This is the kind of stuff that you will see if you go to McDonald’s at a certain hour of the night in certain parts of the world. The possum does not seem particularly thrilled to be on a leash tied around its tail. I don’t believe that possum is thinking about Big Macs at all. I believe it is thinking about gnawing through that leash and making a run for the woods. Tied to a leash and led around by a crazy homeless man is no way to go through life.

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The Australian Lyrebird is a beast in the imitation game. It’s probably throwing out mating calls of all kinds of bird, straight cross-breeding like a boss!

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If this dog was left alone on the streets much longer she would have died from infection. Luckily she was rescued and brought to Vet Ranch. Watch her full recovery during her month stay at the vet!

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They don’t call them lions of the sea for no reason, they are gangsta as f*ck. You have to pay a fee to one of the Capos to drive a boat, or you might get slapped around with a fin!

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So this is what TV has come to. To get your attention and make you watch, a man is going to let a massive anaconda swallow him alive. Surely this can’t be real, however, part of me hopes it is. Would you watch it?


It’s scary how well this works. Is ‘Goatifying’ the best god damn thing you’ve seen in a while or the worst? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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Catching fish isn’t that hard. Once they are on dry land it is a matter of time before they are in your belly. What this fisherman didn’t realise, is that he caught a fish who never gives up in its fight for freedom!


Most bears in this world are stronger, and much faster than you. They also climb trees, so that’s not a foolproof plan to get away from one. So why haven’t bears conquered humanity and set up global honey conglomerates? Honestly, it’s because most bears aren’t conqueror types and typically don’t attack humans unless they feel threatened or are starving. So to keep this eons-long truce between our species in place, it is imperative that we reciprocate by not acting like clowns while visiting our beautiful forests and the other domains of the mighty bear.

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In the ocean off Western Australia, a handful of tiger and great white sharks were devouring a giant dead whale. 26-year old Harrison Williams from nearby Perth decided to ride the whale and jumped into the shark infested water, then climbed atop the whale as sharks circled it.

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Dead pigs are used as models for human decomposition so that we can understand what happens to a body in the ocean and use this to interpret decompositional patterns and rates and as well as the marks left by scavengers. Watch this pig almost completely disappear in just 9 days!


I sphynx they’re terrifying as shit. Nothing good makes that kind of noise. Keep in mind though that when you do stuff like this, your animal is literally fearing for it’s life and has no idea what you’re doing or if you’re some kind of terrifying venomous animal. Having said that, cruel or f**ken funny? Let us know in the comment section now!

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The lads from WildFox Productions captured this footage in the cold waters of New Zealand where they caught themselves some Kingfish, Snapper, Blue Moki, Crayfish and more. Looks like fun times!


Watch expert butcher Tom Mylan dissect a pig to find the choice cuts. This dude is truly an artist. Makes me want to buy a set of sharp knives.

Big Cat Enthusiast Carl BovardCat

Carl Bovard knows he is dicing with death each time he grapples with the beasts, but considers it a risk worth taking to raise awareness about the endangered species.

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National Geographic Magazine’s annual photo contest will be closed for new entries tomorrow, and the grand prize winner will receive $10,000 and a trip to National Geographic headquarters to participate in its annual photography seminar. This is just a handful of some of the best entries out of the thousands of photos from this year’s competition.

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Can cats see mystical things that humans cannot? This cat is fixated on something so intensely that nothing will break its gaze!


It’s almost like it’s your teeth sinking into the neck of a wild buck! Self-proclaimed “Lion Whisperer” Kevin Richardson decided to take a GoPro camera and strap it to the back of a daring lioness named Meg as she prowls through the wild plains of South Africa. He trails a few feet behind her, offering commentary as she stalks her prey.


Great physical therapy for a possible fractured spine, jerk him up by the arms and drag him away. Thanks to his rescuers, he’s probably now a full fledged quadriplegic instead of a paraplegic. Who thinks this sport is idiotic? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!