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Check out Maximum Destruction going hard on the dirt in this impressive freestyle run. The saves are so damn impressive!

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The Shock Mansion Store is open for business. Limited numbers available so get in there fast. Click HERE to go shopping! Shout out to @str8up_rogerdood for the support and @milesmortensen for the quality photos. Appreciate it boys, good looking out. Hit the jump to see more, and then watch a dope clip of the Str8up Crew doing what they do best. It’s a rubber frying good time.


Drift Teams from across North America gathered at USA International Raceway in Shawano, Wisconsin for Club FR’s Final Bout. Team Tandem competition with a minimum team of three cars and no maximum number of cars per team. This event brought together the most stylish drift cars and created bonds between drivers separated by thousands of miles, but all sharing a love of drifting. Check it out!

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The incredible space simulator ‘Star Citizen’, announce a new starship for their game in a very special way. This shows us what Top Gear will be like in the future, as they unveil the M50 Interceptor.


Check out this traffic jam of epic proportions straight out of Singapore, made up entirely of Lamborghini’s crawling along, making their already impressive presence even more known. All you hear in this footage is roaring engines singing boisterous, almost violently, loud exhaust notes. Everyone in the surrounding area has stopped what they were doing to get get some photo and video footage of this rarity, as they may never see anything like it again.


Marca Blanca has created “Fails of Anarchy,” a hilarious mashup of the Sons of Anarchy intro and motorcycle accident footage. Check it out.


Forza Horizon 2′s demo hits the Xbox One store on 16th September – alas, there’s no demo for the Xbox 360 version. The full game includes over 200 cars, an open world that’s tipped to last you at least 100 hours and a fully 3D sky simulation, whereby global lighting effects actually correspond to the movement of photons through the virtual atmosphere. Will you buy it?


This footage shows a modified Nissan GT-R suffering a tire blowout on a highway at 203 mp/h (327 kp/h). Luckily the driver managed to control the car, making sure that it reached the side of the road without putting other motorists at risk. Apparently the stock Dunlop Sport Maxx GT600 tires were not able to manage the insane speeds, and therefore gave up. Such incidents don’t happen very often, but nevertheless it shows that you need to prepare your car for high speed runs.


Just in case you were in any doubt about it, this is cast-iron proof that Russian drivers film everything. It can be as simple as a drunk person trying to cross a road, or it can be a meteor spectacularly slamming into the Earth. If it happens in Russia, chances are someone has caught it on dashboard camera.


There’s dumb, and then there’s trying to run over a dirt bike in your truck dumb. It could be considered attempted vehicular homicide, if there was ever any possibility that the truck driver stood a chance of actually catching a dirt bike. According to the actual dudes on the bikes, they use a trail near the truck owner’s house to get to other trails. At first he littered the trail with nails, then as you can see, decided to completely lose his mind and try to kill them.


A new recording of a white BMW M3 caught drifting around Saviour Square in Warsaw at high speed has been recently uploaded online. Unsuccessfully trying to stop him was the local police. Zero f**ks given, watch for yourself!

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This footage shows the devastating moment a twin-turbine helicopter landed hard, causing the tail to brake off. This threw the helicopter into a spin and ended up with an explosion. Russian media reported that two people on board were killed while a third person sustained injuries and his condition remains critical.

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As security gets smarter, so do the criminals. Watch this wonder key in action as it opens a fairly new car with complete ease, then even works in the ignition!


The replacement for the gull-winged SLS AMG is here and it’s called the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT. The new sports coupe is as wide and low-slung as ever, but features a new look that is simpler and more in-line with the automaker’s latest models. Where the SLS Coupe used gull-wing doors, the GT has a pair of conventional doors. The rest of the vehicle, however, is no less exotic than its predecessor. Pricing is not planned to be made public until an official start to orders later this year. However, AMG sources suggest the GT will be pitched at around $300,000, significantly less than the recently discontinued SLS AMG, which retailed at $495,534 in Australia.

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This turbo powered Volvo tractor with 225 horsepower has more than enough juice to cart some hay around, then give any farmer a hell of a toy when the work is done. Watch this bad boy roost all over the crops!


When this cyclist rides into an intersection, a car drives straight through without stopping at the stop sign and immediately crashes into him!


The 22 year old French stunt rider Thibaut Nogues has just unveiled a new video. This time it’s set in the small town of William, nestled high in the mountains with access to a closed road. Perfect for wheelies and power drifts. Shout out to the pilot himself for this awesome submission. Keep riding hard mate!


A massive turbo Supra and an Underground Racing 2R Gallardo Superleggera (turned down from 1800hp all out) line up for one hell of a run on the Texas streets. The sounds of these cars alone is well worth the watch!