You’re looking at the only Audi RS6 Sedan of the C7 generation! This is owned by @ronicollin, and was based on a standard Audi S6 and then heavily modified to create the C7 RS6 Sedan. This included an insane wide body kit, completely reworked suspension and other engine upgrades. The car now makes 580hp and is finished in Audi’s original Mochalatte colour. 0-100kph is done in less than 3.7 seconds (faster than RS6 Avant) and 0-200kph in 11.9 seconds!

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Everyday on the internet there is a new video of someone getting messing up in a motorbike crash. This guy’s story is different though. Wearing a special airbag vest, this guy avoided any injury!


The Superretard Crew are back at it running wild on the streets with Team A.R.G. Making people smile with a burnout or a wheelie is their aim, not giving a f**k is their game. Shout out to Linus Brostedt for the submission.


“When you see a gutted Subaru Forester roll up to the tree with Mickey Thompson street tires and a bottle of juice in the trunk, you know you’re in for a show! And that’s exactly what we got as we watched this unsuspecting Subie take down Godzilla himself with a 1.5 sec 60ft and a hell of a driver mod!” – 1320video.


“This car looks sketchy and dangerous. There are no side windows at all, and shards of glass clank about the cabin when cornering. There is rust, very little paint, and the racing harnesses don’t fit right. But underneath that is an incredibly sorted performance car. It’s been widened (by the axles, the correct way), and under the hood lives a twin-turbo Toyota 2JZ engine making almost 400 WHP. It doesn’t look like much, but it drives unbelievably well. We may have a new “Zero Fucks Given” champion.” – Matt Farah.


“No I’m not zoomed in, yes I was inches away from the rear end. daily driven exotics – exactly how it sounds. Damon Fryer at DDE drives the shit out of his Ferrari Daily.” – Zwingfilms.

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I don’t think a scene like this would happen everywhere else in the world. This angry guy was not deterred by having a gun pointed in his face, he just kept right on smashing until the car was in a terrible state!


According to the driver in this YouTube video, the film crew got permission from Moscow police before attempting these moves, but some clips of live traffic nearby might mean that not all scenes were shot with permission. You be the judge!


Chinese driver Peter Zhi Cong Li was ‘alert and speaking with team personnel’ after suffering multiple broken heel bones and four fractured vertebrae in a shocking crash during a Formula 3 European Championship race in Austria. Li was airlifted to hospital along with his American team-mate Ryan Tveter, who sustained heavy knee bruising, following the incident in race one at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.


Robyworks present their latest drift film ‘Witch Kettle Legend’ created in a haunted forest. Stunning stuff as usual. Directed and edited by the one and only Roberts Vitols. Film by

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WRC driver Hayden Paddon rolled his Hyundai off the road in Portugal, starting a fire in the dry brush. Amazingly, Ford Fiesta driver Ott Tänak rolled minutes later at the same spot!


We’ve seen the new TG TV presenters in the glamorous settings of Morocco, Abu Dhabi, West Coast America and, um, Blackpool. But this is our first glimpse of Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc in the humble Top Gear office. The latest TG trailer catches them during some downtime putting the new series together, seemingly unable the resist the urge to add something to their car collections.

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‘Gran Turismo Sport’ will include more than 130 cars and support for online and offline play, weather, damage and the most crystal clear gameplay in 60 frames-per-second.

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Good luck getting anywhere around the Northern Territory of Australia without having to cross a few rivers. This one was a particularly deep one though, but they had the right tool for the job!

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On their travels through Australia, 1320video found this 600hp, turbo LS2 powered ute sleeper, and fell in love. Despite weighing in at 3300hps, this 600hp ute is still good for high 9 second 1/4 mile passes!

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If you were a celeb and could afford any whip you liked what would you drive?


Wow, what a hero! When this man saw a serious car crash he immediately rushed to pull the driver to safety, putting himself in danger to do it. Every second counts and nothing could stand in his way. Except, naturally, making sure it was being filmed.


“Co-driving consists of reading hieroglyphics in the name of fast stage times, and no others have finely honed this skill as perfectly as Engineering Explained. Well, none of that’s true, but it was an amazing ride! Big thanks to Travis Pastrana and Subaru for the amazing experience, and of course Christian Edstrom for the knowledge and track suit!” – @engineeringexplained.