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High Times Cannabis Cup Denver

Nearly 40 thousand weed smokers gathered in Denver this weekend to celebrate the annual 4/20 festival. Held in the Civic Center Park, more than double last year’s turn out. Giant clouds of smoke were seen hanging above the park, while festival goers danced to the likes of Snoop Dog, who was performing live at the event. The rise in attendance and liberal atmosphere follow Denver legalizing the sale of Marijuana in January. Although weed is still illegal on a federal level, Sunday’s event has been dubbed as Denver’s first “legal” 4/20.


Gavin Tanner is a small-time criminal, dedicated big-mouth and lovable larrikin who is utterly convinced he’s the biggest ‘legend’ in Balladeen. He wants to be your Facebook friend. Will you add the lad?

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This is by far the most heavy metal fire you will see today. A 150 acre, prescribed burn near in Colorado grew out of control when a massive dust devil swept fire and tumble weeds in the firefighters direction. Although dangerous, it is a beautiful sight to see!


“Tumbleweed Terror! My girlfriend having a panic attack while driving through tumbleweeds at night. Phobias are serious, but I just couldn’t stop laughing! Recorded with an iPhone.” – Steve Cash. Although it was pretty hilarious when they started growing in numbers, if I found myself in the middle of a million of my greatest fear, I think I would freak out too.

Brawl (1)Brawl (2)

In this ‘street fight of the day’ two white dudes find themselves in the wrong neighborhood and get themselves rolled by six black guys who want their weed. The cops show up afterwards but we all know nobody saw nothing.

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This specific event was reported to the police, but apparently underage drinking in NZ is a widespread problem. Check out this kid who at such a young age is off his head drunk, and was apparently given the alcohol by his auntie.

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On a recent episode of “Conan,” the talk show host was joined by Ice Cube and Kevin Hart for one important mission: To find weed. They used the app Lyft to pick them up and drive around Los Angeles, where they made stops at the convenience store, Wendy’s and even got their driver a woman’s number. Check out the amazingly fun clip, especially if you ever needed proof that a Conan O’Brien and Kevin Hart rap album would be the best/worst thing of all time.


Of all the things this guy could have gotten himself in a bother about, it was people smoking weed? Quick somebody call the police! People are enjoying themselves without causing any trouble. What a little b*tch.

When you think of someone who is locked up, you usually imagine a pretty boring life, cut off from the outside world.

WREG-TV found that’s not the case in one Memphis lock-up. The inmate is locked up on a six-year sentence for a violation of probation on aggravated burglary and theft convictions. Judging from his Facebook page, he’s doing anything but hard time behind bars.

Sneaking in a cell phone inside a penal facility like the Shelby County Corrections Center is a big deal, but what else he has his hands on is almost unbelievable.

The inmate says they are living a better life on the inside of prison than most of us are on the outside…

Grandpa smokes some medical marijuana for the first time on a episode of Weed Wars. His reaction is priceless.

He has a wife of 4 decades, kids, and grandkids, but there is one simple pleasure he’s never experienced in all his life.

Even though it hurt me to watch him try to smoke it like crack, this still might be the greatest video on Youtube…

Rihanna has apparently been having a great time on her Hawaiian vacation.

She starts her day by smoking a fat blunt either out in the yard or by the beach.

She manages to find time to workout, and then takes a boat ride in some of the most amazing swimsuits on the market.

Finally, she gets on one of those paddle boards wearing a tiny thong bikini and gives us all a show.

I love Rihanna, this girl knows how to attract attention…

A truck in El Paso, Texas, was found to have 240 pounds of marijuana packed into secret compartments inside four tires.

The tightly packed marijuana was thought to have come from the Mexican Cartel, and was a making its way into the United States.

See this mother load unearthed in the video after the jump…

SBTV invites Wiz Khalifa in for a unique game that challenges his weed connoisseurship.

Providing varieties of weed, Wiz Khalifa has to decipher it’s type and origin. Check it out below to find how well he does…

Check out the latest video clip from Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa titled “This Weed Iz Mine.”

What do you think? Hot or not. Snoop Dogg’s “Doggumentary” drops March 29th.