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Forget a little snake hiding under a rock waiting to bite you, snakes these days will rip the roof off your house and eat you like a tic tac. This snake is so big I feel like humans need to build bigger weapons!


Repair workers in Russia had paved over a stray dog while fixing a collapsed sidewalk, but neighbors came to the rescue. Bricked up beneath the sidewalk was a dog buried alive, a pregnant dog, named Belka. Workers in the Russian city of Voronezh had repaired the collapsed sidewalk either not knowing or not caring that the dog was using the hole as a den. Amazingly, despite having spent two days without food or water all alone in the dark, the dog was still alive.


The vision shows a diver floating deep in a watery abyss exploring the murky world around him when he receives a silent shock. Out of the corner of the diver’s GoPro eye, a massive Great White Shark suddenly appears, quietly sleuthing above his shoulder. A muffled scream can be heard beneath the diver’s mask as the shark circles back to inspect the human swimming around in his territory. It’s a common scenario when humans enter the world of the underwater king of the jungle.

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Rémi Gaillard is back again, this time to stand up for the animals he dresses as. This could kick off a new internet trend, trolling for a cause!

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Fishfeckers caught themselves this beautiful yellowfin tuna, but the fish wasn’t going to go down without a fight. These things are packed with more muscle than my mate Dave, who’s bed is actually a bench press machine.


Animation Domination is back to ruin some more of your childhood with Scientifically Accurate Flipper. Turns out that in addition to being cute, playful and intelligent, dolphins are also known for becoming suicidal, masturbating, having the occasional sexual relationship with human trainers, gang raping other dolphins, and getting killed by sonar from submarines.


He threw that f**ken dog like that bitch threw that tortoise into the pond. Shaggy and Scooby Doo are a lot wilder than I remember. If that was my dog he would be eating prime steak for a month, that’s whats up.

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This lad got all his mates giggling when he used a dead goose to simulate his willy, and then humped the dead animal in front of a woman who campaigns against the hunt. Is this guy a sicko?


“Going for a 10k run down a nice trail I found a couple weeks ago. Well, coming back I saw two cougars cross the path in front of me. Got out bear spray and most important my video camera. Wouldn’t you know it, as I walked by not seeing them, one came at me. Bear spray to his eyes, hollering like I’ve never done before and away went the cat and his brother.” – Donny Stone.


A kayak fisherman in California was forced to fend off a “super aggressive” hammerhead shark with his paddle after it repeatedly attempted to ram his vessel. Mark McCracken filmed the 15-minute encounter while he fished for bonito half a mile off Gaviota State Beach, near Santa Barbara. “I couldn’t tell if he was biting it or if he was head-butting it but soon as I saw it I just started going at him with the paddle. Even after I got out of my kayak and made it to the beach he was sitting right there… it was pretty creepy,” he said.

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Recreating a classic Crocodile Dundee moment, this hunter creeps up on a wild boar and sticks a bloody cannon of a gun in its face, and asks nicely if the pig can sit for him!


You want a demonstration of manhood? How about this dude, the 27-year-old diver John Braxton who took a hit from a tiger shark. Instead of weeping and maybe praying to Jesus for salvation, he hit the play button on his phone, took a little footage of his mangled leg, and posted it on Instagram. John Braxton, was spearfishing about 60 yards off Upolu Point in North Kohala when a 13-foot tiger shark bit him on his leg. John was able to swim to shore, where he alerted his fishing partner, who assisted John and called 911. His condition was reported to be serious.


The pepper spray would have probably just have been a flavouring for the bear, if this guy was serious. Well, that answers that age old question. Does a bear sh*t in the woods? The answer is clearly no, they look you in the eye and do it in your backyard, thug life style. Those warning snorts are terrifying.


Boom, right in front of the homies. Looks like that one cow had gang markings on it. For the record, where you bought your steak today was definitely not from a place like this. Where you got yours was much, much worse. I mean, if I was going to be harvested for my meat then this would be my preferred way to go. What do you think?

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This young elephant was rescued by concerned humans who found him down an abandoned well in India. An excavator arrived to save the day and dig a path for the elephant to climb his way out!

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Photographer Trevor Frost and filmmaker Melissa Lesh set out to capture photos and videos of saltwater crocodiles that no one has seen before; the dinner’s-eye view.

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If you walk into the wrong part of the jungle, you just might come across the most alpha gorilla ever, who isn’t scared of anything. But what happens when that same tough gorilla sees his own reflection?

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This heartbreaking video captures the final moments of a dolphin hunt’s first victims in Japan at the infamous ‘Cove’ where the 2009 documentary was filmed.