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“20 minutes after the chum hit the water, Russell spotted a sea monster behind the boat and it didn’t take long to recognise the massive size and white belly of this huge shark, it was a GREAT WHITE! The shark was very curious of the boat and chum. He circled the boat carelessly about 10 times and smiled for the camera before showing interest in one of the baits. He finally took the bait and screamed off 100 yards before becoming unglued. Unfortunately the shark took a bad angle and the main line broke off on the boat. Bummer!”


An injured juvenile great white shark found washed up on a Sydney beach is expected to be returned to the ocean after spending the night in an aquarium. The 1.5m-long shark, nicknamed “Fluffy”, was found thrashing around on the shore of Manly beach, prompting some onlookers to unsuccessfully drag it back out to sea. The shark, which appeared to have some superficial injuries, was later taken to the nearby Fairy Bower ocean pool so it could rest for a few hours under the gaze of stunned beachgoers. Photo via: @AlexMartiniuk


A group of charter boat fishermen aboard the Stunmai II in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts, hooked a bit more than they bargained for as a great white shark leapt from the water, snapping up their catch.


“One of the most amazing sights you could ever witness. It shows a healthy marine environment full of life and energy. There were over 200 sharks enjoying the giant bait ball. The beauty of the sharks is always captivating and a humbling experience. They were more surprised to see us than for us to see them!”


In what sounds more like a scene from Jaws than real life, a great white shark bloodied the waters just 25 yards off the coast of Cape Cod as it attacked a seal, causing complete chaos along the shores. The shark attack occurred just feet from a group of surfers, leading those on the beach to think a person had been bit. “I felt like the shark’s gonna pull me in from my legs or something,” surfer Nisi Schlinger told NECN. “People were yelling, ‘Get out the water! Get out the water!’ I thought I was dead.”


I feel bad for the shark swimming away with that hook still in its mouth, but good luck getting it out unscathed, plus I’m sure it’s just happy to be back in the water where it can get some revenge on the next human it finds swimming.


Ballina is considered the “shark attack capital” of Australia. So when local man Craig Bateman was surfing and then saw a dorsal fin protruding from the water, he braced for the worst. Bateman, 42, said he had been surfing with a friend near Ballina. After riding a wave, he turned around and saw the fin directly behind him. “My life flashed before my eyes,” he said.


It was a long way to go from New Zealand to Ascension Island to nearly get eaten by sharks! In this video, shooting a small yellowfin tuna with a pole spear got out of control when two Galapagos sharks tried to steal the catch.


The croc swam up to the boat and waited, ignoring the scraps but had his mouth open and ready. Another scrap was thrown into the water and a shark darted in to claim it, but the croc quickly latched into the shark’s head and swam away to a nearby mangrove. Savage.


If you’re a shark, you probably feel like you’re the baddest dude in the ocean. Fish, birds and even humans fear you like bubonic plague, taking flight whenever they see your eyes, teeth or emergent dorsal fin. But everything is eaten by something else, and the schools of blacktips that migrate up and down the Florida Atlantic coast have to constantly look over their shoulders for hammerheads more than twice their size.


A video circulating social media of a shark violently tumbling over a speedboat’s wake and skipping hard on the water’s surface sent frenzy. The group of men laughs at the predator as it is dying. So wrong.


The public’s appetite for shark-based programming seems inexhaustible, so a race between Michael Phelps and a great white shark should be the spectacle of the year. Well, it turns out Discovery Channel didn’t even try, and it was just a simulation.


South African diver Johan Potgieter survived an encounter with a great white while diving. Let’s not call it an “attack”, as that upsets a lot of people. But while Potgieter was 19 metres under the water near Skipskop reefs off Cape Town, he was looking the other way when this happened. Potgieter possibly saved his own life by giving it a good poke. When the shark bolted, he made for the surface.


The 2017 Summer X Games hits US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for the first time. Lurk to the the land of the Vikings and watch the Monster Crew Destroy #UnleashedatX


The incident is the second in two days at the notorious break. “That is huge,” Fanning exclaimed. “Look at that thing, that thing is a beast, at least they saw this one. I am glad they got us out of the water. Those things are just submarines, however long they are, the roundness of them as well … they are big, big beasts.” Fanning, who would eventually lose the heat, saw the footage for the first time when he was recapping the day’s action and was taken aback by the size of the shark.


In lawless waters, whale sharks can get ridden like a circus elephant. These guys go full rodeo on the animal, and it doesn’t seem to mind at all except for the one idiot who hops onto its head. Doing this anywhere besides the Middle East will probably result in prison.


Fish stories are famous for being exaggerated, but this particular fish story has the video to prove it’s true. A fisherman was able to reel in a large hammerhead shark off of Panama City Beach in Florida. Curtis Williams was flying a drove over the shore when he saw the epic catch-and-release encounter. “I was vacationing at the beach and was going to video a nice pleasant sunset, I noticed a man wading in the water and something close to him. I brought the drone down and quickly realised a monster hammerhead was next to him.”


Earlier this month, it was announced that 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps had grown tired of racing humans and will instead race a great white shark. That race, which will air on July 23 for Discovery’s Shark Week, now has a super intense trailer with an appropriately dramatic name: Phelps Vs. Shark: The Battle for Ocean Supremacy.