Take note, students, Just because you hold your hands like a cobra, does not mean you will strike fast like a cobra. If you guys ever find yourselves in a street fight and one of the first attacks the other guy uses is a leg kick. Deescalate the situation.

Beachgoers along the Jersey Shore were greeted with an unpleasant surprise on Saturday when a social media post about a party went viral and thousands of revelers showed up, leading to fights on the boardwalk.

Officers said that the suspect attacked a woman in the middle of Beersford Road, and also fired shots into the air. The video released shows the suspect lunging at officers when they arrive on scene. An officer fires at the suspect, and the man continues struggling with officers until he is ultimately handcuffed.

Watch what happens when these officers question what a petrol station employee’s really been smoking during his break. You know that guy was the other employee’s dealer, you could see the disappointed look on his face when the cop walked in.

How can you call someone a pussy when you sucker punch them like a bitch? They’re probably mad because he’s better looking than them. I love the irony of these people rocking up with 4 or 5 other people and calling someone a pussy for not squaring up.

The bystanders yelling “He’s resisting!” is bloody hilarious. All they really wanted was to see someone get tased. Good on the cop for throwing fists instead of just shooting the guy dead.

Pro Muay Thai fighters begin training when young. Wrecking machine Manachai Yokkaosaenchai was eight, but some children start even younger. Muay Thai uses the whole body as a lethal weapon and shield. The fierce fighting style is thought to have been used by soldiers and also by locals protecting their lands. Long before it was a sport, Muay Thai was an important survival tool.

The Game of Thrones star moved around with the Irish fighter in 2015 and thinks he’d make short work of the UFC star in a real fight. What do you reckon?

Robert Whittaker has posted X-ray evidence of the devastation inflicted on his body during his unforgettable masterpiece in courage at UFC 225. The Aussie middleweight champion’s refusal to buckle after eating thunderous hooks and elbows from rival Yoel Romero in their UFC 225 re-match is the talk of the UFC.

If Mat Latos wants a return ticket to the majors, this probably isn’t the way to go about it. Latos, who pitched for eight MLB teams over nine seasons, sparked a wild brawl between the New Jersey Jackals and Rockland Boulders in a Can-Am League game at Yogi Berra Stadium.

Savage was partying it at an annual rager in the Atlanta area called Big Ass Pool Party, when a large group of people crashed the event through the back. Eyewitnesses tell us Savage appeared uneasy at the unexpected entrance, and that all hell broke loose when a person from the other camp said hi to a girl in Savage’s circle, upsetting his side.

Schoolgirls brawled in the street with two knife-wielding teens as their friend lay bleeding from a stab wound to his torso. Yards away friends and witnesses tried desperately to staunch the bleeding as the 16-year-old boy lay spread-eagled on the pavement in his school uniform. The teenager is fighting for life in hospital while two men aged 18 and 19 were arrested for attempted murder.

Jesus, there’s no way I could ever bring myself to fight on concrete. Every time someone goes down it’s a dice roll whether they’ll be ok, or they’ll smash their skull open. If you’re on concrete it should be submission moves only. But I understand most people aren’t calm and collected enough to think like that in the heat of the moment.

Middleweight champion Robert Whittaker and #1 contender Yoel Romero are set to run back one of the best fights of 2017 where Whittaker won 48-47 on all three judges scorecards. Don’t miss UFC 225 live on Pay-Per-View.

What is wrong with this staff? They just went from being owed a couple of bucks to owing thousands in a lawsuit that’s an easy win. Unless the dude punched someone, nothing will justify that aggression. Just incredibly stupid on so many levels. The bouncer fired, the manager fired, the owner is going to lose a sh*t ton of money. The bar has no clue what a world of hurt this video is going to put them into in court.

“What you recordin’? My dick in yo’ mouth?” I mean, if you got on the subway and came over to a 2 person seat where by two children are sitting, and just push your way onto the seat, something is gonna happen to you. She could have handled it a little bit better, but she’s in the right regardless of her outburst.

A cyclist armed with a huge knife tried to smash a driver’s window in an apparent ‘road rage’ row that left commuters horrified. Dashcam video captured the terrifying incident as it unfolded in a busy south London street. Stop-and-search powers have been granted to police to prevent stabbings and shootings which have plagued the city and put its murder rate ahead of New York’s for the first time on record.

Jake Bingham, who has gained minor celebrity status by dressing up as movie antihero Deadpool and roaming the streets of Cairns, can be seen exchanging blows with a shirtless older man while the cameraman laughs and comments: “I think the Power Ranger’s winning”.