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Sleeper agents are terrifying when they’re enemy forces, but we love making heroes out of the home-grown version. But what about when the sleeper agent is a stoner working at a convenience store? In American Ultra, Jesse Eisenberg is that guy, and when he’s “activated” via a code phrase he finds himself killing strangers with spoons and freaking out his girlfriend, played by Kristen Stewart. But at least, as this new American Ultra trailer shows, all the violence also gives them the opportunity to enjoy a romantic bit of couples tazing.


In a city with dispensaries as common as coffee shops, Denver is undoubtedly the epicenter of the legal marijuana movement. And if you’re in the business of bud, it’s a good place to be: Colorado accounted for a third of the country’s 2.7 billion dollar marijuana market last year. But with being America’s fastest growing industry, comes growing pains. VICE News meets the investors cashing in on the green rush and finds out how fractured marijuana laws are causing the American market to miss out.


I will never forget the first time I was asked to smoke a gravity bong. I was new to the marijuana world (a teenager in the 1990’s), and I was still building my stoner resume. I had one tiny hit and didn’t think I was very high, until about five minutes later that is. I found myself staring at wind chimes and freaking out about a secret agent from the government watching my every move. Turns out it was a bloke walking his dog. Be careful kids: If you are new to smoking weed, tread slowly, these puppies will get you stupid high. Follow Jolie Olie on his entertaining YouTube channel ‘CustomGrow420‘ right now!


Jolie Olie is an absolute machine. Not only can he smoke most humans under the table, but his energy, excitement and knowledge of the cannabis subject makes him a pleasure to watch. His YouTube channel ‘CustomGrow420‘ is now officially the Number 1 cannabis channel in the world, the Mayweather of marijuana if you will, an incredible achievement. If you haven’t subscribed to his channel do it now by clicking HERE. Even if you don’t smoke, trust me when I say you will be thoroughly entertained. Thanks for the love homie, mad respect.