Kimi Raikkonen wasn’t able to put it all together, coming second behind championship leader Sebastian Vettel at the Monaco Grand Prix. However, he was able to start the race with the pole position, due to this magnificent and surreal lap filmed from the cockpit!


The opening practice session at the Isle of Man TT races will be held on the Mountain Course on Saturday, and the following week will hold all the major races. Last year, more than 40,000 fans traveled to the island for the festival, which has been running for more than 100 years.


The Indy 500 was red-flagged just 55 laps into the race when Jay Howard’s number 77 car struck Scott Dixon’s number 9 car scattering debris across the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Both drivers were checked by medical professionals at the track following the incident. A photographer who was standing behind the fence was also taken away by medics at the track. IndyCar confirmed that both Howard and Dixon were checked and cleared after the crash. It’s unclear if the photographer sustained any injuries.


A Ferrari 250 GTO may hold records as the most expensive car sold privately at $38 million, but there are another 38 out there. This is the Rolls-Royce Sweptail. There will never be another. And it’s the most expensive new car ever commissioned.


“We found the world’s quickest Street Driven VE Commodore in Australia! This CRAZY sounding UTE showed up at the Turbosmart 1320Video meet and greet during our recent trip down under! These Holden VE Chassis UTE’s are incredibly popular cars down under, but this one stands out over the rest, running an 8.70 at over 150mph! Powered by a Turbo V8, this machine has much more potential ahead of it as it continues to get dialled in! ” – 1320Video.


The silhouette of the BMW Concept 8 Series spreads low and powerfully over the road. The interplay of a long bonnet and flowing roofline bring dynamic allure to the car’s flanks, while the striking upward sweep of the concept’s trailing edge provides a crisp conclusion to the car’s rearward flow and adds another sporting flourish. A large kidney grille, slim twin headlights, and large air intakes form a striking, sporty front-end graphic. The classic BMW template has a fresh interpretation here, taking the company’s design language in a different direction.


A woman fought off thieves after they tried to steal her car at BP gas station on Tuesday. The victim, Melissa Smith, jumped onto the hood of her car to stop the thieves. “I had the thought in my head,” Smith said. “Do I go after my purse or do I stop my car. And the price tag of my car flashed through my head.”


Watch Deegan rip donuts through his backyard blasting over massive jumps, shredding grass, and blasting through weeded corners in this two minute pedal to the metal action packed off-road video. Yeah, his wife is going to be pissed because his yard is destroyed! Featuring Brian and Hailie Deegan.


This year, a Ford GT hit 293.6 mph in a standing mile. That’s impressive. Like really impressive. Now, a Lamborghini Huracan has done 250.2 mph in the standing half mile. In half the distance, a Lamborghini was just 40 mph shy of the GT’s top speed. That’s f**ken unreal. And I bet Underground Racing are already trying to find a way to go quicker.


I not sure why didn’t they have a fan to help keep the car cool? I don’t think I have ever seen someone Dyno a ride without some type of big fan blowing. Awesome build though. Hopefully the owner and his bank account can bounce back.


The 35-year-old American, best known as The Kentucky Kid, had been in intensive care with severe brain damage since he was struck by a car while training on his bicycle along Italy’s Adriatic Coast. Hayden reached the pinnacle of the sport when he ended Valentino Rossi’s five-year winning streak in 2006 following a dramatic final race in Valencia.


A man drove 14 miles down the interstate with a drunk guy sleeping on top of his car without realising it. This occurred in Memphis, TN after a BBQ festival.


“Not your normal S body! The Garage 21 S15 is a road legal full competition drift car. It looks sick, goes like stick and the owner @tooleys15 isn’t afraid to abuse it! Running a 400HP SR20DET, full Rocket Bunny Kit, aero to die for and Cosmis Racing wheels this 200SX is pretty darn epic! Hope you enjoy the video, fresh content every week!” – @monkylondon. Photos via: @ollieeohmedia.


“I took my dad out for his first reaction and drive in my 500hp Subaru WRX STi. The enjoyment and reactions were priceless. We’re still down tuned from all the work we did.” – @subros760


Reinforces this concept for all riders: Always treat other people on the road as if they are actively out to kill you. They will break rules to kill you. There are plenty of “right” people in the graveyards. And this biker was speeding. With that jam up ahead he should’ve reduced his speed immensely. All around wrong choices, with a happy ending at least.


It took just a few seconds for almost half the field to wipe out in one corner at the Moto3 French GP, with the riders piling into the gravel trap one after the other. The bizarre crash seems to have been caused by an oil leak, making things particularly slippery at that exact turn.


“Two Camaro nearly collide down at Cash Days on the street! Street racing on public roads can lead to some very tricky situations when it comes to applying high horsepower to a concrete or asphalt road. Tires spin, cars get sideways and accidents happen. On this particular night, Monza from Street Outlaws lines up with the Godfather in one badass nitrous battle, but things don’t end quite like these racers were expecting.” – @1320video


Malaysia looks like a bit of fun! This crew of give-zero-f*cks street racers met up to turn a public street into their personal racetrack. The white Evo is particularly fun to watch!