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Watch as this “cop” pulls a driver over at random, then makes him switch his engine off. Once you realise what is happening, it’s too late!


“This time we decided to take two girls for a ride in the infamous pumpkin SRT Viper. Needless to say they absolutely loved the viper! Maria also rode in another fan favorite, 700+HP GTR but she still liked the Viper the best. Check out these girls on Instagram, @Doroshina and @jojomacedo” – That Racing Channel.


“My cousin and his son were on a cross country road trip when they had happen to come across The Hells Angels.” I would have waved the entire group of them down to the side of the road so we could find out who accidentally broke the window and exchange insurance information. After that I would proceed to dig my own grave in the field there next to the highway, and promise to make better decisions in my next life.


Everyone loves a good burnout. Unfortunately they don’t always go according to plan with tyre fires, rods out or the dreaded wall hit. Here’s a compilation of some of the best action Flinty460 has filmed over the past 12 months.


Speedhunter’s videos were once a regular accompaniment to their epic photo-based content, and now – for everyones viewing pleasure – they’re making a comeback. You’re looking at a mid-mounted, 160hp Suzuki GSX-R1000 sportbike engine in a 560kg fibreglass Mini Minus. Built for nothing more than the sheer fun of tearing up backroads at 13,000rpm!

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From somewhere in Germany comes this incredible footage of sidecar motocross racing, with sidecar bikes hitting a massive jump and flogging it around a dirt track. I want in on this action!

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If you could have any car to drive for this coming weekend what would it be? Comment below. Tag us in to your car pics on instagram #shockmansion


There’s no better canvas for an artist than a Lamborghini Gallardo. The cars already look dope, but when you see what this paint job can turn into when you add water you’ll be blown away. A graffiti artist from Germany named Rene Turrek used temperature sensitive colour changing paint to make this Italian bull look like the most American car we’ve ever seen.

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Watch Alan Birtwistle scrubbing his handlebars on the ground during his limbo display at Dirt Quake 4 2015. I could imagine this guy pulling up to the club like this, then riding home with 4 women stacked on his bike.


Some legend just made a video showcasing his white knuckle 488 GTB-Autobahn adventure. The anonymous wealthy man, driving Ferrari’s latest, made drivers move out of the way like he was parting of the Red Sea. Except this twin turbo rocket is white. Nothing like a lane change at 300kph to keep you on your toes.


Everything you see in these videos was performed on “closed” roads and with permission to do so. For your own safety please don’t try this on your own. If you do, make sure all GoPros are charged and mounted correctly, and the police aren’t in the area. Once you’ve blurred your plates and uploaded the footage online, email it to us so we can show the world.

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This truck driver must have been looking at a porno mag when he took this corner, cos he sure missed the bike right in front of him. This rider kept a very cool head for such a wild thing to happen to him!

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Tim Cotterill put his dream down on paper, and after a lot of hard work the powerful “Rocket II Trike” is on the road, powered by a blown Hemi V8, which generates over 1000 horsepower. What an absolute beast!


What the f**k is wrong with people? Viral footage like this makes skaters seem extremely disrespectful when the high majority of them aren’t. This kind of sh*t will lead to stricter legislations against skating in public places, which would suck for everyone that loves the sport. I hope karma strikes this scumbag down.


It’s always cool to see a close pass, but people seem to forget that racing-cars are just a pile of ballistic metal. Sure, some of them are controlled by the most talented and skilful drivers, but there’s always a chance that something might go wrong and then everybody will be at the mercy of these beasts.

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Watch as these hectic bikes throw massive rooster tails and dig trenches down this drag strip made of dirt and masculinity!

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The internet does one thing really well, and that is showing you how you should be living your life instead of what you are doing now, which is probably pretending to work. These two guys look like they are having the greatest time drifting the pants off their karts, and I want in!


Watch this insane bike cam footage from Michael Dunlop’s motorcycle as he hunts down the ace Guy Martin during their incredible race at the Ulster Grand Prix. There are two types of drivers that make me shake my head in disbelief; world rally championship drivers and the nut cases that race super bikes in Ireland. Crazy speed – literally, and in that order.