This is a short video of Juniper the domesticated red fox repeatedly trying to dive into white bed sheets thinking they’re snow and there’s a mouse underneath. They are not snow though, they are bed sheets. Sometimes I dive into bed thinking there’s going to be someone there waiting for me, but there never is.


Yeah, just touch the giant snake right in front of its face while it’s coiled in strike position, nothing bad will happen. I would’ve tossed the house keys at him like, “I was planning on moving anyway.”


If you admire an animal, you don’t need to torture it for a photograph. Wasn’t it already bad enough that a baby dolphin was killed earlier this month after beachgoers pulled it out of the water so people could take selfies with it? And now, this guy, who remains anonymous, runs into the ocean in Palm Beach, Florida, and pulls a shark out of the water and then pins it down in the sand so a group of people can take photos of him.

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A rescued baby elephant named Moyo, makes himself at home in carer Roxy’s house, digging through the tea bags and trying to find a delicious treat in the kitchen!


A young dolphin has died after beachgoers took it from the sea to pose for photographs with it. Huge crowds gathered around the small animal on the beach resort at Santa Teresita in Argentina after one man picked it up. But it appears it quickly overheated and died while out of the water. It was still being passed around by the beachgoers after its death and was later left discarded in the sand.


The mountain lion, also known as the cougar, will eat any animal it can catch, feeding most often on deer and if they get lucky, a hound or two. Aside from humans, no species preys upon the mature mountain lion the wild. This makes cat hunting both challenging and hair raising—an adventure that vast amounts of hunters enjoy. There are an estimated 30,000 mountain lions in the western United States. Many argue that there are enough animals to justify current hunting practices, while others say that that is not true since the actual number of cats is actually lower.

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This surprisingly hypnotic aerial footage shows hundreds of sheep being herded across New Zealand grasslands. The scenes were caught on film by aerial photographer and qualified pilot Tim Whittaker.


That crab is going places. And when I say places, I mean prison. Crime has really gotten bad in Brazil. I pity this little fella. This is a failure of the public school systems. Needing to go to the hospital for stitches because you got stabbed with a knife by a crab would certainly be an interesting addition to any medical chart.

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A diver stumbles across a whale shark trapped in a commercial fishing line. Sensing the diver is there to help, the goliath lies still while the rope is cut.


Some fishermen use a rod and reel to catch fish but this clever dog uses bread to bait her catch of the day. Rani, a service dog in training, is captured on video as she is perched on the edge of the water with bread floating just below her mouth before grabbing a bluegill out of the water in one quick-motion. The golden retriever has apparently caught dozens of other fish and even some turtles!


Think you could handle a career in jelly wrestling? You’ll get sweaty with the long hot sticky nights but here’s a tip – It doesn’t include babes in skimpy bikini’s in a jelly filled blow up pool. For this type of wrestling, your pool is the warm tropical waters of North Queensland and your opponents are pulsating gelatinous jellies with deadly tentacles.

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This scary moment is captured as a diver, who was trying to assist a pregnant Ragged Tooth Shark, gets attacked and bitten on the arm. Luckily, the diver made a full recovery and is back in the water with no hard feelings towards the shark!

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This video shows a dog waiting next to a cop, who is waiting for the right moment to block traffic and let the dog cross over to the other side. What an absolute legend.


This is the dramatic moment a wildlife expert was forced to fight for his life and used a pair of binoculars to defend himself after a large male leopard went on a rampage. Wildlife expert Sanjay Gubbi was one of six people who was mauled by the leopard as he attempted to capture the rogue animal during its ten-hour rampage. The leopard was eventually tranquillised, 10 hours after the big cat rampaged through the school, attacking several people including a scientist and a forestry employee.

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The Late Show doesn’t have an animal expert yet, so Will Ferrell decided to step up and take the roll, bringing a bunch of very rare animals to show the audience!


Drew Scott was spending a lazy Sunday afternoon on his back patio with a beer and tending the barbeque when the unthinkable happened – a venomous brown snake slithered directly beneath his chair. The 34-year-old Gold Coast resident, whose alarming encounter with the dangerous reptile yesterday afternoon was captured by his home CCTV camera, said he would have been none the wiser had his dog not alerted to him to the snake’s presence.

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A fight between a 2.2 metre long shark and a banded hound shark half its size broke out. The larger shark easily won the fight, and swallowed the other shark whole, taking 21 hours to get the other shark completely into its mouth, with only the real fin protruding.

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Caution: This video contains graphic images of a severely wounded dog and his amazing recovery. Kalu was found inside of a hole at a construction site where he had gone to die. His face was severely wounded and infested with maggots. His recovery is truly one of the most awe-inspiring and miraculous recoveries we have ever seen.