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Need a new pipe? You could get yourself one of these that can withstand the weight of a massive cinder block. Is this legit, or an attempt at going viral?


“Aaron was so lit we tried to go on a walk and he was like “dude everyone’s going to know I did a huge dab. If anyone talks to me I’m just going to run away” – @h4ley20.


A white priest putting a cross on a black gay atheist’s forehead with ash from a joint, probably the coolest sh*t I’ll see all week. I wish the whole world could kick it and be chill with each other like these guys.


1g dab is the same as smoking 9 joints with high quality weed in them. 0.2g dab that has 90% THC = 180mg THC in the dab. High grade weed has 20% THC in it, so a 1g joint has 200mg THC in it. Keep it mind a joint loses 50% of the THC since it’s burning, a lot doesn’t reach your lungs, this doesn’t not happen while dabbing. So you get 100mg THC from a 1g high grade weed joint. 0.2 x 5 = 1g dab = 900mg THC. So taking this 1g dab is the same as smoking about 9 joints with high grade sh*t. For more, follow her on Instagram @h4ley20.


Getting stoned with your parents can be a tricky situation, but the benefits can greatly outweigh the awkwardness that will surely ensue. Continuing their YouTube trend of producing great cannabis videos, Cut Video got three parents and their children together and put them in a room to smoke weed together for the first time. As you can expect, things range from loving, to embarrassing and giggly.


The iconic hillside sign overlooking Southern California’s film-and-television hub was defaced overnight in honour of marijuana. City surveillance cameras captured footage of someone dressed in black about 3:00am. The person scaled a protective fence surrounding the sign above Griffith Park and then clambered up each giant letter to drape the coverings.


‘Can I give you 20 now and 180 at the end of the month?’ A teenager in Arlington, Texas, was caught smoking weed by a police officer. But instead of arresting the teen, Officer Eric Ball decided to borrow some disciplinary tactics from his high school football days and had the teen drop and give him 200 pushups. “He’s struggling” Yeah that’s because he’s high as f**k. The average person couldn’t do 50 legit pushups in a row, let alone 200.


Located in Colorado USA, the Seedo team has developed an automatic, human intervention free, growing box machine that automatically control & monitor the process of growing from seed to plants in every given climate, while providing lab conditions in order to maximize production. Plant your seed, Pair & monitor via app and harvest with a smile.


The weed he is smoking is so damn good he is overcome by emotion. Someone give that man a dab, he will straight up ascend to heaven.


It’s been an epic launch for SBS VICELAND with its rich roster of incredible shows exploring all the important things in life. Programs include F*ck That’s Delicious, featuring our favourite rapper Action Bronson eating his way around the world, and Weediquette about the pros and very little cons of marijuana use. If you reside down under, own a television, like to relax after a hard days work with some quality and often controversial entertainment, you’d best check it out!


Well according to an Iowa cop who tries to search an innocent man’s car because “everyone who plays frisbee golf smokes weed,” as he explains. If that explanation strikes you as odd we assure you that’s because it is flat out, downright, and absolutely illegal in the United States. In fact, when confronted with the video, taped by the motorist as proof, the Ankeny Police Department admitted the officer’s statement was “ignorant.”


You can make your own weed infused alcohol easily at home, if you live in a place where marijuana is legal or course. We wouldn’t dare encourage anyone to break the laws of their ignorant government.


Fresh off the release of their fourth studio album, Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid, eccentric South African duo Die Antwoord (members: Ninja and Yolandi) detail the origins of their creative madness, South Africa’s magic, weed-fueled studio sessions, Yolandi’s pitched voice and the inspiration behind the LP – including a music video Ninja promises will be the “most important contemporary art piece of this century.” Enter their beautiful and bizarre world below!


Wiz Khalifa was in a charitable mood with the paps on Friday night, handing out free weed to his target demo. TMZ caught Wiz leaving Catch in WeHo, with a bag of his own “good sh*t” you can buy in stores now — because he can’t give all of his KK away. Wiz doesn’t seem concerned about the movement to legalise marijuana in the upcoming election, because he’s starting his own, in his ’64 Impala.


Krishna meets Kingston, a black market master grower in Atlanta looking to go legit in the legal weed industry.


Young Thug saw something he didn’t like, so he changed it. Many people are saying the highlight of VFILES’ New York Fashion Week show was when Thugger stopped a model mid-runway to adjust his collar. He made the move with blunt in hand and while wearing a turtleneck and jacket from the collection’s designer, Rushemy Botter, according to Vogue. He then returned to his seat and let the show go on. Power move.


Having a shootout at a gas station is like having a dance competition on a mine field. Often times when people think of Atlanta visions of strip clubs, soul food, rappers, celebrities and True Religion jeans come to mind. However, there is a much seedier and more violent side of the A that you should be aware of if you’re coming from out of town. This poor dude sounds like he’s trying to convince himself more than anyone that he’s glad the guy’s dead. It sounds more to me like he is trying to process and cope with the fact he killed someone. You just know he isn’t going to get the emotional help he needs.


There you are in the city, with not so much space and even less talent when it comes to gardening. Yet you’re really interested in rising to the horticultural challenge to raise your own tomatoes, kale or, say, Blue Dream cannabis strain. Enter Grobo. Just plant whatever seeds you’ve legally obtained with the best intentions, tell the app what you’re aiming to cultivate and it optimises the water, nutrients, temperature and light, using a proprietary 50 LED system controllable across eight wavelengths.