In front of a raucous hometown crowd in Stockholm, Sweden, Alexander Gustafsson put on arguably one of his best performances to date as he absolutely dismantled former title contender Glover Teixeira. Winning a knockout in front of his hometown crowd in Sweden in the main event wasn’t even the best moment for Alexander. Just seconds afterwards he welcomed his girlfriend into the Octagon before dropping to one knee to ask for her hand in marriage. Legend.


Benavidez took on Rogelio Medina and won in the eighth round. The 20-year-old finished things off with a brutal seven-punch combo that only ended because Medina crumpled into a heap. Benavidez takes his record to 18-0 (17 knockouts) and is now the mandatory challenger for the winner of Callum Smith-Anthony Dirrell’s vacant WBC title.


You can tell the student in the purple hoodie feels bad for him after he cracks him with that dizzying slap. While he’s trying to get up and he comes over to give him a hand but everybody starts pushing him away.


Jonesboro policeman Jordan Fowler was up against Dylan Goforth as part of Pyramid Fights 2 at White County Fairgrounds. A 195-pound amateur catchweight bout, Fowler and Goforth had barely finished shaking hands when the latter was on the mat. While you wouldn’t know it from the result, it was Goforth’s first loss as an amateur. Pyramid called the four-second KO an Arkansas record.


Given Jessica Andrade’s first three wins at strawweight, it wasn’t a surprise that many believed that the Brazilian would be 115-pound champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s toughest test to date. But after a shutout victory over Andrade, Joanna Champion continued to be a step ahead of her peers.


“This happened at my school. Here is some more info: The bully was actually paid $20 to fight the blue backpack kid. Also, the backpack kid is a wrestler and a damn good one at that. Third, just after the video ends the bully started having a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital where the rumour is he was in critical condition for the better part of a day. The backpack kid is facing no consequences while the bully is being charged for assault. Crazy sh*t guys!”


“F**k you, I’ll wear a condom on my tongue bitch!” Wait, what? This is like Six Seasons of Jersey Shore in one minute. The strongest man in the room is often the most quiet. Hilarious stuff.


“It was a friendly fight, we didn’t have any MMA gloves so we fought with hand wraps and went all out. It was a lot of fun and he’s a great wrestler.” – @isaiah.fullbright


All I was thinking is that there was broken glass on the floor and someone might get sent to the hospital. She may or may not have deserved that beating, but her opponents fought without honour. I was about to say the cameraman is the voice of reason here, trying to diffuse the situation, but then again, his priority seemed to be recording on his phone, and he wasn’t exactly lifting a finger to intervene.


“Walking my dog down the street by Brentwood mall when this woman comes up out of nowhere and kicks my dog hard in the ribs making her yelp and cry.” I’m pretty sure if one checks the dictionary for the definition of evil, it includes going around kicking random people’s puppies and then lying about being assaulted by the owner. What a psycho.


Pro tip of the day: We’ve all seen boxers and football players get knocked out for a few seconds and then jump up and continue playing the game (hell, it’s happened to some of you reading this). But it’s all about how long you are out. Experts say if you’re ever out for more than five minutes, call a f**ken ambulance. There’s an awesome chance you have severe damage. Your brain may be bleeding on the inside. Yay!


In this day and age, the kid with glasses isn’t just the “nerd” anymore, they’re also your worst enemy physically from time to time. Choose your confrontations wisely, bullies. That satisfying groan/yelp he makes when he gets slammed. So classic.

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UFC star Ronda Rousey has shown off her fighting moves in a guest appearance on TV drama Blindspot. The athlete is seen throwing inmates about in a bust-up behind bars. Ronda, 30, plays tough gunrunner Devon Penberthy who proves to be a particularly violent prisoner. In an episode which aired last in the US last night, she was seen wrestling behind bars and showing off some of her signature judo moves. Check it out.


Disturbing phone video has been released of a fight inside a Montgomery County high school that sent a teacher to the hospital. The fight was just one of two violent episodes at the Cheltenham High School recently. Four female students were arrested following the violent incident. Police are calling it an active investigation. The four students have not yet been charged. The teacher’s condition is not known.


MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong of China has claimed that traditional martial arts are outdated and only good for staying fit. He also claimed he could beat three traditional martial artists in a fight, and numerous fighters have already excepted. This came after he beat the peanuts out of a tai chi master in 10 seconds.


Poor f**king hostess having to put her body in the middle of two grown men fighting. Crazy Hawaiian shirt man accidentally dodged a record number of punches by just repeatedly falling down. Left jab near the end was proper though.


This is Sparta! So apparently they are at a music festival in Germany, and a group of people started bullying the big girl, calling her names. The skinny girl in the stripe dress is calling her “Nilpferd” (hippo) and says she wants to ride her. The bigger girl ain’t having none of that sh*t, magnificently prevents it from happening.


A French rugby league player is facing a life-time ban from the sport after punching a referee in response to being shown a yellow card, knocking him unconscious and leaving him with cheekbone and jaw injuries.