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“My friend tossed me the GoPro and as I proceed to make my way back to the jug on the surface the shark makes a surprise appearance behind me. I would have never seen the shark behind if it wasn’t for my friends yelling at me to turn around! The water was crystal clear for here so its amazing to me how incredible these large creatures are at staying in your blind spot. Sorry for the video quality, was holding onto a gun, pole spear, and bag with lion fish fins poking through and trying not to drop anything!” – Randy Hunt.


This is the remarkable moment a fisherman jumped into the water and rode a huge five-metre whale shark in the middle of the night. The inquisitive shark put on a rare show spending nearly five hours loitering around the fisherman’s boat, which was anchored off the Northern Territory coast. Fishing guide Benny Sambrooks, who was out with a group of fisherman when the massive shark calmly approached their boat, said he had never seen anything like it.


A film crew trolling the waters of the South Australian coast got closer than most people would ever want to be with a great white shark. And they’ve got the photo to prove it. Filmmaker Dave Riggs was in a boat off the Neptune Islands, about 70 kilometres south of Australia last week when the shark breached the water, coming less than a metre from where his hands were busy filming the encounter. Luke Thom, a deckhand with Naturalist Charters, the company which owned the boat, snapped the photo which has since gone viral.


These divers got the scare of their lives when his aggressive Great White Shark attacked and got half-way inside the cage! The cage malfunctioned, but luckily, the divers were not harmed. This is rare behaviour and even rarer footage.


An 8 to 9 foot bull shark has been swimming very close to the condos that line Hickory Boulevard. Residents say it’s not the first time. Neighbors say people are chumming — throwing bait into the water — which is causing the sharks to return. Now, they are asking the city to get involved and prohibit fishing as well as designate the area as a swimming only area.


While there’s no footage of them actually catching the sharks, and only of the sharks in a ridiculous frenzy of attack, it’s still enough to make me rethink swimming in the Gulf of Mexico during the annual blacktip shark migration.

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This is by far one of the most extreme land-based shark fishing videos we’ve seen! Watch as these guys hook and land two hammerhead sharks at the same time. The first shark was under 10ft, but the second shark was 12ft. I’m never swimming in the ocean again!


The clip, which was shot from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, shows dozens of the gigantic predators swarming the structure while horrified employees watched. Most of the sharks in the footage appear to be spinner sharks, a species which can grow up to three metres in length. The sharks are so named because of the way they feed – spinning and leaping through schools of fish while snapping their jaws in the hope of catching their prey.


This great-grandmother is living life right. And she’s definitely a bigger badass than most people. Georgina celebrated her 100th birthday by skydiving in Cape Town, South Africa. She also got into a cage in shark-infested waters, because she’s 100 years old and she can do whatever the hell she wants. Whenever you think you’re too old for something, just turn to queen Georgina.

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Fishing is usually a time when dudes can get out of the house and away from the family for some time to relax, but any man in their right mind would take the misses along if she looked like this from behind a caught a shark while she was at it!

SharkShark2Cage Diving With Great White Sharks In South Africa

A teenage boy has described in graphic detail the moment a five-metre great white shark mauled his friend to death, and how he managed to miraculously escape. It was a spear gun which ultimately saved the life of Matt Pullella. He had been spearfishing with 17-year-old friend Jay Muscat at Cheynes Beach near Albany, Western Australia, when the pair was set upon from behind by a monster-sized shark.


“We often set up a rope with a fish attached to it in order to chum up, this attracts other big fish. On this day, a Tiger Shark came up the berley trail and took a liking to the chum line. No, the Shark was not harmed in anyway.” – Youngbloods Spearfishing


A great white shark desperately fights for its life – after being caught by a fisherman’s hook.The dramatic footage was shot by Lars Liedberg, 38, who had just finished having breakfast in a restaurant, in Plettenberg Bay South Africa, when he saw a struggle on the beach below. Liedberg said that following a prolonged effort to get the fish back in the water, the distraught shark was eventually helped into the ocean and was able to swim away.


A fishing enthusiast has captured the moment he reeled in a huge 10 foot bronze whaler shark after a two hour stand-off on a beach. Before the shark comes into view, the fisherman is seen clinging onto his rod as a crowd gathers around him in anticipation on a beach in South Australia. After hours of back and forth, the 200kg shark emerges into the shallow water after being ‘caught on a chunk of eagle ray as bait’. ‘It took several long powerful runs and led me up and down the beach,’ Jacobs said. He had been trying to catch the fish for ‘several years’ and used a custom made shark rod.


Two Newcastle fishermen had the scare of a lifetime when a five-metre shark began circling their tinny before head butting the engine as they were trying to get away. Tim Watson, 24, captured footage of the close encounter which occurred half an hour off shore from Blacksmiths beach. He and friend Allan de Sylva, 23, estimated the shark was a metre longer than their boat and only “half a foot” narrower than it. After such a close call, Mr Watson said he’d continue to go fishing and respected the fact he was in the shark’s environment. “I don’t think it will stop me, I won’t go that far out in a small boat again, though,” he said.


“A sunny afternoon flying my electric powered plane ends in disaster when I become disorientated from the glare from the sun. All ends well after the plane is recovered with my GoPro 3+ Black Edition.”


Witness the unification of 2 Elite Off Road Worlds to create #TheDoonies. Watch the madness on their savage voyage through the Glamis Sand Dunes.


I could do without the creepy commentary, but that was fun to watch. Maybe she was a dog in her previous life. I guess it’s not often that you can get a full massage from your dinner.