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This incredible scene was filmed around the Cocos Island which is located way out in the middle of the Indian ocean. 6 killer whales hunted, killed and fed on a tiger shark. What a rare sight!

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We love a good shark video, but this time we bring a different perspective. Rather than watching a shark tearing a seal apart or trying to get inside a diver’s cage, we get to know sharks on a more personal level.

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These swimmers casually wade through the glorious blue waters of Florida, while a killer lurks nearby on the prowl for fresh meat. Luckily it was a sting ray the shark made a meal out!

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Watch as a goliath grouper comes out of nowhere and eats a black tip shark in one bite off the coast of Bonita Springs, Florida. Sharks are no longer the only thing to fear in the ocean!

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A reputable source says Discovery Channel employees were “stoned” when they came up with Shark Week; however, a former Shark Week executive producer claims they were only “lightly” inebriated. Either way, there was definitely drinking and probably a few spirited rants during the conception of Shark Week. After the idea was brought up, it was written on a cocktail napkin and then the world became a better place.


With fake documentaries about “Megalodon” and “Submarine,” the Discovery Channel has turned Shark Week into a source of misinformation about sharks. But it wasn’t always like this. Discovery also owns Animal Planet which shows programs like “Finding Bigfoot.” So this isn’t that surprising, just sad.


The cameraman and a friend were busy enjoying the delights of the deep when the largest fish on the planet got a little too close for comfort. Whale sharks only eat plankton and very small fish but the diver, after being warned by his friend, was understandably terrified and let out a scream when he saw the opened-jawed animal coming straight for him.


For a group of Florida divers, every week is Shark Week. Mickey Smith and Robert “Cameron” Nimmo are featured this week in a short GoPro video titled, “Petting a tiger shark.” The footage is incredible, revealing a surreal scene beyond Jupiter, involving a large tiger shark moving gracefully through azure waters as it approaches the divers to be fed and gently touched.


While spearfishing on the Great Barrier Reef, Strick from ‘Back to Basics Adventures‘ has an unexpected bull shark encounter. Shout out to the man himself, Jack Strickland for the bloody entertaining submission.


How do you define, “perfect”? Joe Rogan has owned a number of sports cars. Over the years his cars got more powerful but seemed to lose that raw, connected feeling that many of us love. Then he found the GT3, and fell in love. But he missed the power. He wanted more. So he bought a GT3 RS and sent it right to Porsche performance experts, Sharkwerks. They gave him more. A lot more.

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The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution took a specially equipped REMUS “SharkCam” underwater vehicle to Guadalupe Island in Mexico to film great white sharks in the wild. Their vehicle designed to hunt down and film sharks, soon became the hunted!


The Youngbloods are a small spearfishing crew from the beautiful coast of north west Australia. Join them on their recent fishing adventure where they spear some massive fish, dodge sharks, swim with whales and generally live the Aussie dream.

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This 4m/13ft great white shark came just meters from the waters edge at coronation beach in Western Australia. It was continually swimming about 50m out then coming back to the shore. Two days later it was found washed up on the same beach.

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This drone was filming a shark as it cruised along the coastline near a bunch of paddle boarders. Then one of them catches a wave and runs right on the top of the shark. Hopefully that shark doesn’t grow massive and want revenge on humans!

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What better way to promote a week long event of shark documentaries than with some lord riding on the backs of two sharks with a bikini babe. I score this a 10!


A group of fisherman got an unexpected fright when a 16ft great white shark attacked their bait bag after circling their boat for 20 minutes. Nerves frayed as the apex predator grappled with the basket of bait, which was attached to the fishing boat and trailing in the blue Atlantic waters. The close encounter with the shark happened in waters off Cape May, south New Jersey, around 27-Mile Wreck, the site of a Second World War-era shipwreck.

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While cage diving off the coast of New Zealand with a GoPro 360 rig that holds 6 GoPro cameras, an 18 foot great white bit the cameras and snapped them off the pole the scuba diver was holding. If you have the balls to swim to the bottom of the shark infested sea, there’s 5 grand in it for you!


Pull the plug in that sink immediately. Don’t worry, the shark won’t die, it will be washed into the sewers where all the crocodiles lurk and Ninja Turtles hang out. It will live a long and happy life down there eating pizza and telling war stories.