These dogs have the most hilarious reactions when confronted by their owners for bad stuff they have done. They show a lot of remorse, unlike cats who just don’t give a f*ck!

Bruce (1)Bruce (2)

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Donnie Yen and Bruce Lee, two martial arts great share the screen for a dream match-up? Well, you can see both of them together through the magic of animation in A Warrior’s Dream. The animated short was created independently by Li Jin, an animation teacher at CUC Anima and of course, a dedicated Kung fu fan. It took him three years to complete the tribute project. Not only did he capture the likeliness seamlessly but also the signature moves are spot-on.


Koenigsegg is a small Swedish manufacturer that doesn’t necessarily have the resources of big dogs like Bugatti. But that hasn’t stopped them from developing one of the most incredible stability control systems in the world. Take that, Veyron. It’s like the test driver was actively trying to kill himself and his passenger, but the car won’t allow it.

Rescue (1)Rescue (2)

It’s a boat! It’s a tank! It’s the Ghe-O Rescue, an eight-foot-tall, 500 horse power, 6,400-pound all-terrain vehicle that makes a Land Rover look like a matchbox toy. And it just might be the perfect ride for the zombie apocalypse. It’s unclear exactly what the target market is, but at first glance the vehicle seems likely to appeal chiefly to Mad Max, Jeremy Clarkson, rappers, and of course, suburban soccer mums.

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Medusa is a two-headed Albino Honduran Milk Snake. She is the perfect example of ‘Axial Bifurcation’ in that she’s perfectly symmetrical. Her uncommon condition is more likely the result of twin babies that failed to separate while developing. Check out the video to see her feeding!

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Got a spare bicycle inner tube? You could trick out your car with this makeshift race exhaust. All the girls will chase you down the street, but that might be because your engine is on fire.


On a single breath of air, Stig Severinsen sets a new official Guinness World Record by swimming 250 feet (76.2m) below the ice in a frozen lake in East Greenland where nobody has ever been diving before!

Crossfit (1)Crossfit (2) That’s right. She’s just 110 pounds and only 5 feet tall, but this girl is as solid as a rock. She started doing CrossFit about two years ago when her brother opened up Bergen’s first CrossFit gym, and she’s been going strong ever since. She works out twice a day, around 5-6 times per week. Shout out to her brother Morten Svanevik for the submission.

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Calling all tattooed humans. Its clear to me that the preferred dog breed for Ink Addicts are bullies. Don’t believe me?  Plenty more after the jump to prove my point…

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Theme park manager Eddie Stark has one week to whip his lackluster group of employees into shape before the park’s grand opening.

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Wish you could take your girl to the church of iron? Well the brofessional is here to help!

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Showcasing a selection of the freshest clothes on the market. This is dedicated to all who like to look fresh on the streets.

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Vitaly figured out the perfect test to see if a girl would go on a date with him just because she thought he was rich. Well, the test worked perfectly!


This dude is extremely talented. I couldn’t do half of this sh*t on my sofa with two people holding me up. You can do this a millions times correctly, but all it takes is f**king up once, and for the rest of your life you are known as the idiot that fell to his death. I need to buy a sweat resistant mouse, this was f**ken intense!


The “Bull on a rope” in the Azores on Teceira Island doesn’t have the notoriety on the “Running of the bulls” in Spain, but it may have more injuries to people. Watch this wild compilation of people getting destroyed. Press ‘LIKE’ if you believe they deserve everything they get!


Move aside gangnam style, the next generation of break dancers have arrived. The Japanese crew ‘Kyushu Danji Jr’ have the skills to pay the bills as they give it their all at the recent Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific finals. Check it out!