Guru Stunts, his maniac friends and anonymous tag alongs are at it again! This is typically where I say something along the lines of “Hell yeah, what the f**k have they caught on camera this time?”. I love watching street riding, especially when it disregards all aspects of the law. Yes I know it’s dangerous, but it’s also bloody entertaining. Case in point: There’s nothing quiet like a wheelie in front of a cop to get the old heart beating. But to them tell him to f**k off and have him obey, that is some next level shenanigans!


Just wait until the apocalypse. There will be gangs of these mother f**kers lurking the highways, robbing the rich with spears made out of sign posts…and I for one will join their noble crusade.

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I get it, sometimes you just need a break from sitting behind the wheel on a long drive. When this Russian trucker need a break, he just jumps into the passenger side, puts his feet up and keeps on truckin’!


F1 engine sounds too boring now that they’ve switched to the 1.6? Rally cars not as cool as they used to be back in the day? Not a problem for this guy, who can create instant entertainment using only a can of beer and his god-given talent. His version of a rally car is actually cooler than the real thing. I like to think he was doing a mating call for rally cars and got a response.


Meet the courageous Smashley Fitzinger. She rides for the awesome Jason Pullen Stunt Show, and loves her bikes, overcoming the crashes and learning how to roll a motorcycle – on purpose! Shout out to the one and only GuruStunts for the always quality footage.

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These bikers get totally enraged with drivers and do the road equivalent of spitting on someones shoe. It takes one well placed punch to knock off a car’s side mirror. Watch this compilation of that exact act!


A nitro drag boat has quite literally left its rivals in its wake after shattering the world record in its division at the recent Thunder on the River event in the US. The boat, ‘Problem Child’, had no problem in qualifying for the event’s Top Fuel Hydro category after reaching an amazing speed of 422km/h at Lake Havasu on the Colorado River. In the footage, ‘Problem Child’, closest to the camera in the white livery, seems to get a poor jump away, but quickly makes up the ground on the 305 metre run to the finish line. Leaving a mountain of spray as it flies past stunned fans watching from the shoreline, the boat lives up to its title of ‘world’s fastest top fuel hydro’ as it finishes first in its heat with an incredible time of 3.500 seconds.


Follow along from Ben Hemingway’s point of view as he goes head-to-head with Andreas Lettenbichler for the city portion of Extreme XL de Lagares, the hard enduro race through the city of Portugal.

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V8 LIFE provides an unprecedented and entertaining insight into the personalities behind one of the most successful sporting teams in Australian history, the Holden Racing Team. After two difficult seasons, follow the teams’ resurgence towards their former glory.


The practice of taking an average sedan and making it do ridiculously long drifts on public roads isn’t easy, specially when your doing it in heavy traffic. Weapons of choice are typically nothing special. We see Camrys, Corollas, Accords, Civics and various Hyundais. Sources say many of them are also rentals which would explain a lot. If you only watch one insane public drifting video today, make it this one.

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Watch as this bulldog sees a fellow biker waving and gives a wave back. I would usually say something now about how much I want to be friends with this dog, but I think it might be too cool to hang out with me.

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Take a look inside the mind of Australia’s own Chris Atkinson, professional rally driver in the WRC. Watch the full length video here!


“What could be better than to combine all your friends in a huge game of Paintball and then throw in all your motorcycles and bikes?! Shot on one sweet summer day over at with more scenes to come in our upcoming web-series. No bananas where hurt during the filming but a lot of smoke grenades were.” – Pimpstar


“In good old Aussie fashion, we have risen to the challenge to ‘take the piss’ out of the Americans and their in ability to ‘Chuck a Skid’. After thousands of views and comments, incoherent claims of grandeur, backed up by non-existent videos from the Americans and we’re still at square one. If you want to join in on the fun, watch the video and make a few comments to stir up the Yanks – some of them have zero sense of humour when it comes to anyone laying claim to being better than them at anything.” –

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This crash in Belgium is so brutal, and the driver was sent to hospital in critical condition with 2 broken cervical vertabraes. She was in a coma for a while but got out of it and is recovering exceptionally well.


Watch this crazy footage of a stunt rider popping a long wheelie down the highway when his mate hands him a freshly cracked 40oz of beer. He grabs it, takes a swig then hands it back all while riding on one wheel. Shout out to the one and only GuruStunts for the quality submission.

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If you are a fan of war movies, you’ll no doubt be aware that ‘Fury‘ starring Brad Pitt is coming out soon. To get you ready for some intense tank battles in that movie, check out this footage of M1A tanks shooting Table VIII at Grafenwoehr, Germany. You can see the rounds whizzing through the air and nailing their target from so damn far away!

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Watch as the tension boils over when one driver gets flipped onto his roof when a fellow racer gets too aggressive around a corner and their wheels lock, preventing them from being able to turn.