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At least 100 sharks took part in the wild feeding frenzy right on the shoreline at Cape Lookout in North Carolina. For more than five minutes the sharks were swimming in and out of the surf, and some became beached in the fury!


You can add sea lions to the top of the list of animals you shouldn’t mess with. One Russian fisherman found out the hard way the sheer strength of an angry sea lion, when he was hurled onto his ship’s deck by the creature. As the huge creature breaks free the fishermen and a very frightened dog keep their distance. But the sea lion pounces on the dog as it takes a few tentative steps forward, the canine barking as it tries to break free. Eventually the fishermen use a hose to get the sea lion back into the ocean.


Locals struggle to dispose of a rotting whale carcass as it bakes in the hot African sun. The enormous mammal, which weighs 10 tonnes, was washed up on the beach of Amanzimtoti, a small coastal town south of the city of Durban, South Africa in early August. The whale was left to rot on the beach, instead of towing it into the water or burying it in the sand.


A mid-flight showdown between a hawk and a drone was caught on camera in Massachusetts. The drone’s owner, Christopher Schmidt, noticed the red-tailed hawk circling his drone, so he lowered the quadcopter, but the hawk attacked anyway. To avoid harming the bird, Schmidt shutoff the motor and the drone crashed. The footage has gone viral. Check it out.

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Whether they are the hunter or the hunted, these camouflage animals show natures incredible ability to blend in with its surroundings. Perfectly concealed against their natural environment, these stunning pictures show the amazing lengths some animals will go to to stay out of sight. See more masters of disguise like the Longfingered Scorpionfish above after the jump.


A man has filmed the terrifying moment he was attacked by a dive-bombing magpie as he cycled along the street. Trent Nicholson captured the black and white bird swooping and pecking at his head six times in a short video he filmed with his GoPro camera. Even a mouthful of worms didn’t stop the little f**ker from its frenzied assault.


My guess would be that this was likely a guard dog or some kind of service dog. Those thick pads are obviously there to protect the trainers arms because that’s where they are trained to bite. Perhaps the owner wanted his dog to go out that way, just like it was another training session with his owner. Having him feel useful and important in his final moments and knowing his master loves him.

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Could you imagine coming home to this evil fury face every night? He might look like an evil mastermind but…. actually no buts, this cat is the devil in a fluffy coat.


What an amazingly well trained dog. There is zero delay between command and action. It also appears that he doesn’t have to say anything twice with the dog hanging on his every word. That thing is like a car alarm…that bites. My dog likes to find dead worms in the yard and roll around in them. No training required.


Two beautiful male kangaroos had an epic tussle, and it is one of the most majestic things you will ever see. The footage shows the roos fighting in a suburban street on the Central Coast, NSW.


The Youngbloods are a small spearfishing crew from the beautiful coast of north west Australia. Join them on their recent fishing adventure where they spear a massive sailfish, hunt for sea bugs in underwater caves, swim with whales, surf epic swells and generally live the Aussie dream.

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This dog with living against the odds after suffering an injury to her eye, and looking after 3 puppies. It’s the dog rescuers like these guys that restore our faith in humanity!


It’s not Goat Simulator, but an even more realistic game set in the Street Fighter universe. Insert two quarters to play. I recommend Angry Goat vs. Chun-Li for the most vigorous gameplay experience.

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Australian Magpies can become highly aggressive during breeding season from late August to early October, and will swoop and sometimes attack passersby. There are a few different ways to stop their attacks, and this radio host decided to see which was best!

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Off the coast of South Australia, a great white shark bursts from the water to rip into another shark! The rare moment was caught on camera by as the monster fish concreted their reputation as the ocean’s most fearsome predator.

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This guy couldn’t land the shark on the rocks, so he jumped into the water to grab the shark and took it up to the beach where unhooked it, and released it back in the ocean. This guy is someone I want to be mates with.

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Usually dogs are doing something smart to get the internets attention. This dog wants to come inside so badly, but is trapped behind the damn fake glass door!


“I trained my roommates dog to respond to a certain set of words of which some people find hilarious.”