Ruby is a 4-year-old Hungarian Vizsla. She’s been riding trails with Tom since she was a puppy, and she’s definitely faster than you are. With a trail dog by your side you always have a riding partner who is ready to go, can bomb jumps, take the perfect inside line, stay right on your wheel, and do it time after time.


As he was filtering his morning water, Yosemite backpacker Chas Davis became aware of an adolescent-sized black bear that had hopped into Falls Creek apparently attempting to get to the other side. Davis, standing with two other backpackers to give strength in numbers since there was another bear nearby, began filming the swimming bear from a bridge. He certainly didn’t expect this to happen!


Caught on a boat, brought to the market then served on a boat just hours later. Japan really knows how to do street food on a whole different level to what most of us are used to.


If you miss Steve Irwin, you can enjoy seeing his legacy carry on with his son Robert, taking over the role of crazy Australian wildlife lover.


A 15-foot Great White shark began to thrash violently in the shallows along the Sea of Cortez shoreline. Dale Pearson took his camera and got this insane footage of the beast, discovering massive wounds along its back from a boat’s propeller.


Rachel Elizabeth Valverde, a Florida woman who reportedly lives near Naples, Florida came across a giant 12-foot python wrapped tightly around one of her goats. As you’re about to find out, she doesn’t take kindly to someone, or something messing with her livestock.


A group of tigers at a Chinese zoo were given a special treat yesterday afternoon, a live donkey. In a video that has gone viral on Chinese social media, a reluctant donkey is seen being pushed out of the back of a truck into a moat surrounding the tiger enclosure inside the Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. Visitors then look on in horror as the tigers swim out and start doing their thing. Though apparently these tigers are bit out of practice. It took them 30 minutes to kill the donkey as it struggled in the water.


The movie “Jaws” makes it seem like sharks prowl the seas looking to eat the relatives and friends of specific town police chiefs. But in reality, sharks don’t particularly like the taste of human, and most shark attacks are a case of mistaken identity. For example, you’re a surfer floating on your board, but from the waters below you look a lot like a sea lion. So, the shark goes in for a nibble.


They are few things better to look at than classic cars and beautiful women, but this jaguar up close is probably on par. I just want it to sleep on the end of my bed every night.


A Texas man came across a snake that had definitely bitten off more than it could chew. The filmed it regurgitating another snake that was still alive. My nightmares will be strong tonight.


Several people were reportedly injured in the attack, though an official count of the injured has not been released. It’s believed that children were hurt. In the footage you can see the trainer can’t react in time to stop the bear and lets go of its lead, allowing the bear to run into the audience.


Fisherman Terry Selwood was sitting on an esky in the middle of his small boat, enjoying the solitude of an afternoon’s fishing off the NSW North Coast, when all hell broke loose in the middle of the ocean. Out of the corner of his eye, the 73-year-old saw something launch itself over the side of his 5½-metre vessel, which was bobbing about two kilometres off the coast of Evans Head.


When you spend any amount of time in the ocean, you end up rationalizing why you won’t get attacked by a shark. You might tell yourself: We’re not their food source. They’re looking for fish or seals. Are they even hungry? And then something like this happens: A shark in Monterey Bay attacked a man in a sea kayak, a harrowing incident caught on film by two onlookers. “I was sure I was done. It was like a horror movie. The shark came toward me, dropped the kayak, then dove straight down below me where I couldn’t see it.”


“I am so happy after this confrontation with a black bear during our spring hunt. No wounds except a bruised elbow and ego where the bear threw me down. Genuinely happy that this was a non fatal or tragic outcome. Proving that the black bear is a wild and unpredictable animal. Again so happy with the outcome.” – Richard Wesley.


“This just proves that Rattlesnakes are not out to harm us. They only bite as a last resort. Their venom is for hunting, it is valuable to them and they only use it when needed. This was a wild encounter with a highly dangerous venomous snake. Do not attempt.” – @nickthewrangler


Astounding new footage shows a sea lion grabbing a little girl off a dock and pulling her underwater. The kid was feeding the male sea mammal bread crumbs near the water near Vancouver, Canada, but when she sat down on the edge of the jetty, the huge creature tried to make a meal out of her — grabbing her dress in its jaws and dragging her into the water.


This is a story of Bamboo the Baboon, and how she lived with me for 7 days after buying her from a few abusive children. She is now at Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre in the U.A.E. with another young Olive Baboon.


A baby goat born with a single huge eye, one ear, and no nose has left villagers baffled in India. The terrifying goat was born on May 10th in a village in northeastern Indian state of Assam. It has a rare condition called Cyclopia and vets believed that it will die within few days. Unbelievably it is still alive and kicking!