Shout-out to Kyle Morningstar of Port Orange, Florida for sharing the best shark-sighting video of 2018 so far. The 31-year-old was out fishing when a great white shark made an unexpected appearance. He says the shark circled his small boat twice before swimming away with no harm done. But what makes this video really special is Morningstar’s colourful commentary: “Holy f**king sh*t, dude!”

Wisconsin resident and snake enthusiast Tim Friede allows himself to be bitten four times by the deadly black mamba snake. Snakes attack many people each year causing uncertain loss of life, but how does Tim survive a bite that often kills victims within 20 minutes?

The 45-year-old rhino named Sudan had been in poor health in recent days and was being treated for age-related issues and multiple infections. A veterinary team made the decision to euthanize Sudan after his condition deteriorated significantly, the conservation group WildAid announced Tuesday. Sudan lived in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, surrounded by armed guards in the days leading up to his death to protect him from poachers.

Even as the country rapidly modernizes, the animals remain a central part of Saudi culture, and a lucrative one. At the the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, hundreds of participants pit their camels head-to-head in a frenzied race and beauty contest for a chance to win roughly $57 million in prize money.

This guy thought it was strange when he spotted a woman running after her horse in the middle of a neighborhood. He told her to climb aboard his ride and chased after the animal for a few minutes. Once they caught up with the galloping the horse, the woman calmed the animal down and it finally stopped!

BoarBuster™ is a revolutionary trap system that is fully suspended and can be observed and dropped remotely from anywhere with Internet service. The sounder visited the site during daytime hours, so we are able to watch the effectiveness of these traps in the day light.

No one really knows what’s in the deep ocean in Antarctica. Now we have the technology to reach into the ocean depths, we accompanied scientist and deep-sea explorer Jon Copley and became the first to descend to 1000 meters underwater in Antarctica for Blue Planet II. The exotic creatures we found there will astonish you.

Alexandr Dmitriev and his wife, Mariya, decided to adopt a young cougar called Messi and raise him as a house-pet in their small, studio apartment in Penza, Russia. Messi follows a strict grooming routine to ensure he doesn’t make too much of a mess around the house.

Mussa, a baby chimpanzee, was rescued after his mother was taken by poachers. Mussa was flown to a primate rehabilitation center in another part of the country, and even helped adjust the plane’s throttle during the flight.

These wild dogs can’t mess with a deer this radical. The deer is a true waterman, going way to passed the breakers, then using the swell to make it back to a safe spot.

That husky down the street won’t be able to resist this little guy after she finds out he made the news for being so cute. His life is about to change forever.

Anyone who flees on foot when the cops have a dog is a moron. At that point, you can either go to prison, or go to the hospital and then go to prison. You’re not going to outrun any German Shepherd, and chasing and biting people is literally this specific dog’s favourite thing. Motherf**ker loves to bite people. He’s probably spent most of his life, since he was a puppy, being trained to chase and bite motherf**kers.

That feeling when you realise you’re walking the wrong way, but it’s too embarrassing to turn around, so you keep going and dig yourself into a deeper hole.

It’s the shortest and most direct route to the water, and he’s not one to back down from a challenge. This massive hippo doesn’t have time for walking to the shallow entrance, he just wants to send it!

Warner Brothers heard you liked baby pandas, so they made an entire movie about them. The star of the documentary, Qian Qian, has to learn the ways of wild bears after being taken out of captivity and into the (still-supervised) wild.

“As the sighting started playing itself out, I was terrified, as this was so disturbing and cruel. I couldn’t help but be in tears, however, I know that this is the way of nature. I was watching how the hyenas kept on trying to bite the leopard and they were relentless in antagonising him.”

Prakash Amte rescues wild animals whose parents have been killed in hunts. His centre is home to peacocks, hyenas, bears and leopards.

This pig represents most people on a monday morning, and the over enthusiastic puppy is their alarm clock. This pigs looks so comfy it could hit the snooze button for days.