After his friend was shot on Christmas Eve, Chris Wilmore — known as Scarface — began recruiting for his backyard fight club, as a way to encourage people to settle disputes with gloves, not guns. Who would have thought that this dude’s haircut wasn’t the biggest mistake he made this week?


Russia has a long record of ferocious combat sports athletes, and it is not unheard of for the skills to break out of the mat, ring, or cage, and onto the streets, just like these two blokes. There’s not a lot of information available from this recording beyond the jaw cracking and down blouse action. That dude defiantly rises from the dead at the end though.


Showing absolutely no mercy, once Misha got Alex in a tight head lock in round 2, he gave his opponent a brutal neck crank that popped his jaw right out of its socket. It was absolutely brutal, and the gruesome noise can clearly be heard, with Alex quickly tapping out after the almighty crack.

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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience Fight Companion podcast on February 6, 2016. Watch as Joe gives a quick front kick lesson to Bryan, proving he might even have the best side kick in the UFC!

SuperConor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

We’re a little over a month away for the much-anticipated lightweight title fight between division champion Rafael dos Anjos and featherweight champion Conor McGregor, which is set to pop off from inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 5, 2016. It’s a champion vs. champion super fight, who you got?


I understand that a lot of people hate bouncers. But there are so many a**holes out there that can’t hold their liquor, attack other patrons, and of course attack bouncers. If you’re man enough to try and knock a bouncer out as you leave the club. Then surely you’re man enough to take a beating right? What do you think, leave your thoughts in our comment section now.


Dana, Matt and Nick endure sub-freezing temperatures in Alaska to go paddle boarding in Resurrection Bay and try dog sledding with an Iditarod champions. Matt shares some of his BJJ knowledge to local fighters and even rolls with Nick the Tooth. The boys check out a promotion called the AFC, and Dana is impressed with the up and coming MMA scene in Alaska.


Probation for what I wonder? By her age and appearance I think she might have vandalised some signs at Disney World or something. Or stolen some makeup from her local shopping centre. Either way, I’m a scout for the UFC and that was a nice ‘leg wrap’, you could be the next Ronda with moves like that.


UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt has knocked out more than 20 people during his MMA and K-1 kickboxing career. He’s known as one of the most durable fighters and hardest punchers inside the Octagon, so what gives? How is it possible this dude named “Noodles” just laughs off one of Hunt’s body shots? Keep in mind this is how Houdini died. Im fairly certain if Mark punched me in the gut my intestines would launch out of my arse like confetti out of a party popper.

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Two men in Austin, Texas fought each other with a baseball bat and wooden rod during a violent road rage incident. The two men fetched their weapons and had an old school battle like a couple of knights wielding swords!


99 problems – and that girl is the cause of them all. If you think it’s ok to hold up a train full of people because of your petty sh*t then you’re an a**hole. Plain and simple. I hope she got dumped as soon as the boyfriend could speak again.


Is it me, or are more and more kids bringing air-soft guns to fist fights these days? Why would anyone do this anyway? The only thing dumber than randomly pulling out a real gun is pulling out a fake one. He was winning the fight before he pulled that sh*t out. Kids these days…

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Back in the early days of the UFC, things worked a little differently. The rules meant that the refs would lets submissions go on way too long so the fighters couldn’t complain when the fight was stopped, and a lack of drug testing meant that steroids has a lot of fighters pumped up beyond belief. Which era do you like the best?


UFC on FOX released it’s ‘Fight Motion’ highlight of UFC 195 which features some of the night’s best action in super slow motion. Carlos Condit’s Chin is the best in MMA, simply put. No one has been able to KO the former welterweight titlist and no one ever will.


As always, the bitch with the fat ass is the most aggressive. Probably because deep down inside she hates herself, and is envious of anyone that isn’t a disgusting slob like herself. The incident occurred in the town of Karsun outside Ulyanovsk in the Volga Region, where three female students from a local engineering college had a conflict with another student. The case caused a public outcry after the video went viral. Police have launched a criminal investigation, charging the attackers with beating, meaning they could face up to three months in prison.


This is the shocking moment a Russian doctor was caught on camera killing a patient with a single punch. The footage of the attack in the southern city of Belgorod was aired repeatedly on state television and went viral on YouTube, while Russian media nicknamed the attacker ‘the boxer doctor’. The incident raised questions over a cover-up culture in state medicine, with investigators only announcing the probe several days later, after security camera footage was released online and shown on television.


Holy sh*t these big lads went at it hard. Must have had some money on the line. While I don’t agree with the head kick, I also don’t agree with the bite. I suppose when mixed martial arts referee Herb Dean isn’t around the rules go out the window a bit. Gritty sh*t!

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UFC President Dana White travels around the country with his friends, sampling the best in local food, fun and fights as he scouts up-and-coming MMA talent. In the first episode, the boys dine on cheese steaks, canolis and salt water taffy. In Atlantic City, Dana is impressed with a local fight card and in Philadelphia, a fighter surprises him with an unexpected challenge.