So, you have a bag of snakes. Not just a few snakes, mind you, but almost 300 snakes of various sizes and species. What to do? Apparently, just dump them out and hope for the best. Those f**kers can unpile themselves on their own, I’m running as soon as I dump them.


Not all documentaries are engaging enough to make learning fun, but BBC’s Planet Earth saga were so gorgeous that learning about the different environments and animals of the world was breathtaking. Sadly, the episodes were so time-consuming and complicated to produce that the BBC never made it past eleven. Now, there’s some very good news on the Planet Earth front: a follow-up series called Planet Earth II is here.


“Mello aka Chocolate Caramello is a famous 3 year old stud dog. He is known for being the world’s biggest most muscular Pit Bull. I had just bred him when this video was taken and I put him into my SUV and he started flexing.”


The South American Giant Anteater eats over 30,000 ants, per day. The sailfish can swim at the speed of 109 km/h. A small car is roughly the size of the heart of a blue whale. There are presently over a million animal species living on planet earth, here are just some of them…


Big game hunting is big business in South Africa. But, so far, the country is rejecting efforts to ban the controversial practice of “canned lion” hunting. These kings of the jungle are bred in captivity to be shot. Those who support canned hunts say hunting a lion raised in captivity takes the pressure off dwindling lion numbers in the wild. CBS News called close to 60 lion farms for a comment, but none would agree to an interview.


Welcome to Australia, where there are so many cain toads that we have invented a sport around them. Well this would be the second sport, the first one is seeing how many you can squash with your car on your way to the pub!


Holy sh*t, imagine getting attacked twice! This is one hell of a story to tell your mates at the pub. He’ll be on the Joe Rogan podcast in under a month no doubt about it. Hit the jump and read his incredible account of the attack, look at his gnarly wounds, and then watch the blood drenched aftermath footage.


Watch this weird yet mesmerising time-laspe compilation of animals shedding their skins and shells, transforming into a new bigger and better version of themselves!


Learn how to kill an octopus New Zealand style with Josh James from Discovery Channels ‘Dual Survival’ and ‘Kings Of The Wild’!


People from other countries always ask if you can actually have a kangaroo as a pet. This should finally put that to rest!

Indonesians Farm Civet Cats To Produce World's Most Valuable CoffeeCat

Kopi luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. The main factor of it’s high price is the uncommon method of producing such a coffee. It has been made from the coffee beans which have been digested by a certain Indonesian cat-like animal called the civet. The sh*t of this cat will be collected, finished and sold as kopi luwak.


There are fresh calls to allow fishermen to cull sharks off the New South Wales north coast after a seventeen-year-old surfer was bitten on the leg by a great white. What are your thoughts? Leave them in our comment section now!


“Steve spotted it on his jet ski and came to myself and Alec on our paddle boards. He was shouting ‘I’ve found a 7ft fish!’ We didn’t believe him, thinking it must be a cow or something.” Friends Kevin Brady, Steve Burgess and Alec Foster found the giant Tuna fish in the estuary at Minsterworth, hundreds of miles from its normal habitat in warm sea waters, on the weekend when they were paddle boarding.


When he said “You can do this, you can do this.” I wasn’t sure if he was talking to himself, or the skunk, or both. The universe will gift you with many karma filled treasures my friend. Someday an alien will teleport your car back onto the road when you veer off the edge of a cliff. Enjoy that moment when it happens, you deserve it.


Best entry into a lunch room ever? That first noise he made was so good. I was expecting a “Raw!” I was not expecting such accuracy. Bloody legend, now get back to work. Just kidding, f**k work. Never lose your inner dinosaur mate.


The Velvet Ant, which is actually a species of wingless wasp, is well known for possessing one of the most painful stings in the insect kingdom. In fact, this legendary sting is so painful it has even earned them the nickname “cow killer” because it is said to be so excruciating it can actually kill a cow.


“The project started to see if we could shoot a gun underwater and it evolved into much more with the right people involved. Lionfish are an invasive species that need to be eradicated. All weapons modifications done under supervision of Airborne Arms Inc license holder “07-Manufacturer of Firearms other than Destructive Devices” with support of Lone Wolf Glock Parts.” – Courtland Hunt.


Whoever rolls with this monkey is so baller that his damn pet monkey is a baller too! So much style I can’t even begin. Where does he shop? Who does his hair? I’ll take it all!