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This Trans Am with over 1000 horsepower called FR8TRAIN, turns into a griller to feed hungry spectators at the car show. You gotta love those delicious petrol fume flavoured burgers!


“Pulled off a excellent train horn prank with my ‘K5LA Train Horn’ mounted on my Ford F-150 Truck. Cars in front had no idea where it was coming from!”

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This awesome drift session was filmed at the Sports Land Yamanashi in Japan. The lead car is a JZX100 Cresta, getting chased by a JZX100 Mark II. Turn up the volume!


The latest dash-cam video to emerge from the motherland begins innocently enough, capturing slow-moving traffic on a busy highway somewhere in Russia on a typically wet and overcast day. But then a motorcyclist appears. Moving suspiciously slowly, the biker suddenly stops beside a Mazda. Watch what happens next and remember to always keep your doors locked.

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Here are some people you might know and the cars they roll in. What car do you drive? Tell us in the comments section now. Enjoy!


What’s not to like about a sexy girl who likes to go hard and ride? Here are some perfect riding partners.

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This guy has an irrational hate for motorcyclist, so when one poor fella tries to let him know he has his hazard lights on, he gets abused!


Dodge has decided to make a 707HP Challenger SRT. More horsepower than a Viper, or ZR1, or Porsche Turbo. Matt Farah got to test it, in the rain. Why not tune a flamethrower in a wheat field while you’re at it. This should be interesting.

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Motorcyclist always risk not being seen by other distracted motorists, so this guy is really showing good form when he uses his bike as a shield to help this man cross the street. Well done sir.


This isn’t your typical drag race, because chances are you haven’t seen a Lamborghini Huracan racing a Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker jet fighter. Going from a standing start, both machines were pushed to their limits during an event in Russia. As you might expect, the Huracan managed to take the lead at the beginning, but the jet fighter dominated the race in the end.


“Check out this Super Lap of my Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang Mustang RTR around the incredible Rudskogen Motorpark track in Norway. The speeds that I hit while drifting required a 1000HP beast on slicks and a maniac behind the wheel to keep up to get these unique shots. Turn your speakers up and enjoy the amazing sound of our Ford Racing engine screaming through the Magnaflow exhaust system!” – Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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Three STis are racing around the Nurburgring, when up ahead a warning flag has come out. Only problem is, they don’t see the flag until it’s too late. Amazingly, no fenders got bent!

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Do you like adventures? Well your in luck, because you get to experience an awesome jet ski adventure at Lake Powell right now, minus the hassle of leaving the couch. Looks like fun!


We are on board with James Rodgers traveling at high speed along Hanger straight, he’s overtaking Number 4 Ben Short when Ben decides to give him a little help with his side mirror. Being strapped into a race drivers seat means you can’t move much so there’s no way for James to fix the mirror for the rest of the race, he’ll just have to drive using the force!

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Even Batman needs a break from fighting crime, so when he decided to go on holiday he went to Japan and brought his suit and his toys along with him. Epic!

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The future of motorcycle safety and technology is here with Skully Helmets! Featuring a 180° rearview camera, Bluetooth and futuristic styling, this helmet is bringing a fighter pilot-style Heads Up Display to your everyday motorcycle ride. Would you buy one?

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20-year-old Konstantin Tereshchenko suffered this insane crash during his first ever race in the GP3, hitting a kerb during a practice session at the Belgian Grand Prix. The car flew threw the air, over the track and on to the run-off area, before it rolled as it landed and bust into flames!

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A 6-year-old boy survived after being run over by a careless driver in Jining City, China. The boy was playing at the side of a driveway and a red SUV drove over him. Unbelievably, the boy popped out from under the car and ran to the side of the street. Do you think this was on purpose?