Watch as a little grizzly bear cub and a wolf cub play in the gift shop at the Woodland Zoo in Farmington, Pennsylvania. I demand this to be made into a Disney film this instant!

While riding in the wake made by a boat, this surfer realised he was sharing the wave with a dolphin off the coast of St. Pete Beach. Looks like fun!

The panting, I hear nothing but panting, please make it stop! This is the sound of 42 Saint Bernards during their walk on Lasqueti Island, Canada. Now take me to the hospital, I finished the video and can still hear panting.

Albino animals are very rare in nature, and man has long had a fascination for these creatures since ancient times.

Some cultures regard albinos as sacred animals, and they have even been the basis of great legends and folklore.

Due to their uniqueness and rarity, albino animals are some of the most valuable attractions in zoological centers and circuses throughout the world.

Today we present 30 of nature’s rarest albino, leucistic, and white creatures to you.

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Like some kind of epic battle in a movie set in ancient Greece, the two heads on this snake try disparately to be the one to swallow the mouse. Who’s your money on, lefty or righty?

“This male lion pounced as soon as we put our 10 month old daughter down in front of the glass alone. She is oblivious, but he seems pretty serious!”

Can’t a lion get a stain off his glass without being accused of wanting to eat a baby these days? It’s just spring cleaning people! Seriously though, chill out with the teasing, pisses me off watching videos like this…

Timur is a Russian tattoo artist and recently he decided it would be a good idea to tattoo the chest of his cat.

The cat breed is a hairless Sphinx, which he put to sleep by general anesthesia before the tattoo begun.

Russians who witnessed this video are crying foul and the controversy about this tattoo caused a massive stir on social networks over there.

The artist then got a tattoo on his own chest to match the cat. Apparently it was some kind of phrase relating to the cat’s breed Sphinx. I dug a little deeper and the man is now headed to prison for animal cruelty…

When the video starts the baby elk is about to be wounded by the wolf but gets away and find some safety in the river.

Soon after hearing the baby Elk crying the grizzly bear decides to go after it with no regard for the wolf.

At the end of the video the baby elk gains some distance but ends up on shore with the wolf waiting and the grizzly bear in hot pursuit.

I’m not sure exactly sure who won but it definitely wasn’t the elk…

A crew of South Florida roofers were redoing a client’s roof when they were surprised by bats bursting out of from under the tiles. They quickly realised it wasn’t just a few rogue bats, but an massive bat infestation.

Hundreds of tiny bats began flying out from underneath the tiles as each tile was pulled up. I’m guessing these guys will think twice before doing any more renovations for the Adams family.

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Deadly Cobra snakes are the best friends of this 8-year-old Indian girl even after being bitten by them couple of times.

Kajol Khan who wants to become a snake catcher like her father eats, sleeps and plays with six Cobras all day long. She has even stopped going to school out of her love for the snakes.

Kajol said: “I didn’t like the company of humans in the school so stopped going there five years ago.

Isn’t she just adorable with her little fanged friends…

This amazing footage was captured by common cranes that have been hand-reared to fly alongside a microlight. This video captures the migration of cranes as they fly above Venice.

This visitor got more than she bargained for when she tried to get up close and personal to the animals at a safari park in Texas.

Eating a bag of crisps with the window down may not be the most sensible thing to do in the circumstances – especially when you’re checking out a zebra who clearly has a hankering for potato chips.

The girl, named Meagan, got such a nasty shock she almost throws up her tasty chips…

The great whites stopped nosing around the boat, but they were still out there. The captain could see them on his depth finder, on the bottom more than 200 feet below. On the dive platform, William Winram strapped on a low-volume mask and long-blade fins, as did his two friends. He planned to go meet the great whites today. No shark cage. No spear gun or knife. Just his camera. Photos and video would document the event.

Winram, 46, was calm, looking down, taking long, deep breaths through his snorkel, filling his lungs to capacity. He descended slowly to 60 feet and hung there, gently sculling his hands to stay in position. This was his Zen zone, weightless, heart rate slowed to near 30 beats a minute, his mind clear as the sea.

Winram couldn’t see anything below. He waited for two minutes, then headed back up to get more air, looking to see where the boat was, then scanning all around. Great whites always come from behind.

At about 40 feet below, he heard the throat-pulsing sound that the divers make to signal one another. Mmph-mmph-mmph.

He turned around to see an adult shark coming at him faster than he’d ever experienced. Normally, they were cautious and skittish. This one, weighing well over a ton, looked like he was considering a bite. Winram was too far from the boat to get there in time. And even if he had tried, the shark’s instincts would lock down: prey.

A fish eagle hunts for flamingos in Lake Bogoria, Africa. Using a tonne of epic camera angles, we get to experience the birds view point as is swoops over a huge flock of flamingos.

Watch below as this yellow lab is rescued from the water after falling into the icy river! A man heard dog cries and found it stuck in the icy waters of the Indian River. Theresa Fire Department responded and rescued the dog after several close calls of being swept under the ice by the current!

I know what your thinking, The Great White Invasion? Sounds like some sort of porno to me. Not true. Watch as this Great White shark enjoys the warmth of the sun very close to the shore.

Remind me never to vacation on that beach. I forgot that sharks that big could come that close to shore.

Pretty sure I’ll be skimboarding for the rest of my life now, nothing over ankle deep. Damn nature, you scary…

Madhuri, an Indian elephant, swings a monitor lizard around by its tail. The unlucky creature had been swept off the ground and was carried around for a number of days by the elephant. With its tail firmly clamped in the animal’s trunk the lizard was swung around and occasionally put back on the ground. The scene was captured by Jagdeep Rajput during a trip to Corbett National Park in India

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Shaun White has a spirit animal and it’s been caught on camera. Nobody watching? Time to act human and go snowbirding!