What an amazingly well trained dog. There is zero delay between command and action. It also appears that he doesn’t have to say anything twice with the dog hanging on his every word. That thing is like a car alarm…that bites. My dog likes to find dead worms in the yard and roll around in them. No training required.


Two beautiful male kangaroos had an epic tussle, and it is one of the most majestic things you will ever see. The footage shows the roos fighting in a suburban street on the Central Coast, NSW.


The Youngbloods are a small spearfishing crew from the beautiful coast of north west Australia. Join them on their recent fishing adventure where they spear a massive sailfish, hunt for sea bugs in underwater caves, swim with whales, surf epic swells and generally live the Aussie dream.

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This dog with living against the odds after suffering an injury to her eye, and looking after 3 puppies. It’s the dog rescuers like these guys that restore our faith in humanity!


It’s not Goat Simulator, but an even more realistic game set in the Street Fighter universe. Insert two quarters to play. I recommend Angry Goat vs. Chun-Li for the most vigorous gameplay experience.

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Australian Magpies can become highly aggressive during breeding season from late August to early October, and will swoop and sometimes attack passersby. There are a few different ways to stop their attacks, and this radio host decided to see which was best!

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Off the coast of South Australia, a great white shark bursts from the water to rip into another shark! The rare moment was caught on camera by as the monster fish concreted their reputation as the ocean’s most fearsome predator.

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This guy couldn’t land the shark on the rocks, so he jumped into the water to grab the shark and took it up to the beach where unhooked it, and released it back in the ocean. This guy is someone I want to be mates with.

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Usually dogs are doing something smart to get the internets attention. This dog wants to come inside so badly, but is trapped behind the damn fake glass door!


“I trained my roommates dog to respond to a certain set of words of which some people find hilarious.”


A wild pit bull that was tasered by a Flagler County sheriff’s deputy and later euthanised “chewed its way through the door” of a bedroom and bit a total of three people before animal control officers could contain the dog, according to a sheriff’s report. Watch the footage now!

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In Russia, bears aren’t considered to be dangerous wild animals, its the Russians that are the dangerous ones. This bear was just brave enough to approach such them!


Shmulik B. a professional dog trainer and an AKBAN academy veteran, shows how to get an assaulting dog to release its bite. This will work on any dog, any wolf, any pitbull or mastiff. As long as the dog needs to breath, pressure his the trachea and block the air passage through the air pipe. This forces the dog to open it’s bite and try to take some air. Initiate the gag reflex. Since this is not a blood choke, but an airway choke it will take more then two minutes of complete pressure to make the dog unconscious.

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This fisherman hooked up a beauty at the end of the day, only to have it stolen by a shark, the criminals of the ocean!

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Watch as this massive hungry stingray jumps out of the water and up a ramp to get a treat in the Maldives. I shall call him pancake!


Republican James Inhofe, the US senior senator from Oklahoma, held a live pigeon shoot at the Quartz Mountain Lodge in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. Anyone willing to pay could take part in this canned hunt and blast away at hand thrown, tame pigeons – many of them banded – with the Senator. This wasn’t hunting, this was a slaughter. Many wounded birds escaped the killing field to die slow, lingering deaths. Is this a good way to raise money? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now.

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The leopard was intently watching a group of impala grazing nearby, and as they slowly moved under the tree the people watching knew they were about to witness a once in a lifetime event. Insane animals!

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Watch as these crazy Brazilians harass this giant yellow anaconda and its swimming in some sketchy river. The description of this video says it’s the biggest anaconda ever found, but they are yet to look inside my pants.