Wildlife photographer Kevin Ebi was out shooting a few days ago when he witnessed and photographed a crazy sight: a bald eagle and red fox fighting over a rabbit… in midair. For more please visit livingwilderness.com.

Recipe for a badass: bend the knees, get low, square your shoulders, and stand in the path of a frightened/agitated animal several times your size. In Russian they have a saying that an ideal woman “коня на скаку остановит, в горящую избу войдет”, which translates to “could stop a galloping horse, or enter a burning house”. I never understood the first part. Now I do.

According to police, the Animal Control officer saw the dog becoming aggressive with a local student walking to school before it was captured. St. George City’s legal department reviewed the case and concluded “After reviewing the evidence provided by the parties involved, a hearing examiner made a determination that the dog was vicious and should be euthanised.”

In the dry season, water and food can be a little tricker to come by. Fortune favours the brave, and this young leopard proved that with this successful hunt!

I was so invested in this little gosling’s safety towards the end there. I gave up all hope when he jumped off the ledge. This is some wholesome stuff. Respect to the narrator dude who was giving us a play by play the whole time.

“Well, my ponytail holder broke and my right contact fell out of my eye, but I was too excited about getting bit to even care.” – @alyfromalabama.

The civic authorities in one of India’s richest cities made a startling disclosure: dog bites in Mumbai had killed more people in 20 years than the two deadly terror attacks in the city – the 1993 serial blasts and the attack in 2008. 434 people had died from rabies transmitted by dogs between 1994 and 2015. In comparison, the two attacks killed 422 people.

A Chinese family was shocked when a pet dog they had raised for two years turned out to be a black bear. The family bought what they thought was a Tibetan mastiff puppy while on holiday in 2016. They realised the error when the animal would not stop growing and started walking on two legs.

Felons released from prison in Arizona have a 49% chance of returning in 5 years. Of the 50 felons released from the Wild Horse Program, only 3 have returned. Over 700 wild horses have been adopted out of the program. 45,000 remain in permanent holding today. Photos via the super talented aaronadlerphotography.com

One of the maddest things I’ve seen. Shouldn’t they be fined or charged with something for endangering their children? Such a lack of common sense. That sounded pretty terrifying for everyone involved. I can almost hear that mother carrying the baby demanding to see the manager.

The guy who first decided to get a bull angry then jump into a ring with it was either completely braindead or an Einstein level genius. Maybe a little bit of both.

A sheriff’s deputy in Carroll County, Maryland, has been criticised by some on social media for the ‘extreme’ reaction that saw him pull out his gun and kill the groundhog in front of waiting drivers. What do you think?

Watch how this wildebeest use his best weapon to fight off these hungry lions. It’s game over when you take a horn to the knee!

Known for their aggressive nature, exuberance and strength, pit bulls often come with a warning tag. But any ‘dangerous’ dog owner knows that the key to taming the breed is to handle with care, or rather, with proper training, a strong lead and a muzzle in tow. Through an intimate look into the relationships between several canine lovers and their pets, ‘Pitbull’ reveals that these dogs are not nearly as fearsome as they seem.

You may think you love dogs. But do you love dogs enough to invent a flying machine specifically tasked to rescue one? Because this guy from India is making us all look bad with his sheer ingenuity.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, or in this case shark-eat-shark. There is no escaping the tax man when he catches you red handed stealing his sh*t.

Vonk was bitten while diving with reef sharks off the island of Bimini for a new television programme. He was flown by helicopter to Miami for treatment. Reef sharks are friendly and normally pose no danger to humans, Vonk said. ‘But it still went wrong,’ Vonk said on his Facebook page. ‘One of the sharks made a mistake and took a bite at my right arm. I knew immediately something was up.’

An Instagram model who is being sued for allegedly sexually arousing a dog during a photoshoot says that she is the true victim in the case. Deyana Mounira was shooting poolside when Hef the dog came to her and started getting frisky. Mounira is now being sued by Tony Toutouni, who owns the Russian royal terrier and claimed she sexually aroused his pooch by playing with the dog’s genitals.