Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause they’re rapin’ everybody out here!

I think I’ll take today to be thankful that I am not a toad with a parasitic worm in its eye!

That said, he seems to be pretty chilled out with it. How long can you watch it before you start feeling phantom worms wigglin’ and squigglin’ all up in your own eye ball?

Congratulations, you’ve just seen one of the worst things on the internet this week. Enjoy the rest of your week…

Three lionesses pounced on a crocodile after the reptile tried to attack a cub – and a tourist caught it all on camera.

The protective females instinctively leaped into action to fend off the aggressive crocodile after it had attempted to pick off the youngster.

During the violent encounter the crocodile managed to bite one of the big cats on the face, but was soon killed by the pride.

If this isn’t man’s best friend, then I don’t know what is. Okay boy, now go and fetch my delicious vodka. Good boy!

Move over skateboarding/surfing dogs, there is a new talent on the internet who’s enthusiasm makes all other action sports dogs look like mutts and strays.

Filmed in Park city, Utah, at trailside bike park, Lily the dog powers through all the sections of this bike track, even clearing doubles and keeping up with the rider! Filmed from all sorts of epic angles, this video captures Lily as she shreds anything in her path.

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Chameleons are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. They are distinguished by their parrot-like feet, their separately mobile and stereoscopic eyes, their very long, highly modified, and rapidly extrudable tongues and of course, the ability of some to change color.

Igor Siwanowicz is an exceptional photographer who captures beautiful photos of reptiles and amphibians. Unlike any other insect photographer, Igor manages to capture human like qualities in the smallest creatures.

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I hope reincarnation is real, because I’ve decided what I want to be in my next life. We all know the internet loves cat videos, but things just got super-sized with this huge black panther throwing down some of the biggest jumps you will ever seen.

The cat leaps up his enclosure fence chasing his toy only to end up a full human’s height above his trainer.

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A man jumped into a spider monkey enclosure at a Brazilian zoo in an attempt to befriend them. He said he wanted to play with the primates at the Sorocaba Zoo near Sao Paulo on Sunday.

The monkeys understandably didn’t want him to be there and attacked him, leaving him bleeding. He admitted to being drunk when he jumped into the water.

He was later treated for bites to his hand and arms. Warning: This video does contain some blood.

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A wounded seal pup becomes a morsel for a Great White shark which swallows it whole with its gaping jaw. Photographer David Yarrow captured the stunning images on a trip to False Bay near Cape Town, South Africa.

This bro joins his feathery friend in the clear blue skies for a fly with his para glider. Could you imagine how many women this dude would get after this video went viral? I wonder what the bird is thinking? “You could fly this whole time and only just told me now!?”

A deer fiending for a Taco overcame its inability to open doors by making a magnificent leap through a glass window. The deer was uninjured, and left the taco restaurant as fast as it arrived.

A real bison never leaves a bison behind. Except when there is a pack of wolves and all a bison can think of doing is running with his eyes closed. Hey Bison, why you gotta be such a jerk?

Only the best for these rad little creatures. The question is…did they ingest THC and get high, or did their rapid metabolism prevent them from feeling any affects?

I can picture it now… “Those hummingbirds need to be captured and put in jail. They are committing a crime and promoting the use of illicit drugs. Shame on them” – The War on Drugs

Credit for all these images goes to photographer Jeff Scheetz. You can check out more photos at his Flickr page here.

A woman floating on a surfboard near Santa Cruz, California almost ended up on the lunch menu for a humpback whale over the weekend. Luckily, Barb Roettger had her camera rolling as two whales burst from the water meters from a surfer and a pair of kayakers.

The whales have been hanging around Santa Cruz, feeding on schools of anchovies, and there has been there reports of close encounters with the whales in the last few months.

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Pollination: it’s vital to life on Earth, but largely unseen by the human eye.

Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg shows us the intricate world of pollen and pollinators with gorgeous high-speed images from his film “Wings of Life,” inspired by the vanishing of one of nature’s primary pollinators, the honeybee.

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Animal photography is probably the hardest, and sometimes the most dangerous type of photography you can get.

The outcome totally depends on the skills of photographer and the time when the shot is taken.

A photographer who uses good exposure, color and blur settings along with appropriate shutter speed and focusing techniques can produce stunning photographs.

Animal photographers have to be prepared and be ready for the unknown. They need to study action and language of animals to know every move.

Many animal photographers use camouflage in order to hide themselves so the animals act naturally in their habitat.

When shooting in wildness, photographers usually shoot with long telephoto lenses from a distance.

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A 16-foot-long Burmese python was found to have a whole adult deer in its stomach after it was captured and killed in a U.S. national park. The reptile – one of the biggest ever found in South Florida – had recently swallowed a doe the size of a human.

Skip Snow, a python specialist who conducted the autopsy at Everglades National Park, said the animal had a girth of 44ins with the deer inside its stomach. ‘This is clearly an extreme event,’ he told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. ‘It shows you they can eat huge things.’

Real life Indiana Jones, Niall McCann, realises a life’s ambition by catching a giant anaconda. The adventurer, who has rowed the Atlantic and trekked across Greenland’s Polar Ice Cap, pounced on the jungle giant, which weighed around 100kg and had a girth of 27ins.

The 29-year-old biologist from Cardiff was exploring the tropical rainforests of Guyana when he happened across the monster reptile on a bank of the Rewa River.

I was trying to hold its head to the ground and it kept trying to turn its head to bite me – it was wrestle. Its strength was amazing and when a ripple went through its body it shook all of us.”

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