An important part of being a puppy, besides being adorable and ruining people’s shoes, is learning how things work. And in this video, we get to see a pup named Buck attempt to figure out what hiccups are. While sitting in the backseat of a car, the eight-week-old pups begins hiccuping for the first time in his life. He responds by growling and barking in what appears to be an attempt to scare the hiccups away.


Sid is an adorable little beagle who has recently taken the Internet by storm thanks to his penchant for patiently holding food in his mouth. From enormous slices of pizza to frozen waffles, Sid is happy to sit and chill with any variety of foodstuffs between his teeth. Sid even has his own Instagram, where you can follow his food-scapades and documented cuteness.


Warning: Box contains potential death. I suppose a requirement of that job is to be thinner than the gaps between the poles.


These divers got the scare of their lives when his aggressive Great White Shark attacked and got half-way inside the cage! The cage malfunctioned, but luckily, the divers were not harmed. This is rare behaviour and even rarer footage.

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This dog not only does a few amazing tricks but actually rings a bell when she want to go out. She also will only “do her business” on a designated portion of the lawn.

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A couple of dudes where putting on an alligator wrestling show at the Spring Crawfish Festival, when the alligator lunged at the guy sneaky up from behind, and clamped onto his arm, giving the man a few solid shakes. Humans may be smarter then reptiles, but our jaws aren’t lethal weapons.


Once a pug always a pug. PUGLIFE!


This is some remarkable footage from the remotely operated underwater vehicle Hercules of a sperm whale that comes to investigate the bot off the coast of Louisiana. The robot is about 2,000 feet down at the time of the encounter. Could you imagine being able to hold your breath for an hour and dive that far down? I panic in the bathtub.


Tensions escalated as police tried to make an arrest in Brooklyn and it was all caught on camera. One police officer even fired a shot. It was a dangerous situation in Brownsville and it quickly got way out of control. People were gathered on the street watching what was happening, and when a dog suddenly got out, an officer fired his gun. Now residents in Brooklyn are asking why did the officer fire with so many people around?

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This depressed dog lays with its head in the way of an automatic doggy door. The door repeatedly tries to close on the dog, and we suddenly all know exactly how those monday feels can bring anyone down.


An 8 to 9 foot bull shark has been swimming very close to the condos that line Hickory Boulevard. Residents say it’s not the first time. Neighbors say people are chumming — throwing bait into the water — which is causing the sharks to return. Now, they are asking the city to get involved and prohibit fishing as well as designate the area as a swimming only area.


I like how he used vision misdirection on the charge. I guess the silverback saw them as some sort of rival gorilla family. Terrifying stuff!

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Although Russia may seem like a lawless place where laws are there to be broken, the dogs of the country set a fine example of social etiquette. Watch as they all use crosswalks better than humans!


Bob set a new personal long range record on an antelope at 1,380 yards. It was the last day of his hunt, spotting a group with a nice antelope buck in it from a far, he closed the distance. Final setup yardage was 1,380. Dialling 36 minutes of elevation and 3 minutes for the wind, Bob settled in for the shot. Two fatal shots at 1,380 yards, Bob was ecstatic to say the least.

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Photobombing is the act of accidentally or purposely putting oneself into the view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects


They say the cost of keeping a pet can bleed you dry. But one man’s devotion to his giant leech means he feeds it his own blood when it feels peckish. A stomach-churning video of the bloodsucking parasite drinking from the man’s forearm has been shared online. Just get a wife dude. She will get fat and suck you dry at the same time, and I don’t mean sexually.

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This chimpanzee didn’t want to be spied on while sun baking, so it did what any human would do and got a long stick to knock the damn drone out of the sky!

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This is the moment a terrified spring-breaker freaked out and begged for help to escape from a harmless sea cow. The swimmer was in the water in Florida when she filmed herself screaming out in horror as a giant manatee floated past just inches away.