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Photobombing is the act of accidentally or purposely putting oneself into the view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects


They say the cost of keeping a pet can bleed you dry. But one man’s devotion to his giant leech means he feeds it his own blood when it feels peckish. A stomach-churning video of the bloodsucking parasite drinking from the man’s forearm has been shared online. Just get a wife dude. She will get fat and suck you dry at the same time, and I don’t mean sexually.

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This chimpanzee didn’t want to be spied on while sun baking, so it did what any human would do and got a long stick to knock the damn drone out of the sky!

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This is the moment a terrified spring-breaker freaked out and begged for help to escape from a harmless sea cow. The swimmer was in the water in Florida when she filmed herself screaming out in horror as a giant manatee floated past just inches away.


One can barely call what Franz Albrecht pulls off hunting, more like something out of an action movie made possible with green screen. This however is not green screened, just Franz-Albrecht, his Sauer 202 rifle, and his extremely skilful shooting.

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All animals can relate to this mood. Getting into bed, ripping a fart, and feeling the most chill you could ever feel. Best.


The Mossy Oak Camo Camera Crew has traveled America’s countryside for years to bring us some of the greatest hunting videos ever produced. Here’s a mash up of some of their favourite bow kills. If you’re a hunter and this doesn’t get your blood pumping, you may need to check your pulse!


A video of a menacing crocodile swimming through a public marina with a dead pet dog locked in between its jaws has been viewed more than half a million times online. The clip shows a large croc calmly moving through the marina in the tourist hotspot of Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico, with a black dog wearing a red collar lifeless in its mouth. New Zealander Tim Weston was on holiday in Puerto Vallarta with his wife when the attack happened and described how ‘the crocodile kept the dog in its mouth for ages, not moving at all’.


While there’s no footage of them actually catching the sharks, and only of the sharks in a ridiculous frenzy of attack, it’s still enough to make me rethink swimming in the Gulf of Mexico during the annual blacktip shark migration.


“I don’t have to ask him when he’s ready, he’s gonna let me know by shooting out here at my face.” The dude’s crazy. No doubt about that. But what really blows my mind is he turned his back on a f**king Gaboon viper with the cage open. A cage that was labeled “will strike at you if cage is opened”. Their venom can turn your blood to a thick jelly-like consistency and would scare the sh*t out of me. This man is 100% fearless.

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These dogs fail at being dogs when trying to do regular dog things like catch treats and run. Dogs are for sure the comedians of the animal kingdom!


It all happens so quickly. He’s speeding along some road in Texas, somewhere near Lockhart and Austin (according to that road sign when he hits the turkey), when that bird jumps out into the road and turns into an instant vapour of death.

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This dude nearly became lunch for a giant anaconda. Watch as he taunts the beast, while making sure he his within striking distance, right next to a creek that the snake would drown him in.

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This is by far one of the most extreme land-based shark fishing videos we’ve seen! Watch as these guys hook and land two hammerhead sharks at the same time. The first shark was under 10ft, but the second shark was 12ft. I’m never swimming in the ocean again!


A woman died and six people were injured after a rhinoceros escaped from a wildlife reserve and rampaged through a town. The 61-year-old was gored by the animal as it chased down startled pedestrians and rammed vehicles in Makwanpur, Nepal. Footage shows the rhino hurtling down narrow residential streets after motorbikes as residents fled to top-floor balconies for safety.

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This monkey is already showing promise of being a great dad to these puppies. He will raise them, care for them, and when they get older, he will ride them into battle!


The clip, which was shot from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, shows dozens of the gigantic predators swarming the structure while horrified employees watched. Most of the sharks in the footage appear to be spinner sharks, a species which can grow up to three metres in length. The sharks are so named because of the way they feed – spinning and leaping through schools of fish while snapping their jaws in the hope of catching their prey.

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Everyone these days wants a bulldog, but how much will one set you back if you want the best in the world? A lot! Check out these puppies going for 10 grand each, and their dads who are worth 100 grand! For more information please visit: