Dog’s feet and pads are tough, right? Most people are aware that foot pads can be injured by stepping on something sharp, but what about something hot? Dangerously hot pavement and metal surfaces are hard to avoid in the heat of summer. Watch the video and leave your thoughts in our comment section now!


Jeremy Husted has a security camera setup in his kitchen that recently caught one of his cats sneaking around the top of the cabinets then suddenly jumping down to the centre island right into the chicken he was about to put into the oven. He was then faced with the decision to go ahead with making the meal or not. Next time, when he prepares the food for kitty, he needs to step on it.


A San Diego man was almost killed when he tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake that he picked up from some brush. Unsurprisingly, the snake bit him. Todd Fassler’s treatment drained the anti-venom stock at two separate hospitals as doctors tended to the horrific wound on his arm. The hospital bill for his treatment came to a grand total of $153,161.25. Anti-venom it seems does not come cheap, with $83,341.25 of the total attributed to pharmacy costs.


This is the radical moment a pair of brothers removed large fishing hooks from an injured hammerhead shark and dragged it back to sea. The big fish was spotted near a beach in Destin, Florida, with the hooks attached to its mouth and steel fishing line tangled in and around its head. I want to believe the Shark coming back was it’s way of saying thanks. These brothers get a bad-ass stamp with oak leaf clusters on their man card. Mad respect.


When you fish from a boat all the action is below you. When you fish under water that sh*t becomes three dimensional. This is the future of fishing lure research.

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This guy made a bet with his friend that he would get a birdie on this hole. Well he took that bet literally, and murdered a seagull who was out on the fairway looking for a female and warming his wings in the sun.


This terrifying Plexiglas cube is like a shark cage for bears, but much more terrifying. We’re not entirely sure what’s going on in this video, but according to the description we are watching a demonstration of the “predator shield.” The shield was created to protect contestants in a Japanese game show. Would you have a go?


Being eaten by a massive squid would probably be the most painful and horrific way to die. Their throat passes through their head, and their brain is like a doughnut surrounding the throat. So in order to not inflict brain damage on themselves they have to eat tiny bits at a time with their razor sharp beak. You’d be eaten bit by tiny bit all while drowning, having your ear drums blown out, and having tentacles and hooks rip at your flesh.


Rise, kill, and eat. Those are the words Antler Addicts live by, unless of course they are killing predators for population control. Ranchers everywhere in Texas continually have to deal with predation of their livestock and wildlife by coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, raccoons, feral hogs and other predatory species. The one that does by far the most damage to sheep and goats is the coyote.


A British tourist has sparked a furious backlash after posting a ‘cruel’ video that seems to show him feeding a seagull a chip laced with party drug Ketamine in Ibiza. Josh Greenwood, from Huddersfield, posted a video on Twitter with the message which read: ‘The lads over here in Ibiza have got sally the seagull f**ked up of a chip with some KETchup on it!’ It shows someone on a balcony emptying white crystals from a clear white bag onto a chip, placing it on a ledge and calling the seagull over.

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A circus elephant smashed a car after appearing to be hit by a handler. Filmed in the Danish beach town Karrebaeksminde, the video begins when three elephants become agitated after being bathed in the sea in front of a large crowd. As the circus workers start to lose control, the huge beasts veer dangerously close to onlookers, including babies in prams and an elderly man in a mobility scooter.

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Watch this intense moment a group of tourists bait a wild pig into the jaws of a monster alligator. The disturbing footage shows the hungry alligator stalking its prey from the murky waters of a river in New Orleans, Louisiana, before striking out and grabbing the pig as it gingerly steps into the water to retrieve food thrown by tourists on a boat. One woman on the boat nearly vomit at the sight of this.


A great white shark that got stranded on a Cape Cod beach is swimming free thanks to beachgoers who kept splashing water over its gills until rescuers arrived. Witnesses say the 7-foot male shark got stuck near South Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts, as the tide went out. Beachgoers kept the shark wet by splashing it with buckets of water until officials attached a line to its rear caudal fin and Harbormaster Stuart Smith pulled it back into open waters.

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This scumbag seagull tried to take a GoPro, and was probably going to swap it for some chips until the owners of the camera caught up and scared it off. Classic footage though!

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Everyone on earth has at some stage eaten chips at the beach, and got harassed by greedy seagulls. This seagull is willing to entertain you for food. They must be feeling the economic crunch even in the bird world.


“This Great White Shark was swimming in the lineup today when I was out for a surf, luckily I had my GoPro on hand to capture it! It was about 7ft long and 40 yards from shore.” – Michael Davids.


While boating off the coast of Alaska, this dude gets caught in the middle of a pod of humpback whales as they breach to the surface all at once to eat. And of course those damn seagulls swoop in for the sloppy seconds. The man’s excitement will never be reached by anyone else, ever.

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Ocean engineer Brennan Phillips led a team to the remote Solomon Islands in search of hydrothermal activity. The main peak of the volcano, called Kavachi, was not erupting during their expedition, so they were able to drop instruments, including a deep-sea camera, into the crater. The footage revealed hammerheads and silky sharks living inside, seemingly unaffected by the hostile temperatures and acidity.