The first independent test with actual quantifiable results of the current crop of hybrid supercars made up of the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder has finally been done, and it’s all thanks to British entrepreneur Paul Bailey who happens to own all three cars, plus the guys at Supercar Driver who were there to film it.


Experience Blake Baggett’s newly-developed El Chupacabra Ranch in Florida, one of the most gargantuan home tracks ever made. Three miles away, Aldon Baker trains factory superstars Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musqin and Jason Anderson on a program fit for Seal Team Six. Then there’s the Smokey Mountains in Idaho, where the Sipes brothers Ryan and Justin go to feel the sweet serenity of a man, his motorcycle, and countless miles of natural single-track. All of these riders and many more make up the cast of MOTO 7, and help to make it the most ground-breaking motocross film ever.


“Well I don’t think it could have gone any better! Thank you everyone for coming to our wedding. Breanne and I appreciate it so much. If you couldn’t make it, You missed a hell of a good time!” - Shawn Widdicombe.


Some legend in Sweden is building a Volvo Amazon on a full tube frame and powering it with a two-stroke Evinrude 300XP V8. The exhaust wasn’t built that way just to look wild (which it does). Each tube contains an expansion chamber which helps increase power by improving volumetric efficiency. What an epic project.

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Honda’s Grom has stirred up lots of interest in motorcycles since it was introduced, from veterans who remember the joy of minibikes to new riders looking for a friendly entrance to the fraternity.


The re-release of the Ford GT could have easily created the most controversial car situation of the year, especially because the once big and burly V8 powered ride would now be powered by a twin turbo V6. This time, Ford Performance gives us a chance to enjoy the car’s new power plant in the raw as it delivers about a minute of nothing but pure sound as the car rounds the track at Daytona International Speedway for the first time. We have to admit the sound emitted from the GT’s exhaust is quite entrancing to say the least.


“This is what happens when you don’t use wheelie bars kids! We had to check out the Byron wheel stand competition to see what all the fuss is about. We heard this little Gremlin did wheelies or something like that.” – 1320video.

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This woman must have been cooked as. With a completely straight face, she runs into a car, is told to stop by people who are trying to help, then she reverses up and has another go.


The big one hit and all that’s left is one man, one motorcycle, and a lot of time to ride. GEICO EnduroCross and offroad shredder Cody Webb is a god damn star on 2 wheels. Check it out!

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Make sure your harnesses are done up tight, this is going to be a rough ride. This rally deep in the countryside of Finland puts out more action than a drunk girl after graduation!


A dramatic two-hour police car chase through Perth’s northern coastal suburbs ended up with an allegedly stolen vehicle ploughing into heavy waves off Yanchep Beach. The man can be seen driving straight into the surf in a bid to get away from police, in footage captured by a patrolling news helicopter.

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This nitrous powered big-block Chevy wagon built by Clark Racing is a head turner to say the least. And the paint job makes it look almost as scary as it would be to drive!

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An incredible 750 million people, or half of China’s total population, went on holiday during Golden Week, the seven-day holiday marking the country’s National Day on October 1.


“After a night of racing we came across this beautiful Lamborghini Aventador on the way home. He was a little froggy so we gave him a run. This was an awesome night!” – That Racing Channel.

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Shooting enthusiast Philip Thorrold mixes his love of cars and his love of guns by shooting clay pigeons while in the passenger seat of a Ferrari doing donuts. Watching this has made me totally re-evaluate my life goals.

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This Lamborghini Aventador burst into flames after a little bit of revving, which resulted in the whole car going up in flames! Luckily the driver probably has two more of these back at his Dubai palace!


It’s the world’s fastest four-door sedan, the Tesla Model S P85D, against Australia’s fastest four-door sedans, the Supercheap Auto Racing Holden Commodore V8 Supercar and the Walkinshaw Performance W507 HSV GTS. The Tesla Model S P85D rockets from 0-100km/h in just 3.3-seconds, while the V8 Supercar does it in 3.4-seconds, but weighs just 1400kg with the driver. Strap on as we see who wins — USA v Australia.


“Check out the Ride of the Century 2015 teaser clip! Feature some of the best riders from all over the world. All coming together for one special weekend, they put it all on the line and push the limits with wheelies, burnout, and more.” – @streetfighterz