Chevrolet took the new ZR1 to the high-speed ring in Papenburg, Germany, to perform the tests. Running in both directions, the engineers got it up to 214.88mph in seventh gear at 5400rpm in one direction. And then going the other way the car was able to hit 210.20mph. Averaged out, the top speed is labelled at 212mph (341km/h).

Unfortunately this turbo Civic hit the wall, and the driver’s pit crew ran up to see the car, only to start taking tumbles on the same slippery surface that caused the crash.

“My boy crashed his Z4 first day of owning it… luckily I got it on snap.” What do you do when your friend buys a BMW Z4? Take a video of your first ride, of course. And what do you do when your friend immediately crashes less than 24 hours after buying the car? Keep that video rolling, of course.

You’ve by now heard all about the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS. It set a blistering Nürburgring lap time of 6 minutes, 47.3 seconds. It packs 700 horsepower and has a top speed of 211 mph. But can it put a smile on the face of a tennis star? To find out, Porsche enlisted Mark Webber and Maria Sharapova, to take the GT2 RS for a spin.

Matt from TheSmokingTire was privileged enough to get seven hours all to himself with the 2018 Ford GT in the Angeles Forest. He used the time to film a real review, but just enjoy riding side-seat for this quick canyon blast, with just the noise of the car.

Before the grand unveiling scheduled for later this year, Rolls-Royce is putting the new Cullinan through countless hours of testing, which won’t only be a comfortable daily cruiser, but an off-roader too!

Matt Bentkowski was stuck in traffic on Interstate 285 East near Atlanta, enjoying “a front row seat” when a driver behind him decided the shoulder would do just fine as a lane. Nothing fancy here. Just a little karma porn for those of you who abide by the laws of society.

No Limit Racing’s Nissan Patrol Y60 has a BMW M57 3.0 turbodiesel engine under the bonnet, sits on 40 inch Maxxis tires, Y60 axles, with front and rear ARB’s and King Shocks. Because f**k mother nature right in the pussy.

This ballistic machine was spotted at the Cars and Coffee Italy 2018 at Brescia. There are few things more exciting than a hypercar, and for $2.7 million, you can be an owner of an Apollo IE Intensa Emozione just like this legend.

A police officer who rode out to investigate an accident in Hurst, Texas, narrowly avoided a fiery house explosion at the scene of the crash. Officer Travis Hiser can be seen approaching the home in question when a sudden blast of flames erupts out of it toward him. The house had been hit by a car that reportedly severed its primary gas line, allowing gas to build up inside the residence.

Are you ready to meet the Yamaha TY-E trial bike? This advanced electric bike is packed with features and ready for action during this summer’s 2018 FIM Trial-E-Cup.

History was made March 25, 2017 at the Monster Jam World Finals XVIII (18) in Las Vegas, when VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist driver Lee O’Donnell completed the first-ever front flip in a Monster Jam truck during competition.

You know that moment when you’re arguing with somebody in traffic and things take a direct turn for the worse? It’s better if you don’t, because some people really do tend to throw caution out the window when arguments get heated.

So, the S1000RR surely dusts the 720S, right? Well, not exactly. The S1000RR never blows by the 720S, as the McLaren manages to keep up and even show the superbike its taillights. Clearly, if you have a 720S, you’ll be able to keep up with a fast superbike.

A stranded motorist led to a chaotic mess on a freeway. An LAPD Officer was seen driving around the stranded motorist, when moments later a car suddenly collided with a Mercedes GT then darted into the right shoulder wall. Luckily, there were no serious injuries.

These mental little things from Europe are purpose built racing trikes. They can be powered by any motor bike engine you can think of, from a little 125cc to a full on 1000cc superbike engine, most popular appears to be 600cc Honda CBR engine. They compete at dirt track events and hill climbs and are properly quick.

“There’s a definitely stereotype in the modified scene that cars on air suspension are typically all show, no go. And with hordes of showcars aired out flat on the floor, there’s some truth behind that belief. But can cars on air suspension actually be serious, competitive machines? Cody Miles thinks so.” – @gearsandgasoline.

This guy really knows how to fly a drone. Drifting in an open carpark could get a bit boring, but not when you are chasing the cars on the back of an flying insect!