No living animal can ignore the tantalising smell of grilling steak on the weekend. This Yogi Bear motherf*cker couldn’t help himself and wanted to taste a bit of everything. Even may have caught a few drops of beer in his mouth!

A rescued squirrel which was finally being released back into the wild had his freedom cut short after a house cat attacked and clawed at the animal before it had chance to escape. I was genuinely saddened by that.

Watch these three young cheetah brothers hunt an adult ostrich. The ostrich has a powerful kick that could do massive damage to a single cheetah, making them not much of a threat. But three is a different story!

Watch this very-hungry Komodo dragon eating a monkey. Yes, a whole monkey. Open wide, no problem. The 8-foot beast devour this cousin to humans nose-to-tail.

A guy on the beach in the Bahamas launched his drone to capture images of the breathtaking turquoise water, but it caught sharks swimming all around a young boy. The drone, launched by Artem Tkachenko, showed the young boy stepping into the water, completely unaware that a school of sharks was right nearby.

“While fishing off Semaphore Beach, I made a joke to my dad about how it’d be cool to see a shark in open waters. About 10-20 minutes later, a big great white popped up and luckily I managed to get my camera out in time. The footage is good but doesn’t compensate the monsters real size. When it swam under our boat, the head was at the front and the tail of the shark came back to the end of the boat which was 5.5m long. That makes the shark 5.5 to 6 meters long.”

Alan McSmith calmly stood up to an elephant who was charging at him in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The video is an example of how calm energy can influence the behaviour of wild animals. Other trail guides admitted to Mr McSmith that they would probably have just shot the animal in panic if they were in the same position.

With a deadly weapon attached to the end of their face, these Rhinos fear no human, and charge at cars looking to put a horn through anything that gets in their way!

Join Devotte, a gorilla caregiver, for a fun tickle session with baby Lulingu. Lulingu was saved by the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (GRACE), the world’s only sanctuary for Grauer’s gorillas, a Critically Endangered ape that only lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Poaching has brought gorillas to the brink of extinction but GRACE is giving them hope. Stay tuned for this story coming soon.

Ignacio Salazar was sitting on his board waiting for a wave with his mouth-mounted GoPro rolling when a shark fin sliced through the water in front of him. He posted video in which you can not only see the fin but hear its effects.

This polar bear cub’s first steps outside their den are captured with the help of his own mother. The bear appears to have been to film school, nailing multiple technical shots!

The U.S. Coast Guard ended up saving an endangered sea turtle while on a counter-drug patrol. The crew discovered a sea turtle entangled in multiple bales of what turned out to be cocaine. The boat crew recovered more than 75 feet of line and returned to the law enforcement mission recovering over 1,800 pounds of cocaine valued at over $53 million.

To bring in those weekend vibes, watch this uncut sequence of seven squid caught from seven deep drop. The ocean floor must have been carpeted with them!

What kind of cat is this, a puma? Or maybe its just some steroid experiment on a house cat. Steroid cat gonna eat all your cereal and take control of the TV remote bro!

This rhino saw its opportunity to escape the endless days of living in an enclosure and eating hay, and nearly busted through massive steel bars in the box it was lured into!

Alongside his handler Brian Edwards, the dynamic duo protects the planes at Cherry Capital Airport from bird strikes. Birds can pose a huge threat to flight safety, but when they see Piper on his way, geese, ducks and gulls flee the runways. It’s an important job, but not one without its share of fun.

Sarah Illig can be seen gliding through the clear blue water when the predator lunges and takes a chunk out of her arm. Video footage shot by her husband Evan Carroll shows Sarah recoiling in pain and swimming away as fast as she can. She said later she did not see the nurse shark approach and initially thought Evan was playing a trick on her during their snorkelling trip in the Bahamas.

“The Crocodile has been living near a small village in Baia, East New Britain, for the past two years. It usually gets pigs and dogs from the village near by whenever it’s hungry, and i was lucky enough to capture it this time as it stole a pig and was making it’s way back home.” – @Milan_MG.