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Jordy Smith paddled out undeterred and against the advice of the Margaret River Pro crew and caught a few waves. There are a few bangers in this short 1-minute clip that could (in our humble opinion) have easily been in the excellent range, maybe even 10s. But, alas, they were never scored because – sharks. Photo via the talented @badboyryry_.

This is the terrifying moment an unsuspecting surfer is stalked by a six-foot bull shark on the Gold Coast. The looming predator followed the surfer at Tallebudgera Creek. Chris Bennetts was catching waves with his friend Josh Dowthwaite and remembers seeing a ‘big black shadow’ before realising the shark was shadowing them. Photo via the talented @danielrockyryan.

Two surfers have been injured in shark attacks in the south-west, both bitten by what’s thought to have been a Great White. The two attacks came within hours of each other and just two kilometres apart.

Watch the Monster Energy Yamaha Team – Ryan Villopoto, Aaron Plessinger, and Justin Cooper shred Cahuilla MX track in Southern California.

The everyday surfer rarely has an encounter with a shark, unless you live in a sharky place like Western Australia. But even the two-time world champion John Florence reacts the way most of us would if we think we see a shark: We get out of the ocean.

The Greenland shark has the longest known lifespan of all vertebrate species, estimated to be between 300–500 years. The Greenland shark is one of the largest living species of shark, with dimensions comparable to those of the great white shark.

“3 guys from West Oz commit a 72 hour round trip from Dunsborough to Tassie chasing one of the worlds heaviest slabs.” – @arrkwetsuits. Photos via the talented @stugibson.

“While I was fishing for blacktip sharks from the beach, I had the drone in the air and I found some cobia on a huge bull shark. I called my buddy Carl from Slob City and told him he needs to come catch the cobia. Carl approached the bull shark and it went completely insane! This was the most aggressive shark behaviour I’ve ever seen!” – @blacktiph.

With UFC London now firmly in the rear view, the eyes of the MMA world turn to next month’s UFC 223 and the lightweight title fight between interim champion Tony Ferguson and undefeated contender Khabib Nurmagomedov. Who ya got?


The Blue Planet II team dive to over 700 meters to see what happens to a whale carcass on the seabed. Whilst filming sharks as they feast, the sharks start to take a worrying interest in the submarine!


“Hands down the Biggest Dirt Bike Whip Contest of all time. Get completely sideways and watch the Dirt Shark Biggest Whip Contest held at the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas Nevada.” – @monsterenergy


It was a long way to go from New Zealand to Ascension Island to nearly get eaten by sharks! In this video, shooting a small yellowfin tuna with a pole spear got out of control when two Galapagos sharks tried to steal the catch.


The croc swam up to the boat and waited, ignoring the scraps but had his mouth open and ready. Another scrap was thrown into the water and a shark darted in to claim it, but the croc quickly latched into the shark’s head and swam away to a nearby mangrove. Savage.


A video circulating social media of a shark violently tumbling over a speedboat’s wake and skipping hard on the water’s surface sent frenzy. The group of men laughs at the predator as it is dying. So wrong.


The public’s appetite for shark-based programming seems inexhaustible, so a race between Michael Phelps and a great white shark should be the spectacle of the year. Well, it turns out Discovery Channel didn’t even try, and it was just a simulation.


South African diver Johan Potgieter survived an encounter with a great white while diving. Let’s not call it an “attack”, as that upsets a lot of people. But while Potgieter was 19 metres under the water near Skipskop reefs off Cape Town, he was looking the other way when this happened. Potgieter possibly saved his own life by giving it a good poke. When the shark bolted, he made for the surface.


The 2017 Summer X Games hits US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for the first time. Lurk to the the land of the Vikings and watch the Monster Crew Destroy #UnleashedatX


In lawless waters, whale sharks can get ridden like a circus elephant. These guys go full rodeo on the animal, and it doesn’t seem to mind at all except for the one idiot who hops onto its head. Doing this anywhere besides the Middle East will probably result in prison.