An eight month old calf became stuck in a shallow well with his mother nearby who was becoming visibly frustrated not being to save her baby. Luckily, a group of radical humans got word of the issue and sent two jeeps to check out the situation. After some hard work they were successful. There are few things more awesome than seeing a baby elephant run full speed towards their mother. Faith in humanity restored.

Shane said he caught the shark when he was fishing at Ninety Mile Beach in Seaspray Victoria. It later washed up on the beach with the hook still attached. He didn’t want the shark to die so he did want any Aussie legend would do, drag it back into the water and send him home. “It did finally swim off with no worries, the waves pushed it around a bit, but once it was past the shore line it was gone,” he said.

I honestly didn’t realize you could legally own Hyenas as domesticated pets. I would have thought that…wait, sorry what was that? It’s not a Hyena? It’s the biggest Red Nose Pit Bull ever named Bus? Sweet mother of god. That thing is a monster! I’ll be hiding in the basement if you need me.

Watch this Costa Rican guide almost get attacked by a crocodile in the Costa Rica river. He plays it cool, but I bet his heart was racing!

Jumping spiders range in size from a body length of 1mm to 20mm/2cm. I’m not usually a fan of spiders, but this little dude is awesome. If you look closely, you’ll see he has an amazing mustache.

No need for a burglar alarm when you have this creative setup!

Could you imagine getting charged by a Gorilla without retreating? I don’t understand how that guy can support the weight of both the baby gorilla and his giant testicles.

We’ve had some experience with dog shaming before, but this takes it to the next level with video evidence of this pooch’s crimes. If you’ve never seen dog shaming before, you are in for a treat…

“We nearly missed this leopard on our early morning game drive. We were watching her for about half an hour when something spooked the herd of Impala on the opposite side of the road. The Impala ran straight into the leopard.”

No no no no…good good good good. Somebodies getting couch privileges tonight.

Officials in Idaho have released video of a dog attacking a police officer during a welfare check at a home in Nampa on Monday afternoon. Sgt. Tim Randall with Nampa Police said the attack led an officer to shoot and kill one of the dogs. Neither officer was hurt. The incident was caught on video by a small camera officers wear and activate during responses to calls. Who’s side are you on? Leave your thoughts in our comment section…

Squirrels must have built in parachutes. I must go, my people need me!

An underwater camera has captured the magical moment a baby dolphin was born in Hawaii. It was the first baby for its mother 12-year old Keo who was in labour for an hour. She was carefully monitored by trainers in the lagoon at the Hilton Waikoloa Village.

Bulldogs aren’t the most agile creatures. They’re short, fat, and typically lack the ability to do somersaults. Well, Mudd the trampolining bulldog is hoping to change those unfair stereotypes.

The radical elephant takes aims and gets a perfect shot on some poor man at the Berlin Zoo. When that man was a child he apparently threw popcorn at that elephant when he was in the circus. Sweet elephant justice.

I’m pretty sure it was just showing them how it got down there in the first place…

While demonstrating the martial art Kalaripayat, Gitanjali Kolanad is attacked by a Lion during a cover shoot for Toronto’s Desi Life magazine…

A Great Dane named Zeus from Otsego, Michigan, is officially the most ginormous dog in the world. This Guiness World Record holder, in fact, is the tallest dog ever measured. Denise Doorlag’s 3-year-old pooch stands 44 inches to the shoulder and an absurd 7-foot-4 on his hind legs!