your problems? Easy fix, just watch this action packed paddle fight. It’s got everything you could ever ask for and more.