Nature shows are chock-full of underwater footage, and there is always a special focus on sharks.

All that shark footage has to come from somewhere, and to get a good shot divers must literally dive into the shark’s lair and press record.

But this scuba-cameraman got a little to close for comfort with a very nice sized Tiger Shark who almost bit off his leg. Now you can appreciate the next Shark Week that much more…

Douglas Hamilton of Scotland spends his last day at Sea View Lion Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa receiving hugs and kisses from lion cubs. Douglas spent the summer with the lions two years ago and his video has just been spotted now receiving attention from Taylor Swift and over half a million others in one week. Cuteness overload I know, don’t worry, you’ll still be a man after watching it.

Fast forward a few years…

A squirrel verse a snake? What are the odds of this rare match up?

In this all-out roadside brawl, all bets are off as prey attacks predator.

Not a single f**k was given that day that’s for darn tooting sure. Place your bets and hit the jump…

Lets just pause for a moment and pretend that you all believe in reincarnation. You lead a bold and triumphant life but your time has run out. The last decision you need to make is this: What would you rather be in your next life…a Wolf or an Eagle?

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In the summer of the Arctic, a male polar bear finally submerges into the ocean of his collapsed icy home. Truly remarkable images of a great male polar bear diving and twisting in the open water in the hope of catching a seal unawares…

I like how it’s running at full speed then just stops dead to take a sh*t. I feel sorry for the dog, it must have been desperate that whole way!

Photographer Burrand Lucas went and built an armored camera carrier called the Beetle Cam so he could photograph lions up close and personal and this is the result.

Burrand sells the Beetle Cams, which are basically remote controlled tanks and start around $2,000.

Of course, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to getting some up close and personal footage of lions you could buy one of my cameras.

I call it ‘The Lazy As F**k Cam’ and you start by Googling lion videos on Youtube from the safety of your bedroom…

This is the Ratatouille, and he is an Opossum. That all seems normal doesn’t it, until you see him get on his snowboard and shred the rad!

He rides a Burton Riglet snowboard, and even has a season pass so he doesn’t have to poach when he hits the mountains.

Watch Ratatouille get gnarly after the jump…

A pod of around thirty dolphins suddenly washed ashore at the Arraial do Cabo beach in Brazil while hunting for fish.  This incredibly rare occurrence was amazingly caught on camera.

Without hesitating, beach goers sprung into action to help our ocean dwelling mammal friends, dragging them back into deeper water. That’s right dolphins, we’ve got your mother f*cking backs.

Hit the jump to watch this completely awesome video…

That’s not snow below! The severe flooding in Australia isn’t just impacting humans, it’s also forcing spiders to vacate their homes along swollen riverbanks. Here are creepy photographs of a sort of spider refugee camp near an inland residential area.

The spiders don’t pose any harm at all. They are not aggressive and only bite if they face a severe threat or their lives are in danger.

They have a mild venom, so if they were to bite you, you would only get a bit of a headache and some local pain.

“The amount of mosquitoes around would be incredible because of all this water, but these spiders are capturing all these insects and bugs.”

“They are doing us a favour. They are actually helping us out.”

Ondrej Pakan is a photographer from Slovakia who captured these stunning macro photos of bugs covered in tiny water droplets. The photographer takes these photos seconds after a downpour. “I get soaked waiting for the rain to finish, but it all seems worth it when you get really great shots of the insects with drops on them.” These photos look as though they could be taken from another world.

There aren’t many times when a video can be both adorable and violent. This is one of those special, special times.

If you have a reputation as a rugged manly man, don’t let anyone see you watching this video. Your heart will melt like the ice keeping your beer cold on a hot summers day.

We have all seen cats go crazy while chasing laser pointers, but did you know fish will act the same way? This puffer fish is hungry for some delicious red dot…

A massive gang of dolphins suddenly stampede near a boat off Dana Point, California. I knew it was only a matter of time before they would come for us…run for the hills!

How many people out there can say they’ve been chased by a hippo, while in a boat? I guess he didn’t want them in his lake. Filmed during an African safari.

An unsuspecting heron makes a stop in the lions’ area of Amsterdam’s Artis zoo. I’ll give away the ending: It gets caught and killed. Lions will be lions, in captivity or not.

Watch as the electrocution of a young capuchin monkey on a 50 KVA transformer is caught on camera.

Luckily it recovered the next day, ate a banana, escaped it’s little leash and took off into the wilderness.

Believe it or not, one week after the monkey was electrocuted, an adult capuchin monkey killed himself at exact the same spot.

There was apparently a loud explosion, and the monkey was found laying stiff and dead on the transformer…