Dog aggression stems from the dog’s frustration and dominance. The dog’s frustration comes from a lack of dog exercise, and the dog’s dominance comes from a lack of calm-assertive leadership.


The Blue Planet II team dive to over 700 meters to see what happens to a whale carcass on the seabed. Whilst filming sharks as they feast, the sharks start to take a worrying interest in the submarine!


If you saw these guys running right at you, you wouldn’t even have time to soil yourself, you’d be pinned down and claimed as dinner, while the lion makes muscle car sounds to let everyone know you belong to him!


Usually, Giant trevally are solitary hunters but they have come in numbers to try their luck at catching potential prey. Fledgling Tern are wary to spend too much time on the water but even flying close to the surface puts them in grave danger.


Messing with one hippo is a bad idea. Messing with a whole group can be a near fatal one, as this hapless crocodile discovered. Check it out!


This kayaker was on a fishing trip off the Florida Keys archipelago when he bumped into the struggling reptile who gratefully hopped onto his kayak.

Blue Planet II - early release

In 2001, The Blue Planet opened our eyes to the worlds beneath the waves. A generation on, new science and technology allow us to journey deeper than ever before at the most crucial time in our ocean’s history. This is Blue Planet II.


The Golden rule about living in Australia? Stay out of the water…and the outback, the sun is a real bastard too, sheds and outbuildings have millions of deadly spiders, toilets are f**ked, and most pubs and clubs, unless you like a good glassing.


This clever Weimaraner/English Labrador doesn’t only provide its owner with love and companionship but also acts as her guardian angel if she suffers from a seizure.


This guy is the hero the internet needs. He was put in a tense and stressful situation, yet he had the mind to film the event properly, in landscape mode, and without filming his own feet. Bravo!


The croc swam up to the boat and waited, ignoring the scraps but had his mouth open and ready. Another scrap was thrown into the water and a shark darted in to claim it, but the croc quickly latched into the shark’s head and swam away to a nearby mangrove. Savage.


Everyone has hobbies. Poor people collect old tyres in thier front yard, rich people collect tigers in thier Rolls Royce. Virtually identical.


The era of marijuana prohibition is nearly over. The world is becoming more enlightened and people are not accepting their politician’s selfish reasons to restrict what we can and cannot put into our own bodies. Whoever would want to keep a product like CBD oil illegal is deeply evil and needs to be removed from power.


A video circulating social media of a shark violently tumbling over a speedboat’s wake and skipping hard on the water’s surface sent frenzy. The group of men laughs at the predator as it is dying. So wrong.


Usually, the hunting is done by a whole pack of lionesses, but when this male finds himself hungry without a pride, he just goes full gangster and takes down a buffalo with legitimate ease!


Octopuses are Marine animals, that live and breathe underwater, so at low tide, one would expect them to be imprisoned in rocky pools. This extraordinary species found in Northern Australia is like no other Octopus, and land is no obstacle when hunting for Crabs.


We’ve seen Neal Hunt demonstrate how to whip one Rattlesnake and the reasons why to do it. You should never cut a rattlesnake’s head off because the head can still bite you. You have to whip it like a towel!


South African diver Johan Potgieter survived an encounter with a great white while diving. Let’s not call it an “attack”, as that upsets a lot of people. But while Potgieter was 19 metres under the water near Skipskop reefs off Cape Town, he was looking the other way when this happened. Potgieter possibly saved his own life by giving it a good poke. When the shark bolted, he made for the surface.