“Neighbours had a loud house party with sh*t ghetto gangster rap playing all night with some douche in a van doing pathetic skids, so had to show them how its done nice and early in the morning.”


Some people want a band at their wedding. Some want a fancy venue, some want an expensive cake and a huge bar tab. Not these newly-weds. These legends, Cass and Aaron wanted an RX4 to kill a set during their wedding photos. And it’s a thing of beauty. If that isn’t true love then we don’t know what is. Congratulations guys.


What if you have an Audi R8 Spyder and its that time of the year when the mountain passes are too frozen for cyclists and bikers, not to mention most cars? You engage Quattro and go for it, hoping the authorities haven’t blocked the roads.


“I live in Canberra, but I’m no politician. I am not politically correct, never was, never will be. And that’s why you love me. I stand out in a world full of rules. I’m loud. I’m in your face. For some I’m a pilgrimage, a rite of passage, or a bucket list item. I’m a 4 day festival, a party with your mates, a weekend away with the missus, a day spent with Dad. I am Summernats!”


In the second of an online-only series Rory Reid takes the Ariel Nomad for a spin around the muddy roads of Wales. What better surroundings for the Nomad than miles of prime Welsh B-roads draped across mountains, valleys and dams…


You’ve all been tempted to try this when you’re in a hire car, but being scared of something terrible happen, no one has ever tried. Until now!


A P-Plater who travelled 200km/h in the breakdown lane high as a kite before ploughing into another vehicle — sending it crashing over a guardrail — later giggled to police “it worked, it got rid of the car”. After the crash, the court heard, Kayden James Lawson took off on his skateboard before being found a kilometre down the road trying to hitchhike; a witness picked him up in his car and returned him to the scene, where a number of other onlookers stood around the car to keep him inside. Lawson was sentenced to four years’ jail with a non-parole period of two years and six months.


“Project OverCharged! That’s what this beast of a Diesel Rat Rod creation by the guys at WelderUp is being called. We caught up with Steve Darnell, the owner of Welder Up and star of Vegas Rat Rods, in the desert at King of the Hammers 2017, where he gave us the inside scoop on this one-of-a-kind 1968 Dodge Charger. 5.9L Cummins diesel, twin chain-driven superchargers, twin turbos, NV4500 transmission, custom 4×4 1 ton chassis, this thing is wicked!” – @bustedknucklefilms.


The 28-year-old carried a special camera on his visor during the open test at Phoenix International Raceway. The three-minute video shows just how much an IndyCar driver has to manage on a weekly basis with shifting, lapping slower drivers and dealing with mind-numbing g forces.


It started with minimal entries, but the Rotary RE-union has expanded to become one of the largest on track Rotary events in the southern hemisphere. It started in 2015 as a way for rotor heads to dust of their classic machines and meet up with likeminded individuals. Cars arrived from all over the North Island and some even traveled up from the South Island. A huge event that only grows in size every year. Want more? Visit the man behind the lens, Danny Wood Photography NZ on his Facebook page. He’ll be uploading a ton of photos online from the event shortly so stayed tuned for that!


“Watch and hear a few brand new Lamborghini Aventador S LP740-4 in action in the snow during the 2017 Lamborghini Winter Accademia in Livigno!” – @ste19bozzy92.


“You all have that one public street that you’ve always wanted to race your car through. GRC rally driver Tanner Foust takes us along for a forest run in his GRC rally spec VW Beetle on one of Portland, Oregon’s famous twisting backwood roads.” – Donut Media.


racing is exciting at the worst of times, with a crash moments away if you lose concentration for even a second. There is a lot more than can go wrong, or right too, and this compilation has a bit of it all!

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In the first of an online-only series Rory takes to the Furka Pass in Switzerland, in an Aston Martin Rapide S. In between filming for the new series of Top Gear, Rory snuck off to sample some of the greatest driving roads on earth, welcome to Rory Reid’s Road Trips.


Riding in the dark greasy line of the lane where trucks and cars drip oil, and not being not fully alert are killer habits for inexperienced motorcyclists. Unlikely he will do either again. New pair of undies and an incredibly lucky escape for this kid.


“Here is one of the videos we’ve been wanting to put together for our 1320Video fans for a LONG time – a twin turbo Lamborghini montage of some of the CRAZIEST Lambos we’ve seen throughout the years! The TT Lambos are at the top of our list for favourite street cars due to their high horsepower AND street-a-bilitiy! Some say the twin turbo Lamborghinis can’t be beat on the highway, but many have tried! GT-R’s, Supras, bikes…these high horsepower Lamborghinis have lined up against anything and everything and still just can’t seem to be beat!” – 1320video.


Akira Nakai, the man behind Rauh-Welt Begriff, is world renowned for his custom wide body modifications to Porsches. People from around the world pay for him to fly to their country and got custom fenders to their Porsche, along with suspension and wheels to complete the RWB look.


“Our girl Leah Pritchett just unofficially became the fastest Top Fuel drag racer on the planet during her weekend test session at Wild Horse Pass in Arizona. We link up with her in Arizona and watch her put down 4 of the quickest passes of all the teams testing. Her quickest time was 3.654 at 331MPH!” – @thehoonigans.