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20-year-old UCLA student Camila earns on average, $500 a date. She works as a sugar baby, going out with old men who want the attention of a young lady.


​Rihanna is back home in Barbados​ but she’s not there to go through junk in the garage and ask her mother where her old yearbooks are. Rihanna​ is there to let loose and celebrate the Crop Over Summer Festival and she is already having more fun than you or I have ever had doing anything in our entire lives. Rihanna is getting dirtier as the years go by and I love it. Who knows how many dudes have been there. Even my homie Leonardo DiCaprio had some of that. Salute.

VID: Dream Of Ladder To The Heavens Now Reality

A Chinese artist has found a unique way to express his love to his grandmother: a gigantic staircase in the air. This stunning footage show the 1,650ft ladder, which was made with fireworks, stretch right up into the sky in Quanzhou, south-eastern China. Now then, who wants to climb to the top with me and smoke some weed?


If heaven was a place on earth, it would probably look something like this. The lads from Afends started making some hemp pieces, and to celebrate, they decided to build a mini ramp in the middle of Australia’s biggest weed field. They possed up with Aussie skaters Boyd Young and Bibi Bradbury, videographer Flamingo Amigo, photographer Sam Nolan, and surfer Josh Sleep, grabbed a few cases of beer, and had what looks to be an amazing time.


60 Minutes secured an exclusive interview with Fanning following his attack, due to air this Sunday. Reporter Peter Stefanovic followed Fanning on his return to the water at Hastings Point on the Tweed Coast – a move that would take nerves of steel at the best of times.