Disturbing new footage has emerged of sheep in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria being stomped on the head, brutally cut and bashed with hammers. Filmed by undercover investigators the video has sparked calls for a total boycott of all wool products. “PETA’s in-depth investigations show that—no matter how much anyone might wish it to be so – there is no such thing as ‘humane’ wool,” said Daphna Nachminovitch, an official at PETA. “The industry is infested with violence and PETA documented cruelty in nearly every shearing shed that we entered.”

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We all watch people stuff their faces with delicious food. That type of thing is all over the internet and TV. But tiny hedgehogs and hamsters putting in work on a tiny birthday cake? That’s a first!


A man has been rushed to hospital after a crocodile latched onto his hands and dragged him into an enclosure at a zoo on the NSW south coast. The crocodile handler, Trent Burton, was taken to Shoalhaven District Hospital on Monday suffering bites to both hands after being attacked at Shoalhaven Zoo at north Nowra. He was presenting a regular feeding show at the zoo at 12pm when the 3.7 metre male crocodile, known as John, latched on and dragged him into the water. If anyone cares, I got a pretty serious paper cut yesterday. I didn’t catch it on film, but nonetheless, it’s a painful cut. There is danger in all of our jobs.


Watch as friends Mark and Eric safely remove rattlesnakes from residential areas in Orange County, California and release them back into their natural habitat.

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This video comes with a serious warning to viewers who are easily offended, this video is shot in portrait! Now that we have the whiners taken care of, this Wisconsin Lumberjack saves a black bear using his wits and skill!

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This drone was filming a shark as it cruised along the coastline near a bunch of paddle boarders. Then one of them catches a wave and runs right on the top of the shark. Hopefully that shark doesn’t grow massive and want revenge on humans!

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I hope this guy got a big juicy bone for showing such self control not to make that bird his lunch!

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A diver off the coast of Mexico saved a sea turtle tangled in rope attached to a buoy. Just when you think the turtle will swim away, he comes back to thank the diver for his help.

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This couple keep their pet lion in a cage in the backyard of their suburban home. They treat the lion with meat inside their own kitchen and let it wonder around inside their house. One of the men at their house filming this incredible pet became the lions new play toy!


That’s no insect. It’s a f**king gremlin. 10 long centimetres of pure nope. Tree Wetas are, as a species, larger than any other species of insect currently in existence. They can be found in New Zealand, the only place giant wetas are known to currently live.


Kendall Jones is a 19-year-old cheerleader who attends Texas Tech University. Like most blonde cheerleaders, she’s very popular online; UNLIKE most blonde cheerleaders, though, her notoriety comes from the fact that she hunts big game in Africa, and proudly posts photos of her kills on Facebook, Kendall Takes Wild. And oh boy, has this upset people. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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It’s spring training time for these sled dogs. This keeper shows us how to keep 17 huskies in shape for the winter in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

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Last christmas Maymo the Beagle got surprised with a tree of plastic bottles, and he lost his sh*t with excitement. This time he got hooked up with 100 for his birthday!

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Q: How did the little Scottish dog feel when he saw a monster? A: Terrier-fied!

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The hairy legs, and poisonous fangs, from their webs so deadly, the spider hangs, its eyes are no escape, so small, yet so evil, this creature can kill, with its violent upheaval, its web is so perfect, drawing you in, then the spider will leap, letting the torture begin.

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What better way to promote a week long event of shark documentaries than with some lord riding on the backs of two sharks with a bikini babe. I score this a 10!


Sean Kendall’s 2-year-old Weimaraner, Geist, was shot dead as police in Salt Lake City searched for a missing little boy. Kendall wants the officer fired for shooting the 110-pound dog without just cause. The missing child was found 30 minutes later, sleeping at his home. Whose side are you on? Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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Astounded golfers came across these two 11-foot gators fighting at The Eagles Golf Course in Tampa, Florida. The two beasts where locked in an intense fight after one of the gators changed his score card!