When you see the surveillance footage of this would-be burglar running in fear for his life, you’ll think the animal chasing after him would be a vicious beast. The man can be seen walking around in the backyard of someone’s home. He goes out of the frame briefly, as he is apparently snooping around and figuring out how to break into the house. Once you see the man again, he is running full-speed. According to reports, the man has since been arrested. Police claim that the man suffers from what is known as cynophobia, which is an abnormal fear of dogs.


The fearless Thai man plucked the highly venomous snake from the floor using only his mouth. With his lips perched millimetres from the snakes sharp and lethal fangs, the man slowly lowers in and grabs the banded krait between his teeth. But the snake quickly wraps itself around his head in a show of defence – forcing the snake charmer to unravel it. The Thai man – performing in a show at Schlangenfarm and Snake Show in Pattaya, Thailand – even finds time to take a quick bow to the crowd.


Footage illustrates the importance and value of a police dog to an officer. Cops and their K9 units are obviously trained to be prepared for the worst case scenario. The pair in this video proves to be an effective team, after seeing events unfold in this clip. The K9 is an ‘Iron Dog K9′ trained Malinois named Blu with 4 Titanium fangs. Epic stuff!


Jenya has spent seven years transforming himself into the Human Platypus, stretching his lip so it resembles a duck bill. Jenya said: “Externally, I am now a platypus. Inside though, I am more like a bird. They’re my spirit animal and they come to me in my dreams. I can eat, talk and speak on the phone like everyone else. Nothing has changed at all. I do attract a lot of negative attention when I walk down the street and sometimes people make mean comments. I’m used to it now though and I just try to ignore them.”

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This strong squirrel has a future in film-making in its next life if it pulls the human card. This happened in Montreal, where even the squirrels know not to film in portrait.

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This dog has its priorities straight. The winner isn’t the dog who crosses the line first, it’s the one who can stuff the most treats into their mouth!


A curious puppy almost became a crocodile’s lunch when the big beast creeped up out of the water and snapped its jaws down, missing the dog by inches. Holy mother of f**k, imagine the amount of force in those jaws to make that sound. Somebody buy that dog a lotto ticket!

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This ram likes to stay fit by hitting the heavy bag. There is something satisfying about watching this ram hit the bag, only for it to come back and hit him. This video is best enjoyed with pent up frustration that can be released when the bag finally hits the ground.


Shock Mansion has joined forces with the infamous Youngbloods. A small spearfishing crew from the beautiful coast of north west Australia. Put your wetsuit on, take a deep breath and join them on a mind blowing underwater, fish hunting adventure. Dodge curious sharks, spear some massive fish for tonights BBQ dinner, go for an afternoon surf and live the incredible Aussie dream. What are you waiting for? Watch it now!


Watch Jason Neilus and team make some new friends under the sea. They literally behave like dogs. Now I understand why they call them Zeehond (Seadog) in the Netherlands!

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Watch this cockatoo express itself with some wild head banging and screeching. This is the reason when people opt for fish as a pet.

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This crazy sicko put a snake and a massive spider inside his mouth at the same time. This guy needs to get his head checked.

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This huge Hammerhead shark follows these kayakers for 2 miles off the coast of South Florida, continuously nudging their kayaks.


Who says elephants don’t have thick skin? After straying from his mother, a 1-year-old elephant survived a vicious attack by 14 lions at the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp in Zambia. Clearly outnumbered, the baby elephant managed to get away unscathed despite having three of the lionesses on his back at one point.

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Because, “it could only take your arm off”, means you are in relative safety in Australia, this guy decided to try his luck with a little tiger shark and jumped onto its back.

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The National Geographic has been known for bringing awareness about natural resources and the planet since 1888. It has been educating people and has been the largest non-profitable scientific organization that inspired millions of people to pay closer attention to their environment. Check out this amazing post full of some of their stunning photography.


This is the kind of stuff that you will see if you go to McDonald’s at a certain hour of the night in certain parts of the world. The possum does not seem particularly thrilled to be on a leash tied around its tail. I don’t believe that possum is thinking about Big Macs at all. I believe it is thinking about gnawing through that leash and making a run for the woods. Tied to a leash and led around by a crazy homeless man is no way to go through life.

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The Australian Lyrebird is a beast in the imitation game. It’s probably throwing out mating calls of all kinds of bird, straight cross-breeding like a boss!