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Black the Ripper is a well respected rapper slash activist from from North London who has been doing his thing on the UK Hip Hop and Grime scene for many years now. The 28-year-old, real name Dean West, has never been one to shy away from any topic involving or surrounding weed. Recently, he posted a video online of him smoking it in the McDonald’s restaurant on Tottenham Court Road, Central London.


The XM42 from Ion Productions is every pyromaniac’s dream come true: a personal, portable flamethrower that’s (amazingly still) legal everywhere in America except California. You’ll be able to get your own flame on for as little as $700 when the company launches its IndieGoGo campaign on March 23rd. The XM42’s creators assure potential customers that, when operated properly, the device is safe and apparently has many useful applications. Melting snow and ice, burning vegetation, frying zombies, murdering people on the annual purge, and most of all, looking really f**ken cool in front of your friends.


Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but federal law makes banking nearly impossible for the cannabis industry. The result: a dangerous all-cash operation that requires armed guards and layers of security.


Thomas enters the strange world of the ATL Twins, the brothers that live a life that’s akin to a Shakespearean farce costumed by streetwear. They talk about Gucci Mane, who they met through Harmony Korine, during the making of Spring Breakers. They also meet an artist known as The Devil. He takes Thomas across town to a fully-working trap house, to meet the rapper Trouble and his crew, Duct Tape Entertainment.

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If you enjoyed the outrageous humour of the original, the sequel should be right up your alley. Mark Wahlberg’s foul-mouthed stuffed friend will have to fight for his civil rights if he wants to have a baby with his new human wife, Tammy Lynn.

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This dude took three different kinds of drugs over the course of three days informing people on the street about safety. The result is bloody hilarious!


Picture this…during a party or a gathering, everyone’s focused on eating their food and chatting about their boring week, when suddenly, a thick weed infused smoke ring delicately yet impressively glides across the room. You are crowned a hero and all the girls suddenly want to sleep with you. Press ‘LIKE‘ if you enjoy getting high!

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Weed Snobs follows Richard and Sebastian, two pompous yuppies and old Yale buddies, as they enjoy the finer things in a world where weed has replaced the role of alcohol.


The premise is simple — smoke loud (aka strong smelling weed) in public places, like the shops or an airport, don’t get arrested and post it to YouTube afterward. Now that it’s starting to catch some wind on social media, we can expect to see even more people taking up the challenge and risking their freedom to get high. Just like this dude strolling around Walmart blowing trees.


Hello there mi’lady, I am a gentleman who works full time as a blogger/masturbator/chess expert, I have seen quite a few pole dances in my time, and this one takes the cake. Very impressive. I would love to take you on a date, punch a few bongs with you, buy you an ice cream, show you a wonderful time and then later maybe doing some love making and take some nude photos of you for my collection? Feel free to answer me in the comment section if you are interested. P.S. Do you mind if I sniff your pole?

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When this cop spotted a frisbee in this guy’s car, he instantly suspected him of being in possession of weed. Frisbee golfer’s are basically outlaws now, and will be considered a gang by the FBI in no time.


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Reporters are expected to be honest and transparent, but this Alaskan reporter may have been a little too blunt. KTVA’s Charlo Greene caused quite a buzz by quitting her job in dramatic fashion Sunday night at the tail end of a report about a medical marijuana business. “Everything you heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalising marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice, but f**k it, I quit.”


As the weather begins to get a little cooler in America, that only means one thing. It’s almost time for ‘Cuffing Season.’ For those who don’t know, ‘Cuffing Season’ is the time of the year during the cooler months where people tend to leave their promiscuous summer ways behind in order to not be alone during the holidays and the winter days. However, as Lil Dicky from Philadelphia points out, there are certain downsides to being in a relationship in his latest video for “Lemme Freak.”


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“SVDDXNLY” chronicles the ascension of one of raps brightest young stars, A$AP Rocky. From home videos and interviews with friends and family, to the very first seminal moments of his career caught on tape, Rocky takes viewers behind the scenes into his life as he takes A$AP from Harlem, to the world.

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Watch as weed gets ‘rekt’ in this crazy public service announcement highlighting the negative effects of smoking marijuana. Classic!