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28-year-old surfer Allen Engelman was out at Florida’s Ocean Reef Park when a seven-foot spinner shark grabbed hold of his hand by the mouth and refused to let go. Blood, pain, and rigorous shaking ensued, followed by the eventual release of Engelman’s hand, a trip to the local hospital, and 15 stitches. Engelman, a commercial fisherman by trade, then returned to the same beach the following day for revenge hooking the shark he claims to be responsible.


You can see the bait fish being dragged to the cage before the shark hits it. That shark was expecting a tasty fish and got a steel cage in the face instead. I hope it didn’t injure itself for the sake of human entertainment. Is there a scarier creature on earth than a great white shark? I honestly can’t think of one. The big gap in the cage is to give the sharks a sporting chance I guess?

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This group of whales is known as the T69s, with the lone male in the group making the spectacular kill on the harbour seal. His name is T69C, and he was born in 1995.