“Walking my dog down the street by Brentwood mall when this woman comes up out of nowhere and kicks my dog hard in the ribs making her yelp and cry.” I’m pretty sure if one checks the dictionary for the definition of evil, it includes going around kicking random people’s puppies and then lying about being assaulted by the owner. What a psycho.


Slippery rocks and huge gaps aren’t the only things trying to kill Slovakian MTB riders. This massive bear came out of nowhere and charged directly at a rider as his friend t filmed the whole thing from behind!


While battling a good-sized tarpon, fisherman Ronnie Green suddenly had two challenges on his hands: trying to land the tarpon and keeping the tarpon away from a huge hammerhead shark that happened upon the scene. It’s no secret that hammerhead sharks enjoy a tasty meal of tarpon, so who could blame this 15-footer for being opportunistic and trying to steal Green’s fish?


“After a battle for 15 seconds I found myself locked in the shark’s jaws as it thrashed a chunk from the top of my right thigh. I was lucky not to loose my sea cucumber instead. It was a quick and regrettable decision that I realise was a stupid move.” – Josh ferret Neille.


Watch as these Venus Flytraps catch all sorts of bugs, and they only get more satisfying to see as the clips goes on!


Watch this brutal demonstration of the correct way to kill a rattlesnake or any venomous snake. Neal Hunt uses the correct, easy, and ethical way to do so.


Hooper! Tie another buoy on! In a video uploaded online by Craig Hudson, the monster shark slowly drifts through the water and comes terrifyingly close to their small vessel 15km off the coast of Australia. After realising the shark was as big as the 16ft boat they were in, Mr Hudson said he quickly cut all of his fishing lines and instructed his son to sit in the bottom of the boat. ‘I was going to get out of there ASAP but thought I would get some footage as it is a once in a lifetime chance,’ he said.


At two-years-old, Venom has become a fixture on the micro bully scene and has attracted some sky-high offers from his eager fans. Owner Matt said: “We were offered $150,000 for Venom and that was before he was a year old and I thought it was pretty crazy, but he is a family member.”


In a battle between man and shark, only the one with the baseball bat will survive. These fishermen crushed the previous Mako record, and put their struggle to capture the beast online!


Bullfighting an incredibly controversial sport, with strong ties to tradition keeping it alive, while others see it as a disgusting display of animal cruelty.


Trouble has a way of finding you, you don’t really need to meet it halfway. Those are some words of advice my Dad would offer to me as a growing child. In the case of this video, the man behind the camera may have learned that lesson the hard way.


Dramatic drone footage from high above Fingal Bay in Port Stephens has captured the full extent of a shark hunt off the popular strip. Running mullet have given the sharks plenty of incentive to slice through the clear green waters of the bay, forcing authorities to close the beach to swimming, and drawing crowds onto the sand to watch.


An artificial womb has been invented that researchers say can support the growth of premature lambs for a month, as if they had still been growing inside their mother. The hope is that one day this technology will be used to aid the development of severely premature babies.


A dramatic video has emerged from the US of two alligators fighting on a golf course. The footage, captured in Ocean Ridge Plantation, NC, shows the massive beasts bitting each other on the edge of a pond. “The fight began in the fairway of the 18th hole on Panthers Run Golf course in Ocean Ridge Plantation and finished in the nearby pond” the filmer later wrote online. “A territorial battle to remember!”


I went from chuckling on the first viewing, to laughing on the second, to cackling on the third and after the eighth view I’m over here wiping tears out of my eyes. If I keep going will I reach enlightenment? Shout out to @_shannonjohnston_ for the quality footage.


Thinking of getting an Alaskan Malamute? Check out this lady talking about what it takes to look after and train one of these beasts!


This bear accidentally got his head stuck in the barrel. It is intended for them to only pull food out with their paws. Fortunately he had not been in there very long and we were able to get him out as quick as possible.


For seals, turtles and other tasty marine life, this might be the last image they see before they get snaffled up by a great white. Nerve-jangling footage captured off the coast of South Africa shows a hungry shark breaching with its mouth open wide – offering a front row view down its throat. The close-up clip shows the large carnivorous fish flashing its razor-sharp teeth and pink undersides of its gills with its black eyes shining bright. Incredible stuff.