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Major Lazer teamed up with Pharrell Williams to make this new song, ‘Aerosol Can’, then had none other than artist Mike Giant to help visually narrate the song. The result finds Mike Giant transcribing Pharrell’s lyrics in versatile hand styles, along with a few graphics. Enjoy!

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A crew of vandals tried to bomb a train while the people on the train hurled insults and drink bottles in their direction. Do you respect their creativity or are they just a bunch of f*ckin’ turd nuggets?


Antoine Goupille got tattooed recently but not by a human. By a 3D printer modified to do tattoos. He may be the first person to receive a machine tattoo. Goupille’s tattoo is just a simple circle; the machine isn’t ready yet to do a full back piece with a unicorn jumping over a Care Bear. But with more time and work put into the machine, it could be. Is this the beginning of the end for tattoo artists? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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In December, street artist Hanksy held a “building destruction party” inside of an abandoned brownstone in the East Village, which himself and other artists temporarily, and illegally, took over. Later that month, via a word of mouth invitation, another party was held so that others could see the work of the 40+ artists inside—the show was called Surplus Candy, and it was one-night-only.

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LumiLor is the world’s only electroluminescent paint and can be applied to any surface that can be painted. While the paint is not illuminated, the surface looks like it would with a normal paint job. Check it!


Berlin Kidz is a limited underground ghetto DVD, offering you 90 minutes of pure Adrenaline. The DVD features dangerous graffiti action at enormous heights and also gives insight into Berlin’s train surfing scene which has been kept underground for many years. A must watch for any graffiti writer or adrenaline junkie.

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & His Girlfriend Stop By Coffee BeanEddie (17)

A 2.5-acre estate that once belonged to Eddie Murphy is now on the market for $US12 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Sacramento, Calif. home has 10 bedrooms (including one with Shrek-themed decor), 14 bathrooms, four wet bars, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a 9-car garage. The Murphys sold it to real estate investor Patrick K. Willis back in 2007, when Eddie and his ex-wife Nicole were finalizing their divorce. Willis reportedly never moved into the house, and the decorations that the Murphys had originally chosen remain in place.


Former bodybuilder and die hard Seahawks Fan Tim Froemke goes all out before every Seahawks home game he attends, spends nearly three hours transforming himself into ‘The Seahulk”. This time lapse video shows how he gets ready.

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The Christmas tree of death! The only problem with doing this is that you’ll eventually create ants who are immune to molten aluminum. Then we are all screwed. Next time use some liquid plexiglass or something see-through so we can see all the ants.

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Using only a finger, an iPad and the app Procreate, artist Kyle Lambert has painted a photo realistic portrait of actor Morgan Freeman, taking 200 hours!

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Words can’t explain the effort put into this mind blowing stop-motion graffiti video by Ironlak, featuring artists Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


The amazing life of Darren Jew – Canon Master and underwater photographer. His passion for photographing whales brings him back to Tonga year after year. This awesome video contains some of his incredible photographs and mind blowing footage captured under the Tongan ocean. For more visit his website HERE.

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When is graffiti art, and when is it vandalism? Check out this epic gallery of street art from around the world and then leave your thoughts in our comment section…

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Darren Pearson created this awesome film called ‘Light Goes On’, a stop motion video in which a light skeleton goes skateboarding.  Enjoy!

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With a heap of people standing around watching, a few guys tried to steal Banksy’s final art piece from his month long stay in New York. Because they didn’t do this in the middle of the night like a theif with half a brain, they were met with angry fans and police.


Amazing self taught artist Xiaonan decided to celebrate Halloween in their own special way. By drawing an incredible portrait of Daryl from Walking Dead using blood. But who’s blood is it? That is the question.

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Master pinstriper Glen Weisgerber demonstrates the roundhand lettering technique. This guy has an incredibly steady hand!

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Anamorphic illusions trick the brain into seeing a 3D object that is actually flat. Check out these epic examples that look completely realistic…