You would think life as a penguin would be all sliding around on ice and swimming really fast, but no. As it turns out, their world is similar to ours and no one can be trusted.

For a male penguin to attract a female, they must build a nest out of pebbles. One penguin totally violates the bro code and instead of finding his own pebbles, pulls the robbery and sneaks them while his neighbor isn’t watching.

I’m not even surprised by this. After all, penguins have a long history of crime.

Watch this goose attack directed by the one and only Michael Bay. Man that was intense!

Triton, an 11 years old male lion loves to play football in his enclosure at Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa.

Soccer mad Triton likes soccer so much that he refuses to play with seven females he shares his enclosure with.

He was born at the zoo has become a tourist attraction. Watch this amazing animal video where Triton shows off his skills…

Members of a golf club in Australia have something more to worry about than just their swing – playing on what’s thought to be the world’s first shark-infested course. Water hazards are a challenge for anyone who plays golf, but on the 14th tee at the Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane there is another reason to be concerned.

Half a dozen man-eating bullsharks live in the lake in the centre of the course where their fins poking through the water have become a regular sight. The sharks got onto the Queensland golf course when it flooded and the river broke its banks.

The sharks, which are between 8 and 10ft long, have proved quite a hit at corporate events and their fins have even been spotted during wedding ceremonies held on the course. Local children once jumped in the lake to retrieve lost golf balls for extra pocket money – but it is something they have not done for a while…

Frank and Louie the cat, was born with two faces, two mouths, three eyes, and lots of doubts about his future.

Twelve years after Marty Stevens rescued him from being put down because of his condition, the exotic blue-eyed rag doll cat is not only thriving but has made it into the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records.

He’s the longest surviving member of a group known as Janus cats, named for the Roman god of transitions, who has two faces.

Some lucky visitors to Yosemite National Park were treated to quite the show: Two ridiculously cute bear cubs wrestling with each other in the middle of the road.

Not all bear interactions are this enjoyable, and a number of people have recently been attacked by bears, raising questions over whether humans should be intruding on bear habitats.

The tiger and dog have been raised together since they were nine weeks old, they have become inseparable friends.

They play together all the time and neither one of them has ever been injured. Watch the classic footage after the jump!

Sharks and seals are top of their respective food chains but there is no contest when the fish stalks the mammal.

Great white sharks typically feed on fish, dolphins, porpoises and dead whales. They also love the taste of seal – but it’s a treat that is hard to come by.

Seals have brilliantly adapted to the water since their bear-like ancestors took to the seas more than 20 million years ago. This however is no match for a hungry great white as you will soon realize when watching the video after the jump!

If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, just remember, at least you’re not a frog.

In fact, one look at BBC Life’s breathtaking video of this little guy, and all your problems will likely seem much less grave. After all, when’s the last time you had to fend off a snake attack and nearly fall to your death?

That’s what we thought. Luckily, this little guy made it to safety. If anything, this video shows just how many epic moments happen in nature that usually go unwitnessed by humans. Little frog, it’s now time to conquer the world. You mad snake?

A law of nature, don’t mess with a Rhino. I wonder how it ended? Was the Warthog gored, did it get up and stroll away? Silly zoo, clearly these dudes don’t belong in the same environment.

If you don’t mind not getting a good night sleep for the next three months, and jumping fifteen meters every time a blade of grass touches your ankle, watch this video.

Although this jumping spider is relatively small, when filmed with a macro lens it becomes something out of a dream. The way I feel right now is that if a giant spider doesn’t come along and kill me soon, the anticipation will.

Imagine yourself as a small mouse or rat as this Eagle Owl drops in for a bite. The owl coming at you at 1000 frames per second is incredible!

These next two epic sequences of a bald eagle catching a fish were recorded simultaneously with two high speed cameras with Full HD resolution.

God I love these creatures. That stupid little fish never saw the claws of hell swooping in until it was to late.

A Great White Shark attacks a diving cage just off Seal Island, Gaansbai in South Africa.

C’mon dudes, hold the camera still. It’s like you’ve never been attacked by a Great White Shark before.

A major feature length production from BBC Earth Films, One Life has been created from 10,000 hours of incredible, intimate footage of amazing creatures that are in turn heroic, strange, loveable, beautiful and surprisingly funny.

One Life is voiced by Daniel Craig and offers an accessible narrative that everyone will love.

It is directed by Michael Gunton and Martha Holmes from the BBC Natural History Unit and is a joyful celebration of the most brilliant and imaginative stories of survival from the natural world.

This is the moment when a shark expert risked life and limb by paddling on a surfboard just feet away from a great white shark.

South African Chris Fallows, who runs diving and shark-spotting trips off Cape Town, went paddle boarding off the coasts of South Africa and Mexico, moving within sight of the predators in an attempt to dispel the theory that they post a threat to humans.

Can he keep his balance?

Damn, I’m going to be checking my bed for snakes for weeks now after watching this. Maybe I should just get a pet Honey Badger to watch my back. They are pretty gnarly characters. We’d become best friends and I would totally watch its back when it’s out stealing eagle eggs or whatever it does for kicks.

If you are one of those people who see their pet as their very own child, this video may make your ‘child’ appear to be a bit of an underachiever.

This dog is better at board sports than most humans! Someone needs to hook up a Vitamin Water deal or something, turn this dog pro and give him a reality TV show.

Watch this dog rip at everything below.

If you mess with the bull you get the horns. If you play with elephants, your going to get squashed like a ripe grape. If you randomly grab a hot girl’s behind, your going to prison…I’m making these up, but you get the idea. This guy is officially our idiot of the week. He teases an alligator until it bites his hand. Nice one.