Polar bears feed almost exclusively on seals and need sea ice to capture their prey. Climate change has reduced ice in the Arctic to record lows in the past year, forcing animals to range further in search of food.


This dog was left behind when its family moved away a year ago. He’s hard to look at now, but wait until you see this awesome transformation.

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After 40 minutes of hysterics, this guy finally figured out the way to get this owl out of his house. All it took was a swiffer and some calming words.


A dangerous parasite spread by domestic cats to humans has been found in beluga whales in the Arctic. The discovery of Toxoplasma gondii in the marine mammals has led researchers to issue a public health warning to Inuit populations who eat beluga whalemeat in dried strips and stews. Though cooking the meat destroys the parasite, the infection could be spread when people prepare meals and fail to wash their hands afterwards.

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This stunning footage was captured by an Alaskan wildlife enthusiast of a brown bear casually walking right up to him and checking out a river. Towards the end of the video, the bear looks like it might go for the man, but instead it strolled away!


“Dave filmed this amazing aerial vision with his quadcopter off Esperance, along south Western Australia’s beautiful coastline. Huge pods of bottle nose dolphins cruise the shoreline, surfing, playing and teaching their young how to forage amongst the crystal clear turquoise waters. Such intelligent and playful animals – we have a lot to learn from their lifestyle!” – Jennene And Dave Riggs

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This is the incredible video Zak Anderegg shot when he found and rescued an abandoned puppy lost in a deep slot canyon. The puppy is now fully grown, healthy, and part of Zak’s family!


The puff adder, native in Africa, accounts for nearly 32,000 human deaths each year, the bites occurring mostly after the snake is accidentally stepped on. The venom from this snake is slow acting, making it possible to prevent death in up to 95 percent of cases with proper treatment.

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From the guy that brought us dogs reacting to magic, Jose Ahonen decided to find out how dogs react to human barking. He invited voice actor Rudi Rok to help him out. Check out the dog’s hilarious reactions!

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While cage diving off the coast of New Zealand with a GoPro 360 rig that holds 6 GoPro cameras, an 18 foot great white bit the cameras and snapped them off the pole the scuba diver was holding. If you have the balls to swim to the bottom of the shark infested sea, there’s 5 grand in it for you!


A black bear follows two Canadian men jogging on the Matcheetawin Discovey Trails near Fort McMurray, Alberta, and gives them a good scare. Bear encounters don’t get much closer than this. What would you do in this situation?

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This guy thought he was Usain Bolt after 9 bourbons, and decided to try and race the horses at the Cream Gorse Handicap in Leicester, England. The news reporters are scathing of his act, but I can’t help but wish he would have crossed the line first.

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If you want a pet that will be your best friend and deliver your mail, you’ve gotta get a pet owl like this. Dammit, being a muggle is so boring!

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While doing some maintenance in a former factory electrical substation, this guy came across a chirping surprise surrounded in 115,000 volts. Ain’t no snakes climbing across any wires to get to these little guys!


Pull the plug in that sink immediately. Don’t worry, the shark won’t die, it will be washed into the sewers where all the crocodiles lurk and Ninja Turtles hang out. It will live a long and happy life down there eating pizza and telling war stories.


Louisiana swamp guide Lance LaCrosse can be seen in the murky water with two large gators swimming calmly around him, accepting chicken and even marshmallows from his hand. LaCrosse, 29, said he is just as nervous as his audience. “Every time I jump in the water I’m scared,” he told ABC News. “I’m scared there is an alligator at the bottom I can’t see.”


First its head pops up, then it manages to prize its body to the surface. Finally, it leaps overboard at high-speed and rolls to the ground. Despite plummeting a good distance, the brave hog picks itself back up and stumbles over to the grassy verge. I love pork, but he obviously deserves amnesty for his bravery. Run little fella. Be free. You deserve it.

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This bee was caught in the spider’s web, his fate already sealed as it waited to be eaten by the the eight-legged bastard. But after hearing his calls for help or just spotting a friend in danger as he buzzed past, a second bumblebee came and saved the day!