Two Newcastle fishermen had the scare of a lifetime when a five-metre shark began circling their tinny before head butting the engine as they were trying to get away. Tim Watson, 24, captured footage of the close encounter which occurred half an hour off shore from Blacksmiths beach. He and friend Allan de Sylva, 23, estimated the shark was a metre longer than their boat and only “half a foot” narrower than it. After such a close call, Mr Watson said he’d continue to go fishing and respected the fact he was in the shark’s environment. “I don’t think it will stop me, I won’t go that far out in a small boat again, though,” he said.


“On my way home today I met a few of my friends and they told me that there was a small dog stranded on one of Nišava’s river islands. So we went there to try to help but from our perspective there was little we could do without some gear and tools. We started calling various institutions and people but only Mr. Saša Pešić from “Dog shelter” came to the rescue. Faith in humanity restored!” – Zox Raymaker. Shout out to Alex Hax for the submission.

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A safari guide in Zambia has captured the moment a hippo decided to chase his boat. Hippos are easily provoked, and despite their bulk can move very quickly. The guide had to pin it or he would have been done for!


“A sunny afternoon flying my electric powered plane ends in disaster when I become disorientated from the glare from the sun. All ends well after the plane is recovered with my GoPro 3+ Black Edition.”


This is the moment a cat falls from a three-storey building and survives. Footage shows the cat crawling through a hole on a roof. As it desperately clings to the building, it suddenly loses its grip and plummets to the ground. F**king cat at the bottom chases him instantly. God damn, can I just get a second buddy? I just f**king fell off a building. Out of the frying pan and into the fire!


This is the moment an escaped elephant crushed a car by climbing on top of it during mating season at a Thai national park. The silver vehicle, carrying a family, was making its way through the Khao Yai National Park near Bangkok on the way to National Children’s Day celebrations nearby. However, the driver of the car was forced to stop as the male elephant wandered out into the middle of the road and started destroying their car. Fortunately the family inside were unharmed.

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I dunno what they feed this horse, but I need to find out so I can become the most entertaining kid on the playground.

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Walter is having the time of his life playing in the snow. But something keeps distracting him, and he has no idea what it is of where it is coming from!

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At only 4-years-old, this girl can keep this pack of hungry pit bulls at bay until she gives the order to start eating. Who ever said pit bulls weren’t good pets for kids?

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Australia’s largest bird, the Emu, don’t give a F*ck about if you’ve got somewhere to be, it will just stroll wherever it wants.


An undercover exposé at a spent hen slaughter plant in Butterfield, Minnesota revealed severe animal suffering. Utterly disgusted by this practice however I disagree with the message about eating less meat. I love eating meat, this issue can be fixed by killing them more humanely. Transporting them in better conditions, and making sure the birds are incapacitated before having their throats slit. What do you guys think? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in our comment section.


This is a awesome doberman training video with the use of a muzzle and other commands. Everyone knows Dobermans are great guards dogs for your junk yard business, but there is another side to these wonderful dogs that many people don’t know about. Brb. Teaching my dog how to huggie.


A 15-month-old girl was attacked by a German Shepherd while playing with her 10-year-old brother in a public park in Ahmedabad, India. Although the toddler sustained minor injuries, the boy managed to protect his sister from the worst of the dog’s attack. Who should be punished, the owner or the dog? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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The filmmakers spent six weeks in the forest to accentuate the natural beauty by creating luring luminescent plants and glowing magical mushrooms. I wish I was high and this was a real thing to see!


Its like meeting one of your neanderthal ancestors and staring at them, after a deep throat grunt and that brow ridge you quickly realise that this isn’t such a good idea. Wolf: Problem? Doberman: No I was just looking at that tree behind you, anyway you take care, sorry, bye.


Take a look through our good mate Brodie’s mask as the Youngbloods Spearfishing Crew take you back through their amazing and adventurous 2014.

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Tigers are scary as f*ck. This beast shows how ridiculously strong and athletic they are by jumping sky high to catch a big chunk of meat. Now imagine that piece of meat is you trying to run away. Game over!


A female bullfighter was gored twice by the same bull while trying to kill it in a Mexico City bullring. A 1,090lb-bull named Gamusino threw Karla de los Angeles up over his head as she went in to kill it. She was treated by medics before going back to fight, when she was gored a second time. Deep slashes of 4.7inches and 3.9inches were made to the 25-year-old bullfighter’s thigh and gluteal muscles during the battle.