A lot of people in this compilation are dead lucky to get home without injury, and the rest are just Aussie larrikins having a good old time!


Chris Forsberg took his newly built Twin Turbo Nissan 370Z drift machine out to the Streets of Willow Springs for some testing. This new car, with some skillful piloting will certainly please the drift gods.


After this classic Japanese car had its standard motor discarded, and was replaced with a 1GZFE V12, it put down a nice 367.5 horsepower! This car build has its own facebook page if you want to know more.


Powerful muscle cars can lose traction easily on the tarmac, but on the snow you will definitely need some extra help. This guy fitted snow tracks on his Dodge Coronet because that’s what a true badass does!


“I’m not really sure what happened, and neither is he, but it looks like he got a little jumpy when he hit balance point at 95 mph. After taking a few minutes for him to get his breath and me to get his bike out of the ditch, a lovely middle-aged couple pulled up and said, “We seen it and we called the police and ambulance for you.” and god bless em’, they screwed us. His bike was still running, some how, so he hopped on it and we took off.”

654j6Marc Marquez - Action

With his bike fitted with special tyre spikes, the triple MotoGP title holder became the first man to go up Austria’s Kitzbühel Alps on a MotoGP machine.


This snowboarder in Quebec City didn’t look both ways before heading into a snowy intersection and paid the price. Luckily he seemed okay from the audio but I can’t say the same for the vehicle. I’d be f**ken pissed if that was my car.


All hail 1320 Video for putting out easily the most entertaining racing footage online! This Lambo owner thought he was the king of the track, until he met a heavily worked Skyline packing a whopping 800whp. Classic!


For those who don’t know, The Rock is an Ambassador at Ford, and recently he decided to partake in giving away the Ford ‘Go Further’ award. The winner, Marlene is a combat veteran who put in three tours and has a Purple Heart to show for it. She also is a huge fan of The Rock and was not expecting to meet him.


Some of the more noticeable upgrades include a wide body kit with massive wheel arches that make room for ultra-wide tires up front and at the back. Other defining features of the Vicious Mustang are the custom-built replacement roof that retains the iconic fastback styling, the engine hood, smoked lights, black stripes, and the lack of conventional door handles.


The description of the video comically reads “Cleaning gum out of the street”. The R3 guys love to be different and do what others won’t, they want to break boundaries so others can follow, and you have to admit it helps them snap necks and promote their business. Love it or hate it, you have to respect this build whole-heartedly for thinking outside of the box.


While he may not have the most horsepower under the bonnet of his little Corolla, the way he attacks the pad with zero cares is unlike anyone else. Always a crowd favourite, Lynchy had produced the performance of the weekend in the Burnout Masters eliminations at Street Machine Summernats 30. On tip in he flew straight past the bowl and looped around down the exit road! Buckle up.


“Hi-Vis crew in full effect. Glamis. Halloween weekend 2016. Heat Wave Visual. Featuring Nick Isenhouer, Chris Isenhouer, Blake Wilkey, Pre Ran Dan, Preston, Kevin Terry and more. Special thanks to everyone for being down to put the race trucks through the paces and especially Dre for all the help.” – @heatwavevisual.


When this picture first hit the internet, everyone wrote it off as a Photoshop hoax. Now, years later, we get to learn the truth of the biggest blower ever mounted to a drag car!


From somewhere in the United Arab Emirates, this over-enthusiastic driver kills a set and puts a quiet highway to good use. Beautiful sunset by the way.


There are critical differences between marine inboards and car engines, so before you let someone tell you that a crate engine from an automaker might be a great bargain and solution for your re-powering project, do some research. For buyers who might tempted by the theoretical cost savings of an automotive crate engine, think again. Many modifications need to be done before you’re ready to tear up the lake.


When somebody who normally drives a car with less than, say 400hp, rents a supercar and goes canyon carving, you can easily feel the crash tension in the air. On certain occasions, that tension turns into an actual crash and, sadly, the Ferrari drive we’re here to show you is one of the examples that illustrate this.


Tuff Street at Summernats, it’s always a nutty place to check out on a Saturday afternoon, the rowdy crowd’s love a good burnout and you’re guaranteed to hear the iconic “White Top, White Top, White Top” chant when a member of the opposite sex is spotted lurking past. If you like horsepower, cheeky c*nts that don’t play by the rules, cold beer, sunburn, being engulfed by a fog of melted rubber and eye watering methanol, then this is your home. It doesn’t ever get better than Tuff Street. Check out some of the action that hit social media during Summernats 30. #nofucksgiven #fucksecurity