Gordon Ramsay was accused of encouraging people to break the law after he went bird-shooting for dinner. Ramsay shot six rooks, then got his son Jack to collect them before cutting out their breasts and pan-frying them for a “rook salad”. But the episode landed him in hot water with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, which claimed it is illegal to shoot rooks except in special circumstances.


Jesus christ, get yourself behind the biggest f**king door you have and lock it. Why the hell was he wandering around with his phone while there was a killing machine out there? What happened next you ask? Only the bear knows.


A gang of sharks can be seen swarming violently during the whale buffet off the shores of Cape Cuvier, near Carnarvon in Western Australia. Grant and his son Sam Eastland were awe-struck at the spectacle, which saw some of the sharks come so close to the shore they almost beached themselves. For Sam, the lure of touching a shark proved too much as he ran into the water during the frenzy. “I wanted to see if I could grab it,” he said. “But I got a bit too wet.”


Khaleesi is a 4-year-old English Bulldog that loves kids and watching TV. So when she sees a little girl in a scary situation during the horror film ‘Crimson Peak’, she does her best to warn her there’s trouble near and she should run!


This leopard tore around Khajuri Pandya village in Barhalganj for an entire day, sending hundreds fleeing for their safety. There were no fatalities but 10 people were seriously injured by the panic-stricken big cat. The animal went on a rampage around the village and attacked locals and cattle, before hiding inside a house. Later that night the animal died after sustaining injuries from the frightened villagers.


When you win the lotto and Centrelink is about to take your dole away so you have to show them you work. How do you even get a tow bar for a Lambo? Respect. “It’s not practical,” they said. “No boot space, bloody hopeless,” they said. “Can’t go piggin’ in a lambo, no place for the dogs,” they said. Sure showed those c*nts.


A woman was mauled to death and another was seriously injured when they were attacked by Siberian tigers at a wildlife park in Beijing. The pair reportedly got into an argument while driving round Beijing Badaling Wildlife World, which ended when one of the women decided to get out of their car. The park had been ordered to close for “rectification”.


“This is our 8 yr. old Burmese Python named Sumatra. She has been to over 500 birthday parties and many schools, she has been around kids since she was a baby, she has never killed anything she even likes our dogs and cat.” – Corey Wallace.


He’s one of the funniest men on the planet, but Kevin Hart wasn’t laughing when he came face to face with some native Australian creatures on Today. The comedian freaked out in front of his Ride Along 2 co-star, Ice Cube, when the Channel Nine breakfast team brought out some special guests. “I didn’t work this hard to make it here to die today,” said Hart, clearly terrified by what was lurking inside the animal handler’s boxes.


This is the moment an enraged wild boar charged at sunbathers relaxing on a beach after it emerged from the water. The beast began knocking down chairs and sand castles before taking down nearby women and children. The animal appeared to be on a rampage, even chasing panicked tourists into the sea at the beach in Karwia, northern Poland.


Someone is getting lunch, but will it by the Asian giant hornet winning by aerial attack, or the Emperor scorpion’s ground and pound?


Whale shark populations are at an all-time low due to finning, fishing by catch, entanglement, speedboat prop collisions, and death by ingestion of floating debris.


There is no documentation before ancient Egypt that mentions the existence of cats. And in ancient Egypt, they were worshipped as gifts from the gods. Ever watch a cat wake from a deep sleep and run out of the room in an instant? Transmissions from the mothership coming in, and they must be alone. Domestic house cats, it seems, may be alien sentinels—sent to spy on us and report their findings back to the mother ship. Or, as some theorists have put it, they’re like alien camcorders tracking our every move.


What do you get when you cross some of the internet’s most viral noise-making animals and the 2001 alt-metal single “Chop Suey” from System of a Down? One of the best damn videos of the day from Insane Cherry, that’s what.


This female tourist got a shock when an orangutan she was posing next to wrapped his arms around her and grabbed hold of both of her breasts. Not a bad day at the office for this ape!


It looks stupid but at least is better than killing the bull. Officials at the Waconia Minnesota Professional Rodeo have taken the concept of bizarre sports to a whole new level after introducing an enraged bull, a giant football and a couple of loony competitors to each other in an enclosed pen. Check it out!


A talented group of 44 students at the Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand spent 15 weeks creating “Accidents, Blunders and Calamities,” a short animated film about a father opossum who reads his kids a bedtime story featuring an alphabet of innocent animals being accidentally killed in various ways by humans.


A fiercely protective rat showed her strong maternal instinct as she put her life on the line to fight off a snake that had snatched one of her babies. The baby almost certainly had the death sentence, but the mother had a different plan.