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Wiz Khalifa was in a charitable mood with the paps on Friday night, handing out free weed to his target demo. TMZ caught Wiz leaving Catch in WeHo, with a bag of his own “good sh*t” you can buy in stores now — because he can’t give all of his KK away. Wiz doesn’t seem concerned about the movement to legalise marijuana in the upcoming election, because he’s starting his own, in his ’64 Impala.


Krishna meets Kingston, a black market master grower in Atlanta looking to go legit in the legal weed industry.


Young Thug saw something he didn’t like, so he changed it. Many people are saying the highlight of VFILES’ New York Fashion Week show was when Thugger stopped a model mid-runway to adjust his collar. He made the move with blunt in hand and while wearing a turtleneck and jacket from the collection’s designer, Rushemy Botter, according to Vogue. He then returned to his seat and let the show go on. Power move.


Having a shootout at a gas station is like having a dance competition on a mine field. Often times when people think of Atlanta visions of strip clubs, soul food, rappers, celebrities and True Religion jeans come to mind. However, there is a much seedier and more violent side of the A that you should be aware of if you’re coming from out of town. This poor dude sounds like he’s trying to convince himself more than anyone that he’s glad the guy’s dead. It sounds more to me like he is trying to process and cope with the fact he killed someone. You just know he isn’t going to get the emotional help he needs.


There you are in the city, with not so much space and even less talent when it comes to gardening. Yet you’re really interested in rising to the horticultural challenge to raise your own tomatoes, kale or, say, Blue Dream cannabis strain. Enter Grobo. Just plant whatever seeds you’ve legally obtained with the best intentions, tell the app what you’re aiming to cultivate and it optimises the water, nutrients, temperature and light, using a proprietary 50 LED system controllable across eight wavelengths.


Three elderly ladies – Margot, Trish and Daphne – are having trouble with their joints. Not as in knees and hips, or arthritis. They are in Amsterdam, experimenting with recreational drugs. Well, attempting to. Being cannabis novices, this is not a decision they have reached without due consideration. Daphne, 78, has heard that it can lead to hard drugs. But Margot, 73, classes it as a bit of fun, and she is all for a bit of fun. “Never too old to try something new, darling,” says Trish, 82, gamely.


That f**king suspension was criminal. Literally the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of. 18 months for weed. They owe him a year and a half of his life, and the $100,000 fine needs to be deposited back into his bank account.


Moments before the shooting, T.J. Williams was sitting in a car with two other men listening to music in the live Facebook video. When the gunfire erupts, Williams drops the phone as pieces of glass fly through the car. The shots continue for 20 seconds. Neighbours say they heard as many as two dozen rounds. One man is still listed this morning in critical condition in a hospital and the conditions of two others has improved.


Yeah, don’t break the mans garbage. Break any of his sh*t and it’s 10 cents a piece. Watch as a feisty girl pounces on a big-mouthed girl while stoners try to enjoy their buzz.


Dabbing has become a super popular way to smoke weed over the past few years, but wax or cannabis concentrate is not always the easiest thing to come by. However you can make it yourself at home with just some parchment paper, some weed and a flat iron.


Vice met American marijuana consultant Russ Hudson, who uses Spain’s loose marijuana restrictions to explore and review different types of weed. For more visit now.


“I’m gonna go out there and f**k that dude up. Just let me put on my socks and sandals first.” Kid was knocked out cold when his head hit the pavement. Look at the blood stain where his head was laying. Dude on top was just pounding on an unconscious mellon. Probably a cranial fracture to add to his busted face. Once this footage gets around, I’m pretty sure it’s time for a new profession.


Action Bronson is a man of many talents. Mario Batali, too, has many talents. The two teamed up at Batali’s newest venture with his business partner Joe Bastianich recently to make pasta with Octopus, garlic, onion, chile flakes, and some weed smoke for good measure. God damn it looks good too.

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What’s better than weed and pizza? Weed on pizza. Marijuana is completely legal now in Portland, Oregon, so these guys take full advantage and have a pizza party!


Push For Pizza was built by five college-aged dudes with a simple dream: a world where you can push a button and get a pizza. But unlike most college-aged dudes, they had what it took to make their dream a reality. They built Push For Pizza and forever changed the way people ordered pizza. No more phone calls with pizzeria employees. No more swimming through a sea of options on Seamless or Grubhub. And definitely no more Domino’s just because it’s… there?

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These girls think they are about to get so lit. Watch as the vape fake marijuana, and pretend like they are higher than Snoop Dogg!


Vice has once again partnered with American restaurateur, chef, food personality, writer and attorney, Eddie Huang, for the latest Viceland TV show, Huang’s World. The series allows you to follow along as Eddie ventures across the globe, drinking burgundy in Burgundy, eating anciently in Istanbul and much more. For a glimpse of what to expect from Eddie and his hilarious antics, check out the coinciding trailer for Huang’s World above. The show is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, April 28, on Viceland.


As marijuana’s status has changed legally and in the opinions of many people across America, there’s no doubt that dogs are getting stoned too. It’s happening both when owners purposefully give it to their dogs and when they accidentally ingest it. If your pet has gotten into some marijuana or marijuana-laced products, don’t wait for symptoms to start; get them to a veterinarian.