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The Toronto Zoo is investigating after a video surfaced online appearing to show a woman jumping over a protective fence to recover a hat that fell inside a tiger’s pen. “You’re a moron, you’re a moron,” a man can be heard shouting. “You’re a bad example to everyone else’s kids.”


When guys start screaming like girls, you know sh*t just got real. These dudes were out fishing and landed themselves a nice 6-foot hammerhead shark, but suddenly a 16-foot blacktip shark, bigger than their actual boat, decided it was his ocean and not theirs. Scary as f**k.


Grainy video footage has captured the dramatic moment a man risks his life to save a dog hanging from a balcony of a high-rise building in Columbia. The man is seen climbing from his balcony on the floor below to save the pup who is trapped between the railings. In the footage, the dog can be seen sliding down the wall of the high-rise building, almost certain to plunge to his death. Luckily, the man saves the pup just in time.


The heart-stopping moment two motorcyclists came within of inches of death was captured in dramatic helmet cam footage. The footage shows a dog dart in front of a motorcycle on the highway. The bike slams into the animal, causing the rider to lose control and wipe out. A second biker behind him also falls as a result, narrowly diving out of the way as a semi-truck barrels down on him from the other lane.

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Whale watching is cool and all, but to see them from a drone makes them look like they might be floating in midair, or even just fake. Check it!


Hedwig has had enough of your sh*t Ghost, the direwolf bonded to Jon Snow. God damn owls have an amazing aerial agility, a great defensive move especially when you have young to protect.


Just another day in the Florida wild. Alex Figueroa was taking a walk from his work at Circle B Bar Reserve and ran into a 12 foot alligator eating a smaller gator. Shout out to Bobby Wummer for taking these quality photos.

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These animals look way to friendly when they walk like a human. I just want to join their crew. Wherever this is, take me there so I can get down.


This could put prostate doctors out of business. The real question is what happens when the sea cucumber needs to sh*t?

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During the video the woman is telling the lion that her mother told her to greet the animal and pay her respects.

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This is the most enticing battle of the century, no doubt about it. Two mini Godzillas fight for their country’s movie franchises!


Girl on the left says twisting is optional. Girl in the middle is dead set on twisting…who the f**k is right? If that thing had nine lives, he just spent ‘em all. You won’t ever see a dog getting his paw stuck in a open light socket, just saying.


A man fishing on a lake in Louisiana in the United States got more than he bargained for when he threw his line in the water after some catfish. All day long, the men and their daughters had watched a pool noodle that had been rigged like a catfish jug bob up and down and dart back and forth on the water’s surface in front of the campsite. No one seemed to be tending the noodle, and the foursome just had to know what was under it, so on their way to the fishing grounds, they passed alongside the noodle, and Burgos lifted it.

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Snowboarder Kelly Murphy claims she was chased by a bear without knowing in Japan, and she’s even got footage to prove it. The bear appeared to follow her as she carves her way through the snow before it gave up.

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The footage shows a shark jump from the water as Maximo Trinidad was paddle boarding during his lunch break in Florida. The shock of the shock throw him off his board, and goddamn, did he get back on as fast as possible!


“So this just happened. We were on our Yamaha FX Cruiser jet ski touring up the western side of Fraser Island, we noticed a shadow in the water and realised in was a rather large shark. We decided to get a little closer to take some video footage and we clearly got a little too close! No one was injured although the jet ski did get some scuff marks where the shark contacted the ski. I literally had to move my leg so it didn’t get mauled!” – Libby Williams.


It’s known for inhabiting the murky waters of Loch Ness. But mysterious footage shows that the famous creature – whose existence has been debated for years – may have taken a bit of a holiday to London. The footage shows a humped figure making its way through the huge river near the O2 Arena – before sinking back under the water. Check it out!

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More than 30 years ago, a bear cub named Fifi arrived at a Pennsylvania roadside zoo. For years, she and other bears were forced to perform tricks, like standing on their hind legs. After the roadside zoo closed its doors more than 20 years ago, Fifi lived in a tiny, rusted cage that contained nothing more than a dilapidated doghouse for shelter.