Riders from around the world dream of racing in the Isle of Man, and Andy Farrell is one of the few in the world to have enjoyed double podium finishes at Manx Grand Prix.


Police released CCTV footage that showed two men in a large lorry and a man in a pick-up truck exchanging numbers on the hard shoulder moments before the abuse started. Then an argument broke out and it all went down!


Alright I’ll say it. I got more entertainment value from this than I did from the Grand Tour’s take of the car. It has 820 horses from a V12 engine made out of Ford’s leftover V6s. It gets to 60 mph in under three seconds and keeps climbing past 200 mph despite having a wing the size of Tokyo living room. Due to the fact that it has a naturally-aspirated engine and no weight, it’s razor-sharp and lively, and it spits lots of flames.


The 20-year-old man is in critical condition, according to multiple reports. The video was posted on Olio-Rojas’ Facebook page and shows him driving at speeds exceeding 100 mph and weaving through traffic before losing control.


Opera Arts and Donuts is released this Friday 2nd December on Amazon Prime. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May pitch their tent in the English coastal town of Whitby. Jeremy drives an Aston Martin DB11 and James a Rolls-Royce Dawn, as they set off for a gentleman’s tour of Italy, until a noisy and unwelcome guest arrives.


The alleged driver of a BMW involved in a dramatic police chase north of Melbourne has been nabbed by police four days after the pursuit. Police were called to a house in Melbourne’s north yesterday afternoon where they arrested the 15-year-old boy. He was taken to a nearby police station for interview and was charged with a range of offences including aggravated burglary, theft of motor car and conduct endangering persons.


If you’ve followed Shock Mansion for a while, you’d know that we have worked with Adam (@fukdat_racing) and his jaw dropping Datsun 1200 ute burnout machine in the past. It’s one of our favourite cars in Australia right now. And these type of illegal and bloody entertaining shenanigans only continue to keep him at the top of the pile. Shout out to @aus_bikes and @blownoutlaws for the footage.


Birdman and JJ DaBoss went head to head, throwing in $6500 each making the total pot $13,000 for one single street race. Birdman is one of the most feared racers in the no prep world with his twin turbo big block firebird. JJ DaBoss traveled up from Memphis, TN with his nitrous big block firebird and was up for the challenge!


Coby Persin is a “YouTube personality” who specialises in “pranks” and “social experiments,” meaning that he makes his living inconveniencing and intruding upon the lives of ordinary people who are just trying to get through the day. Recently, he visited New York City, and naturally, that meant blocking a lane of Seventh Avenue traffic to pose for the camera in front of his six-figure-price tag BMW i8. One New Yorker was having none of it though.


Aussie legend Matt Mingay and his wife Sheena spoke with Speedcafe.com in their first extended interview after a near-fatal accident in a Stadium Super Trucks race in Detroit.


“RED CentreNATS was Sam Surace’s first ever burnout comp. He’s been hanging around the burnout scene for the last few years and his mates obviously convinced him he should build a skid car. His debut skid almost didn’t happen though, Mad Sam used up all of his methanol cruising around Alice Springs on Friday so he had to hunt down some more to compete in the burnouts! Fortunately there’s a bloke up here that runs a funny car and he was willing to lend Sam a hand.” – Street Machine.


The PC release of GTA V has already been hailed as the best iteration of the game, but there were still signs of its original status as a last-generation title, with some relatively simple scene geometry. Mods like GTA V Redux should more than address that problem, with vastly improved image quality and full 4K support. We haven’t even listed the various improvements to the underlying game, so check the mod page and watch the video if you want more information.


“Kamisu beach in Ibaraki played host to the first event of it’s kind in Japan, Motor and Surf Scramble. A fusion of mother nature and engine power with live action baja trucks flying across the sandy shores and the top free riders from around the world blasting through the waves.” – Luke Huxham.


The Mercedes G63 AMG was put through water and mud time and again, by a driver who seemed mentally deranged, until it got stuck and needed to be pulled out by the help of a winch. Afterwards, the lunatic driving the SUV went back into the artificially-made lake and surprisingly, the Mercedes came out of it with no help whatsoever this time. The poor V8 engine under the hood must have suffocated during the outrageous off-road demonstration. When the driver finally stopped revving it and trying to make the car swim, people around lifted the bonnet and revealed the power unit covered in smoke, but still functional.


The Ford Focus RS is the latest in a long-line of RS-badged fast Fords – cars on a mission to bring electrifying performance to people of normal means. What we have here is 345bhp from a tuned version of the Mustang’s 2.3-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost turbo engine channeled though a six-speed manual and a trick four-wheel drive system, that can make the Ford Focus RS behave like it’s rear- instead of front-driven. Adaptive dampers, launch control, a rear wing and all the usability of a normal five-door Ford Focus EcoBoost are thrown in too, and all for around £30,000.


This rider wanted to change the song on his phone without stopping. Just a few moments with his eyes off the road and his day took a nasty turn!


Unlike the power sedans from Germany, Alfa did not install a speed governor on the Giulia QV. Its top speed is 191 mph, or 307 kph if you will. It should only be a matter of time before video of the most badass Alfa around doing 191 mph on the ‘bahn surfaces, if it hasn’t already.


Seriously, how the f**k does anyone get anywhere in LA? I think people could only accept this as part of their daily routine if: 1) They grew up there and never had anything to compare it to. Or 2) They’re from the middle of nowhere and always wanted to live in the big city. There is at least 1 person in that traffic jam who is about to sh*t themselves!