This stunning footage show how a daring motorcyclist was able to ride at high speed and at seemingly impossible angles – on a frozen lake. Russian Daniil Ivanov was performing at the Red Bull Circle of Shaman – an event at Baikal lake in Siberia, Russia, just north of the Mongolian border. Dramatic video show the 29-year-old speedway rider using a specially adapted bike with spikes on his wheels as he pinned it around the worlds deepest lake.


A quick tour of an underground garage containing some of Tokyo’s craziest Bosozuku style Lamborghinis…and a F50. Insane tuning usually comes courtesy Japan’s Bosozoku style, and this tuning style is crazy no matter what car has it; however it’s different if it’s a Lamborghini. It’s not every day you see one covered in cheetah print and spikes!


“This little brown Audi is a beast! With it’s all wheel drive power train, this Audi S2 powered by a 2.2 litre 5 cylinder engine and a 6466 Precision turbo forcing a lot of air into this little motor and lays down 800hp to the wheels! This brown beauty gaps its opponents in the small tire street race series Valhalla Cup in Sweden! While trying to dodge the police, the Audi was putting in some serious work in the three nights that is VALHALLA CUP to get the most wins to take home the money and the trophy!” – 1320video.

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Paul Dalton is the master when it comes to cleaning cars, and not just any cars. His clients pay up to £5000 with a lengthy process which even removes scratches!


Damn this looks like a fun everyday street car. Who doesn’t like a German built flame thrower that bangs like an AK47 during launch. Everything you see in this footage was ‘apparently’ filmed on closed roads. Do not attempt.


Of course, there are plenty of good reasons to buy a bit of Maranello magic. The average prancing horse makes Marissa Miller look like Hagrid. And while a Ferrari will kill you dead with snap oversteer, the cars smell like sex and sound like sex too. But do they help you get laid? That is the question…


“It might look a bit rough round the edges (as the number plate proudly proclaims), but John Di Mauro’s trusty HQ farm ute is no slouch over the quarter, having ran a 9 second pass thanks to turbocharged LS power. Most of Drag Challenge he had it turned down to run 11s because it doesn’t have a cage.” – Street Machine.

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This Ferrari F430 races a soccer-mum looking Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous, to see if it can stand up next to the instant power of an electric car. This might make some of you a bit sad.


IndyCar driver Josef Newgarden strapped a GoPro to his helmet, so you can experience what it’s like to drive a racecar without having to figure out how to drive a racecar.


Okay, guys! Here’s the deal: We’ve got a “track” that’s actually a public road and not made for this type of thing, at all. Layout of the track was originally conceived for carts and farm animals travelling less that 20kph. You will be travelling 16 times that speed. Due to rain, it’s going to be wet and slick as hell. The “barriers” on the side of the track will consist of anything from barbed wire fences to stone walls. Next, we’re going to have all spectators standing between zero and three meters from the track. Spectators will occasionally consist of goats and sheep, as well as people. All spectators will have complete access to both alcohol and the track. This includes the goats and sheep. It’s okay. At 300 KPH, you will hardly notice them… or rather, you won’t notice them for long. Well, that’s basically it, who wants in?

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In the backcountry of Beautiful British Columbia, near Whistler, Canada, Cory Derpak, Josh Stack and Quinn Sadler hit the mountains on their Yeti Snow MX, Husqvarna motorcycles.


Most young people can’t wait to learn to drive. But one three-year-old was more eager than most, as he was filmed doing donuts in Iraq. Despite barely being tall enough to reach the wheel, the little boy is seen smiling in the red BMW and frying them without any fear. Check it out.


If you could drive one car from this entire gallery which would it be ?

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HPA in Canada built this completely insane Golf, and will give you the very same setup in yours for just $150,000! A fair price when you can use it to scare your friends, win money and embarrass Porsche 911 owners!

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This is what having riding experience does for you. He didn’t slam on the breaks and slide out, he reacted calmly and swerved in time avoid getting mixed up in all the trouble. Well played.


A hood and a windshield is probably the cheaper accident you can have with this car. If you can’t afford to throw multiple thousands around here and there, then you probably shouldn’t buy a Ferrari.

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The brand new series of Top Gear is weeks away, and here’s one of the films we have to look forward to. However the video itself is being overshadowed by the struggle between people who are excited for the show, and an even higher amount of people who are still angry that Clarkson, Hammond and May are gone. Will you watch it?


Stadium Super Trucks driver Pat O’Keefe walked away from a pretty nasty crash during his race in Long Beach, California. As you can see in the video, O’Keefe hit a ramp and had a hard landing which made him loose control of the vehicle. Things only got worse from there as the truck was approaching another ramp but this time going sideways. O’Keefe had little choice but to go forward with the second jump which sent him flying into a fence and “violently” rolling over a handful of times.