When someone gets choked out, a fight typically ends. In this case, despite momentarily losing consciousness, Nashkho Galaev recovered before the official called for the bell. He knocked out Denis Mutsnek in the next round to cement one of sports’ oddest rallies. The 25-year-old MMA fighter from Russia recovered from a Round 1 choke hold in the ACB 64 bantamweight bout. He made the most of his revival, defeating Mutsnek with a devastating knee to his head.


If you think MMA is exciting, wait until you throw a bunch of weapons into the ring. Here’s a preview of what you could expect from this new sport we are launching in 2018.


The weekend’s super heavyweight fight at the KnockOut Promotions 57 in Michigan got very gross. Like, so gross that it ended the fight completely. During the bout between Jesse Reasoner and Sean Needham, both fighters were struggling to get through the second round. They were noticeably exhausted. While Reasoner appeared to be in control of the fight as Needham wasn’t even defending himself. Reasoner would end up losing because, well, he started vomiting.


In what could be the UFC’s finest video editing work yet, they dropped the official trailer for Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones 2. Titled ‘tame your demons’, the cinematic UFC 214 trailer focuses on Jones’ checkered past and frequent run-ins with the Albuquerque police department, amongst other things, such as failed drug tests for cocaine and alcohol abuse.


This entertaining little scuffle happened in the parking lot after country singer Sam Hunt’s sold out concert. ‘Big Show’ flew out of the car like he wanted some, then spent the rest of the “brawl” looking for his other shoe. Whose team are you on?


Somewhere in the universe, this guy is the end game boss battle. I’d love to see him unleashed into the UFC. We’d see some freaky wild forms of attack. For more go and follow him on Instagram HERE.


As soon as the hand clapping intensified i knew this was going south. Nice restraint on the officer’s part. He gave her a dozen chances and tried to keep from escalating. He also knew he was being recorded in HD from twenty different angles, but still that was a great job. I’m always amazed about the response times in America, suddenly COPS!


Somebody call waste management, the trash is ready for pickup. Imagine how awkward it’s going to be when you meet up at every turn in the line.


Surveillance video shows a woman attacking the owner of the restaurant. The owners 15-year-old daughter then exits a nearby truck to help her mother. Thats when a man punches her in the face, knocking her off her feet. The couple fled the scene before police arrived. The female owner suffered two black eyes and a broken nose, while the teen also suffered a black eye.


KSW, the leading MMA organization in Poland, put on its massive stadium show “KSW 39: Colosseum” and the heavyweight title fight between Marcin Rozalski and Fernando Rodrigues Jr. ended in spectacular fashion. With the 16-second knockout, Rozalski (7-4) becomes the new KSW heavyweight champion, while Rodriguez (11-3) has his two-fight win streak snapped.


What do you guys think? Floyd bets millions on McGregor, throws the fight, buys a small country, Ireland purhaps, retires as a King? As a self-proclaimed, moderately intelligent McGregor ass kisser, it seems the full-blown McGregor nut huggers that give him a significant chance in this boxing endeavour are dramatically overlooking the fact that his left hand is often set up with kicks. Having said that, Mayweather is gonna get his head taken CLEAN OFF mother f**kers!


As any man will tell you, a kick to the groin is a special combination of misery. Like a headache, intestinal distress, a punch to the stomach and an anxiety attack all rolled into one and localised in the most sensitive part of your body. So the empathy flows like stormwater in the streets when you witness something like the incident that occurred at Road FC 39 in South Korea.


The victim told police Hector Herrera, a 24-year-old Florida man, was angry because he didn’t allow him to change lanes in the busy traffic. Herrera then allegedly stopped his car in front of the victim’s vehicle and got out armed with the baseball bat. When he smashed the victim’s right side window, the victim told police he tried to drive off but crashed into Herrara’s car.


Get that man a snickers! He is Peacocking like a maniac in hopes to scare his opponent off. When your small that’s your best defence. Especially if you’re not trained to handle yourself. A throat punch would be useless on this guy! My advice? Don’t fight people on drugs unless you have to. Especially cause you don’t want them bleeding on you.


A Burger King customer was tazed by staff after he launched a racist tirade inside a restaurant. Phone footage captured at a fast food branch in Houston, Texas, showed the man behaving erratically as he swore at staff and grabbed a computer on the counter. At one point, he is heard saying “spray that shit n*gger’ to a black employee as he hurls equipment during his foul-mouthed rant. The angered employees respond with violence, check it out!


At this rate the Revenge Tour will take place behind security glass. An unidentified man jumped on stage and sucker punched XXXtentacion during the San Diego stop of the tour causing the audience to erupt into chaotic scene that left one person injured from a stab wound. Taking to twitter after the incident XXXtentacion says the venue set him up. Check it out!


Following reports that a woman had been assaulted, officers from Avon and Somerset Constabulary were called to a Taunton park. Upon their arrival, a “large group” of young people spoke with the officers and, according to the police, “refused to co-operate”. Youths appear to accuse one officer of grabbing one person by a throat amid swearing and screaming. One officers then runs into the dispute and starts threatening them with arrest as he repeatedly pushes people in the chest, forcing them back. Then sh*t hits the fan.


Police say they arrested four of the individuals seen punching the man and laughing–even clapping at whole ordeal. “There’s no rhyme or reason. It appears, One could think it’s for kicks and giggles by sick minded people in this case juveniles,” said police. Charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment are pending against all the juveniles involved in this attack. Now authorities are connecting some of the teens in the video to another attack in Germantown that left a principal injured.