The video, purportedly shot in Paddington, London, shows a group of customers demanding their money back after making the foul discovery. A man filming says: ‘That’s a mouse. That is a live mouse. Can I have my money back please?’ Burger King has yet to comment.

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Two men from Adelaide performed an amazing road-site emergency Cesarean section to save a tiny baby wombat from the pouch of it’s dead mother. The pair noticed small movements near the stomach of the wombat after they found is laying in the middle of the road.


A fisherman in Italy has caught a giant cannibalistic fish weighing in at a hefty 120kg. Dino Ferrari hooked the Wels catfish, measuring 2.7m in length, last week in the Po Delta in northern Italy. It’s so huge it could be the biggest catfish ever caught with a rod and reel. Wels catfish can grow as long as 4m and weigh up to 390kg, although it is extremely rare to catch one over two metres long. They are known to even eat pigeons who have strayed too close, and can live up to 80 years old.

SharkShark2Cage Diving With Great White Sharks In South Africa

A teenage boy has described in graphic detail the moment a five-metre great white shark mauled his friend to death, and how he managed to miraculously escape. It was a spear gun which ultimately saved the life of Matt Pullella. He had been spearfishing with 17-year-old friend Jay Muscat at Cheynes Beach near Albany, Western Australia, when the pair was set upon from behind by a monster-sized shark.

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This cat has swagger on level Kool Aid. After chilling in the snow, this cat heard its food bowl get rattled and wasted no time coming back inside!


‘Meanwhile…’ is a collection of close up time-lapse videos of corals, sponges and other peculiar marine animals. Equal parts beautiful and horrifying. Check it out!


Insurance man: So why did your house burn down? You: Because it was over run with hundreds of spiders. Insurance man: Surely that wasn’t worth burning it down? *watches video* Insurance man: Claim Approved!


“We often set up a rope with a fish attached to it in order to chum up, this attracts other big fish. On this day, a Tiger Shark came up the berley trail and took a liking to the chum line. No, the Shark was not harmed in anyway.” – Youngbloods Spearfishing

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If you thought crabs were safe with their claws and hard shell, you forgot how much of a badass octopi are! This woman caught this rare sight by complete fluke!

Cock2Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Cock Fighting Ritual

In the Philippines, the 6,000 year-old sport of cockfighting has been transformed into a fully-legal, billion dollar industry. Known locally as Sabong, it takes place in 2,500 dedicated stadiums across the country and kills an estimated 30 million roosters each year. A few months back, VICE Australia hit the cockpits and hatcheries of Manila. There we met the breeders, trainers, and philosophers who help make Sabong the Philippines’s national obsession.


A pod of dolphins decided to show surfers at Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, how it was done a few days ago. It’s hard to think people hunt and kill these awesome creatures.

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A Lebanese fishermen caught a fish with an insane set of chompers, strong enough to slice through a pepsi can with ease!


Australia’s greyhound racing industry is in turmoil after a Four Corners report revealed conclusive evidence of live baiting during secret training sessions. Live baiting has been banned and criminalised for decades, but trainers and owners across the country have been using the illegal training method in the belief that it will improve a dog’s performance.


In Russia, bears aren’t considered to be dangerous wild animals, it’s the Russians that are the dangerous ones. This bear was just brave enough to approach them!


Her “rocks” look like sheet rock to me. With enough time, someone trained in reconstruction could probably put it back together in its original flat, sheetlike state. So, dinosaurs are a hoax, but a person putting two of every animal on a boat is totally legit right? Just like Jesus walking on water? Right guys? Guys…?


Dude is using his elbows like a god damn ice pick and it’s hurting him enough to pause and he pushes through. F**ken good man. I bet that dog is badass too. For those of you who have never experienced freezing cold water, it feels like daggers impaling every part of your skin. I can only imagine how numb his body was after breaking through all that ice. This dude is a f**ken hero.

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This dog didn’t hesitate to step in front of his owner and protect him from a would be robber. He nearly pulled the guy’s balaclava off! Your move cats.


The Health Department has taken action after a local supermarket’s frozen foods section featured an unusual item. Inspectors from the LA County Health Department visited the Metro Supermarket in Temple City, after being informed that the market was selling raccoons as food. Employees at the market declined to appear on camera, but did show entire raccoons, frozen, bagged, and selling for $9.99. The employees say raccoon is considered a delicacy in China.