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Luckily no one was seriously injured after a bus with failed brakes flew off a wall, narrowly missing another bus full of passengers. Yikes!


BMW seems big on drifting these days, and so are we, for the record. The video features the M4 sliding in very close proximity to other M cars of various vintages, churning up nimbus clouds of tire smoke, before it takes its spot at the end of a formation that depicts the BMW M logo when viewed from above. The driving was performed by BMW Performance Driving School chief instructor Matt Mullins and Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg. Check it out!

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That sinking feeling in your gut, when you see those red and blues flip on behind you and you suddenly know… you’re F***ED! See what happens when this Mustang gets busted by a cop doing 140mph!

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From skateboards to go karts, Mulholland drive in Southern California is and impressive and enjoyable piece of road. YouTuber RNickeyMouse has collected all his best instagram videos and made one awesome compilation of Mulholland moments!


A total output of 315hp, or 287 wheel horsepower at 9,400 rpm and 151 lb-ft of torque at 8,800 rpm. What an absolute weapon this two wheelie machine is. F**ken power wheelies in any gear for days. How on earth does he hold on? Now thats what I call a widow maker!

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This is why dash-cams were invented. You won’t believe your eyes when this acrobatic biker avoids serious danger and lands on his feet like a cat. Boss moves!

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These cops think they have a good ticket on their hands when they think they see a couple cars drag racing. Turns out, it’s just s few of the internets most notorious pranksters!


The woman on this motorcycle is wearing a thong. You don’t see that everyday. Or maybe you do, in which case you should write a sightseeing book for tourists. The guy in the car where the video is being shot clearly seems impressed, although, to be fair, his ecstasy may be partially brought on by the end of Hotel California.

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This is from the very first event of the new Crosskart series in Finland. These 750cc Suzuki engined Crosskarts produces 150hp and weighs a mere 312kg. Turn up the volume and enjoy the sounds!

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Japanese people are polite and respectful in every way, and this continues onto the roads. Check out this awesome way they say thank you if you let them merge in front of you.

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Bikes, babes, hot rods and muscle cars, this is clearly a post for Men!


I hate the line “We’ll handle this like f**ken men.” No dude, what you mean is you’ll handle it like a petulant child. Men don’t get into fistfights because they had a bad day, children do. Poorly behaved c*nty children at that. Do you think this road rage footage is real, or a clever fake? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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Is motorcycling worth the risk? When it comes to riding, or any other decision in life, when considering risk it is also important to consider reward. The reward of the terrifying yet exhilarating contrast that gives life meaning and purpose.


When a motorcycle hits a car, things rarely go well for the rider. To make riding a bit safer, Ducati Motorcycles and apparel firm Dainese have teamed up to introduce what they say is the world’s first wireless airbag jacket. While traditional airbag jackets activate by pulling a ripcord, the fully integrated Dainese system triggers wirelessly. Available on the $US19,995 Ducati Multistrada 1200 touring bike, the safety system uses the onboard accelerometer and central computer to sense a crash. That activates the jacket’s “cold” technology gas generators in just 45 milliseconds, fast enough to inflate the jacket before the rider hits a car or the ground.


While under the guise of shooting footage for a documentary film, Corey Wadden from Canada captured his mother’s genuine reaction as he surprised her with the car she’s always wanted. While an unusual choice as a dream car, Wadden tells us that his mother used to clean houses for a living, and fell in love with the 1970s Saab after knowing a client who owned one. The client would even let her drive it from time to time, knowing she loved it. After Wadden’s mother lost her job over two years ago, he set off to earn enough money to finance her retirement. He claims he has not yet been successful, though but the new car is “a big milestone.” Wadden spent a whole year searching for the car model and saving enough money to buy it.

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This dad had to share this moment with everyone and got his camera out to document it. His son drives a convertible, and he asked his dad to lock the door before they went shopping. His laughter is contagious!

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This guy saw a dude on the internet jump over a Lamborghini doing 130kph. He was not impressed, and thought he could outdo it. The Audi R8 is 10cm higher, and it was going 20kph faster!

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This car filming with a dash-cam sped up right when an overtaking car tried to pull in front of him. Who do you think is in the wrong?