A group of charter boat fishermen aboard the Stunmai II in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts, hooked a bit more than they bargained for as a great white shark leapt from the water, snapping up their catch.


Aurel Braguta challenged his mate Jamie Grainger to sit down on a swarm with his bare bum on a farm in rural Matamata for 1,000 New Zealand dollars. Jamie was challenged to ‘sit for 30 seconds’ in the bees after his other colleague had failed to do the same thing moments earlier – barely lasting 19 seconds. Eye-watering footage shows him plonk his bare behind into the angry hive while cupping his manhood in a bid to keep them safe.


Right when you think this story will have a happy ending, you see the poor wildebeest’s death sentence. Hyenas or lions would have been gifted a very easy meal once they spot him limping behind his herd.


Emergency crews are racing to pull people from cars and homes inundated by rising floodwaters across south-east Texas, rescuing more than 1,000 people in the Houston area as Tropical Storm Harvey pounded the region. This family was making the most of their destroyed house.


This is just incredible. Mother nature is f**ken awesome. 8km deep? May as well have been filmed on another planet. Looks like they need some sun though.


“One of the most amazing sights you could ever witness. It shows a healthy marine environment full of life and energy. There were over 200 sharks enjoying the giant bait ball. The beauty of the sharks is always captivating and a humbling experience. They were more surprised to see us than for us to see them!”


In what sounds more like a scene from Jaws than real life, a great white shark bloodied the waters just 25 yards off the coast of Cape Cod as it attacked a seal, causing complete chaos along the shores. The shark attack occurred just feet from a group of surfers, leading those on the beach to think a person had been bit. “I felt like the shark’s gonna pull me in from my legs or something,” surfer Nisi Schlinger told NECN. “People were yelling, ‘Get out the water! Get out the water!’ I thought I was dead.”


One of Africa’s fastest and most agile antelope, the Thomson’s gazelle, finds itself out of its depths as it attempts to swim the Mara river in Kenya. Unfortunately, this little gazelle is dragged down to a watery grave by a massive demon of the deep, Africa’s Nile crocodile. Every year, over a million wildebeest, zebra, and antelope migrate to Kenya’s Maasai Mara in search of greener pastures—but not without being hunted by the larger carnivores.


A dog owner fought to get his lost dog back from a woman who claimed that she bought the dog legally from someone on the street, implying the dog is rightfully hers. After Judge Judy ordered the dog to be brought into the courtroom and placed on the floor, it became obvious who the dog’s real owner was.


I feel bad for the shark swimming away with that hook still in its mouth, but good luck getting it out unscathed, plus I’m sure it’s just happy to be back in the water where it can get some revenge on the next human it finds swimming.


At a wild life park at Glen Waverley in Melbourne, this young fella was feeding the animals when the kangaroo decided he was close enough and put his paws on him!


If you don’t like hunting but you eat meat from the store, you need to check yourself. These guys earn themselves some organic feral pig, and goddamn does it ever look delicious!


Ballina is considered the “shark attack capital” of Australia. So when local man Craig Bateman was surfing and then saw a dorsal fin protruding from the water, he braced for the worst. Bateman, 42, said he had been surfing with a friend near Ballina. After riding a wave, he turned around and saw the fin directly behind him. “My life flashed before my eyes,” he said.


Scuba divers chase the sardines in South Africa so they can dive and see all the fascinating predators the schools of fish attract. Waiting to find the fish can be a bit boring, and other times it can be breathtaking!


This clever Weimaraner/English Labrador doesn’t only provide its owner with love and companionship but also acts as her guardian angel if she suffers from a seizure.


This guy is the hero the internet needs. He was put in a tense and stressful situation, yet he had the mind to film the event properly, in landscape mode, and without filming his own feet. Bravo!


The croc swam up to the boat and waited, ignoring the scraps but had his mouth open and ready. Another scrap was thrown into the water and a shark darted in to claim it, but the croc quickly latched into the shark’s head and swam away to a nearby mangrove. Savage.


Everyone has hobbies. Poor people collect old tyres in thier front yard, rich people collect tigers in thier Rolls Royce. Virtually identical.