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This Alsatian does some weird tongue origami to scoop water into its mouth. Umm, backwash much?

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This goat has been spending way too much time with the hens and doesn’t know how to make goat sounds anymore. Well played goat, your blind farmer would be able to find you when he feels like some juicy goat meat!

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Stig the pit bull is one of their most hyperactive pups you’ll see. Someone needs to play fetch with him for 10 hour or he’ll at nothing bark all night.


Wolves have had a bit of a bad rep since that mix-up between the Big Bad one and Little Red Riding Hood. Not all wolves appear to be intent on following humans home and (allegedly) eating their grandmothers as this cute video shows.


National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala led a team of scientists and filmmakers to the Desventuradas Islands off the coast of Chile. What they found there was an abundance of beautiful life and a place in need of protection.

Spider (2)Spider (1)

Picture the scene. You’re chilling out in your bedroom in Australia when suddenly you discover a big hairy spider hiding next to your pillow. What the hell do you do? Watch the video to find out!


A man recently found a worm in a package of Cod fish he bought from Costco and posted the video online for everyone to get all bent out of shape about it. Despite how disgusting it may seem, worms in fish are not uncommon. Cod are very prone to these worms as are other types of fish.


This dog was told to stay off the bed while his owners weren’t home. But the hidden camera they installed revealed he had other ideas. Well, when you play that music, what else is he supposed to do?

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The vet is basically like prison for animals. One night in a cage is like a 5 year stint to a cat. But this cat has a particular set of skills. Skills it has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make it a nightmare for people like veterinarians.

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When people see this pelican coming, they turn around and walk the other way. This pelican is a true badman!


“Caribbean Reef Shark attacks me in the Western Caribbean Sea. We were Lion Fish Culling when the shark came out of nowhere. It scared the crap out of me. We were in about 70′ of water when the shark attacked.” – Jason Dimitri


This footage is going viral after a dog in Spain randomly became vicious and started attacking innocent people on the beach. The group huddled together to fend off the agitated beast as it continued to bite their legs. At first I wanted to punch the cameraman, then I wanted to punch the dog. Now I want to punch the dog owner in the white t-shirt. Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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This tourist got lucky she didn’t become a permanent part of this band of gorillas when the alpha male tried to drag her into the forest. Even when they are attacking, gorillas are still majestic as f*ck.

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This snake looks so damn evil, but this badass snake charmer gives zero f*cks and plants a dirty kiss right on the snake’s face. He literally made the snake his bitch.

Snake (2)Snake (1)

Comedian and former cab driver Jimmy Failla has a new book coming out. To promote said book, he picked up a bunch of hapless New Yorkers, and then filmed their horrified reactions when a snake handler in the front seat, obscured from sight by a bag and jacket, dangled a 10 foot long snake in front of their faces.

Lobster (1)Lobster (2)

“Lobster Hunting was an exciting pursuit when I started SCUBA diving 15 years ago. At one point I became more into underwater photography and the majority of my dives became a search for creatures to observe and photograph. While I enjoy underwater photography tremendously, it has always been fun to hang up the camera and go for lobster, or bugs as most divers call them.” – Rick Coleman


A pug took on a SWAT team that was trying to negotiate with an armed suspect who barricaded himself in his Phoenix home. The feisty neighborhood pug crossed a police barrier and ran straight to the SWAT team’s K9 member to pick a territorial fight during a four-hour-long standoff. Watch as these grown men attempt to catch this hilarious little troublemaker.

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Does working all day suck? Dogs are always stoked to see you when you come home. Your move cats.