“This Great White Shark was swimming in the lineup today when I was out for a surf, luckily I had my GoPro on hand to capture it! It was about 7ft long and 40 yards from shore.” – Michael Davids.


While boating off the coast of Alaska, this dude gets caught in the middle of a pod of humpback whales as they breach to the surface all at once to eat. And of course those damn seagulls swoop in for the sloppy seconds. The man’s excitement will never be reached by anyone else, ever.

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Ocean engineer Brennan Phillips led a team to the remote Solomon Islands in search of hydrothermal activity. The main peak of the volcano, called Kavachi, was not erupting during their expedition, so they were able to drop instruments, including a deep-sea camera, into the crater. The footage revealed hammerheads and silky sharks living inside, seemingly unaffected by the hostile temperatures and acidity.

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In 2015 the bees are still dying in masses. Which at first seems not very important until you realise that one third of all food humans consume would disappear with them. Millions could starve. The foes bees face are truly horrifying, some are a direct consequence of human greed.


This moment was caught on phone during a morning drive at the Djuma Private Game Reserve by guide Taxon Nkuna. But instead of being just a rare sighting of a leopard it soon became something else as the predator was rudely interrupted.

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Scientists have discovered amazing new species from the uncharted deep-sea ecosystem and seafloor of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Check out these alien like creatures caught on camera!


American paraglider Gavin McClurg can aptly be described as adventurous. Some of his notable accomplishments include sailing around the world and flying the Canadian Rockies, and he’s even been nominated as a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year alongside fellow Canadian Will Gadd. But it all might have never happened if a little swim he took in 2001 went another way. So, spoiler: He’s still alive. But the rest of the story? We’re going to let him tell you about that himself.


As Shark Week plays out, divers in South Africa’s Mossel Bay enjoyed an incredible real-life shark moment, involving a massive great white tearing at a hunk of tuna and a surprise breach that was caught on camera. “We sometimes see great whites behave in this way,” Abbott said. “No seal or anything, just a totally random breach. Amazing to see.”


Oh hi there, we are Shock Mansion and welcome to the internet. We’ll be your friendly guide for all things you cannot un-see. Remove all food from sight. The gross warning that comes with this video is mega. Phone footage appears to show the moment a rat was pulled from a person’s belly button. But opinion is divided over the authenticity of the disgusting video. What do you think, is it real or fake?


Animals suffering from starvation and severe injuries are rescued from certain death by a man in Brazil. Wilson Coutinho Martins lives in Rio de Janeiro and has dedicated his life to rescuing and protecting animals from extreme conditions. For animal lovers in Brazil he is a hero.

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Andy Casagrande captured some incredible 4K footage and gives us a unique point-of-view from a great hammerhead shark’s dorsal fin as it swims along the ocean floor.


“I thought the fish was going to pull me into the water.” They’re going to need a bigger boat. This was the moment a nine-year-old boy reeled in a 600lbs great white sturgeon while out fishing with his dad. Kegan Rothman was enjoying a day out in Chilliwack, Canada, on Monday when he was nearly pulled into the Fraser River by the giant catch.


A three year old Amur tiger has been successfully captured, collared and released into a mountainous region in the Russian Far East. The young male was identified as a ‘conflict tiger’ in a prey depleted area but rather than confining him to a life of captivity, the Russian government opted to give him a second chance.


For centuries, Svalbard was completely lawless, devoid of any government authority. It attracted whalers, hunters, merchants, and fishermen from all over the world – the UK, Russia, France, Netherlands, North America, and Scandinavia. Amazingly enough, they were all able to co-exist for hundreds of years without a sovereign authority or central government telling them what to do or how they could live. Of course, it all got screwed up eventually.

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Friends are supposed to stick together. But when the alpha of the house found a toilet paper mess, this Bull Mastiff had no problem telling on her French Bulldog friend by literally pointing at her.

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A safari guide has been hospitalised after a leopard attacked him in an open-top jeep in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The attack was caught on camera by a tourist. In the chaos, the safari vehicle and another car in the convoy both ran over the leopard. The injured leopard was put down after the incident.


Two men have filmed themselves paddle-boarding alongside great white sharks off the California coast. Hemerick and Joseph Trucksess of San Clemente can be seen moving slowly on stand-up paddle boards next to juvenile great whites measuring 4 to 7 feet in length. Hemerick uses his GoPro camera to film the sharks above and below water, sometimes getting within inches of the creatures.


When a dog bites a crawling baby or excited toddler, whose fault is it? Dog owners are quick to say it wasn’t the dog’s fault. And they are right. It wasn’t the dog’s fault. The dog was being a dog, and the toddler was being a toddler. Was it the owner’s fault for not controlling their dog, or the parent’s fault for not supervising the child? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now.