An intelligent dog is caught gnawing, squeezing and wriggling its way through metal bars as it carries out its very own great escape. The savvy boxer, filmed in British Columbia, Canada, is seen bending the bottom of the cage with its teeth before making a small gap. In a display of both perseverance and agility the dog rocks the cage back and forth to move out the plastic flooring and then squeezes its head and body through the gap before miraculously working its way to freedom.


According to Danielle Davenport who uploaded the video, the dogs had been left unattended for ten minutes in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, and had been tormenting the hippos. “Their owners only arrived after the scene had happened, confused as to where the dog had gone. I was unfortunately on the other side of the estuary so I could not warn them, but please see this as a warning,” said Davenport. Shout out to Zean Ferreira for the submission.


Despite having to be rescued from the jaws of a 2.5m saltwater croc and suffering horrific injuries to her arm in the near-fatal attack, reptile handler Renee Robertson is “desperate” to get back to work with the creatures. She underwent surgery to repair her shattered right arm after Tipper the crocodile lunged out of the water and latched onto her during a live feeding show at Billabong Sanctuary south of Townsville.

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Just one look at their scaly feet or prominent helmet like casque will have you convinced you’ve traveled back in time, or that you’ve landed right in the middle of a Jurassic Park movie set!


This rare event was captured while feeding seagulls hot chips on the Richmond River in Northern NSW. I know its a “Wild Kingdom” and all…but that was a little unsettling.

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It is not totally uncommon to keep animals like tigers as pets in places like Qatar, so this video won’t come as a total shock to you. But its hard to not realise how hectic it is that a full blown tiger to escape, and maul you while you are sitting in traffic!

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Head cam footage taken by shows the funny moment an ostrich appeared out of nowhere and starts chasing cyclists! No word yet if the bird has got himself a contract as to coach these guys yet, but not getting your eyes pecked out seems like good inspiration to ride hard.

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Personally, I would have solved this problem by burning the car down and going to a therapist to help deal with the years of night terrors, but these guys are tough so they grab it by the head and pull it out. God damn it is massive!

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Watch this large cougar being released from a bobcat trap in the Pine Valley Mountains in southern Utah. Division of Wildlife Resources employee Mark Ekins took the footage after he responded to a call to help release a mountain lion.

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You can see the one hunter with his gun firmly aimed at the bobcat’s head, ready to take it out if sh*t gets real. Thankfully nothing does, and these hunters got to experience an encounter they will never forget!

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A pride of four lions attack a buffalo mere meters from tourists near the Mantimahle Waterhole in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. This amazing footage was captured by field guide, Marten Lange.


A Florida family discovered a 300-lb alligator taking a dip in their backyard swimming pool after the reptile ripped through their patio screen before making a splash. Craig Lear of Lakeland said he went to let his family’s cats out on the patio when he saw bubbles coming to the surface of the pool. He initially thought it was a golf ball that had come through the screen’s netting and plopped into the pool, as they live on a golf course, but it was a nine-foot-long male alligator!


As marijuana’s status has changed legally and in the opinions of many people across America, there’s no doubt that dogs are getting stoned too. It’s happening both when owners purposefully give it to their dogs and when they accidentally ingest it. If your pet has gotten into some marijuana or marijuana-laced products, don’t wait for symptoms to start; get them to a veterinarian.

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If you honestly thought you were a badass, prepare to have your ego checked. This guy spends his downtime swimming with his pet snake and slurping on tallies. I like how he operates. Let’s get this guy up for Prime Minister.

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“This week I take Vayetse, Livy and Ginny out for a beautiful walk whilst answering some of your questions! Do the lions understand their own name? Are lions inherently mean?” – Kevin Richardson


Pugs are hilarious dogs. They make great pets and even better friends. They also do a lot of weird sh*t sometimes. Never forget to be the person your Pug thinks you are.

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Because round cages suck, this guy shows us how to fix one. Once the appropriate changes were made, Pebble gave the stupid round cage a piece of his mind!


This is a short video of Juniper the domesticated red fox repeatedly trying to dive into white bed sheets thinking they’re snow and there’s a mouse underneath. They are not snow though, they are bed sheets. Sometimes I dive into bed thinking there’s going to be someone there waiting for me, but there never is.