We would like to present you, a relaxing video of ninja cat training in his new facility. It’s filmed entirely on the Phantom HD with frame-rates ranging from 400 to 800 frames per second. You’d better leave your tough guy persona at the door before you watch these. Only the coldest of souls will hate on this. Eat your heart out National Geographic.

Next we have this little dude is named Alex. He is unfortunately addicted to heroin. He itches and talks to himself constantly.

The footage comes from an upcoming feature film made entirely on the Phantom HD. Epic stuff…the footage I mean, not the drugs. Poor little Alex.

Mark Hannant recently shot this amazing scene in the Maldives. Five small sharks are chasing after their dinner inside an enormous school of fish. All while a heron on the shore tries to take advantage of the opportunity. Who will win this epic battle to the death?

The National Geographic has been known for bringing awareness about natural resources and the planet since 1888. It has been educating people and has been the largest non-profitable scientific organization that inspired millions of people to pay closer attention to their environment. Check out this amazing post full of some of their stunning photography.

Watch as a crew of thieving monkeys terrorize a neighborhood in South Africa.

I’m just gonna go ahead and say what everyone is thinking. I would train them to steal money and climb drain pipes where they film hot girls showering in high rise Penthouse apartments.

Watch this phenomenal video and witness a fully grown python kill and eat a deer. So what have we learned here kids? We’ve learned that if a python crawls up from under your bed while your sleeping and starts constricting you, you can stick your thumb into its wind pipe and suffocate it back! First one to pass out loses.

In the Pacific, a tiny island 300 miles away from the shore hides a giant mountain beneath the waves that forms a home for thousands of plankton feeding fish. These fish attract tuna, and the tuna attract thousands of sharks!

Although rare, it is known for animals to be born with two heads. It has even happened to large farm animals such as two-headed cows, sheep and pigs. However, these animals normally only survive for a short time.

On the other hand, two headed reptiles have been known to live for as long as 20 years. There are a number of two headed snakes on display in zoos and even private residences around the world. As they share one body it doesn’t matter which head eats, but owners try to feed both heads so neither feels left out. Freaky!

Ambam the silver-back gorilla has perfected walking like a man and in doing so has become the star of Port Lympne Animal Park in the UK. What’s next? A man that walks like a gorilla? Ha! Impossible I tell you.

The birds in New Guinea remind me that we are the aliens living on our own Pandora, even if we don’t have spider-monkeys and ride pterodactyls.

Check out this one bird’s weird mating dance. You watch this video while I go run around in the jungle trying to bang blue chicks.

A family of ducks gets battered about by some strong wind gusts.

They see me rollin, they hatin…

The paradise tree snake (Chrysopelea paradisi) can glide over long distances. It does so in order to jump from tree to tree in its native habitat.

Above: Please note this isn’t the ‘Tree Snake’ I talk of, I just though it looked dope.

Jake Socha of Virginia Tech dropped snakes from a 15-meter tower in order to examine this ability under controlled conditions.

Above: Haters gonna hate.

Imagine an army one million strong of these with laser beams attached to their heads. Who’s up for a game of death Frisbee?

While on an assignment in Kaziranga National Park is India, this crew riding on an elephants back were confronted by an angry Rhino. The footage captured shows the men shooting a gun to try and scare the rhino away, as well as the elephant trying to flee the rhino. Out in the jungle, rhinos are straight gangster fool.

Check out this dive at Moalboal with the Savedra Dive Center as a billion sardines engulf the divers with their infinite numbers. Epic!

In the middle of a huge school of fish, a surfer sits on his board. These pictures were captured during a regular shark search by the Australian Aerial Patrol just north of Wollongong, Australia.

The surfer was lucky to escape with his limbs as the school of fish attracted a huge number of sharks, starting a massive feeding frenzy.

Rescuers have been on high alert around the Australian coast following the death of 51-year-old Brian Guest, who was grabbed by a great white shark 100ft off the West Australian coast. There has been several other sightings of sharks on the Australian coasts, including Brisbane where pack of bull sharks were spotted in waist- deep water.

Adult elephants weighing more than three tons have been trained to tightrope walk in front of tourists at the Safari World theme park on the outskirts of Bangkok. People have been flocking from all over to see the animal trick at the controversial animal park.

Previously, The Safari World theme park has outraged animal rights activists with its kick-boxing orangutan displays.

Check out the video after the jump!

Check out this incredible footage of bats using their echolocation skills to fly around generally be awesome. I would love to watch this production in 3D.