There aren’t many times when a video can be both adorable and violent. This is one of those special, special times.

If you have a reputation as a rugged manly man, don’t let anyone see you watching this video. Your heart will melt like the ice keeping your beer cold on a hot summers day.

We have all seen cats go crazy while chasing laser pointers, but did you know fish will act the same way? This puffer fish is hungry for some delicious red dot…

A massive gang of dolphins suddenly stampede near a boat off Dana Point, California. I knew it was only a matter of time before they would come for us…run for the hills!

How many people out there can say they’ve been chased by a hippo, while in a boat? I guess he didn’t want them in his lake. Filmed during an African safari.

An unsuspecting heron makes a stop in the lions’ area of Amsterdam’s Artis zoo. I’ll give away the ending: It gets caught and killed. Lions will be lions, in captivity or not.

Watch as the electrocution of a young capuchin monkey on a 50 KVA transformer is caught on camera.

Luckily it recovered the next day, ate a banana, escaped it’s little leash and took off into the wilderness.

Believe it or not, one week after the monkey was electrocuted, an adult capuchin monkey killed himself at exact the same spot.

There was apparently a loud explosion, and the monkey was found laying stiff and dead on the transformer…

Life is like a dog sled team. If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes. – Lewis Grizzard.

Proceed with caution…

This is at the cafe inside the Memphis Zoo. The manager of the cafe told this guy that the alpha male monkey noticed him the second he walked in the door and started going crazy, because, as the alpha male, he feels threatened by tall males. So she told him to go stand by the window and turn my back on him and that he would “attack” me…

A new meaning for mouth wash? Watch as this guy get his teeth cleaned by two cleaner wrasse fish.

The cheapest and best teeth cleaning in Dahab Sinai, Egypt. Fishy fresh right out of the water…

Someone grab my piggy bank and a hammer. I am going to invest in this dog and live out my days on the royalties.

Animals greatly outnumber humans, so we’d better be nice to them. In case they get organised one day and start a revolution, here is a nice post I hope they’ll find, dedicated to how epic they are.

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If we all had one of these set up in our places, we could totally run our computers or maybe the TV. Damn, we are ruling at this eco-friendly stuff.

Watch as a little grizzly bear cub and a wolf cub play in the gift shop at the Woodland Zoo in Farmington, Pennsylvania. I demand this to be made into a Disney film this instant!

While riding in the wake made by a boat, this surfer realised he was sharing the wave with a dolphin off the coast of St. Pete Beach. Looks like fun!

The panting, I hear nothing but panting, please make it stop! This is the sound of 42 Saint Bernards during their walk on Lasqueti Island, Canada. Now take me to the hospital, I finished the video and can still hear panting.

Albino animals are very rare in nature, and man has long had a fascination for these creatures since ancient times.

Some cultures regard albinos as sacred animals, and they have even been the basis of great legends and folklore.

Due to their uniqueness and rarity, albino animals are some of the most valuable attractions in zoological centers and circuses throughout the world.

Today we present 30 of nature’s rarest albino, leucistic, and white creatures to you.

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Like some kind of epic battle in a movie set in ancient Greece, the two heads on this snake try disparately to be the one to swallow the mouse. Who’s your money on, lefty or righty?