A diver with a taste for danger jumped straight into shark-infested waters…because he wanted to get a better filming angle. Forest Galante, 26, was free dive spear fishing off the California coast when he spotted hammerhead shark circling his boat. Instead of staying safely on board, the insane adventurer decided to dive straight in with his GoPro camera to get a better view.


Six reported shark attacks have occurred on the North Carolina coast so far this month. The most serious injuries were suffered by a 12-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy, each bitten an hour apart off the coast of Oak Island. Each had an arm amputated. The men took a few pictures with this shark at Canova Beach, then released it into the water.


“After having friends over my roommate and I were watching tv when we noticed Loki, my roommates dog starts flipping out in his corner. He couldn’t control his muscles so he would twitch. After investigating we established that he had went into one of our friends bag and ate his rice crispy treat filled with marijuana. After contacting our veterinarian friends we knew it was just a waiting game. We kept careful watch on him for the next 20 hours. The next morning he was still high and able to walk, by that evening he was back to normal running around. And today he is back to getting into things again, guess he didn’t learn his lesson.”

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This bear knows the best part of swimming is the jumping in. Definitely inviting Bruiser to my next pool party.


Most alligator skins come from farmed animals who are raised in crowded tanks or pools of fetid, stinking water. The animals are shot or crudely bludgeoned with hammers. Workers sometimes use a mallet and chisel to sever crocodiles’ spinal cords—which paralyzes, but does not kill, the animals. Herpetologist Clifford Warwick, a specialist in reptile biology and welfare, says, “There is no scientific question as to whether alligators are capable of feeling pain and sensitivity to stress—they are.”

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The black bear could rip your balls off and skim them across a lake if it wanted to, but they still aren’t the craziest animal in the forest. People in Alaska need to be careful not to let their cats into the wild, they may threaten the bear population!

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We’ve all seen sharks with frickin’ lasers beams attached to their heads, but we ain’t never seen crocodiles and bats having a laser beam battle!


The shark had been circling the surfer for a couple of terrifying minutes before he decided to record it with his gopro camera. As you can see in the footage the surfer tries to make his way around the shark back to more shallow water before it disappears. The best thing he did was to remain calm while he watched the sharks movements in case it attacked him. There’s nothing quiet like a large killing machine with a mouthful of daggers swimming around underneath you. You can sense the fear in his breathing.


Great white sharks are among the biggest creatures that populate our planet’s oceans in this day and age, and they have an appetite to match. Now, we all know that great whites love and adore hunting and feeding on seals and sea lions. Even so, they aren’t shy about turning into scavengers when opportunity presents itself. The already-dead meals that these sharks almost never refuse are whale carcasses. Recently, one such corpse popped up in the waters off the coast of New York, US. Check it out!

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When your neighbour comes to visit, usually you don’t have to lock your doors and huddle in the corner. This huge mountain lion could rip a cat apart while doing its taxes at the same time, yet the cat never backs down!


While there’s a lot of love out there for Jurassic World, one can’t help but wish that the massive blockbuster sequel was a little more loyal to the original Jurassic Park by having more practical dinosaur effects. Digital effects bring most of the dinosaurs to life in Jurassic World, but at least one pivotal scene made use of an impressive animatronic apatosaurus, for what is probably the most believable dinosaur sequence in the entire movie. And now you can find out how they brought the apatosaurus to life.

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Does this mean I shouldn’t get a dog for security since rabbits are way crazier? This rabbit goes off tap when a sneaky snake tries to eat her bunnies.


This video by Cheese Pups has instantly gone viral, and for good reason. It’s f**ken adorable. Like most dogs, their two cute Golden Retrievers Colby and Bleu go absolutely crazy when it’s dinner time. So they decided to start recording the two running to dinner at a young age over a period of nine months. Awesome.

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I’m sure this pilot did all the appropriate safety checks before taking off, but he forgot to do the all-important cat check. This cat just wanted to hunt mice using an eagles tactic.


The squirrel’s journey went from comic to bizarre as its trapeze act along the home plate netting turned into a 30 foot dive into the Phillies dugout — where players scattered to get out of the way.

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This great white saw its opportunity to try and nibble on a land dweller, and tried to bust through the food cage they were in. Luckily one of the people in the cage was a professional kick boxer and planted one on the sharks noggin.

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These kids jumped in the pool with a python and tried to feed it a dead cane toad because Australia. Need I give you anymore explanation? I don’t see that they had any other option in this situation.


Bear are mostly scavengers. It is not often a bear is able to get close enough to a healthy deer to actually bring it down. Very likely the deer grew too tame around housing and that lack of caution cost it dearly. So to speak. Bears typically don’t eat deer and if they do, it is usually a baby deer. Makes me wonder what is happening to the bear’s natural food source.