In a performance protest against the Australian shark cull and the global slaughter of sharks, a woman risks it all to dance on the sea floor with swarms of tiger sharks up to 17 feet long without any dive or protective gear. If you would like to sign their petition to stop the Australian shark cull, please click HERE!

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Smudge the moon bear cub is a happy exception to the dismal story of bile farming. The cub was rescued from a Nanning, China bile farm by Animals Asia’s Piece by Peace initiative. To assist in the effort to end bile farming, visit Animals Asia’s website.


Footage claiming to show a man fighting off a Great White shark in Sydney Harbour has gained the attention of the world’s media. The video, uploaded to a YouTube account under the name of Terry Tufferson, purports to show footage of the encounter at Manly’s Jump Rock which was captured on a GoPro. Check it out!

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This crazy dude held his ground like a boss when an elephant charged him in the jungles of the Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand. Respect.


Jersey the adorable terrier has a dark secret. When he gets in front of a leaf-blower, he transforms into a primal beast from the depths of hell. Don’t believe us? Just watch what happens to the little guy when he experiences the rush of air past his little head!


This sleepy Great Dane puppy named Thor refuses to get out of bed despite his owner Ray Prevo trying everything to encourage him. Ray runs a bagel factory and it’s customary to start work at 3:30 in the morning. This was basically me this morning if you had filmed it.

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The black-throated monitor is a monitor lizard native to Tanzania, and can reach up to seven feet/2 meters in length and weigh more than 60 pounds/27 kilos. This guy has one as a pet, and cuddles with the monster in front of the TV!

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After researchers tagged a number of great white sharks to study their movement patterns along Australia’s coast, one of the devices washed ashore with some terrifying data! What is eating sharks this big?

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Check out this enthusiastic dog playing a game of fetch with itself. I wonder if it does this 18 hours a day? This dog just needs a self feeding machine and it will be pretty much independent!

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These kitties love to dance, but they aren’t old enough to hit the clubs. They will soon be available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia and you can see them at!

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This dog needs a contract in the NFL straight away. Watch as he f*cking owns the man with a solid sweep on the legs!


“Patsy the Jack Russell found a snake behind the bookshelf, took it outside and went at it on the lawn. Not bad for a dog of 8 years old.” – Charles Koekemoer

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You thought you were the coolest kid at school, until this guy rolled up on his bike with a goat on his back. Now all the kids will be wearing goats this time next week.


Wait so, the training of your dog is now somehow my responsibility? Brooklyn-based Mr Caine uploaded an angry, expletive-filled video attacking people who pat strangers’ dogs because he claims they damage the animals’ training by encouraging them to misbehave. Where do you fall in this debate?

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73-year-old Sulo Karjalainenis is know as ‘Bearman’ in Finland. After years of caring for bear cubs, he has formed a deep bond with the predators, and has become a celebrity in his homeland due to his incredible relationship with the animals.


This is unbelievable! Watch as this professional shark handler, Cristina Zenato, summons a reef shark to her lap and then cuddles and pats it like it’s a puppy dog. Filmed during Bahamas Underwater Photo Week, this footage shows that even sharks can be loving (or at least calm) toward humans.


The Youngbloods are a small spearfishing crew from the beautiful coast of north west Australia. Join them on their recent fishing adventure where they spear some massive fish, go for a surf and generally live the Aussie dream.

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While serving in Afghanistan, U.S. military combat dog Layka was shot four times by the enemy at point-blank range. Despite her injuries, she still attacked and subdued the shooter, saving her handler and the other members of the team. Seven hours of surgery and the amputation of one leg saved her life. Her handler, Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald, fought hard to adopt her and she’s now become a part of his family.