This insane footage has emerged showing a life and death battle between a crocodile and a baby elephant. The elephant trumpeted with fright when the huge croc latched onto its trunk!


This snake was probably drunk, out in the road trying to bite any man that passed by, and grope any woman in sight. Go home snake!


Check out the size of this cat’s paws! This beautiful creatures was born in a zoo, and is breaking stereotypes by having a close bond with his owner, when usually in the wild these cats avoids humans as much as possible.


This monkey in japan can actually get a rally going with a human on a mini tennis court. It’s a shame it would probably rather be scratching its little back against a tree somewhere.


“We were following the leopard as it was just walking along when my friend spotted the 2 porcupines walking towards the leopard. As soon as the leopard saw them it changed into stalking mode and we knew something was going to happen.”


During the harsh Mongolian winter, when humans are most challenged in the steppes, Kairatkhan’s golden eagles are the source of sustenance. The arctic foxes and small animals they kill provide meat and the fur that clothes him and his family.


The alligator was on the trail in front of a group of visitors while a group of horses grazed nearby. A brave horse then charged and came down on the alligator multiple times!


The great white shark caught in the shallow surf off Santa Cruz’s Pleasure Point, died overnight. After the tide receded, the shark washed up onto the beach. California Fish and Wildlife was able to drive a flat bed truck down to the beach to retrieve it. The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation was first on scene. A team of veterinarians is on their way up from Southern California to perform the necropsy. There are no external signs of trauma to the shark so crews believe it most likely died from an infection of some kind.

yrBullfigting At Las Ventas In Madrid

Daniel García Navarrete, 23, is fighting for his life after sustaining the horrific injuries during his encounter with a 1,000lbs bull. The attack, which took place in Spain’s biggest arena, Las Ventas, in Madrid, was witnessed by an audience of 10,000.


Considering the blood left on the guy’s face after the crash, it’s safe to say the bird probably didn’t survive. Thankfully, the man riding the roller coaster seemed unharmed, and he quickly recovered and converted back to a normal roller coaster rider a few seconds later.


If you have ever wondered who might come off worst in a fight between a snake and a porcupine, this video should answer that. The incident apparently happened in Brazil, with this boa constrictor definitely coming off worse after unwisely attempting to making a meal of the famously spiky and defensive creature.


Welp. I guess I’ll be avoiding storm drains for a few months. See, I knew Australia didn’t have a monopoly on all the scary things. I’ve never heard a “f**k off” that was more powerful than that hiss.


It should’ve been just an ordinary day watching wild animals hang out in man-made preserves. Primates in nature can throw poop to their heart’s content, where it lands being unimportant. There’s nothing out in the jungle like, say, a grandma, that would be particularly offended by getting hit squarely by a hunk of monkey sh*t. But we’re not in the jungle.


A dog owner captured the moment her pet dog got stoned after apparently eating a joint while out on a walk. The poor pooch was barely able to stand on all fours in the vet’s waiting room after ingesting the cannabis.


This is the fearsome moment a great white shark devours a fleeing seal whole metres away from a fishing boat filming the encounter. Cage-divers filming beneath the water captured the moments before as the seal twisted and turned in the water inches away from the enormous predator. Attracted to the bait on a pole the shark soon realised something far larger was on the menu as the playful seal swam alongside it.


Mike Epps performed in Detroit at the Festival of Laughs comedy tour, when a man came out with a kangaroo on a leash. Epps egged on the handler to make the kangaroo partake in the show, and grabbed the leash, holding the animal for a photo.


Police in Brazil released this footage of police dog Brutus finding two fugitives following the attempted heist on a post office in south Brazil. Watch the moment the detector dog guides its handlers through the forest to a boggy area where it finds one of the accused who has tried to hide by dunking beneath the murky water!


Wildlife rescue workers in southern India have filmed a 3.7m cobra gratefully drinking from a water bottle. It’s believed the massive snake strayed into a village in the Kaiga township looking for water. The region has been hit by a long drought making water hard to come by for wild animals in the region.