While observing a mother Humpback nursing her calf from a safe distance away, the whales finish up and dove down. What happened next took everyone by surprise!


If you’re a fan of jelly babies, you might want to give this video a swerve. Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens has produced a short film which depicts the process of how gummy candy is made, in reverse. Sadly, those delicious candies are just a mixture of chopped animal remains, boiled chemicals and tons of sugar. The end result is sweet, but the reality of it’s production leaves a sour taste in our mouths.


The shark saw how close the kid was to the edge of the boat and was waiting to see how it played out. I like how the dad isn’t at all comforting to his son. “Yup we’re probably dinner. Come on bud, let’s call your mother and tell her goodbye. We’re dead.”


Remote Sergeant Mark Berry explains the croc measured 4.33m, but was not the largest in the waterhole. “We are looking at leaving the trap here because there is (another) larger one in the waterhole that is still posing a threat to safety.” The crocodile, which had taken multiple cattle from a station in the Douglas/Daly region, was caught on Sunday, but but too “angry” to take out of the trap before Wednesday. It was moved to Darwin to join a breeding program operation.


Aptly named Sea Hare due to their rabbit ear looking appendages, these creatures are truly a primordial wonder of the ocean. Who would have ever thought a Sea Slug could grow to the size of a small dog!?


This dog will never truly understand how close he came to getting obliterated into another dimension. He seems to have the cops after him at the end though. Dog better pull another trick out of the hat and disappear!


Watch this guy struggle to release a gigantic sawfish that measured over 17ft in length and had an estimated weight of over 700lbs. This species of fish is incredibly rare and have a very unique appearance!


This snake, like most humans, doesn’t take too kindly to same dude grabbing him and causing a ruckus. So it went for the choke and wouldn’t have let go if he tapped!


That seal’s eyes when it’s trying to get on the boat: “Sh*t! Please sir, could you lend me a hand?” Meanwhile, under the water…”The humans and the seals are in cahoots with each other. No longer will the humans be off limits. They have formed an alliance and in doing so, they have formed their own demise. Tell the others.” These boaters have doomed us all.


Darwin police are searching for four young males who set three saltwater crocodiles loose in a school administration office. The reptiles were captured with the help of a ranger at Taminmin College at Humpty Doo. The men could face serious penalties for animal cruelty, with fines up to $50,000. They are yet to be identified.


“We were the pit crew for a mate driving at a off-road race. We thought we’d go watch them run down a fast straight. Unfortunately, they hit the kangaroo going 180 kph.” Don’t forget to make sure the footage is on 720p for the clearest carnage results.


Flea gave a music lesson to an unlikely pupil this week as the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist hung out with the famed Koko the Gorilla at the Gorilla Foundation in Woodside, California.


You gotta feel bad for the guy. I just want to yell through the monitor, “Get your tyre iron!” If he gave it one solid blow across the head, at the very least it will be unconscious until it dies, and you have the option to keep smashing it’s skull in quickly until it dies. I understand not everyone has a knife or gun in their vehicle but he’s got to have a tire iron surely? That sucks.


In the terrifying clip, a man wearing a red t-shirt can be seen inside a pen during a Spanish bull-running event. As the footage continues it becomes evident that the man believes he is safe from the angry bull’s rage while he is inside the cage. However the unknown man, who was also holding his hand outside the enclosure, quickly realises that taunting a bull is a terrible idea.


Australia is famous for dangerous wildlife, so a deadly saltwater crocodile sharing the waves with a lemon shark isn’t totally impossible. Clever editing or is Australia just that f*cked up?


A fun family day at a zoo in Rockwell, North Carolina turned into a disgusting mess when an angry baboon decided to hurl poop at the kids trying to feed it. After the little girls tried throwing food towards the monkey’s cage at Tiger World, the angry baboon displayed aggressive behavior and picked up feces from the floor and hurled it at the kids, hitting one square in the face.


This wildlife camera was set up as part of a long-term study of invasive wild pigs and their impacts on the native ecology. The recording captures the predation of a wild piglet by a young female black bear as she attacks a sounder of pigs wallowing in an upland spring. The piglet screams, alerting the lead sow (the matriarch of the group), who returns to attempt to fight off the bear and save her young. It is extremely rare to capture a predation event of any kind within the small frame of a trap camera, and an event as dramatic and illuminating as this is almost unheard of.


This tiger stepped in a did a solid for team human by blocking a leopard that looked to be heading straight for the guy crouching with the lions. This enclosure is just full on monsters!