These massive schools of sardines feed hundreds of animals, and not only the ones swimming around them. Birds missile themselves up to 10 meters deep, then will swim down to a staggering depth of 20 meters to catch these delicious fish.

I always thought I was the only one who enjoyed sardines on toast, these guys make me look like a sissy. Watch this video!

What, she thought the snake would be happy to see her or something? This is what happens when you send ordinary girls into the jungle to handle snakes.

Donkeys bred in captivity offer easy pickings to two young lions. But their predatory instincts could well be their undoing as Nabian scientist and carnivore expert Philip ‘Flip’ Stander tells local farmers that they do have the right to kill the lions if the threat to their livestock is too great.

Elk cows like to graze on the lawns of Estes Park, Colorado. Bulls follow them into town for some lovin’. The scenes in this video from Human Planet are surreal, particularly the golf courses crowded with both humans and elk. Also, very stupid tourists.

Intelligent and adaptable, these dolphins have developed a unique technique for catching fish that ordinarily remain tantalizingly out of reach near Shark Bay in Australia.

Dolphins make everything a game because they can…they are bored with life. Evolution can’t keep up with them!

Gangs of gangster monkeys run riot mugging market stall owners in the Indian city of Jaipur. Build a cage over your cart next time and stop losing your stock dang namit.

Strange and unusual life inhabits the plankton rich seas of the underwater kelp forests. That amazing squid display won me over, I shall now mate with it. Move aside weirdos.

The mystery of how geckos manage to scurry up walls and stick to ceilings may have been solved by scientists.

It seems the little lizards have a network of tiny hairs and pads on their feet which produce electrical attractions that literally glue the animals down.

With millions of the hairs on each foot, the combined attraction of the weak electrical forces allow the gecko to stick to virtually any surface – even polished glass.

Californian researchers believe the reptile’s sticky toes could now help them to develop a novel synthetic adhesive that is both dry and self-cleaning.

If a human hand had the equivalent “sticking power”, it could lift huge weights. “If the hands were maximally attached, we estimate that kind of size would be able to hold about 90 pounds (40 kilos) or so,” Professor Autumn Kellar, one of the researchers in the gecko study, told the BBC.

Freaks me out, up yours gravity.

Learn more about the amazing way in which a pit viper uses all its senses to hunt for prey at night.

Mother Nature really did go all out when it came to giving the viper everything it needs to survive in the jungle.

Vast open spaces make hunting for animals almost impossible, but the Kazakh hunters fortunately have a trick up their sleeve. Let me rephrase that, perched on their sleeve!

Get an birds eye view of the action as they team up with a golden eagle to hunt a fox in the barren Altai Mountains of Mongolia.

We would like to present you, a relaxing video of ninja cat training in his new facility. It’s filmed entirely on the Phantom HD with frame-rates ranging from 400 to 800 frames per second. You’d better leave your tough guy persona at the door before you watch these. Only the coldest of souls will hate on this. Eat your heart out National Geographic.

Next we have this little dude is named Alex. He is unfortunately addicted to heroin. He itches and talks to himself constantly.

The footage comes from an upcoming feature film made entirely on the Phantom HD. Epic stuff…the footage I mean, not the drugs. Poor little Alex.

Mark Hannant recently shot this amazing scene in the Maldives. Five small sharks are chasing after their dinner inside an enormous school of fish. All while a heron on the shore tries to take advantage of the opportunity. Who will win this epic battle to the death?

Watch as a crew of thieving monkeys terrorize a neighborhood in South Africa.

I’m just gonna go ahead and say what everyone is thinking. I would train them to steal money and climb drain pipes where they film hot girls showering in high rise Penthouse apartments.

Watch this phenomenal video and witness a fully grown python kill and eat a deer. So what have we learned here kids? We’ve learned that if a python crawls up from under your bed while your sleeping and starts constricting you, you can stick your thumb into its wind pipe and suffocate it back! First one to pass out loses.

In the Pacific, a tiny island 300 miles away from the shore hides a giant mountain beneath the waves that forms a home for thousands of plankton feeding fish. These fish attract tuna, and the tuna attract thousands of sharks!

Although rare, it is known for animals to be born with two heads. It has even happened to large farm animals such as two-headed cows, sheep and pigs. However, these animals normally only survive for a short time.

On the other hand, two headed reptiles have been known to live for as long as 20 years. There are a number of two headed snakes on display in zoos and even private residences around the world. As they share one body it doesn’t matter which head eats, but owners try to feed both heads so neither feels left out. Freaky!

Ambam the silver-back gorilla has perfected walking like a man and in doing so has become the star of Port Lympne Animal Park in the UK. What’s next? A man that walks like a gorilla? Ha! Impossible I tell you.

The birds in New Guinea remind me that we are the aliens living on our own Pandora, even if we don’t have spider-monkeys and ride pterodactyls.

Check out this one bird’s weird mating dance. You watch this video while I go run around in the jungle trying to bang blue chicks.