Yogi the Corgi causes a paint can to explode, which then ignites the pilot light of the oven.

If this is fake, they’re cruel to animals. If this is real, they have a meth lab…

Swim off and be well little dude. Well done divers, karma is real and you will be rewarded…

At the Denver Zoo, a bluffing big shot relies on the protection of Plexiglas to stare down an increasingly unhappy lion. Press ‘LIKE’ if you would love to feed this wanker to the lion…

Check out this bloody huge 600LB Marlin eaten by a group of Tiger Sharks off the coast of Cairns, Australia.

Clouds of blood erupted from the marlin as the tiger sharks relentlessly attacked and tore off the fish’s body leaving only it’s head.

Not exactly what the Marlin had in mind when he said he wanted a 3-some. Damn nature, you scary…

He was apparently making a statement about the zoo chef. Food recycling – he’s doing it wrong.

Nothing goin’ on round here. Just a bunch of got-damn hillbillies holdin’ some poisonous worms. You gon sit here tuggin’ on your own worm or you gunna look at them pictures. Move along now, ya’ hear.

During the autumn rut, bull elk become very unpredictable and easily agitated.

This video demonstrates why it is not wise to stop too close to elk even if you stay in your vehicle.

Don’t mess with the bull son. You’ll get the horns…

The dog is like: “Did anybody get the license plate on that truck? Let me get out of the street before I get hit again. Oh hey baby, yeah I’m alright.”

Pretty sure dogs are in the wolf family as far as a horse is concerned.

Don’t tell this dog you’ll be back in 5 minutes if you are going to browse the video store for half an hour…

This is a song all about harp seals. I had no idea they were like this…

A scientist in North Carolina is more than a little relieved to say see ya later to one particular alligator. The scientist was called in to remove the 8-foot gator from a highway.

As you can see from the phone video, the reptile was not very receptive to the idea. He snapped and bit the man’s arm, before the man was able to kick himself free.

The gator was moved to a private farm…

A 40-pound barracuda torpedoed out of the water and jumped straight into a fishing boat off the coast of St. Augustin, Florida. The unusual event was caught on camera by Kevin Faver, who produces a cable show called Tales from the Outdoors.

Just a reminder, pet owners, that you’re a heartbeat away from being dinner. This right here though, is the biggest amount of pussy I have ever seen.

Here’s one for the dog lovers out there.

Remember how you thought it was a good idea to get a puppy? Well you’d better hope that same little dog doesn’t grow into a horse! Look at how big these dogs are!

A mother duck encourages a duckling to jump from a great height. Questionable duck parenting, perhaps, but everything went OK in the end!

We’re not saying it’s an alien…but it’s an alien. Where is Bear Grylls these days anyway? Not only does he know what it is, he also knows what it tastes like.

Thomas Swiader wasn’t sure what had happened. He was fishing in his kayak near Lake Triplet in Casselberry when a large alligator took a swipe at him and his girlfriends dog Buffy, a small yorkie.

“To tell you the truth, when I saw the splash, what I thought was, ‘what’s a striper (bass) doing down here’,” Swiader said. “Then I saw the tail of gator swim under the kayak, then I knew what it was. After that my reaction was to get out of there.”

Join Brian in Australia behind a mental hospital feeding wild kangaroos…and that was the last we ever saw of Brian.