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Watch these guys get some insane air in stock to mildly built street trucks and jeeps. Yiihaww!

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Wings aren’t anything new on MotoGP bikes, but the H2 looks to be the first with side wings on a production bike, although they aren’t for downforce, they are for cooling. The bike’s supercharged inline four cylinder engine pumps out a whopping 300hp! Would you buy one?


Time for another sporadic dose of TaxTheRich madness. Watch him drift a Rolls Royce Wraith around the grounds of a stately home and through lots of fields. In true Tax The Rich style, the super-expensive car is driven through sandy tracks amongst hay exceeding sane speeds. The man behind Tax The Rich, allegedly Harry Hunt, is the son of multi-millionaire Jon Hunt who used to own Foxtons estate agents. Their car collection includes a Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F50, Ferrari 288 GTO, Jaguar XJ220 and a Bugatti EB110 SS.

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Although motorcycles are fun, they are undoubtably sketchy. These guys are flying between the two lanes, and out of nowhere nearly get taken out by a car going in the same direction!

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Stance cars can look cool as hell, there is no denying that. But actually having your car that low will change the landscape of the road for you. What was once just a driveway, becomes a full blown obstacle that will take the effort of several men to overcome. Would you ever ride this low?

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Do you need something to stop vehicle bombs from blowing up your embassies? Well the United States use these badass barriers that are virtually indestructible. Watch as this truck gets owned trying to break through!


The supremely talented Piano Guys have combined the look, sound, and feel from three eras of Batman films to create “Batman Evolution,” a rousing mashup of classical composition that unifies nearly half a century of musical and cinematic history. Check it out!


Three people have been killed after a monster truck ploughed into the crowd at a Dutch car show, with fears that the death toll could rise further. Eighteen people were also injured in the disaster in the eastern city of Haaksbergen, with six seriously hurt, and the driver of the monster truck has reportedly been arrested. Normally there are high walls around a monster truck event just in case a pedal gets stuck due to the truck jostling around the driver so that the truck will just flip over and not harm the crowd. The barriers at this event were not designed to stop a truck. This was truly a horrible and preventable incident.

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The original ‘On Any Sunday’ from 1971 received an Academy Award nomination. Now we can gladly say the sequel is almost here! ‘On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter’ is an exploration into the pursuit of excitement, passion and life in the world of motorcycle riding. The film will be in theaters nationwide on November 7.


We love Motor Trend’s annual World’s Greatest Drag Race video. Now back for its fourth appearance, the idea of lining some of the world’s fastest cars up for a ten-wide, straight-line, full-throttle run is, well, it’s pretty f**ken awesome. Check it out!

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Forget your AWD’s with 1000hp under the bonnet, this respectable Skoda rally car can make a gymkhana video just as well. Thankfully he made it through the course without causing any damage to his car, otherwise he would have been up for repairs costing tens of dollars.


For all I know, the entire premise was just as fake as the sh*t used — but even if that’s the case, this guy still had to deal with the Taser prongs lodged inside his body. That’s good enough for me. What do you think?


Filmer Jacob Herzog rides along with drifter Julian Dumay as he tears up the Mayhem Course at Sonoma Drift with Donovan Brockway and Joe Tardiff. Being out on the course with your buddies slaying tires is what it’s all about.


We all make mistakes, even when they are staring us the face. Footage shows the moment the motorist pauses briefly in front of traffic lights at a crossroad before driving through a red light. Almost instantly, a police officer to her left activates their blue lights and chases after her. It is not clear whether the driver intended to ignore the rules or not, but it couldn’t have been worse timing.

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This carjacker’s dreams are swiftly put to bed when a would-be victim of a robbery jumped out of his car and started beating him. The golden rule is, never rob a Russian. This rule is obviously hard to follow when you live in Russia.


This is a short, but very intimate portrait of Alex Zanardi, the former Formula 1 driver and winner of the American Champ Car Series. Alex was already a star, when he had his almost fatal accident at the Lausitzring in Germany. He lost his legs, but not his attitude. Alex Zanardi came back and did the impossible: He won races in the World Touring Car Championship, two gold medals at the Paralympics in London 2012 and just recently added two more hand bike world titles!

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Car culture is massive, in fact there are 750 million motor vehicles in the world today. But what about their two wheeled counterpart? Saddle up on your metal horse and enjoy this collection of the roads most stylish motorbikes.


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