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‘Leftover Baloney’ features some pretty awesome drone camera angles of rat-drifters sliding around in a tight pack. Enjoy!

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You’ve all been granted one wish. Scroll through this entire post and pick the one car you wish to drive this coming weekend.

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This massive truck looks like it could take on any terrain, but this hole turned out to be deeper and slipperier that first thought. Man, this looks like fun!

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Vikersund, Norway, is home to the world’s biggest ski flying hill in the world. The world record was set there when Anders Fannemel flew a massive 251.5 meters! These crazy guys on bikes decided to go against the grain and go up the hill! Cheers to Erik Fjellberg for this submission.

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#99 James Golding lost control through the Senna Chicane, rotated and smashed into the wall backwards at high speed. The super slow-mo replay shows exactly what happened in superb detail.

BondItaly Bond Film

Based on the cars alone, the 24th James Bond film, Spectre, is set to be one of the biggest and most impressive in the long-lived franchise. While we’re stuck waiting until November to see the automotive extravaganza on the big screen, a lucky bystander managed to catch two of the movie’s four-wheeled stars filming on the streets of Rome.


Ken Block’s first and only test of the Hoonicorn before Gymkhana 7 filming. Before the vehicle was actually completed, the entirely custom AWD running gear needed to be thrash tested to see if it would hold up to the rigors of tire slaying. It did.


Check out this insane clip of the Streetfighterz and friends, out west ripping up the streets with insane wheelies, burnouts, and everything else you can imagine.


Check out the footage of this awesome machine and tell us what you think of the creation. It might look strange, but from a functionality perspective, this build is on point!


A massive effort by Pulse Performance Race Engineering through December and January has brought Mad Mike Whiddett’s RADBUL Mazda MX-5 project to within days of completion. Following on from the build of the roadster’s custom four-rotor, twin turbo 26B rotary engine, PPRE’s engineers worked day and night to finalise the chassis, driveline, suspension, brake and steering modifications, before dropping the motor into the bay and readying it for its very first fire-up. That honour, of course, was left to Mad Mike himself.

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Rally Driver Oscar Barroso and co-driver David Miguez almost put their Suzuki on its roof in France. Amazingly the driver managed to miss the wall, and ride the two wheel trick out to keep his momentum up!

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This Jeep was built to throw mud and snaps necks at the muddin’ events, and it does both those things with ease running a high compression big block Chev motor. Imagine what life would be like if this was your weekend car!


From the mean streets of Wiley Park, Sydney, Australia comes 1BUCK80’s debut single “Driftin’ in my Capella”; A parody of the Rihanna hit “Umbrella”. It’s f**ken hectic bruh. Check it.

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Car culture is massive, in fact there are 750 million motor vehicles in the world today. But what about their two wheeled counterpart? Saddle up on your metal horse and enjoy this collection of the roads most stylish motorbikes.


Jump in the drivers seat as Mad Mike Whiddett drifts Leadfoot Festival 2015 hill climb. Leadfoot is a unique weekend bringing together a mix of classic cars, vintage motorcycles and motorsport legends. Held on Rod Millen’s private grounds at Leadfoot Ranch. A 150 acre, ocean-front estate in Hahei on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula that features a long driveway that winds through the property designed to be the perfect hill climb.


If your motorcycle is boasting a 1000cc engine, odds are you have a pretty quick bike. If that same engine is used and the bike is shrunk down a little bit, the results become interesting to say the least. That was the case for the owners of this oversized pocket bike. With all that displacement and a frame that’s even lighter than your average motorcycle, we’re willing to bet that this beast flies.


A cabdriver’s quick reflexes and composure helped him survive after being ambushed and shot at six times by 2 black guys in a North Las Vegas neighbourhood. It also helped that an ambulance just happened to be at the truck stop the wounded cabbie drove himself to. The victim is expected to survive. Tough old bastard. It’s gonna take more than a couple punkass bitches to put him down. Get well soon old man.


Looks like we are going to need mandatory seat sensors in these auto-featured cars before drunk driving makes a comeback.