“This built-not-bought Civic is a labour of love that’s been hand made and engineered to be as fast, functional and fun as possible. I’m guessing this will inspire you to get a project car too!” – Car Throttle.

2012/03/25 - mgp - Test - Jerez -

Car culture is massive, in fact there are 750 million motor vehicles in the world today. But what about their two wheeled counterpart? Saddle up on your metal horse and enjoy this collection of the roads most stylish Sports bikes.


Toyo Tires decided to put a Chevy V8, some long-travel suspension and a freaking winch cannon on this Ferret, then get trophy truck driver BJ Baldwin to take it out for a spin!


If only this guy was filming the Kennedy assassination, we would all know what happened. Things I want to know: Did the kid get caught? Who’s paying for the windscreen? Why did the other guy just drive off leaving his friend? Why does The Flash need to ride around in his friend’s sports car?


During a wedding convoy, a car on the highway attempted to swerve around the other cars and spun out of control. The vehicle flipped several times, and the driver flew out of the car getting knocked the f**k out. The man suffered a variety of injuries and was taken to hospital.


Don’t look back, keep your eyes on the road and put the pedal to the metal.


Because of equal rights, the world needs more babes doing wheelies on the street. This chick is doing her part, and breaking hearts along the way!


This is the horrific moment four people were killed when a bus driver accused of being asleep at the wheel piled into four cars backed up on a motorway. Footage of the crash in Yeongdong, South Korea, shows vehicles being shunted aside when the out-of-control bus careens into them.


“The Raceism Clique’s main focus has always been peace, love, unity and having fun. You can see this the whole way through the weekend. Even though we can’t speak a word of Polish, we never felt unwelcome at any point. Everyone was there for the same reason, everyone had the same interests. We were kindly welcomed by all of the people that we met. This is one of the things the Raceism Event does best.” – @ilovebassuk.


The Through The Roof video was directed by Kess Broekman-Dattner and Oh Yeah Wow, the creative powerhouse behind some of the most innovative videos in the country for such artists as Gotye, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Paper Kites. At first glance, the video could be a snapshot of colourful muscle-car culture, but in the plumes of smoke and burning rubber, something otherworldly unfolds.


The Ford Focus RS may be the king of hot hatches, but the car is garnering a lot of negative attention in Australia because of its Drift Mode. Despite its name, the mode doesn’t make every driver into a Formula Drift pro, but does help drivers get sideways in a massive cloud of tire smoke. Safety advocates in Australia that are up in arms over the fact that drivers could use the mode on public roads. Australia has some of the strongest laws against “hooning” on public roads in the world and has now turned its wrath on Ford’s latest hatchback.


Dragging while hauling two other draggers with a dragger, because draggers. I wonder how many sparks melted into the paint of that car on the trailer? Dope rides though.


Team Betsafe, one of the Gumball Rally’s longest standing participants, let an F1 car loose on the streets of Manchester in front of shocked local residents. The F1 car – named Betsafe BGF1 and driven by an anonymous driver – deafened the streets of Manchester as it roared past local residents, as the driver waved to other cars on the road and even politely stopping to let a hoard of school children cross the road.


Never heard of Brashernats? It’s the creation of former Burnout Master Mick Brasher, with a lot of help from his long-suffering partner Linda. In just a few years, Brashernats at Sydney Dragway has turned into one of the biggest and baddest burnout events in Australia.


UNKNOWN Industries presents: “The UNKNOWN Ride” a video following riders Nick Leonetti, Buddy Suttle, Kade Gates and Logan Lackey ripping through the streets of Oakland, CA and around the Bay Area on their Harley’s. And, as you’ll see, things have been cranked up in this seven-minute long mini action flick as the crew skid, slide, fly and of course wheelie around town. Big shout out to Ryan Walters for this one.

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Car culture is massive, in fact there are 750 million motor vehicles in the world today. But what about their two wheeled counterpart? Saddle up on your metal horse and enjoy this collection of the roads most stylish motorbikes.


Never trust your ego when you are on the saddle of a motorbike. Once he had his manhood checked by a cyclist, the motorbike began weaving all over the road and even nearly pushed the bike into the wrong lane.


“Today I decided to take my 2006 Dodge Viper to High School. This is the first time I have taken one of my cars to school for fellow students to see. Most people don’t even know about the cars I have.” – JR Garage