Mama, 59 years old and the oldest chimpanzee and the matriarch of the famous chimpanzee colony of the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands, was gravely ill. Jan van Hooff who has known Mama since 1972, visited her in the week before she died of old age in April 2016. It took a while before she became aware of Jan’s presence. Her reaction was extremely emotional and heart-breaking.


If you want to hunt some of the precious Australian wildlife, Geoff from Deepwater is your man. He’ll supply everything, you just need to bring your own grog.


“I caught a fish. When I started to clean the fish, I found thirty-two baby turtles in his belly. Unfortunately, all but one of them were dead.” This is why turtles lay so many eggs, about 100+ a nest. Most of them don’t make it. I think the average is 2-3 turtles per nest survive.


Simon Lawrence and Blair Fitzgerald say they were fishing for crabs off the Coast of Coffin Bay when they saw one of the crab pots on the move. Determine to get it back, they launched a drone and followed the shark, a five minute battle then ensued. The shark was filmed nudging the fisherman’s seven-metre boat and chewing on the motors and attacking GPS equipment. The blokes say they’ve never encountered such an aggressive shark in their careers.


This needs to be converted into a children’s book, narrated by Morgan Freeman immediately. “And that wolf swam and swam and swam. He hoped for a tasty snack, but hope is a dangerous thing, my friend. I wish I could tell you the wolf fought the good fight. I wish I could tell you that… But Canada is no fairy-tale world.”


The extraordinary National Geographic documentary Jane is based on 100 hours of recently discovered 16MM film footage of Jane Goodall’s first foray into the world of chimpanzees in 1962. Long thought lost, the footage shows a brave young woman at the beginning of what would become a remarkable lifelong journey with these amazing creatures.


Anyone who’s spent time on a work site knows there is always a guy like this parrot. And if you didn’t notice him, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you probably were the parrot.


29-year-old Welsh rugby player Scott Baldwin was forced to miss a game this week after he was bitten by a lion during a trip to a South African wildlife reserve. Baldwin stuck his hand between the metal bars and the lion seemed to be cool with the interaction for a second, but then it remembered it was king of the jungle and not a domestic kitty cat.


“All I saw was a splash, I thought it was a dolphin at first. Then I went back though the footage and realised it was a shark,” Mr Marshall told 7 News Perth. “You just see the fin pull off the wave a metre in front of me, so it’s lucky it didn’t come towards me a bit quicker.”


Animal activist Elisa Allen believes that cutting sheep’s wool is just sheer cruel, but farmer Charles Sercombe says shearing sheep is essential for the animal’s welfare.


Planet Earth II astounded the world last year, showcasing some of the world’s most intriguing animals and locations. Later this year, the BBC will release the sequel to another astonishing series, Blue Planet, David Attenborough returning as narrator. The broadcaster has just released a five-minute prequel film, soundtracked by esteemed composer Hans Zimmer and Glastonbury headliners Radiohead.


The ‘Compton Cowboys’ have had the strength of character to re-focus their lives in a positive way. Together, they serve as an example to others that by making bold decisions and following your own path in life, you can find peace and personal fulfilment, regardless of circumstance.


“20 minutes after the chum hit the water, Russell spotted a sea monster behind the boat and it didn’t take long to recognise the massive size and white belly of this huge shark, it was a GREAT WHITE! The shark was very curious of the boat and chum. He circled the boat carelessly about 10 times and smiled for the camera before showing interest in one of the baits. He finally took the bait and screamed off 100 yards before becoming unglued. Unfortunately the shark took a bad angle and the main line broke off on the boat. Bummer!”


Scientists from South Korea and China have used genetic editing to design a “double-muscled” pig that would produce more, leaner meat. The scientists have edited one of the pig’s genes instead of transplanting genetic information from another species, which is an important distinction for the scientists involved who hope it will help both consumers and regulators accept it as safe.


I don’t know about you guys, but I could see the gator coming in the first 2 seconds. Even if the owner had tunnel vision from watching through the phone or something, you’d think they’d at least see it when the dog started swimming to it and went under for a second. I can imagine the lady furiously reeling her dog in like a fishing line.


The f**king narration in this video is amazing. I could not stop laughing. This guy needs a talk radio show or something. I need him to follow me around all day with his inspirational quotes. She needs to get some antibiotics for that bite though.


There’s only one place to sit that assures you food several times a day. The food comes right to him, like those all-you-can-eat sushi places with the little trains.


An injured juvenile great white shark found washed up on a Sydney beach is expected to be returned to the ocean after spending the night in an aquarium. The 1.5m-long shark, nicknamed “Fluffy”, was found thrashing around on the shore of Manly beach, prompting some onlookers to unsuccessfully drag it back out to sea. The shark, which appeared to have some superficial injuries, was later taken to the nearby Fairy Bower ocean pool so it could rest for a few hours under the gaze of stunned beachgoers. Photo via: @AlexMartiniuk