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This caucasian shepard dog is fierce when its faced with a human enemy, but will it remain so tough when a huge python is thrown into the mix? Seriously, what the hell is going on here?


Michael Fletcher of Sudbury, Ontario was hunting grouse with his brother Neil when they spotted what appeared to be an eagle off in the woods. They moved in for a closer look and saw that it was a bald eagle. One of the bird’s talons was caught in a trap. Fletcher took off his jacket and they approached the bird. After a few tries they managed to wrap the eagle in the jacket to prevent it from moving. Then they freed its talon from the trap. This is the result: Two smiling Sudbury boys with the bald eagle they just rescued. “Everybody thinks it’s like the selfie of the year,” Fletcher said.


Frigate birds are ocean hunters that can’t get wet, yet they overcome this handicap to catch their prey – flying fish – in a spectacular way.


You’ve probably heard of beer-battered fish and beer-can chicken. But how about a rum-fed turkey? Apparently it gives the bird a very unique taste. The gravy is much darker and tastier, and the bird overall has a slightly different taste that is very appealing. Gives a whole new meaning to being hungover.

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Mufasa, the last wild animal in a Peruvian circus, is cut free from his chains and walks free after 20 years. After Peru banned wild animals in circuses, most circuses defied the law. One by one ADI tracked them down and removed the animals. Finally in a dramatic stand-off, during which riot police were called, the last circus was cornered and Mufasa was cut from his chains.

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A street dog in India was suffering from severe mange. Her skin had become hard like stone from the mange and she was emaciated. Watch her amazing recovery.

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Ravens are extremely intelligent. They use tools to get food if necessary, and can even mimic human speech! This bird can talk, and looks so badass that I want him as my sidekick for when I go hunting witches.


28-year-old surfer Allen Engelman was out at Florida’s Ocean Reef Park when a seven-foot spinner shark grabbed hold of his hand by the mouth and refused to let go. Blood, pain, and rigorous shaking ensued, followed by the eventual release of Engelman’s hand, a trip to the local hospital, and 15 stitches. Engelman, a commercial fisherman by trade, then returned to the same beach the following day for revenge hooking the shark he claims to be responsible.


The three-year-old American pit bull can even recognise a variety of weapons, including handguns and knives, and could ‘easily kill a man’ if commanded to. Ace is top dog at Dark Dynasty K9s – who specialise in training executive protection dogs for the police, celebrities and billionaire clients around the world.


You can see the bait fish being dragged to the cage before the shark hits it. That shark was expecting a tasty fish and got a steel cage in the face instead. I hope it didn’t injure itself for the sake of human entertainment. Is there a scarier creature on earth than a great white shark? I honestly can’t think of one. The big gap in the cage is to give the sharks a sporting chance I guess?

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Goliath groupers can grow to 800 pounds and nine feet long. That’s big enough to drag a spear fisherman, like the man in this video, who loses his temper when his parrotfish catch is snatched away by a goliath. The incident took place at a shipwreck in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

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A Darwin’s bark spider sprays a 25 metre bridging line across a river. She will suspend her web using this silken thread, which is the toughest natural fibre on the planet, even tougher than steal!

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A film crew had a lucky escape after being charged at by an angry female elephant. The team of wildlife photographers were shooting in the mountainous Limpopo Province of north east South Africa when the enraged young adult turned on them, ramming into the jeep and attempting to flip it with her tusks.


Rocky, a four-year-old laika-elkhound cross, had rushed out across Lake Constance in hot pursuit of a moose he and his owner, 26-year-old Jonas Lundh, had been stalking for hours. The beast escaped, but Mr Lundh became concerned when Rocky failed return. “I looked at my GPS (and saw) they were near the water, near the shore. So I began to run back toward the beach, for it had been cold at night and there may be situations with thin ice.” Indeed, Rocky, all too eager to please his master, had raced out onto glass-thin ice, only to fall through and become trapped just metres from the relative safety of the island the moose presumably fled to. “It happens every year that dogs are drowning on the ice,” Mr Lundh said.


A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation into Tyson Foods—a major chicken supplier to McDonald’s, KFC, Chick-fil-A, and more— has exposed horrific cruelty to animals, including birds being punched, thrown, beaten and having their heads ripped off while they are still alive.


The killing of Cecil, an iconic African lion illegally shot by an American trophy hunter in Zimbabwe earlier this year sparked worldwide outrage over the continued slaughter of threatened and endangered animals in the name of sport. In this short film, the Human Society International Australia asks the public do you want this trophy on your wall?

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This group of whales is known as the T69s, with the lone male in the group making the spectacular kill on the harbour seal. His name is T69C, and he was born in 1995.


“Still shaking! Thank you to the mystery lady that helped and all the people that paid attention and stopped, it was very appreciated. Kitten turned out to be a he, and is resting safely now.”