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This is why Australia will never get invaded by drones. The wildlife has a short temper for this kind of bullsh*t!


It took a little wrangling to make it look like these 13 dogs, and one patient cat, have better etiquette than any of your human family members. High-end pet food company Freshpet has released a holiday promo video featuring a group of Utah rescue animals, some of which were up for adoption at the time of filming, dressed up like people dining on a feast of Freshpet meals. The entertaining footage shows just how awesome shelter pets are — it’s even helping some of them find permanent homes!


Researchers have observed a new record for the world’s deepest living fish, found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest site on earth. The new species was recorded at a depth of 8,145 metres, breaking the previous depth record set in 2008 by nearly 500 metres, researchers said in a statement. “This really deep fish did not look like anything we had seen before, nor does it look like anything we know of,” Alan Jamieson from the University of Aberdeen said. “It is unbelievably fragile, with large wing-like fins and a head resembling a cartoon dog.”

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I am not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I’m a wolf in wolf’s clothing.


“Although I don’t remember it, I landed on my back, and hit the back of my Giro helmet, which probably saved me from serious brain injury. Although I had a mild concussion with a bit of memory loss around the event, I am very grateful to have escaped feeling only a little banged up. Also, thank you very much to the folks who stopped to help.” – Silas Patlove

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3D printing is changing lots of poeples lives in small ways, but not many are as drastic as the change it made for Derby the dog. For a dog, nothing would be running for the very first time!


The new police motorbikes are fitted with lights and sirens but are unmarked and look like a normal everyday motorcycle. Officers riding the bikes have cameras fitted to their helmets also. The new bikes hit the road for the first time and will be used on a permanent basis across the state. Just in the past seven days, officers on the bikes issued 200 infringements to motorists for mobile phone offences and another 26 fines to drivers for not wearing seat belts.

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This dog can’t help but to look guilty after doing something wrong. Christmas is ruined, no treats for you this year Denver!

A scourge of mosquitoes get fat with blood while feasting on the all-you-can-eat arm of some soon to be itchy human. Pretty awesome that they were able to document the exact moment they contracted malaria.

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Hunters aren’t the only ones roaming the forest with weapons. Wild boar have a mix of phenomenal strength, two razor sharp tusks, and an extremely bad attitude. One of these bastards will turn a hunting trip into a hospital trip in a split second!

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A Great Horned Owl was forced into Lake Michigan by two Peregrine falcons at Loyola Park Beach in Rogers Park, Chicago. According to the guy who shot the clip, it eventually got out and flew away.


Shoppers at Steve Hatt in Islington who were looking to top up on their Omega 3 got the shock of their lives as the shark centrepiece first twitched – and then thrashed – about on the counter, snapping its jaws and making customers scream, jump, laugh and even flee the shop in terror.

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The man who was planning to let an anaconda eat him apparently pussed out before it could even get head deep. What crazy sh*t would you do to get your own tv show?


When her owner’s away, this yellow lab will surely play, no wait, make that steal everything she possibly can from the refrigerator, wreaking maximum havoc. This dog has mad skills.

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This dog is tougher than me, I’d have called an ambulance, the fire brigade, a hooker and dominos. This playful pooch just went for the ball after wrecking itself!


Imagine being slowly picked apart like that, and when you are too weak to fight back you’re just carried away to be finished off. Now imagine that you are so hungry that you’re willing to suffer a fight with a porcupine for food. Nature is brutal.

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While visiting Taghazout, Morocco, animal lover Steve-O explains how he judges what a country is like by interacting with the stray dogs roaming around the city. His love for animals is something we can all appreciate!


People who want dogs like that should first have to prove that they can train and handle them properly. There are way too many idiots running around with aggressive dogs. I heard a cigarette lighter to the balls works wonders in this position. Who is at fault here? The breed of dog? Or the owner for not disciplining the animal properly? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!