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During this table tennis tournament in Russia, the two players shake hands after the match, at which point the loser shoves the referee to the ground. Meanwhile in the crowd, zero f*cks given!


You’ll keep your car doors locked from now on after watching this vicious road rage attack in South Korea.


This fight for a parking space almost ended in the death of one of the participants. According to the wife of the victim, Victoria Ermolayeva, the man parked his car in the apartments yard, which aroused the anger of one of the neighbours. The man approached the driver of the vehicle to complain that they’re not meant to park in that spot. Then, out of nowhere, the driver unleashes a brutal beating, relentlessly punching and kicking the man to the ground and, despite an attempt by his wife to stop him, delivers a brutal knock out punch that causes his neighbour to smash his head on the ground. He received several facial injuries and brain damage as a result of the beating and remains in stable condition in the hospital.

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This Paratrooper recognised the man trying to break into his house as the same guy he caught on camera breaking into his basement and spending the night there only a few days earlier. This time around, the homeowner was ready!

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Amateur kickboxer Dennis Munson Jr. died after his debut fight in March 2014 at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee. Independent experts say there was a cascade of errors by fight officials.


Apparently the fighter with the broken nose had to take over a year off before stepping into the ring again. He bounced back nicely though, so far winning both of his fights after this gruesome injury. Respect.


I get the feeling that the 4 dudes on dirt bikes could have past the truck in several places if they wanted. Instead, they were suspiciously tailing this truck and its’ occupants for unknown reasons. I can’t blame the truck driver for wanting to defend his property and himself from potential harm. What do you think? Who is to blame?


A rough translation of what happened. Three ‘wise guy mobsters’ that run a protection racket in a small Russian town were having a fun night at a local bar. One of them began to solicit a young woman. When she refused, the three tried dragging her into the VIP cabinet. At this time, her husband returned from the restroom and the argument was taken outside. Nikolai Vlasenko, an accomplished boxer, attempted to resolve the conflict peacefully. However, the ‘guys that run the town’, on their arrogant power trip, attacked the boxer and paid the price dearly.

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There is no bigger power move in the mental fight during street intimidation than getting completely naked in public. This guy was losing the fight, but turned the game around in less than a second!


At BlackOut Fighting Championship 26 in Kansas City, MO amateur bantamweight prospect Jessica Middleton knocked Holly Torrez down and out with a beautifully timed spinning backfist. Middleton then hovers forward with a punch at ready, just in case. That was flush.


“Hehe, they won’t see me escape through this door.” He literally runs away like a cartoon character trying to be sneaky. Those hands though.


My first thought was, damn, look at that technique and elevation. My second thought was that poor teacher has no idea what to do. Surely people understand that if you get physical with someone, you have to expect retaliation. Sweet justice or overkill? You be the judge!


The word kaffir was used in the former South Africa to refer to a black person. Now an offensive ethnic slur, it was formerly a neutral term for South African blacks. The word is derived from the Arabic term kafir (meaning ‘infidel’), which originally had the meaning ‘one without religion’. Moral of the story? Don’t be a racist idiot.

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It seems like this woman was throwing the N-word around a bit, then tried to hit the black guy, who then returned with a punch to her face. That’s when her boyfriend stepped in and opened up a can of whoop-ass!

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This woman was continually harassing a man, and when he finally came back at her, she had a swipe at him with the boots in her hand. What happened next was the crispiest slapping sound I’ve ever heard, and it sent the whole tram into a frenzy!


Apparently the kid wearing the purple shirt was camping on ‘Call of Duty’ and when other kids asked him to stop he told them to “get f**ked c*nt” and that he’s chilling down at the Cam Ping Cafe if anyone has a problem. The drunk kid in the black singlet thought he would teach him a lesson, ran in swinging cheap shots all over the shop but got wreaked for his efforts. At least that’s what I think happened anyway.


An eager fan who jumped on stage at a NOFX concert in Sydney got more than he bargained for when he was elbowed and kicked in the face by lead singer Fat Mike. The fan excitedly climbed up on the stage as the US punk rock band performed at the Enmore Theatre. As he made his way towards Fat Mike, the lead singer showed he was not in the mood to be messed with and promptly pushed him out of the way before kicking him in the face. After the video was posted on social media last night, Fat Mike took to Twitter to apologise to his fan, known only as Alex. “I’m sorry too Alex, I was in terrible pain all night. When you grabbed me by the neck I defensively reacted…offensively,” he tweeted.

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These high schoolers where in the hallway just horsing around having a quick play fight, because even a heavy slap in the face is better then being in class learning about fractions.