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Not much actually happens in this fight, just sniper-like precision. Guillaume Coudé is did the punching and Dylan Garrioch is did the falling.


The first rule of Fight Club is that you shouldn’t talk about it – but the Russian version operates by entirely different rules. This, you see, is what people do for fun in Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg. Anyone who doesn’t like being repeatedly kicked in the face may want to steer clear of the two towns, where young men chatted on Facebook before deciding to settle their differences at a crossroads by the traditional method of extreme violence. Each side had 40 young men, and the brawl ended in what local news described as ‘reconciliation’. Shout out to Dmitry Tkach for the submission.


Footage of good samaritans and a police officer taking down an unruly man who physically assaulted a traveler at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport earlier this week is going viral — and it’s easy to see why. Unfortunately during the take down one of the good guys (the man in the pink shirt) broke his ankle, you can here the bone snap at 1.22 and hear him say it’s broken at 2.33, explaining why he is suddenly sitting in a wheelchair afterwards. We hope it heals up quickly mate.


The Los Angeles Police Department are investigating a fight between a costumed Mr. Incredible and Batgirl caught on video on Hollywood Boulevard. The cause of the fight is unknown. According to LAPD Officer Drake Madison, no arrests were made and no injuries reported from the incident.

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Vido Loncar of Croatia and Algirdas Baniulis of Lithuania were in a match at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, Croatia when the referee stopped the fight. After the match, Loncar attacked the referee viciously before the decision was announced.


Who the hell slaps someone in the face with a slice of pizza then sits back down with their back towards them and then continue to taunt and talk sh*t? Surely anyone with a brain could see that coming, besides the dude with his back turned of course. Whose side are you on? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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Is experience the most important thing? This old guy would probably say yes. The young guy either totally underestimated the power of an old mans hooks and decided to go soft on him, or he just sucks.


They fight to establish the dominance – a sign of courage and might. For us it’s a good show. These two men refuse to go down. It’s like watching two grizzly bears try to kill each other.


Watch as the Hungarian Hooligans (mostly from Ferencváros TC) attack the Romanian Petards. About 30 men attacked the security guards and several Romanian supporter as they were falling back to their sector. After the first clash of kicks and punches, the Hungarians also backed off to their own sector, preventing a full blown police attack, or a counter attack of the Romanian horde. Shout out to Zoltan Kohan for the submission.


The European Championship qualifier between Serbia and Albania was halted and subsequently abandoned when a drone carrying the Albanian flag was flown over the pitch, leading to a clash between the two sets of players and fans. The two sides were meeting in the Serbian capital city of Belgrade, at Partizan Stadium, for the first time since 1967. UEFA banned Albania fans from attending the Group I clash but a drone carrying an Albanian flag, apparently featuring a map of Kosovo, was flown over the pitch. Serbia defender Stefan Mitrovic pulled down the flag, leading to a mass brawl between the players. Riot police then moved in when around a dozen fans invaded the pitch and attacked Albania players – with one hooligan throwing a stool at striker Bekim Balaj.

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Watch as the tension boils over when one driver gets flipped onto his roof when a fellow racer gets too aggressive around a corner and their wheels lock, preventing them from being able to turn.

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After a football game rivalry spilled out into the car park, a brawl broke out with many getting in on the action. It was going to take a really big motherf*cker to break this up, so Bus stepped up to the plate. Well done Bus.


Spirit Dojo’s Veronica Macedo got the job done in less than 30 seconds thanks to a stunning head kick knockout at ‘Say Uncle Fight Night 2′. This was their second show at The Octagon in Sheffield, a venue that has seen some memorable UK MMA nights over the years. Holy sh*t, her legs are bigger than mine. Brb, doing squats.

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Ben Flower earned himself a place in rugby league infamy as the first man to be sent off in a Super League Grand Final after punching the helpless St Helens stand-off Lance Hohaia when he was lying on the ground in the third minute of the game. Flower left his team one man short, and they ultimately lost the game.

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Soccer has very strict rules against violence, but sometimes the player’s emotions can boil over. Watch massive compilation of all out brawls and fights in an unlikely sport!


America believes they rule when it comes to freedom and liberty but Russia has its own interpretation of what that’s all about. As in you are free to hold 2 on 2 fights in Siberia if you so choose. And so they do, and it is … glorious? At least in this exact moment it doesn’t seem like the worst idea, because it resulted in this amazing video where one fighter manages to knock out both his opponents from the other ‘team’ in a matter of three seconds. Check it out!

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Moves like the spinning backfist can take your opponent by surprise, and if done correctly, can hit the button and put them to sleep. Watch many people get knocked out with the greatest compilation ever of spinning moves in MMA fights!

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A short time after losing to Manny Gamburyan at UFC 178, Gibson was filmed at a bar in downtown Vegas as a man tried to start a fight with him. He tried to get the guy to think twice about getting into it with him, so he yelled, “Google me, bitch!” The man responded by punching him right in the face. I’d say he got pretty lucky catching a UFC fighter off his guard.