Known for eating other spiders, Portia is a genus of the jumping spider that is able to leap up to 50 times her own body length. Captured by stunning close-up footage, we get to witness this amazing spider use its super powers to dine on prey three times her size.


Masked thieves killed three family dogs with harpoons and an electrical spear to steal them to be served on the dining plate. The first dog was believed to have been electrocuted by the long spear which had cables connected to a power pack on the man’s back. The second dog appears to be killed with an arrow from a harpoon type gun which was visibly implanted on its side as it gets dragged away. Bastards!


It’s like on cartoons where the dog is really, really hungry and he looks at the cow and actually sees a giant ribeye steak standing in front of him. I love that pause after the dog takes the first bite, the cow’s just like “The f**k bro?”


Earlier this month, it was announced that 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps had grown tired of racing humans and will instead race a great white shark. That race, which will air on July 23 for Discovery’s Shark Week, now has a super intense trailer with an appropriately dramatic name: Phelps Vs. Shark: The Battle for Ocean Supremacy.


Beau Greaves knows a thing or two about catching crab, and he isn’t afraid to go deep to chase a big score. This huge crab would have made a meal fit for 10 kings!


A 14-year-old western lowland gorilla named Zola has become an internet star after a short video surfaced of him dancing in a kiddie pool at the Dallas Zoo. The zoo schedules “enrichment sessions” for its animals in order to provide them with mental and physical stimulation to increase natural behaviors.


“This definitely was one of the craziest experiences in my life and I’ve had many, who would have thought I would see some Moby Dick right here outside the Verrazano on my boy’s 19 footer. That humpback was chasing bunker all the way up to the side jumped out of the water and tapped the hull of my boat, knocking bunker into the boat. Crazy, I know it sounds like a fish story, but these #NewJersey waters are serious!”


A Gallatin Police officer was charged by a large Rottweiler while responding to a complaint about a vicious dog, the department said. A neighbour had called Sumner County Animal Control saying they might “have to shoot the dog due to its viciousness,” police said. An officer approached a resident of the home where the dog lived, who said the dog was probably “running loose again.” While walking in the driveway, the officer was “aggressively charged” by the dog. The officer fired a single shot, which did not hit the dog.


Flood waters are dirty as f**k, why would you want to walk your dog through them? The expression on the reporter, as he pulls the mic away is pure astonishment and dumbfound. Love it.


“Pancho” the sea lion made a name for himself when he snapped a dorado from the hands of Baja fishermen, but these days, the local celebrity doesn’t have to steal his meals. While this clip didn’t end in any misfortune, feeding sea lions is a terrible idea. We saw this first-hand when one of these animals dragged a young girl from a British Columbia dock last month. These animals also carry bacteria that can be dangerous. A tiny microbe called Mycoplasma phocacerebrale can cause “seal finger”, an infection that can affect motor function and lead to amputation of digits.


This person on the bike became this dog’s guardian angel, following closely behind, stopping traffic and probably saving its life. Goddamn that was intense though, my palms started to sweat.


The crew of the fishing vessel thought it would be illegal to keep the dead porpoise and they threw the specimen back into the sea. Fortunately, a series of photographs was taken. The specimen, however, is lost for science and natural history.


This footage was taken near the costal village of Melkbosstrand, 35 km north of Cape Town. The giant squid seems to be caught on a rope, allowing the paddleboarder to pull it up and have a closer look.


This fishing enthusiast keeps a bunch of huge bass in a pond and catches fresh shad himself to feed them with. He gets some epic blowup footage of the fish as they jump and eat the fish from his hand!


“A man performs free crocodile show for six people. Wasn’t meant to go ahead. He was showing off previous wounds From Bangkok including a missing finger from his last trick where an accident occurred. Watch until the end.”


A crew of keen anglers was forced to hold on when a massive shark decided to nudge and nibble at their boat while they were fishing off the state’s South-East coast. The great white, estimated at about 4.5 metres long, spent about 10 minutes circling the boat while occasionally biting the motor and nudging the vessel, causing it to rock back and forth. After staring at the shark in disbelief for several minutes, fisherman Andrew Russell managed to capture part of the close encounter on his phone, posting it to Facebook.


Drone pilots be like, I’m gonna get the sickest footage ever brah, watch this. This pilot got his drone camera clipped when he got a little too involved in the scene of this rally car hitting a massive jump.


On Friday, June 9, thousands of dead or dying fish washed ashore in a Matagorda river channel leading to the Gulf of Mexico. Kyle Naegeli, known as The Fish Whisperer, was able to capture the eerie phenomenon on camera.